Primetime 11.13.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, November 13th
Stockwatch, NFL weekend, and what teams are actually real threats in the NFL? 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time yeah. You can find the time and student yeah who yeah. Primetime retires against you for your home what they'll all there are all in all clubs. Think yeah. This is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason's agenda quit prime time. I'm Jane ADP. All right we're back guys to consider having correction. The Rose Bowl game is part of the cost of of this year's winner of the pac twelve will not. Played world. That's the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl than the national title games can be played in the falcons lose him which is the yeah. And so they would not so what is the tax of champion guo then I don't know. And so the other games and there yet the peach bowl. Give Fiesta Bowl the Cotton Bowl in the Orange Bowl the one of them does one of them tried to take. The actual victory at detentions I don't know and put them together I don't know what it what happens there if if my follows what is the second highest pactel boldly out I'm Rose Bowl. But what does it. What's what's the next team macros like the Al mobile Alamo or holiday right but it's not they're not going there they'll go to one of the New Year's six yeah soccer. Packed a champion of the actual champ is gonna be in one of those games so I I don't know which one I don't know how that shakes out. What does the the pecking order is I believe if I'm not mistaken it's that. Because because you EU get bummed from that they you are that it's it's it's a selection process or whatever whatever. Whatever conference game. Would normally have their champion go there. They would get first pitch I think it still works that way and I'm not sure what that pecking order is going to be until we have the four teams in the playoff. But it's basically like a draft selection. Everywhere there's there's a pecking order and who gets to pick where. So. In a lot of it's gonna be in on who it is. A USC I was you be a more attractive team than Washington State to take. Whoever wins the pac twelve will end up either at peach bowl. The Fiesta Bowl the Cotton Bowl or the orange. And then the the cultural playoff will be the the rose and the sugar. And then member of the national title game just stands alone but it is going to be at the the falcons Tuesday going to be in Atlanta. That's the Mercedes-Benz they packed. So hey we lost in other accounts about coach this weekend ripped Butch Jones I saw on someone tweeted out so does the ravages of college football. CB's been their for 56 years they showed that the photo of him when he was hired vs now you. Looks to her it looks terrible is stressed agricultural villages beats the hell idea. Eleven that there's there's a Twitter account does this whenever coach gets fired they do the introductory. Had shot and then blew the shot that when he gets fired any justice like the president shot this is a grade your fat you gained a mature way. Is it life like in college while BJ down does that mean that he's working hard though. You know like I kind of respect that it's like guarantees these Butch Jones didn't wanna get fired you'll notice given to world understand that. Then it's like now it's kind of like when your college basketball coach is really gonna golf down Munich when it why are you so they guard you should be working your ass stuff which just time for don't you should achieve abortion to gun down the Ole miss wrote yes you wonder you wonder about that Reich is they always talk about the booster culture of Tennessee in which it'll more. I don't know I mean he went so his record there was 34 and 27 down. But anyone nine games twice put him just fourteen and 24 in the SEC today terrorist him. And we'll this year has been a disaster. He's only six in the SEC and he he I heard this on the dirt in spring chill and I was driving in. I'm here on the stand industry. They are CNET Butch Jones sent. All his commits. A note saying hey yes scatter or you're a teacher ass out of you not come to Tennessee he's going scorched earth is that they just fired me and I think they did lose four commits. The day they fired Butch Jones so that's common RA I mean I mean yes. But when year express mark coaches don't. Do that. And maybe they do behind the scenes that wouldn't that we wouldn't write again I'm sure they all do that right leg they get they lose jobs because they probably want some of those kids like if he thinks he's gonna go be an OC somewhere I don't see dolphins have better defense got a butch jones' background as I thought it was an offensive guy. Take a look the year he was but I'm anyway if you if he if he thinks he's gonna go. You know Buick and a cease somewhere then yeah he's he's an ease of profits guy and try to try to grab it grab a couple those kids and three next job I mean it's I'm sure that goes on times probably not a huge deal that. So. Anytime you fiery coach of the first priority is to try to go in and try to keep as many of those kids as you can but there's going to be an attrition process because. So much of of being recruited it is your your recruiting not as the head coach but it's the staff. And that's the problem is that if you're if you're being honest with kids a Butch Jones gets fired his staff doesn't stand off. His staff has gone to and so that's to me almost has a bigger impact than lose your head coaches. Number it's it's not Butch Jones has been in these kids a year for the last two years. The running backs coach the receivers coach those the guys that really form these relationships as of your kid. And you know that coach just got to he got served in you know the staff is gonna be next. That's what opens it up unless you're just so in love with a program like we had. Every kid here in our were laced his Delaney in our office whose son is now playing down an organ. And heated wavered one bit during the Alfred sing because he he was going to organ regards so I was like his dream school kids liked Japanese. That those are those are the be exceptions not the rule when it comes to recruit. Well it's interesting so Tennessee. Now is the third SEC school without a coach and we're not even to the end of the season Marie expect may be an am in Arkansas to move on from their coaches to you now. So and you know who knows what Missouri does he seem to have turned it around a little bit today Missouri could fire their guy. I see you could mean there's a chance you have five or six openings in the SEC. This offseason all and I'm nuts and someone has correctly pointed this out we failed to mention to you over the head coach at Tennessee is. Jon Gruden no. Radio oh that's right at the they put the interim tag on him guys the interim guy. Now Brady Hoke who was the when that I go while he was one of the defense guys his assistant head coach now Brady Hoke. Oh and he mighty Tennessee while Julia send him this hash tag never forget it we're talking about this earlier in the weekend. Teams really don't tackle in the fall anyways how many days do you go into against the and he. Coach coach. Well. It's still a court. He's the guy to lead rocky top. Back to glory coach yeah that's crazy but I'm okay so what does it say was there couple rumors floating around about Mike Leach now. Did this the hard part your time at Washington State last segment you know you have success like Mike Leach is that Washington State and suddenly. I'm here they come while there's one there adjusted Chernin number of openings now a this year Arkansas. And I mentioned Arkansas inane and those guys may but right now he got Florida opened Tennessee open and everybody forgets it Ole miss. Is probably looking for a coach to UCLA Kabila confer coach ago. Yeah and so I think that in and Leach you know somebody text and said you know I don't think Leach is a type of guy that's constantly looking and you know to climb the ladder and I in I. Totally agree with that I just think there are a couple of scenarios where his name is attached there are. There are inching I don't think he just jumps to jump he he. Did you little bit more calculated he's not a guy that's is going to be bouncing around and he's proven that but. The connection to Tennessee is instincts he wants said. That he won't he was really intrigued. By coaching Tennessee because he interviewed for that job way back in 2008. He said this at a he was coaching clinic down there. And he said man I really love this program I love I was very intrigued by the idea of coaching there he said that a few years later in 2000 love announced a long time. And that would've been by the way after that his best year Texas Tech they went eleven into that year and you know that's it he saved Texas Tech for all those years and didn't bolt anywhere but it's just in the heat interviewed for Tennessee. Didn't get that job wheelers to his name is is yet. In on who they hire with that. That would have been I think goes right after Palmer in that was the do Lee yah de Dooley yeah Dirk Dirk nearly they're dealing that he would have been the guy. Now well anyway us there's that connection and then there's a the obvious connection loose illness at Nebraska and I don't think bill mislead hire Leach and Nebraska I. I don't. It would be you know that to be true it's certainly of the issue seemed to you know a program that is built on toughness and and running the football and can be found that deceive the B air raid come due to weekend. And also be issues that you know how might these would play in press conferences. With Nebraska and as Mike Leach want that kind of scrutiny CI Seymour an enormous cut school you know if he were to leave them and out. Who knows is all speculation saying that. There's a lot of you know Leach when you when you have success like this and it's not just Leach it's the defensive coordinator grinch out. These and that's when teams are take as schools are taken notice and that they gonna come golfers for your you gotta gotta be able lock up your coaches I think if you're Washington State not on the EU that's a very good point not on the U nervous about Mike Leach with all these different jobs out there but I think you're very nervous about your young defensive coordinator. Alex branch in the job that he's done up there and it was Lane Kiffin that was hired directly after Phil Fulmer and and was duly then after I really was the next can be years after that and then butch Jones show so couple credible hires Kiffin. I was only there for a year right one year. Who came in I don't want it kind of I gloss that over kind of forgot that these are to keep up with the Kiffin he's although he knows Davis popping up about these jobs and apple. Link and then and now did you see me do you have we said this last all your alma and classy guy said you know canoe retirement that whole betting thing he screwed up the points spread out. Yeah he's a hot name again so he's got them bowl eligible yeah so that's. In the that's another name that that is popping up if you think the eventually Lane Kiffin is gonna get another job he went anywhere. We always do is hire him and am not saying Florida or tennis years that you know that level but. Let's say year round on Arkansas are some think yes. And Ireland different I think I would to recruit the the big guy gets here and I can recruit. The guy obviously has a very very good offensive mind he just needed to mature a little bit ends tonight UCLA. Do you hire link Tiffany UCLA and be read you. That be Rio religious scene. You know what I I would not be against that I was easily fan and they told me total trials and a Lane Kiffin was committee remain head coach I wouldn't. I wouldn't be pissed about that at all. All right one other story that will have to. Put a pin in will get to this later in the show today but Florida has begun thoroughly vetting Chip Kelly now for their coaching job there Milliken. Seriously at chip well chips name's gonna pop up that all of these jobs yet at Florida they're saying this is from Pete death panel. As in yes the sportswriter in the comfortable that he's from Yahoo! now. But I he was saying that Florida wants to get a headstart on this is in notes can be rat race throw these coaches. And so they've Marty third there RD thoroughly vetting Chet Kelly in his in his report he said if there is mutual and to speed interest we don't know is Chip Kelly even is interested. If there is he said a deal could be done both for the ACC title game which is. Two weeks and weeks and weeks the first week in December so the big one that I've heard time and time again we Chip Kelly why he didn't wanna coached college is he doesn't like to recruit. And recorded an organ is a pain in the ass because you have to go you have to fly that Dell hell and back right there's no quick flights from Eugene. And one of the things that I've heard about the Florida job is what it recruits itself you don't have to be you're getting your top ten class by doing nothing. You know how far you have to go to get the players that you want in Florida yeah not very far across the street cross street you just you go up and down states of that may be some being. Did actually gets chipped to listen as opposed some of his other jobs or it's a little bit harder to recruit to sound like he doesn't like that aspect of it no most of Florida. Gonna say that it takes it out of big. But it takes a lot of the pressure off when it comes to recruiting when you're at Florida writes for sixteen up next it's. Excited to see how. Primetime star squad has brought to you by 1800 importance when you need to take stock of your right it's 1800 divorce is on your son call 1800 DIV or CD today. Yes that's a phone number that is necessary in our world unforced unfortunately. Sometimes it happens. If you need some rose on your time telling you these are the guys on a hundred horsepower engines to break guys. So are facts and one of my favorite bits we've ever done had nothing to do with us you member when Colin. From 1800 divorce came in here yet and he just told. He had a list of of DN things that you shouldn't do. Aren't there like just I don't know. Just divorce stories of the things they'd seen just wild stuff it was tongue in cheek like if you don't wanna get divorced don't duties be coming out some of them were things that he had seen yes come open and some of these divorce that's downs and all timer should have that should have him back and it's been a couple years we shed CBC evening news I thoroughly enjoyed that. Men and women heating one another. Was that the war the war a war of the roses right just. This same sort of thing I'll I'll bet you if you're in that line of work there's no level that you haven't seen that anger go to all right let's get to that Mike. Everybody always wants to talk about swagger back and you know what I think Mark Richt because he gets it he's lived it as a player. He's keeping everything in perspective. Miami is not this week about this lack that they've really hard about the process of what it takes practice. And a little things and having Mark Richt hidden there and done that. I'm not just hit it in Miami. But I of course in Georgia coaching in so many big games having things that he's gone his way yeah absolutely things it knock on his way. I think allows him to go in and out locker room talk is my daily basis and give them great perspective even though they might not happen. That's Kirk herb street ESPN on Miami Pope ought to be destroyed at Notre Dame this week empire sell you believe in Miami now I do but I think they're very limited offensive. So I think the key. They're undefeated and I don't Virginia Tech Notre Dame was the toughest part of a you know that their their big colonel. And they kicked both of their asses and you know the defense is nasty it's a turn over machine to turn over chain is turning to a whole thing. So I believe in Miami as a serious contender. I don't know if they can win a national title because again offensively they are very limited. They don't have a dynamic offense and tried to get there today and which can get like on third downs. Against Notre Dame. The media end up being 41 days or didn't matter they were to a thirteen. On third down nearly threw for a 137 yards it is not a great offense by any stretch of the imagination so. You've put yourself in a position. To tip to be there and I actually with that defense in the way your plane and a good coach and a believes. I'll give you a chance against anyone in the country so I believe in them too I think they win a national title. I think they're too limited offense. Cocaine say that about a lot of the teams I mean. And OTC you just lost but they were limited offensively. Alabama you can say is limited because of Notre Dame and they just smoke them so. Like he could say that about a lot of these teens tonight. Teams you you you love their offense one knee level and Oklahoma can duke and Clemson offensive team Kelly great athlete and an end by the way. Alabama's better than people give credit for ostensibly Jalen Hertz is is improving. I sit at this gym and her it's not that he's a dynamic throw but it this year nurses on last year's team they win a national championship. I do I believe in Miami now yes yes I definitely believe in Miami because I believe that they just. Didn't out think the rim and they hired a great coach they made the right higher you can win anywhere in college football if you hire the right guy. And they finally after a couple of dozens a couple of duds they got it right and that's holiday is I mean Miami is not that special. Just get a good coach Andy did. And of course I believe in them because I think Mark Richt. As we talked about earlier in today's broadcast is one of the more elite college football coaches that we've had in the last ten to fifteen years. And he doesn't get mentioned to dizzy you know he has on the title yet but that was a great hire and I don't think it's shocking at all. To see that wherever Mark Richt was an end up after being fired by Georgia. That he would have an eighteen and four after two years I mean it's just he's good. Gather on the revenge tour of Ireland and beat him last year and gun gonna go through their their making short work a bit they look really good right now and we've been talking about championship urgency. Probably for the last three weeks and to be in there doing it and they carried over the field tonight against one of the better teams and in America and we didn't sound like. That's Auburn head coach guy smells on after their dominant win over number one at Georgia soon to be not number one. Fire sell Auburn will beat Alabama in two weeks and cause mayhem in the SEC. Dominance they noted that we're at a clinic in. Take a look for Ivan Watson I think Alabama still the best team in the country I believe that's an Alabama to his death at their place in Tuscaloosa. I think Alabama is the best team in the country I do think there it is some legitimate fear here with the the linebacker depth. They can't have anymore injuries. I don't Auburn's good they blew me away was how dumb they were against Georgia. But I know I'm just not gonna sell Alabama short I thought they were the best team all year I'll continue to go with that I think Alabama wins it at home. And Alabama plays or national championship. Both self. I mean how do you predict Alabama losing they just. They rarely lose they don't they just they've dominated the sport for ten year old boy lost this week am I know but again almost they rarely lose they like how many people were watching the end of that Mississippi State game and the city state game going. Alabama's gonna lose I mean it didn't mean they were in. They were intimidated price it'll I think game but they didn't they one name I mean they just Alabama is just so hard to bet against. So of course I'm not gonna say that Auburn's going to beat them. Because of Alabama's track record but in that game it that's a decent leaders gather for the rivalry game NAS is gonna be. With it and and as long as is Auburn takes care of business and fact. Don't you think you have to I don't think there's another conference games that opening play cupcake. If Auburn wins this game all wins there half the Robert only has one conference loss of they beat Alabama. In the herbal yet as members of the week before the in the SEC that the big driving games they played. School sister Miriam the poor. You know Auburn. Can win the north and you want to eye about throwing everything into a and a tail spin it and by Allen after that game against Georgia. Also and everything looks more clout that's ahead you a balance is looking at their on scoring offense is scoring defense is Alabama is all that talk about them softens their eighth in the country scoring offense. Auburn is eleventh. In and you have Alabama the number one scoring defense against Auburn's number ten scoring in the question is do any of these linebackers come back and if they don't. Yep two weeks to get to correct this because. Mississippi State was able to move the ball against Alabama better than we've seen all year. Remember there was it was extremely thrilled with them when they were eleven and five a year ago his first year as a head coach but this has been a disaster. He got personnel problems of their injury problems and love New York media and fan bases they have. Coach Bob yes. That's such as the nature of the hole there the problem is there's been no indication he's being fired today and certainly without cars this morning. Chris boards and ESPN and the Merrimack it is situation with the giants their owners John Mara and Steve Tisch have said. They are giving him on his head coach and that'll be reevaluated at the end of the season by herself. Back you may actually keep his job due to the injuries on offense and his success. Last season and by the way another correction apparently I cannot read a schedule and in my glasses on it is at Auburn. Well so apparently I'm staring down the schedule and the little number ten by Alabama looked like that the Auburn rankings looked like a little. That's symbol got lost their performance that is at its conference once again and I apologize I can't be scheduled today. No I think he's gone and I think it. If you look at Ed Ed. Not just that the poor performance on the field but he's lost the locker room. And you know maybe not the whole locker room. Because clearly some people come out that they they're gonna try to find the players the coward players they call them out. But there there's dissension there and I think he's gone and you got the dreaded we're gonna reevaluate at the end of the year. I don't league as a way he cast his job that's a lock they're gonna fire him they just lost that in ninth. That is their ass kicked by the niners that's in the being a good thing if when I mean no one to win that game about politics at this point yet totally epic and I was like why the hell that we went. Yet it it's just like I don't know it's it's a two crappy teams you thought the giants would you know be able to win that at least write that. I know they can even do that they got multi adding there's no question Mac to do if I just think this is the end of Eli Manning if he's not gone. Did this year he's not playing somewhere else is not dealt. Did they will draft his replacement in this year's draft so Eli Manning if his time is not done in New York. He is on a short clock in fact I'll go on women's day by this time next year yeah I mean is not the starting quarterback and your to. I think what's. Saws like a beautiful man an opportunity best play callers and maybe we've seen in the past 1520 years guy you know as far as Sean Payton is concerned married up with a roster right now that is constructed with players that can allow you to go ahead and change your game plan all the New England Patriots how they see fit depending upon what you can't. Stop and what you can from the music you heard drew whose fault about the fact that they're running backs and that's a great thunder lightning type of companies make their. Between England tomorrow. Louis Riddick ESPN on the saints' offense this year by yourself you trust New Orleans defense and out they played well the last few weeks. To make him a real threat in the NFC playoffs. I mean. At this point why not we've seen the world ends when a Super Bowl with not a great defense. But a defense they got hot and in his plane while and you'll look it at some of the draft picks. Jordan is one of the best defensive linemen that a lot of worthy kids from Ohio State I guess has been a revelation there. And their offenses is pump it up points that's a pretty good bills team that they went on the road and I see like the bills that game and they lead 47 on them. Dealing that we concern me is if they have to go on the road in the playoffs and they keep winning like this. On their gonna get a home playoff game but if they have to go into Philly. That's where it scares him because in the end this is a different team at home was presidency different team. At home in January. As opposed to going to to the league in Philadelphia have the playing conditions but a threat in the NFC absolutely right now to New Orleans is a threat. No question I would buy that is well on New Orleans you know their defense is actually ranked but let's see 1234. Tied for fifth you know. In the NFL the right there with Seattle they've given up the exact same they're they give up the same blood. They have given up the exact same number of points and points per game and going to them parts of the director's yelling you think Seattle's defense is really damn good right. And then some of that I think is if if you look against some of the better teams they've played that the defense hasn't performed quite as well. Minnesota put a 29 against from the patriots put up thirty C always tell the bills have a good offense is the bills have attributed defense genitals are very TD was kind of my point is that was really and I'm saying the bills have a good offense yet rights of the saints' defense is. Yes. Not that I mean and what they've been at finished with 47 yeah and they don't everybody's talking about the saints are 47 but they their defense held the bill's pretty good offense in buffalo to ten point as remembers the same thing when New Orleans when their Super Bowl. You don't need when you're an offense that's capable of doing this you don't necessarily need your defense to hold the team to fourteen points. You know I if if you can hold the team into the low twenties you feel pretty good about this off it's been able to outscored somebody. Stock watch every Monday brought you by Goldberg Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues stressed Goldberg Jones to help. 1800 divorce phone questions answered at no charge let's stick with the NFL. It pretty good weekend but NFL football given that next year's might. It gets caught him. Right in the NFL we mentioned saints. 47 tenement bills that's probably the biggest surprise thing for the good of the saints. Clinton looking tough I think a big surprise to his Green Bay winning. As I suppose I mean Brent Henley is intriguing though no he's not the bearers sock yet that's not. I don't know much that was kind of my point is and we think that the bears kind of warrant is suddenly think that they were as scrappy but let's not confuse the bears with a good team we thought. Buffalo was pretty good. Buffalo was an actual playoff team. You know they were five and three coming in that Atlantic and they got hammered him and I just didn't think I only was in a winning game if you guys at all fur is horrible. And of these giggle over. I mean look like so many Sunnis have this yesterday we are golf and kind of watch and some. Some games just plain of the browns and history of the guys laying into big big browns really. Yeah I grew up there so Ari announce that I said that he defends and vehicle vehicle and a what's the word vehemently that he he defends him and he said the Packers look like the browns. When they have Brett Hundley and honor Rogers well I know because it's it's a Kaiser's horrible I did think it was kind of funny though that all. Martellus Bennett needed to do it right healthy was not being green David critically ranked also noted New England here to answer that's my shoulders magically better question it's like the browns just don't wing games I'd like they've won one out of their last 25 games and and by the way I laid eleven points there with Detroit and for how. That's their little Goji but in typical Cleveland fashion. They found a way to lose but he's he was updating on the score late in the game he's like well. It looks like the lions are now becoming the lions in the browns are are being in real browns he has of winning their bowl losing. They're both horrible upon all the teachers franchise I'm not seeing lines are bad bishops think it's the feature lines you would expect them. Two seeded you know screw it up just like the browns but I know the brown skirted up. Are worse ask you this it was the worst play book it was them and the browns and Tashard Kaiser that all the Bellini end. 2888. Quarterback sneak and then falling down and then falling out and getting laid upon and they would no doubt about it and running up the clock and not now when he points are now it's well hold on. Was it John Fox challenging a good eight. There resulted in a turnover. It's Kaiser that's different I. I'd never seemed to know that didn't deny that just happened to. Seems sort of Willy challenge they play eighty and haven't end up. Eight negative result for you. Well but he so he I mean. Huge mistake but he didn't know. Then it was a fumble right it's still the most Chicago Bears thing you could do you challenged a play that worked for you ended ended up. Beaming eternal yet DNC it. The guy who hit the pylon but it looked it looked. Is if while they ruled that he kind of lost control of the ball before you the calendar ports of fumble and touchback that I was testing is up they Marti not elected to you yes it's a fox like no that's a touchdown because he had the pile on. All challenges will no it was actually a fumble announce who the teams bawling you know points so socks cutting had hit whatever was second herb singles and pointed to. And just been happy with that know each exit. Turn over I still think it's the browns play I mean that's did they had an OK sit note browns I didn't see that when they had no timeouts there's like fourteen years and there are twelve seconds left they were on the Detroit two yard line. May be using inside that. And at no time outs at the end of the half it seventeen to ten in favor of Detroit Cleveland at least needs to get a feel bullet they're gonna run one more play. And that Kaiser our doubles to a caffeine quarterback sneak peek analyzes lay on top and he just falls down and then they and they can't get in a snap off. Two it's trying to get some points and us. Wanted list here in this kind of a combination. How about. The Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime I know they won the game. But they had the marquee sleep gyrating personal foul up that lost them a bunch yards they had the interception return I got into the two. They personal foul that brought the ball all the way back on the next play Blake portals through ball to just three safeties in the middle of the field it was intercepted. It was just like a comedy of errors in the. Jacksonville tried to lose the game including. Having the game winning kick blocked. They still went in and yet it's still when the end but it only went in because. That there that the five yard obesity. Best there is so Phillip rivers those interception in an overtime and I forget who intercepted it and we're. He wrote it down to a 22 yard line but then there's a taunting penalty. So I guess he gets brought back to second content on the second time we finally let so he gets brought back. And so Jacksonville lines up for the field goal like a 35 yard attempt. And the chargers start barking out the charges are doing that hat that I. Trying to get a new job five yard penalty on the chargers so the judge slated to kick again and by the way the kicker is the guy that the chargers cut. He was the former chargers kicker any goes to keep the ball it gets blocked and not like a little bit blocked it gets he gets a good handle on it. And it Billy Hurley doesn't have to still go over the crossbar. That extra five yards back kick doesn't go win. Think neither team wanna. Don't win they'll like hold on worthy word the jags we lose these tabby games in the charge you like no no no. Hold my beer let's show you how to lose a game those are two teams that you just think we'll. Wells must like the browns and lions it's unbelievable distinct they're gonna blown what an absolute and they all gonna tried to you yeah you're I still think it's Keyser I think that's. That was just the most Brown's thing ever. So okay a couple of other things. Some teams I just don't know if they're any good. And really get to these next you really want this weekend get a good. I don't know there's just so much competitive balance in the NFL fourteen that I think are good and then everyone else I collectively to shrug my shoulders that I now but my rams. You're minor ambulances and we'll get to that next three years in my in my leg injuries. I other you know I am I had on today and I'm still behind my raiders got time. A full 45 on the ten. Revising Datsyuk. Got a 1080 Beltran. I know title of the film here. Because you know he was yesterday. So the titans running tenth. And they're six and three yet. Cheeky is all hell yeah I don't have any sort of faith whatsoever in the titans and their season come to risk regional Thursday when Mario and it dies. He's got like nine different ailments and now they're gonna play in a short week on Thursday night to where I plan that always. Bears well see if this is homer well and we you know be able to trust. Home away from me you make sure he's your he does censure on the lime and I guess I Wear my glasses again. It's it's we have them wind that what you're saying you're having trouble because scream literally inches from your face is still hard to read for you yet the little little little hat everything you know it's I try means that a lot of other things are really dangerous. Pay no attention to that you've shut up like. Look and see where though they play now did you usually define this for you I just don't. Still trust your schedule reading work November 16. That would be week eleven that's next three days that's there says that would be Tennessee act I can see it at this perk. Now. So at Tennessee and it's so that probably means of the game is at Tennessee guaranteed its national the way it goes because I miss read what three schedules today already it's been a bad day for you but I believe this one. Is correct you're heaven and John Wright box type that is that Pittsburgh net. All right someone from four elements in other question about the John Fox thing quick. Was the coat was was not the Packers coach gonna challenge that and what he had challenged it. Let's go to question I don't know because McCarthy was rated the flag and he's like way he's he's winning at Indy challenge and just challenge we thought it was for apple because if McCarthy. Wasn't gonna challenges yeah. Then how can you blame fox for challenging right but in other words it wasn't that obvious look I know there are guys in the Booth that they're talking like towns Jon Jeter don't. And those guys could be easily made a mistake you what it wasn't an obvious I don't care I have never in my years of watching football season when challenge they've played there was a pause play and have that resulted in turn over I don't receive that I think that that happened earlier this year are you member of that play. I think might have been Eagles cowboys can't remember. But the same thing happened there was the patriots wasn't it. Where he fumbled. Where it was determined that he fumbled right on that walk on the one yard line I don't remember it may be the attacks please give them an element but I John. John Fox is like the anti coach she's averse to the forward pass and now he is he's he's at when you talking points off of his team's. Totals I was I was watching the reds are generally when they clicked over that like every room was just in shock and hourly one. Let's just happened he just challenged a player that resulted in a turnover I get to look on his face was pretty get them doubtless mean he was just like. Now in when have I done well and in the bears let's let's be honest it's not job there spike going so well. Snell. The the best way to put this the ear sock. But they've been on the not a horrible I think it best of the sucked into teams is that the colts. Colts who. Soc we all can agree that the cold sucked the cold should've beat the steal the cold like in every game what about the Bengals. It's this kind of feel like the sock like I don't wanna give them credit cardinals. And that's good and that's the best crappy team from they're not very geared. That did the big guy Drew Stanton in that that's certainly hurts by any Nana planes that Redskins name. Crappy Q and the Ritz kids kind of fond of that category as well who the teams that's not but you can't just dismiss them chargers another one yeah. Despite the chargers are Cuba. They're three and six or not. Right but I think they're good like I don't view them as a brand quote unquote good for years and guess where that's gotten them nowhere you also thought that game was played in San Diego. Allison's. Now San Diego how wrong you're about that game Saint Louis he means the end that they play in Saint Louis I don't. I hate to every I don't when I think of crappy teams I don't think of the chargers their record in Asian record says that their crappy. Well that about the Texans there's another one like they. Nano now wants it's sort heart when you have Tom savage is Sydney with wagers Stanton. Like the colts are to make up percent in the culture that but that well they're not inoculated. The colts are in just about every game they play you cannot. Take the cold slightly that's shoot in their point spreads are astronomical to all that was the giddy last week they get there always a huge underdogs yet they are get like ten that was. My big play of the week and they she won that damn game outright although they found a way to lose. I kind of think the colts are doing this on purpose I kind of thought that we about the 49ers earlier in the year. Where they're like hey guys you know we don't need to win so if you just wanna. Got to let this one go in the fourth quarter sales and profits of line isn't as bad as the most sack team in the country and they're just letting them gets it. Because it has numbers have been sacked the most pilot far of anybody in the country yeah it's not so he was just getting mail ball game last. New Orleans Minnesota. For the rams he got. I'm going to ramblin' rams military the ram brands are awesome dude is the vikings think house did the killing them going Minnesota. East them well can't. ACLU played this week it yet he already know that he's kid. We've seen this from like the Ryan Fitzpatrick of the world the wee weed I just the Wii is playing well. I I don't but I think eventually that glass that slipper comes off of their defense is really good their defense is really give it Adam Phelan did you see the catch you made in the end zone. This week quirky. The defender was literally right in front of a mini me advocate diving perfect suction cap for the students they have lost I think three tackles their starting running back their starting quarterback. And they get better. That those weird human America 116 games like they just kept losing their best player every offseason and they kept it kept getting better Minnesota's on that plan. But some conservative message that she will come off. I knew were Owens looks really goods. It's to serve if they have to go on the road to Philadelphia to win in the playoffs. The prince legit let it go on I'm taken the rams I think I would Tim I think there's less question marks for me about the rams and there is of. Either one of those team policy the rams and Eagles play and I think they do plan actually I think we talk to the sites on the outlook and it up because all blitz right. Yes when he you have to let me get Alan for the -- to go ahead look that up and I'm I'm pretty sure they client I'll be looking like the twenty lake 2019 schedule my right here they play you have Philly. LA week fourteen. Whereas and a it. It is sponsoring and read this correctly magnificent it appears that this game will be played in Cleveland. I know video game will be hosted by the Los Angel he's rams it's in Mexico. I was just to follow but you. Oh my god my god what you just can't now I think it was right I was like why it's that was a joke was like it's in Mexico don't let you play those games down there bullets raiders and not patriots I think but also play games in Cleveland's began a bite and sometimes you know this is Angeline difficult this is cleared you're this gambling elect out sometimes. The rams. Play home games in Los Angeles. An app it's not really home games though. I mean technically it is a sort of but they play that'll be a day NFC is there's of those crowds gotten any better. The chargers have it that your people finally showed great yesterday. Just seeing moved the stadium and similar grade I just that I'd. You've you've got one of the best teams the NFL and you're still not showing up to. No and a non blood look at the attendance numbers but I don't know if will be able to read them so excited about that. I'll let Eagles are doubling the BJ would be well I mean isn't that going to be great you can of the NFC is so cool I think it's this is a great race. Because then you have C would Atlanta did right like the least talk about them. No they stormed the model although buoyed the cowboys and in their tackle situation. That Chaz Kareem could lord. At the other one of those things I I'd got to get myself on the list well can we just put a pin that. I'm gonna write that down because I do how I wanna talk about that it's the most perplexing thing to meet Ina and info I am its stubborn. As stubborn coach yeah you know that's what it is but let's get to that we medium boom we get into next hour as he got the hot fighter five coming up next. A shocker in the world of soccer. My parents we have the rookies of the year. In Major League Baseball and there is set quite a bit of sports action going on tonight Owen where does Chip Kelly going. Have all that next in the hunt by the time.