Primetime 11.13.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, November 13th
They just love talking weather to open the show, how fast does the wind have to be to knock a truck over? Talking free throw distractions and the crazy CFB weekend as well!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Well prime time with Isaac and suit alleges. And they never known an unbiased. Just showed a picture on compromise sports done without booze sugar coat of American and links in one's life in war things is dropping Jason's again. And best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed one to eight. Hey what did do what's those are goods there Monday it's sunny yeah a little bit delineated big teams and I feel like the weather. Has been the same for like a month now. Really yeah I can we still we are in the sixties with stunning win the day. Never Intel what are you talking about Merrill you're wrong. I did right out of the gate with a in the not too long ago today so what was that like to tune every scoop. Like a beautiful week away but you're looking MB for confirmation I. Don't I thought we roll like this for awhile I'll come with raw hole whether I can you might whether brokers need you to let me go. I'm sorry. Now I've just invite Iranian chilly and windy this morning so some are not Russell Phillips today as you ask you think you've been again you've been beaten down I'd kinda do well I am. Then have I am then do Stuart you're also in Vegas which I assume was warm this weekend sounds like 75 and sunny grows ketchup. The come back to it is and it's like down this is predictable who dreary. And you know outside right now it's it's gusty. Yeah we at the wind storms come in blustery I tell you that coming across the I love talking weather can I just Amitabh talking and now we do it quite a bit I was not prepared I. I was aware of the blustery nature until I got on the freeway today as crescent yielded to a five bridge there. I took me a little bit there remain you almost blew off the road in on us it was bonus all sideways and like I got on the bridge in the guide for enemy came over and I was due in the old day. What the hell I game you'll be aboard and ride his idea that has been given the bird then I started go and as Michael. Little little windy. Then the guy next to me got pests is sketchy conditions on the bridge now how fast is the wind have to be to blow like a semi over. Well I think a lot more than I think we're just like in the thirties right now on line I'm just asking how lack because you only see the semis slain a little bit yeah. How how fat like his of semi ever gotten blown Mike off the bridge and he got to go like hurricane sort of stuff like being counted in the bad or it could be depending on the angle but look at the truck is turning there's already a little bit of momentum going Madeline might be a lot easier for its just follow over. I wherever it led to it so this is like what thirty miles an hour like 3035 mile an hour ago something like that and and it didn't blow me you know riveting but it blew me over a good half a lane. Like it was there was definitely some correction happen on the average I can't imagine we drive I've never been in like a bad. I've never given in a bad windstorm I can't imagine what if that's. That's a defeat as they age avenue and you know. Blustery conditions that what sixty or seventy miles an hour feel like Leno can't imagine that's very good when you're on top of that bridge that's kind of scary up there if you are like well you don't ride a bike but in you know to get walked across the curve. Nine a thing I've ever walked up there you go right in the middle of it and the so if you ride your bike over it is. The freaky part is not only is it really windy but the bridge pulses. It's very unsettled seen the first time that you ride over the bridge it. I was ready on those bridges. You know I don't writes I have read my bike overly suspension bridges there is bouncing because they're suspended its just we have like I don't feel when I'm in my car and I go the bridges bouncy to when you're on your bike and it's it's it's it's it's a different experience the first time I rode over and I was a little. Puckered as rule a little freaked out of now I know in tornadoes. Being midwest boy yeah you know you ill lift and throw cars sure that's your time like hundred plus my own now more than that. But that here's someone who's telling us that there was a semi truck blown over the Astoria bridge. About a year ago new. NASA does ask him and that can happen that's crazy I just kind of the league did little tipsy there and it over you got on the topic. Well folks we have a busy Monday broadcast for you. In the reason I say that is because it's busy. So it's not just a clever term you are now know. No we have a lot to this guess there's a lot to discuss a lot of football you were Portland trailblazers yet they lost that game on Friday ahead of them. Freaky nets now are you at that game. Yeah I was at that my daughter who and I can report this and my daughter. A friend of mine who works you. Ford does like their is big corporate sponsor. Everybody mind that's involved in fort and so they do like a you to be the ball boy or girl for the night get a good out there for the game and rebounded. Tell you by the way the chair Bair yet Terry stop yeah great with tickets focused my daughter to your daughter loved person Terry Stotts. Could have been any nicer why was he telling jokes or something that is down there in the years he admits he was cracking her up and disaster and I got there is and how was the president but he argued she does not know the players pitching is the coach coach was awesome was beaming about Terry Stotts so. They're there it doesn't take much to impress the key you know not to impress them one tip of the cap. Now let's say this she could care less. About being in the ball Maddon could care less about the game didn't care about the outcome. Didn't care about being on the floor none of that meeting players coaches and that getting the T shirt now. You know what was the highlight blew her mind thunder sticks broken on a whole wow. Just hand those out still ahead and out as yours and my behind the basket agreed seats. She could not have been more excited about the thunder sticks like I was trying to ask her about the experience what is it about the things I don't know but. I felt really bad because about. Eight minutes into the game I wanted to throw them away but I couldn't because she was levied them so much but wow. That's the worst thing ever because then your round everyone else that I thunder sticks. That is the most pierce seemed a knowing sound to sit and have to listen to for four quarters of the game do you think that they have ever studied thunder stick. Like free throw attempts with him out under six or believe me when there's an act to me it seems like the players don't know committed if I'm not free throws missed every one whit the thunder sticks automatically assumes that it's they are doing. And then with under six get louder so every time there's a missed free throw I wanna do punch myself in the face because I needed. Then the thunder sticks would only get louder that I honestly if I could not enjoy the game. I just sat there and end. Win or loose we all lost in the crowd. If you're sitting in the thunder sticks action. That's the worst idea in the history of sport is a snowman. I thought it was brutal and love it Seoul the kids' level bat and that's younger kids engaged yeah you know that's important to you don't want him sitting there bored now. After you give me give some thunder sticks. And their in the villages given some the makes noise. So simple like puppies they wanna go to the floor me the players know you want some thunder sticks. Absolutely dimmer that's at twelve your and she took a moment she oh yeah they're in her room. And we've had a I've already had to have this conversation multiple times now know pack up go. There though she's like claimed them at the house yeah now that's in the room sort of thing. You know your security front pop those I just I figure that eventually the other brother will take care of that therefore I'm not give that five bucks the problem of Cisco would have to wait. Five bucks I'll do is wait like half the day and those things are going to be destroyed. Why I didn't see much of anything on Friday night because I was traveling so I missed. The blazers losing to the nets was stunned to see that comment on when I got up plain and down. I miss Washington Washington I got that very tail end of it up. 1000 Vegas but that was shocking. Their offense isn't good and you know that did. Not that the defense was it was earlier decorating thing but. In a Stanford who's not a great offensive football team and price level on one leg they made enough plays. But ultimately washed its offense isn't good there's offered some wind problems they're. John Ross leaving and then some injuries they have I've been saying this all year that despite them putting up points. Washington's offense isn't very good and I think that it finally like a came to roost in the Arizona State game and it reared its ugly head against the against Stanford. And so you look around now and it all sudden you know the out there that the boards which we kind of just assumed we were given it to Washington not so fast. Also Washington State Stanford Bolton that mix many can never count out deal cardinal can don't you can't. It is always right there I mean Washington doesn't control their own fake anymore you know that right. Idea yes Sanford has ever done it he's gonna win now well and be like hey Washington State so I mean if if Washington State wins out they win the north. But if watched in beats Washington State the apple cup and Stanford wins out and at Stanford. So yeah it's it's tubes guys it's it's tough. All right we'll get to that. The blazers have you drama with. Nerd pitched yet that was the big story on I'm running out of bounds the the disappearance. And now he's having denied there's drama and why does say it is the conversation. Amongst the thunder sticks was where the hell was circuits in the fourth quarter right that was certainly a uniter it was a topic of question. We'll talk about that we've got a lot of coach news cannot Chip Kelly maybe to Florida wells and understand what we knew coaches. You know we're gonna be candid and so now the dominoes start to fall and that we haven't seen yet it. Oh god he's hitting well we're just we're hasn't even started out oh. Well and has started club which Jones got I was shows got fired. Florida obviously has their job opened but Nebraska is gonna be open I think the question is out west is due any of those jobs opened up you know it is to UCLA is UCLA and up. You know making the change we have brunch you're coming on this week he'll tell us definitively yeah they should probably fire Chris Peterson out there at ice terrible you know what to jail. Yes and they said that they did test thunder sticks. Will be too words like they tested there effectiveness effectiveness. And had nothing now shocking development do you think that they should. Start testing different things to see what actually does throw and he does anything through those guys off anymore that would be fantastic is you know free throw a guy retires. Yeah well in a can we do the river back in the day the hot chick thing was a big deal member they've put out like Archie posters. And then we had the pin wheel for awhile like the big hypnosis the black and white speedy we know that's interesting that caught our but I think those things are urge you can't do that can't do now he can't do what Vicki dooming college may be the MBA you can't do any of that crap. I guess we'll leave that to someone else out the show while studying that but no you know it might be worth it I can make this suggestion blazers. Are more honest he has not gonna happen it helps those that that is brutal. They are going to keep him in those suckers out I just can't imagine that anyone outside of kids enjoys. Listing that I got there we want. If it was just are in free throws that's why I get right make noise of the Friedman had they prompt and they just did he say hey did you thunder sticks out and let's just you know I think everyone knows that hey it's free throw a time you Bingham together bled. It's it right at its so hard to describe in person when you're up close it's it's such a shoe real. Sound in it's it's it's it's biting and the random thunder sticks that never stop. But it's not a big deal when everyone's doing it together but when you're just kind of sitting there in the guys driven up the ball than you've got like four people randomly banging the thunder sticks. Mills on the chart report. Okay we'll listen what if what if the whole arena went silent. What do think about that you think that would work of a sudden it just it's creek really quiet yet. No I don't look at who are now because they do that like on the cop Ian eagle like. Cameron indoor Allen fieldhouse whatever they do get really quiet for the home frequently neagle crazy media should do the other way. For the you know. I do think there's of the into the pressure. Free throws but I only crowd noise has elected to an Arizona State has as some has has that surprised curtain. Where they always have things behind it yet again Michael Phelps in a Speedo when you that you can't do that in the NBA. The NBA does right no go and they got in college that's the student section they give you a little more leeway but. Like where Paul Allen since then there you can't have the surprise curtain and then Mike Paul Allen. BB Jody Allen and a Navy SEALs will be behind the surprise I think she was at the game in the ninth issue I think I saw her down there. I to know it Jody has going on. Well I mean you know sponsors here got a decent round choice to do which one I would hang out with its sewage he's got no question. Our law anyway let's kick on let's start with the college football weekend 314 on the fan. Prime time where advise against duke John Kennedy bill. They breaking sports news airing judge just one AL rookie of the year I didn't see that we're becoming. I just ask Mike it was the last Yankee rookie of the year. He denounced on the a look at up our top in my head I I don't know I would imagine Jeter Jeter maybe Soriano GT baby you have been Soriano Shura. Soriano. Was he I think he came out pretty hot and hold the key took a while the pop. Well and it is the only guy to ever go rookie MVP is that Ichiro yeah does. You know I don't the he's gonna win it I think it'll go to Al Tuesday but judges certainly right there as Derek Jeter last Yankee GT baby rookie of the year GT in 1996. Right after Marty Cordoba oneness with the you know that the do well no I remember Marty go over but I don't remember him when he rookie of the year is there to a lot of kind of did you Wear a few that don't quite a live up to the hype what do you remember Bob Hamlin. You guys probably don't remember about him and that easily for the royal CIA is Kansas City analysts look chubby guy right yeah I was kind of fat and yeah passes I would like teacher glasses yeah I don't look like a math teacher remember Bob employee at 24 bombs and now he was pretty good so he won the rookie year in 1994 never to be heard from again. So wet Hamlin. Marty Cordova Derek Jeter Nome ma am Dan glory even. There's Beltran he retired today. Kazuhiro Sasaki. Mariner and then Ichiro. It's today yup not exciting you don't seem too thrilled as this I was trying to kind of wrap my head around the did. The meaning of that like I would like can't go back and take a look like how long they've been and that that award since the the first one was handed out in 1949. Well the case that's longer backs on. Well now they're saying their two others that were dealt that combined there's only one rookie year it was an ale and now. Is Jackie Robinson in 1947 practically the first XP intrigued to know. And another career arc of guys that have won rookie of the year how many go Wanda hall of Famer Earl Starr careers how many are just average how many years. You know as you mentioned Bob and Clinton and are gone never appeared at a global put this on our research list as well along with our research team. Thunder sticks and the effectiveness of the effects of thunder sticks some people were I texting him for its college football here. One okay to bridge partners that sign is tied 53051 guy said you know let with the north. The way it is. In the pac twelve. You wonder if Herbert were healthy can Oregon have competed. In that north. And I don't. I don't think so but mean Q meiji competed I may need I mean it's winnable in other words his point is it's a winnable division win. I guess. And I guess that's debatable because it's just so deep I just. That whole notion that Herbert fixes everything that's wrong with Morgan Newton has never sat well with me we have another rookie year and EP. Friendly and it was the second Fred Lynn did it 1975. And possibly now. Area judge well again I think it would go to lovable baseball well probably not happen. And then OK so they had an on the other Ricky your candidate doubly so in this scene the NL it will be out of B Ballinger proudly yeah right. Cody your boy Cody Ballinger who edited finalists were polled the young and the cardinals and Josh on the pirates of going to be critical could not have had a worse. World Series. So then other folks as what I knew about how to distract free throwers. What about going absolutely silent until the very last second Ann in screaming IKU they do that yeah bill bill. They'll try that app and you didn't have got him it's but it just hasn't been and it seems to mount up the at bat. Zimbabwe in the north so that the scenario is far if people are wondering in there was a US he's already won south. You're simply dollars and RD wrapped up it's very reptilian disease had to win at Colorado sedate they've got USC is the represented because they only have one conference loss. They've already beat Arizona it's a dozen Matt regards would have to be as easily and they're not losing to UCLA. USC wins the south. And then in the north. Quite simple so wc wins the north dummies who plays one more game. So they win the apple cup washes seed is your winner in the nor allows the players the game. I think it's in Seattle. And go take a look at that for the wanna double check that but I believe it's at husky stadium. You are correct where yes I am correct I didn't united now in Seattle. OK so and by the way they have not be Chris Peterson and the apple cup they've got to Washington Chris Peterson problem and actually can beat in the share those games have been close and that's you know again it is not been pretty in those games. So Duke's win. One more game they've played outlook update when the door Stanford wins. Their best to beat cal Stanford has two games left only one of those being conference the Stanford beats cal and U dub wins the apple cup Stanford is your pac twelve north title. You don't needs Stanford to lose to cal and U dub has to work conference games. They have to win now a big play Utah in the in the nabbed apple cup okay so you don't need some U dub needs help. They do but you know I could happen you never know to come but I I doubt towels beating I would think Cal's beating Stanford. Miami Tino rattle regain strange things have agencies have somewhere near this thing so unpredictable you know it's like everybody is and how Washington's gonna. Six and apple well Washington's getting beat Stanford. Console thing now. Mean beat him. Well that they lost whom they couldn't get off the field on third they don't mean here's Stanford team that has struggled you know most of the year throwing the football. And I can give I just I question why didn't you go to Costello earlier. But he do you look good he was 627211. Yards didn't throw an interception but more importantly. Stanford. We look at several was ten of eighteen on third down against the number one defense in the country. It's a team that was I think they were number two in the country in third down percentage is there for goes out reels off ten of eighteen they could not get off the field. And it was a Tina is get on less than a hundred yards and then price level on one leg goes out they put up under 95 yards rushing against them. And I get everyone's at level baker may feel totally understand it the best player in the country has price love if you wanna see the effect of Bryce Bryce love. Ins wit wiz Stanford Stanford is a legitimate conference championship team without priceless effort Sox. Yeah because at I didn't really think it was all about Chrysler the notorious taking now because he didn't play and I can't Sam's office a triple I don't know people are trying to say loud. And don't have breast let. Well but I don't know is it that simple may be just well. When makes no one minute wasn't indifference. Then Bryce left he's the best player in the country at the Heisman Trophy should go to the best player it's not baker mayfield price love is the best player in and he's he's scary good he reminds me of washing Marshall Faulk or LaDainian Tomlinson or guys like this and in college I don't remember a pac twelve back. Or pac ten back and there's been great ones that have come through here. I don't remember a guide to meet that have the balance that shifting as the burst. All of those things combined he is the total package it was don't I don't want. Yeah and you know what is. It's like how can we not see that Randy he wasn't even in the conversation in the early pre season now Heisman favorites nobody really that. We've been played in the shadow Christian McCaffery. And yeah yeah you know I BE it's his shades his time to shine in and he's doing and a stiffer dolphins that no one has any respect for them throwing the full all. So your run and ended run blitzer you run and eight man fronts and it just doesn't matter. He just rips off big runs EU is amazing so if Paul Allen who were told. That you know entices seats are right there underneath the basket and if he were told that you could affect. The opposing free throw percentage of your opponents. By 10%. Or. Something to that effect do you think he would Wear a Speedo for us. The to do it the blazes can steal from Arizona State I mean that's that's a pretty significant. Heidi advantage I don't. And percent I think we all lose I I don't know I think we all I'm and I pulled the Paul Allen than you imagine what that looks like. Now I'm just pitch read other owners in speed goes. From just around different leagues like did you see Arthur breeder Arthur Blank area and Jerry Jones together you know. It's Vince Young looked Earl Dennis well one looks like Herman Munster in the other elements like the money. And am lucky and for whatever reason now I'm picturing those two like standing side by side in the owner's box where he'd. Falcon in cattle imagine Mark Davis. When he looks like now. You know I mean that is not a room of of lookers know those owners though it's not I mean Steve Ballmer run and out there and I eat you might actually get him to do it but what if a case here in the playoffs in the end. Paul Allen's in a Speedo but he's not gonna busted out just for any all free throw out a late game like. You wouldn't go this is the one time Paul we needed to gear down and right now NBA playoffs and he goes terribly suit yes goes party boys right before a huge free throw in the guy misses it now can I tell you that this I am understanding that if if people think I'm weird for this but. I'm pain in a whole picture here. And I'm I'm thinking tear away suit right yeah ripped it away he is or receive a and stairway clothing fairway club and I'd like to think that his clothes kind of looked fairly in China often I'm thinking suit. He tears it away. I'm making blazers Speedo and we'll in front yes and fish and I'm thinking in those those like Sox starters so dress shoes black socks with those things that hold them up around your calf via. Both time. So bow tie with no shirt at all yet sells terrorist book that I hit the sauce stir up Sox. Again he going to be like sideways one lake street one leg up close shortly on his bed. Maybe he puts his leg up on old Shea. You know while he's sitting there captain Morgan's style yet now there's no it academics that we know this is not and he's not make you cannot focus with that going on a guy you know I think we needed this point question Paul Allen's commitment commitment to his -- mean playoff time. You got a final shot but does that have begin what is posted chipped it bad going on Doug that would that be illegal. T think like what he. What would happen is the teeny owns the bill to be kicked out of the candidate against the rules. He kicked out of it as an owner ever been booted from a game at a leading kick him out with. He knows his team Cubans theories I've read I know bled. I guess it's a place that's against the rules he can't do that is. But it's his his place. It is. I had courtside seats and I just I can't do it and I decided to go Speedo. And can't do that no shirt no shoes no service now you can't you have to be properly dressed. Can I go no shirt. So what is it is that the no sure is the speed of the I would I don't think he can take issue nothing there either they would get media Tivo. We need toxin and about this. Talked to had the upper read talk run below ground level. Yeah but if you're the owner I think he do it every once is that the league would come back and be like none and none none none none none none none know that at the text Berger was ready to get Easter included that they are talking to get a peek at exactly. That's so it happened it's the sixth at this the list what it's a case and one other. Real city in glitter on the back yes I lesson yeah you can really spice this up but a lot of things that we can do. What are we feel about body glitter. Other body glitter wears on us Airways soon as it's torn away trigger glitter to explode out of it god yes even now. So now we did that sounded it is juices are. It. So dead one if you had everybody's silent. And then one person screamed right at the last minute you think that would strip her little blood curdling scream yeah. Always a few wet air network like airborne style Nancy airline I am thinking to. Again you're gonna give these people but it's too late legged beauty reportedly died this is the free throw doctor crucial moment what if everyone went airborne. Last second that he misses the free throw. So go ahead. Yes like yes we unity and unity ticket yeah that's legal you already missed the free throw right problems yet they can't change the result of the preacher. He missed on the air born now leave. We you know dabbled in some great to make a message but had these before I don't think it's been in the NBA but I know in the NFL. There's been some shenanigans with the laser lights via yet pointers at a point there's I don't go in quarter backers you know kickers is things like that. To be a nice place to meter some some sunlight reflection. We're getting reports of possibly some castles. One Nia. You can we worked out and I didn't even think about dad yeah that's my fault for an oversight that is in I'm glad to be better to put a lot of thought that and I never that fassel never crossed my mind. All right well listen I'm enough about that let's you backed college football. Com. I thought OK so I think well there's a lot of there were a lot of surprises like Ohio State do and that's a Michigan State. Lowers the way Notre Dame lost to Miami I made on Twitter and I'll do it on the air my official apology to the U. Gabby they're awesome let's go let's talk let them come and so we'll talk about I'd be most surprising occurrences of the weakening college football next. Here is Michael sports that are. I'm with rising concern. 1080 though. Aren't allowed beginning college football he Rio buckle up thirty certainly have been here we need to go in down. A lot of the bullet. To me so much that's why I say that when these rankings come out and we just needs the breather relax because he does anything can happen at this point. You know for what they're without the Big Ten you know I was in position to get two teams and now looks like Wisconsin may be their only hope to get eighteen men. But then other people believe that it may be a two loss Ohio State team can still get in it's it's it's a funky did you know did not easy seagate two teams in. You know what is would've all earned runs the table and wins the SEC is a two loss team now there's there's so many scenario still to play out here. Well Auburn kicked the crap out of Georgia yeah forty to seventeen. Georgia still and it. But that is that's a big blow to them bugs me and look good it's a bad loss and they were like Ohio State mean there's. You can't tell me that the optics of those things don't matter. Visits yes it was a quality team. You know Auburn was was ranked tied it. The way it happened people are gonna forget that just like Ohio stable pause its losses to be honest with you. The Iowa loss they got their ass kicked in Oklahoma took a behind the woodshed so I think that hurts Ohio State that's. Their two losses even though they're two of two good teams although I was not an end up being ranked RR. Were asked weapons they were close losses. And then you got Miami. Hammering Notre Dame that's probably the biggest surprise to me. The one for me I eat and I know Georgia going down that dad was was. British suppressing you not the day loss to Auburn but how it happened I just running the ball in defense usually travels and done. Deploy it did didn't there they went to Jordan hare stadium in an Auburn sent a message in out of your Alabama. I think your sweat now the the arm a little bit more in Auburn's been up and down. But seeing what they did it in with the fact that they have what for Surrey linebackers out now for Alabama. That always it for starters and I think there's a fifth guy that's or two yet there might be fifth loss to against Florida say yeah and then lost two more. Not this past weekend the week him before in their Miley is that there might be enough without it they. They did not look good dominant on defense and I don't know whether that was because of because of injury your. They are overlooking Mississippi state of Mississippi State ran the ball on them enough team Mississippi State they surprised me Tim yeah and Alabama you know it escaped with a with a narrow win there. But also in the yard bolt looks like you very very adjusting game but you don't the surprising one to be with Miami I'd seen Miami for a couple times this year. In just. And I just wasn't a believer. I just thought Miami was a it was a bit of a a bit of a paper champion. And I really I'd I said on the errors that come and into Virginia Tech and our famous at one of those teams will expose Miami. And all Miami did was lay a 2810 beat down than 418. Minute they put an ass kicked it. On both of those football teams and as a national title contender and I'm salivating at the prospect of clintons and what they went Kelly Brian is healthy is still one of the three to maybe 23 best teams in the country. I can't wait to see Clemson and Miami. Well I love. Then Miami coach I think that you kind of got her name's Mark Richt and he got a raw deal at Georgia. Because only did was wind 101112. Games there that's all that got its only did. And then of course they're Georgia and they think they should do better wall. Now I get Kirby Smart who just goes in gets stomped players on meanwhile mark breakdown of Miami act I just kind of love that he's. He's counting on halo he forgot about me needing you back as eighteen and four Miami he is kicking some butt down there he is a legit elite coach that never gets mentioned with deal leads because he hasn't won a championship yet. But I would love to see Miami get in there and Georgia not. And then here Georgia fans started bitching about at the Kirby Smart kid that was the that was the whole thing about Rick was. You know what he's good but he can't get us over the humble guess why it. He he may be able to do that at in his second year at Miami maybe the problem wasn't him. Think about Miami. And it's it's if she thinks of constant has the one loss you know they have to play each other at the end of the year and then. Probably rematch. In the ACC title game so you know what fifth. Wonder if if Miami beats Clemson had. And in deals clubs and their second Losman cleansing gets revenge or Miami in the ACC title game and ends up knocking them off so I think Clemson beat the champ but. Miami would be a one loss team and a with a with a win over clad aides will see there's so many things that could still happen here I just think it's awesome that manes can again. Makes him a text and said you know cause the body seems better in Miami's cut him totally agree with that out that I was there was I think my brother either semi attacks streetwise Doughty said. It feels right at Notre Dame on mammy airplane in a big game and that was a a big time environment. Outs saying that one team didn't show love love for a half I enjoyed watching Notre Dame Democrats keep Melanie gets her day and I just thought it was fun to see Miami and a little bit of the it'll never be the way it was you can't. Lose those days are gone on the Michael Irvin days even though the Jeremy Shockey goes those teams the NCAA doesn't allow it anymore but to see kind of the that the Jews back to swagger from Miami that's awesome how Seles called the C. Saw some can make kinda have a little. They just have kind of a well like say the swagger Seubert to they just have a little bit of a villainous. Type of sun. Just vibe to him because you know because the old days of Miami yeah you know an it bag I'm actually point and I think that's cool to have but I guess I'm pulling for mark. Reacted shot into Georgia and to be rates but I I've posed that question Q what would the playoff committee do you. If Miami beats Clemson in the of the finale there in the championship game node in the canal big rig the season. And then they have to go back and play in the conference title. And Clemson and the beat them in the in the conference championship. Well with the Canadian will depend on what other dude you know depends on how the other schools like who else is in there yeah would you put it to a Clemson conference title team overall one loss Miami team well they don't think claim that. You know they really way commerce township. Or not. Well yeah it's a mean congress in a minute put Ohio State and I should they when they're dated and it. But KG could it would just it would be fascinating to see Miami get in over Clemson team that just beat them in the ACC title game so if you want chaos. Backe gave okay and that's an area again if that's the scenario. I think he got to go Clinton. I do because the other loss. Of one they would they won the conference fair and square they beat Miami when it mattered mouse yeah right if this is the scenario you retaining. And then two of their loss to Syracuse. Why they lost their quarterback yet Achille Brian and I think that matters so I would say that in if if that. Where the scenario I think Clinton would get the nod over Miami it's just it's a scene that we will. And I don't know if it's possible any other way minutes Posey could have chaos here last couple weeks but I believe. It's it's kind of Marty predetermined that we're gonna get Miami and Clemson in the ACC title game and they get complacent. Guy like the big twelve we're gonna get a rematch because the big twelve plays everybody the big twelve is gonna be a rematch of a regular season game. And so is he ACC title game and it's going to be a rematch of the very last game of the year at the very okay. But there's some. Confusion here. Because if you look at Miami schedule is that these people are saying well Miami and Clemson don't play. Cigarette here it's a third I know but I think they're already putting that in that that that's December 2 that is. I think that's the ACC title game. Because if you look at Miami schedule they've already played all they had game canceled they've only played nine games. I became canceled in and they have Virginia and Pitt I think there already. That clinching game you see there it's a that's the ACC dot again yet because they're saying it's plated a neutral location so they don't actually play. They're already despair they must be RD locked up then yeah exposed to in the let's Miami only has played nine games and that would be their twelfth game but I forgot that they had when camp yesterday so they're done with Virginia at Portland they have to do incentive Virginian and in their rat pit okay. And then they play clubs in the cellular scenario it will would not have nevermind that. Now counts is when I just was like how crazy would that be either regain their rematch the very next week that well because of that canceled game that I'm guessing now they're not gonna make up against as Arkansas State. Yes not I'm Poland forum. I got my Miami compounds and again a marker pump comes I want him to. Want them to do some I think that be fun to see him back in the college football playoff in not claims and again. I want here's what I wanna party a party got to figure out you wanna Alabama because they're the they're the badly written means we can Alabama does the tournaments that are within minutes. Like Kevin duke in the final four or whatever it's like I don't yeah all's right the world I'm a Miami. I want Oklahoma. Because a wanna see baker mayfield do his thing in the we got the playoff. And Dan. I just want the best team that's left what is that it if it's if it's Georgia at its Ohio State if it's Auburn if it's Wisconsin I don't care. Maybe that maybe maybe Wisconsin has an end up underdog. Would would be would that be fun. I would mind CNN on defense I'd like to see Wisconsin run the table and no one would give muschamp has led to see the badgers get in there and mix it up against Alabama in the yes in the first round at W pretty sweet clapped out right there. All right well are coming up next back to the pac twelve and how about a little you know we're getting prompted by our listeners and they are they're not happy. That we are not giving love to the Washington State Cougars well we can't mean Washington State controls their own fate right when the apple cup in Europe. You seem reluctant to do that. Don't be. Dumping well someone did say at the start of the year that the second best team in the north with Washington State now. I thank you thank you for knowledge that I said that I had Washington is the best team and we'll find out your coming up what another two weeks exactly who it is. This is this a big one for Washington State they've been on the doors Tikrit the last two years to when the north. And they have a Washington problem they've had their ass kick since Chris Peterson got there. So big crew began for wash as it I think this is a program defining game. For Washington State coming up in the apple cup I'd say 48 on the tenth. I here's the text right here. Good broad chimes in. As much love as Washington's defense has gotten on this program enterprise club where is the love for Hercules. And his speed defense and Washington State well first off I've been talking about Hercules knocked off all year I think he should be the pack to a defensive player of the year. Isn't I mean who even. He's he's phenomenal who would beat I think he's got to be I runaway I would assume so. In the U look at Washington State. Their defense has been good all year it it wasn't as good as washed in the mean Washington's defense was ranked number one or number two in the country. That's why you talked about Washington's. Defense but it. To say that Washington State's defense hasn't gotten any credit I think that's that's ridiculous in fact I think the defense has been more consistent and the offense is bin for Washington State. But really bared their big performs I think. Doesn't get enough credit is the stare for game against price love because Breslin clearly wasn't OK Chrysler was injured against Washington was injured against Washington State. But it it still. That is the fact that they they held them to and a hundred yards and outside of what the 51 yard touchdown that he had the cameras at one and a half yards per carry equally damage he had sixteen carries for 69 yards in the game yeah. And then most of them came off for the I can say the public a fifty yard touchdown run outside of that he didn't do much of anything so affluent Washington State's defense should get credit. Oh Washington State heads has been a good team all year they have two speakers where they didn't show up all they got their ass kicked by cal and Arizona ran him out of the building. So it did. A bit against colonial Tate the defense was horrible to give 54 in that game. But why should say is a good football team they're nine and two they got a chance to have attended two season. And to meet the wash is it's already had a hell of a year. But we've seen this from Washington State before they the last two years they'd want if they win the outlook a big one in the and they win the pac twelve north. As good as wash it was last year playing cause while playoff if Washington State would have knock them off in that game Washington State when the north not Washington. So this is the thirty year row of this has happened this is a program defining game for you. Washington does not look particularly good right now their profits is that it is is a bit of a mess the defense showed voter abilities against Stanford for the first time all year. They've lost twice. This is. A program defining game to get out of the shadow of Stanford to get a Cheryl Morgan to get out of shadow review dubbed. For Washington State you know they date exercised you Burgundy was the last couple years they got Stanford. And you know they need to get over the of the Washington Chris Peterson pomp. And if they do know. You still have to obviously win the title north or you have to win the pac twelve you have to be USC to go on in the rose ball. But I think even if you had to lose that game against USC I think winning the pac twelve north a because validation. If you haven't already hadn't already offer that the job the Mike Leach is done and you know that. The brilliant move taking a program that was on death's doorstep going out higher in the pirate nannies resurrected. All right in his loss in ten minutes is corkscrew Washington text in here yeah. As a as a husky fan I'm grateful we are as a program back to the point where. A lot of the fan base is viewing a potential tend to season as disappointing yeah so true. Mean you're there and I think that's my kind of my policy or program defining game I think for Washington State fans you know winning nine games. Is a great accomplishment but I I think key. You know you you're trying to reach that point where winning nine games and and having three commerce off of losses is it good enough. You know how the stinker against cal and in the one against Arizona and then losing your rivaled that doesn't make for grid season if I would told. You know five years go wash his safety and the you're gonna win nine games you do enhance pranks and yet. How is Washington State fan that would that would consider this a success if you lose this apple cup. Coming up next we've got some college football coaching items to discuss another coach has fallen he has been fired. And will Washington State be able to keep Mike Leach. You know that's a good question yeah there's rumors out there because his AD is gone illness just ran off to Nebraska. So that next on the fan.