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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, November 13th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool wind in. Mind. This is our podcasts that welcome to our pod and is now the specialist rob them but it. Doing the right things since 1952. Each making. Our children. But go up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Those results. Glad it's story and the live is because I thought we were living at sixth. You know we'll. I didn't play his time as we've. But I have to do it here. And he blows it includes it includes. It's employment and it's important. All right. It's a Monday club our. Lot of things to talk about Jason. Like that we are counted showed up on the desk the quick conversation reverts. Yes attorney sterile I was in your on Friday yeah. In them I guess he now Dez. Eight conversations. With birds calendar yet we didn't quite get to because it was abbreviated club one it was way long been going to the club. And then. We are kind of the veterans day thing so we did get a chance to discuss of the Yankee. He's making you know selling calendars that are conversation but her. What does that mean you can. Well it's did you see the calendar that I haven't is it no I haven't opened it quite yet well if you look at the fact there's a sample page yeah. And it's just like. The bird talking to another bird bird bird talking to Tony starlets like a weird. Kind of comedy bird combination. Mean it's like if they bird Qaeda is is still don't know what if a bird could have a discussion with the other birds or review. This is what they'd be okay if he can talk to Byrd's death. Conversation with the birds. When I pressed Tony on why. He got into the third calendar business. An answer for me if I said that up when it impress upon and I just decided do you to go with it and by the way many people called you out. Black on Friday. Did you claims. 5730 flight. It was the last flight to Los seven's 47 Ford. What if two people within seconds of these same I came in with they were on flight to Vegas that night fell reliever but the well no it's the last directly. Politics I did they said they were on an 830 and 940 took on what airline. One was jetBlue and one was the last what was she has to lose him but I didn't think to check jetBlue and yes I checked Alaskan southwest it was not the last flight out of town much I can assure you. Now again you're leaning think I just enjoy the fact that we didn't literally thirty seconds of music and you were gone because you had to catch a flight. Two people immediately want to fly the biggest later tonight. Now well in my search and it was the flight that I had them guessing your generation was really exhausted. And it im not trying to miss part of the show. Kinda think you work. I just need to get down heading down. It was Jones that our grinding my teeth got it so much fun this weekend I freaking love Vegas and you do you see your torn San Diego and they. Some of bumble around for different reasons but Vegas I can't this was perfect because I flew down there on Friday night. And am back on I got back about midnight last night that's. Lenny and I mean plenty of time to get enough about tree and yes that 48 hour window canyon that was funny solid effort. So anyway and nominated at the stretcher road here so. I don't know I mean you said that you had this to. And I just wonder if people. Are quite as fascinated with this portion of the city is 9 AM and its it's just it's so random but I drive by and every once in awhile. It's down in southwest Portland on 99 deluge. I believe it's it might be. On the stretch that is barber because you know it's both yet another in a minute ago that direction yet so let me describe the scene in it's all on the west side. Of that us streets everything on the east side is pretty normal like apartments and down stuff. On the west side there's a stretch in every time I drive by and I just can't take my eyes up any time. There is a really nice construction company building. And Dan. S it's the same book. It goes up the rail because there's this seedy little apartment. Oh my god complex. It has like Ford's orders right yeah there's a time where ornaments it's one stone it's like so it's not. I know is at least up one story. And I think it it it looks like one of those old hotels where so many was probably getting their. Sexual assault on a solid and you know I mean I did guaranteed somebody's died innocent now and it's at its none of those that are there any errors that are burned into the room eight. Chalk outline his yeah drawn at some point it's made of cinder blocks. I can mean it's seriously it is it looks just like the worst place possible. Any given notice that those hotels and we've all driven by him and you're like who is staying there denote vacancy sign is always all of always fool me you know I don't think it's a hotel I think it is now. I think those are part I guarantee it's apartment renters like cars that are right in front of each one then again it's let's go we don't shady so then you go up to the next. Row of businesses. This guy is claiming he drives by at every day and he's going human trapped in. He's in net and yet he was I do it religious true but it went I didn't get it would not human traffic I would not doubt that I just. Number one Kroger was in here the old attorney general Malick read he said the best way to tell. You know when she eighty things are going on and business is just. The the fake storefronts it looks like this week that's a vacuum store I never see anybody coming out of there with a vacuum it right it's like you know you can kinda tell. It's weird stuff going on and he's not wrong about human trafficking out of that. Complex yeah. So thin next door to dance is the old blur strip club member of that place you where I was like yeah I drive by downloads and we did a bit on this years ago I drive by all the time like I gotta go in there because I cannot. You need to see what's happy actually what must be going on in there yes as we've had that would do you drive by please you like no no I'm not go yep yep I'm going in the morbid curiosity in my report bank tee was. It's not that bad it's that I've seen whalers you've been to the pirates go have you I have been the parents come in let me tell you something have you. Have you picked because if it that's another level it's terrifying. It's the one at the end of the cell Woodbridge. I don't that's the one often seen. OK maybe have a minute don't know the periscope no I haven't there's like two jets like the shape game against huge yes. It's an actual jokes now again not groups like to like you know likelihood. The irony in isn't it aren't aren't those weird for apartments like directly next to the U you know the right any share part about it on street hero not brought up under rule it's weird it's the exact part that I need that in the players will lure is now gone mad that failed. So then there's a sports bar that's now gone and it looks like somebody else is trying to roll sports bar in the Arab adjustable base is the bar a little bit and it's not a barn let's be honest I don't know what it is that's a for a you have to keep it yeah so the next. Block is the best blocker of any of them. And that is where you go past floor and they're now putting in a week dispensary which sits right across the street from pussycat us. Have you ever driven by pussycat X now. It's right. Districts your target about I'd it's it's it's there if you're middle of their admire that direction as you Fred Meyer at the road at the Bellagio says military can know that general area which speed and good and they're very much. He is like what is this I don't know. And it's just it's like back off the road the answer gravel I rival its strip club I think it's like I think big column like long injury modeling. Well I know this that are among again I'm on street view to sciences 24 hour news yet so the further up the road. There is now a locksmith. Totally random. But it used to be one of those places and a friend of mine. And I win in their one night began seem sort of just like we I don't know what those are designed to strip clubs like what goes on in there. We gotta go so we Donald trumped up we went in there. And what ended up happening. In places they and that's this one since close but I think this is the same as the C Cannes is. I don't see this. The girls are in there. And you go into a room with them and you can. You you OK you days. They do their thing and you can you in New York thing yes. That's right it's really dad. Really hit generate so can they bleach everything in both. Right you know it that's I think that's led to seek chances for anybody if you drive but a piece of your on 95 the that you may never have been on barber and district nine a W but if you're on I fine. If you look over. QV solicit you going north on I five you look over to the east. You can see the back of pussycat and it looks like. Eight dilapidated home from like the forties and he needed him there's mosques everywhere it looks like no one has lived there for 85 years now. But it's a working establishment called pussy cats and they. In the most random. Tell me there's the time the size place. No now because that would actually pick that would make sense it makes it delighted that the what makes no sense is if you continue driving up the street there is a scuba diving went to hold dear place. Yes. Is there a big need for you can't rent rental site I don't know it's it's the it's the one business. All that and was accountable it's you know they stay there they've been there for years. That's the stretch of of one exports let's go diving yeah. With the signs that it's just sitting right I just cannot get over that. West part of 99 W when you're driving on that on that road I've I drive by some. And every time I just look over there like so we can say is I need to spend some more time over and that's that it's down. The cabinet I don't think you need to spend time it's the whole point you but I am guessing you need to drive past this strip though. In just experienced the wonderment of it you do there's a stoplight right near the lower slash new apartment complex. I have hope I have boat driving on that road before that could light would turn red just elected examine. What exactly is going on me. In street again Google street view is amazing music you can get really close of these apartments. They look like. Deference. Like clearly is there it's with the thought of people that drive districts who discusses don't forget about the boxed on the road that's full of three woods that. Apparently there's a big box and speaking just. At random really he would he lit a little freeway biscuits is greater because it's expensive yeah this is apparently there's a box of free work so you can take. Scuba lessons. And then rolled a pussycat. Future we'd. Watching game and then beat Andy and find some humans to traffic Poland in a stretch of about two blocks. See this is way winners. This way better than the stretch that I talked to it's just real or weird there's attacks here in the on the bridge for respect Simon Says the road behind lower. Their apartments on the back of lower that lead out too little. Rock road behind. Yet that's that we dispensary and Jessica it's it's I'm. Boy what they're attached the Cold War imagine living there. Think I mean you know for some people in the world that's like a home run it probably like holy crap you know this about realistic about location location location but I've got a human trafficking apart apartment complex I've got my. Sports bar to get my drink on I've got my wheat shop and I've got my girls and oh by the way you fight if I happen to wanna go scuba diving. I can just walk across its and I can live. In the end yes somebody else mentioned the if you keep going up the road is not in the stretch they have the G spot. Have you driven by whom just not enough TOG spot is yes I think it's a house that is half under an overpass. And it looks. Even creepy here it looks worse than men lured did and it looks like it's about the size of a clause so we're assuming that that's the same thing as pussy cats betting assumption people. It's basically right next to boom boom room so they're really approaching and each other's there is a stretch along. 8580 Sackett that like that has that to where there's a lot of they look like old Holmes. But there they have names like that there. It is the G spotted pussy cats river guide their baby and other missing kids over there if you drive Denny's second it seems like every other block. Has like an old dilapidated house with some sort of sex sign out front. Same same sort of stretch erode. Well I think we should learn many invited stretch but it just monopolizing it may get a tourist attraction. I mean it's just the so it's the most random Portland thing ever given like a monopoly it's like the light blue properties they're probably pretty affordable. It's certainly not the words is of the reds. The well meaning choir and getting in an apartment there. Sister rented out. I was sitting it costs of rental property that was I thought that 300 dollars and oh yeah monthly may be 400 bucks. The fact seriously I don't know if you like using street you go to go behind Laura. There's even CD you're looking doors that are apartments and the green building right next I'm going around here tonight. In the targets outs if this is this is why even before like the the COLT showed racers for the purposes I could never go to one of these places. All I. I just ignore the one time you decide for like as the giggles to discuss units about you get stamped as Justine yeah there's something goes down there like you give us debuted it's shaped. Some people think the one dime they those operate for years with no problem you go there once you take a bullet to the way I'm hearing that the boom boom room has closed. My own recipes they didn't and a I just on the machine to get color from yellow to light gray. Now the it is a new bar in there. Also did you spots the only option that operators and mean like this this is so glad my daughter is in the car right now black. Sorry Richard thinks that she could see driving past let me tell you about the really a lot of employment opportunity that is where there was he cat she could sell weed she could sell scuba gear it's a growth industry out there it is think the commerce center of Portland. Night double gears only your part of the city that's yet this doesn't drive down I see something every time parent that's next on the fan. I love god. I. And to an eighty of them can. Or. You are right there. Rob discussed by the way Mike during the break came over to Google Maps any pulled up like I'm. Kind of familiar with Jerry you're talking about I mean I've driven by their babysitting you seen as a part its return rousing note he pulled them up on Google Maps. Even doing them justice without she'd you're saying there are. Well I have I mean I don't know I described him as best I could it sought to Iranian link there and I told you think it is. And you're right there are apartments underneath the old viewers strip club you can live. Underneath they underneath the beauty bar. Yes so I am glad people are asking Hattie where is this exactly so if if you're. If you're on 95. You're headed down that way or up from. Miller it's deemed too it's the stretch of barber. Or 99 city that is in between the barber boulevard exit on I five. In the capital. Highway exit it's like right of the road that different mind it's like right at the official start and end of our. But it turns and I nine and right at that line that's right we'll support that hurts the or so's I try to remind us that those requirements Trent nine take a look yeah it's said they can say I'm telling me it's the hottest new tourist attraction in town. It is fascinating and Mike is right in the Google view there is a really nice BMW parked out front of those apartments. Got a good idea what he's doing it those part. Do you think that's of the rich guy. Pain 500 grand to murder someone and they're like oh there's a hostile situation and there. I think he's paying a lot less than that for about twenty minutes of fun in one of those apartments. And I just. I think the understated part of the now I mean what is going on and I'm I wanna go in there I want to just go in. See who works in the air like how long it's been there what you can get in there how many people are high that walk in there with. That was that they looked these up on apartments that come and it says that there are listed as unavailable. And ranked. What does a hot spot wonder who their only available to the mob and there's a waiting list. It should get it looks look a lot of people are looking for cheap housing now renal market stuff. Now I do you feel like we need to go Jacobs Cuba shop then Edward for the past the scuba shop what they see an addict you know we'll get what you can do. On street view if you click on the scuba shop that it brings you to picture into this division I Nolan. I don't the only. And he has prepared is there any chance for the scuba shop is legit they have a customer creed I do think there yeah I I do think it's what you think Kia. The nuts and certainly we years scuba shop owner and you're looking for your spot. 22 count your business don't you know waves its find the worst. Possible place in Portland there's a pussycat but we'd shop. A strip club and these CDS department complex of all time right next to this building and he can compete. I'm in. By the way how much to like it like if eight years is your BMW was the one that was caught on Google a like your wife season yes I. They were discuss this and didn't wake that your car someone's wives like what I have to see this in seeking Google's fitness today it's her husband's BMW. If blown out of the woods right now. I also have a Twitter follower who saying that he'd just. Drove by it as we were talking about and he was driving by and oh yeah wondering if that was gonna happen if he'd analysts are dreamt and he said he said there's no question it's greens illegal activity. And you know. What do those places sometimes need to merger like what if you keep scuba restricting. In our well. Who might have happened or maybe you're into the low water that Obama. But your judgment on what goes wanted to please just look it's all right there for now let's talk about it's your stretches road that you were discussing. When you said that the first of the popped into my mind as I I don't spend a ton a time in in Portland. Mean I've lived Vancouver's so let's I'm going to show or something or driving to work but I do have to drive home every day and I easiest I take the freeway. But sometimes the into the freeways there are screwed and you independents to back away or sometimes after blazer games I'll go down in this this road. It is interstate. Like the interstate between like where the vote senator is and where did it connects with I five if you drive like past kind of like the xmas and then it's right along the Max line there. If you ever driven that stretch of road OK so it's okay so you if you go behind Lynne where the -- a senator like if you wedding -- yeah parking drop down by the water right out by the water run I really would there is Julia yeah OK yeah he's just you just follow that road down yeah it today I see that road winds you back and it went to back on I five kind of ripe I like when you expo centers can build exclusively convention center yeah. If you drive on that road. Every single time I drive on it. I don't often has the is the number of businesses packed into one area. There is an adult video shot there called the cobra adult video shop which just looks. Shady is held there is an Al. Alibi hotel would like the palm tree blinking lights and the dance and bear is over there which again looks like a murder scene. But it really is just the people you've seen in the last ominous saved two months. That I've driven on that road I have seen a homeless man having sex with the dumpster. I've seen someone take a bow yes. He would have bet there's no other way to describe it other than he was beat up against the dumpster. His pants were around his ankles include the you could clearly see the do we wait to a cheeks and he was leaned over the dumpster and thrusting was a curry. IE he was having relations with the dumpster and stiffer I saw a guy right there and I was that a read might it looked over to my right. And not back into the woods or anything right there he was. It's taken a squat right there and I also saw anything. That was topless just happened to be cruising down interstate hop every time you go down there you'll see a massive humanity. It blows me away every single time the people listening it's called fat cobra video fat. What's the correct it see that the listeners think that children. The listeners are well there any sane think it looks it just looks like a bird doubt bill that like we need need your driver like down in Detroit. Gecko that's an abandoned building no it's not it's that cobra video. Cynic I would like to go in to see what that Covert video ads going on I can't because I assume that I'm going to die. And like every same thing like every hotel on that stretch has like neon lights and like peeking green neon and the kids. Saving me I don't know. If they rented by the hour or not there's not a decent looking place along that entire stretch and it's like at eight mile stretch. And every time I drive down that I'm always a little frightened about what I'm gonna see your what's gonna happen. PM I'm getting reports here could listen reserve cut their own artists. And this one has so authorities the end this was her farmers say I'm coming years old but it's a story of a tiger prostitution sting yeah that you know his Portland has a prostitution problem. The data listing in tiger in in December of 2015. And it appears that that Steen was set up at this hotel that we are discussing on 99 deadly analysts. That makes him so I think that's what it says residency king's city which is not anywhere near where we're talking. No they're just saying that. That DC said there's a meeting in king city about it they set up their Steen and it tiger. Although that may still be Portland there and he gets a technical report. Ten adult males taken in because team charged with. Patronizing a prostitute for services and they get some maybe you don't go check that place at the operation to place doubt the NT needing to tiger Gary hotel or where several tiger police detectives set up. You know it doesn't really say exactly rulers and some may not but anyway we're missing it is some reports the Fed cobra is right across the street from a middle school. Well of course it is what it but is there a scuba shop. He duking duke crews the middle school that head on over the Fed to bring video now the alibi. Is that karaoke place I've heard of that and that's a pretty fun spot is this CN. I just dive bar everything when I drive down there like I'd never have I would never have the courage to pollute it any establishment elements which road. I just drive it's like I do the rolled up and let's just let's just keep going to be enough arriving across the river also you know the folks that no. I think you two bouts Cuba. Are saying that that is a legit shot that's been their like 35 years. And its the real deal. It's a really get distancing us. It just happens to be in the middle of the you know pretty cool place. We also found a home that was right behind those apartments that seems to be. Hidden in the trees you only way it is through the Pavel rode in the back. Yeah lets you work at Google Earth mapping and it's it looks wonderful. And it. Let's move on shelling we show. Can we have next. You'd did you talk about the eighteenth he see other news. No we didn't get to it. We're gonna need is so we're gonna follow up on the two women who were lost at sea for five months later it's an unbelievable story and career come announcing this doesn't smell out. Well now we now. Passer object craft news as well. I love cramps. Here's Mike. Since all the sinners on 1080. And none. All right here's a follow for you this comes just from muddied Daily Mail and I love when you get. Daily Mail stories and I know it's like I mean they're over there in the UK the I know it's it's sort of a CD. Publication they have like we do when I was over there they've got like the -- of the day when you get the actual favor. Think they'd be like a Playboy playmate like senator the end of the day I love their stories because he needs that other stories they just give you bullet points you know. Of if there's a what you need to know is that real details. Well there is if you go further down but you only had to do is read the bullet points and down it tells you everything you need to know and for the sake of hosting a show like this. It is wonderful more publication should do well in the Daily Mail is basically disclose stories left to right. Right there yet but it Betty gives eulogized bullet points because I don't wanna have to read to the whole story that eats it could tell me what my listeners need to know. And they give you some good photos soon like in this story. So this story is the story that we told you about a couple weeks ago with the two women were lost at sea for five months and it was Jennifer of payroll and Tosh live from revote. The end it's just it none of it smelled red zone what is going on with these two date they were they claim they may be could it last another day out there but then. They realized that they had AM. Forty college this emergency radio B&B did you ever turned on he never used in Gaza tried to claim that sharks were making coordinated attacks to try to sink their votes so here's what is in the Daily Mail and this is exclusive. To do email dot com yeah these truths about the bungling yachtsman in. Lost at sea for five months and one was a crash prone kinky sailor. Who paid for the trip by working as a dominatrix and they've got the photos to prove it and the other had never sailed and now. They say they're gonna write a book out boy which I'm sure will be wildly popular you know so Jennifer is the older when she was the blind she was 48. And then Tosh is 27. And they say they were lost at sea. For five months they were about 900 miles off the coast Japan to the woman said that she set out from Honolulu on a fifty footer. Sailboat called seen him. On May third of course of us could have been a series of conflicting claims have been made sense. Today reveal and in this story that Appel was a self styled kinky sealer. Who was on seaworthy. In this guy's side the yacht was on seaworthy it she paid for the trip that working as an exotic dancer dominatrix. She was also an erotic novel. She wants describe yourself online. As any a cougar is bidding gays were times but has never been married but CC is this is various martial the degree of landscaping architecture from Texas a and now. I guess she was in a car crash. The end user the pressures of motorcycle accident yet and so her error her boyfriend Eric gets her ex boyfriend easy DJ depression by Czech player he clicked. It's just he people eight continues to get better guesses she was she dated DJ at a personal blackjack players have to rearrange. Said that after the the accident that she had a real judgment issue. That there did not everything may be the angry he was claiming that. OK so. She's a neurotic novelist. But she had a history of maritime catastrophes we're sheep like she she's crashed votes yeah over over the season total moron I mean the guy said that. So this happened this motorcycle accident happened early twenties and she broke nearly every Boehner body. And it affected her brain her judgment part of her brain and he says that she's not Smart. She's very ditzy and she's not grounded in she's not organized and so when I saw the story I was not surprised at all. It makes sense because they when they showed the photo of the boat when they were rescued it she just looked. Like it was going down any minute and might it might question I had was. Why did the bull look like that after just being out on the seat for a couple of months. That's like this thing Whisenhunt asked both. They ever took it out. So we did it got the US is meant though that'd be Rodney they should never been out on the scene in the first place it's a the woman the other woman the 27 year old Sasha she had never sailed before and she just decided to join her when they met they met two days earlier. And you wonder how they met. Monument wealth some of the photos that that are on here. Secede as she dominates men and women equally. In some of these photos and apparently is quite a flexible. Well that's the story with NN there's there's an add on here that she put on line in its for coaching. Subs sleeves pat and couples coaching in his starts off with a little high Teamsters. Apparently this was. Think this was there then that's cool. Yeah but maybe I mean I honestly I don't really know why that matters other than. It just as funny did it just adds an element of the story right he had just kind of gives you little background on her gas that a dominatrix that knew nothing about sealing went on a boat they should have been out on the the water in the first place with someone she just met. Let it be linesman. She really hits it well that sounds like Q. You know looks up it's gonna get there eventually write like this. You know like this text you the bridge when bees text line can be reached at 55305. Double their ego sue Q new life Texas sane and ditzy cougar dominatrix. Up we're gonna go looking for that he Miller itself was the last place that you that you would think to look in the middle of the ocean. Yeah maybe I need to spend more time pain. I'll just you know floating around in the little your life was lost at sea and to look at an I've been looking in all the wrong places this is ridiculous the name of the book for the right. Luke and that looks like titled the book that books not kid. I was trying to come uploaded fifty shades. Slash deep blue sea come over and I was having some issues. Dominating the C. And get some of the vote hopefully during those five months guaranteed. Other suvs in the rescue dealer. They're kind of excited they do think they're having a great time they were and a half way decent spirits. Yeah there pride on their way to know what's going on that boat. I don't know I think probably some but. Listening. We'll why don't dump it. But well. I don't it's OK quickly caught it but hopefully you only send you like iron and just animals or him. To him like they are doing repentance at his best in the. This is the disgusted your whereas in aground. At the end. I liked it out but it needed to VW problem as she admits that and we're not unseeded team effect I think on him and now. We are. Hoping that dumb Condit and no one to other than new people on the battery industry. Him in Mexico. The story I recommended it needed to keep he's okay and John wraps up next on the pin. The. This is mail in India and the big Johnson Janet guards and so. And where to look at the titles coming in the regarding thinking he's. It is this. Get a pitcher like on the person. Well yeah I'm constantly you know yeah observant of you chimed have been and leave one of his his buddies. I came up with two girls one votes if you will. I think is a very very solid effort and I'm Moby digits for. If John hello. Is there any scenario where you have a daughter and she brings home waste and in the air through to the question of what do you do is. PGA last professional blackjack player is that it well for anybody know probably it's not. That they're not getting it I would American like. You can beer really successful media expose you could beer really successful blackjack player baby bull and yet. All of those carries certain mode you're just beautiful. And the best part is when you look at him he looks exactly like what you would think at least twenty years younger than she yes. Gloria is it better in that scenario would it be better here today one of those careers I think it makes it worse. When you compounded by. Spirit again and again like they give you say two things for your career that's a giant red flag the you don't have a career. I get this where it you know as as you go out now and then you meet people if you go on a date and and you ask them what they do. My biggest fear is when you get the B qualifier of right now scoring nine it is a step. But that shouldn't last too long I'll write whatever you with the right now you're like yeah that's code for you don't do anything so I. We would you care which you hit any more credibility. From. Do you get any at Pitt the credit card if you would would you give them any more credibility if they can't gave you history I'm unemployed as opposed to making something. Here but don't want ever to unemployment patents that no one can ever go unemployed you can never please jurors can stand them unemployed in the but my parents you oh that's where you have the qualifier right now well even if you're unemployed duties saying year what you deal. Like if I get fired tomorrow are you going to give us an idea why Maria host the rare where you Lola. In between jobs and that's where you go with will right now Powell and also led DG angling munchak. A book you're gonna have to grow up you'll appreciate that they can that the little black against the spirit but do you. So I'm assuming you're you correctly you do not like that is correct and I can't stand. Yet. Well coached green you follow code my cleats on Twitter. I do. But I have not seen many tweets of his. So you pretty active on their right now and some of the stuff is kind of kooky as you America is coached each strip if you. But he created this thing today it's one of those little. It's great I attribute to being in that has dirtier huge record over the last three years you there'd. They're 26 and eleven over the last three years the minute live. Like 25 schools. That Debbie you have the better record. Over the last three years they're going to call them I mean TCU. Virginia and you tall order state Notre Dame Michigan State their. There's a procedure scuba there and then you get to the and the and most of the schools that you would pay cap similar records. Through the dirtier few 26 and eleven. And you get to the end of this clip I was looking at the date and the lack they live under that there. Lines and it would Kendrick series record lately that it's fourteen and twenty. I was like why couldn't Syria there anyway let's let alone horrible record of fourteen to two. Rightly his latest some sort of two of the you have a better record than misery over three years now. Right and so and so aren't quite there to coach when he. Yeah just you know I just kind of like this Twitter and I need to go at it why would you even put mr. on this list after all that's there. And then they do like I said you're the first person to like that that either line coach. Mike who's the fifth. The best thing that they. There are big ticket offer are there and in doing that thank you sir have a good night we'll talk to you tomorrow. Our doctors and everybody here that's one of those patients take credit. The end came alive again it was a look like I take care of my kids. Yeah you should have parents of guys. That's what you're supposed to do you even get I don't cheat on my life. Yeah appreciate it and took a theater wide asserting my god I hope so yes you should be. You're all right good staff we're back tomorrow do we have any guest tomorrow. Bertie is not coming and I didn't answer but maybe partners and the regular kids. Eligible rankings and get insulin no GM through it it's gone. Next out. EMC is subject would a 27 on the team. Since. Okay.