Primetime 1.11.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, January 11th
Hot 5 at 5, the Raiders are in trouble for the Rooney Rule, and Jason Quick joins the show!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right. I would blow him a blue one. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would you may not do. Do prime time on 1080. All right what is going on sports. And more sports here on the show today. Well I mean sort of kinda it is your sports froze Robyn suits we got into a hot political pair target. Yeah fifty shades of gray in there are happening times but dammit we need to stop having fun and we need to keep down the sport we sound out there rob doesn't have a headboard or matching bedroom furniture and that's true is new about you my Fisher kind of the neat and tidy sort of Fella I am deadly named Heidi I am not into like. I pistols seek deals bedroom sets and this thousands of dollars that makes no sense to me I just kind of assume this person like Anders nice she's very put together whenever you see here and I always picture you guys is a nice the public a nice two bedroom sets and now I kind of like your wife would have like one of those big like four pillar beds and like with like this and you'd be you'd be most definitely disappointed ha. At my house of sound downstairs zillow Ben well it's it's put together downstairs you know. It's like you wanna give the illusion that you IC and an illusion that you care yet but if you go upstairs it's thundered a month there it is in our little bit of this little bit of badly and a difference that's going on getting the beds really nice and comfortable they like things on the wall. We have like like our workers there's a TV. Interstate you know I would not present Amir has big near. One of a one of those Odom tied February I was feeling yeah yeah. But look if is not on the you really wanna see that now they want that you. No I'm stunned in my life want to see me naked and half the time but I don't think she does it is is more of I humor sort of things like I am now you know whatever I'll pretend I still like yeah let's do this so. I would rather like if it's you know some of those bedroom set I ever bothered by like like one or something you know I mean by one. Like cleaner did it you know I am just saying something like I just don't. I have a real hard time spending money on on a couple of things one is. Just furniture and because and in general because it's like. Stupid I don't know and I don't get anything out of it rob not a furniture guys into this Karzai if you notice I've given that. Truck for ten hit it amid all of our cars we have three cars in their all over. A 100000 miles let's say if you get in that rob as like a ram truck like this that it's like policies in his leg ribs and innocent and it and it adds like I just don't. Now it works fine hey guys are 40 yeah. But it's over a 100000 miles is that it's old it's old. You know sell look we don't we're not dollars. And you know you are. I'm trying to get to the finish line and got a lot of golf to play Lamar balls is that your your little ball here so I'm your ilk are small ball this race. All I'll talk reminds me did you ever find the picture of yeah we talked about that she did Bianca yeah and it's so their bit to know that it was going on of that. Well what what Mike's talking about is I put a picture of Mike and his wife Kelsey. In a picture frame and put it in our house with our pictures and see how worried she would do taker and it took like eight months the chief and is hey you know. So anyway coming up here. Some sports and some footballer had talked to Jason quick about the blazers at 530. And then Hamilton but the raiders in the Rooney rule I move mean anything get to the Lamar ball stuff today so a reprieve from the hardball hot. Thank heavens and ask him we have been working together for what twelve years. And I have been over to your house once but only until but I did not go stairs in that was like you pro am and in my house in twelve years. Now that was a Long Island long long time ago I think you just moved into the you knew her place and I have not been I went year. I did go to your old house wants to picture toilet via I went to your house. Never. Nine don't think I've ever been dear how any of your own never been any kind of went to the senator I know that you've never been any amount that's frighten me and I've been the year he had been to your old home to fix your toilet there which year new house to watch a boxing match they ego does the to do what they went or together for like twelve years on hang out and those are the only two times that we have we've made adventure and by we I mean me. It venture over to your house are at coming in in the club let's talk about why. Seemingly healthy people die of the flu commit an offense yet again it's an epidemic fascinates me. Because there is is burrows beat bodybuilder burrow and unaware it was where he lives 21 years old. Ripped like really good shape goes down. Died of the flu it's on articles and having KGW had it where hospitals and organs I was washing their being flooded with Lou victims. Victims like deaths now you mean people who have people that the CI I'm talking about and I know the flu is going around and it's bad and you know hits everybody if Elaine. I'm missing link between your health senior under forty. It it scares me that people die of the flu. I can as we all get the flu like what is different about the person that died in mean I guess it's different as a review essays but look up like the world deaths from flu. And it'll belittle blow you away. Are right people buy all the time let's get to the hot cited five million. I jumped out of billions we've always owned our ebitda and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club with no luck on private final primetime advertising insert. Very. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot and cool off with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing and. Number fly by the way a brokered last year estimation worldwide over 600000. Deaths. Do you do the the flu. The bodies Oregon is at Arizona State tonight Arizona State's ranked eleventh. The size fourth at one point he had a they've lost three in the actual yeah. So that's a big game for orient on down there or get it just eleven and five in the tax on their mirror ninth in the pac twelve. So that's a big game and in Oregon State is at Arizona. Cats are good again they are ranked seventeenth the right now. And at that game will be at 6 o'clock down in them. Three sons. You know his lead in the pac twelve right now seem -- standings lately I have not seen the standings lately I know there's always say it's the highest ranked Arizona State what Arizona with the two ranked team the editors on states won and tune in only the when they start they were fourth in the country in and started off the conference play go into it cnet's green line is UCLA. Over and Washington's pretty get that. Hopkins guy's guy wants them playing pretty. Off the kids earlier this year a club for military but it's not tough he has his kids even rates. I don't know whether latest ranking is I think the aria but they're not so they're not very good this year. They're waiting for a couple of reinforcements he a couple of kids again you know where Johnson understand again in second term. What else we have here. The NFL announces who will play in London next season and it includes the Seahawks weeks six it'll be the Seahawks and raiders. At Tottenham Hotspur a stadium. And then the following. Two weeks after that they don't know what order but the Eagles play the jags at Wembley. And the titans who played the chargers. At Wembley pretty good lineups for. London has to say normally we make fun of the jags win over their but the jags. Actually pretty good now. Both a player there every year and other big big deal for a couple years one of their. Home games is is going to be over there I think they do it every year in the death when they weren't there were four. Lending games last year there reducing to three thank you that's young traders expect federally yours Kansas jail and what they race. They wanna get lost yeah they're ranked twelfth in either way that's way too high. There may be top 25 team twelve. They got twelve and three I'd like every time I look like the elected laws but now that's exhausting detail and a high profile loss numbers get mariners get some pitching. Oh wait no they don't know the Mariners assigned catcher mics in Nino to a one year deal adds he gets just under three million now this avoids arbitration. Have a guy did hit three Tony Evers final forty games last year and he did finish at 25 don's. At its. Times NT 25 home runs seems like a lot of record seems like a lot of don'ts now here's a might need a fun fact for you. You ready for this ready I loved it my favorite Seattle mariner like Xena. Baseball reference. Ranks the top 500 catchers by war which isn't baseball sense of them replace you know wins the replacements he Nino is in the top 500 gas he ranks 200 in ninetieth. He is sandwiched in between Yorvit Torrealba. And John wants them to release I've heard of one of those which ones but the first one year old Austin now at river laugh often is the royals were a lot of it was actually pretty dead. And at one point it was viewed as like at a huge prospect for the mayor's they brought about the police top Titanic it can do a damn thing and then. He's he's shown flashes a Rod Barajas then right on his heels got to be careful. Number two. Arizona football coaching news first off the NFL team him there are reports that pat Shermer is the favorite to replace Bruce Syrians. Track. Let's just say that makes me happy when after all these that these young hot you know got a new coaches last year we're going back to the old days with Cisco recycle someone. Dave Camp look tyranny in line for another job to chairman apparently DOC of the vikings BBC head coach of the grounds airs on a college team is looking to replace rich tried Kevan someone is a candidate. But money appears to be major obstacle with him. The cheaper alternative emerging as a favorite is western Kentucky coach Mike Sanford will remember they've got to buy outs Rich Rod and that's a pretty penny so this really could affect. You know what kind of toasting going do because they probably can't afford to pony up three and half. Sanford is the former OC at notre. Damon and that was techie in his first season he went six and seven. It should be noted that the eighty it was to be Jackie is denying that he's candidate and also Sanford claims he has no interest which should mean that he is the next there's a good coach. Fortress I would not be the next coach at Alabama like eight days later Nick Saban at Alabama. And market averages backing coach team he will not go to UCLA with Chip Kelly. He is instead gonna go BV offensive coordinator of the NFL's Chicago. Bears CN remember he is his name surfaced in the Arizona job a surge and obviously he was offered the job at UCLA Indians have been. With the bears seems a bit odd. But. His agent they share an agent with nagging so maybe this is obituaries just looking for different challenge didn't wanna recruit. We're just you know tries to open. He's been in college for a long time try your hand at you know films go it goes. Odyssey ox will be interviewing Brian Schottenheimer for their OC vacancy. He is the son of Mardi. And is the current quarterbacks coach political. If you like he's been around them. Lock a lot and it if I remember when Marty Schottenheimer was a coach and every day we talk about Brian is Brian always coach with it seem like he was always coaching with Marty yeah. And and is I know Brian Schottenheimer is the next hot thing here is still quarterbacks coach. 800 years later would BC Natalie norv Turner's got that going on like two or three of norv Turner's kids get a beyond Carolina stat might just fill me in on that during the break Mike Dee cured you. Tell our listeners or turner the offensive coordinator for the Panthers and the Panthers are turner son is the quarterback coach norv Turner's brother is an offensive consultant and norv Turner's nephew is the assistant quarterback coach could is this you can have a sort of speaks the hawks. Vehicles. On the C get to know now why. Owners YOK so did you think he negotiated I don't wish they don't really one house other guys maybe that's how they got Norv Turner is that it like a I think we can go get our gathered. And this New York. In my life she's held special teams coach. I want her on her on special teams wouldn't that be durable if we just ended tires like any Reid's coaching tree but it and a football is that of his coaching tree let's get the real estate and intrigue in their. Read Clinton and their coaches. Our rates the hot by the five is refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light Duncan beaver fans download the new course like XP app. Earn points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards evening game tickets couple thoughts on raiders of the Oakland Raiders in the Rooney rule. Next and then now we'll talk some blazers at 530 which chasing quick scan says norv Turner's levers the ball or if it at the cricket but I picked it. It is up I zoom in on the fan. The chicken soup god 1080 though. All right well the raiders. Colonel hot water about a week coming up here in ten minutes JC quake will pop on and for you blazer fans we'll talk some blazers Damian Miller vs crisp all. Man what a fight that was the last night an MBA fight. They natively is what would like to see an actual like. You have CE MBA kind of crossover. Let's get some guys in the NBA and actually watch them fight never alone pay for I pay my sixty bucks to see that. Well anyway and tell me live there Chris Paul in the cage you're not watching that on watches on your budget and on. Well I'm not a lover not a fighter Jason Allen washing fights I can think of his Kermit Washington and that makes me sad you know the times because the post horrible while now. So I don't kill him all right so listen. That's coming up in ten minutes. Of the blazes are playing better. What does it mean in all that stuff but down the raiders are in a little hot water because well they had John greeted him before they fired checked Hillary oh yeah. So. Did there's this thing called the Rooney rule in the NFL where you have to interview at least one minority candidates. For an open mean and the raiders now some some groups are calling for the raiders to be fine here and really be investigated beaches they had their guy before. A they fired Del Rio but then they did this charade well. None of these decided let's interview tee Martin. But the problem with this is that a lot of black coaches say that it's patronizing and yes. For a guy like T marred to go take an interview when he knows damn well that the only reason you don't discuss the color of the skin. And the SS please your chance to give the job because you're giving Jon Gruden a hundred million dollars. It is definitely patronizing. But I think there's a flip side of that coin in that. I think that it is important. For owners to interview minority candidates. Beak look the the owners in the GM's again hire whoever they want regardless of the exact right. But there's a reason why it's in place and it's so that minorities get interviews and I think that following the process. No matter what is important because those guys get familiar with candidates. That they wouldn't otherwise he asked the whole point exact this is state for exam so now a team aren't I know that may be tech patronizing is a good point now mark Davis and whoever else Reggie McKenzie were in that room with team aren't they know T Martin Erick and if this is how Mike Tomlin got the Steelers job. It's in it they know him in their O'Donnell well as some comes up in the future and other owners looking for guide me do that tee Martin guy impressed the hell out. Exactly let's see Reggie McKenzie moves on to the ability race McKenzie had to be in the next GM and in Tampa or some place. Five years down the road and he remembers interviewing tee Martin or someone Dickey said calls Reggie McKenzie and someone asked him eighth. You know did you interviewed she Martin oh yeah you definitely should should talk to discuss that there is an element of that word yes. You should absolutely followed this. I think stake it sometimes for a coach. I think he can be hard to see down the road in this is more in salt and I've I've heard telling us is that don't even wanna take these interview maybe they don't take them down or be it but see here at the present ability should do they take them out many times they do because they know it's a click I know I'm this is it kind of a charade here. But. You know what's gonna hurt meeting with Mark Davis Zack and getting to know mark Gaby will. Or people of color in coaching positions I make this knowledge all the time but it's to an overcoat machine it's not down which is one pushing a rocket a little bit and then hopefully having go over. So it. Did the raiders didn't follow the rule. What what does it a hundred grand finder Allred is a big but they. Now technically dead and they did do interviews and so. They already had their man now which is what people are San Antonio and even in hard gives admitted that they have if you find him so you just gave big junger and a hundred million dollars do you really think the readers care if you find a hundred grand mean whenever exactly I just I don't know how hard is it's one freaking interview I'm now right it's like just. It's good for all parties even if the decision has already been made yet so that's how I feel about it and at worst owners and GMs get familiar with. Could minority candidates that's kind of the point is that. They're good old boy networks fold once a white dudes and Wear blue or breaking through so this allows them to get. People they would normally look at unfortunately in sit there are just into their heads in and get them on their radar it's nice that in the league it's what almost 80% African American and now you know coach's desk and not looking. Nearly as pace to use the excuse to that you're starting to see some of this you know crack and and you're seeing more guys not just in position coach has been in coordinators and now getting India head coaching jobs 'cause that's the other thing. It's just as important it take to get people that are minorities in the coordinator position because that's where you gonna become a head coach. Right you're not gonna go from being in that you know the receivers coach you have to get guys in OC and DC positions. And eventually you know that's that's where you get the top bulls of the world and in the van Joseph Salina Samie text in a flat at their finest as well plus T Martin gets interview experience you know ninety Martin's names popped up in all honesty arch Tim Martin will be a head coach at some point along the and you hear his name an awful lot to do anybody was the coach or not the coach but the quarterback when Tennessee when they're national title. Peyton Manning never won the SEC and T Martin won a national title for Tennessee. After it was the year two after Pete Manning left but he's got to say is the next year as it saves you the next year the year two years after that he you'll be head coach weather's that the collegial leveler in the NFL sometimes soon. He is what you call earlier rising star. All right well anyway. In the NFL one other thing that I wanted to mention before move on a blizzard tot is this Tennessee safety. I Kevin. Is it by weirder they're older brother yeah nobody's safety for the titans. BC that he sent. I'm looking up his official name here it's BYARD. And it's pared Bayard. So. Think he said he wants to make Tom Brady looked like Blake portals expect. If that is fantastic now Blake portals has come out and said that. While she seemed portals. Compare himself to that LeBron James. While via. Bulls where they're the end board mostly the clip on the show yesterday he had he said oh that's right and remember that there are people that will always think LeBron james' son and he said that people always think an ice yet the efforts of Oliver James is one of the greatest players of all time Blake you are not yet you sir are no LeBron James but. I think the other point there is there's not one person in the world that thinks LeBron james' sons. Like that is the worst literally the worst example he could've brought up. Right with me in any athlete OK there's a there's give and take his gig he's got a lot of qualities but you know all this guy's overrated or this guys that. LeBron James is like the perfect. Basketball player he's a perfect argument anyway and as that he's not the greatest of all time. You forget the Roger it's pretty cut is that there's some people say Jordan or whatever I think there's not a the debate other than is he the best player of all time. Some people are debating whether you should BA starting quarterback yes I did pick pick any other athlete and I see what your point is. There is not one person who thinks LeBron James sucks I just think it's hilarious that as he bared. It brings up late porous because you don't hear it is very often like. You don't hear NFL really any guys. Colleen out. Random player actually be you don't believe me these are some analogies again and yet were plagued. Us. What do you think it's like to be glee or rules I think. I think it's good to be Blakemore. You've got a lot of money you're good looking guy I guarantees got a total smoke show is is he's had his girl and uses both life is his girlfriend or wife. It appears to be is alive we looked and now we looking good little blond Spinner. This is this up and get into yes and corsets opinion and he was or that you can top two at home gosh yeah. Let me reiterate once again that it's your right to be Blake morals. The way she did the same girl that he was dating EC after issues. And it's Graham model. She's it's and did will be Blake wore out. And that is a is a crappy. Talk show host in Portland to regularly he's just grab models would make that happen. Well I think you become a crappy NFL quarterback he slide into their DMs and see what happens via the slide into their DNA that's it they say they like crappy enough quarterbacks how do you feel about washed out practice squad offensive lineman from fifteen years ago totals only make six and a half million. Merit about the only six and half million bucks. Yeah that's low for restarting Goran yeah but he's still making six and half million dollars he's probably made. Thirty million dollars over his career and he's married to that any lives in Florida with no income tax it's great to be Blake portals. Yeah he's got a pretty us and he's a free agent. I think. Yes they edit yet again make a decision on him ma am original what would you do with him off from about nine million and a try to keep him in the fold and if he doesn't want that and you move on and I think there's going to be some other quarterbacks it could be available in off if I was Jacksonville. And I wanna run the ball the way I do and I've got a good defense like that you know Lagos if I could throw like maybe a third round pick is Alex Smith. Yeah. Well. Titans are gonna try to make Tom Brady looked like Blake portals and if that happens watch out they've got a shot and I guess that's what that means it's Tom Brady ever. Looked like public morals. I'm trying to think of the worst Tom Brady game I can remember now. The Denver game in Denver knocked off their Super Bowl year you in the you know it alienates a pretty good care Brady now Jacksonville made Ben Roethlisberger look labor Blake portals earlier this year. Yes but Jackson again as in Jackson's defense is the best in the league Tennessee's is not. Thank you I don't give tennis wouldn't be funny to Jacksonville player came on said you have low we made Ben Roethlisberger looked like blade board stock at five picks. Five picks they had they game. I battery Tennessee has zero chance. Of going into Foxboro and beating New England that's a bill I think has an opportunity. We'll talk more about those games tomorrow and be with us tomorrow low launch ready for the NFL weekend and Expedia portal trailblazers date Hillard Chris Paul. Chasing quick all giants. Other conference call. Or thought blazers next. Here's my time with guys that can sue god sanity of and I let's talk about the hometown bullies. You know every Thursday when Jason quick comes on here. I I'd ever reviewed the standing Soria. And I just keep you know 11 week I wanna be I'd only god may they may get a roof. But. In better they'd they are definitely playing better yes there's no question about that they look better but. They're in the meaty part of adult career began I can report due this week at the trailblazers losing last night she's in their 22 in 195. In the west's. They of one 610 here is Jason click any more fallout from. It's. More. The week. Now. No no follow it would have been that actually moved don't stink. Suit doesn't I I I mean I don't think you should do it died. And I think it's kind of stupid but I also kind of wonder if guys really do you get pissed about it like is it really that they do the thing is eggs you really mad Willard or was it just. That you were supposed to be mad and so you kind of shows that you are that you're not really. Now I think Q. Your match in the moment. By the time I got a locker room. But they were more irritated they were Matt and they were ready to move on. I think it will. It will be one of those little clippers my. Motivation and experiment where the rocket and you just chilling distort. I don't remember. There's a hundred of these things I remember two years ago when they are beaten Golden State by Horton. And there's like eight minutes left in the game and Willard still in the game and Jack in threes. Are every time he mean mug someone or points to the watch and it's still like there is there's a thousand of these league did things in the NBA where someone's offended by something and to me is both now do you pit stop because catcher basket. You pit stop because the game didn't go eat the way you wanted to see your little sensitive and then something happens and Ingrid that he shouldn't have done it but to me those things are always more about you lose the game you being frustrated. That actually upset about what happened on the cord. Yeah I area. I totally area I keep both sides because it is it's. Time honored. Piece of etiquette I think you cannot but I think I think the bleachers handled it right I like what dot Benitez today. Look he can do whatever we've got bigger things to worry about it and but somebody's doing any game that's already been decided. And load the site. You know eight. In the spirit of sportsmanship. And respect I don't think it was the right thing. Saying that we need to move on so I I think aid they gave it better to. Irritation better. They weren't gonna do law. That's the thing and I'm more in north about to Gaza Dele cute if I'm Portland and it's a that Alonso ball now has more votes than Damian Miller and not a bad. I guess that that's a giant thing but I I was sick about the this other day and you know the blazers are stuck in mediocrity and Willard. Is Izzo is a well known player you know is it a hundred million dollar issue deal in the in the rap stuff so people know who limit is but. I just I I think about this is is you're in the prime of his career and how many players. You know throughout the course of the NBA you do wanna go all the way back in where Alex seemed English or Cindy Meyer increase fair and in Mitch Richmond and and guys like this that were multiple time all stars were great players you know 25 points a game but. You'll look back on their careers and they're just kind of largely forgotten because they just languish in obscurity in mediocrity and that bag to solve that with with the kind of the all star Marty is good is Willard is. That if you get three more years of this does he go down in history is just one of those guys that's like yeah he was really good. And that is just forgotten about it's almost like a wasted talent. Yeah and I think that's the big issue facing. And you'll see it right now with the blade uses. These third lower its prime years and are you gonna wasted by surrounded him winners. You know an average to below average supporting cast. They teach you about the anywhere from forty to 44 wins a year I mean not torrent or cerner right now. So. You know I I think Willard does everything he can to. To elevate this franchise but he just doesn't have the support and if it some big changes don't come that I think you're right he's going to be looked looked at as just a really nice player who. Never really amount to much because of his supporting casts. I just bring everyone up to speed because not maybe not everybody saw the game last night that Chris Paul. Was passed the ball in the final seconds or visa stand around waiting for the twelve seconds less waiting for the clock expire and he'd he'd just went in for dunking easy to Damian Miller didn't like it. But anyway not a huge deal I wanted to ask you something that came apple we're talking about this topic earlier about Willard. And I think a lot of times NBA. In the NBA. He'll teams do you take on the persona of their star player. And we always talk about team Dillard's you know kind of edge and you know he got in Chris Paul's face last night and we liked that about him we we love we love that kind of the toughness in the doha the whole Oakland staying in he's kind of a warrior let the blazers don't. Really play like that. Can you explain why why the blazers don't seem to even though you talk about Damian Rhodes great leadership the blazers don't really seem to reflect. What attitude he appears to have. Yeah that he can question I'd pick one. If you just look at their roster. They don't have any really physically imposing players. You know their power forward Al farouq Aminu who's. Pretty lanky. Their centers use of their attitude. All. And at a wide bit. Look I've seen him with insured up he doesn't have any definition no muscle and we've seen what whopper and an outcrop he has. You know Evan Turner's panic you the grease to our list is long and lanky. That is not a physically imposing team it's not gonna rough few up it's not that don't wanna be physical took an acting so. I think that's part of it but I think. From a mental standpoint. I've. I think if he does have. Some result I think their children a little bit of that last night you know they're down fourteen. We put out a lot on me. See anywhere from five to seven minutes it looked like OK the game's over and then boom they went on nine not a runner. It became a backcourt game in the final minute but. So. You know. I don't know that in to your questions about. Right now they are yeah I I see your your Mitt mentally they. If they don't give up easy. There are little wishy washy in terms of just kind of consistent efforts. Which bothers me sometimes but that's the league you mean the ebbs and flows of the seasons of Iran seasons he may be right about that. I'm okay littler though this is a stupid story line in my opinion but you know some people think it and it is it is kind of thing littler gets hurt. Napier comes in. And they play great what is it about it and Damian Miller is not in the in the game when they don't have gaming load they look better what what is that. Watching the ball move more and acting doesn't cut more because they think they're gonna get a law. And more role players are playing longer minutes. And you know you're talking about pack on and Marines heartless. Those preppy guys who are. High volume shooters to begin with so they they're kind of used. Running set plays and running them hard and I think just. That combination of ball that it should patent. He's. Look in to get other people involved and I think that combination just. Result in a lot of ball movement. Different people take a shot. Different people playing hard because I think that we and we talked about it on the show before. I think part of the options and everyone knows that. One of three Geithner issued to seagate gamer nerd and I think that has led to use some of the role players and particularly the wings haven't turned memories are close. Kind of becoming not disinterested. All right yeah on this kind of trip around here on the three point line leak of those guys shoot and I think it at least two little bit of stagnant up. So that's in me says. What we talked about a kind of goes back to something you and I talked about last week and it's that I just don't think game similar to CJ McCollum are gonna work long term together and survey says are other better that day Muller a hell no they're not do you break. But. Doesn't what you're saying lead to the idea that I brought up last week that may be CJ. In another of bald Dominic guy he shoots a lot. Maybe that's the guy that needs to go if you don't think that they're gonna work long term maybe there's your trade piece. Yeah that's certainly one theory Isaak and you know it's been a well talked about area I think in Portland. And I think BJ probably has the best value out there. I'm telling you I would be very very done. Beatle they treated him he he loves CJ McCall and I think it would it would. I have to be really special deal for him to part ways with him but yeah I mean that's that's going to be in the question for the last. Two years have stated is does this pairing translate to a championship. Level team and you know the first knock on word the defense and that the game has Creighton in particular huge step. We're playing better defense and I think EG two but he's still not. Still not considered a plus defender. That was the first knocked that OK these two camps. Can't play defense did not but it seemed to be a championship level team now it's. You know. In the rest of the team function at a high level when those guys are so balls dominant so. You are going. Shootings so. It's a question I don't know those battle might it paid to do that kind of decision making that amount from the outside looking in right now. You have to wonder if it could. Combination. Is the right equation horror per championship level. The damned thing opponent told you at the start of the season that the defense of matrix would would improve. What that 60% are still top fives top. I mean this is they did it would be a 2022 guards that are smaller and and push the pace. That this would be essentially in almost every metric the slowest or one of the two slowest. Paced teams in the NBA and that the offense would be the problem. He wouldn't laughed at my face. Yeah. Everything about this season upside down there there's terrible home team. But I'm above average routine which used to be the exact topic defense is good now opt into that at B. Part of the topic to. It is and an up and got gotten better elastic interpreter average in 114 points over that got time. But I think they had to learn how to become a pick and roll team again there are so pick and roll consciously or her kitchen there. And that slows things down a lot. Before it was more emotional than a lot of perimeter passing lot. So like eight days they have to learn how to play. While focusing on. I picked general tenor. And part of the reason that the opposite get better as their pitches is making more or strange shots. He would absolutely brutal. For the first 2.5 games of the season Greek system at some point blank shot but he's made up higher percentage of goat and two result topic as more rhythm and more well. I holed up about halfway home here you can't. Yeah you know let actually. Flew all day I taken the last two games of the trip on low beam studio tomorrow. But it my birthday weekend and literally vehicle plant Korean. Steelers are playing and so yes I'm it's a little. Little many grip. Kinda middle of the people happy birthday went Lin is your birthday and how old are you. Birthday Saturday and I will be turning. 48. My you wailed and great that was all that Milwaukee. Yet. It's just you know get Lippman yeah clean lines. At except for this says this weekend right yeah. Yeah Steelers again this is a symbol you heard here first. I hope so. It's going to be tough to win in Foxboro though that a picture of the speakers. I think Jason had a birthday at it that I OK bye bye then you need a game so keep things. One week immaculate this. Did game CJ I think it comes up again and they would say I've been saying this for didn't have the image can continue to come I just don't think. They can coexist you know it is it that. Those guys who are just too similar into ball dominate that the rest of the crew no matter who can be put around him. Is only gonna be so good or is it that those guys are really get together. And if they put better than a garbage crew around them because this crew around Damon CJ is not good. If they put a better team around them would this problem go away it's it's they're being what what do you think it is I think it's a I think you get have a hard time putting together a balanced roster with both of those guys in the back court for the reasons that we. That we mentioned so I would cat eyes so advocated trading CJ McCollum at this trade deadline. And flipped the script get GO Wayne may be another big who knows traffic. Just he'll get to something and you could bounce this thing out rather quickly Daniel it's in his prime. Yep and that's. Every time this gets brought up you hear the same thing from anyone that's close to the GM bro is. I wonder how much of the six mile how much of this is Paul. Baylor alum rob they just look a minute I get linemen and when Europe what was someone you become blinded like that you're just not willing sometimes to make that tough decision but. Are brought up I was taught by this where you were gone the windy it was back but I think about how many players in the NBA. Like over there Kris you look back Q I can't even five time all star and you know we eat meat you know he's a top forty score of all time he was this great player but you think about a year like. He you do Dini just kind of lost in the annals of history and that's my fear is that 34 years narrow look at a 31 year old Damian Miller to be like. Is a 34 time all star got a bunch of nice stats and initial. Horry Horry has to go somewhere else and team up somebody else and don't win a bunch there. It's all right anyway I text by a factor of five feisty one at 551 the club is in ten minutes on the ten. Yeah but in my event itself he's is that he's exactly right you know the warriors. Remember they had. Curry and Monta Ellis in their back court. And they realize that that wasn't gonna work out and they traded Monta Ellis and that turned into Klay Thompson. And draft pick is. Ethics committee eternity dream on marine and I know the dream hungry and one I mean you kind of found like in a ball there at you as a late first round or maybe even that are sixth round pick it. Yeah that the point is they realize that you could win with those two guards. And it its top and I think Millard is is a top what. 1413. Player in the MBA somewhere in that range. And CJ is is thousand self is a cop I 2530. Guy in the MBA and so it's it's tough to wanna give both of those either one of those guys output. Lou it is clearly the better player to stabs himself is clearly better two way player. NC right in that if you want to balance out the roster the only thing that you have. Is CJ but you wonder with a history of Portland foam of their guys and how much of this is Neil. And how much of it is Paul Allen but it's either one of those guys willing to let CJ while. What did you give back and return form is that is the question in the last and I don't know why these guys get paid but that seat is is one of the better to guard scorers in the MBA yeah. And vision you would have significant interest out there on the open market no question you know and and he can play point yes and you know you got a lot of teams out there. Ian in a point guard league now without point guards that is a you know on surprise in that I'd be fascinated to know how many calls they get about siege and now or game. In a while other big names like Jimmy Butler you know Paul George DeMarcus Cousins. The sort of names that were thrown out their for CJ in and whether those deals were ever discussed her or exactly how realistic those are those are. Mean that those are all again topped twenty names that are thrown out there that's the sort of piece that you would hole or that you'd be willing to to do the deal for. You just don't know because it fuels like that that has never been a real consideration for Portland is to make the deal because you hear time and time again they love these guys and they are gonna build around them. It's just that little or what turns 28 this year. You wondering if you don't put that the clocks ticking on this and knowledge that I don't wonder if Venus you know a couple years are starting to get restless a couple of years now. It wanted do you do you waste of pride or do you run the risk of live there getting tired of this. When he's clearly said time and time again that he needs more help do you run the risk of eventually him saying I just wanna. All right have a nice in the club what do you make of regular people dying in the flu and I remember that Texas seen him booster Breaux who wanted Kevin someone fired he's got the body take him put it on this front Perkins yeah he's back in the news. And we'll get to that next in the club on the fan.