Primetime 1.11.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, January 11th
Talking about retreads in coaching, and In The News! Lots of fun things discussed. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against him. The. Unbiased just try to picture on compromised port stuck without booze sugar coat of American and links in his life and war things is dropping Jason's again. And best in sports coverage. This is prime time with my second suit on 1080. I look at Mac gives our second hour of. Radio broadcast tonight what a beautiful day today and at that time. Re out there today UN weather is simply wonderful playing golf and that's 51 in sideways rain it was just. Simply delightful this coming year. It still porn out there I don't miss Mexico at all now. I can imagine morrow and it's really windy too is are coming across the bridge is nice to feel my truck being blown off the road but dozens wonderful. Coming up in the news. January 11. We'll talk about the scandal in Missouri with the with the governor out there sexy turn yes black no time may be. We also have Harvey Weinstein news Oprah news and the dead. And what he saw what happened to him on the Max train. Here in town poll. To see dancer I did not see this story O'Neal of that. The citizen's right appear something going on a Mac strings again. But damn old to that at 430. Stanley road the Max. A little. Had been awhile for me. Yeah I don't know peace in a long time he's right it like it was in the for a pick or free zones Garnett right and they did away that. Don't know but I used like for advanced out of the year the motor senate park like Lloyd center. Nigeria and then hop on the maxim that you parking that was the thing to do but I think they and can be booted in India the freeze on and on I think that's right out feel like. It's gotten pretty CD I know and that's only happened over the last. You know five to seven years as he's derided a bunch and now I just and clean knows this is the perception being of funds beat a total meanie. But now everything about doing that I'm like you know don't just pay the twenty bucks to park and got. Oh you like avoid the match singing yeah yeah isn't used to be anytime we go down there for a concert ever in my family kids and we were always parked there and just ride the Max. And I don't know why but it's been years since I've done that I just always now just. I guess is MMR Mike I just would rather pay for parking the deal with the maxed us out gift I think you have to buy tickets now I don't think it's the freeze on anymore and I do you have some in the back in my mind run kind of like. And then you really want and I really wanna kind of deal. So that's the it's almost a reverse convenience thing it is more convenient but it takes longer because you're not controlling me you're just sitting there waiting for people to get on and off stops and I used to go to the airport on the Max all the time and then I went why don't I just pay the ten bucks today that the economy a lot for a couple of days and when I get off a plane get into my own car and not have to be in public transport Lugar and for the US true. It's much cheaper than the cabs are good guys say it's five bucks for the entire day you cheap gas my point is that when there's five of us had cheap gas and it paid 25 bucks I can just pay for par keen. And not the I don't know I don't know I'm not deal with that that's right is exceptionally cheap in the city of Portland compared to other cities so that's kind of where it is that if I'm going to Wear on my game and it's ten bucks or fifteen bucks to park. I'll just go ahead now pay that as opposed to pay in the four or five bucks for us all the each surprise the Mac OK rich guy. Look I don't avoid the match change I just don't. Ever really have a use for it I mean I had a net it's not really part of my. I don't know I'd never think about it I never. The reason why no like with a lot of times the city people there like that the wolf we had mass transit all those people from Washington wind driving to Portland to help we wouldn't. If you master as you tell me that I would I would drive to the bridge get off to make my 25 minute commute an hour and a half commute time by writing Max into the now now it's the stupidest arguments will never happen. Again if you say that that's why we need like is the mass transit across the bridge for people like me. I can assure you that never would I ever use that to come into work it's like the most inconvenient thing in the world. Okay march off riches off to the National Football League how. This is big news and supposedly chip offered him the OC job market offered said. It was a weird how he was not mentioned. For a while really. I think. A seed 222 key wanted he was not mentioned for basically a full year you know. And then. His name just suddenly Lou texas' look at Adam for the tenth assistant coach down there a little chip once in the UCLA. Well. The NFL wants him and there's another boat Arizona was look at that and yet Arizona may be for a head coaching job so all of a sudden. You Ricky Neuheisel might be in line to grab the Arizona job Basra and today. They comment on her but you're really sleepy Rick he had they said that you know the head it is the the lead cheese is for the years on the job I heard the three names I heard this was last night has read this I heard. I blight and hell for its name was thrown out their Neuheisel someone. And there was one other one ass though some understand is since I've been around someone is. Is tough because he apparently he wants a boatload of cash. And so he's going to be hard but they do that they bit at the thing I read today said that he is still a candidate that they get the head guy. Now right now is that Mike Sanford guy. And he he went optic he is coach at Stamford as it's Stanford that he went out to coach at western Kentucky is the head coaches last year. And I guess he's really give a cornerbacks computer. And he was six and seven western Kentucky but now they're saying he may get the years on the job interest. Now that not really interesting at all actually well I think it is seen that that's if Arizona has an opening that you would go with. Mike Sanford I think they should look at Lane Kiffin hard. If he announced the beginning bay Beatrice stated I think I think that. I see that being great at some. Us on Twitter and I did not act check this but let's go with access on on Twitter and it came from a the news media man. But in regards to Kevin someone thing. Did you know that in the history of division one college football there has been one black coach has been fired and rehired. Really yeah month Dinah at Walt Tyrone Willingham are only him only one. As a head coach and head coach. Only African American guy to be hired as a division one head coach get fired and they have another program to hire him as it kept on one well. Mindlessly Taggart has been fire. Didn't get fired. Just got major state she's in regards to you know a lot of the guys in a retreads you know whether it's the Rick Neuheisel finger. You know and they help for speed up for the the Arizona job but yeah Juan. Economy. Not take on a blooming along. I'm like I mean I think you guys like to have that unfortunately how they're why haven't been a lot of African American head coach it's only been prime the last 1520 years that African Americans were even consider Fred coaching jobs. Think the whole stupid statement we had about quarterback Riley to the there was a signal that they were intelligent enough to be quarterbacks. And that they weren't Smart enough to be head coaches which is just. The most amazingly stupid idea of all time but that wasn't that long ago. That that that belief was held onto this is one. And the Charlie Strong. Tired from Texas hired at central South Florida there's two now on that we've got to your own. But another area check yet you did it. Yeah Charlie was fired Texas now OK so how rich does it make you better than theirs. But their first you don't know it all there's another one okay if it's much better. Hey you know why it. Point is invalid now clearly there's plenty of average into the similar African American some of them will get someone should be that there Hillary you would certainly think. Health which is going to the bears out of Chicago. But that they just hired that. Guys from the chief says that -- And he has the West Coast offense guy and it's going to be his office and I'm sure he's gonna probably guess now I read in the press release that nag you said that he will continue to call Yasser health which is getting the OC title game for the bears. But he's his deals can be reckoned with a Mitchell too risky yes he's gonna be there to try to do get something out of him because that I think they had the worst office in the leak. If I'm not mistaken this year. They were bad with a capital BC he's gonna come in their entire whispered golden Mitchell there to get him to not socked. And as I saw and that's they had to Stewart Tony it was Freeman and have this heard me have been might have been injured crash. But they had that helpers reached a settlement with a organ gives you like almost what 1112 million bucks and they paid him a lump sum of just over eight. And he's not allowed to make more than one point seven. Before 20/20. And if he does and yes to pay back 50%. Of the the lump sum settlement organ. It's kind of a cap on what not can make one point seven it either job. And always got what two years to do a totally total yes can take no more than one point seven million dollars over the next two years interest in doubt. There is a cap on what he can make otherwise just to give back 50% of the eight million dollar. You know lump sum of the county morgue in doing that noon on the health and seeing heaven that know say where there's like guys I appreciate it I'm going to need my separated BJ was this huge under the 849900. In Atlantic and open dollars given up half of my 88 million dollar settlement. Can I assume that the if the Chip Kelly thing would have been a slam dung that's a success than right if you there and in California no offense to Chicago but. You're telling me that I I can go live in Chicago or I can go live in Los Angeles and work under chip and Aysu had a good relationship. We you know we'd love with a liquid Charles Kelly. You know I think when you haven't been in the NFL. It is in the lower their I don't know if you recruit I think there would be an allure that it's only has the that's the big show that's the league you know. And you go on with Nagy who is a young you know offensive and I think that would be an interest Steen. You know and in an intriguing offer. Rather than what you Marty no college and he didn't really like to recruit mean. Pretty obvious right yeah. Was it. His main thing it wasn't his strength so ready to take a crack at the NFL's doesn't work out you can always fall back to college and some people say why what he agreed that a million dollar bad. Is it sounds like. He is whenever sour reusing to take next was gonna cut in two. He is his pay an organ so I I think that the buyout is probably a way to just kind of be done in and gone within their free up any sort of sour restrictions he had. When he would accept a buyout whatever money he was gonna get from his next job. Would of come out of what organ owed him so. They've reached a settlement to Wear in two years now that he's done with organ and and they're done with him don't have to worry about this anymore that's why he took the lump sum buyouts so he think kids of Nagy. Like what he think of health rich spread guy knees he's always gonna be tied to Chip Kelly out. Going to the NFL working with a true risky. He wasn't a super spread guy until he got to organ before that he was a Colorado and they did not run. Like a super tempo he was viewed as more for quarterbacks guy and so it anywhere but there us. Well. China members who we would've who would have been their Colorado he's in Colorado is that Colorado that's where they got him better than Dan Hawkins that he was working under him imminent. Yeah at Colorado. Listen. 20062008. So that might have been there might have been Dan Hawkins. That he was there that he was cut a known when he came as is a quarterback guy. Which makes sense why you bring in the Chicago. But maybe that's kind of one of the things as he doesn't want to be known as justice spread guy. Maybe wants to be known as a more of a mobile well balanced. Yeah balance office of mine Dan Hawkins now working with Cody Hawkins. You never Cody doc and I do that sort of things that supposedly brought down and Dan Hawkins as people thought that and his kids shouldn't be that. Shouldn't be the quarterback. Am looking at is there any other quarterbacks starters that comfort for a trip there and and nearly as amended point this out as a sows that you did to nag yen helpers both have the same agent ha so. Connection there too well that's interesting that health which is gone oh I'm sorry is name's Alfred and if I'm listening to Adam Chester until freak did you hear show after I didn't he jumped Alfred gonna like over and over however he has and those names tell fresh but you know he's an NFL back well you know he nearly you know he worked with Marcus Mario go to. Yeah I think that don't mispronounce it on you should as a sports guy in this area you should get that right it's Mariano uh oh sorry. But isn't it a little puzzling to do before we move on. Who comes up for these jobs like remains the did you see that. Matt rule. The coach at Baylor is interviewing for the colts head coaching job. Really. It's certainly people consider him a really good up and coming young coach that could make the up Florence it's just so random. It is well a lot of it to you is it says it connections connections you you know agents and they got an offensive daddy to dolphins seem GAAP I want column all the market average or below mean. Here he number there is a low power X tripped over there at the southern accents in Chicago about a group of well you know also log as they saw a good note where he's the governor bought them all now. Trent Dilfer is that many great things over the years on this program and and hopefully once seat he's able to do more stuff he'll come back on but. About one of the best things that tells her that don't forever said was. Just because your in the NFL. Doesn't mean that your good coach there's a perception. That the best coaches in the world or it there at the in the NFL or to hide division one level and it's not necessarily the case. There are a lot of bad coaches because of what you're talking about it is it's a boys' network it's hard to kind of cracked as ranks and there are a lot of guys. Roads that don't should never have been a head coach but our time in time and now you know who's gonna ride again did this famous seafood every today is not problem you scroll down. The favorite to get the both the Arizona job to replace resurgence you know who is now. Prepare to be and to be blown away amazed that this that this innovator. Pat sheer madness why not cannot Dana was Dave Campo are not available. That's a little unfair that that chairman since yes what about Brad Childress is he okay is he busy star rated him made for TV movie where he's uncle touchy it is basement. It's funny you mention Brad Childress he just retired you know he resigned use and Andy Reid get he was on the chief staff and he retired and they're saying he's not come back. But yet patched. Mean really. Arizona a all the guys. Freaking pat sure armour who coached the brown I mean I guess he's a good offensive guy this is this let this offseason with all the coaching changes has been the most retread names. I think I have ever seen. For jobs it's just weird. The fact that the Seahawks are thinking about bringing in Brian Schottenheimer and even notoriety Schottenheimer does not do so wells first few runs through the NFL get your sports pinstriped here's the accident. Yeah it's like it but he's but again I'll Robertson is in skis name came up for according to present a sheds and but but some of these guys are like really stinking good corners I'm not saying their bad. You know it's just. But Brian Schottenheimer supposedly really good with quarterbacks you know I think he was most resilient with Indy. But. And I just. Can canning and sometimes they find a new hotshot guy in in here comes. What's his name the rams guy AM. Now is its name is Kim who's the anchor is John McCain McVeigh or who met ER EB you'd beyond Doug Peterson works out but. It seems like semi types and the time it's freaking pat Shermer times three. In the Indian Todd bulls got one and NBA and and have a in that time this. And you've been down there in Denver canisters it's Joseph but we. You know it felt like there is some momentum going there and. Then pet sure perk comes back around now anyway it Scott frost Reese is talking about them. Nick Saban in the recruitment of two we'll get to that next on the ten. Where Isaac gives you an opportunity program coming up in the news at 430. The United States governor is in hot water. And yes he is a strict family values guy at least it's a bipartisan leader of bipartisan sex affair. Disability doesn't that get what do you mean reaching across the dial why Democrat Republican. Now I think your team another story. Of the I thought this us. Well the woman is a hair stylist I don't know her. I don't think you have a different one any others and others during the work that certain Republican Jewish deep in the demo you have that's the one I felt good about this one involving the blackmail right yes now sorry I got my political sex scandals continues its hard to keep track of us we have a but I feel good about the one political scooters scandal because again Republicans Democrats to do agree on one thing and that's let's get together and. Stooped so here's a headline from Oregon lions and this is and genomics article I don't think hero does headline but. It set to you know how they have headline people that. Did you headlines and then you know that it's bull of the story is written by the writer yet you know. So I can imagine he put the sun ever may be heated Scott frost blasts Alabama coach nick Sabin over two. Todd of their Lola. Whoever it is lay the talk time double AO this too. Because this is go to a two Scott frost the last Alabama coach Nick Saban over to a situation. Now here's what he said they tell me is he blasting Nick Saban there market. He says. It was a decision I don't know I would have been courageous. Eases I don't know I would have been courageous enough to make. Okay let me start. Now sound confused and fright or at halftime of the Alabama Georgia game we are. That we're right here Nick Saban is saying hey I GO hurts really sex maybe we should go to two yeah. And so that's of these tight races it was a decision I don't know I would have been courageous enough to make that's the answer you wanna hear the other answer is. That he was pretty obviously better. I love that pretty obviously. And they had twelve games to figure that out and didn't. This is frosts talking to some guy from ESPN. A coach Saban is above criticism with everything he's accomplished so I don't mean it that way but I recruited two out of high school and knew what he can do. And it doesn't surprise me that he did what he did tunes great player to that was a very bold and courageous move and I'm surprised. It didn't happen earlier in the season. Authorities so is that really blasting Nixon lots Canada's getting yet there's no penalties blast him blast in their at all he was just saying hey I know two and ta what man he's legit and I I aspect by adding a lot of people ask that question why did it taken so long to go to tuna. To be fair is it really that courageous to go to them when year literally you backs is all you cannot score we do unheard landmines. Or and I think it is I think it's really treat its and it's kind of rusty it's as much I don't know how many coaches have the balls to do that. To put in a guy down double digits in the national title game the second half and played a meaningful snap all year. I'm sorry to me that's huge wave those but I think sometimes we do forget that yes gym rehearse with limited his ability to throw the football. Alabama last season with Jim and Hertz is it your freshman had their best offensive season ever. And Jalen Hearst led them to the doorstep of a national championship including scoring thirty points against Clemson including the game winning drive. It wasn't Alabama's offense that lost in that they drove down and scored in their defense couldn't hold among the other end. And that he'd led them to you know logged another season where you are what twelve and one. So that this notion that somehow the office was putrid in the gym and urged didn't deserve to start. I think we need to pump the brakes on that a little bit he just struggled for the full blown Saban said it is much if you listen the post game press conference. He said that going into the Clemson game. That he knew. Did if they struggle to throw the football like they did against Auburn did to what was probably get a get a crack. It's just against Clemson it was never in doubt they strangle them so much on defense that he never got to play but he was ready to go to to it in the end against Clemson. If they needed to you. I'm just out to end. I did and as he's never rode my point is they were not gonna beat Georgia. With Jalen hurts no it wasn't gonna happen and so. At that point it's pretty desperate. So going to hand to me is not at that point is not as courageous is maybe earlier but anyway. That's not the point the point is Scott frost so this is an MX article about. What happened with two and recruiting in Oregon so this says while the quarterback coach slash offensive coordinator in 2014. Frost was part any mark Alfred staff that elected not to offer to. Is scholarship as a sophomore despite his Evian heavy interest in the docks. Duty his relationship with of course. Marcus Mariano yeah so focused was to on or again that even an in person visit from then USC head coach Steve sorry keys in. In December 2014 wasn't enough to sway him according to his father. To have saarc come on come out here and actually offer him as a huge deals me because he's the head coaching USC. You have that it blew my mind at all in the head coach of the USC came and I said yes. I know dad that I wanna go to Oregon have always wanted to go to orient markets was out there and I keep telling you dad I know these schools one offer but. Once organ offers me I'm done and the delay led to communication breakdown that left to a confused sometimes I forget that organ has interest in me. Coach Cowell tells me to call coaches when I do some coaches don't answer. I have no clue who I'm calling coach cal gives me they're number but the last time Ozzie contact with the organ guy was Scott frost when he came down. It wasn't until approximately eighteen months later after organ secured and then lost the commitment of Brian Kelly for star quarterback. And to a committed to Alabama that organ deemed him worthy of a scholarship and and by then. Two ahead RD soured on the ducks. Thug. I mean they they break it they missed on under the same point you know you you're just Herbert who is going to be a first Arafat quarterback. Think sometimes it's easy to nitpick schools for not offering are not being on someone sooner. It is that man that did use highly recruited yes. Very good Wilson here five star camp. I don't know much I think his foreign it was highly recruited mean obviously when Alabama's come comes calling for you mean you're. And you did NDP of the elite eleven now he wasn't the MVP of the elite eleven as a sophomore member there's and that organ deny frum is a sophomore. So about the Dorgan wasn't arms is that organ wasn't heavy on them super early. And it sounds like by the time they did get around to it you know did that he ideas soured on ambit. It was like organ didn't have didn't have. Recruits is solid organ you mentioned as did the Ryan Kelly kid you mention just Herbert. It wasn't as if organ didn't go out and find big time big time quarterback recruits. Just for whatever reason their valuation didn't lead them to two as early as some other places and yeah I it's easy to look back now say the Abacha and they probably did. I think it's pretty easy to nitpick. Recruited or things like this and I think if you went and looked at a lot of big schools. You can probably find a dozen players they wanted to go somewhere and that fell through the crash sort of reason and then went on to be. You know big time players other at and other universities. Yeah I mean there's and there's always two sides to every story tips like eat out we don't know the whole. Story here on you know there's some talk that may be his grades were bad and he had some great issues but that the idea is like the bigger picture thing on this is that. Health original mother's old school those older or can coaches never like to offer anyone who wasn't a junior or senior yes and this is is special. Talent quarterback who says I wanna go there and Indy EU had the opportunity. To have it is that it was like selling your lap down you should have had that you she she. We want him. I offer but we're gonna have to speak you know kind of bend our rule of offering kids before they're urging a so why give him on the hook. But I don't make the argument that if he came here he's he's light would play this because Herbert got hurt but had Ed at just her Bernard can hurt does he even play. Think you've got a pretty big time quarterback just a freshman did you don't have a backup and announcing he's gonna go but good duty did Alabama and counted the bodies is now. These you know he's he's a good highly recruited quarterback that you should yeah that he will you yeah he want to dig it's like. You couldn't have screwed that up anymore unless there's something that that we don't know which is like you said you know could be great answer this or that that. That's part of flying mark health rich. Is not the head coach at Oregon anymore and he is a Chicago bear. And there he is Chicago bear by the way that's not the reason he's now. And or conducted. I said part of our and that that is a big. You know recruiting is a huge reason like I mean yes they are good at the other workers gets left off Loeb ate a lot and it's just. In unfortunately Willie Taggart and those guys kind of. Proved that some of scenery and give any credit and credit to the talent surrounding the young man yeah Alex let's throw that went out there to that. To a might look a little different isn't true freshman playing in organ system. Zandi did plane in Alabama system with five circuits across the board of the national title game. Right in the news is coming up next man we can't keep all these scandals straight no this is a job not keeping your pants three notes. No he didn't know he'd admitted none of them did. Any two guys iPhone. It's a 430 here's Mike edwards' eyes against duke ought to. Nady though. All right coming up. The raiders in the Rooney rule. Might even have a little. ESPN verses on the far ball tonk. I know Jason. In the news it is January 11 20189. You're noted these men and most decorated none reporter. Reporter on the West Coast but if you ever been decorated list. Medals and awards and nominated for an and he wants the couple's. And Kennedy and Kennedy. And we were Hannah violence and you know I think the ads for Russia yeah. We were nominated for something one of the only reason you're nominated for Reno Steve Edwards speeches and submitting yourself but the think you and I are are going to be going out that people are gonna nominate you just to be considered Isaac drug broadcaster of the year. OK so this is in Missouri. Shocking. And does Missouri have to Missouri type things. Governor Ehrlich misery for. And others. Eric brightens is now being investigated for blackmail now he's a noted family values candidate well remember he was the Democrat Benny switched over to Republican he's a former retired navy seal and a Rhodes scholar. It's like this some people thought like he was presidential material into rising star in the political ranks. No longer give the navy seal beds accused a lot of tuzla clout. In swing that one around a little bit more I see no longer I mean this one's in Iraq do you decide LC and so he's daily values gag he's married. And while he's running for office he should do his hair stylist and now that's not the story he convinces the hair stylist and the story you. It's not really. It's late in in this state age the fact that he issued his hair stylist who cares if it. Yeah if you need more now political figure we find out he had an affair. We colleges university go hand whenever woods the eighty yen into the wife had cancer at the time did she say yes. The united. It was very essential fair and I want ever and ever and calm me so he convinced her to go to his big governor house where they had a sexual encounter involving light bondage. They went all fifty shades of gritty the woman says she Islam and even though some of the meter and comfortable to travel. There he ten wow he tapes or hands to these greens. He has said. Brings it and. You know memories test you're bored now you do it wrong is easily reach ground Ingraham. I don't have a ahead sword but really you know I've been suspended for cities have like it does ours thank god. Have like a blink of these have a box spring that and then the mattress. Yeah. Some did and I'm a minimalist give bedroom furniture like a bedrooms that the idea of like you know it's mismatched really in the hour. I never understood to have more thing I feel like it just takes up extra space says his overlook. What my bedroom set quick Evan had born there. Who did three you I don't. This man except for its popular new every damn day yeah you would not be impressed by Arabic and other you would you'd you know grab your idea came into my bedroom but it. Are comforter. On his country is wreaking. Comfortable I I would like betting that every time I buy and I stuff my dogs racket yeah yes I see we don't have dogs now the our dogs all died so I've been. Thank heavens for that then there's. So buying like a lot of kind of middle of the road stats is because he gets trashed I get them thereof we just lying about the headboard thing you have it intersects to jump. No I don't Edward and I think that's a valid points you know you gotta have a thing to tie him cast here and the. Extension doesn't out of bed propped up as much Celeste Edward rob as like a crosses an apartment but look. But one of those weird XP is that you and it has this as lab real. Torture devices is some swings. But after I typing in from the ceiling. Okay said the woman she says now Golan and it's kind of weird. He takes their hands these rings he blindfolds and Minnie tells her that while she's blindfolded he is taking pictures of her. Any threatens that if she speaks of the encounter. Nude pictures of her will be all over you know the world and she claims that she could see the flashes going off underneath the blinds oh he was taken pictures. So this is his clever way of making sure he can do it later. Without you know so hopefully no one will no doubt that's lease deal and she says there's no proof of the good pitchers but she does have emails. Asking him to please stop coming into the hair salon. Thanks he would come in afterwards. And get his haircut and she was like please stop I need to move on with my life and apparently he kept coming so this guy forgot about her husband. And she was married. He that she received 9 AM and she record air he recorded her confessing. So he has heard on tape it. You know I I'd Irish do dead brightness down look he's a Rhodes scholar would do immediately you're not. You may be see you utility of the Navy SEALs showed up at your door you sleep with him so few years later he takes the tapes to a journalist. And the lid is blown copy of the governor's infidelity is like three years old this this is Gaza he he held on the tape but now he suddenly hates the governor summing I don't know. And he ticketed journalists and and now this guy so at the idiot governor is being investigated now for blackmail you more on that you could just. You know stupid hairstyle has moved on and maybe nobody knows any of them but because he's taken pictures ever. Now he may be in hot water for black man who can fault them for wanting to learn your take some photos by the way he's still married to the same woman. And they say they've worked it out yet god she now is okay with this much and she says that the media and those who wish to pedal gossip. Please stay away from me. And my children she's unhappy with the media's betrayal of this in LA not not with does always get defensive like Tonya we can Harding will do the move out of the governor's mansion. Utility in this sweet little thing and he isn't blind maybe to be like you know what maybe a presidential candidate. You pull it out ones. Yeah he's in Missouri so this probably helps him meet you just pander news base. I expect. Kind of enjoyed that light bondage cheating husbands and a black male they're like I had my act as Missouri. And Missouri again. You know and you know in the apocalypse hits that's where the the Mormon Church is gone and independents right Independence, Missouri like they cemented dump that's going to be a minute royals stadium are air ahead. That Gaddafi stadium now and if that's out near independence. Yeah and depends on his side the road to north of that. And there is a lot of math. Really yeah well maybe that's why Mike when the apocalypse hit maybe that's. We saw ago their do much Mets and forget about our problems okay coming up next. We have Max train news. A a local dad horrified by what happened to him and his daughter on the Max train I have not seen the story we'll tell you the story next. For pretty fun on the fan. Prime time where Isaac and soup on sanity of those. Died in the January 11 2018 let's move onto the next strange story. And I you know let the immense strain. The man. To seems to be. Getting worse out there. I have not read need to know why don't you slogan stands I don't know but is it is getting worse or is just the perception of getting it certainly feels like hit the I don't know that either. Don't spend a lot of time on the backs. So. There is this tea local Dan who's on the matching his two year old daughter. And I helix Danny told her church she sit in the seat next implement and a huge down and sees that she is a syringe stuck in her hands up at the inner pinky what's the true doing crow aren't on the floor of the match acts. Plus she's junkie pallets that are out as good as say the dead two year old got some problems before she gets on the Max she's probably doubt they're looking to school or it's a did you get this gives the build staffed so yen note I guess it was from. In between the seats death and her chief you know its tradition on to kids about their mitts on everything. She's fishing around in the air China finds that Corey Streeter crimes or something sticks herself with a junkie. Indiana though not yet know he immediately tasted of the hospital and the tests were negative but as they say she's not out of the woods yet yes I think for like HIV. I think you have to we like 3060 days though there may be one that you you can. Do you found little bit sooner but yeah I can take a while to find out like all those things I would be so. Yeah that's a little horrified at knows that father at the pucker factor on that has to be like yeah 9000. Right. Just your little daughters get a Max needle in her hands. We kids meanwhile as happy as a clam. Eyes guide on baseball's this indictment. It's about it around and saying this is so flat and like the next eight years it decorate a back on the map packs it. Isn't scary stuff you suddenly get an obsession with crawling on the ground that is over for the same height as for syringes for Christmas. Just trust me dragon which you can't do I she reads sympathy because she's wherever she does discuss the peace in between things. Well. I don't know you know I mean I don't know how you combat death I don't mean they're that's a weird when it's like if if let's say that she comes up with something I don't mean to laugh at. This happened like he gets Anderson this he have a lawsuit. It gets to. Trying to. The and it can you. I'm not sitting tight trying to you know are we supposed to do so we get some junkie on on trying to better abuzz and it suited junkie. Yeah I consumed for his bag of she is bag of cans are weighed his other bag of cans for his hair and these guys drugs. He just let's just hope that. That the little girls and have anything in and that's that's horrible and that we can you know we can move on from it because it does is RC one of those things that and I looked. I'll defend tri met here mass transit Q can't. There's got to be a certain element that Wright's public transportation right there just did Genesis I don't know if there would feel like I don't that if that's a case guy like isn't like every hour on the Garrity after people have they come through there and sweep him between the seats mean. Do you ride public transportation there is going to be a certain element there that's that's gonna exist as a certain risk involved cause hell it might be written on the ticket. Think it's just that you get disarray engineer asked not Arthel. Watch out for Beatles. Hired anywhere is sort of thing OK that's the things harder winds and do you know what to in this world is just asking for friends that way I don't I don't I was. One in maybe if you know. Posted minus Goer and a pro escort you know what what what route I should be on page keep him. I Harvey Weinstein has emerged from rehab you know he's been in rehab this whole time puts even rehab. I guess from beater rapists and yeah. Right XX maybe I don't know added that infamous sex addiction right in. So he's down in Arizona while the heat he goes to this really swanky restaurants the first time he's been on public. But I guess he's you know by all accounts they are saying that he's taking this very seriously and he's like. Now he's gone through rehab and alana and he's in it. So he emerged from rehab and he goes out to lunch. And he gets slapped by patron and it's all caught on camera as it seemed that the guy wanted to have a picture with him and he said no he was with his son Mike coach here is over you know he's with a sober sober coach Bryant he -- again he's saying no speeches no they choose the against an event. So the guys slap packing and slaps them out across the big east of Harvey I saw why is he just walked off the ice on TMZ don't they have this or on video. I guess on yeah him take his buddy film that at. Junior slam Harvey Weinstein. I would not want me I would would. I would want to but I would refrain from doing so you can drive by slapping district is run by real quick and he is a dirt bag kick him in the joint general feel bad for. He should probably be. Yes that's the part that I kind of weird I feel like he should be in prison and a slap as the worst he gets brighter and so on he knows that he just walked off like you most the time now you know big Hollywood guy like that's Guinness. You know you have your RB a damn boy you like take and I go tentative date I slept in and lets his ankle is letting me I will be he'll be back here tomorrow for a moment. The over here also gained parts of new restaurant the other day. One other notes that you see these these mudslides in barker in terrified it's horrible we'd done this yesterday but did you see that Oprah's house got hit yeah she was out there like two and around the you've got a little video of that and it's man she's waded through the mud her backyard. I think your backyard like eight football fields and now Specter house and that's the thing at least. Oprah made this point is so once. Kenny Chesney is deceased and number years ago but the result that flooding in Tennessee. And keep put out kitty Tizzy Panetta video of his property houses flooded the candidate you kind of duties paid by the way. Don't feel bad for me I. I'm gonna be fine right he's like it's my neighbors just wanting you to see this is kind of the devastation that these if these people right and Oprah got that one of those two years that Syria where is like yes you know I know it was a big goal but I'm my house is gonna be fine I'm gonna be fine there's a lot of people that part. Aren't Meade well I think that that's good that they both said that I think today shows that they absolutely get a hit yes people are going inane they've been around lineup and celebrities on. They know the people are gonna get pissed. Moved all the more Oprah bill I'm not saying that is showing you that the deal here it is I saw a big kid. I think tapper between this out there's a go find the page. There's a sixteen year old that was found in one of these mudslides that her family. I do well they they haven't found so. They recover they recovered her almighty god yeah they'd they'd dug around and hostage she managed to survive but unfortunately they haven't found she was with her family when the slide hit. And they haven't found. They haven't found any fan members appreciated survive there's a you find on Twitter but I think it was Jake tablet to beat out. There's a go find the page for a yes if you wanna go to Jake Tapper there's you know it's tamper. Jabber is great on Twitter he is he's a good follow it's the IQ and Stanley fund. The F fourteen year old girl Lauren was rescued from the the Muslim brother father and sixty year old brother they are still missing new recognizance while our identity is January 11 command nexus behind five and five we also. Jason quick of the NBC sports northwest sockets and blazers next hour and a B 530 on the fan.