Primetime 1.11.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, January 11th
The first segment weaves from 'bro' to strength coaches to more, talking the Dame v. Chris Paul thing and whether it should matter. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time. You can find the time student yeah tools. Primetime retires against you for your home when they'll all journalists and I'll go. Think yeah. This is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Your eyes are brought in Jason's a candidate with Brian's I'm Janet. And pat what they do it. Good serious side. Indeed but that. That that was at the Bud Light. Yeah bloodlines and those guys I think is Budweiser her I mean and ugly of Anheuser. Back. Ahmed a monasteries and that it. I'm to start using only references from ten to fifteen years ago and bow beer calmer I. Knows the defraud the Budweiser that and blood it's her a great and there was there was a good episode of as the Simpsons movie if it was just the Simpsons where they had the Budweiser for a clock. The three frogs and right in the third when. Was raised right about to hit the wiser and crock came up it all three of them where consumers. And I suspect many of the water a lot and it gave me a good chuckle that's fantastic and that simpsons'. I didn't course think I don't know Paul. I thought it was kind of funny the two rods go blood loss thanks and then he just gives them gets all three if and just marbles corps has listen to the fan. That happens and done time yes just a minute ago I mean I was diligently prepping for this big show so I didn't have time to. Oh low low low breaking news breaking news like this is well Rick. I was checking my man. Oregon State adds strength and conditioning coach. I just saw that the thorns acquired a player not to be outdone by the ducks. And beavers. Have add and Marco and indeed don't old Marco and Brian. Catch the mine at white Lanka. Welcome to aka home. I. I feel a little effect because I didn't get this and might even help just I mean it's hot they give you my pal and you're getting breaking beaver news and I am not. Actually it is Neil. Neil Brooke it is broke a pro. Remember like he said that to me fury here does mean one you guys like his introductory 1 and I am I was on vacation as a blow was in his introductory wanted to sever years after he got hired that you're gone. It has interviewed him that the first time though that he did you I thought it was the second. And he net eniac ethnic and final 'cause I remember talking to he was mad about that or no he he was he's bitter about the rain. And I'm like so. You know what do you think you know Portland everything's done it was relatively new guess we're talking about this in his day. Not it's not that cool are now he said what was he talking about. Well he does it's. Because us high and how much cheaper it is then. Then Southern California that. Not done much cheaper bro I drove him bro your growth because he's got about the reindeer and you should dallas' Polynesia fired back with OK buddy I think it's really sexy bro I think I've ever. You know the drill bit is exclusive now this stuff here I think it's really acts as more of all yeah those are students that's news. This about the LaMarcus Aldridge are leading the I don't think I've ever tangled with the GA member to be honest with you the Breaux is exclusive this broadcast stroke it's that is bro. Maybe if I talk to you call me jays who didn't know it and now known and unknown there's only one Jason the Covey. Like an image or distract your relationship they neo con we remember. I ask you hate not me I as far as I know he loves me. Brian club. Clos Butte car would a beard named Archie Clark KL OB. UC AR. At sprint coaches are one of those things that no one yet you have no idea you hear anything about them. But it really is a big part of your program while that look this is big news well I wouldn't have said it was a big again out. Did you spend more time with your strength conditioning coach than you do any other coach is our during the down periods you can't you can't be coached. Thank your coaches can't be there for football related activities BP district conditioning coach all year long. So that the strength conditioning. You know coach or coaches is the staff it really is a big part of the program you don't talk enough of about. Think this is just hard to know. You know what's a good one what's a bad. It's. You know go around and say well this this team has great bench press numbers this team has great squad numbers it's you don't really know. I you eat you see teams like Alabama Georgia in their field was that athletes piazza after remember that. You know they're giving kids that are four or five star kids that are kinda good when the evening get on campus so. This is it's hard to lose and whatever and quantify what is your conditioning coach does but. Remember when the wind Gary Henderson came in he talked about just the state of the program and how unhappy he was with the shape the kids were. And won his things was we have to get better in the weight room we have to get better there does need to be a certain. Level that you like like a bear metrics that you have to be yet or to compete with the top teams in the country is have to do. OK so orient State's head strength coach is Michael McDonald. Boom that's why yeah why not say what a great songwriter and apparently a master of the remedial. There are clear blue moon. I love Michael McDonald he can sing. And man can he lift weights but we head Meister and conditioning coach my first what three years you are you was kind of that the European pat yeah it was a it was too because I didn't know at the time a week. You'd give followed it but their words there are certain trainers. That didn't want you working out with him. They were trying to there was a little bit of a split factions were a couple of our trainers. And and one of the assistants now the key was the head guy at either Texas or in Emery Texas Tech. And he got a hat is only key would get guys to kind of go do his work outs. And there really wasn't any kind of unity and then we got a guy. They came and he was from Georgia Tech form at Washington State and he works like the US Olympic team and that guy came in and it was unbelievable. To see the difference in in six months. Just kind of the physical difference the way the team looked it was stunning. I get kind of blew us all they were like what the hell and that's when I I kind of figured out yet not all straight finishing coaches are. Are equal and it it really can. Pay huge dividends for you. When you when you get a guy in there that not only knows what he's doing. But has the wherewithal to implement. A program that everyone can get behind it kind of rallied the troops at SP. Look for a minute gratin is could tune so he's the head guy and he hide these two cats. You know we're Marcum can deed goes from whereas America indeed go from UB associate head. Shrinking dishing coach not assistant associate head. And he arrives from the university of Illinois though that's right out Brett doesn't have their terrible conditioning right now for a it has been Georgia guy or estate goes and gets an assistant from Illinois State aid. Well that I mean on but you know Horry was before that he was at Washington State. And with them is hope music in the at a guy I point this the Soviet whose name I can't pronounce. He comes from. Occidental College. OK now. They go take going out and wrote in the big names in breaking news that is big breaking news hopefully they have a good steroid program and expect because quite frankly if outside judge my strength and conditioning coaches. Back in the don't want the guy from the movie the program we had to be out Latimer and there. I called a member that the organs days previously code years ago said that he would resign if any one of his players was announced era it's. He got all pissed yeah me. As I said that in every college program there's a handful of guys and it's easy to know who's on them and who's not. And he got a home but heard about it and threw down that challenge well you know they say that you were. Right. That you Bettis or resign him when you get. When you're really but her not that that signifies. You know something's up right. It's easier defense of the more defensive you get the march and there is to discuss the relativity is every program and some that are worse than others a lot of it is just you need what did you get what you guys that are successful with it and know what they're doing and know how to get them. Then I kinda it spreads like wildfire and and and they recruit other guys. So I can't I've talked to enough people that some programs you have ten or fifteen guys the got a pretty good idea like it yet I a year on something. Others get three or 45 but there's a hand on every single team it's ridiculous ridiculous to say you don't know we just play the plausible that I don't game. It was hilarious we had guy is like at BYU. That would laughed that they would go away like after spring ball right UNC him for a little bit or maybe they go away for part of the summer and then come back like two months later and there are 25 or thirty pounds heavier. Yeah like. Also in you you web from bench it like 315 deep bench in 450 you're like well well. And for those two months I've been working out OIC. Jonas and more are planned as the rest of us and I gained fifteen pounds in my advanced you gained 75 and at same time you must be due to different work out that. Oh by the way when you get out from the bench press your backs bleeding from your backs it led to cleric that's all Kenny Klein collection thank you can play and duke in new we have somebody on staff who can keep him out of the drug protocol at testing programs Levi now. That is a lob Brian Cushing I do just about exactly you'll think the USC guys knew that Brett does how does. You get the busted so much in the NFL but never in college college is a lot easier to get around and the fellow that's he's like I mean he speaks today in that regard. OK so anyway I was listening to the fan my favorite Sports Radio station. And on there this is right before we came on the air did you hear that ad they were talking about some sort of podcast. No and it was saying in this guy's talking to other guys and and Chris Fowler is on there and he was talking about how one of the best. Life TV ESPN moments of the last ten years was Lee Corso drafting and dropping an F Bob I do remember the course or the F bomb boy I a you miss that one. I know I don't I don't remember that all so once I heard as I while that's funny I'll go in Nam YouTube bit. Because you know YouTube has videos and stuff it the two saves everything unless it's involves Rick Pitino that speaks sponges it from the Internet. Thank Rick pitino's press is just disappear the president gets saved forever. And site YouTube it that's hilarious at the tip that non owner of that and you know me I can't Stanley Corso and I've been calling for his ouster for many many years and I don't care that he had a stroke he is not fit to be on that show this was years and years and years ago that he dropped an F I mean I can't that he had a stroke I don't think that's good I'm just saying that. People would call. Yeah stroke he should be not he's horrible on there and get him off there. Jihad. They pixie drugs are illegal it is jokes oh no he doesn't have on the front of Carl Lewis I think he had IP guest picker I forget who his plan. But yet Carl Lewis is there now and he's got 11 of the teams mascots head on. In any goes if it except these added that he throws that went off and puts the other one on it was an area gets crazy and curve streets laughing and everything it was it was that's great don't amaze me like him. Dislike him last little bit little bit more you could you appreciate some Lee Corso yeah. Yet it is it is the ultimate excuse that we knew you can't get a little little old you're low punchy you can just drop that one at all times and no one like what happens that was alive and now it's. Mean I guess they just take complaints this vote does that mean the kind of move on right may know got fired for and I. Beastly mean is that I can you do that with the FCC's good key role but Diebold is the greatest. Like eraser of anything you do they give you have bad behavior you can just drop a hole. President Bush may cut its gym every did the you do in the wheelchair to scrap. That was accused go to a movie ugly dirty jokes but no one cared doesn't like Adam. Wheel chair that I daddy's coal. Axis. You reach a certain point I feel like we give you. An area to me now now now in there. All right well listen let's get to go on here and how opinion that it doesn't matter we just can't just forget when I at. We have mark health rich news today. We do have market overseas this was an interest in decision on the part of one Marco clearly have our culprits nudes but we do now pro. Wouldn't at peace and not really you could of course I mean I don't think there's anything special on there I'm not saying there is but you'd like says averaged like advice and you that file but it is Margo freezers are not a lot of files of needs that you're gonna semi I'm not gonna click on CNN is where we agree upon people that they did get very angry about this is an alignment and they're like I would never look ever. Please look at you click in on that file. Still think once you've seen one person naked you won't see a mall I'm really glad I got to see tiger was naked last year but the guy is Newt can't happen Acronis slid under the radar he now. You know his new bid bid because it wasn't nudes and he was overshadowed by Lindsay mom and dad dude finishes and one was one of tiger than a bunch of Lindsey Vonn. In the pick the athlete deport every from the male athlete Newt telling tires anymore like. Grady Sizemore had one of a those who did yet Oden had one now he had regular put it at the members Shiancoe had 1 AM that was inadvertent I think that was on purpose now I'm eighty I. I think Shiancoe the tight end for the vikings I think he knew that the cameras on him and then he did that he checked this out because they know that was that was good press for him. I think he did that was a purpose pitch to the rest of America is that watch this. So no we did not have mark coverage needs and we have a Marge held for each news news. The views you read. We have Scott thrash responding to use the two two yacht not not gonna play. Quebec for Oregon. News now. We will discuss he has paean verses so Lavar ball. And that can average that will be on today's dry cast and a boy I get any cards might in the news notes. For the fourth thirty segment overflowing their overflowing I don't I think today I'd like to get to the Missouri governor we can do that. And what that guy's schedule and the fact he isn't. To say how far would you say he's up to. You have and not as far as some of these guys in the mid shin mayor. Yeah it's not as good. And he brought it upon himself and you know some other sports stuff too but we did Jason quick today right in our own. Mike will. Our. Chasing quick today yes it is not the best in the business ran up and makes me depressed sometimes. But I'm an apparent threat. Chasing quick NBC sports northwest blazers. 530 juicy he wants our little Miller vs Chris Paul. Yeah we can do that I kinda wanna sort of with the allegations of blackmail but we'll save that for in the news yeah let's go with under the is that of the governor yet that's in the news channel that's on say more than thirty days I wanna get that we can't we had and so forth they're pretty evident tax forcibly get those names we cannot have fun for the next hour and fifteen minutes we have talked sport it's about the dumbest like feud in Indian. Think this thing that happened last night. What are you talk to Chris Paul thing we need dumbest. Says this like world thing is lit. Up sort of fired up. I am. Dear you certain. All right well let's start there and then now we'll get he's got frosts my calpers that got to be the hour 317 on the fan. It's true god and maybe go. Gay rights. We can't put them thorns news here Jarrett Jack got that would in the inbox that I did not get these extreme these views. Yet they are trading. It looks like they're gonna trade Alley along now. Now wow sad day that is. I love term and England do you sell some Alley long and she's gonna just real real good AKA Alexandra long. Knowing the true leader. She creep you know the big. Reading redo that big press release aria yeah and delicate (%expletive) going or. While we would what do you think they got we should hung out I don't know. In return. To Nazi and decide that they were. Subject Chris of these but as big is it a did not dig any deeper than that as more of a surface to air your report forming. So I Damian Miller vs Chris Paul who wins cage match steel cage match. He England's like in a fight fans and a I think Poland's. A little younger I think Chris Paul's kind of a yeah arch. Life easy on Tuesday he's he's kind of the mean he's got. He would try to like Kiki in the ground I cried I think he played dirty of course live there kick his ass thinks. Chris I hell's Chris Paul soft. Just don't see him as real soft as matter of fact I kind of like the way he plays with a naturally understand that but I think he's pretend tough guy. I think that's my whole point is he plays the nets on the basketball court but when push comes to shove. I think he's one of those guys that's he does the NBA fight where he pushes someone then waits for nine people to get him between yet that is like let me out of let me out of India could fight as we had a paper bag. All right so little or vs Paul steel cage match at Willard glued to mix it up a little bit yeah he's well he's an all crumbling yeah. And know exactly if that means any prisoners at all from had no idea of those knee any. LA kids you what's North Carolina we wanted this week so you you went to school in North Carolina and awards or is he from. Looks like he's from. I think if you went to to wage you know you you may be out there I don't know how many LA kids go all the way out gonna Wake Forest from my thought is Nellie can get his foreign Winston-Salem. He just seems a bit of my. It. Can't yes yadda I don't I he's hard alike. But you respect his game is James Obama still good man I think Chris Paul one is a hall of Famer. And I think he's one of those guys will go down and never really get. The recognition that users can never any real post season success. But Chris Paul has been one of the two or three best point guards for you know a decade plus has halls phenomenal and you are two way player to yeah. He's awesome he just is unlikable and he bitches and moans a lot he plays the style that isn't the most exciting in the world and the fact is with those clipper teams and Doc Rivers is. It's it's hard to get behind him every that's very about his hands. Like eat that's his and hit optimism about him find it. And we can cover it. I think we covered it once on the show that's many wrote a story about his hands. It like bigger something known just they're just how quick they are he says he has. I keep if you wanna know. One reason why besides the obvious Chris Paul is really good yeah he is the best hands in the week. And housing finance Sony wrote a feature honest minutes. And it was actually pretty interesting with its. Weird when you get around not just like professional athletes don't talk in in a high level you Chris Paul Chris Paul's gonna be in the hall of fame go down as one of the the best point guards of all time. When you get around guys like that there's so on that are just physical freaks right like that the LeBron James or whatever because the physical specimen to the other guys. If you're up close and personal with them it's it's weird if you watch him. Or you get to watch a practice he's gets him on a daily basis. Everyone of them has something like that did this just. Abnormal. Whether it's it's it's foot speed of body awareness you mentioned that of the best hands in the league there's some sort of weird. I'd iconic cult like a superpower a mess this night I talked about Warren Sapp. And had a chance to be of Warren Sapp for you know the year and a half I was in Tampa he's not very big. Anything he's not very strong like in the weight room in fact he was probably did the league strong person of any of the linemen in Tampa. But there was he had some sort of weird. Indicated. Can I coronation that he had the way he would places Hanson and the raw strength like in his hands and wrists just kind of like that natural forms frank it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. And it wasn't something that you could teach it wasn't something that he that he learned. Just that he was he was born with that it was freaky and it's the reason why Warren Sapp. Is in the hall of fame and in the Mets that was Chris Paul some big Chris Paul is not the biggest gun was not the fastest guy in the world but as you said. If he indeed has these these myths that are just different and everyone else's it's probably big reason why Chris Paul's going into the hall of fame and you know ten other guys that are in the league that are just as big just strong just as fast or more so or not. Yeah I found it is from the New York Times and they're saying that he's got really gruesome fingers and knuckles he's had a billion hand injuries. And finger injuries because he's always kitten young means in his animal it he's always guy's hand is business and there but nobody has quicker hands than him. So what did you well OK let's put it in and it will come back last night hotel. Damian Miller hey what's with that broke it. It's suitable a lot of our rights will wrap this up I coming up next 3280 and then coming up we're gonna tell you or mark Alpert is going he's got a new job and it's not. With Chip Kelly here's my. So. That's says many grass there and black jeans and dropped it. They sell here's a just an excerpt from Chris Paul starring in New York Times but his fingers. In his hands says the challenge for Paul is that he relies on his hands he is not by his own admission when least most awesome physical specimens. He's six feet tall and 175 he's not particularly fasten does not jump specially high but he has exceptional reflexes. And a knack for anticipating plays. I Doc Rivers says he could have been a boxer I don't know if he could have I taken a punch but. He could've landed some for sure growing up in North Carolina Paul were to develop hand speeding coordination. He was almost never without a ball he also watched the game constantly studying how other players dribble then passed in all the angles they use to create space. He determined that there were a finite number of possibilities. Not being the most athletic player he said I've always had to understand where you're going with the ball. In a course he is the active leader in steals an MBA you watch him play his. It's amazing how how he can come out with a ball. In a lot of traffic like it's its it happens all the time or think how to held EDT to see it as a how did he do that. Yes the sort of aegis has a young preacher is a god given gift today that and he's not afraid to use it got a quick chance for asset that's his that's his big thank you seem like you're a professional boxer you had a chance to watch one of them work out. Like in person dampers and now and he did he give them an idea if you watch like videos but if you ever get a chance the two watch who worked out a Roy Jones was here. Years I wanna first thirty years is back during the I in furnace days and he fought here in Portland. And they had one of those open work outs and we got to go and watch him and he was hit in his speech Barack. I've never seen anything like it like you couldn't see his hands. The good of a key and you couldn't see the back and he is like sitting there talking to reporters as he's hit this green you're like holy. Hell it's just. It's amazing disease some of the the raw physical attributes are guys like this have this thing that he does is he he makes you think that he's not playing defense he is being bait you know Danny Beijing and a anyway last night scores meaningless goals that does that get out. What do Jerry so Chris Paul Hewson steals last him down blazes RD down seven in it. This spread however beaten with effect on the game in Vegas was eight and a half joke that I didn't know that so they're down seven and the OK game over while Paul. Zooming past the fault and nobody was garden and their vision stand around and so he goes any dunks. A muted layup was a lab aid in the eating them on a son of a PR pepper a well then Miller was like what the hell's at all about insular goes over there and he's like hey man what it in even said he said. I asked him I said what did you get out of that. And Paul's response Leslie your garden. So you the end so then the others like man border in any slaps at the bonds hasn't got the ball out of his hands. And then everybody walks are several ways of course little or Dell looks over shoulder and mean mugs Thurman Paul looks back over his shoulder like oh he's really than. And down and then after the game and then we have like the war of words and we'll sub let's not say is I look you know there is an unwritten rule you don't really do that. But we've got a lot more worried about them that. It is it's it's so true I don't under. Stand. The the body hurt nature of this well I don't. Do you really think people are but her or is it one of those is like baseball where there these unwritten rules. And that is one of the united you know and we all know that that you have to mean gospels to score when. The game's over and everybody's given up gospels is that he cancels a shoe you know so. Do you think guys really are upset or are they just reacting because they know it's an unwritten rule. And they kind of know that they should be upset but they're not really but then they act like it will first if you confuse the hell out of me you know. Know that I know the note that now we know okay. Is Damian Miller Lulu really upset about that. Our I think last night live there did I don't know if he is today eappen. Last night live there was pissed off or is he acting now I didn't see knows it's an unwritten right big last night he was legit in the test now. To be fair when he was pissed about is the fact that he lost money on the game. He'd been on the blazers that's true to cover the spread that maybe that's why he was passed I just say no I don't gamble on the MBA I nor should I only gamble on full body gamble and any else. I'm now yeah I don't gamble on baseball don't gamble on hockey Basque by only gamble on football but it. I would say that last night if you had I think the ponies of renown. The yeah yeah I get the track Aysu dog races when they're here but. If you had the Houston Rockets covering last night. There is no better field mean in this world who. Then when you give a crappy meaningless backdoor cover like yeah I think that if you had money on. Houston yeah if you're watching the game. UC you're like OK here we go. And then. It's seven and then in the NEC everybody stop playing in your examination any currency and on op and the laser we have the ball you like did I lost it well no even when they stole yet is it. Oddly they're just standing around they're not gonna ask. You've just jump around your chest. Up and people are no else in the room but if you like her. It's a cover well there's really no reason to do it means that there isn't any reason and Edsel but at the same time there's no reason to be upset about it. Who gives a rip where you lose by seven you lose by nine they could do is a crap that I live for Damian limiting company it's a sportsmanship thing yeah. When they remember two years ago. When they were slaughtering Golden State and the fourth quarter they're like 35 and Willard still in the game shooting threes. You're not there when they're really quite thirty point. Points with like five minutes the play wasn't going for the all time and a franchise yeah it is known for his record so that's that makes it okay. This point is everyone gets buttered about it until you're the one doing it I just don't let it Lil needed a triple double listen live at would have taken having gone people in Hollywood and yes no the would not people people are not why it was issued against Goldstein I don't know I don't remember that. People I just don't think people are really that does about it I really don't I'd I'd think that that is all it's like baseball's got crap like to picture. Have the time has to dot a guy yeah because of an unwritten thing and it's like pound guy. It is he's not really pay as he is knows he has to do it because that's gee do. It's stupid it's a charade. It really is well but that at the same time there's really no reason do it and it's Chris Paul. And Chris Paul gets under people's like if that's another player. I don't know I don't know if he react and Miller reacts that way but because it's Paul in their history and everybody hates Paula it's the rockets and against the rockets. Well there was an article posted earlier today on. Twitter from the Oregon team from. Team's rookie year I believe. He did that against the bulls and his rookie year with no time left when unfurled a meaningless layup and menorah playing defense on him he got destroyed four. He got absolutely destroyed foray and I think maybe this is that coming back to some the other way. And I learning that you can't do that and seeing a guy like Chris Paul has been leafs were overdo it does not. I'd just kindness of so stupid or he made a lay up walk off the floor you take your ass kicking you lost this. Leave locked away in if it wasn't really bothered him he win gone up and said Sunday when the try to slap the ball away. And so I guess that you need some sort of motivation of the chip initially for the next time you play him. But Chris Paul his kind of owned delivered over the years. This has always been a tough matchup forms there may be some frustration and that's your first game back in a James Harden he's had been playing very well. It says as much to do with the fact you kind of got it handed to you last night. As opposed to it to just that I think any time UVs and big game situations. You know whether it's in football and someone scores late I think your your pissed off if you lost your pissed off that that you lost badly. You're not in the game in the NASA is kind of the the exclamation point funny necessarily think it's it's the end of the of the game unwritten rule code to your pissed off about yours and a sour mood period. Yeah well Tex but I've through five I I think that's it's interesting to me that. The blue like Chris Paul is plays at that edge he's always putted that as yes in a lot of guys don't like him and nobody likes hardened because he's a cheat and we are hated Toby right leg and there's out there are a lot of guys that are just disliked him hall's one of them and that's part of the reason why. I just think it's interesting that. Damian Miller kind of seems to have this he'd he has an edged him sort of he's kind of in a whole Oakland thing it's like we don't mess with that guy has the mean load sort of debit. The blazers really don't play like that don't you know it's it's weird to me that. Dennis Scott because usually good team a lot of times most of the time the teams take on the personality. Of the star player and the blazers really. Home with him. Mean. Little it is is hyper competitive and in the key said definitely has that streak and in New York said going to the year that he was gonna kind of beat out but I. It also you know who's the next guy on the roster that's like that is Myers left. Erred in my ears is kind of a little he'll he'll again mr. rather pass out there lot. Jack I don't want him to be I want the blazers if I were a blazer fan out want to blazers to resemble more of kind of a killer instinct like Willard like we know that he has them but they don't. It's this it's on me that that doesn't exist because usually that does. Eurostar Wright has Lou there certainly does play with a chip that that news doesn't really permeate through there for the rest of the team. You Aaron for people saying like what I BP has been so I was up by thirty they ran a go route. Would be thrilled about it but I'm Marty pissed because we got our ass kicked but that's just never. Let's have never got to me. This is it's that you got your ass kicked if it. My philosophy is if you don't wanna get scored upon you had every. Opportunity to not allow that to happen. If you don't want someone to score and you you can play defense if you don't want someone to score forty on you on info all play better defense. Don't give up the ball. As that this whole notion that the other side is supposed to. To bow down or do you because of an unwritten you know they exit of rules that that always bothered me I hated mouth with a blank coach. Couldn't stand him but the only thing I think he ever did. That made me proud is we were beating the living. Blank at a someone I think it was like a lane or something. We beat them by like fifty points and we are back of sin and we are run on the ball but we are still break in a lot of big runs. And at the end of the game we're walk in off the field and the other one the other coaches in the divas quarter came over and started yelling. At at us as we are leaving the field and and we say in that that we should apologize for being in puke or sportsmen things or whatever in my office of lying to its turns and said you should apologize to me for having such an SE defense. Is that my backups and we were still run and on your ass Kosher guys better. And we walked off the field and I was like. Flick brought low. This that us because were scoring on you you lost if you don't like you'd be better. All right we will be back with some text messages and mark health which is going pro 345 on the fan. I'm revising gives you god sanity though if I were stuck on this alert called the hope. By the way should be more pissed about Alonso involve passing Damian Miller an all star voting that is ridiculous. Policy like a week ago there is just a couple thousand votes separated them and now he's officially passed. If you side of the apocalypse it's that that somehow that. Is is is more popular mandate plan out money please the lakers is still that's that's readers and that's read. Dickey is data. Yeah let com. OK so here double tax plan by three of my teams which I met. Well at times teams take on the personality their star player and pledged don't really play with the edge that it seems that Damian Miller has just interesting. This guy says eight teams take on the personality their head coach. And their soft dust. Mark Jackson. Let's toughen up the franchise guy desperately wants Mark Jackson at his Texas Mark Jackson like six times visual got a Mark Jackson should be going on right now it's on the Mark Jackson day and night and a whereas bill Libya when we need him. I. I don't think look at. Again it goes part and parcel of everything I think about franchise that it's. Average like it's pretty good it's not great that's how I think of Terry Stotts that he's not a problem. It's just in I think he's free he did. He's may be a top. Is he had may be a top eight coach in the leak. Meet somewhere in that end at eight to ten which is probably where the blazers. Well they're lower than that the most are only power rankings I'm right there in Canada and meaty part of the Bill Ayers then they're not yet and they're borderline top ten and literally literally everything. You know offer for opposite category it's like pace of play and all that it's. Their we near the bar I just think any case with this the way the roster is constructed it doesn't matter what coach. There are 67 rates that an anti feel like on that topic some of the blazes with this right here. And it you know want to compete if ability not ten around stealing bases in baseball as much worse and you are taking extra getting hits isn't an issue joke you don't stop playing but you don't need to take extra. That's what tell one of our texture says discusses suit your opinion is garbage as Indiana team shouldn't let off the gas when Q and DQ school. No one that's not what I'm saying at all died by the way did you choose your deed to schools shouldn't play Florida State they shouldn't and I think it's asinine when they do. These are decent for a state scores ADR and but my point is that if you're playing Florida state of Florida State has backups and they've got their third stringers and you can't help Florida State to not run our offense. You can't you can't request your guys to just kneel down in the fourth quarter if Florida State's got their back up sand you need. Yeah and you run with on the guy breaks six yard touchdown that's not their fault. You wanna be throwing him when you mean you're up sixty on a deed to school. But my point is this isn't that the rockets blazers are division one vs division to. Ultimately if you don't like the way someone is kicking your ass then you need to be better so they don't kick your ass it's not on the other side. To bow down to play down your level would be nice if they did it. Be nice if there was some some camaraderie or some sort of in a universal respect their but if you don't have to to it's it's a game it's competitive. He had good life lesson don't sock. Now I I do you have an issue yet you've got ENN and the situation where it's clearly an imbalance. Yes I think it's bush league when the team runs up the score but most people don't do that now a bit but the situation nobody was meal always. Running up no one Worrell but no I was trying you know it's like everybody's standing around but anyway it's not that big of a deal. We'll talk more about the trailblazers at 530. Actually wanna pick chasing quick brain about. The identity of the team and Damian Miller's influence on I think that's actually did. A storyline that hasn't been touched on too much now is that why why don't the blazers play more like it seems Dane Miller. Made it to him and he'll city tonight. He does appear to have an edge that that the other guys don't but you know that sometimes we get into this and we had this with the markets or is it a fake edge like I said that the money as you tend to have it and tough guy. But a lot of guys just it's not. It's harmed them regardless of who you're playing way I think you're not a fiery type of person. It's not really it's not really your personality. In the day there's some people just aren't going to have that LaMarcus was never going to be what people wanted him to be. Now disease wasn't. You tell minutes sleepy Sam Perkins was going to be a real fired up guy there just it was gonna happen in would you like you like guys like that you do you need guys like and that's what somebody text or is it L I'd rather be him pissed about it even if he's. Even if it's not a big deal than not deliberate notice in the lives even said this that he uses stuff as a motivation right he key. Jordan was the best at this he would manufacture. Slights. Like yes I think the bag of Michael eke a key use that. Two to go out and win three more championships he creates drama when there's not drama there are a few program. So this is good like I think the whole thing stupid or ridiculous that if this is what their other needs. To get pissed off and NB motivated then by all means go go get it in my told Damien look at how we should go out and play OK coming up next march helper job to the NFL and Scott frosts. On nick Sabin 32.