Primetime 1.11.18 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, January 11th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool wind. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're stuck with it. Doing the right things since 1952. Making. Games for children. But go up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Well yeah. I was pretty self explanatory. And the live news because I thought we were leaving at six. Go to black. I didn't play his time as Louisville. They didn't do it. It's given me excited and here it's not these beside Venus get to grips the ride. And and apply pressure. All right well all of them fresher. Folks it's time to it's time to club. Critical of so hard to nightclub opinion. Pressure is going to be just unwavering. Firm didn't present he's strong well they were talking about you're talking about. In the break did you not hear this clip. What cliff. Clearly you did you were not paid attention to Mike's old nine I was there is reference to gripping the rod and pressures. Yes it was kind of about this I just think that sets of childish and an abundant. It was tight that would fishing you have to grip the right to their old Reginald a higher up Clinton. But disappeared early. So come efficiently three one of these types got to come on out the scene yeah I've never you were gonna be sufficient. Ones yeah. You gonna go and wasn't used to hurt you to talking about going fishing in Colorado. You were talking about that yet in Colorado not with you and you were supposed to set it up and you never did it didn't happen to that I sit day you can come odd you're like right will you were opened to the idea now. Fishy you know I think you could just you've completely cut back on them all hang out the injuring yourself. But I don't need to finish well that's why we showed pretty relaxed and that's why we go and fish witnessed the relaxing part of fishing is sitting on the boat drinking beer not like. Do you in what it takes to finish. Fishing is part of the relaxing and drinking is part of fishy. Yes I do I get that I just can you can do I do without the fishing part you know just be out there don't you miss the whole thing. You're missing the connection would nature and the mentally eighteen inch. Giuliani and killing something that's where the the connection comes in a molecular growth especially when you have someone helping you do you know really know it takes to finish. What does that mean I someone's plate and you if you don't think died right. They rule oftentimes. Put the bait on for you all you have to do. He is broke into the water and then sit down the US teams like Illinois at a fish and asking rob oh. It just seems and he sort of thought a lot of work since it's not some tests. Whenever a trickier Victoria. You have to do is stand there and grip the ride and throw it out there and said I'll be happy to float on a boat and drink beer on Saturday and apply pressure. I have no problem that. I prefer weighty doubts this if you go out like on a nice day. To do is that you just eagle findings of a nice hot day in the gods and swim trunks. We just kind of wade out there with a backpack stated there about waist deep and then you just gotta do little. You'll official that way the fighters of and it's Riverside. It's good times. Gadgets like bears finish if you'll bear and it did and that's ideas. They can do that I can do it. His died down their Dougal spear fishing yet leaning use my hands. I just usual amount is go with your teeth to get receive the people that the do the catfish noodling. I have seen him that to mean is is right out like an adventurous outdoors sort of Fella my. Because people die from the stadium yeah like the kids if you don't know what you're doing in the catfish some of those Fisher huge. Aided by cheer you get stuck as you go down into the little caves where they do live like underneath the branches and stuff. In if you let people know your doing there's people that drought underneath there. But not doing nude lip for a giant catfish down their nor in my up with the old. I'd stick my hand out there and wait for the fish to bite it and then pull it out enough. They expert notes. KM. You wanna talk about the political. The addition to the flu well look I guess it was. News site it is in the news in my wife just had it in luckily adding given night I got sick in I was sick. For like two and a half weeks but it wasn't the was it didn't like it. It was the flu. It was just. Kind of sick. It was Nicole leaders is weird give with a gets it this time the huge chunk of that from EA kinda do that but hey if I get the flu is pretty mild of an idea get a flu shot. But are saying that the flu shot isn't really working image is yours you know my daughter had it is she had to go to the doctor from the Jennifer was two weeks and it's bad on the job and I feel like I've had it's on the verge of it at least five different times. Like I go to bed. And I feel a little run down my throat is sore and I'm like all right here it finally comes in the Nextel wake up and and I feel all right here's a story of Tyler Bowman. I kind there he is dead along. That's like. He is an aspiring personal trainer communities and an about the named Tyler I get a bunch of photos of himself riding motorbikes and lifting weights what was his name. Tyler bone manner Baum and Olken. And Leo we use a full on broke the eyes of rose 21 years old. And do you just died of the flu. Which this this just fascinates me that we all get the flu right gap or you know. At some point you're gonna get tickets faster out yet in its and we just you know we recover then. But you never have the thought that you're going to die from it and yet people die from the flu. Like really healthy people. Die from the flu all the time over 600000 people worldwide so what is your what is that what is that. What does what happened to him if he and I both get the flu. And he dies he's clearly in better shape he's younger but I mean why am I. Not dying why is he dying and I'm not done he's got labs they don't I don't. I think honestly I'll a lot of this is. We don't take it seriously. He just what this story says he just kind of brush it off. I remember Internet it's moved him exe she was too little but. Years and years ago. My daughter's swim almost thirteen now and she was probably three your four. What they called the the doorbell virus through the rotavirus. She's she had some than she got sick remember that and issue six for about a week and we took to the doctor and their like you know she's got a virus got a bug. It's kind of the the whole thing with the flu and it's you know we gave permit she was really sick but we did. Free ticket to the doctor she's sick we think she's missing and get better. I would work if you remember my wife called me and says she's turning blue. And my keys yet organs shutting down we Russert the hospital they said that you know 456 hours more but if she'd fallen asleep and we have looked at her she could. What why but we took the doctor she was on beds you just don't think that in this day and age that something like that. Can kill you but and so when you don't tickets juicy before you know it. Yeah you know something happened announce it at the kids you know I was reading a story about a couple Oregonian who will kids that died of the flu. And the kids you know. Unfortunately you understand that a little more you understand the olds right yeah. But the it's the it's the. You know it's just the perfectly healthy yeah that's what this mom says that need to be there he died from septic shock and is Morgan is just shocked and that's what they said with with my daughter is that true. Her organs were shutting down from this. And that's what happened here organ failure and they said that because he was healthy. And was it was a young man that was in great shape that no one took this seriously did the what does that mean that means he needs to just. Like was he just lifting weights and just not quite yet not laying down and drinking water I was it was dehydrated in the future cavs by an Indian vina he. You know when when my daughter went to the hospital they just pump yourself with fluids they had a run an idea they kept her temperature downing gave her. Managed to make sure that her fever wasn't spike writes that he is try shown some of the signs and yeah these though whatever you just power through it right your Michael how many times does that. Yeah they did you do you do that the week I was Colin you said you came into work what four straight days you know I don't rank I didn't feel good that it's not like like I'm thinking oh that's really bad flu like fever puts you down but that's kind of my point is is exactly that sort of attitude I'm not that bad and so people say that the like I'm sick but I've been sick for weeks how long can I be out of work I've got. Every time he hears someone say yeah I feel like crap and I've got things to deal. So you get up and you go doomed regardless of how you feel yeah a biggest just know wean from having been really sick before what like that what's bad and what isn't enough and it just tells us that. So many lay people just don't take this stuff seriously especially if you're young and you're healthy and yankees did and it its peaks California. Scary stuff well we had it like. We had no idea that that years ago that that could be that serious we had taken her to the doctor. And we were told that she just had a virus and and we did exactly what they told us to do. And you don't hit it made it made as a steep right hand turn I think about that all the time how close she came. And and there was no. You know there was any grand secret Jewish didn't get any sort of Greek treatment or anything when she went there they gave her an idea they gave investigative fever down you know. Well. If you flew. Take it seriously yeah pitches well and here's the thing Diddy got you know half if you get sick for a week in it it won't get better. Go to doctor. Notes but that so many people nowadays just as soon. Well paying them and it'll run its course too expensive now. They're expensive that people don't even wanna go. And pay much money now looks it's amazing how many times health. Your health your well being is down your priority list of things that you spend money. I'm totally. Doug why would I wanna go paid you know. 3400 dollars to answer that go to the hospital whenever I can spend that 3400 dollars on the you know dammit I'm into us and goal from the doctor you know that WebMD. Emmerich the number I self diagnosed Miami vertigo vertigo then it turns out that's not land and all. I like to self diagnose Nikki Silva McKeon I think if I'm pretty sure this is they have the I can't do that X if I look at the that I just assume the number I have the the Ebola Virus and under the dye. You think when you look at WebMD I'd just assume the afterwards because. I don't know I always have. My body doesn't work that wills there's always we are cutting aches and pains and stuff so is wrong with inside naturally just assume the worst. But I'm just waiting for some how do you eventually come form Vedeno you have the flu like like like my wife was really sick for like almost three weeks she's still coughing. And has aged kiss she waited she finally went to the doctor in she's she got Sheehan sinus infection down. But she also think she had the flu and they. You know I don't it. I consider these to scrap it just kind of as a catchall. Would you die from the flu were they so my daughter didn't have the flu she added a different virus but it. My point is if you're sick you're not getting better. And you got a fever for like 567 days and keeps coming back you know I can be better go to the gym and lift weights that might wanna look at that looked yet. Our initiative from got a staph infection in his foot for five months before he went out there right but that's the sort of at that mentality again as they carry yourself to be fine. Davis Texas a and M booster who wanted Kevin some retired member of that huge yes he's back he's he bought it 10-Q. You literally body an actual real working tank and put it on his front yard because. Apparently he could America have got that story but he's there's another story that he's in the news for Canada. He is he's this he's a whole thing is incredible name's Tony Busby. With a Z. Be used he'd be how insufferable as bad guy when you go into it Tony Blair as the all right so we'll get that story coming up next on the fan of them. You him remember when UCLA intensity and him played in Texas CNN. Blew like a 75 point lead I think Europe I went thirtieth to have something like that. Danny silly one and then this guy has grown here at. Does beat yet Tony does be put out this thing on FaceBook about firing Kevin someone and then. Now than we talked about it here do you think is the only the border regions or something in these yeah easy producer ease of booster there and he some rich evil he he bought like a world were to take like an actual working taint. And a piece of this just gives you little background on mr. Busby yeah he is in the news. For something else and we'll get to that after this. If you had a million millions of dollars how would you speak your lunch money chump change we're talking about 600000. Dollars. Keep you keep in mind you've already done your civic duty by donate millions of cars in cash to charity let's try buying. A kickass Tay river oaks attorney Tony Busby did just that. It yeah. I am and god look at. And they got the first family fanfare than ever. That is totally. It's been a year long process of now this tactic. He is on the river oaks boulevard of putting your house. Absolutely excited. You know it's it's vis a history it that it. Liberated parents liberated. Berlin. Traveled down the streets of Paris the streets of Berlin and now here it is on. River oaks boulevard how can anyone not be excited about that game yeah. You gotta keep cool. What had tank. It's you know as a child gee you played you played army he had you know look market tanking your run over trucks and you know right idea when I found out it was coming up for auction. So I told my guys let's get that time could be really cool out of my ranch to blow things up and run over things that we really blow thing Paula absolutely. You gotta park despite outcry about cart ride here and William man was gonna say richest people yeah. They did it feel like you and I don't they kick you out like subsidized child. This is a piece of American history of the Germans you know there's been this issue witnesses all right all that foolishness and these people confident in our country in this tank and five men wrote in his tank that landed at Normandy they thought the top. They liberated areas that day they beat the Germans and here it is now he's the history sitting in my front yard I think it's a testament. TD to are United States and if somebody is offended by it well you know. You know you never gonna make everybody happy eventually I'll put it somewhere where where people can you know the little kids can get up on it and parents can take pictures I. You seem singularly used it because of your military bright background. Yeah I was I was summer hours and every Sherman a marine. That was in Persian gulf and and Somalia but. But much much more appreciation for is that. My grandfather landed at Normandy and was in the infantry and at this particular type of tank. Was probably one of our saviors and we we mass produced about 49000 of this. Kind of tanked the Sherman a Sam for Sherman tank face. Sold it in 194146000. Apiece. And they sold 29000. Of them. And so in 2070. Would still it's the back calls me. Love the 600000. These industries and is not a bad fit into the I don't know. And he has. Do you like this guy. Remember we were we were at least in our our donating these to the British even before we got into the war. And then when we sent our people to fight the Germans. It was this particular type of piece of equipment that helped us win that war and and had we not won that award this to be a completely. Different country now we celebrate our freedoms and rights to speak and write to have a tank on our. In our front yard. I don't regret it just yeah I bet they accept the mind and is one of the things I had to do as much you can see there's a whole board into the main gun that's the make it non operational. Of course I hope to make it operational once I. I get a the northeast Texas a little bit slow and I. I put this this is he heard Harry and very little that's where this came from these these guys these these races these brave soldiers that. That the five crewmembers that regardless of their home as you said previously this is where they lived ate slept. And you know this tank is a lot of reasons we won the war. And it is. Parker right on river oaks boulevard not ultimately Busby says he will move could take. To this other home and Austin not the one in Wyoming. Feasible he. Did. Thank you. Rich is he going to be good. But I think it. Well OK so that's Tony Busby GAAP. 998. And I don't want a question that I think he clearly knows his stuff about. You know the military norms of a big ears and Dave I think he was he Marie Davis and I don't think navies in the navy in the Marines I think he graduated from the naval academy in the served in the marine commander for a couple of years and when he went to law school not as one tank. In mind to believe that one tank. Was in Paris and Berlin knowingly say I don't think that tank was in it doesn't when he says the Russians probably tanks that they took for length and but but that's what he said the keys and make his point is that the united did that take that chance at it that's is there anything we simply unbelievably been globally could. You can say all he wanted at least if this is all about some sort of historical thing it's not it's got the small penis that want to say that he owns a ten okay that's getting all this is so he's got a tank which is I don't know there's some mechanical about that I'm sure he probably gets chicks and it. You know I tried pick sticks up for dates and it you know I think. Ed bad. On the guy and the in the tank but that's my point here. One reason he wants attained can sort of that's that he can say that he has attacked by the way he looks exactly like you'd think she Hughes though he's you know. Decently continued in his forties he wears sunglasses at all times out and he's in suits with pockets there's this yes but he is sure it is usually about six day who believes it yeah he's seen play like to show off the chest tackles OK so now you know little bit about Tony Busby yet he has a lot of money he's an attorney. He has attained for the and he is single and he is in the news. Because he got a little weird. With one of his recent dates on board in I'll tell you that story when we return. Here is Michael sports owner. I just give laugh and it has been. It is is takes that took Paris. And Berlin it's so does he have a Russian take too because. You know because some would need to tell him that we didn't take Berlin that was the Soviets so you hate the semantics but. Really you you can't see the year today took payers in Berlin when. We didn't take him in the head if I pay 600000. Dollars per tank ominous say it is that it. Freaky and it took every day all of it it started her forgive me it's will be. This is V tank with a little thing like history get in the way he has seen what you're they can be heard it up but don't that's right. It's just not give volumes as a tank but I do not have a tape. So you know immediate Tony does he have something in common neither one of us have to take it to Berlin and a Sony does well here's the latest on mr. Busby. He went on a it got a little weird her name is I think I can't see that happening now her name is Lynn do you do layman. And yes she is quite hot yet. As you would expect. Well I guess they went down on the first date and he takes her back to his path which it's like I guess when you're that rich. I mean that's is like your go to move right he would never. I don't know when you're that rich I just think they all get back to your had even on the first day politics I mean it's it's like understand. And by the way I'm guessing some of us on the beat it into. Wanna show that they cost a decent candidate there's nothing there that's going to be you wanna see my heart of the doesn't work in the backyard. Not quite you went to the park is something tells me that his house. It did it's it's fairly impressive. Politico that echo that any drivers when you recall that says he's he's already Gatling you Lou back to the house yeah. But I guess she's so wasted that he calls or nuclear. Which is a pretty solid moved by bus speed like you know you gain Angel are like oh man. Anthony got really ugly let's give the guy credit for saying hey I'm an engagement program to keep you out here. In we're not even gonna do it though he's not he's not high on World War II history but it's. He knows where the cold Hubert he taller Newburgh. She refuses. So by the way she is 29. Years of age to take a guess maybe give a hairdresser. Since they would she does here know she's a court reporter complicated he's an attorney. If she certainly. Is she fits the bill that some of those. The buzzer again and he would would we would say circle that now. I don't think everyone would sort of buzzards circling around but she's two ways is amateur Gator adding uses I don't know. The exact helium to just sit in my tank you had a Scotch and time for you. So heat as she refuses to leave and she runs and hides in his house now he can't find her. Well I guess she tears up like 500000. Dollars worth of this stuff. He had any war on campaigning is he ripped his supposedly she took like some key news. Is that a key in the tapes he cheated if you were all in she shattered dimensions stupid sculptures that he overpaid for dollars. All the stuff if you seen the photos of his house yeah it's he's still it's a nice place the thing. So yes she's she's claiming now it that none of this is true. And they're gonna find out court. But she's a scene like serious jail time at the end because of the the value of the value yeah. They he's claiming that it is she is free on bond did it's it's worth over half a million bucks so there proudly on their second day. It you big buzz he's gonna Kennedy's idea with their buzz he's getting gators that tank and it should not you know it hitter if big we can handle this one of the few made one or two days the giant tank or. Do if you called Hoover and the the hard court reporter won't be. And how what is this about as house that you can hide in there and now you. You can't find you in my house would come find you like twelve seconds other places to hide it and deal Busby castle. He is you get right out yeah. That she was arrested for a criminal mischief. Yes you the explanatory linesmen so two Randy were holes and some sculptures. In ads. Apparently the I'd like to know to me it's as an unspecified liquid she apparently doused some are work with unspecified liquid. Do you think that could be if maybe in school hop on those training ground. Anna I wouldn't want to speculate if he did maybe stick to tickle on the anti war on the Indy worlds as in the is the united I'd just. I as an issue that it was unspecified. Maybe maybe it was justice and by Jim Pena. Money land. Though and she pulled they've a Monet off the wall but luckily it wasn't just a moment. Good morning. He's an attorney like I mean I know attorneys make it many days. I like any anti money he's differently key one I was back when he bought to take the first time I remember. Doing some look at it to him and he won a bunch. It's like a corporate attorneys sued I think BP like over the oil spill remember that. So he he's one of those guys like he he's one hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments. So now that he's that kind of attorney I don't think he's handling DU lies and things of that nature. I think he's he's he's a corporate get back. Yeah that makes more sense yeah it didn't you get a pickle. Steve Edwards admitting you get a buzz driving charge channel that you called little buzz beat Tony buzz yes does that it doesn't quite work like that police had got a few months mr. Busby is had a hell of a year and we only know about three instances of his life. Can you imagine the other days when he doesn't buy a tank and he doesn't have a drunk. Smoking ban on Lou Indiana woman tearing up his paintings in many when he isn't sending really weird FaceBook messages about Marion it's given some of the mean this guy's he's something. You liked. If you could do like it indebted we like to follow him around for a week yeah just signed on to see what a day in the life until he knows he's a load up on him countries and around picking up chicks in my tank. That's what I'm that you make in your diet drug tank so if you look on that could detect it it's or like these big wooden slats. Because he can't drive to take on the road because well it'll destroy the recruitment all right fine when it's parked on the street that's ways neighbors are up this it's not in his yard. It's in the street park occur. Which you can't. There's different for two cars to go quiet. The tank is parked on the street Lou it's a two lane it's to intervene he's fundamentally yes the everybody has to get over to Lou get around his tank. Out in front of his house at its super rich suburb. Used it and apparently his neighbors Acadia. Since then because the guy like that you think could be hero down in Texas that he bought the tape that I think the Ritz like to be. Infringed upon us and richest people who have he's rich as people gonna do a particular had a year like low income housing. OK so that's latest on Tony does the and I will be sure to bring you at any further news on his life. I will I will continually be due ruling him. In perpetuity for clubs stories I feel we should try to get those bees on the trip could pick up and an up and look to get Tony does beyond. Clarity and it just get a day in the life of the does I would see how many. Ladies head down in the tank. You know that that's you know that's that. Lefty that they this Lindy lose here is there any sort of indication of the year of the level of talent that he's Pauline. Yeah on yeah I that's that's that's a strong effort right there. Are right we should get your brother in here. He had to take. Guarantee doesn't think so disappointed. Grammy people on tanks. If you believe he killed at DuPont guy who do working tank remember him. Now. He's got to kill blues the Schultz brother the wrestler. John Boehner in the detained kid he went all crazy and he held up in his tank. If you like if you own tanks. So what should you should be on some sort of watch list that the government should keep an eye on you if you're your your bio attack. I John wraps it up next on the fan. And seeing arrives at 66. And wait to avoid. Ralston children mad AM than ever lesson didn't you live to me you know. I. Citizen in India and whip David Johnson damage god it's an ID those. The deal we have last enough time to party pretty hard. With John here who doesn't have a take much to our dismay four million yen globe. Dancer in party would do arts and do you see it's. Once is not says Z Nino got a new deal. Here is worried sure curt note yeah he'd eat well easy. Lifted from June. From June 1. To the end to be here but he was specifically to her about articles catcher politics. And that is progress now. He may be bad but that the longest stretch but he never been there aren't choosing to look at the glass is half full. So how long before you hate makes it Nino again. Well he's got to get on minor reputed favorite burger and active hate those right I'll figure that do. Brian he leaked and that we got from the aids yeah he played first there. You'd be out for a while he spoke that they are why oh yet but that ratepayers or you're the clock directed beanie played for the deaths. Yes that Oregon duck which is almost that was almost straight street looking but I gave him the benefit of the doubt Beckel. You Olympic John already has its pre season list of vendors that he's gonna eat yet Hammond who who'd be next. Oh right we charge straight there there's no doubt about doubt and bad second on that group will be around here. He wants to eat the beer look it's gonna happen so all I now. All I have to hope for a are here to give up. Because for their projected your vote you have to acknowledge. That we can achieve. So I support you cannot arm advocacy all my attention. On Edgar America's. All the people need right now and hope that he could there when we do we find out about. January 24 is when the boat because now about half an hour ago and it hurt you now. And with about half the ballots be made public. He's at 80% right now would you super accurate. So this is his last year right. No he's got more years old I've I've said all along I don't think he'll get it this year I think he'll be close I think if you prepare. But he's using strong voting here this year he needed Joba into that upper percent. They're east trading aware of that fact he's circuit card. He's the US circuit boat gave vote. But any player on the ballot so far this year. The end he easy to beat their candidate so it is doing really well he basically get this year but he did it because I think who wrote a book. Permitting looks really cute cute and he's. Putz setting. Happy for some grocery anchored a bit ago medical background to open up a monsoon. Distressed that we're in January you've already given up on the baseball season. Are your quarry there is a sound strategy I think says preemptive. Bright woman and I prepared you. Look he taught me a lot. One of the three being cute puppy is that it repeated his footwork partner here. Parents hired me I'd be need to do that back I probably do it myself. A lot of heartache lack the speed if I would have adopted that strategy into doubt do. So maybe this is the year that I adore. Yet at this point you have put in enough sweat equity. That you can say you can flip the Mariners double bird for many many years. But then if there's certainly did it back the World Series. You deserve the right you have you have put in the time suffered enough to be able to get to pump comes back down and cry when they win. What you guys are this being your focus or your it was short but with the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs. Partners now owns the longest playoff drought in any report major bear. Does it artistic quality or if you're in Concord the other the other. And then and also let's not forget never having been to a World Series in your existence let's throw that went in there. Yes thank you fixes to appreciate that literally pretty good about Oki heavily Q what do police. To accomplish that on the. I have a question then for both the spirit the disease. Team that you use so the Mariners have the longest. Drought of any professional sports franchise in America that is correct. Becker longest play after Arthur. Margaret and create a program idea yes NI FE is Cleveland Sackett. Kruger point one here aren't one year OK so my question is. How many more years will it go. And where will the record beset like how how much of a legal the Mariners can't hear. You. Equipment. Cook but could question the street the street you're targeting the weaker. Yes or will it get to vote eating amoeba. What if this thing goes to yeah Willie gets well it's is it rent a car played its ardea voting age right yeah if you mean there are 6060. You're gonna be here. Okay so so it'll definitely tumor is on taking thirty or forty years do you think it's gonna be able to rent a car to get 25 I think you'll rent a car. Do we aren't as popular on the football team that's what I'm worried. If you told me. Bit if I had to wait pretty peeved. Are you they utopia to wait for 21. Wouldn't be happy what scares me is that it will get to rental car right page. Yet almost ten more years Jon you might wanna just be done for awhile we talked about on this program and it seems they're viewed in the good wife would be better off if you took a break. I think I need to channel like what do I do in the Alabama. And I just channel my energy there that they're really here. That is true it probably stopped when it. You know what if you decided to be an Alabama fan and then like they went on sanctions the very next year to be something about you John. If I had that kind of power expert who received. We we think about it John you you root for Washington State and you root for the Mariners and that's kind of really the only teams you root for them. But there's your brother I wonder if it's you. But. Our crew of the Laker player ever had a good run there all championship ought to get time. In aggregate the cowboys Droid a particular mosque championship spot aren't quite often you just repeat here don't. I'd listen to that theory. I'm gonna make it controversial statement in the sex because we're only to Wear like a minute from leaving death of this is gonna be kind of parting shots of the speak well its its job the bomb and run and I could allow him to retort. Because I TU is technically a Laker fan growing up. I think that if you grew up in art. In our age range now. You weren't really a Laker fans like I mean. It was either the lakers and the Celtics and the bulls won a bunch of titles. So it tiny doesn't really town and with the I feel like John Guinness or the claim the Laker title although we did heavy sweet yellow. Lakers San starter jacket tonight. That I'd like to give my hands on. Listen I I appreciate your order pure philosophy iMac blew it. You don't panic I had this indictment the IRI. List so there I was. All we're what you were not the big see this and I think. Beat in the NBA I guess you guys had the blazers here I didn't have a team out there but if you watched the NBA on television. There was one of those two it was one of those like it if it feel like saying they hear your building a young baseball fan. And he can only watch yankees or Red Sox games. He's gonna pick one of the two he's gonna get a lot of championships were saved his job it's not it's not OJ we're gonna give you those Laker time. This now you can remember this account. Like you're currently your partner here right here here yeah as you know our work when those those wins and titles are bullied. And you better reduce the Mariners and accusing John that's a look at some good he averages he is you notice. He's no longer Laker now right thank you so the only guys to count the people who are stuck like this Gilder told John doesn't pay any attention to the NBA anymore therefore. We're we've stripped you have those so that proves my. Your those around you aren't. I'm I'm down to the 1995 that are division champion air these guys ready horror. Fallible great spirit yeah and you want to forget about the wiser Lanka comparable. I would just forget about great thank him unite. Our ability to work. The best part about the wise like Kabul that year they made my brother number 69. At Pitt and so busy Y July comparable jerseys is 696. Panic and love and anybody would appreciate that she's and he stuck with this forever I engineering recruiting with the engine images coming up next live and local he will have disputes on chula. Right. The to the to the thing you're gonna risk to. Clearing his pitches to a gate he knows what's up on the recruiting the issue announced last name to a bungalow at the Los those. And we got that that's what's up. It's pretty yet so now make his next we're back tomorrow we'll have a big gulf that NFL weekend preview three to seven on the ten. Red shoes. Okay okay.