Primetime 10.23.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, October 23rd
Hot 5 at 5, and LOTS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Kansas is awful, How did Oregon State let Eric Dungey get away, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. I would fly Nikola. Now this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news you are source for the best and local regional and national sports. Hello. Classes mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would do. Made them do. Do prime time on ten AB CEO of serum. I welcome back to our show. A quality. Broadcast today. It is Isaak that's me suck so. It is suit. So indeed caught a is an item there in the flesh. Every damn day they're for weakens. We are leading into a gigantic week. Of radio shows here. Because you know. Football. World Series it workers can big deal your Portland trailblazers. Mean what is not to love about October for sports. The Portland Timbers yes number one seed in the last four of the champs look at that is. M a woman cascaded cup. Yeah. That too. Today. Yup Mike just said it you have Vancouver supporters had to give the couple over a bit of the game. A bomb bomb in your face Vancouver now my Vancouver or the agreement to middle income are. There are that was my maker folks like we have a team in the roof. A local high school was where that usually have coming up we have our. Big fat college football week eight recap. At 515 dazzling tennis are now. Right around the corner of Leno announced I can be like twelve or thirteen minutes and from judging by my notes here of all the stuff I scribbled down from the weekend gluten it'll probably take double our. Let's get to. Now in the club. He ever wonder what happens to use sites. Of mass shootings. Like the schools. Or the like no city I said he got torn down these demolished it will they rebuilt. Yeah but they've. I think they knocked it down to the ground was it Reynolds I think completely redid theirs so we'll talk about that we have sexual harassment news yes several bits of sexual harassment news including feeling really bad for bill around because it's been tough. Has tagged me to end and been around spacesuit are you. That is true we both events today had a prostate exam today. Lol so teacher really account if you yeah who I gotta give a prostate check comes out. Yeah word we're getting good yeah the flat prostate. I have no idea what that means and either but I think it skid Bartlett's run with that mean I'll Mellman and prostate cancer 54. You know forty TC got to start checking that early well that you're gonna have a heart attack late in any given day classrooms terrible but are things we got to. Well it's not it's it's under control it's just that I take drugs for it. I was so it's actually quite good it's just. I've been on drugs it's a mid twenties and a for the club I had do not mark that her. Please I have a phenomenal. Lawsuit coming your way for Clinton made by acing me no imminent and now a large individual is suing the Golden Corral. Oh really now. We all you can not me and restore all you can beat you over serve on them is gonna turn it all yeah. They wanna settle and he says no nun known and and at some point before the end of the show I have to. Do my part in our gentleman's wager that me and officer potter had in the Astros right. You know that's all about no I don't know so offs are potter who's a okay and then Mike yankees and they made a gentleman's wager on that series and and Michael need to pay up on the air. Unlike dusty he was still not period up his dignity that I now welter he needs to be taste. I guess those who are going to. Houston together. To watch the Astros in the World Series. For them on Friday dozens wounded during spring get ready for the show and swing is imminent on in Bijan. About how well he can't go to the World Series jury can't slip it he's complained it's too expensive. Well it is expensive I understand that but it's the World Series and here's my got to make it happen if you make it happen or shut up and stop complained about I don't wanna hear for a week how were swagger can go yes you can't. He's got to make some other sacrifices. All right so let's we have coming up that's Claudette let's get to the have cited signs. Odd topics and opinions. And there. It's time for the odd hybrid club and Obama on 5 o'clock I bride to Isaac and soon. Refresh light Coors Light when things inside cool hopefully for him. Coors Light Coors Light whatever your mountain climb and number applies. The World Series does get under way tomorrow folks it is the Dodgers. It is the Astros. It is high cult. It is Kerr shot. Inquiry seeger is expected back you know here's a fun fact about game one of the Walters it could be the hottest World Series game ever. 95 degrees. Their expected to have first pitch. And that's gonna be until like what 5 o'clock Pacific time. You know I'm gonna do they play those West Coast times yeah I I think it's at five. Or you don't. Our time it'll be out before our time the first pitch Padilla 550. 95 degrees but it dry heat like every single game of the 5 o'clock ish start time to an intimate times the average ticket price well over 3000. Dollars for game one. Besides stub hub I always do this I'd a big nose bleeds right now if you wanna go to Dodger Stadium writer on that 600 dollar mark if you wanna sit though that's not. Tarot no end. The status should mean this isn't out of friendly state. You to go to see again there's not a lot of bad seeds. But I know when you if you're behind home plate there's some certainly since the month highs. But they're not terror that that that's really terrible venue to go watch if you're gonna have to be out that the nose. New leaders of men have emerged over the weekend we have the Mets and the Red Sox with new managers the Mets are gone with a guy named Mickey Callaway. He is the Indians pitching coach he's credited with. Why quarry clippers so good and the Red Sox have hired Astros bench coach and former punch and Judy Alex Cora. He's well respected for his multi language communication abilities much like me. Really gaffe free Ford from language you know that about me now. She's one of the many things on May resonate and you're talented and I have no doubt that the Mets manager will be terrible. Both Callaway and Cora only 42 years old same age as world renowned push up tactician. Isaac Robert. Clearly we had 25 we edge went with my arms that are not my arms but my chest. Still hurts serious CN crystal sore after it was three days yeah. And it credited live on air pollution so first off I would point out that's better than we all thought actually used during the break and it's when he tied them I think that's an anniversary of her love. Yeah rob would not let it be film now they've got to tell you that don't do that again. Yeah looks not. Okay. Did you forget that Texans starting left tackle Duane Brown was holding down the did not he was kind of the last hold out and kind of the disarm Watson things some people were like who is gonna have to get his ass back because the dolphins I see playing well. Well he's back. For the Texans. Now they did talk to the Seahawks about treating him but nothing materialized though he customs of about three million dollars for sitting out. Houston is 33 and are playing in Seattle this week the reason why he's coming back is yet to come back to certain points you can accrue. A season to. Ward's three HCA can Aston yeah so this is there a point in the hold that where you have to come back in other offensive line is browns lose Joseph Thomas for the season a torn triceps folks he had a streak of 101000. 363. Streets snaps that he put that. That's over ten years old I'm sorry but it's more impressive in the cal Ripken streak it's more trades that Brett Favre thing as a left tackle. May tenth straight pulled Robles never missed a snap anything in this maybe it is no fees and play after this. He's already suffering some memory issues that you may just walk away cracked rib for. Jay Cutler he's out two to three weeks Carson Palmer has a broken arm hopes to be back within six weeks one game left in weeks seven it's Eagles hosting the skins tonight. Philly RD beat them in week one there's a new top five in college football Alabama remains number one but they're followed by Penn State to Georgia three. TCU four and Wisconsin five this week's rankings have behalf Washington State two to fifteen. USC drops down to 21 the ducks opened as a field goal underdog team Utah this weekend. And I know the do with your C losing the power tools hopes took a huge huge shot. Both courses sit or wash is sitting there at twelve and fifteen of one loss teams there. How about this thing may need some hell yes but if one of those teams were to win out that's not out of the room possibly they could find themselves to play out. Also a reminder that Oregon State is back in action Thursday this week they are Holstein I Stanford. The cardinal. 823. Point favorite. And number one we have some pretty big NBA news today as the Phoenix Suns have already fired their coach. Three games and has this ever happened I don't down three games and that's how bad those three games were and when the only good veteran you have tweets out. I don't wanna be here anymore. The good side. Now it's interesting to note that. This was the first offseason in NBA history that no coaching changes remain but it only took three games before a coaching change was made. Eric Bledsoe did tweet that he didn't want to be there. I so he got sent home from shoot around and he's already been ruled out tonight they think he's probably done a plane for the suns coach is reporting their trying to trade him. Earl Watson got beat by 48 by the blazers and he got beat by 42 by the clippers. Think Candace and that's that's that's the ablaze OJ Triana takes over the blazers return to action tomorrow it is the home opener against the pelicans. Portland is two and one and as we mentioned earlier there ranked fifth in the Indian defense and they are number one in the NBA in rebounding. So test here with Anthony Davis and Padilla has come to town yes but defense and rebounding are a lot about just hustle you know there a lot of I just want to and so far the blazers are showing. Quite a bit of want to chase yes there is the a definite sign that the did come out focused yeah that the whole we're gonna play defense this year is not just not to speak there I see back in about the hot five at five is refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light duck in beaver fans download the new course like XP happen here points towards one of the kind experiences and awards evening game tickets. My speech when he won over college football weekend recap next on the fan. Where buy tickets to go out and any of those aren't deep potter lynch bet payoff is coming up. We'll talk about the pac twelve is dwindling playoff hopes but does that really even. In other slim right now and it's still think their lives. And but let's start with eyes. We Izzy make your way around the weakening college football when we start with the two big games that were on. But at same time and he had. Up Penn State kick in Michigan's ass. And then you had Notre Dame kick in USC's active and embolden the Libyan dud so was more impressive TO that in those soon all. I think I'm more surprised by the Penn State Michigan one. I thought Notre Dame is gonna want USC's pass I didn't think to the level at which they did but I sit on the program that I thought a youth he was gonna get exposed. And her name is gonna win by two scores. I'm I didn't expect 49 to fourteen. I'd like USC might be able to score on Notre Dame but. I've loved neighbor to a cultural major matrix front of amnesty point that you know Brian Kelly the best thing you did he fired both of his coordinators. And bulldoze coordinators had a deer and F ranking Alaska appears to hire two guys that Dave rates a couple eight. And you look at Notre Dame there one point away one point Lhasa Georgia. From being undefeated. And that is a different Notre Dame team right now notre Dame's good and absolutely belongs in the national championship mix. The one that surprised me is I really thought Michigan's defense was good and yeah did did they got hung out to drive by their offense blend. While I did not see Penn State load no 42 points on Michigan I didn't see anyone loaded up forty points on Michigan. Penn State looked. Good dad -- they really did all Notre Dame and pensive look does Michigan it's probably more impressive what Penn State did because of Michigan's defense Michigan's defense is really get out. They just it was their night Penn State Michigan just had aids is one of those nights and USC though. That was predictable like he said it's like dude if you watched UC planets you should not have been surprised so we no longer in shining Sam Arnold into the hall of fame yes. And it would have been saying it all year and I depart the bothers me when I watch UC play is. Why can't an announcer just. Be honest about Sam Arnold and so we're tired of with the big big kid making mistakes and then damn Blaine mean. You know a router coming up with some sort of excuse I would like someone on a national broadcast to simply say. The kids stride right now he's not playing that well you know you can't plays well all year long. Nine really hasn't but you know I think happens. You and I know this because we spent some time around sand Arnold on a pack of media day he is. Wonderful he really as he's a great kid and I think what happens is these announcers. Prepare for these games and they fall in love with him. Because you know they get to sit down the coaches and the players and stuff and and it is they prepare for these games I think that they just really really really really like him personally and I can totally see why he he is a really. He says he's humble and he's some he's not what you would think. The you know big man on campus he USC may be like he's he's he's really an interesting kid and so I think what happens is announcers just on the over the manages games. And then that's where that comes from but he says. It's just it's not clicking right now also typical USC and you know what does a matchup of two teams that. Are are generally always overrated right we always ovary USC and to some extent we always overrated Notre Dame but I don't think they're overrated this year they're good now. Notre Dame's legit and you know we'll see what happens because they do you know they don't get that thirteenth game. And you know this may be a year than that comes back and bites in the asked the best thing for Notre Dame is the fact of the pac twelve. On May be eliminated and certainly there's there's very few. You know teams is based Washington statement Washington. The margin for error is is really within the stuff to play one another. That may be notre Dame's best best ally here is is that because of the pac twelve had a team. They looked really solemn had a lot of national credit it's icing is gonna be hard for Notre Dame ever give him and when you don't play that thirteenth game you don't play the conference title game via small of a plane time talk about that a couple of things about. By USC one. We're back to the clay Helms sucks thing and over back to the clay Helton thing but I I think we're back to wondering whether you not. Whether or not it is it's good to give the job and interim guy it's like always that last year in any bullet out of the. Fired full closure on thing right it's like a guy comes in stabilizes a bad team. And I Arlene go with the organ sitting with Korey Hall if ordered state plays well down the stretch here and and they're in some games and maybe in a steely want you still don't get the job to Korey Hall. Right clay Helton should not have had a job it is run shouldn't have had a job. You LSU year US seat you should've done a national coaching search you should have gone out and found a guy like a Brian Kelly you should've gone out and found. One of the hot coordinators and for all. Don't give it to the guys in the busy comes in and does a decent job no clay Helton last year. You know saved it may have pulled out a fire after that horrific start but I do think it's fair to ask the question did they get this hire right. And you look at USC that again had a lot of pre season hype and people talked about being a national championship team. And they looked nothing like it and I'm nowhere else to blame and what's your point to the then you know the head coach him and really look like it all year don't they have not. You know one theory they should've lost. To Texas. And they struggle against western Michigan late. And easily could have a day they were in a dog fight against cal and you've ushered Adam you've told with a healthy quarterback and I think beads and so it's not like this was. Oh my god years he's been playing great they got blown up on their names you see had cracks in the armor we kept asking and is this game and eventually UC puts it together well known as the game you get exposed by no accident. One theory that guys soft slow not there. You know I want your perspective as a player. You play grant a bit with the pump. I was okay. I want your perspective as a as a player on this is a surreal thing 'cause we we talked last week about. Two games that were total bloodbath. If you watched Oklahoma Texas yeah those kids were hitting and hard like he was it was physical. The other game was USC Utah. Very physical football game came down to the wire tough game. Did Utah. USC that game actually take it out a ball teams gives you noticed Utah lost at home airs in the state badly. And USC got dropped by Notre Dame. I think there's a real effect of these sorts of games and it was double the bad for when I played because we did I didn't played a title scored plated Q are you. And we don't have the depth. That your power five conferences have I think our starting 22 and a a couple of years I was there I thought we are good as. As most teams in the country were certainly foresees Nebraska and are starting twenty was good. But our depth wasn't anywhere near and when we played. Florida State when we played Alabama we played Washington and they were going to rolls pulls a Marques Tuiasosopo. I thought that after effect was real leg that hang over when you played physical games like that I certainly felt it. And we did we've played some bags after we played some of those teams in Stanford has kind of been that team in the pac twelve. On in recent years were you you even brought the subs to ever get beached twice. You play Stanford and knowledge to Stanford beach but the next week you don't happening you in Utah to me especially. I thought looked lethargic. That that was not the Utah team that I'm used to see and I do think that physical game against. A USC took something out of them I think for USC certainly there's an element of that it. I think they were outclassed they were out coached. And and they just they got smoked by a better team. You would you would have since I am a Michigan ranks smoked by a better team did and sage is better depth flat out you see it seems pretty good defense is. But one team has dynamic offense yet missed out like at quarterback for Penn State has could be moves relatives are the most athletic guy in the world but he's he's a poor man's speaker mayfield. And then you have even between him embrace love. They're fun to launch Yemen states and watch it went a little wildcat thing in you know they just they've got some wrinkles up their sleeve. Now did you see this that it does he Penn State and Ohio standing gets at the issue by the west this weekend this weekend. A did you see the stat that Michigan. Under Jim Harbaugh has the exact same record as Brady Hoke yeah. Through 32 games in ways that they're they bulls started 25 NH he's never won his half of the Big Ten. The by the way those two are still by Jim Harbaugh the way he recruits there in Michigan they're gonna be fine he just into office. Planes court. They'll find means but that allows me to you before we go to break here. Hash tag never forget. You know we are talking about this earlier in the week in new. Teams really don't tackle in the fall anyways how many days do you did you venture to guess. Any. Coach. Well we still there Barbara hello coach never forget coach. He asked back and went 25 native Michigan who who who remembers that. He went from that to fall asleep on the air in Portland I'll still take Jim Harbaugh with one leg over Brady ho like Karbala. But there's no question easily easily but. I don't know I think he's better in the NFL. See I don't know I think you'll be fine I get his message won't Wear thin in Michigan I think he's gonna be just one not saying he won't be fine and he said that I just think he's better in the NFL. There profit they're. Even when they've had a good quarterback their offense sucks prizes college all all still take Jim Harbaugh I think in two or three years. I think Michigan is going to be one of the elite programs. Well we'll see him get to the big story of the woeful opponent whole line. That's I said Collison Bosnian take up the whole hour get 21 things to talk about. I have a Syrian. And the saddest photo I've ever seen in my life you're talking about Kansas. Who put up 21 yards of offense to it he wants your heart in the entire game against TCU in dare I say that's actually pretty get. Considering where one in the third quarter and a very that's yeah they started pile on the yards they crossed midfield got all the way up to Tony on to say no. Yeah we got a lot of things and also Allan mention globe we gotta talk about the pack tools dwindling playoff hopes as well. And how much that even matters but they're two pac twelve things that have come out of nowhere. Literally out of no. It which is why. It's very hard to predict these things like everybody wants predictions but. Man you don't know what the hell's gonna happen now these coaches you know get after it. They stick when it and lo and behold. This happens and get to that next year's Mike. Revising and soup it's Kennedy bill there. All right we're fighting in here because you couldn't Wilma. That BYU. Is worse things can. Think you're an idiot you would be that you're wrong you would be healed arson so. You have never been more wrong about anything in your life I have I saw him very violently pointing he's he's merely trying to make our case. And look DUIUs sucks they just lost the east Carolina 3317. I. I would like to point out there score seventeen points I would like to point out that. CBS a sports who ranks all 130 teams. Had east Carolina as the fifth the worst team. In college football the fifth worst. And BYU was blown out by them. I ate with lying owner and you see your blow while I was 3317. Wasn't exactly a blow out it wasn't that close okay it wasn't always but. I would like to see that and raise you 21 yards. Against the number six team in the country if they do every week 21 total total yards yards but it can't earn a quarter. They had negative tornadoes are urged Europe to play your crazy real football teams look below duels do you talk in the next cut it can't just click listen to me. Why do you almost beat Utah if Kansas played Utah. The final score would be 45 to nothing didn't kids is almost beat someone this year they made a comeback date who do play. They did while they made a comeback against West Virginia and a blizzard like 35 hates. So you are you in the next couple weeks plays. This week they played the 126. Ranked team in the country in NC state boot and then in two weeks they play the number 123. Ranked team in US. View you as a chance in the coming weeks to prove that day not Kansas. Are the worst team in Colorado beat UMass you will see about that might just what you said about these Carolina and look what that is there any way be like use horsing Kansas Mel no chance there's literally no chance no you're playing a big twelve schedule. Why don't give you you played a big twelve schedule. Kiddie blown up at east Carolina did you guys be a look at your schedule you beat Michigan State last year. You beat last year exactly this year they listened to me this year there of one win and there was a squeaker over Portland State any. It seemed that deadbeat Michigan stayed and Mississippi's paid an Arizona in Cincinnati last year. Ten not be as bad as Kansai I'll tell you why that was only a year removed. Kansas has been this bad for ten years okay you go all the way back to 2010. Three and 92 in 101113. And 9390. In 122 in 101 in six and they just put up 21 yards is not vote. It's what we need to do. You get a Vegas guy aren't you guy let's talk to us spread dirt Sprague got their Vegas and that are on we need to see the Vegas point of view on a nurturer field. Who is favored in this football game I guarantee you would spew idea neighbor to guarantee our especially recruit in Vegas BYU savored by at least seven. Yeah I think it's about a touchdown game may be more we'll see what happens if the ten most it would Evans after they lose a bit 126 ranked team in the country this week. So here's the photo you were talking about. And I tweeted it out also sat on my Twitter account but it's Doug Meachem who is the offensive coordinator Kansas one of the of media members. Snapped a photo of him with his head is buried in his hands sitting on a stairwell. It is he stayed there for like five minutes. They said he just I was reading through the guy wrote a little article in the said that he big key just kept watching them to see if he would move he said he didn't Indies it wasn't doing it for effect. He basically was crying in a sterile. That's out there and gets tough that's what now this guy I only did note that I have inside information on this now. He was not crying because their offense put up 21 yards. He was crying because he does not understand why he took the job. You realize he left TCU for Kansas. T he really had they pulled the TCU offense according to know on one of the reasons that they say that they got him and he was really good TCU. One reason I say they got him is that he had a co offensive coordinator title let anyone in the cease and he wanted to be the guy. And they are they are horrific. But let me tell easily out about when that team that he just got done playing was TCU where they clipped it with the ports. Yeah exactly. So yet he probably isn't so very get any shouldn't have taken the job but let. It's what's done is done what he did the stakes are made. Career killer. Yes totally but I was talking to some friends of mine back home stuff like Mike. Could what do they are they ever gonna pull out of it like it's just it's this perennial. I don't even expect him to come within three touchdowns of anyone anymore like it that bad and it's been that bad for so many years. And we all agreed that it is so bad there. That they're better off. Sticking with this coach and her opportunity to seeing what happens well eve party tried the revolving door coaches he made three bad hires and around and look where you are. What may still what's and I know he's gonna take a job. So why not just let the guy go. Few cheap yeah you know you need to deal unique era we talked about missile Morgan State run the option BP. Bring back bring me optioned back to the big twelve see what happens. Wires on one of the service academies can't be any worse than what's going on here. Well elsewhere the pac twelve does look in pretty bleak for the playoff in I would pose this question to him. Why does that matter. I think it's a respect thing just one yet it's one year it's one year Bennett in I think that's. It's West Coast especially I think it matters because we tend to get forgotten out here. And so there's this belief that we you know you wanna play you know big boy football and it's easy just dismiss this out here on the West Coast and so big it stings for some people to get left out. On the dude always prefer to to have your conference in and and I don't think it's gonna happen and I don't think it's it's out of the realm of possibility. It washes in wash sooner bolster limits they give it time you if you're one loss conference champ. But the quality wins are starting to dwindle you needed USC to win. If you needed that big wins or viewers you lose again where you end up against an unranked or may be a twentieth team in the country sort of thing in the product of title game. That's not helpful Washington State or Washington's cause. So here are two pac twelve things that have come out of nowhere in this is a lie. You know we I'd do it sports talk guys it's like hey what he thinks. These things when Lee who's tough who's nobody knows anything now nobody smartest the football guys you can't predict the stuff. And that's why it's fun so two things that have come out of nowhere. One is a little tape. Arizona campy stuff luckily. Well I say luckily. Their quarterback got hurt. And these silver lining in that is they inserted cultivate and they now cannot be stopped well. They're part of forty plus points a game and this kid he's a dual ferry guys mainly Iranian a running quarterback he's soft war. Did they not seem him practices he just one of those guys that is an impressive in practice and he comes on the games because he's kind of light and the other is Arizona State's defense out. Now the house saw this coming. They threw the first like four weeks of the season it was statistically one of the ten worst defenses in the country well knowledge that they lost their leading tackler they lost their best defensive player crime prompt he's out for the season and they have these single worst. There's a state had a single worst third down defense in the country now but since thereby we get a bye week they have come back and they have now held. They're two opponents to 469. Total yards. And only and one of those as Washington by the way Washington Utah two pretty good opponents now. Four or 69 total yards in only two plays over twenty yards and remember explain that they beep or again went organ was at full strength they beat Oregon with Justin Herbert. It played well in the game I'm mean we watch again I thought they were pretty good. I don't know what to make you bet I remember watched that game insane that they played by far their best game but the organ las to a bad football team. You can't say anymore. Mean Arizona State is. Say right now is playing well. You know that would wins over Washington Utah nick USC coming up this week how about you but I kind of like the Sun Devils in this match up the way the two teams are playing right now. I figure is a state looks better. Then the USC does that if you look at Arizona. My Arizona has what Washington State USC back to back they got the chance to present them but that. That's the real Tate is is amazing. And that was a fun game did you see any of the Arizona cal game non missed all so we were doing post realize we're watch the game on TV and his arms out pencils and it was titled after dark. I am not a network that had ended a yeah added a going to double overtime and Arizona are excuse me cal wins for two in the win. The double overtime this courted touchdown in their lifetime we're gonna go right here they couldn't stop take. And so they went for to let students Arizona knocked it away. Well here's what she needs now Arizona State. You realize they can take over first place in the south. With a win over USC this week in that game is down in Tempe good lord. And then if Arizona wins now Arizona host Washington State huge game for Arizona Ivan to Arizona by the way if Arizona wins vaid join Arizona State atop the south. Both of those schools have huge games this weekend if they win them. They are tied atop the actual south. I would have told you at 678 weeks into the season that there was potential for an Arizona Arizona State. Rivalry game to decide. That the pact will unite for weeks into the season yeah because now we're at we have an hour a descendant of I was at the start of the year that he you know at this point were were halfway through the year. And we're looking like there's a potential collision course between Arizona Arizona State to win the pac twelve south. The laughed at me well. I I think I would it lasted she more after the first sample of games out relic is cagey never a pre season. You look back to Heinz is a goddamn may be that happens I don't see it the mean that but then watching those teams early on you know I didn't date yet know you know unwilling. Well Nolan both coaches were gonna get fired at the end of this year yet they were both on the hot seat and now mean they've they've both resurrected their seasons OK how about. Dungy. A boy dungy down at Syracuse cried he chopping people there today karate kick and I love again is he not a Dorgan state what do Boller yes no kidding. Who dropped the bomb that might have helped everybody the entire. Power five did the only power possible operative most turkeys. All right we'll get to the rest of the weakening college football next on the ten. Yes so a sneaky big game this weekend was that Syracuse Miami games you watch any of that did watch some of that houseguest. And that kid dungy. When high school to go to. Click return. I can't believe there's a he's tough kid you know I just he takes a beating out their but. He's got a little bit of that kind of beg baker mayfield and and we're kind of gets a he was given a dark two Miami players you pretty good in the woman impressed me is that clinching game he took him ED. Because it was going out of their way I thought there should bits of fifteen yard. Unsportsmanlike called on on Clinton he got a country each and every one of them assert more revealing in this game and he now at the end of the fourth quarter like the last strive every time he got hit it took him like an extra fifty seconds to get up off the ground in here and what we went hurtled into a turtle guy and he literally like karate kicked he Chuck Norris and Nina says it was -- eight he likes to do that. Yeah I liked him Miami. Still unbeaten. Not really sure how did they are but they're unbeaten and you know Notre Dame Miami shaping up to matter for the first time since god knows when you know when the last time that was a. That was a big game so someone was asking earlier because I said you know Notre Dame is gonna struggle about that thirteen game. That's if they have any meaningful games left on the of the schedule we have they do your dirty and sex schedules regarding a number fourteen North Carolina State. This week Wake Forest and then at number eight Miami. Navy who is probably not going to be right but navy's good and then they're at Stanford so notre Dame's schedule is plenty good. Is just a matter of the world that lack of a conference title that lack of a thirteenth game. Willie do Amanda. When you go up and downed it I think Notre Dame just from regular seized a poise and I was gonna schedules anyone in the country close lost one point two Georgia. How wins over Michigan State wins over USC and if they were to win out North Carolina State Miami and Stanford. And also when he. Cultural playoff worthy schedule. But if you're going up against a Big Ten champs and SEC champ and ACC champ in the big twelve champ. And that's and that's that's gonna be tough or what if you know that they're the real crappy one is. What are Georgia's only loss is a real close one and in the SEC title game. This is the one that could really year old Notre Dame which is why it you know I I still don't think they get in. Let's say Notre Dame wins out Georgia wins out loses a close game single square game two. Alabama in the in the SEC title game. Then you're visiting gonna say well George Notre Dame both one loss teams right. Both close losses. Well neither one of whom won a conference title Georgia played one more game and Georgia owns a head to head against Notre Dame. So I think there's a real good chance the Notre Dame could find themselves being out and to SEC teams being in in Georgia were to win now. As a lot of teams Dylan. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's arrived won't tease then moved on TCU is perfect right now. Yeah so the but you know Oklahoman Oklahoma State they can't slip again they had to win this again they both Daniel loss and a but there's still you know technically they're still in it. I was just looking at a quote from Eric dungy. About why he wasn't. Now recruited much at a high school. And this is a story from southern pigskin not capture. Read them all the time immense it's an ACC football now I'm flawed like every Tuesday area that's and he says it's just kind of my chip on my shoulder I felt like back in high school I got three stars or whatever. And a seven on seven event that I did during basketball season I hadn't thrown a football in months. And so it went from there and nobody. Just kind of fell through the clear eyed about organ state and I got. Tell me watching what Syracuse played all that and it org sickened benefit without Kidd running around back there on also shows you T you mean it sounds like. Mean he says he's kind of footballer you know he's got that speaker mayfield type attitude. And it you know you wonder how many coaches don't even care about that right leg is look at the can go well. You know he's three star and he doesn't have quite the tools we want that are in Italy they don't even like you know what I'm gonna take it. Chance on this kid because I sat down than he had something now you know. I'm wonder how many coaches I think it happens a lot overlook that. And then in any evidence might Syracuse that has to go find kids like that but that's the the buzz is organs say is a program like that right they have to fight those diamonds in the rough yes I'd like to talk so without even. What year is the living here Anderson is a junior. So I don't think that would have been gearing I think it was the year the transition happen might have been the transition year county I'm sure dungy Richard Wright. Com a little check open so little public and I still don't know if that's Gary Anderson not much to be in the last year Riley but he's. He's a spread guy you know so sure if it was under Riley then did he wouldn't have an amendment may be no he's a true junior and came. Lob but anyway and then I think what happens is I think sometimes. You get a kid who just simply gets labeled. Because no one's recruiting him and then. I think I think maybe the other coaches. Take their cues from them. He has a right it's like hey little Wayman nobody's I really like your dungy that nobody else in between us got some Rhonda mom and Yvonne. And then you didn't think it happens guys fall through the cracks all the time ends or you know. There are tires are guys are just better calls players and they were high schools and those takes awhile for that like people to go off it. It's is it sucks to see a kid that's that's planned like that this plan that aren't playing that well. Meanwhile you here locally you know like we could use some quarterbacks here in the state of Oregon twelve teams here's a Texas says how about that Georgia Miami coach up. Have you ever seen a situation like that work out so well for both teams that's a good point yeah rickets fired and they go and hire Kirby Smart do you has corneas from Alabama. He's got Georgia undefeated in in that a top ten team and then Rick goes to Miami and and he brings Miami back in their defeat I still feel like I Georgia would be better off with Mark Richt. Allegations fired him. Now I guess Smart Smart was terrible last year low latency you know Georgia still got some heavy lifting to do. Let's latency and richt I think richt is legit it appears right now the bull schools are probably pretty happy but. You know for schools like Georgia Miami it's not about being a top ten team and end in being good seven weeks into the season. Both of those schools it's what you do with yet because why did mark. Mark Richt I don't think he ever he may have won nine games every year he was in Georgia. This is that Mark Richt could never. Well he got real close Eleanor. Let's play the game right against Alabama could get over the hump and won last college football note did you see the Patriot League battle between Bucknell in Lafayette no no I did not. The final score was thirteen to seven. Bucknell. Won. And they won the game with two pick sixes. Was there it was the other side of offensive to send at least via. The other side was those tied 77. But now got a take six of their seven went to overtime. And Lothian its first possession they threw a pick six at home. That's my brother about this is I don't remember the details exactly but my brother his junior year. When he was at Washington State debt the number one defense in the country lose posse is ridiculous putts guys Ron played the NFL but. I think you have like a 125 ranked. Offense in the country that my. There was a part of and they played Arizona. And had a Washington State beat Arizona and that was with a Tedy Bruschi you know those guys the deserts there's a storm out of Washington State beat Arizona they go to the rose apple. And I believe. That was something similar where they lost 107. And the only the only touchdown was scored by the Arizona defense. I think it was one of those I cost my brother a chance to go to the rose double c.s because they lost like ten to three. Are we kick up the club with sexual harassment news and bright fun topic to apologize if TU. Talking amounts. You're gonna watch how popular you owe me a ball there watching HR's watching you pardon drugs is a mid twenties I had exactly I hash tag to meet you all weekend. Are are joined the movement party showed him on the doll where you've touched me in boots is saved me next bitterness on meet. Sure certainly viewed jerk it. I club's next.