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Monday, October 23rd

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not for the do the right thing since 1952. Making. Games for it. But go up. Where the incident moon and it does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk at six self. Well look follows pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. Go to Latin players drive this Cleveland. The I have to be prepared. Straddle. There's important work. I think I am prejudice again. The enormity of their stupidity is just overwhelming. Gas commenced. This is much in the Eagles and Redskins play the bump and they showed. To use the routed the but have you heard of deuce gruden yeah used to run around the facilities in the lake lift weights. Oh then as soon as it Johns Jones kid. Oh that's John's kids starting greens not Jay's kids know. Starting greens kid I have not heard anything of dues greeted Intel now and they showed him up there for I was named deuce greeted. And so I don't think that's his real name I think it's a nick in I think he's a junior. So I think they go with you now IC. But they called induced when when he was running around he is ripped where he's changed. He's like a little itty bitty do you think twice war. But he's all like to meet people isn't Jon Gruden really small yet growing small is not that small but it brings a grin the little guy. The Yankees he's an itty bitty thing that he uses to kids. A key was. I mean god he was probably I don't know how old he is now but he couldn't have been more. Then the CD has 88 or nine years old squeaky. Yeah he was the was the little kid run he's. He's only 23 guys that say he was like a little tiny kid he is smaller kid Baghdad included images right around him like these kind of I mean to be used the testes he would run around in just would kind of get into things Ole hole yeah. He's this Redskins strength coach yeah he's like a world champion yeah lifter he looks left super strong yeah. These gruden. Yeah he's a mini home. So it's weird he like he played. I wanna proceed played like small time college football and if you look at the photos it's hilarious. Because it's. He's like immediately Darren Sproles and you Jackman with a bunch of repeats it. Glad that may not be fair I mean maybe he's human like he's clean but he only thing he consumes is H TH the but but but the he he is hitting I don't know where his next ends in this phase begins. He's an incredibly strong and tiny man and so he was not named to use by John. I don't the second is that I need to look that up again and he let me get right I don't think we need to clarify I don't think deuces is given name. It's city wasn't around that much. He just I just remember him every now and then run around the facility he was he was a little kid there's a picture of him with the Redskins on the sideline hew looks like. Half the size of all of them. He is so small and he's 56 he played running back at Lafayette College. Guys is he's Jon Gruden said. Yeah that's an intelligence whose name is not to use the we had a couple good got a couple do and every now and then they would. You know they would they would run around gay it in this is a good point on the bridge for obvious tech sign whatever techsters points out. Can we believe that John gruden actually took enough time away from analyzing game film to have sex to produce. Produce period and but we sure this is the beads she greens did I can't imagine John gruden doing anything other than sitting in a film room it perhaps is like just. You know raining there in San on the immaculate conception through thickest. Beautiful book if god did Michigan have to commend my Blair birthed him and I don't know he I didn't. Blue I would go on record to say that in my age. What year and a half two years in Tampa I'd never was at the facility. Where John green's car was not parked their eggs and a couple times because I got cut me fly me and I got the facility like 4 in the morning 5 in the morning. And his car was there it was never not. At the facility the deuces Joost. I need easy speed Joost. True 11 night one would think that we don't know hey we gotta get to some sexual harassment music but first Mike. Pass to Tampa that. Well because the Astros beat the Yankees. Have to announce. That cell officer potter is in much more dominant male in me. And frankly he makes me when I'm next to feel like a little school girl with the full outfit he knows the short skirt the details in the little bow ties in my here. Intel is much better looking than me and frankly I I question whether or not I actually am a man. When I'm around office apart. So. Yeah they go off spotters better than me but let me ask who's been in the game and. Aren't paid off parents there yes he again makes potter film and I think so. I really traditional potter around for something. Is light blue Volkswagen and address. This general he drove a let when I first met odds of potter. He rolled up to Dave virtues I was in the light Bluetooth and now police are just try to claim it was his wives I want you buying it. The pastor he's an asterisk and yeah he's Houston I was off his dog is named Houston I can confirm that. And he really likes the city of Houston as the Houston Texans fan. But. He has since abandoned the Texas. Yeah for the titans so the Astros I mean you know AZ really a big Astros stand when you can just abandon the Texans is a Mario it right. Yeah he left for the titans now we we covered this while you're off you learn on the years mean John who did this and we took it to the people. The bit did the delete of men. Voted as to whether or not it's okay. An acceptable scenario for ponder to jump. From the Texans. To the titans. And they all. They all absolutely denied. His request because he wanted to go for Mario and a yet but he's he's he's already junky season titans but isn't it weird that he's a diary organ in when he played at southern Oregon. Well but he grew up so he moved here I think he was like seven or something. And the ducks became a big part of his childhood so. He's announced livable but I quests there's a lot about potter that I find sketchy at best with well he's clearly more of a man and money. Well that's obvious yes then between him nothing we can do about that I sexual harassment is next on within. And OK so announce to sexual harassment news unfortunately we have several bits of SH and still waiting for my apology from you it's been years. So they called outside genes to go back the director. Yeah and I hadn't heard this guy before that and neither is that the biggest thing I saw the director with the Tyson. It bugs he. Okay I've seen that again Academy Award for that moment Warren Beatty BNP 72 now he just looks him any TU. Mainly because of that dye job he's the big fat guys New York Canada. Yet he's the famous. Director. And so the LA times. Throughout a story worth 38 women have come forward and accused him of the same sort of behaviors Harvey Weinstein yet and I guess this is another one of those that it's it's been pretty well known that that's this guy's MO. The other by the way dirty dirty Hollywood hers are just hoping and praying that there are not the next one named in these articles because of the Johnnie. And these ain't the only to you now. They'll be a lot of them. So anyway Elisa mono then takes to Twitter and she goes. She starts this whole thing this movement. Where you hash tag meet you yeah so just she wanted women who had been victims of sex harassment not some Hollywood just anywhere. Just hash tag. I need to and then you know some women got on there and told their story Ian and the other stuff is really. Other images just today hashed just add its power it's powerful to read you some of the stuff. As it's further conversation made my daughter was writing about discount when she lived in Chicago some of the craft the chief face summit of the day to day basis and I'm doesn't really talk about it but to me she. She talked about how being followed by a guy like cat commoner for four or five blocks having to duck into stores because you don't wanna go home you don't want the guy following you. To know where you live random guys in the streets you know just reaching out and grabbing you win pulling you close to them. You know and those are these are some of the minor ones this is it's it's a nightmare. For women so it do you care to guess how many. Hash tag me to use she got hundreds of thousands of 1210000121000012. Million. Which is alarming and they're saying they're still coming in it's. Not hard to count Maltese. Well what do they say that not just like harassment I think they see one in four women. In the United States will beast will be. Not harassed will be woody college done. Be a victim. Of. We become like sexual harassment sexual not Sussex arrest we know you're actually going to be raped at sexually assault I mean there's different. It was a different levels of apple one and four will be sexually assaulted at some point in your life. Lisa it's they shouldn't be a shocker that twelve million people are are tweeting about their experiences and because that I I didn't know this by my doubt on the basis and she's like well I didn't seeming to that it went to worry and that's like cooking board to some of the stories that she had were terrific and she's. In that I guess that's on the the minor scale to compare to what would a lot of these men retreated out I was reading through them and it's just it's heartbreaking. A Bill O'Reilly is back in the news and you'll be a wonderful individuals. So Bill O'Reilly has long. Been. Defiant about his sexual harassment yes saying net. He never did these things and yummy pays these women because. He'll be damned if he's gonna drag his family great through courts. That's what he's saying and even though we have a month on. Are you tape. And leaving six explicit messages and one of these cases that. All just you know why it's it's mainstream media and it's by is the SE he's the worst is. Weinstein is often rehab and is like getting shamed and yet. He's not denied anything right. And that I know he's only denied the one case where the and forget what actress who was one of the actresses came forward and he was like whoa that's not how that went down. And then he quickly realize as a gesture Malkin goal and he knows he knows right O'Reilly is still defiant that he's still like white privilege. I've. This can't beat even though it's all true yeah right so he just fights abides by all over the weekend in New York Times put out a piece. In it was a revelation that he had paid. 32. Million dollars pill to an accuser. Yet by the way this is all the ones that he settled this was one he paid her thirty they found this out that he paid her 32 million dollars is a former network analyst with fox to shut up. This. Right has she accused an essential salsa she took the money. And this is right after and Fox News knew about it they said that Fox News says they don't know. How much he paid here. It's not enough it's 32 million that they needed to date that he paid her off and Fox News signed in 225 million dollar a year deal right after. That's why he could settle for 32 million dollars he's used in 25 million year unbelievable. And he's still denying. We the best part is that Bill O'Reilly is now come out and said that this has been incredibly hard. On he of course and it's it's it's huge it's a really big and difficult as I sexually assault and harass women over the years that you know the real victim is a missile thing. Pills he's had he's had. I think it's important to realize the bill. Is the victim here and remember typical sociopath he wants you to believe that he's only paid these millions upon millions of dollars to multiple women. Because he didn't want his family to have to deal with the is going to record excite a lot of times. People just give away 32 million dollars. When they didn't do anything wrong. What do absent Sunnis. And another six harass its territory. Other guys say that I kind of appreciate the levels that he has to continue this you shouldn't this line of BS. There's a certain level homepage you know I had a probable buddy that everyone in the world knows the you did this we have the actual sentiment CP these women yea you just stick to your guns be like no but didn't. Now on the real victim here hole lead held bill. This one hits the Oregon sent it. News. Sexual harassment in the capital. We have Horry can't or again senator Jeff crews. Who has been disciplined for inappropriately touching. Senator Sarah desolate. What is it that we can't keep our hands to ourselves. Now. Does it matter what parties won that matters you know OK and lets down her. This after guess there was accused of 218. A Harvey Weinstein. Gift back in Mike the nineties soon. It turns out his contributions viewer again. Democrats on spilled the beans that we news in depth. Anyway was ten years prior to her even being there but they Kuester taken note Weinstein many so crews. Has been disciplined they stripped him of his committee assignments. And so but he has to worthless to me is how I gather that really that. Punishment it sort of I don't know they say it is they say it's on president punishment because now he can't make laws and stuff but that is. It's to hang out now and they said the only other problem crews had in the senate was he would smoke in his office who are at the and he's calling bullish on the on grab in the senator however he does say that smoking in his office is still an issue. I think that's what the important admit flaws I've got and you've got them. The lord and he's an old he's next farmer it's just it's it's amazing to think about if so there's your sex abreast of news if. I. Only did people will be left put in there and maybe there's something. Noble about that right like let's let's do this it's just let's rat out anyone who's ever. Done this NN Dallas is open up uncle touches basement and just let all. The perverts out and then you're left with. Not all. But most of them pride pretty decent people from is gonna be like eight dudes like in power position I feel left yet we you're not any sort of position of authority that you could. You'd be left yeah again I have was authority continue to do it is six the arrest the people were arrested her one another. Well if we ever had like female interns or anything down deep well actually this would decide if you and I river into deeds. Beet field day in Sports Radio that shrew you know down these young spark he's one job is applicants applicants for elected and he. They might care lynch says they're rather as a vacation don't know do you want those to show. Does this really happening zone all the time imagine that all week long I don't we've had. It's. Different females that have been affiliated with the shows. You know and yet inertia in the sports rookie out over the years on the TV side of things Alia interviewing some of their stories you just like. God that's depressing. Just stopped. Keeping your pins are easy to end at them I know. This is why they keep building this is like this movement is kid I do I think it's great it and hopefully now more more women will feel free to come forward and as you have to put up with this crap. There to get a job my you do have to put up with this you're not going anywhere you to stay there in the pretty. Okay get a here till one around. Wasted it talented and appeared to have all of you immunity is a wonderful one blow shepherds and yeah he said that he said that to those on the higher Shepard Smith said that it might. Can I just repeat that got the book you immunity to wonder what he said that's bill MTV Vijay that Kennedy Kennedy now. They need video also said this Wear less clothes. Glued to be fear I've told Mike Lynch them over time so the guy I'm not throwing stones you are free ball as her response. And the guys say that we essential tension we have soldiers intelligence yes on a daily basis but your welcome now. He bigfoot. By the way oppose or gave big for the push into the the crew of the post game live and mind blowing and I am getting consensus the most who do believe the story with the bigger story would be. They then that's it for its case the question we pose to us. If bigfoot is captured but in a gay bar is the story that we've captured bigfoot. And he exists or is that is the story duties game now I am I pose this question to many people in the vast majority MC 7580%. Are believing that this story would be very different. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah like you glossed right over the fact that there is actually beat food and he's around and he's in bars so what. Wait people aren't is Silverado is why. That's the sort of work that this program does. Aren't we got to go up next. What happens to sites of mass shootings and a more uplifting story we're home. It's getting dark to see him kind of curious about this 630 yours might be more uplifting story. Regarding mass shootings. Well yeah maybe we should displaced in my lawsuit where the penny wise. Wedding photos. You really bright and cheery today for the we do that gave big foot that's it was well story I've found this story. Interesting. On a couple of levels IM IC it's just that in this when you brought it up because you don't often I mean we just don't. Think about it but when you happy man shooting what happens to the sites of those mass shootings like for example right nine GM. Is normal when you do what I do that room all and I know it's weird but that but I think a lot of people want. To stay in that room like that went with something like this happens it becomes a. I can morbid curiosity. But I know like when like Whitney Houston and Mike Bliss like suicide room's Chris Cornell. Like stuff like that those rooms there and those like the hotel. They gets flooded with requests of people who wanna stay there and the only one that I know for certain is I know senior telemetry I know that got torn down. We have families. You know bitter grief being enough yet to do the right thing by then how do you ever go like is this to the school shooting like how do you ever. How do you ever walked back into the classroom. Long that's another peoples is thinking got a and he knew got a tear down the united tearing down the MGM now so. They say that they are not going to rent out the room it's grim number 32135. You know they're not in a rented out. Do you know to sit there and even. For now I mean I don't know what can I mean in a hotel like down I don't know how that would worry me is not like it's a huge deal to them they should probably not right now and move on but eventually he is unknown what he do that maybe years and years down the road news. Up pulls nightclub Orlando Medina did it at that club. Don't know I don't know. The owner now that the time was the worst mentioned in the US and I history yet 49 DO. The owner turned it into a memorial. Really yet. She says she's gonna open a new polls in a different location but this one. Is a memorial and it includes a museum. And it's it's a space where survivors. Can go in and grieve in till they can read stories about people who died. The camp and I'm I'm trying not to sound like totally callously. Can you keep that open. Like little. Once he's going to should I think that's a very it's it's a great it's an amazing thing she's amazing she's doing but like if that's your business Wright's name from you just own the club. I don't know how many people could afford to keep I'm I'm assuming a fear the expense of who's that popular nightclub. To keep paying the rent on something that isn't going to be bringing any money. They reserve the McDonald's in California. And 21 people 1984. I'd be. Bulldozed it now. And then they donated the land to use that was down in. Is it outside of San Diego they donated to the city and that the city put up a memorial. Easily stands today who wasn't the height was it Reynolds high school here in organ that that touted. On me. Love the college did junior college as the enemy that's one of the you know the town south of the there was ice who YouTube and they. They tore down that throughout the whole school but it happened in the gym. You remember the and do not I don't know the name of the school someone someone help me out if he did to name the schools are probably having correct but I know the day. Tore down the gym where the shooting occurred so they didn't. The most school like it sandy hook but they did tear down the gym and rebuild a case that what he'd do it Virginia Tech. As you can that's a different deal that's do you guys classrooms. Right. Leading dated. Well I took him years to begin with you haven't heard haven't heard anything about this. They renovated the most. Everything. Andy reopened it in 2009. Which was the second anniversary of the massacre. But faculty it says here worried about further traumatize students they decided not to use any of the spaces classrooms so it's just study space. And there's no visible. Indication of its history and I know that I wouldn't seemingly no end you wouldn't really know. At this point. That's in the end of memorial to the victims elsewhere on campus but what about the feeder and in Colorado and but in Allen's here ESO. The cease sandy hook. Yet it after much debate officials agreed to build a new school on the same site students in the meantime we moved to temporary building nearby. In 2016 the building was finished. Fifty million dollars and he can accommodate 400 students and preschool through fourth grade they built a new and fun column mine. Being rebuilt. Multimillion dollar renovation the summer after the mask here. And they just repaired you know like there are to be that guest column I'm display. Extensive yeah the image. And they just repaired at all. So same thing in schools this big has remodeled his remodeled. I just I would Jonathan Allen I can't imagine. With them must feel like mostly kids or kill a most of the people were killed any in the library there yeah that that is now on each they replace that with a atrium. And it hasn't mural of clouds and evergreen trees that was painted by. One of the victims' families and that's where the it is two kids. People them yeah Thursday they committed suicide in the library. Neither is true I remember okay so are roar of the century sixteen movie theater. After the shootings in which teams homes killed twelve people and injured 58 city officials conducted an online survey. In found that a majority of residents one of the theater reopens. But the decision was controversial not everyone agreed. So renovations scene began a bigger screen was brought into theater nine got a tournament cheated place and the number available seats was reduced theater was also renamed. The auditoriums are now identified by letters instead of numbers six months after the master at theater held ceremony for victims and their families. As well as her first responders. Afterwards people gathered inside the theater were the shooting took place for showing of the movie the Hobbits. An unexpected journey tonight you would know they've they've renamed Rio and you would know that it was that Peter that would be Peter nice to be they revamped it. Renamed it and it's back open. This is its interest in the CEO you know some things become. I don't think when you go see the the book depository in in Texas right like it was weird to go there in the first time in. Think that the president was murdered there but it's become a popular tourist attraction. Where is like things like this is is it's somebody was murdered on the street don't you know so it's you know if you were murdered in the building I think it's different story. It's just it's it's strange the the morbid curiosity that you have because I think if to some of the stuff wasn't done some stuff wasn't torn down and completely redone remodeled or whatever change. Again I think in some ways is to become a weird tourist thing I think people would be interested in going to look at it and I definitely give why you don't want that it was Thurston High School. Oh yeah Thurston Thurston was the one that Thurston High School. 1998. Keeping them. I'm thinking of one that was the zone Springfield but there was one that I remember I was college. To me that's what I was thinking about it I thought there was 100 people have texted and saying Reynolds was correct I wonder there was multiple. This I thought I remember seeing what were they said they tore down the gym in the rebuild that there's the two kids. And they were shot recently recently with the last couple years there are two kids this is how sad it is dale blur together because of gold Armenia and that maybe I'm just completely. Like off Iraq here's a rocker here but I thought I'd really two kids getting shot. In the gymnasium. Or into the gym area those Reynolds OK so I was right in. Yeah a bit but Thurston was it was the kicking go one up and then you had to unplug community college. Also says that there is which was in 2015. Quite a few of those zinc was up through harbor right they. They do they have people go there I did there and there's certainly you know on nine elevenths death. Yeah been there since. Any of the but the freedom tower's right though they call them the Freedom Tower. He now I haven't seen the tower but I see no room I went right after a win like. That makes them yet they were building attempt to build a tower the denim. I went late February or march the year after that happens is a couple months when that was still. They still won't rubber bullets and random accidents. Okay I'm coming up next. John and. And a happier note dear dear brother who. Lighten the mood a little bit it's not a million. So let's does just that it would make you sad that little bit. Kind of puts a loser resent it and puts puts bad images in my head. And then I kind of got me thinking about the whole terrorist thing in. Like I've been to Pearl Harbor and I went out Switzerland tried to Katrina over Poland so maybe I'm as guilty as anyone else. What's announcements. What's announcements now oh it's it's a museum is a doubt and you go there and even there yet we are in Germany to Katrina over into Poland. It's you know wins. When am I gonna get tested to see some like that again and I even felt weird about it like. When that when the train lets you off and you kind of get out yeah I had a little bit of that like I'm bill wean. Like is in line it's it's it's a tourist thing and I'm going there to see this it's and I was it was kind of a weird. It was a weird moment yet I still did it puts us. Again some of that tour overseas stuff in the way people treat these things is almost like novelties. It insisted today and makes me sad and the more I thought about it in just. Let's stuff weighs heavy in my heart don't be said Jason. Chimera on the tape note that you had rain here. The floor and talking about. The team. Asked him a few that you did a 646 on the pin. Van big bad. OK well let's bring in John force and exciting in the late nights. Conversation here. Aria titillating conversation discovered that it will be filming. While I don't think it will now know will not. I don't think feature allows titillating conversations anymore. Lifted it might. You can't just you can't just throw blanket got over there it's not good PR Google thought. And it's kind of defined as segment he's never really know what you gonna get kind of letting go we're go. Those but you right socks and. Sometimes it's scary and I'm not agree we don't know what's gonna happen a little bit living breathing thing. That is true so we got its. I don't know what he's done it yet and greet team this one cents one of those sort of do you want. You want my favorite. World Series trivia fact. When you know yes I do. That's one beer it's which is the deciding factor though he's not listening that's how much he's merely innocent. Yep wired are here and he got hurt your joy. But this this 100% true is that this is fascinating. World Series back to Houston Astros aren't the economic team to ever make the World Series. They're the dumbest team to ever make the World Series. Yes they're stupid and they're the most stupid team to ever make a World Series. You heat yesterday so much. That record that's not mean that aren't that look back what are you talking ya. There. And they're the most stupid thing to ever make what does that mean when it Dina thanks for now probably been out there undergo. Are you saying this because you don't like him are you saying that like their IQ test of all Major League Baseball teams they were the lowest. I simply stating what I perceived yes. I if we ever fully exhibit your hatred of the Houston Astros. Why I'm not agree he's a doctorate there in here are the big rival Andy is a holy crap out of my favorite team for making do year. Why would recruit and it anyway they're not and I'm really formed by the Astros beat the anyway. On the call and her beautiful believe. Who did the world. The world and it sucked in by the cuteness of the lovable great you might go don't call it that Turkey and evil Graham. Oh I think he's awesome I'm open to the idea that I would root for use in classrooms. I like both teams and I'm gonna wait until midway through game one and I feel like my emotions will take over and I'll find myself rooting for one. But I find nothing beautiful about the use an asterisk is the most hand holder in the series. Who's the most capable player that they're yeah. Just rhetoric. Yet that's pretty good at what about Justin Turner the valid point. I can think he's. I think their whole beard think you've got goaded kind of teaching though it deep he really good and it it was Kate that being apart went Ackerley group appeared argued that. Are there mediator speaker do you think it's we. We use are no I kind of I don't mind we didn't learn about. No but you can definitely see especially you know before this last run lead was treatable absolutely needed to suddenly potent. Incredible for sure but he doesn't he doesn't bother me for Christmas rhetoric our protector very valid point. But the look a baseball wealth mean jokingly maybe these fantastic. Look if if I had to list the Astros in order of he'd ability I would put him laugh at. But by definition I still. Yeah this is where I'm I'm confused as. Basically what you're saying is you just hate them because their dead in the mariners' but by that aren't yet you'd hate like 80% of the teams in baseball. And I don't know. Not. So it's almost worse in the mayor's that you don't see don't need the eighties. Right people all days are better than America's most the time to reflect on it he would do. Yeah you don't execute you pick on you think the first excite you. There's a lot of hate your life and again I would go back to it's it's the most true statement I've ever said is that you'd life would be. Infinitely better if you would stop being a mayor fans. Now I don't know about that I'm well accurate question. It because I sort of I sort of cover and it just weird freaky like I hate the actor and I really active we don't want them to win the world. But it probably inevitable that at some point in Rio. Don't clear the park that you'd think maybe she just theater oh. Yeah in I don't care segments yeah. Yeah just one month. Among them and it's your turn. He really well. And in experience I don't know that I can beat I don't know that I heard you know what the aggregate doctors. Because I cannot stand the actors aren't will thing. The doctor about the fearful of the budget act mariners hitters in the world period. That kind of gear and via Cuba anyway they're headed for World Series. And series. I feel bad fellas thank you really do. When getting him. So we're in Korea on Lamar and Corey home will be on tomorrow at the end that is indeed exists coaches Oregon State. Nelson John. Or Marines. And react or me or marine. Do you know whose. Lips no eyes it's gonna. Mike. Florian. Who ran by the flooring and sports business and the you know that if I did those days and non. Make sure he's a Texas. That you don't. I said you remember. As care more now. Does he came in the morning. Un us in the afternoon. On the tenth. Right decision and. Okay.