Primetime 10.20.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, October 20th
Hot 5 at 5, Ropp does 25 push ups! We're all very proud of him...and talking some MLB playoffs!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah. 5 o'clock. This is prime time on football Friday ten may be the veil on the bigger. This is over football Friday edition of primetime revised again soon. And by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brands. Lowest prices on cars and tracks on the east side apartment visit dot depression dot com. He ran a short drive from anywhere on any need both prayer in its final line would drop the suit. You're sports heroes of south side. And the music is here we come maybe he'd be sick today wasn't doing very well yesterday mature on the meant that rallied a love that I love that about you sitting Gainer. And here's what's going on the course of your talking like you know answer into a tan. We if we icy deadly event to do pushups have been segments that know the super content I would say don't you probably get me on this pushups yeah mounted. I don't feel very good at all because vacuum today and I had to sit down at light headed yeah like after I got done vacuum and had to go lay down. That's the sort of the exertion. So if you are ever going to be union official contest now would probably be the time about this have on I never take you on a push up contest at the okay that's probably good and I would we ever do that I don't know how many picky kid you could weasel out. Push ups right now yeah how many do you think that you do yeah Purdue I think I did he didn't get like ten to 150 for sure it probably mean. B thirty. For me that's better I'm ripped did forty. You know I get forty are all trying to break I think a beautiful lamb maybe not through thirty Islamabad down this is part of my Lil underdogs you don't give forty push one not paying you if I don't get there. Let's go to the whole purpose of the a damn about nine wanna make that that good at all the dog over under 29. I think I'm so gonna take the under are in now. In a may be ranked I'll. I'll try it though I'm guessing you get to about 22 and some start starter in August and real and at at the real and knees how long did little to your knees he's count. The Fabian on the little doubt cheapens my that you did on your bench press of the common it yet and that's that's what that he's asked him after that's what it was. Well hey listen I here's what's going on we have Scott Barnes the Oregon State aid Dion earlier talking about who he's gonna hires their next football coach and he. Presently would not tell us now he gets it all things being equal. That they would prefer someone with head coaching experience and they would prefer someone with the Pacific northwest or say ties. And an offensive guy he said now that's all things being equal didn't eliminate anyone but I think that's. These gives you an idea that's kind of where they're looked so joining that in if you 1080 defend dot com are less Schwab podcasts. Bubbles such a college football DVR here about ten minutes I should be good week in a college football. Lot of teams have a lot on the line. We will then. Get some Jamie Foxx audio Mike has that for you I've heard this island in you have to see the video. For whatever reason there's two of them the video's better than me audio it and wanna. And one of them for some unknown reason he is he's wearing a suit and tight but no pants. These guys credit he's so good he doesn't need tantalizingly fox impersonating Steve any I don't know. I have no idea whether it's from a societal barometer it's from first tape which is Steve and his show up. They did an opening to the show and then mirrors and little video that he has camped out of kind of like outtakes. So I have the opening of first take and then I have like two really out America yet he does a really good. Impersonation can't say that time if in a pretty much anything Jamie Foxx does yeah he's getting IE he said he's solid for me no question I want you to. I come out in the club. We will talk about the Chinese space station that is falling toward earth that they were gonna die. Wins where I was told not to worry about it most popular Halloween candies new Internet but it's ahead by state we NASA study about. The worst Halloween costume we've seen in quite some time. And seen what you mean you will you view this the other quality the end frank yeah. Season. I think that's that's always gonna be too soon all right. Let's get to not satisfied. Odd topics and opinions. And there. It's time for the odd hybrid club and Obama. And 5 o'clock I'm bright to Isaac and soon. Refresh light Coors Light when things aren't cool hopefully for us through cooers look at it two hours. Whatever your mountain climb gonna amendment pushed up total. But but but but but also very good about this third. So you grizzlies at forty Thailand no I didn't that's listed at all. Using Edwards when I cities Gurney before maybe thirty or forty forties right town that I did I put the over under between I'm attention and done cannot put it 22. And that's. Lower and I don't feel as. Why. We meet you halfway. 25 during the break I'm not gonna didn't realize it feels Detroit I don't think and this can we filmed this and put it out on Twitter now I think it's. Because they're not on TV today so enforce a chilly damp phones away with Liz can you have a leader theater of the mind and if it's radio we'll see you would have from the radio here. Put in my time. Chris Paul. Of the rockets. Is gonna be out two to four weeks yeah I guess he's got and got a knee problem and clearly did I don't know if you saw any of their opener did he wasn't. In Italy they didn't look nearly. Anywhere near helpful he has a bruised knee down. And had this sources in the rockets are calling agents about available point guards but it just him that's. These are Nelson's out there they said two to four weeks maybe that's closer to force they're looking for point guard help it. I heard that Nelson's agent was kind of market this because that when he comes back then. Jameer Nelson wants to go simply playing go somewhere for four weeks. Old face off. But they're the two baby. Names there you can. I Janus Wednesday's gonna start against the bills this weekend despite a shoulder injury I Carolina who will be without Luke seek Lee. As they visit the bears and just in last hour Marshawn Lynch and the raiders suspended one game. For grabbing and sort of shouting in official. In last night's game yet and I know that that some people have said this ridiculous you get more experience and official but. I think they've looked at it realized it was money via which it wasn't an intimidation thing and you can't do you can't put your hands on the official but. I applaud the NFL for showing some. Restraint here you miss that that James was that stuff Tampa Bay loses this you look at that division right now. You know they're they go to a four year they lose this one with a thing that came with Winston is a huge game. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I Dusty Baker will not be back his manager of the Washington Nationals he says he stunned by it. And thought it was his best year but so they won the NL east of both seasons he was there but lost in the division series both years as well. I'm guessing that B Stephen Strasburg under the weather slapped on not held held no. His replacement DV. Fourth skipper for them since 2013. But in all honesty isn't it. This time they can clearly something is wrong in Washington how many of these disciplines you have to have. It's almost like Wendy Leigh Tony Dungy got licked only Tampa Bay it's like the week we give it your good coach but you're not in this over the this doesn't surprise me at all the things don't Dusty Baker. But he didn't have a great reputation proceeds I think it myth. Number two it's Showalter is he still out there. Buck Showalter book soldier's creed every team he'd everything he does is really now he's the Boston Baltimore and try to steal them. Is that drivers are fifth that's. Blazers take their NBA best defense team Indiana tonight and while the pacers did shoot 50% in the first half. The trailblazers have shot 55% and they have the halftime lead. Does Portland 62. 52. No turner in this when I guess he suffered a concussion protocol and Nixon you mean miles turn on turn ended and no one's Evan Turner is the blazers leading scorer with thirteen. Damian Miller and CJ McCollum. I each have. To bail. Big whales. Willingness again. Still to come home comings of sorts with the kids on again and not penny counts and who played Purdue and Notre Dame in the blazes were favored in this game. Look at the surprise and why they won by 48 there for the six. Into miles turn they weren't favored by forty. Now I they were underdogs. And that was against in the piece of the three point favorite and now. Number Earl Warren. Looking here's Jack Holmes has played. And a quick it was on this yesterday Zach columns list. Was sneaking up on cubes on again for PT yeah although you know he may be still battled them on its windows. And the line folks. Team of 68. LCS. Is under way. It's Severino against Verlander there in Houston the Yankees lead three games to two Verlander eight knows since the trade. To the Astros. You know that team the Astros. Led baseball in runs slugging percentage batting average in on base percentage yet it mustered just nine runs. And one home run while batting 147 in the series unbelievable and I know the Yankee pitching staff is good that it's you know in this. This is unbelievable and be enough to low although both of those came through it 21 victory so. If you're Houston this would be eight. Monumental collapse if they bow out of this tonight outside of five is your fresh by frost brewed Coors Light dent in Bieber fans download the new course like XP. After her in points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards eating game tickets but SP 21 hour the center college football DVR some interesting stuff going on. I tomorrow and college football do that next. After I do massive quantities of cushion I hate to tell this member even at 25 and I'm not gonna that the fans are with you on this why and they shouldn't be I don't know what I'm doing the Jimmy they might Danny get really attempt. I do think I can get ten I think he put needed like AT team. I think I'm closer to me I am afraid that you're here to eat cereals did if you haven't done pushups in a while they're really hard 515 on the tenth. Cheap brands spontaneity girlfriend. Tonight. The fuel in the segment that but the I'll tell you might storyteller and on this program. We get to see true athletic greatness thinking and how to you watch him rotten do pushups that's a true champion red they're battling through one. How's my form. I think actually he get a solid tumors and little back arch at the end but you're not that was that was Leo yeah those were not crappy girly pushups you're out well those were legit pollution on the clinker yes and you know again the tabs so I don't need you guys. One of someone a dinner. Giant to on the night 75%. Romp completed. 25 he did yeah. Yeah when he signed with a small break at 22 yeah I'd he didn't even go down you still when push of a little hard for the last three I. Feel like I could squeeze the 26 but I didn't wanna push I understand well around seventeen. You could tell that things started to get uncomfortable seventeen rob did. Yeah there is and there is an audible sound at 78 sneaks up on and then we started slowing down on. And we kept waiting for the Mikey to jump on you about three squeezed it to you know him for more after that I'm looking into anytime you're feeling good. Gambled on my tax bill wonderful feel ripped out you're gonna go home tonight you're dedicated you're my debating take a look at this is that's what it's like to work out. 25 pushups. Boom but I don't think I'll be watching my hair tomorrow beaches. Well I can't lift my arms. So. But you know that's as good times. I couldn't be any prouder of you and there's a photo circulating out there I think yeah that I hadn't seen it you were demanding the film that probably isn't. Already know can we just. Do something for radio only. Well I want it all this social media and the in the filming in the in the pictures in the iphones I wanted people to be able to see he. What we got to see the list time brands looks it's tots are you that yeah that's me on the floor and there are treated the picture. Now Mike please what is seventh in the duke retreated in the aftermath us enjoy the you did the Stallone over the top hat on backward like while my bill was gonna hit that. I'm gonna throw up a my bills and hit the floor so I had to. Kind of listen enough you're Smart you're left that forward and if the bill hit the floor you tell would have been the end of your pushups you ready got a couple more out of luck this and I stressed the floor I have nothing to be ashamed of my goal. I don't work out and were down thirty years will lead lidge said he didn't think he could get to 25. Boys cannot more weight and I am true. And so are you I'm pretty you got a little stubby arms pretty sure I get to twenty foot I think sue glimpses chest amounts of difference between the idea to have us. Are items I was sick I guarantee I can give you more than on Valencia now at the if you're sick I'll wanna see you tip top on policy you don't need to prove it took total bitch I give you. Mid fifties to is low sixties really group earned while that's pretty bold. No not really mean no it is that's a lot. I don't unit you're going thirty plus over war erupted around the pretty good and honest I'm a look at me yeah. Well I Adonis and an Adonis I lift weights most days so I'd I should be able to. You feel like it's a scary now know known how to. Her. I'm all right here's what's going on and football. This weekend. Setting your Kosovo began we have nothing good tonight though nothing's gonna be better than when I just witnessed. Mean you're welcome no display and again the gas was on point. He's a nice jeans. What brand. And a they just the Philippines. Like them they're they're one of my favorite pair. He has them Gucci jeans. We got Oklahoma State Texas as a 9 AM game on ABC back anywhere if you watch Google Florida State as well and used again. We'll and that's a let's say about two teams that are disappoint you right now with a Louisville in Florida state police Florida State as an excuse that was their quarterback what's loopholes. And. And nothing much else with nine. Pick him we've actually got a couple weeks in a row we've had some pretty good games early on but this is a real. Falsely I was state Texas Tech they will score some points that may be mildly entertaining. It's 9 AM on FS one I think the game at nine is that Oklahoma State Texas yeah. You can go to Arizona State Utah at 1230 that a beyond FS one to be issued an interesting to see Arizona State files at the Utah win I mean I watched him in there on the road where you get Tennessee Alabama or beds and dressers on stage yet Tennessee now c'mon I know but that's normally that's that's a big rivalry the embassies or. Well it's the blitz Jones getting fired game. Syracuse in Miami's at 1230 on ESPN and that North Carolina Virginia Tech that you're into you're a betting man I like this when a lot Syracuse can lead seventeen to have to have Miami. We're in Miami that the is that good. Since Florida's undefeated. They're an 881230. On the CBS sports network in I think that's going to be goods such a Florida's undefeated number one scoring offense in the country against navy was the number one rushing attack. And navy's five and one was ranked you know they turned the ball over I think five times and lost them I think it was in Memphis by three. That's gonna be a good matchup and by the Likud and Debian one of those. You know group of five teams that are playing in New Year's bowl that is a big game actually. Oklahoma's got a win if they wanted to and stay in the Kosovo playoff tock. And there at Kansas State at one of course the org in UCLA game's gonna be one I don't know what you expect there I. I just don't think organs can win that game to unite. He's really UCLA's seems like a mass ideally Sox what with their offense is like a top fifteen not as many canceling it Josh drew dozens good I don't know this ot. I don't have a good feeling about it but I think Gordon goes in the UCLA and wins and if they don't I don't know they go to mobile game well same with the UCLA they don't win this game they they have tough. There was of their schedule they have at they they stopped play Agassi at Washington and Utah UCLA wants any hope of holding on when installing cal to mean there's not an easy slate. That that that's probably the toughest. Remaining schedule with actual disease healers those games or line. The best stuff is in the evening there's two key games enable start at 430. During February east Carolina. Now not. That's for both if you care. CBS sports has both of them as two of the ten worst teams in the country if you wanna see what happens in that. This is cock fight. So Michigan Penn State. 430 on ABC. And then USC Notre Dame is at 430 on NBC. To those you two best games of weekend right there and I don't know I think Notre Dame. Beats the crap out of USC I figure as he's been living on our time. They should allow us to get you top they should have lost against. But they've they've pulled one out of it's gonna drive me nuts that can't think of it. Texas yet Texas they should lost to Texas. I think they're living on borrowed time and I think Notre Dame is is good I think I don't know of Notre Dame team lead by their one loss of one point loss. Against Georgia I kind of think USC gets exposed that it wouldn't shock me at their dame wins this by T scores. But the Michigan Penn State. But he expects there I don't know it's and Michigan's offense is just so bad depends it really hasn't played anyone I think this will be a low scoring affair I just don't. I don't buy Michigan's office speed of the score enough points. We've got Arizona cal and five. On the pac twelve network icon actually wanna see this that that Arizona that we sinking there's a state we all left him for dead. Arizona is he is quietly sitting there at at four and two. And you know they've got this tape kid at quarterback now that is just light the world on fire or score a ton of points. I'm kind of I'm kind of intrigued by what they can do against cal because cal is is had a resurgence. And then tackled after dark is ESPN at 745. That's my is Washington State hosting Colorado. You need to get well we can give you Colorado Washington State they need to come on to beat the hell out of them. That's. That's by far the worst performance we've seen from the good team this year with Washington State last Friday night against cal so. And I shoot you've got your eyes and Oregon UCLA out one it's a pretty light day all the way until 430 when you get Michigan Penn State. USC Notre Dame and as we mentioned earlier this week. And those games are college football playoff elimination games. Essentially Michigan has to win to have any hope of the college football playoff. If they win. That means that Penn State next week to have any hope of staying in the college football playoff picture would have to win at Ohio State's. And then of course USC and Notre Dame the winner of that is still in the combo the loser is out so that's your biggest game of the weekend right there. Now the US defense system. Because I don't think UC's. Thirty. I don't buy it they beat Notre Dame all star buys into what USC has. I just I think they're living on borrowed time that. Nothing about him he looks like a college ball well. Nothing well that we said that last year visited and they completely turned around him by the end of the year and that's I guess the sort of agent with USC. I don't towards the western USC it if you just took away the records he said who do you think is one of the four best teams in the country. I think USC belonged in the call as well that they were better than Washington last year. But it's it's a different here and nothing I've seen from USC so far leads me to believe what performance. Embedded I would like to see from your seat and what performance do you want me to look at. This is yes that's one of the four best teams in college of August I haven't seen. All right coming up next we have nine Jamie Foxx audio. And annals of baseball. My Dodgers are in the world's New York Los Angeles yankees Astros underwear heroes that. Eyes 530 on and here's Michael Ashton Chrysler Dodd's seat rams spontaneity of pilots for slick she listened to Jamie Foxx. With two axes. He's pretending to be Stephen A Smith here. And that when you see the video I wish we you know it's radio but the video makes it even better because the mannerisms than like their hair line. And it's it's just fantastic to just like YouTube it their all over end they're really really well done. More than I thought it was the best he's none of us. If you could say when it would have won Iowa let's get him get out. Did doubts. Plausible it was more about your outlook and longer as well we'll talk about the built up on the up and tell what you. What we need. And I'm not a rating this do you think he's out of trip you up the album. In front of them won the COLT. What do you today. Even if I. Portable with an apartment Cleveland basically could edit this page you think of it up but it. By the way I have laid down in the back to back. First take. So those the open yeah. Both probable I was more forms that's reels in a war. It didn't grow. A bit. More for. You do well and he Beth how great. Big. It. We've not been twins I would have it. Apple. That's pretty again. Well above its first it first take did more bits like down I'd be more inclined to want exactly now you have to watch the when where is wearing no pants for some reason he's talked about this at apple in that low on words all the clips religion little beep beep knows he's cancels almost entirely he's not wearing any picks its Cleveland ace and immediately they spent. I actually dirt that's the first time I've ever enjoy it any in this Stephen A Smith has ever done whose seat debate on there now. That's connects Kellerman on a string and then who's who debates get Shannon Sharpe. OK and that that shows called. Undisputed yeah those are supporters want out of there on the same time do we know other shows are doing. No clue. I if you believe the Richard deluge Kyra every say his name in the median undisputed is awful ignore ratings aren't. But first takes the its ratings he doesn't compare the two as much anymore but I'm sure it doesn't. I just I have not using occasionally I see you first take on I have not seen nor in my aware of when it's on. That undisputed show I should trouble us for so I think I'm sees promise because if you're watching football game on fox down sports one or whatever. They they just hammer you the promise that show I don't know anyone who watches it. But Stephen Smith is insisting that he's not my cup the team but he's a huge follies as successful radio show and people people like him who's more tolerable him or skip Bayless Stephen a Smith has more tolerable skip it really yeah. A group settings I think Stephen A Smith is Dave is a blow hard but most of the people doing that or blow hards and that's the whole point like the Jim Rome have a take. You know it's it's is this outlandish opinion. Let at least she is to Mir are rooted in some form of reality. Skip Bayless is just. I don't know if it's as if it's an act but his stuff is so outrageous it was tries give people around that yet so I can think of it. I think skip Bayless is terribly human being Stephen a Smith. And are now. At least some people appear to be friends with Tim they did make some athletes like you know like skip Bayless but to skip Bayless have a friend. So at least some people can tolerate Stephen A Smith one person they can tolerate skip skip Bayless has millions and millions difference you know like there. Skip. Money column like some only Willie had to do because he's on that as one well no I I talked to Colin when he was here member he came out here. Whenever that was it dazzled the thing on each. Well that that was the several years ago he did one what's it gonna what do you credit where he kind of thing. Over in nine northwest Portland and we went in we had a big lunch before hymns Kleinsasser Saucony and he likes skip it yet he thinks that skip straight. And this was before. Magazine is now because he was saying that we're gonna pull skip Bayless from ESPN you know is before skip Bayless made the jump and I'm like now. All right I mean I didn't I kept my thoughts to myself you know whatever. They paid him you know he Jillian dollar's jump over to FS one almost and he thinks he's great on ninety any ratings over there now I think that's one of those like oops yeah maybe we shouldn't have paid that. Lot of those big signings haven't worked out Bill Simmons ended up being a giant flop what's his deal biologists these is not a great. On TV now not not a great day camera guy now right. That there is a good writer is a good writer but he he bonds with his big deal and both that he ESPN ended each BO. Who was the other guy that. Who's the guy that they paid the Digi dollars to from Sports Illustrated. I'll regret Rick Reilly's he still around now that in the Debian a colossal. Waste of money grabbing him like yeah just they they paid him a ton of money to come over and everyone hate him. And all the FS one buyers they appear those minutes you'd like to skip Bayless is in the win last night to those of worked out either. Sometimes we get into this thing where it's like all with his big personality they carry these huge filings and pick a lot of people are finding out that no no you don't. Now time now. Let's take a break. OK okay do you agree with my assessed OK you agree with your assessment we can launch into all thing about. 3542 you are stones and a look at us via making a Smart decision to the blazers. How they don't look at us look at the blazers given it to the pacers your reserves. They've only given up. Fifteen points in the third quarter got Willis and this inevitably the pacers scored 140. In their opener and maybe the defense of rankings for. The Indians grade it's game number two if slow your roll YSE. I just 25 pushups now all of a sudden he just answer I throw his weight around break in on time telling me to slow my roll a slow you'll roll it. How well how I'm. When we return. Sic look at who might play in the World Series. Who lists. As you know that's gone on the other was the source next week that LA team I hear they're pretty good it's 543 folks. This is defense. This is of football Friday edition of primetime revise or consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand spontaneity both Israel. It teaches setup for the end of the World Series. Which is going to be next week. Astros Dodgers right. Handy. You know I could be. Can also be yankees. Dodgers which I'm sure Major League Baseball would just be doing cartwheels for all you untie about sports fans being tight. Any time new York and LA involved in an evening though beat their perfect World Series and it would be I don't know if you could come unless the Yankees and Red Sox could some helpful dropping in the if two teams in the American League you know it's never happened but don't count now. Robb lived a pretty Swanson lucky if they get busy bee has spoken wave it's one they'd make that happen. Well. Who ever went so right now it's the top of the third out in the Yankees and Astros scoreless Burnett Verlander looks good but this game CS system can't do it. Well I wanna do you think it's a meltdown at the Astros don't win the series I do think it's well. That means it's not a meltdown if they don't win the series it's a meltdown if they bow out here. At home in game six and if they hit 142. This is the team that had basically the best offense from the very start of this thing that we were talking about before they they kind of stopped caring and deliberate slump. They were on pace to break the 116 win record in the Mariners. So to see them go out against a good but not a great pitching staff in the Yankees to see them here at 142. Boarded up nine runs so far in the five games. And that's that's that's a note that there's no other way to put it that's choke job. So since going. To best of seven. There have been 25 teams that is not taken a 20 lead. In the championship series season 22 of those when he tied teams won the Cyrix now. So only thirteen teams since 1903 have ever overcome an 02 deficit in any series. Any any yeah and users here five or seven. Only thirteen so it did really even though this series it doesn't really feel like. That big of a comeback right both games were 21 Leah was like one team was was clearly better but the Yankees we're down 02. And if they when they will be the fourteenth team to come back from an 02 deficit in any series in 1903 the royals did it and if you notice. When now my royals. Won the World Series 1985. They did it in both the LCS and the World Series I don't remember that they were down attitude to the jays and the cardinals. Of course Mets Red Sox in 86. Yankees braves in 96. Yankees were down 02. And then of course Red Sox in 2014 yankees as just some of the teams have come back and they were down three 03 that it's stimulus. So the Dodgers to see the way this is going down I am legitimately stunned by how bad the Houston Astros office has been. Well see they can break out tonight that the a winner plays the land that series. I'm plays the Dodgers who put to rest any sort of notion of a cubs momentum come back like last night well they sure did and in it up let me get a lot of credit. The Dodgers. Big dominated the caps via the in that series the Dodgers scored 28 runs the cubs had 24 hits. Hikes. So if you take out that stretch. Where LA went five in nineteen. That was from August 26 to September 20 if you take that stretch out. They have including the playoffs they've gone 106 and 39. Of lower that they win 173%. Against. And seniors probably gonna come back to be able to play in the World Series. There's so good enough they need him because their offense is scary good anyway is in their offenses is dialed in their pitching is filthy killing Jansen Allan anybody hits them well it's not just him either their bullpen is so deep. Then it's it's not just chance on the back out DeVon -- bullpen their dominant starting pitching and even when they go to their bench it's just it's the deepest team in baseball and Justin Tucker has decided to be god darn Babe Ruth. So game line. Is going to be Tuesday. In LA. Game two Wednesday in LA and then they go to either new Yorker Houston for a Friday Saturday Sunday games 34 times. Well and then they go beyond what. Where did you say when was game one Tuesday Tuesdays so. Yeah Kershaw should be able there to go right he pitched on Thursday as you get Friday Saturday Sunday. So in theory if you wanted to Kershaw would be at the top of the line open and able to go you know at least two if not three if it went seven. Yeah I think he got to do that yeah annoy you wouldn't. Dodgers looking pretty get. All right what else is going on to win any left over from this week that need to be Italian out there and don't think I do you a little. I think we got it all in this week. And including gay big foot I mean it's been a very enamored of the week ended the club has been. Well let's just saying the club has been it's been eventful it's been something Harry. Yes. Perry is literally covered in leather. Yeah. We've we discuss some some rather racy topics and but then again we're courageous and that's what we do. Look we haven't even gotten to the club today and we tackled my man hoard them. And wanted to marry just any when it's rich you would give up your sexuality for money year over year break and push up records that we haven't even. The club yet thank you amid all of those break in the news today. I don't know where we go from here. And neither. Well I'm trying to keep it on the rails. Look at that. I've got to I've got a knee in the news segment where we'll learn about what what happened with that big is security guards they finally found an area did you ever see him on the Ellen. No I don't I don't watch any and I know Alan is still on. It's kind of a big deal yeah she had big show critics though the greetings. I saw she just bought a twenty million dollar. Mansion on the beach and she really I skid for Kanye could tell you posted time if you talk show. Whether it's late night or daytime that's the life and he kind of any of that Kelly. Threw him whose bill Fox News Kelly talked Kelly fog was an American making Kelly sank hull. And to vote counting he would be talking he's been ripped apart her show yeah it is like I guess they're saying that the ratings are just abysmal and she just it's what's on Sheen on. It is pickets at nine or ten it's an old fashioned dumpster fire and they don't know what to do with their because they gave like he did Jillian dollars amount it is bad. I saw the one with the Tom Brokaw on it and she just couldn't be more uncomfortable. 'cause it's not it's a talk show formats like Gil Loper show she's I wonder in the crowd she couldn't be more uncomfortable and out of place I love Tom broke out. You put him on your show you ratings are going out. Well that's got some it's got supplied because she cut off Tom Brokaw on the middle of a gun control. A ruin yet so she's going up against live with Kelly in Ryan and I guess it's just it's not going well at all. That's agenda their Kelly rip than that Ryan Seacrest in Vegas big labor in it was a 4050 million dollars we finish if you debate gather. And now the don't know what to do with there. There's sand 12%. Decline in viewership from last year during her show's debut week is let's look. The second week of making Kelly today site 24%. Drop in viewers from last year and the third week. Age 23%. Smaller audience only gone yes that's what he did you get rather monies. Yup they're the and appeared in well you stick well I mean guide its she got on their September 25. Don't think she can get better. He BC it. Now I'm pretty. Well but she's very uncomfortable seat that it she's very very income eating your ass kicked by Kelly and now Ryan anyway I as crop ladies and gentlemen lever on the air which she won their shirtless and see what happens giver chance of deleting demographic. Then the big to a video fifty years ultimate edition put Phil Donahue on their. Loan tedium and I know or Sally Jesse Rafael. She's dead so he's not dead guaranteed so we're in the red glasses you don't use 81. So look to. I'll probably just being an old saying about the hurdles he has a lot of ear here. Now I just miss Phil Hartman doing Phil Donahue that's liveliness is it a bit now. And Sally Jesse is also 82 of them and boy did she look at really yeah. Well to gussy she looked into she still has Starker and here. So it Jessie looked 81 when she was probably fifty what she did. We officer and look at that. That's not really there will of course not dvds who that's that's a really bad wig. Was only good thing no but it sure Sheila and popular she's a Jenny Jones. Is that an average any Jones. Shia and one of those cheesy. Ricky lake esque talk shows like he'd stay home from school in the following you a little image here you lay on the couch once and Jenny Jones. The bit about late term buy from B diva you know one of those in a mine from B diva ought to make over shows things of that nature. Am. But David is still the Maury Povich. Paternity excess. For my ensure that Povich used to be like he was serious he is a serious talk shows he's really good and then you just turned it into the garbage out to you but for my money though if I don't watch one daytime show should be Maury with like nine guys up there and some lady taken a paternity test with all of them. There's nothing better need drugs that you are not the father handed you like all my guys stand up and they're like do a choreographed breakdance. At top of the group like runs backstage. I don't as human misery but timid it's good TV I accuse. All right coming and next it's the club we'll talk about the Chinese space station that is careening towards earth where land no one knows but it weighs a lot so you might wanna watch out. And the missing Vegas security guard has been found. 558. On the fan.