Primetime 10.20.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, October 20th
CFB Picks ATS, Chiefs/Raiders was absolutely bananas last night, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right time on football Friday. Tandy you know. Professional football and America is a special game. The unique game. Leave no room Sauna. It is a rare games. Make himself. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Given by crashing nicely done Steve Brandon. The lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side of Clinton visit dogs are pressing dot com Gretchen Chrysler dodge Jeep grand. A surprise for minivan. All right welcome back it is RS second hour of broadcast excellence. Today and Robbins a Scott Barnes you reinstate AD joined his penis that it'd be can check it out at 1080 defend out commoner podcast section brought back less Schwab. Sandra college football picks we do let's do it just some blocks over there a couple of through pretty good about. You MET. Here are the records. These are against the spread. Rock nine and nine. They're right the meaty part of the broker from pissed and well last week Delano and three. Texas Tech was not big on west Virginian Nate crap themselves I don't know. And I ran him out one group. Then Michigan. Was in complete control of Indiana. And sometimes it goes in overtime. Herman from analysts but I think and it was a good lynched candidate and soup twelve and six. That a badly going on when into your abiding gun military last week. What a good week for me either this means I get hysterical yet go war I'm gonna go with that Michigan Penn State game I like that one as well. Well we'll see what wins on do you like I have a feeling you're gonna go the same way I am. I am on Michigan my friend take the points I will take the points it is plus eleven depending on where you look into me this is one of those. Good ol' fashioned Big Ten slugfest sending Penn State's give the dam played anyone yet and they have a really strong defense Michigan's defense is the best in the country. This one's gonna come down the little things you know third downs turnovers things like that but I expect a really close game here. This is the first real test for Penn State in your given me eleven. Cup points and. Former star with a homer pick here in this spread is really really really surprising to me gimmick you bolt took two of my picks late. What where's he don't he's going Syracuse Syracuse is there's seventeen and a half point and I don't he loves doing it by the way accuse yeah end. I don't know why it but it's gone up starting at like twelve and a half and abetted up five points so a follow the trend go back the other way but be sure she's just beat Clemson they almost beat LSU earlier this year they score points in bunches. My name is got a lot of injuries across their team this week shirt and her kids can win their top ten team should win. The seventeen and a half points that's. Really high for team that just out of the number two team in the country I'm going with my orange that a value on yachts it's too might they do they list Miami Miami. I was listening to us researching my next pick the next clock I like it I like both of those I I'm gonna go with this one here and this is an omen that I can't quite figure out. You mentioned West Virginia West Virginia can score in bunches and Baylor sucks eggs. Billy has not covered the spread wants all year on either side of it and this is only nine and a half. Baylor can't stop anybody West Virginia should put up fifty on these guys. The only time crises be barely cover the spread once and that was against Oklahoma when they're down big and they found a way to come back. From the get happens again Baylor has slipped sideways on the lay the points here where Sergey goes on the road they cover that and a half. Given the mountaineers can't. I'll go to Notre Dame and Notre Dame is favored by a I was on my picks there. For why why you are eat you have them do yes you guys have now taken home you know over three of my picks the no they're our picks and your picks you just I just lost your businesses are generally backing off of the Smart guys in the room here are my picks actually wind picked it. And also far they have a lot of talk at you let's see what were at the end of the year. But I'm going to be on Notre Dame minus four or look this game in Nam. South Bend Notre Dame is really tough they play they play. A tight. Game that makes sense if they played tight Q I mean back then well they just create turnovers again a lot of turnovers into fourteen takeaways are ready. And they're just not sloppy in you know who is sloppy USC yeah third turnover machine that fumble they screw up and I just don't think USC. Kim play at tight enough game to go and beat a well coached team like Notre Dame in their house USC is gonna have to play so much better than they've been playing. And I won't believe it until I see it so only for only that Notre Dame. Over USC. I think as USC gets exposed in shock yet know dame blows them out just an added numbers to that so far this year Notre Dame five and one against the spread USC won in six against the spread. To help you with that Notre Dame picked up my second pick is going to be Washington State is a ten point favorite over Colorado I am imagining. And asked what we hear from the coups after how much they got embarrassed by cal last week Colorado is not very good they almost lost abuse. Especially despite scoring a bunch of points I think Washington State just absolutely torches Colorado salting them minus ten. I'm gonna go here whiff undefeated Central Florida the number one scoring team in the country of their on the road against navy. And their land seven and a half here. Politic navy in this one. They both of these guys obviously a lot of the option attack but I just a big USC as good as they're playing right now I think this is a step up in competition. And this is an elimination game for a team looking to get to one of those New Year's Eve six poles and USC's good I just I'm gonna trust them more seasoned navy team here. And I'm giving seven and a half on this one I like navy to win out right but I certainly think maybe covers this. Can. Final pick is going to be on Texas getting seven. They are playing Oklahoma State I ate for some reason have watched enough of Texas. To have a decent feel for them I like that young quarterback you know he does make mistakes their defense is gonna keep them in this game I think they can slowdown Oklahoma State. And down you know Texas believe it or not. They you know I I don't know I think they're kinda good. I mean I think they have a good coach and you know everybody's saying never again let but I think your kinda good but if they had beaten Maryland. We beat. We'd be all over them but they didn't. You know the months the first game under new coach member chip Kelly's first game you know. When when he took over and over again it's like is this day sometimes it takes it takes a little bit of time but it sounds like Texas kind of settle in and had good defense. I like Tom Herman. In Oklahoma State in the come alive if you can I hang gambling debt so. I texas' defense to keep him in this game and they're getting a touchdown I'll take that. My last pick is going to be organ Ferris six and a half point underdog against UCLA. Sure they could lose this game we UCLA is terrific. So even if they win there are gonna win by more than a touchdown I think organ Houston's game closer to editing the ducks went out right to be honest but. Ahmanson organ plus six and a half against you seal. You guys took pretty much every pick I had some have the kind of go off the board here and I think it would roll the dice on this one is worse mark. Motorola finally years have been looking when I'm picking logo on the road against Florida State out of fuselage that's erroneous that is not true I don't know what you're thinking I can't see your computer. I don't know if he's seen what Louisville's doing but they are. Dreadful right now really doubt even with Lamar it's is something is wrong and they love our little girl that lost to North Carolina State and they lost to BCE. They are kind of spiraling down and I don't particularly care for Florida State. But I do think Florida State is playing better in the Florida's defense is is for reals on the to go and take Florida State at home. I think they get this one overlook what's spread five and a half. Fluid forcing states favored him lane and in five and it's well within this year. Well I think they've given their plan to freshman quarterback who lost their quarterback whoever it is they haven't been at Sonoma but they're they're playing better and their defense real. Ended their defense is keeping them and all the games their profits has been able to do a whole lot. They're grounded out wins though. I PepsiCo's about challenge it's at 4 o'clock every. Friday. We'll set to college football DVR coming up ads. 515. Each ready for all the games but also like to trade for weeks and in the NFL this hour but up next let's revisit chiefs raiders. That's held to finish the Keating was nuts. Who's now the cost me. Cost you dearly did it was a big placement in the NFL it is a 412 on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise that didn't suit. Driven by expressions Chrysler dodge Jeep brand spontaneity of prayer. I like these new uniforms the pacers are rocket like those. They're one of the few uniforms I think actually got kind of oh. Actual redesigned. Most of the Nike stuff misses. Pretty similar but Indiana got a different look the only negative blazers and you. I can't how much of the difference in adjusted its its its looks like the writing of the blazers the tent yeah and then they Nike stuff looks a little more streamlined but in its. On the fact they keep ripping apart as such they were Nike is very concerned are now because LeBron Jersey written and get one of the pre season games someone else's Jersey ripped apart spoke. They you don't want as you just got a billion dollar contract three years and years of new Jersey's grip that's the thought a good look. In good discipline that told hurled Atlantic and now if that can keep those little hands busy. They sell on last night's game before we move on to the rest of the week seven. In the NASA globally can you believe it's weeks seven I can't believe it's except when you can can't I can't. My moves so fast I too quick for you yeah we know Christmas is going to be here and I know already Christmas decorations like in the stores the most Halloween. Whereas some say Halloween people would move him past Halloween and Thanksgiving we're going right to Christmas. So on it UCL trump said. It today Saddam where he needs Merry Christmas again. Yeah that's going to be back. We'll see what happens with the Starbucks cups and I he also said earlier about two Judeo Christian values and say Merry Christmas and my question was. To us choose simmer Christmas. Yeah well and he misspoke there heat that it happens. He missed speaks a lot. But can I raise discussions yet before did we ever stop saying Merry Christmas I think there was a belief that there are somehow all war on Merry Christmas really get syndicate schools now I think you're. They did they don't do like Christmas break the color winter break because not everyone is you know is that aren't Christian. I saw last night's game that was so did Merry Christmas chiefs raiders. That was good of a dinner was good the whole time it was Susan it was a nice back and forth and you know as little heartbreaking though when you've. No you go into the go to the fourth quarter you feel pretty comfortable about three point spread and then she's give up ten. She's defense SP better than that can't. Well I thought that the raiders. You know that the one thing that the raiders did in that game that. Meant the most at least from. From my perspective was they just they protected Derek Carr doubt they really did a good job that any car. Because they got the ball MET fast forward all the way down to what two and a half minutes left. They get the ball at the fifteen Oakland's own fifteen and car that whole drive. I mean he just had time to to to find a guy that car wasn't. Mean he wasn't. You know perfect last night. Business and some guys some high throws and different things but he just. It seem like pretty much every play. It was a pretty clean pocket for him in and if you do that car and in that Cooper and those guys vacant they can hurt Janet came back to bite the chiefs. On the need to because they have to be able to throw the ball downfield the last couple weeks the dolphins and an anemic and so you know what kind of throw. And this like to run game was was really effective mean Carr threw what fifty. Was at fifty plus times a leaky duct I think at 52 as crazy you know they only ran the ball as a team for eighty yards and did they did not they did not run a very effectively at all but they are like look we're gonna live and die with Derek are slinging it downfield. And yeah. Yeah I mean there were some some plays a mean of the want to cook how close is that which other yeah did to being tentative that I guess than on touchdown but you wanted to one yeah to being tipped away mean. But at least you know live and die with your strength and that's putting the ball and Derek Carr's hands and pushed it downfield but if you're Kansas City. Mean you're supposed to be built on defense and you know you gave up was that an 85 plus your drive there at the yen in eleven plays 85 yard he can't allow that to me and it's kind of up in the wind is good. I was disappointing can't cities pass rush in their defense he scored thirty points in the sleep with Kansas city's defense you should win that game. Yeah Asia as the raiders came in not playing very well but they they got it to you know games like that you know that can turn his season around decked him. Of the raiders sent in your ID probably should have been able to stop the raiders in that last drive. And they almost did like eighteen times. Mean let's go through that OK so if you're looking at. The secret to holding penalties if you didn't see it third and ten at the Kansas City 29 they Galilee down to the 293 and ten. And there's 23 seconds left. So that's when. He throws to cut. Cut catches it they call it a touchdown although it it shows that he was down just before the goal line and included at at the one ya let's announce first and goal. And by the way that play you could not have to meet. You could not have had a closer played there's two DB's right there in the safety comes over the top and how none of them get their hand on the ball. Is beyond me it's an amazing throw and catch so its first single at the one but because they reviewed the play. There's attend second run on them. Right so so it goes from eighteen seconds to eight things like imagine if there were nine seconds left the game so frames over and they are in and they do that because. I mean technically did their reviews stops the clock yet says they penalize you. For that and say it's because that he caught it and they called him down to one he's in balance ES clock keeps running Canadian have any time now and so you would have had to run for now had there been a timeout he would have had to have the tenth stick around there's no timeouts is so dumb down you go. So let's see first and goal at the KC one. That's when they threw Olmert at Crabtree right any pushed off yeah. Which that was kind of a but the car is pretty tic tac. But they then so now you've got three seconds left in your back depth to dead. To two today eleven yard. Three seconds. Eleven yard so now you're like Dublin the raiders again blows it they they had it now they don't. So that's when. Tennessee what happened there oh. Card as a nice job stepping up in the pocket. And tosses a little. A ball that's a little high and cook. Can't freaking catch it yeah. He should've caught the ball yeah it's a ball the you have to make and that it be any let it go right they examination. Right through his freaky enhance. Penalty on Kansas City that was the defense of holding call those one of them so now there at the five yard line. And there's no time left on the clock out but we're gonna get an extra down because it's the you can't end on defense a penalty. So car throws again this time to Paterson misses him in the back Indians a look like he caught a but he was out of bounds of the second foot. Penalty on Kansas City again I'd yeah. So now you get another un time down in their behalf that this is so they're now they're at the two and a half yard line. And that's wing car throws over to Michael Crabtree in the corner any catches it right by the island yeah I've got to go goes to his knees and throws one down catches the ball thinks are common. Did that was 1:30 I I am not trying to like overblown list that was one of the best. Football finishes I have ever seen it's freaking insane because. You know whether the raiders get it or not I was written for my raiders of course but whether they get it or not you have to. 12 to put you at five and actually you had six well let's say five. Final place there. That did depending and all those calls you know. It's colleague any of them were egregious. Anyone of those could've gone the other way at times in those situations do you see those not to call. And like you said that the game's over. Let me shoot even what did the runoff if cook if they call cut down of the one. Those no guarantee because by the time they figured out run up there now despite the ball that could've been overt unto itself yeah you know it's just your it was it was insane but you if if your kids that he can't blame anyone other than yourself quote as you had so many opportunities to solve our game away. And you blew a ten point lead in the fourth quarter how much your boy Mark Davis looking like an orangutan at there boy how about that and his weird matching like monochrome sweatsuit that he was okay as he went color ash at. I swear to god when they showed him offers what was it funny. They they rarely show him now they probably shouldn't. Eat. I say this in the nicest way possible. All. Just keys all there you know you'd really the key somewhere on the spectrum. All but. I mean I don't own agony exact I don't know that's my point. I don't know it's Charlie he's fine. He's fine you think everything is is on the open up. Well is everything on the open up with anyone. There's a difference between maybe having some quirks and possibly have been some wiring crossed. I don't know if he's on there and I don't know enough about it. Look at you and you looks funny in just kind of them a better prisons and so is in charge of an NFL franchise. Well. Daddy was famous giant that's the only reason that. When they showed him there was literally no one around now no dissent is just on his own iron himself like nobody wants to sit by and I don't know what men way. Which is weird Lloyd Christmas hair and I swear he looks like entering detaining at the zoo. When Nate you know and like their maintain princes princes Perry arms into a I can just solve the puzzle that's something that's what he looked like when he when he scored each get Wafer. It could be hit the trade buzzards mile and a little tricky comes by. But that is a monster win and it saves the raiders' season mean that that win meant a lot more Oakland. And it did to Kansas City. Nurtured Ed I mean all of they were dead dead because of that division but they would have been in a world troubled at two and five yep. And how memorable it Tony Romo did you like I am. Did you like Tony Romo I I think he does a good job I think he's great and I like him as much as you do. But I think Tony Romo does a good job I think he's an enjoyable listen I think the reason why he's ged and really refreshing is because one. I mean is colleges I mean is is obviously very strongly I mean. And a but he is so passion like he is really and he's very laid back still you mean you just do it you can tell he's just a guy who really loves football. And he's he's relaxed. And he talks a lot he does do that and Jim kind of. CNN I would like if if you talked. Fifteen to 20% last I think I'd be on board handled toning down a little bit I think he talks over the action a lot and I find that at times to be a big gradient but I think a lot to say but I think he's the most knowledgeable. Color commentator that's that's that's going today he just loves to diocese. Well I would like Chris Collins were to Reynolds I know some people it's it's kind of hit and miss on him but. I I also this if I had to pick a color guy I think I'd still take Collins worth but this is Tony romo's what six gamers seven came doing it. Tony Romo could be a star doing this if he sticks with it and and he learned his craft. All right coming up next let's take a look at the rest of week seven in the NFL you know again on the London game and history being made. I don't know whose commitment in this week odds the rams and cardinals and going over there. Mixing give half Wheaties to get the cards now Adrian Peterson's car as bad as I thought they were at the start of the year. Ireland it's all that coming up next here's Mike with sports and there. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revised again soon. Driven by fresh and Chrysler dodge Jeep ram on ten you need both prayer. Plus so far so good for the F trailblazers in Indiana there at six in the first quarter. Impact constant. And feels wanna in the homecoming of their home comings are you titles or both Indiana guys Purdue in what Notre Dame Purdue Notre Dame yes. And on big. And X wanna get was they mr. Indiana basketball most in doubt in high school which I'm assuming there you mean biggie. I think that's about his is big is seeking did in in that state they titillate their high school basketball and dole a bit of breaking news and the NFL we're just talking about. On the raiders in a Marshawn Lynch has been suspended one game by the league for his actions last night in CD came up sideline during a little prefer apple. With mark is Peter's. And after you who else is in their butt. Then lynch once again in there he used grabbing the official tonnage of animals and and could this is from the and those that you made deliberate physical contact with one of her game officials as he was dispute -- an active confrontation between players you're disqualified for your inappropriate no spark an unsportsmanlike actions. Are your conduct included push in the game officially grabbing his Jersey you were not directly involved. Bubba blog basically is you came off the bench he grabbed him you pushed him yet again. Yet deviancy added it's a game honestly I thought maybe he would be he might get more may be too but if he'd seen the video that let. He gets one that sounds of I write to me because Roy did make contact with the and he didn't. It was not violate shut right he grabbed him by the Jersey and almost. Just kind of pushed him off yet it never really loses cool no doubt and I and I think that played a role model I. I'd give the NFL kudos six I think they botch a lot of these things. Content should come into this there's the difference between you lose your temper. And physically assaulting an official even if it's a show of an aggressive one. And grabbing your Jersey and kind of putting him at arm's reach I think one game is appropriate I'm glad they didn't overreact. EI and innocent they said that. Lynch's. He's related to mark is Peter's. I I don't know Ehrlich cousins of their cousins and a and so you were making a case that well. They're cousins he's not going out there to. Starting thing with his cousin he's not there protect is now quarterback in doesn't matter you can't eat it can't go onto the field when there's a confrontation. And under no circumstance can you put your handle officially you just you can't be is that that's that's a slippery slope and that's why I thought may be deemed to be honest to god that the NFL would. How to do a hard line you touch an official you're sitting for two to three weeks and I'm glad they didn't. Because it's that I don't BB intent was there to do injure Bennett. The easiest year there has to be zero tolerance policy there. Lynch this year has just spend. Well he had a one game really. Yeah and that's about he's rushed for 266 yards averaging three point seven yards upper carry whether our offense hasn't been very good period in the office of mine has struggled so I don't think it's it's all of marsh thomas' fault. But one this isn't the Marshawn Lynch that we had in Seattle and and this is not. He is his entire deed of the blame here for the raiders office in a unit eighteen carries 76 yards against Tennessee. And he's had for a fewer carries and fury arts ever since you know so he's gonna miss the game at buffalo they're playing at buffalo going to be back next week. And so I guess that Jalen Rashard guy comes in now. He's he's been averaging more yards per carry and managed I'm looking to see was it. Derek Karr on the season here he's played in the six games. See if his if his numbers are. If they're not as bad I mean they date they've been our rights. Ice they've been better than all right just that the raiders have really struggled but I wondered but cars put up. 64% completion rating and eleven touchdowns to the four picks guys need to get a recorder Graham 95 disgusting LP you know Marc Cooper bus Dallas 92 down easily discern the had been a bit of a phone so the raiders camp but you look at that that's stretcher they were lose in the -- they scored ten. Ten and seventeen. Sixteen and you know this is an offense that was an hour and a one of those games and that was that there were ravens game they didn't have Derek Carr and last week he probably shouldn't play against the chargers. But still for an offense that was supposed to be one of the best in the NFL. You put up a couple ten spots in the into the teens fast I can get it done. Ulcer in weeks seven do you think the browns are the niners win it's. No. Is the niners are playing account not discipline the cowboys although I liked him Cisco and that's spread to 77 and a half. Denied as a cover that but no I'd I don't think they'll win although they are going with. The best third there they're gonna. And the Brian Hoyer or it could be announced B hard would it be hard. You understand it's whenever I've been you have. The browns taken on the tide going back the Sean Kaiser because Kevin Hogan is sold. Sold Ares and Kevin Hogan is worse than to show on Kaiser's gallon well gather. That it with a song Kaiser there's a hope that he gets better with Kevin Hogan this is Kevin Hogan muddy day distracted him like couple years ago right hit the yes I have seen I don't underscore. I say this I understand Kevin Hogan I didn't understand him at Stanford I didn't understand him in the NFL. Weis ET cannot throw eighty need to use it not matter if he is a court I'm sure he's a hell. All of a nice guy but this is your point when you were asking about. Who was he sedated it's out of the blog you were confused about Christian Ponder oh well it's not because he's any good it's opposite their Sony crappy quarterbacks like why can't under still be one of those and Kevin Hogan who ate in the you've heard this when he was at Stanford Kevin Hogan is a very bright he's a very intelligent kid that's good in the classroom has got on the white port Kevin pogo stick around asleep for ten more years even though she can't play quarterback. Where is like got a Christian ponders out of league after five years because I think there's something to that classroom thing but Kevin Hogan a key be in a back up somewhere even though. He has been benched again and for Da'Sean Kaiser Tino has the better quarterback rating of the two guys that Kevin organ. By far. Hoax. 71 point nine DeShawn Kaiser. 49 point five and yet they're still gonna go to Shawn 'cause there. That's unbelievable. Again there's a belief that one can get better or at least there's hope that one can get better and you know exactly what you having Kevin Hogan on Kaiser around the globe yeah. How Dicey is is fairly mobile numbers Stanford that was kind of his main thing in a key he could scoot around a little bit a sensor. Ocalan who cares about them so we don't think the browns the niners went the game of the week. Might be over in London while that's not necessarily true not message to game of the week let's not over. Yes Elvis can't careful with what you got to end the week was last night via that's shoot the rams cardinals another plane in London and here's a fun fact for you. Aging Peterson. Will be the first player in history to play two football games in London in the same season. Well but he does he was there earlier that he get his one carry he was there with what's he was there. Mr. Out with New Orleans times and I'm a Nike and I think he had one to Carrey's yes Wally was over there. And if you could DA did you can't go to that game they give us a little wiggle there and and they play you know more under senator. And that's a much better fit for him and if you look at you look at Arizona. And I the big game rams are foreign to cards or three in three yeah I mean the end of and for Arizona you witness and you start looking around the division it's like the rams are runaways many once als or in the has their problems. April now on the the IR he's officially done for the year they have offensive problems. If the cardinals and you find a way to beat the rams you look around symbol why donuts yet. I think that's a good one so girly against Peterson depth and then a couple other things on a mission this week is did as did the saints. Actually have a good defense. No. Now commit to make some plays Borough but don't be don't be fooled by that. Well there's three in 20 don't be fooled by them having a good defense a Gilder at green name we will probably know much about their defense after the scheme either beaches. They get a break his knowing or Rogers yeah. They'll be look at New Orleans and they think you said then they've got Chicago they got the bucks they got the bills the curse. Saints are I miss it's better than I thought they'd be I thought they'd kind of be a door mats. But they can still score points. And the good they don't have any good defense but it's not as bad as it's been in the years past and and what the main reasons for that is. They finally dug themselves out of that salary cap hell where they can actually pay eight. Our guys that are on their. In a pay guys that are that are plane. The last couple years 25 thirds or others are cap has been only dead money paid guys that contracts and worked out so they've actually cut that out. In its a lot more manageable situation and yes there they're playing better they shut out the dolphins the held Carolina dude to thirteen. And you know the rammed her though the winds made that big comeback on them. You know they end up scored 38 but for after the game at least the norms defense looked a lot better so. It up and nor has to be here for you to consider Carolina thread that division why not New Orleans in a division. Also he's looking pretty strong guy Carolina New Orleans and you know the see the one that we don't know anything about is the one everyone kind of thought was gonna win it is Tampa Bay and Elena less on say in my Q a lot of people though had Tampa Bay is kind of the sexy team. Tampa Bay looks like kind of the ugly duckling right now Atlanta's gonna be fine. Although that seventeen point in a jacket that wanna wait hurts. But Atlanta's going to be fine nor is this good Carolina looks good. On it that is a that's a tough division right now but I just I didn't think that Tampa Bay was kind of. You'd be. The step child in this whole thing well. A dozen New Orleans get Brett Conley displayed in a fun game of Brett Hundley is quarterback rating better or worse than Du'Shon Kaiser. Let's could be worse and the Gillick 38. Only one game yeah but. Worst CF forty point nine that he threw what three picks up yen makes it's good to be fair. That's that's a tough situation being thrown in your backup quarterback write down of its record to eight reps in the entire madness but he's been their -- you have he wasn't ready to go you think he's got anything or because there is a rumor that Green Bay almost traded him undrafted yikes somebody wanted teams like -- coming and I know they're they're gonna stick waiting do you think he's got what it takes the -- I have no idea it's impossible to know a buddy was an intriguing guy UCLA but I wasn't surprised them at UCLA. Is I thought he was an athlete that didn't play cornerback. I didn't think he could win from the pocket and you struggled to throw the ball when he had time petty silly was wildly inconsistent that's why member. He came in as a savior like people thought he was gonna be a first round pick I think he went in the fifth round. With us he was a late round picks he was not a guy that that went in the second or third. Ends I think a lot of that was because he was sewing consistent UCLA now they've worked with him for a cup years is working behind Aaron Rodgers. You don't give it a couple weeks but from from what you saw an Indian inserted last week in the three picks and what I saw UCLA. No I I would not I would not be betting on Brett Connolly. All right coming up next. Something that happened last night in the NBA. Plays didn't let them now. The lawn so ball Patrick Beverley matchup. Talk about were all the other lakers daddies and interviewed after the game. Laker daddy's after the interview all the parents. And I think he's out doing my daddy daddy interview about the bar code. On Moyer like he has pianist Stephen A Smith and Neil Everett. And a he Neil ever season like an O'Neill you know O'Neal. You think he's just in house and their next Stephen A Smith among our ball I would think so there is Eddie's like limited did you see the Jamie Foxx with my life nowadays with stuff now lynch can you go polls so much going on your way this is news to meet you do you need to see this is Jamie Foxx I don't know what this is for that is on ESPN and Jamie Foxx did the prosthetics to look like Stephen A Smith. It is doing his impression in front of Stephen eight it's. Unbelievable like he's played his twin brother it's. Fantastic. Easy he's good he is spot on and to Stephen may have a since humor about it and I don't think so. Blakey you can tell he's played a lot of them but I think deep down about isn't in Jamie Foxx is it wearing pants during dissect it it's. Eating just just not right up I was asked tied for 48 on the fan. Since and it. But then might like does rapping with. We're in the just the turn tables on the one and two. And AM radio wraps. Well Mike's got about seven minutes before is completely worthless about fifteen Eddie does start red if that's true. Believe it was tell you it's five and it's never it's like 515 I think cash once we get through the hot find at five Michael be right out. Because his yankees are on my Kalla tight are of the sports fans are now gay excited woody hey Phelan nervous. It's weird because. I feel like I shouldn't expect to be Justin Verlander. But I shouldn't expect the Yankees I should definitely expect to be Justin Verlander I should expect the Yankees to be Justin Verlander yet. I'm hopeful. So it's kind of like this weird mixed feeling of well see what happens but also in the back of like oh my god what's gonna happen in. The hole isn't it kind of fun being up 32 because you know even if you lose he's still get a game sevens yeah but then I think if you lose this game all the pressure's back and you all of a sudden. Right now the pressures on the Astros but if they win in their home and they got a game seven and all the sudden it's which is utterly one once. Bank well out of junior football coaches hearing more on that coming up on. We do here oh. Patrick Beverley lawns a ball yet that was I just I didn't see it did you was it on I. I was not watching it. How clippers. Lakers lakers I wasn't watching either I just read about it today I was followed along on ESP and they were doing like a lives. Like one of their one there'd be reporters with blogging about it. And I was is laughing as I guess what the lakers got blown out and ball didn't look good at all. And at one point as I want violence that cover our Patrick Beverley days he's pushed him to. Just shut them down at half court. Ends you know in Beverly made it personal life to make as he was leaving the court he kind of screamed out something about him being a soft mother. You know it's every guy is gonna be gunning for via an island and that his dad came in and was was interviewed on the floor at the Neil Everett it's Stephen A Smith and and basically said that it was a great game salons a ball and refused to acknowledge the fact that. And that his son struggled in the heart ask who Patrick Beverley ICI said who's Patrick Beverley said does become like a bomb and said that the only reason Patrick Beverley is even playing hard because of his son and he'll go back to averaging two points a game basically dismissing Patrick Beverley insane that. Anyway the only reason it was hard Iran's 'cause he was playing his son like Patrick Beverley eases rapper man's. Well on this is the thing that on the ball and Mets Johnson said as much Magic Johnson I can't. Imagine what it's gonna be like form every guy in the league is gonna gun for because of his death because of his daddy's and he has giant target on his back he said he's talked to him about it and lose an outlet Patrick Beverley said he told Alonso after the game yeah. Think what did I came after you bit. Missing I'm not gonna be the only one nowadays is that everyone in this league is gonna come for you has a lot of people that are gonna take issue with his dad. And you know doing stupid interviews afterwards and say who's Patrick Beverley and my son played a great game he's only been fueled the fire. I don't remember Ricky that more pressure on him coming in on this kid he think he feels it. How can you not. Can you not his maybe because you've had a forever and I think it's a big difference avenue and then. When you you step on the floor your Los Angeles Laker like I'm not saying that I was it was anything I would he is a good Jillian times better than I was. Ever admit my sport but I remember the first time walking on C in the Chicago Bears. NB a might be that's not Notre Dame that's not Alabama passed out Florida State all places I've played that's the Chicago Bears. You can't tell me that you don't have a little bit of that when you walk out and you realize that this is something different. And you're not playing against. In the vast majority people he's played against he's been the best player on the floor probably his entire life. He's no longer the best player on the floor and there will be an adjustment there. Cattle I don't know what to make him he's got a terrific looking shot he had does but he can score depth. Rebounds and he had nine board he can pass as soon enough to give to. I don't who knows what lawns of ball's gonna be good on 29 plays where Beverly guarded him last night ball as those two. With reassess now. Mean look at it and I'm with you I never thought I'd say this. Because I you know blondes a ball seems like niceness you know IDs dad's anti Jewish but whenever I would never ice I think I've even said your act. This wouldn't root against them. I'm Karen against them Egypt. Funny it's like I was watching the the interview with delivered who just was like rolling his eyes well I guess that was kind of forced yeah I guess just kind of wandered down and and kind of got a huge shock in the Stephen Hansen he just kind of be just kind of came into the shot in the beginning interview the -- Albany just jumped in there whether Michelle beatle had a good trees she said and is she she's the one that pointed out she doesn't Wear. All the other interviews with all the other Laker daddy's they did that I missed. Why is why is this jackass continued to insert himself and each. He kept going on about how Patrick barely doesn't have his own she knew Patrick Beverley doesn't have his own brand is that you wanna come MEI got two more kids coming you can come at them too. Keep keeps talking about this like we're the ball as some sort of star and hasn't done anything and nothing is soft players more than a guy trying did too. Don't take credit for something he hasn't done yet. You know you keep talking about the issue keep talking about how is the start all this that haven't done anything. All you're doing is adding more fuel the fire putting more pressure on him at some point yeah I do you think it's gonna have a negative impact. And if you if he struggles out of the gate like this and keeps playing like it that pressure is only gonna continue to map. That is just one game up and remember that Kobe Bryant only scored eighteen points in his first five games combined. Can be scored a lot of points in his career yes he did not say in on those Kobe but let's just. You know let's just come down it was kind of fun though to see the NBA. Just give McKenna how's your father renegades nice too well and it's it's it's sucks because of not ignorant for the kid to be humble literally how's your welcome rooting for his damned dad to be humbled if that's even humanly possible so. I'm rooting against the dad in the and in some ways than I guess you are really against the kids. I can and next we have the hot five at five prepared forty folks there's a lot going on. Are we do you have an update on genus Winston a very big NBA injury another one. A manager is fired who won let. 995897. Games. And Al we'll have an update on your Portland trailblazers in Indiana. All next on the fan.