Primetime 10.20.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, October 20th
Suke is less sick, talking about the future of their lives. Oregon/UCLA tomorrow, and Scott Barnes joins the show. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Primetime on football Friday. And he goes yeah. Professional football and America is a special game. The unique game. We know where Osama. It is a rare games. Make himself. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Given by grants from Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. The lowest prices on cars and trucks on the east side important visit dodging pressing dot com question I think dodge Jeep brand is so dry from anywhere not. Good morning. And 1080 those sudden they'll. Okay. Just a Friday's coordinated. And it did unhappy to see you not dying and quite like it was yesterday tell you I feel like we're trending in the right direction almost dead yesterday now almost at that I'm getting better. Not dead today not dead today and it's kidneys is I guess Sprague was out sick TV and he had the bubble guts which was the main now a component of whatever a bowl of iris I had another league scene out of areas so you end. Spray insect columns jets nots is also good mom. Think he's been a I haven't been around that Colin spread on the other hand he's a laser on I don't know sheer ice cream I don't know what those two have been up to if they were mandating or was that. Sure remind came from no announcements him hasn't that that's starting my kids gathered yes they kick nestled in all honesty or publish in the coming yesterday today I think I would have felt bad had I not him. I got so bad this morning then by noon it was one of those they keep coming up tonight you're about you know can I should probably do we feel guilty for her. Billions and I don't know but I do. I think for me. Ike it's still a little bit of that league I've tried hard to eliminate all of that Steve good football like. Mentality out of my out of my head but there's some of that still likely pike and around in there against spree Kenya that little rattle. I still got some of that leg roaming around in there and I do I feel bad but if I if I skip work or is gives them that I'm supposed to do like I could've done apps. Don't be up in Olympia and seek true so. Well I didn't play football course after the knee injury now means this. Who could who could expected after that the but I feel the same lane got some of that yeah well yeah I think you wanna. Well you know your obligations. I've and I said yesterday and I feel badly if I was like a construction workers some cleaner. I did I did from the physical a big leg yesterday I could not have done or if he had like a fill in those like now yeah. You know no problem now that we it's it's a it's a different kind of covertly cures surgeon or something like I could have done surgery yes check in the any sort of precise moves minter had to be Amish people we'd be sitting in the chair. We talk about. We can we can do that if you're a little under the weather and I feel bad. Is five if I miss that these surgeons work sick. The buddies original asking ask him I would think that they give they just I felt like total crap like everything hurts. I was tired I kept having to go to the bathroom. Because he's supposed to be like a six hour surgery without going on. Again think edit I think he can do that now. Maybe it's just a residency thing that they they. Like. The doctors are always like sleep deprived and you know working on she Anson. Said Ken it's a tough gig drunk well doctors different though the insurgent. Well that's true I mean I would assume like I don't know buy you the department of someone cut in in my neck. In the and they felt the way I did yesterday. And take a pass on that let's take a hard left and wait a couple days until your feel a little better before you go slice of my fat ass open now Simone says we feel bad because we actually enjoy your jobs in our place. And that's what it is maybe that's maybe that's true that would that is. Yet it but I don't they needed football and I still felt bad. Tell me come on it's not like we're slack agnostic eyes on the other hand Hewitt do this for free. He's Assisi this year when he takes big gala those shows I am I'm working and stuff like that but. In my whole goal is to not work exactly you know. So solid is nothing personal in income. Mean if I had my druthers I'd I wouldn't be here everyday and be. You know traveling or will we talked yesterday I really need to be a house husband at this point and only queue for zone within we used the amount of money look you have that opportunity and now. The strike. Yeah well we'll be a pit viper tell me where these rich women in the corner I'm working on it they're everywhere suit observed them got to find with your tongue got to work and testing the air that's his two strike. Two strike them for. Radio viper though I'm more of like a hippopotamus. We just kind of hang out on the water I guess they just don't want or are you now but so does got a couple loses their tongue that could be slow. An iguana maybe yeah yeah yeah so we're hanging out you are kind of like an iguana beaches here big. In other kind of like and that's a big loser and I'm really run and anywhere you're kind of a snake agents say let out this standstill benefits which is wait and now Adam got to wait patiently because so your your time. That's true you know we need down slavery like slippers looking mildly uncomfortable I think what you hear it with a what you're missing out though. If you wanna nab a rich. Richie Rich in. You're missing redeeming qualities damn it there's always something you know I now. So we gotta find you are redeeming qualities for. Six and sort of passion in the like makes me attractive to someone with money. I think maybe just talk up the football thing that's what I gotta go like if you're gonna be a house husband what's going to be the one thing that's gonna make image to become home to just pretend. Just pretend like you were a big time for Butler and have a ton of money feel like that's maybe the good bowler he gets into these sign on the dotted line and then get a little Obama didn't tell you by the way. Again I could take a back over the custody erupt bill I know this is really yeah go in but this is my home this is. Is my place being intimidated right now guys America's two months things happening here but now after America. It is these Bieber lean against a better car right now. This looks like a marriage contract no now now well and I love you know what you mean as a life all about trying to not work. We knew we love our work we have passions and it's my dream but come on that's. Isn't everybody like a four if you just peel back all the leaders come around in my in my way of themes they should take take a lot of flack this that we had like Pat Williams on Orlando Magic present he's like a motivational speaker. And powder was asked me what I wanted to do and my answer was always nothing pats. I just wanna hang out and view it it's perhaps a new way to outline of the I don't I don't agree that I'm thinking my god I I like to do things. And I'm am quite motivated in order to do them I think huge is you want shortcuts he you just wanna get there. And be there. It well like your you wanna marry a rich down yet so it just takes you right to the finish line there well I don't mind this race and get them motivated but let's beyond if I'm being honest I'm motivated. By the finish line yet and I want that finish line to be sooner and sooner and sooner however I do you think you might be underestimating suitability just wanna do nothing. Thought our shortcut announces he just wants to Goosen and a beach somewhere in China that's what I'm saying he's I'm not like that I I don't need to sit on the beach and I would be bored now. See people always people try to discredit. My desire to do nothing and for those people you don't know me very well. I always get the you'll give board you'll need some into the food yourself no I won't nine I think you will I really want a lot of people yes I did not. Well perfectly happy. Not do anything well let's find you rich gas now work or it's viewed when it what are you willing to give up. We sexuality we talked about it what kind of level of rich we talking about like just not being able to work. We tell him I've been able to do whatever I want my accent comes and play what if what if you got arrested now. And he wanted to big bear big big bear like you've been. You know he you're discount that has backing call them however the alternative is private jet. He works. Makes a lot of money so he's he's he's around that he's in town. But when he's in a you can get a Democrat I. A book are gonna say no to jubilant explore the studios senator I'm open to ideas you don't get any money that you get. You get to use. Got some kind of how that's right. Well but you get to use his stuff ran my credit cards and evidently I do get to use apps in now is in the would you do that I think he would. That's how much I think you want to be at the finish minority it's possible it's incredible it's a boss now there are a lot of different ways to get to the finish line out you know like of a million different ways talent motivation right guy right you know just being Smart entrepreneurial spirit not making pour decision you have. A lot of those yes we need each you know we got this out here now. Let's certainly they go more often I think right there's a that's a good start and now a lot of people down there to make things happen for everything you know a little bar somewhere down there is no question discuss political football games and find them on city by herself and that's kind of one of those things that's not a bad play find the lonely housewives yeah. Jordan can is can they added the ducks boast and show Jordan Kent Kinnear says they should come to his camps the only you know he's he's one of those kids is a Waco kid. Is they got to come to like his football camps Lotta moms hanging out there by themselves one caveat is it just don't think you should be you should be. You know according. Another man's life. However. On the aisle with some recon I think you can find out if he wants you to court as you know like. I think there are some lonely people who if you if you asked OK so let's see let's say you meet like this lonely cute you know. In she's India and you're like man. Her husband travels last is generally taught that nice about him clearly they have some issues but I think at that point you need to find out if the husband is. Thank because he may just be like here however it's taker out just drives me insane you know and if that's the case this is good break that marriage up out okay. But I'd that's a prospect I have been on a like Bethel little bit. Weird it's a little weird but you know let your just. Any single moms undergo little echo games can you start there. Well divorcee is that I was cut my I mean you show up the game you finally he said by herself. You know what is this the same thing and they married I wanna break company with Mary I think you need to open minded guy. Got a major city your newsletter that records is out there is particularly in light go out. Opened to about one which money's involved here. The. So hey we are really off the rails to start this program. Well you know honest shocking wanted to talk about Ian. And we're not on TV today is not fun. I don't find them and on TV it's like we're doing something like naughty both like we're doing real radio I don't go figure Peter among his arm on thank you can't CS. We paint pictures of how great leukemia Ireland were not no far from it you know things like that very underwhelming today. Well look the blazers are on C a sense that err I mean them. NBC sports northwest the other taking on your Indiana Pacers my blazers are so you were pacers. So. We're on there but we are on the radio for a full show today. And it's gonna be doozy if he if it the first segment is anything if it's a promise it's indicative of the rest of this program buckle up. We are in an interview or against state athletic director Scott. Barnes. I think it's really sexy dissidents that will be at 330 that's not even an imminent threat on the quarter. No in the way we operate two may be just one long segment here. We've got a lot of college football sets you up for the World Series is almost set. Well at 5 o'clock Michael officially be totally worthless land at that's again out again that will lose them. We will set your college football DVR will get you ready for weeks seven. In the NFL got to make our little got to make our picks we do you ever college okay CN box before I've got such locks. This couple that I feel pretty good about a let's forget about last night that my bigger place. Was Kansas City you almost had now almost had it yet to be preaching to me that was unbelievable let's do that Nixon get city aren't there 3000. Punch that was my biggest player in the NFL this week. Well you lost I did think a lot of people lost. Yeah I had a hunch but the raiders muscles are pretty gets pretty juicy actually no only Lee is three. Well I'll let you know there's been a football divisional game. Well it was one of those where you knew the raiders back against the wall like the raiders had to play well and they get. Well I mean relatively. Kansas City one like. Will be at the raiders make feel like to your point about the point spread it was about right because of the raiders made field goals they were tied. On Alastair had any it would have been thirty to thirty minutes to fill them into the overtime though Minnesota which is to get a push that's why like in the three. You out or he misses that extra point get overtime recently but. I did not work out in your favor no no it did not all the raiders cover. Last second if I mean not even my second with zeros on the clock be neck that the finish of that game was great was one of the best finish is I've ever seen. Harrison Monday night and Thursday night football this year have been. They've been surprisingly good will what did I it's been really good at Thursday which is normally is warmed over garbage Thursday night his is. And and every one of them but there's little boy has been compelling this year and only love games that come down to the last play yes that came on the last play five times out. Just kept going Angolan and go I've never seen at some controversy there were some bad officiating all logos also for every media juice on it then emitted even more interest in my readers. They're back. Too big when it's it's huge human is save their season huge OK it is at 315 will be back with. Football talk on the stand. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise a consumer driven by aggression Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. On 1080 close friends. All right. Folks got Barnes or against state AD will be joining us. In about ten minutes he will tell us definitively who Oregon State's next head football coach will be the. Breaking it right here. On so stick around for that to get the search committee for what their pay in the ship funding could coach. The now 200 K. Is that what they've is that just a flat fee. I think that's what that is our with a search committee committee goes out and they always have like a list of people that they're talking to pick out to the agents and so you'll find out whether you know coaches are adjusted Cazalot those coaches don't wanna put down on front street that there are looking and so it's all through the agents and they were those back channels to find out who may be adjusted. And the Golan and put together a list and they give that to university in and the university can look at and say that they'd like to be in contact with you know such and such. And then they count don't work as an intermediary to try to broker that real estate agent. TCU wanna buy a house and take OC may find it coach that either eight you had no idea you were looking for the first place or be a coach that you didn't think you could yet. And the fight at 21 of these search firms that they're adjusted than their ego so they contact guys for you. Yeah I like they did you see a list for example we give you the defense of coordinator at I don't know let's let's say like Penn Stater or Wisconsin or something. You may not want it out there that you're shopping to the you're looking at or more so if you the head coach it. And Memphis you know you may not want to know the you're looking and you ever wanted to know your business is so he's got to put it up did your agent. And and three your agent in through the of the search for me you're able to put those things together just like when Nixon was flirting with Texas sure that was through search agency as well. And that way you can do the possible liability right why did talk to Texas what are you talking about. Your agent may have talked to a guy that talked to a guy that talked to Texas and you find out whether there's interest there and. Here's our fresh she poll question today. Fresh she offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go FR ESH. Double wide dot com. 1080 defend dot com is our poll question resides in today we are taxing you. Do you expect or again to win at UCLA. Won't blow. They should. Know not without Justin Herbert or yes UCLA as horrible. As the only Johnson's. I I'm going to pick organ to win this game you mark I am your crazy. I don't know if I feel good about that he had seen UCL a play heavy scene argued I have seen organ shortage better than UCLA. That I don't know that they are without Herbert they are OK we've we've talked about this. The state is eleventh. In the pac twelve in rushing defense they're given up right around 200 yards per game. UCLA he. Is twelfth they're giving up over 300 yards with a 311 yards they're 128. Out of 129 teams in the country. Royce Freeman should run the ball for 260 yards himself. He really should. He says defense is so bad and you Selig can't run the ball at all Josh Rosen and nobody. Sears that I think. I think that. You know you can if you come on here and say shouldn't origin be UCL a and they does leaders yes shouldn't orient b.'s ceiling unless of course and my answer is yes you also say is surely UCL AB orient the at you know like this is too crappy football teams looks beyond this grew up like seventeen points was two weeks. He had the ducks. OK so all the talk about Oregon's defense you know their defense is ranked 91 yeah. And UCLA's defense is ranked 223 as you're missing however UCLA has a offense it's the top fifteen. Offense in the country in Josh Rosen was bad last week. In not to mention that which means that you'll probably turn around her for eight touchdowns this week not to mention. That UCLA. You know if they don't win this game you look at their schedule they still have road games at Utah at USC and out Washington. There's no chance he's doing goes the bowl day it goes to enable what it's a game they lose this thing it's a moot point at this point horse fired there's no way he comes back it seems like it but you know they're not thinking that right so that so. It's it's so funny this game there's no chance he Selig goes to a bulletin loses there's also probably no chance the ducks go to a bullet they lose that's not the big win for now if you do you wanna get to a bowl game this is a huge win for both sides a UCLA feels like a hot mess but they have a good quarterback or again feels like they're playing together but there without a quarterback right there they're just. They're beat up their young. And they don't have a quarterback and they're kind of undisciplined UCLA just sucks but they have Rosen so it's like it's two different ways to say we've got two pretty bad football teams thank heavens for that Texas a and M claps because without that UCLA's two wins would be Hawaii NS squeaker over Colorado looks worse and worse by the week yeah I know but you know their losses are are respectable. The Arizona lost to Memphis by three Stanford what their ass and in Arizona got a pretty. But it those three teams are winning teams yes you know now which is on sand. Odd if I minority found in becomes a good on their menace came on another touchdown underdog I'm sick and I have carpets. I'm dizzy and I feel like they should go down there and win well if you had to pick a statement so shouldn't Oregon beat UCLA or shouldn't UCL AB organ I would actually picked the latter I think UCLA should beat Oregon but. There's no way I would Downey's Selig to beat anybody is they're just it sounds like they're a mess but they still should be door again. After having watched how organist playing so on discipline. The penalty given to worse penalized teams in the country playing in this game yup this is gonna be ugly. Well in the and you look at organ second last couple weeks and it has not been very go to rows and rows and can pick them apart that don't always saving grace for me in this if you wanna talk about matchups is the last couple weeks is best against Stanford organ had a stack the box and leave a lot of guys. On islands and an all Stanford did was basically was it was just throw the ball up and and any time this one on one matchups. And Dorgan DBs could make a play to save their lives out that's all Stanford's passing game was because he Selig who cannot run the football like at all. It's not quite as bad as their rush defense but they're rush offense it's pretty putrid. And so I would assume that origin can backed off that a little bit and play some coverage. And hopefully that makes things a little more tolerable for their secondary against against Rosen. That's the one if you wanna match up kind of breakdown there about why this one may be better for their secondary that would be yet. Well as Texas I'll take the team that is starting a big sky quarterback. Does a lot of treatment well these nice to freshman. And if he's a freshman you think he's going to be get eventually give the kid a break he shouldn't be playing right now he has no business playing but don't have anyone else I would expect she's raiders coming up and up next it's Oregon state athletic director Scott bar in it's 328. Here is Michael sports center. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise it didn't suit. Driven by fresh and Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on 1080 both ran. All right are you state needs a football coach. And Gary Anderson up and split. Newly hired Scott Barnes the organs dvd is here to tell us definitively right now. It's. Doubtful Lugar's lead. Hello well you know if I work a little offense for you if I can be like an old line coach but I think that's about it. I decline Ellington engine. The regular. Go go warrior like that. Case so Bobby care a size used to say that all ladies have you know kind of names in their head or listing case something happened deal or are you starting students from scratch here. Arctic that stepped up load correctly we will call. We weeks out we had a listed and always got molested. When we go. Some Eskew would win year out there and and and you're trying to recruit coach what do you sell like when you're trying to commit to kids are coached that organ says supplies ram. What do you sell him. What we've we've because it is that is incredibly special place we we have are those big old church for mid week we had. That that group rabinovich said spread though quite a bit of time with. All of our. Coach can teach you an example coach Rupp coached typical. Double or former players to really. It appealed to the structural well it should literally being distributed Deaver who we are a political culture. You specifically. Go we. That we are depressed. College not only the pac 121 of the best in the country. We have an excellent facilities we all now. Were due regard but excellent facility great leadership vote for the top that a university that is properly positioned better than it's ever better than it would have history thanks to an outrage over the other shall we got. Laundry list of but I think we can go to do so but. They report that it is just getting. Bill for what a special places it didn't have what shall but it worked coaches so one pewter. So you say you have a list and you you kind of have an idea so then what does the search firm du lac is through. You know what they help you. Social you don't right now oh. This is simply Google it landed. Church verbal or talked about it technical look good. Can appeal or interest the crotch. Country talking with third party agent. Conversations understand. The interest level those that we are thinking about it yeah about that law which would be paired down about how we get picked ports unit will know exactly where we sit. It's a game here. But a note to give me a profile what is it that that orders it is looking for their next head coach. Well yeah it all starts with with what we've looked for each and every. Pat -- should not impeccable character. A high energy and passion intelligence about. About what they're doing what to plant is true of this disclosure up all things being equal prize to the northwest. Org state would be would be great everything else is equal. Sitting coach concurred. They coordinator. Acute depends everything else being equal. You you take distribute a coach about it in that regard well. Social and certainly the recruiting. Pipeline that we we we want. Attract. I'll do that we are shall what does that look like what does success look like in the track record of those days if not regard whether there heck coaches assistant coaches out. It acted out the true agent in other recruited so several that you will be will look at but it didn't start with. Other terror to the person. They're fit in this environment than any energy and intelligence with which they conduct their business. Why yeah why do you would you be instance only ties the northwest organ state I mean can a good coach. Coach. Little little B re media. Reset what I just said which is everything else being equal right chill about what you. Abolish but but that first when you look towards the actual coaching did it and you know what is it about somebody's. From a different region there are some. The beverage to Tibet to our that are in terms of opening new pipe what did you recorded show all those things that are. How much can you pay the next coach. Although more. Bold the I don't even know our salaries. Are constantly deal that would engagement just thought. By. Now get on eyewitness what I told. We'll live in all honesty you like it in seriousness of what what happened with with putting the money back on the table I'm assuming that that is a huge advantage for you guys to be able to go out in afford to spend somewhere in that that three million dollar range which seems to be kind of the going rate for a pac twelve head coach. Yeah I'd had absolutely would you like about where we should that they were really have a wonderful opportunity. Cart path. Or worded it. There we are dragging a buyout windows should process you're actually right we press release that are suited up which are energized core calls for the next job galvanized that. At the bit about we have a chance that a the move forward and unfettered way at a chance to. Yeah that would without any strings attached about opera without dragging the ball. The trade Willis Reed which had been we get pitched up short. In the some people it myself included a B artists wouldn't when Korey Hall was named a photos as Justine that you hired at a quarter's coats and only the system for three years been seen. Kind of the personality and the fire it is that ultimately wise he was. What was named interim coach simply because of the only maybe the energy he brings to a team that they probably needed at this point. If it's exactly what I was about. That that energy as well as a connection trust and respect that it earned him it is position. Alba that that obviously you. It was so balloon took the top in the position of the party girl who's done an outstanding job works. This is already stated he's got Barnes now football wise does a coach's system matter up offensive guy defensive guy we've talked a lot here about. The idea of running out like an option that type of offense like navy doesn't Georgia Tech does. What what are your thoughts on that. Well you know we think about the fair experience of to what you can recruit to all those things are. Part of the direct producer it starts with the Bill Polian. Actually showed should be don't rule to elected tonic systems support but it's not a more port to the right. Leadership to. Capacity the right all the other pieces we've discussed earlier. Or what we pick about the as a coach the world will see what that the allies would. What I suggest to the bigger opposite court bigger over because court. Potentially yes or coat over a opposite corner putting. Over an operative coordinator everything else being equal such. And but we want that we hospital wanna. I pay an arsenal of decorum when it was it was acute. It open and fresh look. At every every opportunity and as we don't doubt. So you hired Kevin Stallings as basketball coach junior hit. Through that process and in other hiring process is what what did you learn about hiring a coach that may be you can apply here. You know wicket. There's a lot a lot of moves to be bay did you know. What expenses is that you wrote the the process and other job growth but you know this could be ready to treat yeah to rhetoric but yet they really pulled the trigger on beta two which. Attorneys in Britain. It's very yeah dynamic that bill let's stick it's very dynamic and blue skirt quickly. Bigger trouble on and we've got ready for that. To pull the trigger any given moment because there will be. Competition obviously the marketplace what a job opening and it candidate so looking at various options. Do you have any kind of timeline for the higher seven I would imagine. And it's it's a little hard with a staph like you're going out recruiting but. Number one and I'm trying to be feared but there's a good chance and none of these guys will be back if the guy comes and and the new coach wants to hire his own staff so. Is is there hadn't you know at a time winner a sense of urgency do you wanna get this done sooner than later or is that after the bulls' season when does this occur. I'm. Old. Of the candidates are. Shortly what we've heard about it is that December 20 street which is we do early shining current football would give it finished up in all of that would be a beautiful about that as an added advantage to a a bit earlier in the struggle we didn't have the better but ultimately I don't think drug candidate and. What about facilities and go on into big announcing yesterday and then there's you know the the weight room money was frozen and in all that can you just update as somewhere you're out with the weight room and then. What are you going to be doing move forward. Well I have no idea what what went group frozen if there's if there's anybody about throws doubt uphill all optic today. That that he wrote is it completely. What we are look the added terms of facilities means it's a step it did that barrier. Certainly. The west side is that a lot of tension we've got to understand. Well what we're doing better or it will. Moved up forward. We got a facilities master plan process started literally in the next few weeks. Battled it. Some. Last a little loan. 000. So sorry about. You bet you are back but did he break in a little bit. I'd start but that's a bit old master planning process it was a look it up at your vision of across all our facilities and could be died on priority projects. A double to bully role our institutions that update Arctic could be better. I look forward about it and obviously part of that Pete Dye will be. Football centric projects. How important is that and in all honesty to the health of the program you look around the conference within the last what is it sank six years. Everyone has build new facilities you guys are kind of the last two to do do do really jump in the trade and go out despite. Just in on this arms race how is important is it for when you guys you know recruit to be able to say that week in a week we are last in the conference. Well first while at the evolution or it's a picture would you say were the lat. Up its its what best extent is so we've we've just finished the over fifty billion dollars facility projects including. Obviously the valid football that are a true act refreshed with the graphics that the lighting package there. We're I recruited the facilities. There is is absolutely part of the of the veterans sometimes we get lost the the notion there's more if reported to have developed what shall be actual. Of facilities and delivered service users to adapt which are it's so will be very mindful of those facilities produce that week the outcomes that we want forest through that but it certainly for the past experts who poured. Well Scott thanks for joining us I know it's hard feed understand that we do not make millions. And we politely. We are right by shock. In now. Firfer clients Farc Sanders and Italy do you we we politely declined the job the job offered the thank you. Aren't well global corporate. All right thanks a lot lot upon have a great week yet. You to see you later Scott Barnes is the Oregon state. Athletic director. Yeah. I think he's facing the biggest tire this school has seen in twenty years. You know you make the right higher here. With the money they're dumping into the facilities and senior year you're trying to keep up with the Jones is there. He make that ride higher and I don't think the Gary Anderson higher ends up looking now that I do you think he got an audience is in the reset button. But you're gonna have you had two years and Mike Riley where was clearly going south. You get that two years RC three under Gary Anderson where it was was really bad. And you bring in the next guy he's not going anywhere when you pay him. He's not leaving their money on the table and so you're gonna give him at least four to five years and if it doesn't work out the next guy you talk about a decade than had been at the bottom. This is beyond imperative that you get this hire right yeah. It is this is and it's on mart's views is gonna be on his shoulders and strength is that a no laws just I was reading that. Other people were not happy with the Kevin Stallings higher at what expectations market for Pitt basketball now. Then like gang Kennesaw has been coaching he was. Assistant at Kansas. In a way back in the day was like in that. You know fans their fans are hard to please it int in the that's neither here nor there what the fans think. Win and it will all be okay BSE right this is this is huge for Scott Barnes. But it does it just in nearly the you know he was on a three said you know obviously we'll hire the best candidate but I think that. You know he's an all things being equal northwest ties an offensive mind I think that's if your putting together the dream candidate adding that's. Yep our rights. Text the Bridgeport bees text line 55305 with your thoughts to get some of those. Give back to buy cheese traders we also are college football picks coming up here at 4 o'clock in fifteen minutes on the fan. In time Isaak and soup got an idea of I let a few that learning a Scott Burns. Your state today athletic director uses anonymous. Today a weight increasing its your audience is congress people on the as arrogant and tell your bullying or fewer billions than the reported that. Here are a couple of text messages Bridgeport Beers to sign 55305. They can iron experience guy like Tyrone Willingham but my my question be why would Tyrone Willingham take that job. Oh he's joking now okay it's a joke I would certainly hope so this is coming from Nicky said he shared tea resurrect the program slam dunk right go to odds. Oh I'm sorry Ty Willingham I was. Everything you know when we he said Ty Willingham for whatever reason. I don't know why but in my mind I was hearing Kyle witty well. Oh yeah he's not coming there sorry Ty Willingham my dad I was thinking game number all time willing I remember Ty Willingham is gonna Stamford. Yeah. That's what he was it got you got the Notre Dame job and the Washington job we did something right just. Didn't quite work out there doesn't cal winning him and and I was like. Know how with it's not put it in Dorgan state. Here's another one that says Kevin Stallings higher at Pitt was inexplicable no one else wanted amuse flaming out and Andy is a poor after dealing with players last year it was a disaster. Hope for beavers sake it's not an indicator of what's to come. Eases you don't know Mike my question about that that I think it's gonna be a coordinator it's gonna be a young coach I don't the Gary Andersen doing the well one that didn't work out but at the time I thought it was an unbelievable stroke for organs say to get Gary Anderson. I just honestly don't know another power five. Like coach. It's like you can over pay it's not like you've got this this massive budget for assistance or you got this. Sleeping giant here this great traditions so for me the idea pull in a power of five sitting coach. That's I don't think that's realistic so I think you're really going small coach lesser division. Or you're hiring a coordinator someplace and he said did he just basically say Johnson's nests while there's an element to that mean he did say all things being equal. He would love a guy with Pacific northwest or a sanitized. All things being equal he would prefer an offensive guy to a defense got about. Would point jump at the time. Said Johnson spent said this guy here says you you said a bunch of bland generic nothingness if he's very polished there's no question now. I ducks eighty wouldn't be breaking up on the cellphone with a aha. A note we'd get the ducks a B on the locker and I hear a few insinuating that and perhaps Scott Barnes fell asleep. On the air with tennis coach eighty well. Hash tag ever forget never forget it we are talking about this earlier in the week in new. Teams really don't tackle in the full anyways how many days do you did you venture to guess the and he knows. Coach. Oh we still there a court no that's still one of the best things that ever happened in the history of this radio program. Troubled other like these are right back to back. This guys they got a look at trust this guy analyze it and then the next ones I somehow feel worst about the feature Morgan State after listening to this guy and it's. What are you gonna do and those double like some people are throwing out Scott Strauss only Scott frost is coming and the Scott frost is it is going to be a big name. And with with a openings a place like Texas they NM a Tennessee UCLA Nebraska. I think that's probably more where Scott frost is is is gonna end up in the keys going to be kind of a hot commodity fail one name for him. And one name via. Well two names his first name in his last name okay so like Madonna you know get a higher prints bow. Baldwin out. Think a lot of people will also young core medical yeah young escort don't get in Norcross ties and when they hired Gary Anderson that was the guy that I was screaming about the time because he was that trustees from Washington and I think if you. If you don't end up getting a leg of a coordinator at at a major school. I just I I never understand why that's do you just a bad thing to go give it a god has been really successful at the that would be the FCS. Level. I know is that that one to me always fascinates mile Chip Kelly came from there to kill you came to New Hampshire bull Baldwin came from Easter washed their league is a great offensive mind. The best coaches are always sitting you know at Nebraska the not always in the Texas or Alabama you can find a good coach. You know that it's not gonna cost you four million bucks year that maybe we'll stay for a little bit if you do you go search some of the lower level so even if this doesn't end Libyan in name that you necessarily herta doesn't. Make it a bad hire. All right thanks for the feedback on that thanks to Scott Barnes for coming on. Should be interesting he did mention that December 20 date that's that early signing period date. So once the season ends you gotta go he was talking about being he alluded to their Rory gets crazy yeah that's feeding frenzy starts right when the season ends an eight day gets knots right in there the so that's the end of basically after Thanksgiving we have again I think it's gonna heat up. As soon as the civil war is over you but I've your ducks in a row and offering someone a contract because you have to find a way to somehow salvage this recruiting class. And and get a Qaeda guy is gonna come in here and bring in a staff aegis can have this be another wasted year. So it's imperative that you have your ducks lined up in a row here and what was it to Texas tired are hired Tom Herman what was that like two days. Whatever after this is over it's like they had their guy so find him identify and get him as soon as scenes over sign him. Are we all have college football against the spread locks and given tuner college football challenge next on the fan.