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Friday, October 20th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod so this prescilla struck the vehicle for. Doing the right thing since 1952. The this is a football Friday edition. I'm with its suit driven by Gretchen Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and eighty. Making names. For children. But you know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Well yeah. Most pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were leaving at six. Go to black. I didn't play his time as we go. That's the only. I'm not saying it's an old game. I'm still want to. Also getting in there any. You're swallowing something. This is hard to hold just talking. Michigan patriots. Baseball stat. And we're not supposed to. I am. I'm fascinated buying how Justin Verlander results and it again. And not just kids like dominant again GAAP thick untouchable in the second half of the season yankees he sucks bird. The better part of a couple of seasons he wasn't very good at what kind of thought the arm was just gone and it is assumed I was over his turn forty pitches tonight. 34 of them have been for strikes Japanese touch in the high 90s9798. He's painting the corner and it's been in cold this team. Both guys get better at 34 right he is 34. Yeah that's. It's a big deal. Let's them get better you know I think it's is not suspicious at all. Owner. Do not care about anymore and he wrote them closest humane reasons why he's pitching so well in up to his left and right dude there you go. Certainly would make mean more focused in her. Miami Tim and you're right when that is some for your game she gives him incentives for how he doesn't negate what what is gonna have happened when he gets home. What about like huge you early she does you had a herculean effort today putting on 25 pushups you imagine if you don't. There are some motivation to go up and down a few more times you this year you're not getting thirty if you get ten more for Qaeda homeland on nine I. I'd I think at Richmond is the limit again this is what you think until all of sudden keyed up and appears and then you don't you're Justin Verlander on the side. I think she's good for at least an extra seven push ups at least. But they have. Different to sex tape they're like yeah and they got the hands they have needs out there not that I saw this I would never look at them it's. But it's like she has needs that if I did look at them they both have news though there yeah. Finding that at imperial berliners means dollars dinner and even needing care why would. A lot to do don't well look I'm not saying that I've ever look because that's disgusting but if I did luck. Bravo. For wait for each and not catered Justin keynote now. And they were talking about now Bravo him because he's with her lean now. Again not that I would know because I would look unlike you which is due to leave right now I am. Bit of Lina in Europe. And I can't find them. I've got taken down again he answers lawsuits and all. You know that'll invasion of privacy being. Not be in a total ski bump up down. Am. Disappointed that it's taking you this long defined needs. I think SE needs now he mentioned it I would say so this this is like yeah allowing these yesterday's news there. You don't think tiger and then Lindsay bar of the last step right. Yes those guys taken down Miley Cyrus. If you told people that care because they're the ones illegally be through big lawsuit than other people like. If you get. And keep up to tip the hey not my health if the use NASA is don't wanna win the World Series or play in the World Series and he got her to think because Justin Verlander is filthy right now. The Yankees have a two hits. If three its ingredients. Yeah he is filthy pain corners and dropped bunkers sushi. Yes he knew and I mean this eons. Okay yes the Chinese space station. Young Dong won and who is falling towards earth. In NN controlled descent and it will hit our planet. Sometime within the next few months. And no not even the best and brightest minds in science can really get any more specific than that. The idea of at least rarely go routes he did you they have no not yet whether cyclists 70% water right. That's right you know yeah most likely hit. Chancellors get a splash into a into an ocean. Yes but what I feel like out there like you're on a cruise ship for whatever maybe I'd do little dingy. There's sit around and makes you know the other space station how big is this thing well they're Thomas not to worry about the same but no he should not worry about any. I'm not taking your don't worry about this topic is that this is all on space station. Yes full on space station the seemed pretty Buick. So late last week the guardian published a story in which a Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell predicted that young gong one would deal orbit in either late 2017. Early 2018. It prediction consistent with Chinese officials statements on the subject. Look at their businesses don't freak out because a couple of the other sit there saying and don't freak out go to them what to do. So back in 2016. China said they had lost control of the space station. Any would eventually deal orbit and break apart and you know the it's it's like it the it is clearly yes you can Damascus to question yes isn't even up this is put under the bed those that'll eventually come down. I don't think so. Donald stays that theirs is put there. Believe so who's no gravity of what happened to this there is god is let's get you through his. Other ideas that's our markets through a picture bunch of stuff just count them around. It was a why is this one's pretty big space isn't lost control of open. Maybe because it's a handy. Did get close enough to be atmosphere were than he does get sucked at them as well you know like events the Regis is that we can have like a Flutie trashy but there. It was like raining down upon us. Says the only tricky bit is that we don't know exactly when or where the station will do you orbit and we likely won't know until a few hours before it starts burning up in a fiery bald hill in the bush. And only gets its now that you might have added the fiery ball fell. Oh and yes some larger pieces like a few hundred pounds of metal might survive the fall back to our planet. Susan this thing has about a 130 metric tons behind him. It's big as predict floats eight it's eight times. It's is it as a mass about a 130 metric tons. The Z told him. So you're saying just it's only a couple hundred pounds of of of middle ish fiery hell well you know like it's gonna bring it sure knows it's gonna break apart once there's dancing you know. Because. It is going to be lots of third space degree you're gonna get murdered by space to Greek and that she didn't have that in the pool no no I did not how this show is gonna end. It would for just sitting here and like Mike gets crushed I mean if we get crushed the show's over but if Mike gets crushed that we soldier. Like while it when that happens he's replacement. So it's Yung lung one. And they're putting out that it's an eight ton spacecraft and its much smaller. Another spacecraft that have already fallen on sky in the past several decades because apparently the site. The Tuesday for science so this could sense this is kind of my question is currently solemn I don't I don't. No good stuff falls out this is not I don't know. I think sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. It. So I guess they had one of these before it's they had a thing called the skylab and it made him a controlled descent back to earth. It is a 200 it was 200000 pounds but it did so part of the Australian Outback. Oh cool. So this added to do with it and did they want because there's nothing in the outback. But can you imagine that hit like Sydney. Have 200000 pound freaky things falling from space. I don't buy this so we shouldn't be concerned sort of thing it's easy for you to say we beat the odds are that it's your house. On the earth they're astronomical the earth is pretty big place. Yeah I'd say. Well again seven of severe this waters are right there it means I can hit anyone it's just there's no chance and then look at all of the lake place late yesterday now backer likes Iberia whenever in the cupid hit the midwest. There's more stuff you diocese that doesn't have anybody if you look at the swath of land and as people on it. Yeah I mean chances are it's gonna win somewhere where it's not gonna hurt anyone but what on the odd chance of its Dave's house you don't know. What do you know one guy at their live like in the middle of the Dakotas you're like I'm completely safe and everything and then. Did space station falls on. Well I dimly they have stance on this but they do in their saying that only one person has been hit by space debris. In the sixty years since humans have been sending things up into space. One Epperson dike no. Could you know he lived in Tulsa Oklahoma and his name is Lonnie Williams. And it was over it was a segment of rockets slightly larger than human palm and it just have to shoulder. And filled it felt the ground really into pieces like it before you brush that off the no big deal. Yet they're saying researchers calculate the odds of anyone getting hit by space junk. One in 3200. Our. Women thirty to end the odds of you. Getting hit by space junk. Closer to one and a trillion but it rank and we're not you specifically and it just hitting some human being on human being is one and 3200. Now. I don't look this up and I think the more likely to win the lottery. But that lottery than. I feel like it's not that uncommon Schuylkill is do you like the you're more likely to get struck by you know lightning whenever. I think like. Plane debris kills a couple people every year. They generally given around them like a plane elected to the tree stuff falls out of bed like the solid waste her. The wind falls off early in the year that happens sticker read about them from time to time. So maybe that's the moon we should be concerned about. Perhaps. We'll look this up finds out of the odds of dying from plane debris. A silly put a target on dates announced for the screws along minding your business fixing you know somebody's got to take all the it's ninety days plays imagine waking again they give the that would be the ticket nothing like that's the eulogy you have to give your few growing like get one in trillion chance it was just is time to go. They got hunted him down. If you go there and I'm sorry someone of Sears doesn't like you it's your time to go. Finally get around it is 616. Up next the latest in Vegas. On the pan. Am to an eighty of them kept. Yeah. And now for the latest in Vegas. The Mandalay bay shooting. She get this so that that security guard whose name is. Casey's Campos is. He was the one shot through the door buying the mentally being shooter who was originally believed that he was. He was shot after the shooting in begin but now they're saying that he was shot. Before or he'd he'd been there before the guy opened fire on the concert some people are asking what took so long to give peace of their now if they knew. This is where he was that. And he lived and so for awhile. They could find the bodies can disappeared and he's a 2.5 year old did. And so he turned out. On the Ellen DeGeneres show the middle of all the places you can make your first appearance. Mitsubishi paid it right. Well the latest is that they're saying that. The Mandalay bay or maybe it's the cops there it's it's unclear. Somebody has been pressuring him into going on Allen show you because. They thought that. A real journalists are like no none that flower type Tim apart would have grilled him about the timeline. That's the scene now. I think I'm not a big conspiracy theory winning when it comes the sort of stuff on nine elevenths into a job but. There are at times were stuff like this it makes me wonder. You know I'm a simple dialing to institution people for it when there's stuff that doesn't make sense in my head that I always wonder why. You know that's that's an interesting theory I had heard that. So you know Alan's dog and it now holds not to do dad owns and give the beauty and then you know also with things like that. So campus said he was originally called to the 32 floor to check on an open door. And any found that a stairwell door had been blocked with a metal bar. And he says once he got there he realized that he was hearing drilling sounds. And he thought it was just like. Workers yup you know do some repairs or something. In one of the investigators time lines. Officials said. That the shooter shot at campus through the door before firing from a broken out windows on a crowd at the concert in the interview Campos said he believes those drilling sounds. Might have been panics opening gunfire. In that the gunman fired at him through the door after Campos accidentally. Let a hallway door slam and that's what he's saying he says I was walking down the hallway towards his room I heard rapid fire and at first I took cover. I felt a burning sensation I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood. When Campos was shot maintenance worker Stephen shocked told Allen he was arriving in that hallway to check on the barred door. That's when he sees leaned down and said take cover take cover. In this guy says. Tampa saved his life he he didn't say that he would have been shot to Theo. At about the same time a female guest came out of her room and campus shouted her to give back and take cover. And that's what he said. So that is all that add up TO I don't know like I need to know more the timeline like how long. Is that because it might original understanding. Think it was only like twelve or fourteen minutes right time he started shooting this time the and by that point they said he was already dead the heed the pleas that he didn't shoot please don't be up. So police have said panic fired his first shots of hotel security guard he's whose campus in maintenance worker Stephen shot at 9:59 PM yeah. That would mean panic attack on hotels staffers took place six minutes before he opened fire on music fans at the harvest festival. The implication any 9:59 PM shooting would beaded Mandalay bay staffers waited six minutes to call the cops. After the two men radioed. But in GM corporate owners of Mandalay bay they're now claiming that timeline put out by the cops is a wrong. This is currently see and that's where is it that is it's just it's confusing and he's this is his so I'll I was confused about who. But campus should go on elements of real news it's in GM. In GM wanted him on Allen not not the real news news source. So MGM said Thursday at the hotel employees were actually shot only about forty seconds before panic turned his guns on the festival. At 1005. PM. In that they immediately radioed radioed in when it happened at the hotel security and immediately called the cops. So they claim that police got the mistaken 959 time from the Mandalay bay report filled out in inner. By a clerical staffer is certainly hopes so we hope it would take six minutes after you've got one guy shot into the guy shot that. And it. I can't be hard to figure out I would with all the cameras and all cameras they I mean right you should know time. Don't know man it's a weird there there are some days it's like China to be a big conspiracy guy but there there have been some stuff as ever and kind of read about this economy Q. You know. Well they are about it the shooting timeline has changed several times yeah so. I just can't imagine it's that hard figured out that. Now they. I still haven't heard that there recently said that there were probably other people involved you've even heard as their possible second shooter. And none of that stuff this is really come out and so I guess you just kind of wait and see what happens investigations is that news happens so quickly now. And like the rush to giving out and get NASA needs people to be skeptical about it. I try of the consent for the most part to take the officials at their word its is. You know why I get why people get skeptical at times because not everything always adds that he think the MGM would cover. For a security guard. Like you know I mean like what why do they I don't know maybe just come clean. And I don't why do people do the things they do I do know that in times. Of like crisis. People aren't always to be trusted. Things get over exaggerated there's panic the kind of move the fog of war type stuff well and if you're if you if you get shot through a door and you look Kenyan blood on your job. Some think he really knows going on he just heard the gunfire. And then he sees that he shot and what's the first thing you do these security guard you radio down right with the others say that he waited six minutes to radiate out no way out. He radioed in that they just have the timeline. It's just it's it's interesting if if that's the case and there's there's cops everywhere why did you take that long for these then begin today at the door. It's just. I think there's there's questions that people have that are reasonable questions and maybe there's reasonable answers form you know. You know maybe it takes a long time to together I'd stick with in Vegas I just think there's so many cops like on premises that and all that I would think that if if you were indeed they shut the sky six minutes before you opened fire. And I get that it's up on the 32 floor but closeted gay apiece in an elevator and up to someone's door. Grant you this you wonder. Not trying to call into question the police in this by any stretch of the imagination. Just weird he'd be nice when this is also notes and donned actually have a real definitive timeline of this is exactly what happened. All right and if you're one of the victims' families. Think those the people you feel really bad for because you know they're the ones that want answers and no one answer assures curiosity even if you lost someone in this. I think that's where. You know well can you hold it against the MGM. And again this is Vegas we had a camera on every freaking piece of tile in the whole place right yeah can you hold against them that they didn't see him. Bringing. Whether it be five trips or ten trips between trips. It's forty guns up to newsroom now on and you hold that I get I mean I don't know this to me that's like did. Open your eyes met to knowing there's people sitting at desks and simply enjoy watching security cameras. I don't know again I don't know what that looks like you I mean does he does have a giant like. For backer lack of better term what catcher's back again that he was able to fill Paul begala and money with heavy daddy that's NT and Elvis we've been rolled those back seat did you. I am that's taking golf bag. You know I don't know that's what's that I'd I'd like to see and actually do you see nothing but then continued is it to say ask that you see him do it 25 times. And you like women. Disarm. Think everyone wanted to know whether or not. It could have been prevented during could have been minimized and I think those are fair questions to ask. And I think it by the way it's it's fair that in GM in the police eventually have to be responsible to answer those questions and if you don't like the answers. I'm glad there are people out there that are. That are willing to press the issue. And because I think people deserve the truth. Especially the victim's hand in GM's proudly shaking in their boots on you there's element of that too and that's the part that always scares me Indiana on a dude I never. Put past covering your ass is an excuse for why someone does stupid things. And then I know that sounds so crappy but I think a lot of times when when stuff really gets bad they people in higher positions their first thought is how do I cover my. It's in the shooter was a high roller that they knew him so maybe day. You know when you see a guy they you know and you know he frequent your place you don't. Is close that's in the street. All right now we'll wrap it up when we return can't not college football high school football is commit better as the football this coming up in fifteen minutes. He is playing tonight they don't and either. That is ordinances. But. Like in this organs have been through. Like this. Yeah but my goodness you'll get there are much higher end and they. Here's Mike and. Iowa that's about can do it for us. Relieving news the couple of sports notes. The trailblazers. Which really did against the pacers. Least what I saw yet. And they won a going away the Astros and yankees are scoreless in the bottom of the fifth that he Sanaa has 21 with one ounce. And Verlander by the way looks untouchable. In we have high school football coming up on the fan. Clack commence and or against seating mare clown economists. Cougars cavaliers cavaliers. His arrogance easements can. Pioneers. Matchup of the years at the go to dance. Hey did you see one other thing as a New Orleans talking about hurricanes and wildfires and from then you know lots of stuff going on you know. If there is. So this got buried. We have the largest oil spills since BP yeah did CBS and yet it was like a little tiny blurb. We'll compare it wasn't a little tiny blurred he was compared to BP well no I'm just say in my when I saw the yeah it was news yeah it was like buried down yes they. It's like I. You know what we do but you know I don't like I go to these kind of scroll through the end it was like eight. It's rotating banner gets the biggest oil spill since 2010 NBA collectively everywhere went. We got other things and the things we're down here. As busy looking at the fake BBC deal fairly this this dude went on a Fox News segment earlier this month. And that little hole that you carved some sort big presidential seal who's on their eleven trump and they retrieved about him and they did this big thing to say the F 22 accommodations and two purple hearts and turn dowdy was never in the eighties ceiling was never in Vietnam. Wait so Fox News political guy on yet and and painted him as a as a war veteran jogger off hello. And he goes on there and says what does he mean what's he doing on there like this he gets sort of big carving each car. Did this big presidential seal and he wanted to like presented to to Donald Trump is big trump got okay so who's on there and insist they just were. This does feel good piece that like hey here's this'll grizzled war daddy seventy years old this is a tough tough man. 22 accommodations to purple hearts and he's a trump guy and we'd love it. In Italy. It was a feel good is a segment so then do you think it. Fox News put him on there knowing that he wasn't. Decorated. They got fooled by this guy who they thought was a decorated war veteran who is they they got from Little League you put someone on the that you know is full of crap. But apparently they were informed and then ten days later they admitted. That he was fully crafted in ten days to and nobody nobody that it again there. I am getting so we got fired over this one. And and he has said that that he feels to have it because I mean everybody just got bigger and bigger. What I did I'm ashamed of it in me because it was disgrace to the CU what he needed. Decides he's not his fault. We'll Agassi Canada's it is his he's lying when you go on as they've yet to purple hearts you were in the Navy SEALs and you were in Vietnam and a look what what's the he'd say this but who cares like what what is his wife sees story because of the thing that he made. That's why they put him on there I think they put him on there because it was a veteran that love trumpet they wanted it to a piece of peace. There's a decorated war veteran need loves it lives but how did they find him. That I don't know did he say hey look jumping on the war better and he's gone beyond us by one of those that did not like Gauthier shareware now. Because he did Ted at least served in the navy thrown for like three years and he was a aviation. Both Swedes made. So he overseeing various grounds a functions involving aircraft now it was not an ABC. I only got to go Astros lead the Yankees one to nineteen. But her second and third one on bottom of the fifth that teams over on the AM. Yes makes crisis cunning and took him high school football is next we're back a Monday 37 here on 1080 defendant agree we can't connect. Right shin so. Okay.