Primetime 10.18.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 18th
Hot 5 at 5, NFL ratings talk, and the Yankees win over the Astros.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news your source for the best in local regional and national sports. Low. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rotten miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. Our rights a welcome back folks it is the 5 o'clock hour as they like to say in our business V power hour. So used to be the power. Our yes like in the old Allen Davis days it was sponsored and everything. Now it's light mean and thunder at the start and now an hour hour and much more powerful than me. In this 3 in the 4 o'clock hour yeah those are. Those are good hours and a warm up hours of the power are not as powerful now Bob and Max power likenesses so hey I am here's what we have coming up for you guys. Now we are going to get into the NFL television ratings and why they may be where they're at. If the latest numbers. If we have time I wanna get into where may be the unbeaten in college football could lose an analyst here that we're down. We put on a nine we Iowa six weeks left in the season no word on eight and then yet we've got six weeks left. Blazers open tonight that's exciting. Down in Phoenix news CJ McCollum without him be allowed in the building we'll have our pregame show a late no we want. Yeah where's he gonna watch the game against back at the hotel on the suit mean. Would it be cool to watch just leave like what two to three hours a mica before the game can't be in the building in his dad's there. CNET and Omega the watch some of his death that was dad's in the arena well easily not given it does take its. Really don't want to regain bit awkward. So. Would it be cool to watch. The blazers play. Whip sees him a call like I watched. It was the ravens yeah I remember this weird down and we are in Dallas yeah. In those at that hotel bar that was ravens Cincinnati you know men it was a ravens patriots. In I was watching you would Eddie George who sit next mis super nice guy. We destroyed we're both ourselves we struck up conversation with and it was like MI we crap like anyone assume that I'm watching this game with Eddie George he's a really Smart enough football stuff. Well yes and tell my dad and his. I thought split it don't come again I'm just a dumb fan I'm saying it says is true it's a about the show that I do any but. Yet like this he belly up to the bar tonight. In Phoenix and there's sees him a call and you can watch the suns play the blazers while talking to and having CJ McCollum. If you hop breakdown yet that I should be pretty cool half drunk. Be great with a peaceful. Or bloated whatever even better. It's a new best little bit. Watching sports with drunken pro athletes yeah telling drug in his Sheila different notes that we've talked about doing drugs sports on this program. Which only example I still think that would be fantastic I have get Mike lake just beyond flickered up and have him explain. One of the World Series championships of the Yankees don't worry Mike Mike knows he knows at all. Dvds worse when he struck about knowing everything I'm tend to think of who would be the worst might target about the Yankees drunk or dirt. S face talking about the giants. Alec kind of drunk my kids I haven't been on that drunk with you never know with a little tipsy but that was about it. Maybe I mean we need to correct this immediately and a Villa are it's party. Expert Wilcox along in the club Coca. I have been in the news segment we've another bigfoot sighting. Again mr. yet another one just when not in northern California. Bigfoot gets around. We have a news on the missing Las Vegas security got you know that security guard who got shot yeah he's he's he's missing only popped up today. Well that's the Soria is where they found him. And as we've got dead oil spill news. I got FaceBook news Halloween candy tock who now now we're toxin the and frank Halloween cost him too soon. Well it's been awhile but yeah maybe just maybe we don't do that when spirit exists does. So what in the news it during the club that beef from six to seven right Ellis it's not tied at five. Ten attempt. Odd topics opinion anywhere close. The and later the dollar relative it's time for the odd hybrid club ranks behind. On private Bible when in times Isaac and soon. Nerves. Refresh light Coors Light when things I'd love with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light whatever your mountain climb. You need to look at it within the scope of the broadcast you know we have for our broadcast as it's ten minutes between race we're close to the hot spent time. Now pleaded how offended by the like 630 yeah that's been off. It's not that doesn't work. Besides number huh. I have five dish why on God's green earth would it matter where the NFL draft itself. What they did that they did outdoors last you're such a big hit that nowadays they wanna kind of take this thing on the road and they're gonna do it outdoors and you cram more people in there it's more festive environment as people travel for this mean just blows me away yet people do you travel you know he'll launch it on TV and only use the same thing that but that's kind of the big rock hard with that outdoor with a dismal Chicago last year right I was in Philly at Philly Chicago Philly summer out of those kind of and did they said that the the atmosphere around that kind of the party that they did. Was unlike anything they've ever seen end of his buzzed through like there's no way they take this thing back indoors or you take its Dallas you do indoors. I'm you know whatever well Dallas will get the NFL draft next year they will have it at the stadium will be partly indoors part outdoors job and they you know win over Tony other bids they've got great reviews last year and now people want it aren't would you ever traveled to go to the culture. I find that so. Funny now if Hillary is my city it's his party if you're in my CDMA go down checking out blood. And road trip. Illinois is ago at the bit foreign no actually I wouldn't go broke the trip around there's a lot of other better they're they're way better things to do today is meant. Now if I were stuck in. Saint Louis first Dahlia in Delaware you traveled to go go. Comments he has. So cliff favor all is done for the season they placed on the IR and Pete Carroll has insinuated. Beasley said senator radio in recent clip favorable go on IR he's seeing a bunch of doctors seriously looking at a big decision. He's insinuating that the table may retire who has played ten years in the league this is when decode the set you know you clipped him in the chin. And we saw April on the ground and he was trying to get feeling back into the arms and Phil's hand we also that it was just is that as a normal stinger. Which occurs in. You played long and if you've got them but. The fact that he had a goal you know and miss a couple of weeks now we serve talk about is this being your spouse knows a thing. That's a nerve damage back there and that is certainly career threatening so this is the tough decision. Targeted action Nicki can't screw around the tennis for the colts to injures not shut down. Duties soreness in that surgically repaired shoulder so it's at some points not get to shut down for the year you're not going anywhere get healthy. Braxton Burmeister we'll start at quarterback yurigan ducks against the UCLA Bruins this weekend. It's looking like throughout crowd that Taro Crosby is doubtful. Jake sergeant was also not practice today so it's not addicted to a multiple and by the way in the concussion protocol. The nice thing for for organ is is that even without your to your shirt off its linemen. UCLA is giving up over 300 yards on the ground per game that is 128. Out of 120. Into double play. You could be playing left tackle for the organ does you should be able to run the ball on UCLA. Big blow to cal football they're leading tackler by far is Dovonte downs you know he went down to Washington State game they are seen he's done for the season. With a lower body injury. All right since winning the title in 1977. Your Portland trailblazers have only missed the playoffs. Eight times in forty seasons with them as. Another season opens tonight even if playing another season. I am aware of that yes and I can't believe there in Phoenix now CJ McCollum due to a one game suspension he can't even be in the arena the line up. Looks like you'll have Evan Turner Mo heartless and Alfred comedian in the starting five alongside Damien Miller and ucits markets that we don't meaning official and yet it quick just said that based on like the practice cheers that he was seen. It's the starting group that he would guess that that is. That line calling for the suns rookie Josh Jackson joins Devin Booker on a team that won just 24 games last year now Phoenix is favored interestingly enough the tip will be at seven. Up from last night catching Gordon Hayward can be done for the season with a broken leg Chris Paul and dream on green also hurt. Understand Chris Paul is now questionable. And I dream on green was getting at me MRI. Thanks but injuries jeopardy Hayward injury is sounds like they're trying to pin out this isn't as bad as maybe there's an anticipated. He had dislocated ankle and he's got a fresh in his tibia and you know it's it's at the time when Doug can doom and gloom joke seismic career Ender but it seems they can maybe this is just an act as they Boston's footnote a better spent on this. And that those early look bad and number one in the bottom of the DA's. And the Astros cannot hit they only have three hits the whole game against. Tanaka and now Conley isn't there. The reliever the Yankees the Yankees lead the Astros five nothing in 195. A V8. Elsie yes and they're down 02 in this series and now looks like they're gonna go back to Houston up 32 and I think that'll be on Saturday. As a very Friday and Saturday Friday it shows that they play on Friday to hear there Friday as that is they try to stave off elimination now about that. The big hit in this game. Well it's been several. I Gary Sanchez had a big home run Greg bird got him on the board with the RBI. Single. Up Dallas tackle tackle those foreign chief theirs is up four runs coming into this game kind of cool had a point 70 ERA in his. Postseason career. Which was the lowest a measly history. Freddy won't with at least four starts mean he had been unhittable in the policies of any on the Yankees and they they roughed him up they were hit the ball hard against them tonight also got the Dodgers cubs is 30 in that series in favor of LA there in Chicago in the game we'll get underway here in about 45 minutes or so Wrigley. We have no idea who's pitching as anybody seen his pitching. For tonight's game yeah Alex wouldn't for the Dodgers to carry out of the cut we do have an idea and there is an excellent. I had not seen one when we went on the air today it theory the hot five at five refresh by prospered course like Duncan beaver fans download the new course like XP happen earn points towards one of a kind experiences and rewards. Even game tickets a speech when he owner over NFL ratings went bad. Next on the fan. Highs against duke on insanity though. I don't think they've now won. We're partners with crunch fitness. Here at the fan. And they are opening news still war. They're location isn't no no plans are yet so right off mill plain and only 264. In the coup yes there are working out now. Illegal there it's like a home of famous people with like less than a mile from the house work late oh. Okay I'm sorry I was thinking of cereals like in Portland now you're no clean up there okay so you. I'll focus in the groove work out where big Suk works out you've probably I'll just joined crunch. If you're trying to par fives away from from my house. So crunch mill plain as having their grand opening party tonight and it's gonna be gone it's gonna right now it's going until eight. They've got a bunch of food and get a DJ and handsome prizes in his Graham tries to win a trip for two to Hawaii and if you sign up today is telling you wanna work Allah big suit their ego. And they'll set you up. In Roman is zero dollars and by about 9:30 in the morning and you can come sweat to the oldies with me. Do you like my jazz a size class in there and you know my drop work out it's great to other programming notes one. Tomorrow. Our blazers coverage ran sub chasing quake. Of NBC sports northwest is back this year he will do our show every Thursday at 530. So if you blaze at ten against in every Thursday at 530 you have to. A must there on the East Coast team in the most of the time. Every Thursday and financing. And then. Scott Barnes the Oregon State a at 330 action packed the rest of the week he got all down. No but I gotta be here any what times Barnes. So on Friday what time. 330. Nice to get me nice. That's right go beavers although they don't play this week so what times Jason quick. 530 when Thursday's. Nice except for when there's these grocery trip. Your ged. And dubbed an OK you are downed an idea of tolerating it's art in any continued to plummet. And everybody's freaking out about it although I couldn't care any less mother and it's up. So through the first six weeks of the NFL season total viewership of games is down seven point 5%. And in this is compared with the first six Lisa last year. An average of fifteen million people watched games for the first six weeks this year compared with sixteen point two million. Through week six last season this is according to Nielsen if you go back to last two years were into the teens now. With the declining number so it's it's it's knowledge this is a one year thing this has been a trend in. Hustles out today that further there's into the for the first time this may actually impact. How advertisers and their bottom line that some of them at a mantra was fox of two was his NBC. One of its in the article I read said that their actual stock prices dropped a little bit based on this yep CBS am poppy that's what it was CBS and fox. So they're saying that it's it's starting to see an effect on the advertises for the first time. Any cinnamon and at the Bob dealerships about eleven point two million which is 6% increase few weeks six impairment last year. Now I still have never been able to find. A answer on this. When you wash the red zone you watch the Sunday ticket what does that do for rates. I don't know a kite. Lynch to see if we can find someone. They did until we get a TV ratings experts someone they can speak on this 'cause I'm fascinated by this. In that. I feel like if you watched the red zone like how do you give it credit for watching. You know that if it let's say this yes the rams are playing and then that's the that's the fox you know this afternoon game. If I'm watching the red zone I don't get it talks is getting credit from me watching now but I'm still watching football. So I changed the way I've consumed football I watch it is much if not more than ever well but the way I watch is completely different because I'm not watching a singular game on either watching. The Sunday ticket and I watched that through my my PlayStation or I'll watch a red zone but it has to count. For ratings it's a it's a channel so there's there's no question it has ratings and I'm sure it counts towards an adult viewing it has to. Because I mean it's. NFL football on that channel receives. On so they just they must do it several and a I think the bigger thing would be the rest of doesn't have commercials they be watching you just well that's on Santa I get to watch I think the bigger thing would be that. If you watch red zone CBS and fox appears now because you're not seeing their ads and that's. I just think there's a lot of people and a glitch is like this and and believe it or not I I still have. I had to achieve for years and years and in two years ago I switched over when I moved. This was over a Comcast and I still get the senate ticket I still I still have it. I find myself I don't know next year if I will get Sunday ticket again because even though I have that I find myself probably 70% of the time now. Just watching the red zone channel. It's it's. It's it's kind of become the way I consume it and I hear that the more and more people that that's how they're watching and one of the reasons they love it is there's no commercials that's one reason but a lot of people paints it as like you're just seeing reds and opportunities and that's not true at all. They show all the big play yes they show all the games they they stop focusing on the bad music super showing your scores. Like that really what they block him so really you're not missing much of anything you're just seeing more than you receive your seeing how it packages so I think you see. People IBC cut in the court has something to do with this. You know people are saying you know more more than their their finding ways to stream it for free young people watch the red zone. I don't think the interest in the NFL is dying down at all icing traditional TV numbers are down. Yeah well. Yeah I don't know the NFL's quite the juggernaut. You know so I don't know I seven and a half percent is really significant bottom you said some two million and change right watch each one of these game that's a lot for one season. From one season to the next. Well so it's something significant is going on and that I think that's part of Agassi does a lot of things having won one other thing that's going on is that there have been too many controversies. Including the anthem thing I think that is turning people off it there there's NFL fatigue like it's it's out there the NFL is like. Bet you we'll have that friend who is chest. Drama at every turn exhausted that's what they are now in I think. Cumulative effects of Ray Rice and Roger Goodell being a putts in unfair and then the wife beaters and conscience to been in that they hand them think that people are just like to. I'm done lot of people feel of the NFL's impeding their fees for years and years and will what are you gonna do and Nikola and I'm with ya I think a lot of people lives in decided that no I'm I'm done done and mom. I can watch and so I think that's a part of it plus cord cutters plus side I mean I'd just as a fan and I watch a ton of football every year I think college football's passing in a film it's the first year I've said that there we on this who discusses these two it's tournaments or games analysts assume game this year like college better and and we talked about to see the data washed imposed wrote about this worth repeating since since it's come up again. There their whole promises. Look football used to be. All easy to say at all level high school college. And into every every every level at least tried to mimic. The NFL and they're out liars like you know some of this wishbone stuff and the stuff you ran in college but generally. A lot like other sports it it all looks the same so the pros sport the one with the best players in the world doing it was always. The kink right will now. You you can't find a high school that is has their quarterback under center and and so that did the the Al liar now in football is actually the NFL the NFL looks different than all other. Levels that were used him you know because they're spreading it out. And it's made its way more exciting now it's there's like the numbers the stats have gone to the root of this that's gone through the roof in the NFL too but. You look at some of the college numbers. It's video game it's video game stuff but this is because offenses in spring and the spread and everything has opened things up. Well all levels now even you go down to that to use apple. What were used to seeing him football our our new. Normally a football is what high school and college looks like and it is exciting ending ego wants you to phony double and this is lame this is boring. And and it didn't used to be that we these to all kind of being in sync seed really notice a difference. I think college is surpassing the NFL like you said this is the first year I've said that and I I've always loved it apply I missed such huge NFL fan. But it's. Compared to college it's pouring now. I still say. You look at the number of people that are watching on red zone and then go to any bar on a Sunday. Any sports bar. And it's packed with people there watching the NFL so. I think while the numbers go down I go to college campuses to them I think this notion that the interest is waning I don't necessarily buy that. Did the need visas Justine I still pass and we got some of the said you know as soon as those deterred lakers star and sustaining for the anthem. All start watching again. That's still fascinates me that there's a hundred guys standing there for the you know for the anthem. And fiber Neil Lane. And that's enough for you to just wipe away the NFL scatter like involved in lumped in together it makes me question how big of a fan you were in the first place is right if you've gotten 95 or 98% of the teams. Players that are standing in you've got two or 3% that are near me and that's enough to get you to stop watching it. So tells me that your your phantom isn't. He isn't that great to begin. Why just I find it fast mean that something like that. Can make you so mad like what other people do and can make you summon something you can't control it it's real would make you sad that sent them. She's in a minority of the people that are doing the SI jinx. It was quite real next is Mike with the chicken soup cup to. All right Sports Illustrated jinx. But one you remember most I emptied. But it's happened again. That every time patents. Well yet but I mean again this year like if you if you do is go to Sports Illustrated jinx the Wikipedia there are a deed Jillian incidents yeah. Ill some of Merv. You know kind of loose like for example. You know Tom Brady was on the covers Sports Illustrated and they put it did put that on there that this year they lost the chiefs in the first and yeah I mean. More so injuries the other appease those Sports Illustrated had four. Regional. Covers yeah. Featuring the following players Tom Brady David Johnson. JJ watt in Aaron Rodgers groups. Now IDC that what Ford what what did those four players. Having common well all three of number out well I guess Dave Johnson does it took me out for the season but he's efforts and if you created Tanya that you are out for the year and Tom Brady. He's taken a beating these people are just waiting for him to be out for the rest of the year. Up. Correct that's a good Sports Illustrated jinx at its finest. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head glad it did on Torre you guys will not remember this because only pertains to. Well rupture jail okay. But do you remember when Missouri Kansas played. In Kansas City. And they were one. Into this Lewis 2007. Or 890 I don't remember it was number one vs number two Missouri Kansas. Yeah and I. And I remember you talking about it but it I didn't watch yeah I remember talking remember each are those like Todd re seeing right Alia. Such was Chase Daniel the quarterback from Missouri potentially. Briefly in a blizzard I briefly remember that I remember that they were they played and they were highly ranked I don't remember in the about the game and that's your kids play in the Orange Bowl right. He had to be Virginia Tech yes I've got to the loose memory of that so they. They had a shot. To win at all they were number two in the country yeah and they played Missouri the winner. Well Missouri. Was number one Kansas number two. And so the winner was. Was well on their way and Kansas lost the day it put it was such a big deal because they put. Kerry Meier one of their wide receivers on the cover of Sports Illustrated you know. And we were just like you know in the rock jock community were like holy crap don't do it. Although it's like did Kansas football is on the cover of Sports Illustrated what is happening were you happy about that reunion feel I mean I think it's cool. But. They lost. And we've all seen what happens. Not so good awards illustrated jinx don't. That honesty sticks out those remember organ saint Simons and yeah. The one that six out of my mind that I remember is Michael speaks being on the cover in the lead up to the Mike Tyson fight. I remember that cover and and that B to B deal in the Michael space getting knocked out in 9091 seconds. That's the only one that really comes to mind the jumps out at me. Well isn't the Madden cover jinx him deaths in sort of thing the that's the thing is though like when you when you make like in football when you make the cover. You get hurt the football and this is it's it's a high injury rates about and I don't necessarily buy as much as as some of the others but he appeared. Your big deal in football you had a good chance against her because people get her in football every single year. Candidate Tom Brady is down fully combine and saw four guys it would be of the season that's unbelievable. I just the Madden one to me. For every since sticks out more in my head than the than the F sides weeks. Because I remember that make there was a number of years like rock went down Don McNabb went down. Eddie George yeah Eddie George. All almost all the players what to ten year span yeah Peyton Hillis. And those were the reason I remember more than the -- to -- because his lot less of those agent Peterson as the apples until they include the Madhya one a year sie me get 52 issues other opens at every week this guy's right and it you know they put the Dodgers on the covers sports those I had this year and they last year and you know remember they have violence. Best team ever yeah and they lost like fifteen million lost seventeen of their next when he three and a USC was on the cover kind of that same thing I think as you Aziz was. Is this the greatest cultural team ever and then they lost to Texas in the national title game. I don't think that's kind of my point is that. The more you end up on the cover your really good the more chance you have of of of the disappointment I mean your. You're in big time match at Roland does isn't there is generally a psych. You know we can go overboard retired currently in my us teams so that whatever the hot thing is that it doesn't always last in these leagues are tough to win and it's. Like the odds are that the Dodgers are not the best team ever. And they're probably illicit gains on the in that many went on a story losing streak there would anyone not wanna be on the SI like I wonder if you ask guys like hey we're gonna push on the cover Sports Illustrated was there anyone that be that now. Don't do it well that that's what's so funny about the SI jinx is a pig it's not real well. It's it's a magazine but at the same time it's in the dike here I played. Like I really be honestly people keep doing that wanted to put me on the decent now. Yeah I said no you can't risk it. The goal wanted to get paid the golf games too important right you don't blow out the back before the route slam ranked in the lane and championships coming up the mess with the leg I had to block them they're taxing you so much like the guys' eyes now now. Try try Jason they're like now. Now they want to drop below the star of the show it's not primetime was suit and drop no no no primetime with a Isaac can suit path. What do we do next. Week. Knew. That we prepared for bad football between organ in New Zealand. Compare to that. As we need to be this has a chance in the dumpster fire of galactic proportions but I think it's organs best chance. To win may be up until the civil event tomorrow blazers open tonight your pregame pregame show next. All right well that's BS trail blazers opened the season tonight. It's taking on V most. Nondescript team in the entire league is. He's not exactly exciting when you're down to Phoenix I gave you the Phoenix Suns yeah thank you name name the Phoenix Suns. And pull up their depth chart for if it will Booker is the one that I think is probably the most. Is he now knows is he the only real notable guy. Mono they have I was Jackson Alex lenders are meant to all the rookie or rookie test Kansas craft Josh Jackson's death of their comfort peck he supposed to be awesome. Four up corporate. So Devin Booker Josh Jackson. I think this is still down there in the Eric Bledsoe is Tyson Chandler solar. Yeah he just. Vote there. And. We confirmed that. All right now at their depth chart right now yet says he's on the amber how old is Tyson Chandler eighty I feel like he's like refusal he's been around long time I love him. He's McCann again he's only. He's not around six. Think it's it's funny that. Were well past that at and yet we viewed ties and Jim there is some sort of old man. 36 years old. Yet healed is over Libya mar keys Chris. Former U dub player. Ken. And Jerry deadly. He's totally and TJ OT do Warren didn't TJ Warren torture last year to rid of these still in the league area. Again if you can shoot. Yeah I mean you put me out there I can knock down 4045%. There's an element. Just give me open baby and that it's back in the league right. Let it Nick Young is sit in the corner knocked down threes so the blazes are down there are no CJ McCollum. It's dot C is being real calling about starting lineup but he cares they basically have. Damien Willard. Use of their kitchen and a bunch of other guys with sounds like it of that and quick was reported that he thought that it was gonna be turner heartless. Mean you and then New York in and day and that again they have Damian Miller is of barricades and a bunch of other guys. It's huge is being an ass well they don't adding they don't that there. I like this is why they're not great is they have their dinner they're good that they don't have they just don't have a lot of depth. And in a couple years ago they did it is a member that is Saddam. Ed Davis and all these guys and goes dad actually they really don't now pitted Davis Bakken and he'll play a role in your hopes wanna gain can give you something you need the rookies is what you need if you if you really wanna add debt he got to have so on again and Collins. We'll help you and Leonard and Leonard so in this like he's ready to contribute right away. Collins moreover project and who knows what the media Meyers Leonard many fuse to a case a few saying that. Let's just say Evan Turner and now for a comedian stark when seasonal calls comes Dexia Dane CJ those two guys and use of yeah. Your bench is heartless. Swan again. Ed Davis. Meyers Leonard. Yeah pac content maybe Zack cons any that is not. No that's not the blazers and a couple of years ago that we Syverson deep knowledge is not a great match looking you're gonna rely heavily on your YouTube guards and generic and it doesn't there the X having come from the wreckage. Mean honestly did the season rests on on the legs in the health. Of the guy in the middle because without him. You were a playoff teams when he came here change the course and and and he was that the real difference maker in this team. And he was out of shape ease ease but lost thirty pounds. He's the defense a presence he changes everything this team will go as far as New York develops and as healthy as he can stay. Some Jimi hot predictions. I still think they're going to be better than people think not only on time tonight on about tonight in housing and Goodell will didn't Phoenix Bora mountain they opened down there was that. Last year the year before. I'm in Phoenix bitch slap them. They BM three out of four last year. Had an amateur at the open with the suns a lot the blazers beat the suns three out of four last year. Does it. They're the Texans can tell me I seem to remember them opening with Phoenix either laster the year before just cutie. Run out of the gym last available at Utah and they beat him. OK you're probably thinking of 2016. Day over with New Orleans and Mon but then they went back to back Phoenix games the and a possible that maybe that's when I'm by about when he bolted after that's when I'm taking up for the wins tonight. Argo Portland. Gimme for a written 104 Phoenix. It ninety science Portland to 78. 2198. Why now and a high scoring affair at the over a judge Jackson knocking out a lot of threes for it is Afro is strong and on point. Yet he's he be rookie year in the scene. Was it Nick Young on favorite is ball. The Aggies here and got along the ball Tatum has been getting a lot of hype ideology is so did M people there really high on him yet you all are helpful says free throw form today I guess he's sheets trying to change in the pre season it looks like some sort of it's a weird like Bill Cartwright had a seizure was shooting free throws and that's where it looks like a saw description that he looks shot shooting the shot. Well maybe you shouldn't try to change your free through a stroke and that the pre season and take that into the regular night it is not with the watch him one time in college. Op which I have never seen him play went with a one year he was hurt for much of it I think I've seen him in Washington one time. I think I saw him play for a total of ten minutes repeating here on islam's a ball. Followed by Al incidents because he's chemically recchi have for Philadelphia so it's lawns a bald and since then Dennis net guard bird Dallas. Mark don't Fultz I. He was at least he said in the dampers sucked you said it was overrated. Well that's the only time I've heard from items wait who's that fox and so with him on the. They said in and out burger is way overrated and loving it sucks it is a Maria is businesses and other Berger I think he was claiming that Wendy's was better in like that Berger and flow yeah. Tourist Richard bacon here and and then about I'll take a break and later. Wendy's better than an out I don't understand the and is now so I got it all giveaways ever an animal style and in whatever. No doubt you have and I have finally to get animal style accuse. It out so it's a burger but I don't. Italy is you can confirm it is a burger I'd rather have five guys at rather a burger bill. It's certainly rather have Steak N Shake I Josh Jackson is not only he thought he was up there with the odds on Dave it's that he's not it's because fox Tatum and Donovan Mitchell and then Josh don't even know I don't. And a monarchies of the mavericks I have seen play these steps in that that the mavericks are in love with Dennis Smith junior. Yes I guess he's yeah yeah I in my day to day level he's brilliant and remember hit his talent slowing and that would in his hands clean now in his pants. You gotta love that we gotta respect that when he was in the eight if you don't we're talking about. On draft night they were going back and looking through all the guys Twitter accounts this is like we found that weird clip of those that Colin surely isn't working. And their lights you didn't see no he was out that there all you're on your way to in the NBA draft and people sort of looking through all these guys to accounts. And there was a couple. I think one Zach Collins said I think for his birthday he wanted dudes. And Dale Jarrett yeah he won like. A pair babies I would attribute these. And then the other don't mail it outlawed media now 39 so bad that people give him crap about that yet they were all for heaven's sakes I am 39 it's still Automask apportioning birthday grow up you mean if you could go ahead and buy that formula B grow down depreciated and behind you meaning. But the other one is they'd either is a video of him like from the eighth or ninth grade and he was shirtless and he was the horse he he was thrusting. Let someone found that Dennis Smith. In Mikey was either in the eighth or ninth grade treated out. There's a lot of gifts from god but my gift it is slight in that would in my opinion it's up at the on site that's amazing. Why body you want to go for him that you don't do during your talent but hey no any kind of talent and amusement today Dennis Smith to. He knows about slowing in the mood. Well any time. Blazers play in Phoenix starts seven. To please you should keep slamming it I love I use the computer sucks yes yankees breaking. It's like I can tell you definitively that it will not be fixed by use slamming the mouse. And the keyboard. As you continue to do it's not an hour every time it freezes I go to the obligatory like maybe if I just take control what delete it harder. I just eat keep pounding on his I'm telling you I'm an engineer I know these things Leinart. There's no magic fairy inside the mouth of wakes up or just. To have for awhile I just need to fix that or. That's been like a month isn't a brand new computer to. I don't know but it doesn't work training Beaverton who listens to the morning show in the afternoon shows as cam Cleveland who sits in your chair. And uses that computer complains about it too but it's not just you. So I just saw the the better and I graffiti and I'm looking at dirt sits in a charity that he uses on computer okay. So this is what I've done now. I just use a iPad is I can't do that is the tablet thing for the iPad like Kevin and actual computer. Well like I like the mouse but to be able to do in frustration computer once it's nothing I'm gonna go reset it together and I'll be back pack want to feed me. All right today in the news can and up next on the fan.