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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 18th
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cory Hall joins the show, and last night in sports!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is of concern. The. Unbiased just shut your retirement on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat over reacting to listen everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate courage. And let me do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. Why did you do move goods that are evident. To sportsmen with a bunch. We're gonna hurt you that you do it a well on board these LA teaching John blows out of the meeting and then there as. Who's it thanks AJ I don't think Chong was an Alley that was his she each Charlotte forties delivery was just cheat those guys still. You know bits they heard that they broke up and and and then their back. And number years ago they can mean here when they were like on the reunion tour I remember so I think it was one of those they left and then make which ones teacher entrance Chung. Chichi is the smaller okay John. Cha Tommy song is the taller yet John it was a really I remember we had an end here in teacher's time yeah. The junger who he was psych. He was super serious out and that was back in the day like we're we denounce the dam on the site before marijuana was legal despite ten years ago and member he was a big. You know obviously did big marijuana advocates he just like he wasn't. No he was he wants super normal yet have an agenda liking it's all he wanted to talk about was the legalization of weed but not in a funny way meanwhile teachers very funny out. Amount of any balusters amendment that we teach John in here couldn't have been any nicer I love teaching John now back in the day. Do you ever listen to teach in China back in the day. Every now and then like had there's and there's a conversational listen to you in some of their old bits come across there good stuff but you know it was. There also some mold like Cosby bids that come on and not always makes me feel little uncomfortable. Because they they still and they still I think the greatest bull yeah. He raped is that what you stand a hundred women and I still love. When I was little my dad used to play comedy albums my dad would play old cheesy Chong albums in Steve Martin. In Bill Cosby and in my caller remember like Eddie Murphy had and so like there's a this channel at that you can listen that they place a little ones but every timely Bill Cosby comes on there's a little bit like. I would declare delight us all they should pollen that's kind of I think a much why is that still going on I was there and while this was within the last six months. That I've heard like the old chicken heart bit Mike. Old 'cause they do without Albert stuff and I'm like that's what allied Bill Cosby was really funny Baghdad today he really was probably time. Well you ran real well too but we ran. It's just stuff that's always you know I'm wanted OJ highlight I can I can appreciate his greatness as a running back you know he's a and a murderer. But Cosby. I think the thing with Cosby is he's one of the he's always been clean he's been a clean comic now. And I think I just for station like that. Now now can they play cuss words and Seth yeah they can OK so that I'm I'm I'm guessing it they're looking for only clean media contact. Any Bill Cosby you go to beaches I don't know there's like so many comedians that are a clean now it was not the under the other than the you know little rape thing but that was away. It was a wave from the count you mentioned science on makes me think of Larry David did you see the latest curve now I've got to run do you are and I haven't did that show is on an eleven this year so if you haven't been paying attention he's got a it's got a death sentence on them by the I is so gay and he's in hiding in its its. It's fantastic I have not gotten to the last Sunday's episode this last on as the best one yet is there of the first I think this is the third of this series is this the third at this it soak it in they've just cut out all fluff like it is it is is one bit after another it's. It's did they just pile on. It's so get my daughters are in Washington with an emailed this one and so now she's going back and and watch this ambulance and it it warms my heart to introduce her. To the greatness that is tribute Vizio and you can you beat at a top. Haven't seen that have given less than them as they talk about. They talk about you know the differences between Mike Lamb on the horn got pissed or like it to be just a polite about the question wake up and he believes that a top. Yes I don't Wayne's brother I don't think he can be a cop. Well that's kind of what their. I've never thought about that. If you ever do this to win a cup comes around like I just you know I've done nothing illegal. I anytime there's a cop around and you see when you're making just. You straighten up and it's like ten into and I just tried to get away. From the presence of the officer know exactly the speed limit that's like you look at the dial the entire time and and I'm sure it's a knowing for a cop yeah I'd I don't I just wanna be away from him at all times. Turn down a road just to do veer off from his. For me is the presents a don't want him anywhere around really gas yeah I just feel like I've come to I I check my ice. Ian and we'll if they were in a manner of rain in a little bit but I compliment inning Ronnie feel all right. Yeah why what's he mean you don't do the instant what I'm doing right now. Oh yeah you do you do good chuckle just looking around for things that I go to Wesley doing that it's gonna give people the DA and the question out there but funneling. It's upsetting that he now if you slide the seat belt on a little bit you sit I was an adult guests very. It be good idea tale but Larry comes up behind it a cop in the cop you know how people it's it's kind of annoying when like you're the second car in the first car when the light turns fees I don't delays out. It's like that feel like when you're the first in line you're obligated to really pay attention and when that thing turns green you are going got to go with these athlete herself and that you're setting the tone for everybody behind under percent. NSO the cops asleep at two wheelers coming in this instance of Nelson and he any beeps at. So it gives him a ticket. For deep and again so that the debate is can you be that a cop and the cops or was he does well I don't care that your copy does go with the light was green like I was doing official police business. Which we do you kind of assume any time EC Copley you don't mess with them as do dessert they're. Surely they're busy but I don't think they are out at the time now. I talked to this is my my doubles bidder top story is I got a ticket in my eight driveway wants. It was like 1 in the morning I live at cul-de-sac there's two other homes in the entire cul-de-sac. And I got bus there is a stop sign I rolled through the stop sign in to my cul-de-sac. Out 1 in the morning and I got a ticket in my driveway and I was livid and my question that I have is what the F was the Cobb doing in my cold the second 1 in the morning Jeanne. Don't tell me you were on official police business you're either eight taking a nap. Or be doing some that you weren't supposed to be doing and I think I interrupted you got this in you wrote me a ticket he got a call he probably got a call to. Maja neighbor. Sees just sit in a Khalilzad with three homes at 1 in the morning. What sort of dangers lurking around the corner of fifteenth circle in the senate is one of the old called. Apparently the scofflaws that is me and many had the nerve to drop this one on me could kill the kid. It. There's one kid that lives in his neighborhood and it's my kid and it would mean on a Tuesday pretty sure she's in bed. In there's a divorced in the bogus ticket yes and that it was of those crisply and you can't really say anything I mean you can. But eat like nobody has the balls to really like to. Larry David is talking Max up but we eat we don't do that ran again you don't I'm I'm never I did wants us pest. And the guy. The guys that threatening me who the end of course he can't now you're not gonna win and I just had to shut up and bite my tongue but as a discovers a naval. And I was completely in the right but whatever it most and I called and complained debt fears eluded them they don't care to tell you you've done some of them in my nagging gap in its I gave it. It it he adds I did that. But cul-de-sac one and really appealed the old cheese. I was pissed about it now one CU can't or cannot. Politely be but it can't now Ali each child to Cannes this if you gave captain like get a raise abandon and I dad I Wear it like the answer tucked into the military dudes and you know they have active Mickey looks like he's ready to invade Poland is uniforms all sparkly and it was that guy. He was questioning me on where I was going I'm going home. And I didn't have shoes on is that what you do and I saw I was playing basketball you don't Wear any shoes got the seat right there. But you look bright or took a month after plane. Like everything was like a bit like eighty finally caught like the echo some sort of drug mule in the middle of the senators they driving do you know Cole the second middle of the night. That top annoys me most cops that I dealt with her pretty decent fellows. But every now and then you get that guy yet Captain America and you would do it down right. The ones committing any major felonies here relax. Acts the other bit it's great. On the news anchor is the restaurant manager who is sent his vague. This is a so they're they're meal gets delayed in the restaurant manager comes over and he's he's great it is like being really polite but not saying anything thank you won't answer any questions. And then I guess I'm I'm so sorry you're dinners to lay their spending disturbance in the kitchen there is simple what what's at this what does that mean what what. What have so he goes the whole show trying to figure out what the hell happened it's agreed it's just out. Dynamite it is a one I need to watch that tonight is episode three. Of Curb Your Enthusiasm. They've never been that I'm they are. I've never watched the show like in full I've seen episodes here and there I saw one. I don't know what season it was where is he sitting at a table Maxtor guy is on the Bluetooth they searched talking to himself loudly. With nobody has tabled the guy goes hey buddy on the phoney goes on talk and mr. justice is great seven minute argument of light gives us out of this sign felled. Bit where it's like a little things that we all kind of observed in Leary is even Larry basically calls people out he he has no filter in so when he sees injustice in the world. Whether that's allowed talk order restaurant or deep into the top leery confronts these things head on civilians and to have the essar essar managing us. I I also lets lawmaker closure to I think because whose. I can say this. I am indeed wearing an attack. But it's still warning that it happened again minis that other people on the rest or magic comes over I'm sorry there's been a disturbance in the kitchen in the lady does well let's just everything is going to look at the so good did that show is on point OK now what are we have to do today. Well just in having your sake coach yes Korey Hall yes I think he's a hard time remembering his. Why would you say that he's always refer to him as the European stick which. And then when you say Korea are you Ron Burgundy a little bit you put a question mark at the end not a Corey. And president. The eighties name is Scott Barnes yes. And back guys in the ounces on Friday so coach today about whatever his name is Fareed Torre now it's eight you about that Cory Byrd's. And then the AD on Friday yeah. If you can Mets lefty that we have no producer today because. The Yankees are right in the middle of the of the of the pivotal. Game five at the Astros right now so Mike is not being does to us at all. No I am no you're not that you're I came in the second inning and Mike was sitting at the desk watching. Watch and it there was. Won the opening at that point though still not an episode of another and Mike's left leg was just. It was shaking like he wasn't moving in the chair except for like a tremor in his leg. You know when I double stress though it's (%expletive) like that is that what you do the delicate twitch going on there which are slightly downside is like and got the energy outsmart that's an energy and nervous and guided them to escalate and a pulmonary twenty Mike was bounce and obviously she is teams in the ALCS is big game their up two nothing in the in the third inning yet and cycle than I saw the little a stat they said minimum four starts in the post season. Does Michael has the lowest era in Major League Baseball history. Maybe not anymore well by not anymore and who's the other guy Mike has a hot hot. It was blue moon Odom I DNL rim and hello all balloon and back in the day I guarantee blue moon didn't pitch before in 1930. That's that's got 1904 written all over it but Michael's got loads and anymore but he had a point 70 ERA which was the lowest in postseason history would minimum four stars. And they've got two of them there to a mile from here in the third any good series. Great series did series yankees take this and you know nine. Go up 32 after being down two about a football this castle interview Korey hall of the beavers at 330. Up next we will discuss last night in sports 315 on the fan. Primetime where the eyes against duke on ten any bills. Apparently blooming love them. Completely blew noon Oden who at Bloomington. Mood there in Europe. Blue moon Odom. Pitcher. And pinch runner really it. As it says here that he doesn't hit these pitches in and runs CN eat he played in the sixties and seventies with then deal Kansas Didier is right now it's on though it sounds like in 1920s named. This nicknames like that. I would like oil Campbell and many blue moons anymore so he dismissed by the blues he had blue moon Odom and vita blue as he would baseball be better if forty went back to nicknames like this. Yes somebody saying that Charlie Finley you know deal crazy gets it and yeah days he loves nicknames. Any tried to pay vita glued changes middle name to true but a True Blue aluminum invited True Blue that would have been fantastic you damn right that would have been fit test what was. Blue balloons real name. It doesn't say on does that mean it's not blue moon. Yen and on and is looking at baseball reference it got to go to Wiki Wiki does a good job of that. There Wiki page old blue moon. Here's our poll question today folks it is such courtesy. As always. Of our fine friends at fresh she pins. Fresh and others are as name is Johnny Lee but Jonny Lee Johnny Lee blue moon Odom the mouthful right there. And he is still alive. And he said need to. That's. A that's a bit of an upset. I wouldn't if you would have just asked me out the top of the show blue moon dead or alive gone dead many many moon ago. And he was arrested twice in 1985. One for selling cocaine to a co worker. And then during the trial he was arrested for assault the deadly weapon. Because is held he held his wife at gunpoint with a shotgun. Any held police at bay for six hours blue moon fall on hard times on plays that drinker. The table so they apparently likes and powder as well entering into alcohol rehab. And then he did another 55 days in jail is doing okay now however in bright it is he is in the Georgia sports hall of fame. Well I would like to think that a little cocaine abuse of the keep yet the hall of fame although that whole kidnapping thing that that may. Yeah that night at some like he's done OK with the old days replica of the whip that's sort of the planes over. Okay fresh sheet that I read bill tagline now you've not fresh she offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go FR ESH. Double I dot com 1080 the fan dot com is our poll question resides that BR website. They were asking you in honor. Of the blazers season opening tonight the blazers opening night overnight typically yesterday. Evidence in the blazers tonight yeah I don't cares about yesterday it's the blazers Gordon Hayward cares how it goes nurse. Now true he wants. Do offered as I think he would like to know counties where do you expect the blazers to finish in the last top four seed number five seed number six to eight seed or won't make the playoffs and bled to Eilat. With the exception of maybe top four seed which seems unrealistic. Those other three you know you hear all across the board you listen to the into different experts. Out there all over the map on where the blazers can finish this year it's kind of one of those years yeah. It's probably Syria I think five or six. Monique you. OK so you can vote for number five the number five seed or you can vote for number six through eight. Okay. I'll say six theory at that. Because I think that you were I think you've got a real good shot to be a lot better than people expected the west is going to be tough. But my main thing is in this saved and we just got done talking about Boston right needs injuries. You is don't have I'd only get the depth to withstand. Any sort of injury and so you know we also here and say that Dirk makes all the difference in the world that's great but Dirk hasn't finished the season before I get that he's in good shape. But beating good shape doesn't necessarily mean that something bad can happen to you Saudi governor goes down I think you go from a five seed. Two blood to a team that's fighting to make the playoffs again side that's just a lot to put on the health of the guy that hasn't been healthy in his young career. He wanting Amadou and a promise to do this out after every game you come to the show. You're gonna hear the blazers. Defensive rating update. At every ship reached yet is we are gonna follow Przybilla stat line of the night DM right and you know maybe if he's got to not pay attention is much the Yankees that maybe Mike you make a formal open and we can do this. Every game because I'm Tonya. This is they have enough offense and they just have to stay healthy they do those two things and to be right there. But they've got to get better defensively they keep saying that now we'll see if they if they actually. You know do it and so the way were gonna follow that they're actually doing it is we're gonna follow after every single game. Their defensive efficiency rating I'm serious I did this last year but I did it just coming in my own hallmark you know and it was interesting to watch it. As fluctuate yet is there really inconsistent defensively so line is we want them. Consistently in the top fifteen. And you wanna seem creeping toward top ten if they can do that. You know they got they've got a shot. That's a lot of people that are gone through this first month month and a half of the season and who knows exactly how it's gonna play out because. You know a team do you think we got Minnesota is going to be pretty good last year in New Orleans and and they ended up not be and that's it's it's tough just look out of Beirut but if you look at the blazers schedule. Now there's hope that you get off to a nice start our question I've seen everything you know maybe get off to a nice twelve and four started seeing some you know look at the first you know twenty games and say fifteen and five is a realistic. There's a lot of winnable games a lot of games at home the you can get off to a hot start if you come out of the gates and you play hearted. We even said this over the years at the start of the season you can sneak up on a lot of teams. What do we hear from both Cleveland and Golden State last night did you listen to any of like the post game comments at all or no need to clips. I denied trying to gain off a talked. And I got over it as I thought it was over I I just I gotta get in the habit of not caring about the first three quarters. Just make sure you're there for the fourth quarter. That's the NBA right I was an idiot last night and I just was like out as teams try to turn it up postal and around kind of back and forth and I did see in the first half that. The the rockets were like plus thirteen. Without Chris Paul on the floor and they were worse with Chris Paul. Let's I did see him at the Gary went down to take allow that guy local somebody on Twitter senate that he looks like agent Peterson with the saints again it'd not a good men now so we'll see what happens there are good. If they were better than he left the game yet does this or dean in the and a pulled out that. I was listening to two bulls. Some of the depressed or stuff puzzles and sports center and they were just they were going lied to the press comes is for both. She's in in and gold stay in and I'd listen a little bit of the of the cavaliers stuff. Right afterwards LeBron in his rib Jersey which I don't think is necessary to agree look for Nike. Did you see that LeBron ripped his Jersey right on the back. It was Nike's it was the first game ever with Nike is the uniform he's Hulk and it split my write it between the two in the three right up the middle that registers you apart. And I found bad omen. Yeah he's he's he's all ripped elitist it's set up a little bit but all four teams talked about conditioning literal and just how out of shape they were DC LeBron said it is is deceased it was gas that he was fattened said that he was he he didn't let daddy just the first game down and you could now. But watching them but LeBron made a point to tell the reporters that. Even they played 41 minutes he millionaire and he was on the stair step it after the changes. He did not he wasn't happy with his condition yet he sees he talked about it and in Boston talked about a Golden State that was Steve Kerr is message eaves is like we're ready shaped by point is that if you come out of the end of the year you play heart. And you just. You just try you don't. Molly gag you're wave the first month of the season you can surprise a lot of teams just off of effort because for a lot of these teams the season doesn't start it'll it'll. Christmas or January people start paying attention to. Nuts right in the blazes have done that a couple a couple time I got some hot starts let's go here aren't you mention their schedule you're right. Blake it doesn't on the two best teams they play all the way through until December 5. And they play. Toronto now other than that. I mean it is it winnable really good schedule for them and that's like you're looking at all the it is an articulate it twenty to 25 games out. It's go to. Got done at make up some ground here c'mon. But we'll keep you updated on their defensive ranking -- will hold their feet to the fire on that because they said that last year in ages work ranges where the game they got better with in their package but still. Will and we'll see how that goes okay. So that our poll question 1080 defend outcome let's get back into last night. Floor. War. Gordon Hayward knew that there was other UNC pork for caddies well then too I'm gonna talk about how bad did they'd. I think the Dodgers look at. Yeah but to me last night the cubs looked worse than the Dodgers did. Look good so get into next is Mike. Where highs against duke on 1080 though. Tiger is because Korey Hall here in a moment. Not really something against Colorado in an earlier loss surprise a lot of people by far their best effort of the season no question. A couple of observations from last night did you get to watch. Much of that Cleveland. Boston no I mean he was going on while we were here and then I got home and darts at the I was watching mostly cubs and Dodgers and kind of flip it around Dallas did that game came down the wire two yeah after the click cavs had a clearly in control. Yeah let's go to those things that I saw that they Europe I think when I've flipped over there by seventeen. And then I kind of went away from a Manhattan and you go back and I was is that it's hard for me to get into opening day for for basketball and I've got policies in baseball lawn. It's just it's it's much more compelling to me watching cubs and Dodgers Nigerian. But as was evident last night they reminded us yet again that you just need to check when the fourth quarters on you need to check back because you never know. Both those games came down the last shot in Durant hit the game winner just you know was Susan what. Millimeter too late yet the one thing on say about Boston from from what I. From the little amount of that game that I watched every he's talking about obviously Gordon you are not sucks. And then of course carrier Irving's big story there. But holy crap Jalen brown and yeah Jason Taylor brown looked great all asserted Tatum like dozed like Boston. Is in fine shape with those two young guys because you know. This whole league including the blazers is just. Chasing their tipped tail trying to keep up with old cigarette like you just take about a draft picks to try to do the best he can't but nobody's beaten those guys and it may be awhile right. Boston is in such good shape because not any good right now but you look at those two guys. And go down the road they can be even better at those guys developed as a they are they're really good people forget the Jalen brown was one of the top. His top six pick me as a lottery pick and then they were high on Tatum and Marcus Smart isn't a bad player is one of the better defensive guards in the NBA in Boston has more draft picks though company yellow what I'm saying though as psych. You the only way to really even jump up and challenge a warriors is to get that guy in the draft big guy that we do is just the the next big star. Superstar down talking big time player and right now it looks like Boston. Has a bead on a couple of guys that may. Develop into that that you know the the blazers don't. Right now I mean you're hoping to do you know opens that Collins turns into like a rotational player. Nice player for you but I mean you you've got to tip to compete with gold state the next seems like five years. May you have special gets them specially young talent. Watch Abbas again I just one game and wants the whole game but what I saw those guys is they jump off the page like nobody talks about Boston's used because its carrier Maine oh they were got birdies all the headlines but. Cut and those guys again. Well and and you look at go insane to think it's something to remember is that's home grown men like I did that. Obviously Kevin Durant was there at the cherry on top but they won a title before Kevin Durant. And but that's homegrown one the reason why they've been able to keep this thing going is that they control all those guys street among green and and staff Currie and and Klay Thompson. You know they they have drafted well they put this team together than they've been Gooden and in free agency by going on landing like an Andre would dollar and putting together a very good bench. How about freaking Nick Young last night right and no one gives a damn and Nick Young comes off the bench or watching him now become the sixth man of the year and a Golden State. He had Khamenei have 23 ish. I know I should have done. Case in an MBA players you should three. Yea you're on the right track I've just been a guy who can stand out side and shoot them and make. I'll 45%. It's that you do that you've got aids and millions and all of a ten year career in the MBA yeah there are enough to do anything now else. Now since I DP stand out there get a stupid nickname gonna die America knocked down threes. It was in the Jalen brown was the second pick. And eat in the NBA draft and news hi Tim Brown. And Boston hoop and your idea more picks cumin and Hayward to be back mean Nazis is casting an audio order saying that he could be back unite it's it's a weird deal because he just signed with them up he plays five minutes any breaks his leg which was really nasty but they're saying that. He could be back for the playoffs it's it's weird that end and again it's. How did how how bad this is split the and that that the break is not like a fight isn't in sort of break. Mean it looked terrific and there is a fracture in his leg but it does seem to believe that they are trying to pull it a positive spin on this and they're not. Palin this is some sort of doom and gloom saying. Let's think it's weird that if that happens he's not gonna play the entire. And then he can come back can slide right in the post season. It's minutes at the C weird so far off was hoped delay against the appeal and no one wants to see that but it you know when you you think about whether it the first we came to mind was Shaun Livingston in in the Paul George. Injuries that looked like that and at least from the early indications it's not. It's not that kind of injury this isn't one of those Teddy Bridgewater and you'll be gone for two years pennies seem like some of the crowd shots that go the best one and I mean the best one to me the most telling one is that I I don't remember who had its ban on Twitter. Where they. They have the the play but then they blacked out the bottom half of the screen and they said we're not gonna show the injury just look at the cavaliers bench right it's the first time I'd I'd really done that. Is your New Year's staring at the bid the injury and when he goes down the reaction from the cavaliers bench it's like. Someone got murdered it's it's a horror movie there's people turning their back other people putting their hands in their face everyone kind of cringed at once. And I saw him. Seen any of the crowd reaction but I remember see the cavaliers bench that Clinton has been like Yelp well the crowds the same mind and it's it's. You know just just watching their reactions like takes in the second to cut nearly two looks nasty and then. About three seconds later they finally see his foot down and it's pointed opposite direction and then everybody does by either. Throws their hands. Over their phase or turns around her mean it's really. Bizarre to watch it or seen anything like that in person. Now it is. It's it's it's weird the effect that it has on. On and everyone around like the your teammates the arts but only when I've seen that's bat that was in practice so I guess we didn't have. Opponents in to do that to a guy like in Wyoming game and no it wasn't that he broke his leg but again I'd like to point out he had come mean I know that the bone what is taking out of anything just. It's kind of cheat but he deserved it but in practice. The second. I kind of feel sort of bad responsible for him maybe. And practice. My first or second year it was during camp and one of rothmans of linemen. We are doing like an inside run drill and there's the big pile on the ground and I was on the ground because I'd socket and an athletic has laid on the ground and I heard. Elect to books slapping together eased her. And then the screen. And I kind of turned around and he would eat he was. Bent over on the ground in his leg was still yeah in place like it had been trapped in the big pile. So he had fallen forward in his foot and leg had not moved. I remember sitting there looking up at that and just saving like people were getting physically ill. It's it's it's it's an awful you look at that I know I had a hard time Watson yeah Hayward via an and he never played again I got. It was over he'd eat and that reminds me be retired or I guess you know got a medical hardship and I'll never forget that sound. And I'll just never forget the looking up in in seeing that. Up close semis now was on the field very big game. For something like that and they get told this story before we have you the pitcher right I was on center field and pitch general in baseball team to Barron's. I heard that same like pop sound very loud. Whalen center. And then the ball he's thrown in the east pitch in any throws it up like the way up to the screen in Michael it would have there were any just. Tumbles down to the ground ambulance he snapped his aren't half an end just like every keep it here at the air just comes out of the room and there's a weird. Eerie calm. That kind of comes over and no one knows don't know what to do all right up next new Oregon State coach Cory column within its. Fried. I think it's. God it's eighty all right 348 Oregon State balls to Colorado last week and 3633. But their best effort of the season surprising a lot of folks announcing this weekend off. And then they will host Stanford one week from tomorrow. They're interim coach Cory hall joins us now here on. The fan I wanted a kind of wanna give you congratulations but I mean united win that congratulations it was a good effort. Not I mean that's kind of there's. But you know it. And I'll think. Three shakes. Appreciates that they can notice option. Under Israeli apparently that's a routine metrodome. The players play hard ministers you know one thing they did do and they played our full quarters after that. And those progress step in the right direction. Yet the second half to Dana a house of horrors and after everything they've been through. I don't know if anyone knew what to expect him and I certainly didn't and when the shock yes. You know if things hadn't gone none had gone very well did you have a sense. Of of how this was gonna go or you like the rest of us and just kinda hoping and praying that that things turned out. Well I'm implementing it on the part of the community it would compete. Com and use that energy and the camaraderie and everything that practice was different and down. I know who I'm and I expect to win and every time you go out compete. You side up across from your home that you expect to win. I knew that the effort with the bear. And they put together for four quarters and show us now these are talking about situations and down a little com intricate details. You know each each quarter each year east and go back to crumble or did you practice. To make person that's close to perfect as you can possibly be and he continued to establish and develop an art in America. So on defense we at least had seen signs of a progress. On the opposite side of the ball there hasn't been much. So you know you're not a prophet of god dolphins did. Change overnight what was it did that all the sudden this offense that had been dormant for the last two months. What was that the Dick clicks and and homes in the Israel with a glut on the ball and in Stewart about a little bit and and really had. Dolphins identity for the first time this year. Oh I think they've played each other and they played a you know. Like people like it to a quality person you know 80%. Middlemen between Chris and physical or not you per minute or 2% of all our election. NN com because you know Nazis and Europe seems YouTube critical aspect W tourney. And he built into Bosnia according. It's it's about collectively coming together and being strong mentally. Does that make the great teams great. Here's what separates everything went so I think these players and a great job of coming together mentally and being stronger. What everyone seemed tired today so that and then sometimes you know to take a certain situation to poke what you open. I make you understand where you are with the situation is and you know that was that was forgotten overdone some wayward and you know it was a point of view you can fold. Are you can stand strong together and move forward mashed potatoes to do. This is Korey Hall the beavers did you watch here at the height video they put together of your of your rousing post game speed. You know there are picked him up on. They believe then ran out tomorrow and yet it's pumped about it and I looked at it and I promise you that the amount of time back I have throughout the day. I looked at it countless non emotional would look to be. The B beginning of this. I think I saw Andre. On it and and I think that it looks like my next appointment so I haven't but I have yet to be. It would sit down and actually watch it even before you'd think too much below can shouldn't call analyst at one of those who mapped each. Does just about right. And so I still have to watch it but I accomplished a little night could actually a lot it's on back to the airport parents were. Pretty good man I mean it's like it's it's inspiring and and I lebed is is obviously directly from the heart but it's really weird watching yourself like. You know we do radio run TV units and can you inspire yourself is it possible for you Corey helped the fire of Korea all. The past. Qualities are very. Ahmad is our. I don't know inspired a beyond his own car right. Yeah I heard it. It's a little appeared. Week to hear. And you mentioned. Humidity I'm sure you've been pulled and an a thousand different directions. Better or worse different and just share your first thoughts now on we've only been a system for Turkey urged you've been ahead which verve for you know two weeks. What is this what is this Bim like the adjustment period for you. Immediate. Believe it's arm. Again it more hole. Right now you go from point one specific position. To an entire team time. On a hole and that's been the difference in him obviously. Time never been allotted. Actually. Sitting in the game plan. It's here misses here and there and the time I get is really on the an hour with the articles players and each group. So that are you know managing them and being coached. Only. Look editor Erica archer great assistance around me. This religious no tomorrow. Relieved he's Communist Party to come in and make sure they continue to stay engaged. In bulk and interest and and keep them. Kayaker them. Passing a lot of football and how how do surrounded them play you're not cut like Paramount Tomo live like him now. Now launch a bird like they're rapidly cut and run just like them and and every different local. Of this sport imaginable so my English is believed to kind of search deal that amid cooler these these young athletes kinda make sure. That they continued to have their sorry I didn't and look like and that there would apply it. Well good effort against Colorado looking good. Enjoy the bio weakest in good luck against Stanford thanks for checking in. Iraq. I Pataki's. Then next week where in all the beavers only Tuesday and yet they. Look at the interview. It's Tuesday yeah I was there they don't do it interview the day before game no one does. I think it's night and day. If his demeanor. This this week as opposed to you noses into the week he got the job I mean you plan. I think he probably showed himself something new you see someone settling in in May be I mean it's not a feel good Disney you can do that dad's got a really good for him it's like he's like Gelman doesn't crappy situation in. You know he's handed deterred sandwiched by head coach who literally just up and leads so. And down there's a lot of infighting lot of problems EU SF leaking out he's got a handle all that L and then oh by the way get ready for game. And he he round NC I go again typical scared for him again I get a bye wee to Egan you've been in the skin and and then if you contestant in Stanford right now as plain as well as anyone in the pac twelve he seemed almost giddy yap. I really like happy that the only prohibition well I think you know from listening to people that's more like Korey Hall I think will be caught by the Q got a very nervous. Haven't done a lot of interviews don't really know what this is all gonna entail. You know coach that the last week we talked to me and said it that's a very tough situation define yourself in. But if you're starting to see why they may Korey Hall the the interim coach OK so one other programming note. Regarding your beaters Scott Barnes is the AD. And he will be in charge of son well he in the search firm and then of course that rate of president. But Scott Barnes of be spearheading the I search for a new head coach on there and he is going to be on our show Friday. At 330 machine tenant that you have to do you dumped. The cartels will come force track we now we'll know we're connected. 357 coming up by next hour today in the NFL a lot to discuss including Philadelphia fans. Verses one NFL official to be seen this. No I don't think I have seen this it's a battle. And gamble tackle the Dodgers cubs from last night as welcoming up on the fan.