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Wednesday, October 18th

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They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not but it. Do the right thing since 1952. You making. Our children. But go up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. Go to Latin players time is Cleveland. And well. You know I. Wow. Oh it. Jackie Chan. In aren't. Award winning trail blazers preview there. We did neglect to mention one thing. And Mike mentioned it in his that it didn't trail blazers rookies that Collins will not be making news NBA debut. I he has to try it at all look like you got the score it's what he's supposed to do. Do you think you think that I just think that's an omen I. Would like to eat it you that every member of the organization should make fun of him for like the next six months. For missing it differs career of his troopers give his career. Because he's got a case of the bugs boats that's. A so fitting. Yeah I just I I worry I worry that that was a really bad pink and it's not going to be pretty for him. But in fairness to him he's already missing his first game with diarrhea. Look like if you've got to did you get a case the trucks. Just post you can't play with that's wanna. You can't just be runner on leaking. And wind when you got something like that and you know you've got to stay close to home base but you can't effectively box out knowing that it any moment that I could happen. And they do feel some Romney and there's you go to relieves some pressure but you can't gamble with that not found an MBA from our guys did. It's against. Don't think so. You may BC percent command and it happens and just saying you have to really command had. At that point victims and many that I think you kinda have to wait to get to protect yourself is new meaning to term Swedish. But the can't we all bear. That's more debilitating things. That you can have if you've ever had really bad diarrhea and good luck do we anything. You can't. Your just your home. And and you OP was dubbed as the ultimate. Years and you've got to get up and leave segment sign him. I'll never forget we are Ruth's Chris we're doing whatever supports it portraits. Which just looked at me and you melt I mean sorry. And the middle of this segment. If you'd step after that then it just the the hearts. And the best part is two stories and sisters and I learned it gotten back from being released but it worked out and still had a little. That was listed and it was like look I've got to go. And so I I started filibuster. And he got back I was sort of breaking down the game. And stupid dusty and only because we were on TV and then dusty ratted you out. They where I was like I with the sort of break and dusty over the years like hey what happened to rock. That might just go to commercial that would be if we come back if it does he's like what you have to go to the bathroom or something like there you go destiny this. But things were I was trying to camp I was trying to cover for shipment of that forget just how feed the acclaim it's up to beat the it fifth fifth of the Eden that's Eric Collins. You know what if you shoot a free throw what he's not trying to issued a big free through tonight and he has to turn. To Damian Willard and say I'm sorry and then just leave the court let you know there are some guys. In this league in unfortunately Meyers Leonard is one of them that just become means that Collins now Meyers Leonard Myers. Did they just become the butt of the joke and funky you know it's like they're just do you feel like he'll make fun of them stuff. And bad things happen. Thank. Feel like Zach comes already gone down that road it is the first game he's got that this is these alerts this is that the young men. So many here has Texas City laid 500 dollars and days Zack cons a crap himself in his first NBA game. Is this is he collects is he like likes I think he collect. This is I I need some research. Is this ever happened is a guy ever had to leave the floor because he messed himself. Joseph Paterno did I guarantees don't know about it yeah on an adult Chinese to Obama yeah Joseph Paterno never played Ohio State. Paterno had to leave. Right before half and you need you went in and asked himself because. He came out in different pants well he didn't. No he estimates he messed himself because he came out and completely different clothes remember. And we did it was like there's like three minutes ago and half ends it Joseph Paterno is shown the Glenn Ohio State. Assume I can find the audio of this and maybe it's on YouTube so Paterno jogs off the field. And the announcers innovate they see this is they throw down the side that report and their like he will try to do after we don't know what's going on the Joseph Paterno has left its whoever was kind of like oh my gosh this is something wrong. Well they come out at halftime they don't mention it's really it at all they dismiss that he had left the field is so the video again and they're coming out at half. And they showed Joseph Paterno running on the field and they go down beside the reporter who soon victory who is trying to hold it back in the day they say well we've been informed that. Joseph was just dealing with the intestinal issue but it. It's been corrected and and he's doing OK and that's when I noticed wait a minute the children turn those wearing different pants. Was he doing like to clinch walk yes it is because I think if it's jog as there is going up the field. You go in at half and you know James lacks unless something happened. Joseph Paterno never made it back to the back to the restroom. Yes Sony brought this up untaxed and it's their right of Bobby Hurley nineteen I don't know what year but. One of those early 1990 years some duke Bobby really left the court. Because he is the agree it and they asked him after the game I heard maybe his coach gave that they asked him and he is flat out said it. Is a guy I don't know how to say it is but lives diarrhea back that they had heard another word for I gotta go. Yeah he had the Ria. I sighed and practice once but never in the game. They did ID I saw someone leave practice because of that and it was bad and it wasn't like. It was like a coach could deny what had happened. This dreaded LEK coach I had a lead the drill like I got to deny any particulars because they shut up. Now this was our this was our starting right guard and he's like I gotta go and locker room in the coach is like what he goes I'm I'm going. Is search jogging up the field of raw like is he leaving practice and then we saw it. Just all now on the back a running down the back of his pants lake down to the knee braces and we're you know once a word because we have like big. There are right behind him his this Disco understood. There aren't your thought we'd get it right gentlemen but Nolan you just you go. Our eggs in recruitment we got to go until the next in the news segment starting with what is happening with the weather. Near this now. Now there's there's a weather patterns we all gonna die I was this is the river in the year yet the river in the sky paste I saw this but it didn't. I'm on him much attention to start their next on the ten. During the break I have found the Joseph Paterno improved since its video on YouTube it it's even better after all these years going back and watching it. I did an anonymous I treated at a to go to big underscores suit you kids keep it. But it's even better that I remember there's 721. Left to go in the second half her in the first half against Ohio State. And Penn State is getting ready to punt from their own end zone and showed. Eternal runs through his team's formation as they're getting ready to punt. Runs right through the back of the end zone but he runs through the team's total your Q school I am not. And clearly he is making enough I have got to go right now run. And that becomes eighty runs out in black pants when he comes back out in the second half he's wearing brown pants and Bonnie Bernstein has to report on it. Did you see the clip mikes at the ID him to play the audio I don't know of the ideas didn't make sense of the video but I added we can give the world the watched the video like. He doesn't run off the sidelines he runs through the middle of the game. Like the play clock is running. Joseph Paterno runs right through it all dark match because he's got a big big. That means that he didn't have time to run around and they can't take the straight. I think because he knew it was coming in he is due in need very delicate that the. Who took. Its. I think it's even better than I remembered it. And own it but the mind. Yes like seven minutes left and or have them sit down man could become cynical to run through the middle. The middle of the field when there is again going on. My kid did you pull the idea. I'm Mike either way the audio is better than I could have imagined because Bonnie Bernstein makes it runs both the I wanna tell you to debt. So that's on your Twitter yet summit where I just posted my. At stake never forget photo for the blazers a second season with the commentator. Who gets into an economy that really gets good. Some good contest tonight but I'm telling you go to Twitter big lenders were suit look up the Joseph looked that's the last thing I treated. Just watched the video because it is so. Freaking good like I. You can be describing your return of crap in his pants it does nothing. It's is I'd I'm under selling this how great this video is spears seen George Brett diary historian yeah the George read diaries stories hearing some good. Would we can't play it because it's in wealth and Agassi Kennedy completed I think we played it once but even without the blue room with of the bleeding that loses something Palestinian entity and you need to you need to see George Brett craps aunts and Vegas. It yeah. Late 20000. Him. All right. And stood him forget it saving him. It'll take one moment. You know everyone's on his team to. Yet you can't make fun of him to his face. So I I've mentioned before they are super I like to deter you wanna know what's being a pentium it's everything go ahead it. So what will what's great. Well I think it's amazing truly amazing. That. He as the head coach of the of the Penn State team yes. But at least 4014 of the church of playing the number one team at least he is Ledee top two most important people in that entire. Building yes right in their 90000 people there. And she doesn't take any steps to hide it up like he he just does not kicked that I don't care but the thank you think a lot of coaches would be like oh. They did would they wouldn't he first volley wouldn't do what he did in run into the locker room will clearly try to they would like where if you did I assume they give you had to go. You would make your way around the field rightly Q would you stay out of bounds and try to be is you know that or like him Miette. How woman and I'm gonna hang a towel off the back of my pick you know like I don't. But something to be like oh I cannot showed 90000 people that I'm about to crack myself however. Meeting Joseph Paterno I don't give any gas owner on the right through the formation. And tell. It does what it. Is that Joseph wrote it all away across the field and Joseph Paterno at the end zone to. Joseph Paterno is leaving the field he has come all the way across his offensive line and huddle and he is head into the locker room. And we have no free. Who knows maybe the only guy. That's what they want let's check it would bombing. Iowa that the players feel that sick is coach Paterno maybe they would have run errands today. If sovereign. Nike just out he's he's still kind of watch doubted. They keep up on in the locker and he's like well I know we miss the. The first time Joe's problem list of us at all yeah on Syria to chickens the next time we talk absolutely. They'd have longer new how it is funny that. If they'd heard his pitch addressed the the F says Paterno by a body birds the. The left wearing black pants. Came back we're around fans yeah you don't change your trap was there to keep an eye those are pretty poor decision I don't the light colored khakis on the way back after you've already put yourself that's surely the saving grace that is where black opinion and it probably hit it yes it did and where in the light khaki that would have been a disaster and has had as a breeder film zoom in on. So it would happen you know what happened let me tell you defensive players feel the sickest and have a lot longer until I do now. They've got their ability. They. Was somebody brings a good point you know they have the sidelines and attempted to sideline tenths gap he could go back in there but dead and well you just need to. Players deserve place Gillick Gatorade the gators absolutely it's one of those out did it's warfare a gap. You're the head coach everybody's watching you would've integrated paternalistic is an out of one of those incidents over the get it adds looked like it. Yank him out yet and needs to go get this. It give me your pain at the some of those Gatorade towels and need some clean up it's that. We arrived I told the story many times about how I hated my office going to interview you more than than I could into the human being. He should he was terrible. And he was like Jupiter he was a thousand years old video a lot of old man killed dance. And the only good thing about having him as my offensive line coach was some of the different old man ailments that we we get to see him suffer through. And try not to just die laughing. But he would make is to sit ups after practice that was his thing for whatever reason we were all gonna do sit ups. Is apparently he once again Jaclyn main video from like 1914%. Of the audio only a limited set ups. And he had and he would receive any medical attention by the way he refused to ever go see a doctor just wouldn't happen. We watched him in the middle of sit ups did you ever seen hernia pop up mount. 00. My lord. He had eight her you can't come out yes but at the top of his pants and was hanging over his sweats. And we watched this and that we watched him after you did on all fours stand up and then shoved or Ernie. Backe didn't like the Bruins think that I guess underneath the pants these are the sort of things that we get to see on a daily basis. He tried to raise the roof once you know that when you get the crowd up he was trying to raise the roof any bloody shoulder. He was trying to get the crowd fired up any shoulder popped out any wet to the group owned. Call clean out his arm leasing their groups it's so we were just sit around and we would watch him and wait. For him to hurt himself Warwick had this is the one I made. I feel bad for laughing Ford that I really don't because I hated him so much when he would get really excited and yell at you when he'd get really animated. The wet spot would appear in in the fourth opponents and it would like slowly grow the angrier you need be they. He couldn't control it when he would get angry like that. And then he also had a really bad. Comb over and neck hair dye job so what it would rain or if he would get too high and sway that we've played down in Alabama. The die in the little the sprinkle stuff that he used to cover of the bald spot would run. Down his face and he would after hurry and scramble to get a towel in order to try to clean it up because he would have black streaks that would be running down his face. This that was in charge of B for four plus years. And it was the worst four years of my life but those little things gave me enjoyment I promise you. They Joseph Paterno crap in his pants it was the best day of those kids like that your. Nothing was better than those kids getting to watch Joseph Paterno Kraft has been probably still confident. To this day right whether Ernie is next here's Mike. Well we've got to nothing we wanted to tonight because you can't stop talking about Joseph Paterno. Putin himself it's one of the best moments in cultural history somebody accidentally five tenants that can't wait to get to the club and ideas not talk about anything you just use their ulterior. Here we are. Key to the village of TrueCrypt themselves never forget it. It is quake and now a there's a fascinating weather pattern that is taking place this week here. In the Pacific northwest it's also on the about this but they did not to either read further there than just the tech let me tell you about it. It's called river in the sky. And it spans the entire whip of the ocean. From Asia to North America. Since the long way to deal it could be you know like him they do us some times you watch in the weather in the do that aerial. Satellite shots. And you could see the storm. Love using Molly out and have Asia and North America in the photo this storm goes straight across all the way. It's the river between the river in this guy. Great observation Jason the not the best there's enough. This is insisted does that look like a river in the aerial photo. You kinda. Pretty much. But I did not sound like two yeah I mean it does. You know. It doesn't. Those. Looking at this looks like a river most of it does there's little hard to looks kind of like a hurricane but it's not her. Know what you're talking about this it's nothing in my career because 5000 miles long. That's kind of cool William like you said it spans the entire Pacific Ocean but did not know the distance between. China and us. Plainly spoken it's a train of rain and and it's on its way to Washington State's over the coming days. This so called atmospheric river will unload tremendous amounts of rain and snow over the Pacific northwest that can be. Each the series of storms will spray out the equivalent of ten to fifteen inches of rain and high elevations and up to several inches near the coast. Including over Seattle and Portland that this is some guy like in a boat sailing right now this is pissed it's like really. Don't hold jail way way it is every once and other. Wednesday it SA will likely be Seattle's what is 24 hours since February and more than an inch of rain is in the forecast. And then widespread rainfall. Totals of two to five inches double blocked. They're saying Portland will likely get hit with a another one of these on Saturday. So be ready for him there goes the day of golf game. Three playing golf this weekend. Yeah I get a tee time Sunday not anymore on the other now with the train of rain coming. I'll be out there men above and you green Sheen sent it. It's a new ring gear your eyes yeah that's my got a although in mayoral betterment and needs to play in the plane in the rain. That's been a couple weeks are gonna go play. You've hurt you rain guy that you go outbreak that you know I've told you this now repeated. They find that a miserable experience. I have found. In my seventeen years of golf being in the northwest hip which is not as many years as some of you. I have found that. It and was put a percentage on it and say 85%. Of the time maybe 90% of the time you go out. Even though it kind of looks Dicey. It's not that that I could not that bad at all to the point where it's a DC it's gonna rain and it's not raining immediate sprinkle a little bit maybe it's bits. And I think most people. Wouldn't push it baby like that would things in Reno not gonna play. Why don't do that unless it's like I mean there are some days where it's like I'm out there know the course is closed to select. Or you can see it on the radar as they did is no chance we're gonna play golf is in the warring injuries so on so that those instances which is about 10% of the time a guy an amount like it. But most time I'll push it it's never that bad it's never as bad as you think it is specially if you got thank you need an umbrella. Just in case every clubs you need some rain gear some white gears and then that's it. The worst is when I think the worst is the cumulative effects of a lot of rain. On a golf course just makes so hosts on. Each and every time you swing you have mud going in and he can your socks you Wear it and as just the way it is a miserable feeling. This is that's. That's never a good experience to be blending coal. So I am with you that if it's like a war raider it's a drizzle I get in but if it's in the fifties. And there is that any kind of steady rain. I don't like golf that much. I enjoy going out so that means I like to golf is because it's a nice day it's sunnier out nature. I never wanna go to I give it some day I like to be outside never what it's like pissing rain in my like you don't wanna be right now but to go stand outside a B one with nick nature now. Seem very yesterday we had a bigfoot sighting in northern California you get the swatch. We have another big splits as a success. There was a pack is a pack a big for us we've another sighting. And this and strawberry Arizona them. So yeah travel fast we've we've littered the West Coast with the experts. So the eyewitness claims he was camp being. At a campground in the maniacal and rim area where he spotted the alleged beast and resident and inaugural and rim area from time to time. That's a moment in ninety king did exactly if any we go to them inaugural and rim. I'd finish reading a book and I looked across the camp and I noticed a very fast moving dark figure heading from north to south. Clearly that has to be assessed much nothing that big moves that fast into work this out that screams a squad to perhaps lose Saddam Hussein bolt it. Possible or just be a big hairy naked guy. Demand goes on to say that he initially believed to figure was a large kid on a bicycle. Couldn't did dad know it can be a kid out of my cast is as much because it was moving too fast then he explains he realized. That what he was looking that was something unusual. He says he was a very large bid for. It only lasted about three seconds but I was lucky to see it at all. How do you go from thinking that it's a kid on a bike. To a very large big foot the camper adds that the figure was about a 125 yards from his viewpoint. Therefore he was not able to identify facial details now without a specific you know. If pinpointed that 125. Is better is amazing golfer is that the pitching wedge. It raised short nine iron Iran they slight forward slant to its body. Maybe had had the Rea it's possible abuse to his head into the locker and religious and ultra do we know when you have the have the Ria. You are. Strange as that button that is true that there is really not a forward till the very evening it's a battle yet if you are in the full but she play like you're clenching your got to go backwards now did you have them stand. This (%expletive) why. When you do have that sure can naturally. What does it go back there is if you're Andy is somehow going to keep. Everything in place sometimes you do some of the catch some stuff you know. Think that's more for our own but that's that's for your well being make it says is to your head. It's head did not Bob up and down ninety human runners head at that speed. It this is varies again I'll be specific about what he saw from 125 yards out its coat he explained was almost black with a slight reddish tent. The lead setting prompted an investigation headed tenth announcement. Tent tent taint clip. Toews is reddish these tapes I saw I'd clear is day we tell you his negatives. The I'd be hard to say about it is that you are taking it be hard to see you all the clinching that was going on but apparently Eli here. My 125 yards out. It can't recognize facial features but he can reckon that recognize or reddish hue so they open up an investigation and the investigators it really opened up an Nvidia vision the investigators said. That not been nine days after the incident depressions in the grass were still at deciding spot. There were no footprints. It was not possible to get an accurate measurement of the foot size to the length of the stride was clearly long to Domonique human PDT. But if I was just jumpy they sit behind it about eight feet. So that's that's who we're gonna team does that's the conclusion that the games but why don't. Who is best investigated it was big foot on a bicycle. But but but the why haven't why do we assume big play when nine is when it's non human it'd just be an animal. But the that is big and runs it that way would that that you could cover I don't know. If bigfoot let's see finding for an inning gave our. Well I think it hurt him but what happens is the story that you found exit or that big for its game. But it's estimated. I think about this like bigfoot comes out with a press conference. Is like everybody I bigfoot. And we're only certain about it they're like two minutes in the press currency drops and by the way. I'm guess I'm gay. That's an agency bing. I think this Howard doesn't he knows I'm here either disturb becomes gay big. I do not just big elite company that you know happens to you know he is kidding yeah yes. I think that's the headline now we found big foot big headline is gay bigfoot found out of the gate leads that story and I think the best part about it is. The questions that come after. Are you gay for other big thoughts are you gave for men. He gave for banners there what do you do anything like between us is a whole are you are you where's where it is big foot draw letters bigfoot like doing Michael's soup kitchen thing. In the animal kingdom anything goes. As we're straightening that it. Is there a street big Florida all gave big difference. Lin had you procreate maybe surrogate big threats hello. The story comes a drops them. So many questions. That we do the whole religious right being in the whole thing that got me big for that way here with you influenced by big foot media. Well a lot of questions about gave big. Did you enjoy though that we went from. Possible kid on a bicycle. To beef up. Yup does that seem like a bit of a while most big it must been. As seagate because it must have been if there's no proof that gave the couple. In my early theories but you know that's all they aren't working ticker he. I thought this is that we're working on producing studies that they're being connected done organs these as we speak. Maybe that's why we've they've never come clean with their bigfoot evidence. The world's ready for bigfoot the world's not ready he think he runs like Lamar the trounced. It. The channel marketer of Lydia the he's got a limp wristed during style. You don't want Iceland to go on record and say that I load bigfoot and gave between Neitzel and I'm not here just kidding I'm here to exit bigfoot serve. Whatever. Whatever he wants. Bicycle or not it. Does though they send you see what may be kid riding the bicycle at a 125 yards with a red issue like instantly but it's probably makes it. This guys write the headline. Verbatim is bigfoot found it equipment. But it. Many could sense it. Let's get John in your show he. Yes splits right. This beat negate big thing but the path the pavilion but now that's a transition. John is next on the fan. Wait to avoid. Rolls children met him. This is mailing and and win big John's agenda and god sanity though Sam both. Parents get serious here no more. Gave big time let's see what does some attacks that are rolling in they're very you know that's that's this may be my favorite conversation we've had in months. Your last come though John. I'm pretty sure you'd just called me pigs go to a big. Insinuated. That we didn't use those numbers exactly now I mean indices. This man no rock. Rob here's that word correctly you said K picked him spurred me nice is speaking at he'd take the. But it's your brother here just as. You know would you walk. To discover unequivocally prove that bigfoot exists but not be able to challenge. Or come across. Group they really be accused me big putting it head. But half the people in the world like you were complete idiot and discourage you. The interest. Well he's gay or we tied list would it be prepared. For you to discover big. How anybody and that you only you knew gay or straight your talent and you do. Contact. My take down that seems cleaner and simpler yeah. Only to tell anybody wanted to need to only but it doesn't matter who it's likely crap don't exist that's who. Yes Betty you discovered it with you. I don't think you can keep you did you didn't and it will hold on you do NCAA discovered big that you just said discovered evidence that big that existed yup. Unequivocal truth and been poking in my opinion that would beat you deep big. Like you meet not talking like he's stumble across a Polaroid it's something left in the woods and five big. Like you you can't get any proof you can go to this cute thought but she can't believe that he would definitely. Or the other is that you find. Evidence that this that you think is definitive proof and about people believe you but a bunch people think you're a quack. You find some sort of evidence that really makes you believe that it's true. Half the people. Don't believe you can distribute your father. That give me the person I want the first because you get to see like that be kind of cool he's really technically be big but who cares if no one believes you you know it's true he'd probably get honest. Tampa mean knowing that I've heard rumors and now. But would you dip. Which one would you take. Well I think it would be cool and no bite you if you don't if you don't do it but it. I think it would drive you crazy over the course of your life to go out vehicle seller and what we believe that victory. It wouldn't bother me at all the only I just go dumb idea it's only keys. Out there killing people and if I don't. Others in what would be sorority about it I would know that they have big foot and I would tell I gotta tell friends at the end of again I met big foot in an idea that and and we beat a guy that you 98 you've read it and they cannot CNN news didn't. You couldn't tell everybody so it would just be you know. You could tell they were they wouldn't believe Gloria like I'm literally not allowed to say it like it's like bigger let alone and include me well. I mean you're not allowed to hear you you're not that it's it's probably didn't do you know you can't hear. It's probably better that you don't see it yet because to begin thinking craziness of tuna that and that's the bad that's actually even easier. Is that knowing that he exists but. You can't say it's a mean it's over like yeah yeah. Just a moment hard. I'd be hard to know adding that the hard to know something like that not be able to tell. Mostly but if I could have like a secret relationship for bigfoot gay or straight and I just got to hang out with then I could I could keep that a secret and be like my own little. Be like Mike puff the magic dragon like I was just hang out of them really do call bigfoot sixty. Yeah. I know you. Keep that secret you ticker distorted view all the horses. Who would like to hang out features like here in the Andersen style but you know my backyard rebuke from the stuff together. Popular view it on an unrelated note I'm watching the baseball team. Is there anything is there any singular. Sport cooler than in all of then that's pedestrians can now live up. They I don't think so I don't think there's anything cooler. The protocol that you can get really hot topic that all those linked. I. An interception. For a touchdown to win the game during the school. But a walk like you need to go like to walk off roading jokers know there's nothing better than him. Not at the Harvard school district court I firmly believe you to try to remedies that would go and do it as it was waiting for you hopefully you know. Do you Dicker Gibson is exactly. Now homer. With me. I would suited to dance. Tina innocent now. After this whole conversation that gave me but yeah it's gonna suck and they find they could and there's nothing about him being it's ridiculous. And this morning that I think we start the trend in the elect look if they could live in a double life but we don't think he should have to. Feel you are big. We'll accept you. Right hot putter with here's a lynch is coming up next some baseball time. Talk about we're back tomorrow decent clip. NBC sports northwest will join us Friday Oregon State eighty Scott Barnes. Three to seven. Red shoes. OK okay. But. Nee yeah.