Primetime 10.17.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, October 17th
Hot 5 at 5, MLB to PDX, and fun with NFL audio!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. I. Private club hybrid club. Well this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason sic Janice Harmon you may not do. Do prime time on ten AB CEO of serum. Our title three here on understand with Robinson Q sports presents us indeed. Get a lot going on today we've already even you know primer for the NBA openers tonight rob making those sweep these sweeping statements about the NBA until figure refers I have the other hand every day. And got to make outrageous claims I was really talking more about the trailblazers. But. In Namibia will apply to the leak. Try to be rational and bullets not like I watch a lot of NBA outside the blazers anyway you know big on the Milwaukee Bucks road games are here. Now you know I quite frankly news I'm I'm I'm not really even that date on Celtics cavaliers opening night. It's going to be like he's one of those recent 99 great the NBA you would you open in in east or watching a good. I'll be back in the fourth quarter or intrigued by the rockets. Golden State game to be honest with aegis is. I wanna see what did James Harden and Chris Paul was like I do the words gatherings and I lot of football of the DN news today Major League Baseball Portland. Is sound is rearing. Its head yet again. And we'll tell you who's involved in what we know coming up this hour we'll also. Talk about alleged audio for. But with real audio of the Tony Romo. Is one of mine news heroes. I freaking love he has been. So he's so good on the broadcast that the best way to put this. The reception he has gotten. Move mean from the field to the Booth is unlike anything I've ever seen and I can tell you why that is or Lisa had a theory on why that is universally loved if you have not. Listen to him with Jim Nance on and if abroad as he's doing great job. In there's a reason why he stands out and we'll get to that we have audio on I have examples. Or at least one. End a we will get to that this hour I'm gonna take my hot reads and be takes on the movement of this world bring me Phil Simms back it's his group this is ridiculous nobody wants a prop eight long for the days. Phil Simms said no one ever. I'm saying it now that's my courageous take up coming up in the club. How's this for headline Idaho father killed by doomsday proper deputy in bowl euthanasia gone wry yet you tease that yes and I'm in need to dig into the story and got that story for you and we also have. Leave and I'm. A bigfoot sighting. Lou it's about time we'll tell you where they sign did you gruff talk and did you get out your stick. I didn't see him now. That is not it wasn't in Oregon was robbed load in his kits is there Jason Detrick currently is done in minimums. Haven't I haven't a pint. OK so that's coming out that's all we have if you don't like that don't tell you sports talk outlets keep on the hunt I'd. Odd topics and opinions. Of our own pocket and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot on private Bible. Isaac and soon. There. Refresh like Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light cooers look. Whatever your name climb and number flying. Let's start with some NFL. Notes. One and then they just came down the wire. Is that Ezekiel Elliott is backed off of suspension. I'm Rick stay at like noon. Did this was done that there were basically no more avenues for him to go down and he was pro football talk that did the final. Quota the piece was basically his goose is cooked and he's gonna be suspended six games now here we are five hours later not so fast. Just know the New York judge has granted the NFL player eat at the players union's request to temporarily block. These suspensions depth so he's back to play he will play this. Well and must NFL. Makes its next live tomorrow. Which it I believe this is a fourteen day block yes I hop. So in theory he can play two more weeks. Fourteen days well I guess not he can play one more game one more game in the Wall Street. That other news a CR it's offensive lineman lewd joke goalies out fortify weeks. He underwent knee surgery freeagent Branden Albert they're saying as a possible signing for the Seahawks Michael Bennet is expected to play through his cell planter fascia I just. And they're running back CJ pro sized returns. This Sunday against the giants they'll be his first action since week three also the niners place Eric Armstead the former duck on IR. And he had been having a great duo and just. Both of those guys both the force partner in Armstead. Are really high on them and I think the 49ers are actually going to be good a couple of years yet another NBA season is opening tonight in the stakes could not be any lower. He Celtics are in Cleveland. On the front was a game time decision he sprained his ankle wink wink but he is in play carrier ring takes center stage and Alan Bennett's Chris Paul. And the rockets at jordin bells lawyers both games will be on. TNT the warriors will get their rings tonight in. Ceremonial raised the banner care to watch any of that the blazers. Open tomorrow. In Phoenix the blazers over under for wins this year 44 and a half come in particular that's another one of Bible predicts. I think Portland is going to be better than people. Except Collins. And again I can get to break. Oregon State wide receiver is out indefinitely. Due to an unspecified health related issues so you know he had that he's gonna transfer because seem. Wasn't gonna play quarterback and that he comes back he had the bout with meningitis yet the busted finger that kept him out and now this undisclosed illness. They got guys literally cannot catch a break this data is locked away for a. We went though ending Syrians insist that a rough days. I did they say this is not related to the illness they can't denounce the final two games last season they are saying that. He. Medical redshirt is possible. In other Oregon State news your boys got really he women's basketball coach and at the beavers women's center team nearly eighty beings it just an awesome. They gave him an extension today he is now signed through 202627. And this just announced he remains. Pocket sized. This Holler at him from word George Stephanopolous Robert. Little pocket George I'm gonna go a little package of words like I just cannot get his but the thing when legs. My mind you but it's Good Morning America it's time we know they covered enough now and now you can't seem meaning that stat said they. Where we. McCain. Does this for progress NFL players and owners met today regarding social issues. And bolt said it was beneficial it's got demons aside reports that Colin captioning made joining. These stocks if they continue to happen because there's been maybe knowledge and branch reached out that he could be involved in this well Colin governing was invited. To this meeting by the players he did not attend Nolan knows why but it was a group of eleven owners including the dolphins Stephen Ross in over a dozen players they met in New York. Colts DB Darius Butler said it was so most important that the owners just heard with the players had a saying. And vice Versa. They did say that. They are talking about expanding platforms for players to speak out about issues that they want to speak out about us. However there will be no rules changes regarding the anthem and does protesting moving forward this. It's personal choice and also the jaguars can mix and they apologized. As an organization for their protests were literally in London this that they did not realize the optics of that would be so bad with nearly for the animal on foreign soil. Major League Baseball post season the cubs just three runs and seven hits and two losses in LA over the weekend in the to get up this nine against the Dodgers he still have not lost a playoff game suited did their hit 160s. Because he's our right now in the postseason in the series I think in the post season. Rizzo in Friday evening here in an offense that their hit 160 news and and they don't have to get off the dodgers' bullpen. Game three is Yu Darvish cow Hendrix at be over on AM 910 after yankees Astros and right now that game is in progress the Astros are leading. Afford to let. If you wanna talk about a weakness for the Astros it's the back into their bullpen can be shaky. And that's where we're at now the Yankees have a guy on in the eighth down from which they got to the second bird right now in the second and third and it is coming in Vickerson. Giles and if they're put in the closer. We go. Also the big gardeners judge threw out the biggest news of the day. My exports pants brunt of the luckiest literally stood up and bouncy and the one foot to the other according to baseball America. There's a right there who wrote a piece his stated that. Expansion. Is possible. For Montreal in Portland. Now he went on to write in this article that was released. Today. Dad's. Portland has ownership group in place well that's news to a lot of us here in Portland. Now does come around that's. Former trail blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett in an all around good guy is gonna be the guy spearhead mean. Sort of the defrag in each media guy spearheading the effort at these owners now who these guys are. We just don't know but it sounds like they have been working behind the scenes. For quite some time to come together to pull some money together sounds like money is not that much of an issue. And they are currently working on trying to get some land in and may be you know. Now Khamenei any. And well we know that Mays in baseball once we spend a 32 teams we know the Montreal seems to be. I added that kind of seems like a foregone conclusion they wanted to team up there. If that happens they want one on the West Coast we talked about this you got bit on the West Coast there's not many other cities right got Vancouver BC but if you put one in Montreal your are you gonna put another one out in Canada. And then yup Portland where you got Sacramento there's not many West Coast teams so I think a lot of people now at this. News that there is a team that has and and according to article they have financing in place and they have the money. Lot of people are allowing themselves to to be a little hopeful on this one especially with I didn't believe not bury it even though is about the money guy. Bear lends a lot of credibility to this kind of that the mystery group said that he's out there that a lot of people. Are blinded to simply because he's attached a. Well latency who is they've kept everything quite under wraps for the last your show. But it's coming out now and who knows will obviously I think at this point. Now the people nobody's gonna be some big animal no more sin that we talk to bear say oh come on many cannon and that fill you all end but let's all get on board. Oil is because it sounds like. It sounds to me like this is a group that is serious. And the day I do have deep pockets. And they are all on the same page which is something net. Portland really wasn't the first time around him there it was sort of fragmented groups in that's a very key thing to illness. On stress in a place like Portland where we know that some of the hurdles whether it's finance in the stadium we're getting landed. Keating public support it's not his easy here is it is and in other major seated their major cities so tax the Bridgeport appears to -- 55305. Behind try to find is refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light duck in beaver fans download the new course like XP happen earn points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards. Eating game tickets a speech when he went over. A look at some of your tax concerns. Thoughts feelings. On May sleeping response kitchen beat out baseball Finland Favre now you know we've got a lot of people who tax honest. And they're just like at this is a common game so I don't amounts I'm now in our family for this a million times. So it's easy to be skeptical but let's just wait and see. Thanks for more and I think it's it's a scene that Barrett who is our insurers had plenty of other opportunities to go elsewhere right to to get a job and he in his statement he said. That you know this is what he's been doing it's why I. Meet the fact is he staying here and he's putting his name behind this. So I think that lends some credibility to its. That he believes that this is a viable thing in the he's not taking work elsewhere that he staying here to do this you think it's Craig mark cargo. Who. In America now Craig mark Marta which one was team Google okay dispute and don't remember. All right more on that animates they like Tony Romo is simply the best next on the scandal since Revver. While sports happening fast yet some of sports apparently Gordon Hayward ardidi carded a particular if I think you're the sort of doing as a citizen is he already out of the season that. There are five minutes into the game. He course he plays for the Celtics now. So we'll give give you an update there but apparently his ankle went in the opposite direction that it's supposed to avoid. I'm I'm trying to find on on tournament China sea of pregnancy clipped and baseball. As expected. The Astros bullpen has blown it up. It is now 44. Astros yankees' bottom of the eighth. Erin judge just hit a that what was almost a home run he he hit a laser out to lessen our. This is it was a curveball when he got about the end of the bad basically one handed. And it was about six inches of hate from being a home run yeah I was very close to being home run but a fan reached over and end tested and play. But it was no I didn't no one could've caught the balls they didn't calls interference they just let it go judge ended up with a double. In its fourth for now with the runners on the corner right with a lot of still wanna. You look at the rule on thin affairs says when there is a spectator when there is spectator interference of any thrown or batted ball. The also be dead at the moment of interference in the empire shall impose such penalties as in his opinion will notify the active interference. The approve drilling is of the spectator clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball the upshot included better out. Yeah and this was was not tested and vetted member who was for the Astros outfitted but he. It's Dodd chairman and hit right at the top of the wall there would have been no chance for a place though. There was no impact on so yankees have runners on first and third in the bottom of the eighth. Tied 44 Giles is in there the Astros closer and there is so out. There is one out I'm telling us find the Hayward video he broke his ankle his ankle isn't too different directions and zoom in on a sort of analogous to bad. Now so wrong with the NBA's off to a rousing start oh yeah I just you know counties dread. I was getting wow. EMU you're not lion is tweeted to Europe that's. Twitter that's bad anyhow are ready there's did that there's not like a speculation their the discrete shut us just said Gordon Hayward breaks leg six minutes in. Home mind on. To be out a couple weeks. I. An old. Holy cow it's tough the model Aussie open low we have to it's tough to see there's a strange out. That is. Who was the that's Shaun Livingston kind of bad except that it's his ankle. Yeah out but he could also be like his is lower leg to it's. It's not a good. They look at the players' reaction on it I mean there is is that's it's just awful. I'll I well that's what's going on sport like literally does minute and the Yankees and the Yankees have just taken the lead. You know this as predictable as a non. The Astros and wood and gets off the so you know there of the game in the series with the Astros and blah I'd love post season baseball. So was announced I 46464. Yankees just down for a on the seventh or sixth format. Good stuff but isn't over yet. Mean. You lose well yankees have been a bullpen down to say don't count out Houston in this game's only 64 and seen this before somebody texting in south east Brothers big part of the MLB to Portland group. But let's at least others and a I can bring in the heavy. Every in the heavy hitters I think she's busy raising money for the kids in Africa right well maybe she's done this Tim. Little weird though when you have a big gal that's the reason money for starving kids. It's always found that to be a little. Do little weird to me. But what you want me out their like in the middle of Africa willing a bunch of kids that we like nine pounds. And then my big ass is out there via Michael. We all go without the meals may be starting with me. About that. The most experienced this city somehow finds the money to pay for a one billion dollar baseball stadium I can't find the money to build one billion dollar bridge over the Columbia River I'm going to be frustrated as well. Well here's the things suppose that is that the financing is in order and that means public or private I don't think they really said that ad I think the I think the thing they said as they have. That that the money isn't an issue now what I read was that they had a if they had financing in place that was from the may be the same thing but I just want to make sure and I did not see that yeah. Written so I mean I'm not saying that that's not true it's just. I just wanna be. Right at. Accurate it is. Is this tournament things I've said before the only way that this happens. Is someone pays for their own stadium because there's no way in hell. You're getting somewhere between 500 million and a billion dollars out of the people Portland to build a baseball state media have a 150 million. They come snagged grant that's still sitting there. But to build this stadium like you said you're you're probably talking seven neighborhood of 700 million to a billion dollars. The expansion fee alone on this Vienna Joseph Spansion fever in Vegas for the night's 500 million. The back into destitute the NFL with seven remains to expand so some people are saying this may be close to a billion dollars. I'd expansion fees so whoever this group is has they have some serious deep pockets well. They're looking at some sites we don't know where those are the good news is is that Major League Baseball. Is saying that there are. As many as four options for a team because memory at the gays in the rays who were both in pretty precarious situations that China from stadiums with their own now cities. That is less likely defend expansion would be two more teams. And Robert Manfred Debbie knew makes a Baseball Commissioner has mentioned that a few times in a Montreal. Would would definitely top the list we know that he's even said that but remember Manfred left Portland off Phyllis when he was mentioning cities. A few months a human we play that audio any mention Portland. But then he goes up to Seattle and some air a buddy Jason podcasts in Haywood Portland be consideration said yes church of course it would so. I mean who the hell knows. It's so early in the process. I thinks it's it's okay to get a little excited about this but please everybody just. There's there's a long way to go it's like in six months from now. There's going to be a Major League baseball well I guess it is of a valid question though what's the timeline I mean. No earlier than five years I would think that that is ideas the earlier very very safe so much death five to ten year ticket a year and a half to two years even build the stadium I mean it's what I mean usually baseball isn't. You can build the stadium now it. Major League Baseball isn't any expand for probably four or five years it's an embryo has said that he's he wants to get that aids. And that Tampa Bay's situation rectified before they expand so I think five years is a very very. I evening that's an aggressive timeline to be honest with you. Here's a Texas the Expos didn't draw fans and they are Montreal I would wanna go back there. Well that that's a good question but. Apparently Montreal is a great baseball town and still is a great baseball. But nobody went to those games because they didn't. Have a new stadium they they they're they were playing that Olympic Stadium it was a dumped up and then the teams then they they strip the team. In the team's suddenly sucked member of the strike here they were awesome they were good. An innate Vegas. Totally. I mean they I I don't know the inner workings of the ages. They they suck but in till date they were horrible on the field. And they had a horrible stadium and so the fans stop going. Montreal is is it is a passionate baseball city and I know that Major League Baseball is up they've long been open about the fact that. Even though they had to move the expose is they couldn't get a new stadium built there. They wanted to reward Montreal with the team again eventually because they say it is a city that if they can get a stadium built. Is very passionate about baseball and that seems to be the one cause and anytime you talk about expansion Matra is always of the topical so to me that's almost a foregone conclusion that if they do expand one of those teams is going to be in Montreal. IRA text 55305. Tony Roma is one of my new leaders. No fills them and I never thought I would say that because of those times kind of goofy and but I just I just let him on broadcasts. I think Tony Romo has it figured out and we have. We body. I'm adjusted year on motorsports pants if you on the sports fancy audio of it. Well right now I think Mike sports fans are big enough for everyone with this Yankee game so maybe we are on the take a step back look at him in there. We got fat kid did a fairly. To do with my body and it can't sit still can't stand still a very excited. I just. Going to crest about Amber's. Body is wonderland house is getting them comfortable now. I'm very comfortable but I'm ready to embrace it. All right here's Michael sports and there. Man the taillight. With regard to the Astros and yankees have the bases loaded they've already taken leads 64 on the bottom and non threatening for more time treasures out there. But in Gregor sin came in Giles or get pulled. Like I can tell you can those. Texted back and forth but potter who's of the Astros and now in music man I'm so does Mike I hate. There's there are a lot of different ways to lose game right. Some sting more than others I will say in in post season baseball. There is nothing worse than when your ball him blows that you know this quite well. Oh yeah. We think back to a World Series where I believe that the Mets had a lead in every one of those games and yet couldn't hold it. It's just horrible because I mean castles were in complete control this game if you just have a bullpen they can do its job the game is over and it's and it's like. It's uneventful as for an up and went in the seventh. In the seventh announce in the eighth in the loses 64 and I can't get anyone out it's just so maddening night I totally get where in the Yankee starter after the judge solo home run yet and it's just like you know look at these Balkans to putting the outlook with the dot. Dodgers and yankees. Bull pens are seeing the cubbies do not have a hit I think an aid in means. Off of the Dodgers bull and that's that you know I mean that's how the royals want it. You know its sights. It's just. You gotta have a back against you just have to have a back in and that was the thing about the Astros as the mermaid got Giles they've got granderson and that's guys that. And they cannot they can blow it up with the best of them and they've done that here tonight Lindsay you look at it now and what they yankees. They have the bases loaded. You just said that you know this is throughout Erin hicks grounded out in the through Santa is out of home but mouse frees up with the best. I don't mean to sort of tune in get a chance to break the limping no matter to myself over it pretty much. Aren't no I did not see that the bases loaded listen. And missed that part. I was steering gear ready let's start over. There. I was seared into your eyes and was lost and they beautiful lost in your hauntingly good looks OK in any other big news of the day for you Tony Tony Romo audio is that Gordon Hayward. Is already out for the season for the Celtics he broke his ankle yet thing Joe's ties and in style. And it may not be as angle may even be the upper part of his leg but. Is lower leg in his ankle were appointed the wrong direction I yet not did you think that the Celtics RD this is RD part of the plan to tank. But I disagree get another day to acquire my politics play dancing damning them on the weighs in when it well it. We've seen guys come back Paul George you know had a leg was broken like this Shaun Livingston so. Doesn't necessarily have to be a career Ender. And even if it is you know it helps a 120 million dollars. Yeah I mean it. They don't want to get hurt but you do have a 120 million dollars and he wants to win man. Yeah but I think 12820. Million dollars sues the lot of thought alleys. Not sure he's thinking that right now know why the equities that it is probably give me some morphine I mean I think was rift did you hear towns rounds with Jim Nance. The clip I'm about to play is not very long protects only eight seconds onto it's only eight seconds at a beautiful thing Mike. I don't know if I've heard this one or none of these and he was romance Romeo Tony Romeo and now I'm. Jim answer during the Steelers chief scampered. And this okay so time I was getting rave reviews as a broadcaster. And he should be because he's won he's extremely knowledgeable. And I think there's a difference between. Looking through the eyes of a quarterback like Troy Aikman or Phil sands who haven't played in twenty years. And a guy who's Jew who is in the league he knows. The personalities on teen. And he's just played against them right like he schemed against all these teams that ease. At that he's set covering he's very insightful. He really as he's it's that that in and of itself is great but I think the reason why everybody loves him is that he is so freaking comfortable in his own skin. He's just. He's kind of like the dude at the sports bar who's who's bringing us a great perspective but at the same time not like talking down to us. Is that a reference in a casual nature to his CNN we're doing things that is different and and and I've the only complaint I've heard is that some people. Think it it's too casual and he'll talk over Manson they joke a little bit more bit. I I love that I think sometimes in the box it is sodium stuffy. And I think it's refreshing we'll sign or so light hearted nature that these sorts of stuff yes and it's Connell one of the reasons why we do it we do here it's like cab why don't we take ourselves seriously and it's really cool on the on the highest level. In the NFL it's really cool to see someone kind of breakdown that doubt wall because. Nobody's really have the balls to do that and then they'd. They try to put Dennis Miller in the Monday night Booth and that didn't work out to Putin ordered all know. But road though is he's got the chops to back it up there's just. There's are the days of the chemistry to him in Nantes have considering the fact they've only work together for. What six KC I get the sense that Nance doesn't like really he had. Listen for some this tension. I don't think Romo cares but I do think Nance is little uncomfortable with how. Well Romo just makes latter it is like for example let's play this clip. Jim Nance had no idea. What you saw or what Ramos talking about here but here's an example when I'm talking about with tons rooms. That's horrible idea that we get a better. Arizona's long there was even worse that I found that was the buss wanted to find that I'm putting it. This includes. Dumb and dumber and below the McGovern honest. I don't really Merkel. Stars were minutes. Still swim swami Swiss slippery sloppy screaming and someone Simmons solves one Swanson Swanson. Mears and a briefcase pocono we it's right here Samsonite. I pushed way off the newest star Vanessa stuff. I'm not seeing it here Lloyd. She must be unless it. Just a great. Relatives tosses adding casually I think it's wonderful I will say though that if guilty boot tension that I can imagine is Romo does talk over him more than any color guy that I've. The I've seen anything you think old Jim Nantz like that. He's. Basic he's a pro he seemed to have good chemistry and I have not knows a lot of attention but I have noticed the drug Botox wave more. Then most color analyst gene you're you don't need a win win Nance is trying to call the action yet DEM remotely this excited like I advance will be this will be like OK you know years is stabbed three wide and in the middle of calling the play Romo wool like shout out above him. What he thinks the play's going to be and and he can talk over the little bit you do know Jim dances wine labels. Named. Is Jim Nance. That calling. For heaven's sake okay. Bledsoe is gonna wind that's passing Ty name. It's what you do you know I know but the calling. Really jammed with. I don't think highly of yourself I think Jim does think Kylie that's on sand I don't think he'd I'm just telling you listen close with with with Romo in Nantes. I don't think Nance really likes drama. Now I'll have to listen more of that because I've not picked up on that sort of okay that we were argue a lot of people that are like calm down frat boy he remote it's way too much. So there are some people here they can of the descendants of text messages that are not. Picking up what tones around town ran down I think he's so good and he's so relaxed and fun and that's what the business needs but. I'm you know not everybody's gonna like him now how about Dick Stockton did you hear what Dick Stockton did I didn't hear Dick Stockton did and he pulled a Ron Burgundy. Great story compelling and rich 100% red button right on the other for all of us here channel four news you stay classy San Diego. I'm wrong. Who had a question mark on the teleprompter. Little asked anything you put out at Procter. Burgundy will read. It. Apparently he wasn't too happy with its color prints. But a tax news team I'm Veronica corny Stan and Ron Burgundy and gold yourself San Diego. So. Would you think that that is possible with the finest of professionals. Namely Dick Stockton a hold it happened it was Gloria Sotheby's at halftime report. Curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony who looked. On graphic for the final two bullet points. So what's happening there if you don't know the inner workings of humane nine. It's is that they're sending him. A a message. To look elsewhere for the final two bull when. City needs to Jesus right guess so that when they're doing TV there's little monitor right down in front of them they can draw and it has of the broadcast has what ever once seen if you watched that clip Donna moved down on the left hand corner. There's a little box graphic that they want him to finish reading in it's they just sent him a message you with the read that he was close to do. And then telling him to look to the the little box on the screw. Bob let me say half time report curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony who looked on graphic for the final two bullet points and here's what's amazing about that. Is that Dick Stockton as a pro and you can tell that he caught him as he does and look and he's like oh now. He committed definitely I can't believe that he just kept. Reading it. Right. I think it's one of those you probably don't fully appreciate what's happening until you're you're done with it. If he would have if he was clever he should have dropped a Ron Burgundy reference right after that all of these at halftime report. Curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony who looked on graphic for the final two bullet points. You you know listen man we've listened to a lot of these broadcasters now in there really utility do I have never heard that. That that's that honestly the only thought of that I've ever. Had cams from freaking anchorman comes from a movie I'm sure it's happened before but on a national broadcast like that now. I have you ever again. I'm trying to think of five different guys. Is there is at that level like on the NFL game but. Had to guess if we'd like when on YouTube obviously there's been a lot of local affiliates that something like this out Mike let's see if we can put together compilation. Of newscasters. Or sports broadcasters. Reading reading the teleprompter own reading is reading the teleprompter right you know you know it's a major. You play Katrina. Selma seeing wrong amber that she was enough that she just read the names up some team long bull in the ET police to kick it at that we'd shoot low and banging out yet she read the ball I'm sorry that's one of the greatest hits you that's kind of my point is that wasn't making national news that was like it was in San Cisco. The local news crews by NBC or ABC affiliate and they ran it. If there's a news person and those names are covered across your teleprompter that's I guess that's a little different because she's getting news as it's yes easier than name here of the names or is she is the reason not what. Let the big someone in the the control there was is laughing their ass off and probably told Dick right Nazir. Anybody. You Pomona don't look down at the graphic and I guarantee they did I did it pay attention because we're not putting it on there and he didn't. So did. Our rights so what's next my only the next segment to you we have one more segment began its gonna be like three minutes long to make again. I don't know trying to think of where we wanna go well we can talk about Mike's hard sports fans for you talk about some baseball he Wanda. Throw away I don't know. Yankees a throw Iowa. We I will do a suit and route if you want we can throw away segment. Now we come back I would do this who can rally that we don't do thrilling segments here actually we did knock on some of his talk about hearing talk I'll come up with something for you. When we come back he has three minutes. And three minutes and change yankees won it over. The good Mike. Six the floor we're gonna not talk about the Yankees when we come back kicks in case I it's 549 on the fan. Prime time advertising Datsyuk on sanity of the van we'll clearly with semi buried. All over the fan for Kennedy Maria just in Oliver television addicted actor. That's your financing group Mike Barrett is everywhere. Dominion now is bring a measly baseball deport those are the nag I can't do. It's gonna be objector stadium now you ask for a what's we do and I'll bring up this one DNC that Rick Pitino has filed his very first lawsuits I did you know any suing ideas he student ideas for emotional distress that's pretty serious us. Again read hear any says this is not about the money. This is from pitino is in an attorney he said this lawsuit is more than just about money is coach pitino's vehicle for proven he had nothing to do the deed is. Outrageous and wrongful illegal conspiracy. So Rick Pitino is claiming that not only did he had no knowledge of this. He said he had no knowledge of the hooker scandal but that after the hooker scandal he he he made his program quote extra compliance. And they would have nothing to do it this whatsoever the question yeah. So. He's basically saying Adidas is making a Salah yes no we say that deed it is. Was do we miss. They beat he's not doubting that ideas paid players in and did this and funneled into the school he's claiming that he had nothing to do with the head yeah I'll give it another question yeah. Oh what about the FBI and what they found. Does that matter to him Rick Pitino anti tank doing. To hear the lawsuit intent on us. Out money rob it's his personal vehicle for proven they had nothing to do with this bailing Tim directly to the payments. In the FBI report what part of extra comply can't absolutely -- scandal just ask him as is the lawsuit attempts to make it these employees Jim ghetto and the other guy moral code out to be rogue agency never worked with anyone from school and their scheme only spoke with. The Tino in their roles as employees of the apparel company that sponsors Louisville pitino maintains complete innocence throughout and at one point even says that he actually had his program become quote. Extra complain after a 2015 escort scandal. Of course he also says that in the lawsuit that he knew nothing about that scandal but once fighting about the hookers that's where the extra complaint went so. That that's what he's pain he needed as is that you can be compliant or you can be extra compliant and we were the latter. Want absolute sleaze about putting lawsuits academy and he does to everybody T think TC 9/11. You know what to be student Rick. He did sue the lady did tell you had sex with for fifteen seconds in the Italian restaurant and she did go to jail is who tried to extort him. Oh really yeah. And yes as she tried to extort Rick Pitino and he was like no when he came clean ins and and spilled the beans. She didn't have going to prison over that so don't doubt the greatness. Of the lawyer every for Dino what's pitino's deal. I think mark cars would be my guess either batteries some sort of. Dracula vampire because if you look at ambience has Elaine Sunday in twenty years so he thought it best. To see that woman as opposed to just pair off and go away yet even though he did I mean it's been proven he did. Have sex with him or he didn't deny any of that he's just saying that she tried to extort. And you wanna peso it turned into a whole legal mess law right to prevent the whole sex thing and all that could have been. Think she would have gone away. So so it didn't happen so he had an option even. The key screwed up he had sex with their and it was a glorious fifteen seconds. In the back of that Italian restaurant in a knocked her up she gets ranked into this happen yes so. Do you wanna pay her money. And it goes away nobody finds out about it because you're kind of a big deal richt you know you know or do you want to it all the come out. But you sue her for trying to stereo. I would think a lot of people in his position would have just cater rock you the problem is those that once you start making those payments and they got your forever. You may want any negotiate that rank and you mean their lawyers and Mike you can't just. Don't pay just give me this in perpetuity now it's negotiated and he signed a deal unsecured go away. Stewart Paul Allen does extortion is illegal wait I sound of it you did says it's all pollen does each. You know why there's nothing out about Paul Allen. Like very little loud about pollen. Is because any people who work for him or get fired or have a have a dispute with him he settles it out of court so you can't get any information that's why. It was so fascinating does the story about his sister. In all her legal out and I got out because there were a couple of employees that I was a non not settling I'm going to the courts and that's how it all got out. It's my dream is to be like Ernie McCracken and have enough money to buy their way out of anything that's when you know your rich. When you can just our right checks Michael Jackson did that well Rick Pitino said no I can pay you but I'm not going to. Rick X is ditch it once more it's so apparently he's going after a deed is and they're saying that he's gonna sue Louisville. Writer says he wants his full contract he Sadie did nothing wrong. OK so coming up next bear has Danny and you bigfoot sighting. We'll tell you where it's about in time and some other stuff on the club. In the sand.