Primetime 10.17.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, October 17th
Pac-12 Jambaroo, NBA season starts today, Warriors are just huge huge huge favorites, and more.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. It's time to taken out of your trip around the pac twelve this is America. We're about winning championships tying for the inside story on all twelve teams straight from a man who lead the no. I've never had never had this is the pac twelve chamber room part of primetime retires again soon on 1080. And until the scheduled this week now will not see USC. Al Unser who will not seen Washington's and I meant it washes up by Stanford and by organ states and by the end. So no Stamford no Washington. USC Notre Dame is interesting but let's start with or against UCLA. You know via Bruins are touchdown favorites win I don't know if they should be a touchdown favor over anyone on a TC UCLA recently that there's some struggles there in gym work. Going to be on his way out of a job. Willie Taggart on meeting complete team execution is that generic enough for you it does seem eager to there. Yes the same office that scored twenty points in the second. The allegations. And there's been little explored with seventeen points you know so it's not that we can't do we got to execute it we can't beat ourselves you know home. Do we don't have all your weapons kids. I'll continually keep the penalty to put two behind Dixon since spectacle. Covered every time especially young guy in there and what that this. Yeah well. Exit seventeen points in two games as their lowest two game output since 1992. They keep. To this point. Even though they don't have a quarterback right now they can be that they they need to be better because you can still effectively run the ball although you know you've got two years starting offensive lineman in concussion protocol. Some would even know what the status is on that's the nice party is your plane. Arguably the worst defense in the congress to see these silly or organ stayed so. You know if you're org at age you can't score against UCLA then I don't know what's do you have you throw your hands up you should be able to run the ball out will write their defense core it is atrocious and you you. Half to you have to now crystal ball said that he is basically spent did this and these entire two weeks in his office trying to come up with something here. And at at some point they have to take. The the training wheels off whatever quarterback they decide to go with and they have to at least have that in the short passing game be part of this office. Leaning on the running backs Taggart. Come into this field we we felt like there are running game was going to be strong part of our offense is so far back of the standing there is gaining. We're only known him and they understand the boys found it we gasoline on them and they had to have great job and how a lot of the do agreed to. What's the deal with Brit seems he out. Please nicked up by the key what do you think you got a concussion two so again we don't know but. You should feel the lien on the that the running game which security gas side which UCLA is giving up rushing average this year. Yards per game yards per game what they're giving you this time RA average 55 ought to right now we're in stating that if you're wondering north is now supported state is giving up 200 yards. On the ground per game. Korean status organ states. You Selig is at 246 yards. Hurt per game on the ground. So I'll let the worst in the conference organ stated 200 UCLA is giving up 313. Yards long the ground. War oh per game per game so if you look like a cure or to your pockets of blues had they not run the ball against them. I give you the UCLA I guess the one where you don't run the ball against him is they know you don't have a quarterbacks of their entire team. He's up on the line I don't care you should be able to score and run the ball on you soon and if you don't. Heaven help you until just her kids back pain is their parity in the pac twelve Jim Moran. Without being disparaging any other conference in the country because they are great conferences in the country and obviously tremendous teams. In other conferences. To meet the pac twelve is top to bottom inside and out the most competitive. Conference. I I'm not message saying it's the best conference that's to be determined. I. Truth. I don't fact or fiction as I think that's fiction there's I'd let you know. Most competitive most competitive the tennis competitive and I think the big ten's top teams are better. Let's say you're that what the pac twelve has in fact I don't think it's really cleans a nasty said most competitors which. Those competitive but it it again that you're leading to the fact that your your worst teams are somehow better than others and I don't if it's. There's parity in the pac twelve and there's not a lot of easy outs but most competitive I don't nullified by that. Few gainers on a state playing Utah. That game will be Saturday at 1230. It's in non. Relentless selling yet since only. Interesting little game cedars mistaken ticket momentum on the road and Utah I feel bad form because that. The utes are right there and I don't know again and I'm hoping at this point that that only comes back he gets he was. He was right there last week but didn't go but they've now lost 2320 to Stanford. And at USC they lost by one point if they have their quarterback is probably is able to go. Utah's a defeated their six you know right now so you ties a damn good football team. They just you know they've lost to heart breakers in two very good football teams all played a backup quarterback US. Notre Dame is likely a college football playoff elimination game Notre Dame is favored. It is back in Indiana Notre Dame favored by three and a half clay Helton on his team needing points. Must find a way to win the game and there was no sense of panic course and so. Non always. But that's one of the things that there's been a trademark for this football team over over this run that we had nothing less. This sixteen games were 51 and some of those games we could shoot some so really. Great wage I take as the word I would. To be able pool game child. This team buy into way to get it done there there's the definition of vital. You know they they have done that. But I think it's the other way you view it is my god had to get themselves in these spots in the first place I think USC's live and on our time I think Notre Dame gets out. I know him better than they are. And he wants a bunch USC yeah I've bled planning you know when when I look at UCL Aaron McKie USC. I know there's a talented football team but. I don't peek at this point. To me it's not like I'm waiting for something to click. I think this is who they are not blessed and they're finding themselves these situations because they're not great but they're not bad and if you look statistically. It's at. At this point in the season numbers are gonna give you pretty good indication of where your act and if you look at most major statistical categories you don't want USC falls five and six. They're just. They're right there they're not great or not terrible they are kind of in the middle of the road most things so I don't know one thing the US he does particularly well. They'd it's it's like they're the most dynamic rushing team in the country. It's at its policy of Dora with lighting the world on fire he's throwing for 400 yards. This other defense is just some sort of jargon out there just a good solid football team. But I don't think that there is do you beat a ceiling that I think we thought at USC coming in in me and maybe this is the one where big clicks and puts together. But at this point until I see it from USC ice consider you to be a good solid team. But bite bite. No stretch of the imagination to me are they an elite team in fact I said I think it you to as a healthy quarterback I think they beat USC and DB USC by a score to. They may get some mistakes and will say Donald it is set percentage completion percentage is down five points this year he's already thrown as many picks as he did last year when I'm nine. And he has several fumbles here's Helm on Donald's place at. Things that. Nothing really affects him that's what I love about the same even keel person. Player. Each and every day in in each and every game meant. Like tell he's progressing and this month of October you know looked up in the he's had six touchdowns one interception in the last two games threw for 312 358 and most importantly at the end of the day feast to producing winds. That's right he mean he's definitely gamer there is something soon you know I just feel like guys he's a quarterback the atrocities say that we're down he's turned it over a time. It's not looking good but he says he's hard to bet against Lleyton game that's pressure I just feel like there is their real kind of survive and advance mentality for USC. And more often than not survive and advance you get exposed. Would Notre Dame played for the national title. Against Alabama you remember that year how many games that Notre Dame won the final play of the final drive and at some fortune balances kind of go their way and they were undefeated. And they got exposed. And it and maybe it's Notre Dame but somewhere along the way whether it's it's Notre Dame or. Maybe it's a part of town are giving us Washington work or if somehow they and it did in the cultural playoff. I feel like there is in there is. That there's a date waiting for USC at some point to be exposed. And I think it's common and it may be this week yesterday while I think it's been there for thirty game. Our time. Out to. Out in Indian and then you've got players on a planet cal which is an interesting game actually this weekend also Colorado at Washington State. I'm all right coming up next the NBA is opening tonight. Will we have anthem problems. That we did about this for fifteen on the fifth. Where Isaac and sue god if 1080 thoroughfare for the NBA season opens tonight. And we already have one player in the hospital. It's crazy. Yeah he's seen more details on this. Well here's what we know so far. Bulls forwards Bobby Fortis. And Nikola Mirotic. Were involved in a serious altercation at practice today yeah and that's. Which one Mirotic Mirotic is in the hospital he asses says. Citing league sources the report was meritage was transported to the hospital after he shouting altercation during practice ended with an alleged cheap shot from Courtis. To mere teaches face. Yes that's so at least there's more on that we didn't know broken bones they fractured a stays out and we assume that obviously when men initially people report came out said that the good ones in the hospital figured there was a fight someone broke something but at least now we know. All right as some of the faces may have been as Zach Randolph. There was Zach Randolph Ruben Patterson and we're Patterson's arms were down in the got sucker punched in. Broke again I orbital I'm not mistaken well flights haven't practiced I mean. On the bulls cannot own I think that I think. At my immediate reactions turmoil there you know that's not good. And then the other side it's like now it's intense it's great I love that and let's get the guy mask I'm surprised to be honest with you that this doesn't happen more because fights to occur. And yet you know professional athletes out there swing and hay makers in only takes one big that we all have decided idea of I think is it for movies right get punched in the face the you shake it up. You pushed the face to shatter a lot of bigs like you just that I am good now. It apology get knocked unconscious when you wake up like an hour later your fine music means you have a school fracture. Wells was can be a little more serious you iron about enlargement into each other in the phase you know I think about body Portis is and I sure don't they put in Arkansas right yeah I'd. I think it was their first round pick regulators he may have had a little bit of very. I don't know about rough past or just history of maybe not doing the right thing but to a government that apparently you know punch. He was selected 22 overall in the 2015. Draft by the bulls. I'm meritage mean. You play a mean you know reason either rotational guy here. Portis I don't and I couldn't take him out of a lineup but I guess he's. I don't know he's a bull her sure elegant valuable made up for long after this Yahoo! announced but because people in the face now probably not have probably not good. Hey why want the NBA have any Anthony issues you know since things are starting tonight and that's a big topic in the NFL it's a realism. Oh yeah I mean it is its rules but yeah I mean look these guys make a lot of money in there there's lot of people who were. Thinking that perhaps many of them would make statement is on opening night at least on opening night but it doesn't sound like. Anybody will I heard Mark Cuban talking about this and I thought it was really interesting night. He's he is such AM. He's a practical thinker well. Regardless of what you what you think of Cuban whether you like him or not. I appreciate the fact the Cuban seems to dig deeper. They just yet surface level on this sorts of absolute of these sorts of things here's what he set and he said he talked to his team. And I just think he Indy maybe their reason I think this is a great comment is because tigers but he says that he thinks. That players should not. Should not. Neal for the anthem. NFL NBA or otherwise but he said he totally understands why they do and it is their prerogative to do so he just said he talked his team and he said look. I wanna help each and everyone a view with any cause do you have. Any cost social causes charities whatever he's got that member he loaded up his private cleaning gave it to. Who was what a player. For the Puerto Rican and hurricane. Forget which one it is yet to be a player from Puerto Rico. And too talented to back up its point China puke Cuban gave him his private plane loaded up with supplies. And let him take it for the disaster relief what he's saying in this is the exact same thing that the NFL players and owners. Mad about today in their sandlot the anthem thing we'd get week we get the where it started. It is sort of run its course you're pissed a lot of people opt. Let's talk about Cubans point was let's talk about different ways that I can help you get your. Message out or you don't have to kneel for the intimate it's much more effective he was talking I do I'll make a video preached every wanna do you guys get I'll play it during your during our timeouts. Where you can say whatever you wanna say I want to help you do that though. But you know please out of respect. Ford the franchise out of respect for the flag the bottom line from the bottom line let's see our video we cannot do you know yet but I don't think sees. Jerry in that way I think Cubans a little bit more thoughtful. And I just think he's right that's exactly who they should be not he also pointed out which is interesting and I think he's right about this too it NBA players. There are more noticeable like we know who they are were were closer to them then on the NFL field with a helmet on or just that. You know that may be to helmet off but kneeling you know it's they they did NFL guys a little bit more anonymous. The NBA guys have a much bigger platform they're bigger stars there are fewer of them. And so they may not be as you know as we leaned. Two to do that. And it's just seeing it I at least they appreciate the fact that he's not going all. You're gonna you're gonna stand or adults or that you're trying to wrap yourself in the flag completely. Appreciate that he sees to be coming out of from it logical point of view insane meet me halfway on this and I'll try to help you do this a different way which is. Can't we only do you rank. Yeah I'd be executed he does even throw his personal opinion of in there he's just like I see both sides here's how can we fix it how can I help you you're my players I'm I'm committed to you at the same time not (%expletive) off. My fans the only thing I don't like about. Wants not the only thing but the main thing I don't like about the discussions. That. Did occur from the kneeling thing is why don't like it's a don't do it which is a horrific. That's. I don't even try to do this in my Perry teen life there's nothing I hate worse. Then when someone when when you get apparent line of well how come because I said so that's the reason he should use a four year old you shouldn't use on a forty Euro. I hate that line of of let's all trump says they arrest body yesterday news said they should do it. And I and I hate that I just give me some reasons why Indian you know engage me in an intellectual conversation. As opposed to you pissed me off a few. And I think a lot of this that's what that's devolved into and I appreciate the fact that Mark Cuban is coming from a different angle yes so we won't have any anthem or at least they don't anticipate any any. On issues at the end and even then there is a rule against in the NBA some thought does some of those did more high profile players who would be making a statement because they are. Arm in arm with the NFL players and some would and so does point out there remember we had Chris Jackson then begin game Paterno Mohammed Abdul were. Ready Christine Christine. I think it is Rahim. I'm trying to remember a time I had that sort pointed out that member he he had that the protest the anthem and big EU ended up in death threats. And a lot of people think the doubt helped kind of his ouster from the MBI Mohammed Abdul who grew leases yeah. That Abbott yeah ago and they are right evil weren't happy about that you're absolutely right so. You know I've I think the other thing too about the anthem deal as you got to remember that there are a lot of guys standing. You know like a lot of NFL there's vast majority of the 90% of everyone's standing right. Yeah roster for the 53 guys in four bomber nearly. Well what about the rest of the guys and what else would do with thirteen hits but they're also stand so it's. It really this if he does not gonna watch this. We need to violence on an idea jerked parental reaction was and at the army ranger guy who actually advised. Can't predict is eminent lawyer yet and it goes Dave Bush is idea in the first place that's what's so ironic Obama's right yeah because cabaret was sitting on the bench and he said now that's just wrestle. Let's menial. Like link you kneel in a solemn prayer. And we can't do that and Mort what ever. Good loss in the conversation. Two good games tonight we've got to Cleveland. Hosting. Boston very interesting scarier in and then we have Houston. That jordin bells lawyers. I'll take a lot of Jordan Dolan a B a player that people in the Pacific northwest will never. Ever shut out. About it no I'm not it will it will be the lemon and there's a Jermaine O'Neal all over again it didn't. And by the way also is on here really doesn't matter because the words are gonna win another NBA title minus someone blowing out in as move on if they sell. I don't think so I know so you're betting has the worst I think it's really sex I would give you the field right now. Now apple. But take Eagles that I do have some lawyers odds those I think are funny author of the not next was a 93%. Hurt I think that was the the owners that all had a orders when he knew. Big Bill Simmons said he realistically thoughts. What did he have a map and academy it's seven losses this year one thing that puts it is I saw him on Twitter today. Can. 75 and seven or wrap up this discussion next and then. Is Mike Riley on his way out some coaching tock yep that's here's Mike and. Primetime where the eyes against duke on insanity programs and so much sports I love this time a year. We got all this football. But Dan I look at that the TV in the Astros and yankees. You are on the Astros are 40 by LA or nothing sorry Mike. And then that would get the NBA starting I mean the only thing we in the in hockey started I mean is there anything we don't have. Besides March Madness yeah I guess we have some calls basket although you know we admit that this all the called vessel programs here. Are underway well. The end goal maybe. Well it all started some winter golf. Well you know they they Marty they already started they just play out my via. That Hawaii and warm warm weather so listen. The NBA season starts tonight and I will tell you ominous in warning now. The stakes could not be any lower but at the end because of that. We are probably not gonna talk a lot about NBA Intel you know until it really matters we've got down. Kind of if there's two games that I by the way to get rid of civility that I mentioned at the soft opening of the blazers lost having calves in the rocks some wearers than tomorrow laser start them together as a there's a lot more in fact that. It's not everyone it's a slow roll out but there's. What seven or eight games tomorrow night including this the blazers on the road sons and I and it's gonna professed and his professor professor we we won't be talking economy MBA here but I who. Will ramped up when he needs to be rent copy of some major happens like heritage gets herder something happens. Course is not bad but. I'm going to profess team that with the blazers starting tomorrow. I will not make any definitive statements about that team. And tell February 1 in I'm not eating getting I'm gonna try very very hard this season is my point is the season is so long. It is so incredibly. Painfully. Disgusting Lila but that it really doesn't like he saw a how many times you watch the blazers where. The narrative at the end of the season is so different than even December or mid January completely changed so let's just. My paper is just might need person had just decided my approach let's watch. Let's tock we need to talk. But let's not drawing he was not subtle over skis when they're ten and oh. Or when their or wingers you NA just calm down it's a long. Season you want us all to be a little Aaron Rodgers you wanna sell to just. The week. You know what that is a that is a very healthy so I'm an idea in a very measured on you way to go about it allowing you to college unit from the mountain tops every day I'll go Stephen A Smith son in the woods is so be rant and rave and the fire old time fire. Paul Allen. You fire actually you know you can't fire and throw it happened with us. I am my first I was thinking if we maintain Faneuil Polly. Now volley long that they've they've fired Donald Sterling did air judges at a moment he did Solutia. 41 dead center field yankees have three heirs that's gonna help them. The secular mice will beam and I Qaeda on did you is coming number one I did everything and one a little better another judge armored but. I'm Robert companies are now the stuff you're losing in the it is this one. The new fiscal cycle down through the long and cats over I don't know enough yet willingness you don't. I assume you did in the is are your number one. Can hear from Mikey get them on TV and you know we're in trouble he thought that I wasn't on camera this story OK so hey couple things about the NBA season Villeneuve on seven all stars switched teams this offseason subs in it certainly was a hands on record I think was one of the more entry you know seasons I've ever seen and. For a league where you know who's gonna end up winning I think there's more intrigue in this MBAs season. Then there's been in quite some time it is your idea but at the same time it's like. Like he said going to break. There is zero intrigue because it's the orders and everyone else weird things can happen you know stiff Korea blows a need your Kevin Durant goes down for an extended period of time and and things can change but you think about it so the seven all stars are Hayward then I read. Isiah Thomas. Paul Millsap mellow. Jimmy Butler Paul George doesn't altered like current Oscar and a government that up on the same team but then you also add Chris Paul. Dwight Howard. Who else. Well like. JJ Redick Derrick Rose Rajon Rondo Jim Butler did you mention Butler he was EA is on the all stars doing wade did Angela's Ollie guy Brooklyn but they've all changed teams meet is massive shift in so it will be interesting to see. Where the dominoes fall after the big domino which is Golden State who is. 5000. Siemens and each make sure it's right the odds for them to win the division. I if you wanna win ten dollars and yet the debt 5000. Of winning the NBA title of the odds on that. I can pull that up for you but if you pay as if you wanna do is ban on them to make the playoffs doing to make a buck. That would that's. Well how much she think he had the risk to make one dollar to say that they make the play Valencia. Mean they're promising now straight so 151015. Grand yet Tibet 1000 dollars. To make to such a dollar amount why that's better than I did better than I would have thought I'd like you run out of place at that area. Not necessarily but still I mean to make the playoffs does goals they'd not make it as boring airplane crash and the entire team Donny how does go state. So I hear your you ask with the odds are. The warriors are yet to back 802 in 500. For them to win the title. Next is Cleveland. Follow mean them Boston. And then Oklahoma City and San Antonia the blazers are down there adds a 150 to one. Tied with the Denver Nuggets and look sorry the blazes down their 200 to one. Tied to the Utah Jazz Vegas views Portland and Utah without Gordon Hayward. Virtually the same this year. I saw the tells me that Portland's going to be better the next. I think Portland is going to be a surprise team here's my bold sweeping courageous statement because you refused to make it. I think Portland is gonna be a pleasant surprise. In the MBA. I don't think many people there are thinking much about a minute and something tells him Portland's going to be a pesky team. I don't think they end up being a top three cedar if you like guys think they're going to be they're gonna outperform. The expectations I believe that. And the other instinct thing going into the season this is the first time. The first time ever in in NBA history. That we are going into the season without any coaching changes. Really I mean head coaching changes gather all coat every coach is back. Which is fascinating that that is never. Occurred there's always been at least one change every offseason for 75 years or pirated assumed that there would have been won this offseason as well so you're trying to. The pump is primed. For the tip off of the NBA season tonight just the tiptoe. Only two games just know that is the tip it takes a long time to hit to get that thing gallon. And it's football season dating so is Mike Riley on his way out. And is Nebraska out thinking the room. If they don't hire Scott frost. We'll get to that next on the fan it's an eighty. Palestinian. Over the weekend Nebraska storm film news. From Washington State so bill moos former ducks at night tractor headed to be the the idea Nebraska and of course he knows Mike Reilly well. From his time coaching her you know. Competing against him you when he was at or in state. It really coached against one another though. Yet that the prevailing thought is. Well mrs. RD said he does I do not hire coaches mid season. Which I think that's chemicals him to say right it's like. You know if if that thing goes even further south in the team quits on rally like he should probably not say that because sometimes you do have to move on from a coach during the season if the if he's lost the team in Los locker room I. In my bold prediction like what almost a month ago that Mike rally was going to be fired after the Wisconsin Ohio State games. And he is not then he did his haute to get fired because Ohio State laid an ass will play I mean they're not very good but I think he's lucky that he has a new AD. Because I think he would have been fired serialized I don't I think I think that it was pretty obvious that when they fired the AD. That rally was not gonna be back however. I think that also meant that rally would finish of the season. Right because you're not going to beat egg what widen fire the coach is let the coach have to seize new party fired edu party sent the message that change is coming up. So why fire the coach mid season eat eat eat the only way you do that is if like you said you know things like so far south that they were. Rebelling against him and not listening and he's lost locker which doesn't sound like that's happening Nebraska they just aren't very good. They've lost now 3817. And 56 to fourteen in the can and in the last two weeks it's not very good including they have lost organ and a loss to northern Illinois. Their best win on the season. Rutgers. Do. Not acceptable now so he's probably on his way out but the illness is the AD there and soul and I don't know. Al what illnesses in the dealer what he's thinking Vilma is pretty sharp media analysts like illness and oleander. Pissing contest with film idea didn't work out solo but. I think he knows what he's done but you know if you don't hire Scott frost there at this point. You're the right things. I don't think it's as easy is that to to simply say that he has to be that guy. But if you do you want someone that has connections to your school. You know Scott frost is is certainly done a nice job with such a flora knows it their instinct to be needed Central Florida and and and competed Nebraska but do you know who as the number one offense scoring offense in the culture at Chip Kelly Scott trust AKA. Chip Kelly junior yeah so I mean there's an element to it amended that it or to look at him. Who's got trust and debate I don't think so I think this veteran who now will mean he's only gonna head coach now for two seasons well that's a I mean that the largely why he went to Central Florida was you know your season people really thought highly of him black tea while we will we talked to him here. He does have that head coach feel yes timing he he he definitely does he stood out. And it's so he knew he needed to go somewhere improve himself as a head coach while he's done that my god Central Florida. Was winless two years ago he wasn't there in the gulf I think six and six. And now they're undefeated undefeated with a number one offense in the country and they have you know like this to be fair it is Central Florida and there's the difference between. Competing against. FR you win in Maine and Ben says no question David beat Maryland though but that's way I mean but. But that's how all the coaches like Tom Herman was it Houston now right there's a difference between playing the games to played Houston and playing at Texas but. He got the job so. I mean I don't know how much more Scott frost gonna have to do he's gonna be a hot name no question and of course and having been there having gone there in Nebraska. Just they need they need an offensive spark in his last amid a good offense. And Scott frost again leads the country leads the country and in scoring right now I mean and they're putting up. Like high forties per game. I don't I think. When his name got brought up when Mike Riley was hired I thought that that was ridiculous I don't think you can go from being a coordinator for wonder years to coaching dead and Nebraska. I still wonder if if there's enough seasoning there but hiring Scott frost I don't think you can pain at this point if you Nebraska. I think a lot of it comes down to one of the candidates are out there Howard tried to be your job and how important is it to find someone with connections to your program. For some people that matters right that's that's a big deal for schools to bring you there are honored and they're also much Nebraska's Connell I think yeah they like they're their own. You know. And he did lead them to a national championship but they London can I do Gary Patterson. Probably not if I can't and then I don't want cup trust or gear cabbies can't. It's not getting it Gary Patterson to number us they just kind of depends on white I don't think what I can go out and get it we need Mike Leach. If he's gonna drag Mike Leach on how army said he obesity does have a desire to go over but we've also seen multiple coaches say that they're not gonna be the next head coach and he said that. Yeah Mike Lee said that he was against people we should put zero stock and we know anything about coaches. With the air raid what are had a that would be embraced and I. Not mean raskin did in pristine and the B Bruce Lee nature of of likely not quite frankly I think they can do better than Mike Leach that's no offense to make it to be think he's done a good job at Washington State. I think Scott frost. Is a good hire but they can probably even do better than I I'd be shooting for like I'd be trying to get body Katrina until I tried again yeah. I'd be debated in Alabama in on Lincoln that's an advantage in history I don't know what goes into that high here. You know is there. You have to have and I don't know enough about Nebraska's program is it like Tennessee you wherever you're gonna have to kiss a thousand booster bass. Is that like Texas words that he needs some with ties is there a specific office I don't USC USC doesn't wanna run. A sprint. USC wants morbid traditional tight that it matters to them that they do that ended I I've heard from different people. That they cover the team and read things that Nebraska. Wants to run. More verb content that's where the reason they went with Mike Friday they their arrest they wanna run more of a pro style yet the bad guys gone at Eddie he's gone out so I don't know there's a lot of factors that go into that it. Think Nebraska. Is a top five program. But I also believe the Nebraska is one of those schools that has the infrastructure in the bones in the commitment there with the right guy there's a reason that you can't win a national title at Nebraska and I don't think there's a us their reason why they can't consistently be one. Wisconsin or Michigan State is dead right you look at it was constant success over the last. What 151015. Years for our airports in the Nebraska can't be back on top. Well I understand that maybe they can't be Alabama bowl why can't they be Wisconsin. Look at what's happened in Michigan State. Over the last ten years why can't they be that because there's more resources there's more commitment in Nebraska at the there is a Wisconsin Michigan State put together. So I do think in some ways that is a little bit of a sleepy giant. With the right higher in my gravity is wasn't the right to hire and Benton and he's not the right are now. Now I think I think frost might be. I'd be ready. So watch for. He's gonna be adopted if he is undefeated. The guild he cobalt still matter of you know again no no question him capitalize we'll go to another person at UCLA opens up. Does that look I think well more attractive than Nebraska there's that and then there's Tennessee yeah. Has Butch Jones is is done yeah he's definitely done and someone can be done detects and and so. Again is there could be a lot of job openings here and yeah but he he has connections are only way frost that you Central Florida they are undefeated the two big games they have left. They play at navy and then they host South Florida. And so you get if he wins those two he's likely gone undefeated will then you're in the group of five he won't play you're not gonna be in the cultural web zero chance yours and we'll play big time team in a play big time team and a bowl game although he may not end up coach and apple game because he may leave for greener pasture. It's before the bowl game I commend next is the hot five at five the top five sports stories day there. There's quite a bit of news including news on the Major League Baseball to Portland front next on the fan.