Primetime 10.17.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, October 17th
This MLB to Portland thing seems kinda real, doesn't it? Also talking about the Yankees/Astros series. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you find that time next. You can time the times didn't you pencils. Primetime revise against duke at home what they'll all their glory and all clubs. I think yeah. This is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are Isaak Robin Jason singer Janet quit prime time on ten ADP. Indeed here we are what it did and. Are goods there. It's not slow indeed. Like to Little Rock structure there. Was a little. Not cancel pulled a U littering the belittling me kids' football little bit. It's not Kansas upon all of Kansas basketball you mediate lost my basketball season is severely guessing Condit it always is there. And embrace Kansas football. I tried and you made the attempt because his best was in the NBA starts tonight well. What does so and when is the older rock chalk. Actually happened on the hard court first and remember now they're practicing in the do those solid in their practice and Jerry digital minute battery in practice reports. Anonymous sources there. Tell me anything is going on to the FBI probe comes in and shuts you down. When that already happened will you read it right you saw the the last report now all I saw was. Kansas like a bunch of media. Wanted to get the the FBI's. 98 they filed a Freedom of Information Act Maine so they get all the info in the FBI said yeah. Because it's under investigation bottom line is you're going down there's only one school that indeed is gave more money to them Louisville and that's Kansas you have peace prize you're going to my sources tell me my peace president at one of the minutes is gave some maybe kids just cheats better than Louisville does perhaps they did I hope so or perhaps. They are the crown. Begin. Of doing it the right way moral integrity because nothing shady is ever gone down look in kids about their football team. That's true meaning ain't she didn't expect either Adam and are doing very well are clearly not TD should cheat more and cheated now. Not Hartley and no not not out there out there fans on one haven't. It's like Mike won't be cheated upon by his beautiful wife ever ever ever. Ever ever ever. Is game is pretty get this this yankees ashes series is getting pretty intense yeah that is a game last night sucked out the football game of the W but it wasn't it was amazing I don't know what you're talking about mammoth lake front entertain us and yeah it was but it blue knob but that's a Dayne is he's in now. If you don't know the Astros and yankees are. Party back on the field well and if they get this one goes to two women may have done a really good job shutting down the east and bats. Although ye believe is 22 you still have to find a way to beat Verlander eichel. So I. It just becomes a much more interesting series I think this one has chance nicely beer really good one the Dodgers cabbies kind of feeling that ends tonight. Well no because it's only too well the cubs the cubs are hitting like what 167. I mean he cannon yeah well. For all intents and purposes you know what I mean. A I don't think like. I don't think that the the cubs are are coming back in this. This feels three go to Meehan and I don't know maybe the Dodgers gear maybe the Dodgers give up one I think the Dodgers to win and at all I just don't think the cubbies haven't won the pages deficit there and and you can get you what you Jon Lester in the in in at a crucial moment and like I said they're hit 167. In the post season in which you know. Reloaded and Brian you've carried out off its all year there at like 162. Joliet back to Yasser yankees. You know yes it's tough beating them collars and Verlander however. You know both of those games were to want ya mean those were tight and late and so when I say the colors yeah it's an up cycle environment is and at Phnom. Those gains are tight net debt that's important in. Mean the yankees' pitching staff has done a great job of of calm me down those bats this is gets you still left to get over hold on one of those two guys and as is lynch Meehan Lewis was lamenting earlier they just don't hit cycle ever so maybe you divert Lander. Who has been arguing this game first for a sobering about getting a win over one of those yet calm down over there it's still there is a hero in the third inning. Yes this series is piqued my attention the Dodgers cubs. Maybe you can do is get one because more interest okay well hang on we have a lot to do today we are CNN. I simply don't wheat wheat. I try not to say that notre not over hi I'm not penalize you there's some days where it's like we end up there isn't you know you get a get a lot of grab passed a duty to see what you again now they're can be gaining today there is there is a lot. Yeah we got NBA seasons starting got a Major League post season happening in Major League Baseball meant. Maybe baseball the Portland and you but that's most intriguing headline ivory and quite some time. The great Mike Baird is back yes I have audio today the bear won't talk to us but he talked to you. Yes Texan modem uploading into meaning they're there're there on the hush Ashe yet they keep learning buttoned up yeah. It's but this is the first time on as the years that I actually felt like there is. Nick chants. Like. Normally we didn't think there was a chance with the last effort with the exposed yet now I felt like that was a zero chance upon it and that's that's all laws now and they had a chance is in the ended. They just they weren't gonna get it now but this one to me and and I'm trying not to get over miscues because we've been Charlie Brown on this so many times. But this one actually. It feels a little different and I'm allowed myself the hope well in my sports fans to get tight yet. I'm Larry well hope to create here's a case of you know. It's funny at a tight it's so funny how this all played out I text Barrett today just like hey man. And it's you came up on the show yet they I hear your damn ads all over the stage you're on the station more than freaking big sue Diaz. What's up where are you what's gone. Plays golf what the hell. He's crop prop. He finally gets back to me you know it's like sometimes he's like MIA won't be won't respond les gets secret conclave yeah part of evidently and you know and so so you know he'd. He tells you what is involved with and Danica Caleb. Super ash ash on I mean he didn't tell me any details and I just got I respect that just you know come on when you can and now we've got a platform for it we love. The idea of Major League Baseball Portland you know you got a friend and us moats we'll talk decent. And then I get to work in my tells me yes in your Donnie. Michael. Barrett I just not deal. Well. I guess with the baseball American peace came out and that kind of the the big kinda had to come out and talked had to make a statement well I don't know the idea but yet the baseball America thing. Who is that guy. I don't know I never heard of him before I got one was kind of but he wrote a piece of baseball America worry talked about. The the expansion effort measly baseball on this whole realignment thing and there's little bizarre details but if there be talked about Portland. You know before at a Montreal beans to expand to cities and kind of elaborate on the stood up pointing his support the group Fella got to come out and make all the heat he didn't. Really that OK so and that baseball America article he says Major League Baseball is considering expansion to Montreal on port. They wanna get to 32 T and how many times you read that eight million so it's like you know I think if you really know the dynamics in Portland you probably think him. He's expected to pulled out of thin air out of this guy is these America while Denny writes. Baseball in Portland has a has a viable ownership group and you read that Gwinnett. Who was that's new but then he doesn't he doesn't expand upon so. So I guess this is what he was alluding to but he doesn't say anything more than he doesn't this convoluted thing about realignment which I thought was site. Give way players the American and National League he's going to visas. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wow. Slowed down but I guess that prompted. The group to want to come out and I don't know about you but I've been you know that had this a few times and people around town and eat like in the last. Here. You hear anything amazing based on Portland and I say no I'm not I haven't heard a damn thing but I guess there were whispers and on now that I'd put two and two together of some people coming up gone baby. You couldn't hear anything about this I never did that. They did and so that's hard to keep these things see Greg apparently had done a pretty good job of ticketed under wraps I don't know much of anything other than. Mike Bair at. Is going to be kind to do is this the front. Man four yet the Magic Johnson if you will Los Angeles Dodgers yet so there Derek Jeter in Miami there's it was a piece of bear it's a guy with a tunnel local connections and is respected by everybody and I do I doubt that Mike Barrett is pretty that they tell a mocking in this sort of thing I don't think he rolls that way but you know face it may be the voice a bit if a diva doesn't shot. What my parents got. Billions I don't think my buddies talking probably might merit has hundreds of millions of dollars just you just reported to Portland and Vancouver and anyone listening in bomber whenever on the app that might bury it. Is not a party ownership group I'd feel pretty calm you don't know that I feel pretty confident they know might know what I said he is not the money guy. And no new ideas now. Now now I don't I don't think so they're looking literally said he does on the Fannie and a lucrative it's got 800 million dollars is Bernal in his pocket well. Did you stay when they talked about they have financing. Is able to go because that to me has always been the biggest hurdle we don't have a stadium here minority get one built. I don't think you're gonna get a bunch of public funding past the people of Portland to Gaza the they shouldn't you know me how I feel about public finest stadiums I that the biggest crook jobs in the in the world. So the fact that I read that if that is true that they have financing in place. A privately financed finance stadium bats. Gets mice. Horse pinstriped. Castle I mean there's a long way to go but I think that the big thing is that. And we said this all along. I'm in little last bricks being kind the only guy that's kind of been out there you know wave in the palm comes across to the system the system this. They're needed to be. Exactly what it seems like is happening underground. That has. You know that has to happen like you'd you'd have to lay so when we sit here and talk three years ago about Major League Baseball expansion. It's night and on Major League baseball's radar really well we said. But it doesn't matter this is the timer you have to get your ducks in rather sell many things the you have to do in order to. DN contention when the opportunity does pop up they you gotta start now while it sounds like that piece of the puzzle. They have been they did start in there is a group and so who they are don't know of local out of town don't know Ali no is Mike Barrett. Is is an idea like a rallying guy community leader guy which I think is is a pretty good tech. And down you know the previous regime it well not regime that the previous. Effort to give Major League Baseball Portland for those of you who are here in we were on the air during all that. It was quite fragmented I mean you had. You had like that the cancer group. Who is separate from like David Conn and what he was doing in there was no iceberg was involved in that too and it is I is to fragment right. He didn't really have like you know sort of the guy on the ground in the community getting everybody going about it. In in the guide that they tried to have do that was David Conn who was the exact opposite of that it was terrible. Well he's just wasn't he's just dad he's a jerk who is who just didn't know how to get it is horrible horrible front and you little for you couldn't come up. The better guy in this town than Mike Barrett who was liked by everyone. Is respected by everyone in the sporting community. That I just think that that's a great pick to kind of be the voice and you know always comfortable in front of the camera. This I think this is really exciting I think it's intriguing. And they did say that remember all those years ago and this Sunday at the last were kept talking about a 150 million dollar grant. That was set aside by the states in order to to help fund this they said that's still available. You know where the other I'm assuming you're talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to 800 million dollars for a stadium. A Swiss when you consider land and all that so I don't know where the rest of that's coming from. Let. I I did at least from from. The brief little synopsis that you read. It didn't sound like there is even they're gonna be asking for public to say that did that they have financing in place. That is it to me saying yeah we're gonna go we're gonna ask the public to kick in 500 million dollars I've always thought that is just a giant hurdle in this down. To get people to vote. On one of these stadium deals DC like Atlanta and Texas do wish just end up being horrible for the taxpayers. Woolsey sounds like they're serious they've got some K she and makes it is almost expand. They do and they want and they want if they do to teams they want one of them on the West Coast rob Manfred has said that is to start looking up and on the West Coast and there's not a lot of real viable cities like you also have two situations where he can get relocation to sedate you know there's there's a lot a lot of movement. Back in the Major League Baseball offices but Portland. Has a long way to go in order to get on the radar but it sounds like they've been doing some background works out so that's where your at other that. Beatles against a massive Lleyton here from from the great. The great Mike Barrett and his one and only. Primetime drop. It at the bottom line a dammit. He should sign off on every press conference he does what effect that's the bottom line the bottom line damage because Mike Barrett says so cold stone cold Steve Austin laws well maybe then. Just then this is just wishful thinking on my part. Well one Major League Baseball Portland. Not to let your mind wander bids is it because it's a glorious thy whole hall but to may be that render those damn. Blazers back page news at a get what they deserve that well they're coming tomorrow. Oh believe me I know get excited the season starts drop Lesnar fever in case you couldn't tell I do like American G I do Larry excited without meritage. I don't know what there is to be excited about but since they got him my you know I like that again and again as awesome until you've gotten hurt fever is Majid I saw rob you don't and he doesn't Wear it on here but he's got his new markets Jersey and he's got those big laser foam fingers it's I have my in their kids Thong on right now. Manila where would that be something. Where is this phase the front side is as serious as this that it some but. On the whale tail and I left cheek the low and Turkish phase. All right well let's get to go on here. You can tax the rich borders tax line 55305. And then now we'll talk a little packed off upon coming up and you know it is started the NBA season tonight yes. Tomorrow's dunked in night out tomorrow with the blazers tonight everyone open you know what I wanna talk about today is LeBron cheap or is he getting an unfair shake. Yeah I think I'd. We have audio in the did you see the article that he had today as well so he's kind of make in the the big media headlines. Yeah well look it's ms. LeBron it's that I know both pieces by the way were did the one they do on on VP in the end of the magazine article. The ball really interest in Iraq's 317 with highs against duke on the thing. Prime time where the ice again soon god in any vote. All right so let's get to our fresh people question today fresh he offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go FR ES PH double lined a company we are acting you'd following 1080 PN dot com. You you have to. We are monitoring in. So if you don't Willis you know what no woman who comes way. Have been launching Archos. The love that show. Have you watch season three I have not gotten in the season three I'm still trying to get over I'm Amman. Geron game at times just finishing up season for a game of their owns and so I've got 56 and seven. And then I'll move on to the darker areas are Casilla welcome to 2015. But I as I know. The worst part about watching game of their owns a citizen today is I've got nowhere to be outraged with. Or something happens and Michael well. And then I'd have known talked about because they've it's a year is behind everybody ranked but it's totally wrote me in you know that there that raises the question. Is there a shelf life on the shows even though they're good if you don't want to buy a certain time. Should probably just leave it alone seem there's a couple that are like that we can discuss is in the club there's two or three shows that I want to start but I feel like so much time has passed. I can't bring myself to do it like the my window is closed and Gilbert Brown's I feel like it's still. You like get a love it gets it and I feel so bad and all that when I'm wrong I mocked that things for years. In minutes. We asked him is like how did you not know that I use a stubborn it's like if if there's so many people. Better really into it there's something to that that's not true because they give you boy bands. And they give you collected works of Bette Midler and lots of other things that are really popular when he talked about that Miller is greater terrible so I don't buy into that theory doesn't have to be for you bet a lot of people like it doesn't mean that it's good Odyssey was good I said there's something to it. I doesn't that doesn't mean it's it's it has to be for you and out of innings for you. I tried just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not swords. Not good or nobody else likes it that's what you do you got to look at the top of that crap I tried I'd seen game but there was two or three episodes that were like standing alone. It'd made no sense to me Ethel was stupid and it bothered me and never gives and you had to watch from the beginning and I hate when people do you qualifiers like that. But it really issue here to what's been beginning and once you do everything makes sense and it's simply wonderful and I've been very very pleased with lately in darkness. There is a guy who is kind of the enforcer guy out. In the Cali cartel. And I thought of him when I thought if you don't vote on simple question we're bringing him you don't want him coming your way now. Can I say that that's one of these ruthless Vlad I told you I was little like I have a lot of the rational fears like you you think that that things are gonna play a bigger role in your life than they are. Thank you were afraid of I don't know like scorpions are like quicksand is gonna swallow you up in the year an adult life I'm never gonna do with that mine is an adult is drug cartels. And my life for drug cartels going to play a role in my life but they verify the living daylights out of me. Then at some point maybe I crossed someone I don't know I get a car record. Some that have them like a traveling in Arizona and ironically I run a foul of one of these drug cartels literally scare me more than anything else on the planet. Well then you should there a simple question I'm gonna go vote right now and it is as follows will the pac twelve get a team in this year's college football playoff. I yes packs of temple always go or no they'll get passed over because the league isn't that strong this year. Vote. At 1080 depend outcome the stuff. You have to choose. I'm noticing now I would say no as I don't think a team's gonna go undefeated the rest. The rest of the way out and I think they have well I mean that they don't have I don't think they have to they do after you close only three teams that can decade. Do it Stanford are now Stanford Washington State Washington US CN. And wash is they will lose again Washington. It scares me a little bit because they're starting to get beat up they lost their best corner that lost their best tackle. That frightens me a little bit and USC to me is is living on borrowed time USC with a with a healthy quarterback Utah would've already taken them down. So I think by the Redding Notre Dame gets them. I was that right there okay but stop right there. You just look at Washington State's probably not gonna make counts but no I don't please okay. So that leaves us with USC in Washington Washington's offense sucks and they're getting banged up. USC but they're they're the best chance because of schedule. USC. Looks Maggie inconsistent. However they have dodged a few bullets even live las monster five and one. But they play Notre Dame and Notre Dame looks good that game is going to be a college football playoff eliminations because both have one loss to Notre Dame had it was a one point loss and now what the number three team in the country I believe in Georgia. And USC has the narrow loss of you know the Washington State at the time now woods who was it was a very good team and it. It's still is this is not the same is is losing to Georgia but you're right this this game up here would Notre Dame and that is I believe it's this week. Sealing element to it as a playoff game he had it is is that you can look at that went to Asia could say well why is you know USC is not doing themselves any favors by playing that game. Because if they had a cupcake and there. Just like Washington last year. If you if you have the one loss when the pack up your likely going to the play out like Hawaii you know. However you could look at it the other way and say while the pac twelve does does not have the greatest. Perception. This year in so for USC to make it a win over Notre Dame. Would go along way if they win the pac twelve in getting them over the hump against teams from the big twelve or some other teams from the Big Ten. Who could be in the mix who aren't even conference champions say yeah that that are undefeated or. Well the exact because here's my peers and I think that's a monster let's say you get a one loss pac twelve champ that is Washington. Or USC and you know that some of the other teams on US is scheduled kind of fall off. And they just don't have a great body of work whereas we get Alabama and Georgia and they go undefeated play close game in the SEC title game. Could we see a scenario where I won loss. SEC team that didn't win but I was right there would they get over our twelve ego. I don't think it's out of the remote possibility what what Washington and USC need is they they need the rest of the pac twelve. To win. I give behavior Washington year USC you need Stanford to keep winning Indy Washington State to keep winning you need you to try to keep winning other than when they play you because you need as many quality wins is humanly possible. And then Washington or Washington State and USC wherever you know ends up playing the part of title game. You need that to be like Colorado was last year member Colorado I think was eighth in the country. Right in that that they or top ten when Washington played him and that win put him over the top. This needs to be at the pac twelve is gonna get in it needs to be a top ten matchup in the pac twelve title game you can't have USC played two or three Los Washington or Washington State team. And give you that big kind of jump you need to to maybe get over the hurdle again cultural. All our clothes while playoff was no pac twelve school in the top ten. Right now now and we're halfway through the season bottom end all to be played there is that there are also a lot of teams stacked up in there there's a lot of good teams out of the big twelve which you you which we did not happen in years past you know the Oklahoma. Is back in and easy it is undefeated Oklahoma State's really good. You know and as we said notre Dame's back in the mix of their their right now. Even though we we do have a lot of football to play their dues they're. There does seem to be. More teams. Then on in years past at this stage of the game it's like. And is this pretty jumbled so the pac twelve is get God's work out for a and then oh by the way to petals kind of detainees beat each other up it's it's gonna be it's going to be Dicey. You know who could be that the big kick in the of the nerds for everyone here in the I told the Stanford rights to ever arias to losses. And still wasting your first plan right now and they both saw their way through everybody else. You know that's the worst thing that could happen not because they list him stiffer loss to San Diego State in a close one and they lost they got hammered by USC. On a string. But if they'd won that continue to stake in mid debuted a bit Vienna they have two losses but you look at their schedule. They played Washington State who's fifteen the player Washington's eleventh and they get Notre Dame at the end of the year to finish the thing off the Stanford has. A really good schedule it's just that with two losses are ready thanks for coming you're done. Well when we get to the fact of the gimmick play out then they'll do some damage. It would in the eyes of some be the new big twelve because you know the big twelve gets Oklahoma and Texas back on top over the next temple appears. They look a lot better. You know and then and then the odd conference out. Is sort of the pac twelve little good because they're five power congresses and their only four spots in the Kosovo play out. That's you're your fight with the big twelve and big draw is getting better and pac twelve. I mean I think its quality I'm not saying it's not all the but. At the perception is that it's not an ads that's the problem in this year I don't know if you have an elite team in part to really. Right but it's it is Italy's a year to year it why is your year been addressing crazy when Mike Arizona State jumps up and beats Washington. And Paul find bomb goes up. You lost a if if that if if the equivalent of Arizona State in the SEC jumped up and beat them. Emma yep missing and I they'd be like all this is the deepest conference in the whole country exactly when it happens in the packed up like oh it's a weak conference. I hate that is it about twelve is quality it's just. You fight a perception problem you adds it is if he misses the B Stater Kentucky or South Carolina is better. Then the middle of the road or bottom half teams not got Arizona stately damn good beat Washington I'm not comic crazy but. I mean they're not perfect but they played held a game. All right well folks have vote on our poll question if you don't you could be visited by drug cartel 1080 to pin dot com. Are your thoughts Major League Baseball to Portland group. Is boiling under the surface. I you can text 55305. Or is LeBron getting an unfair shake. Complete with audio next here's Mike. It gives you an opportunity. Our old friend Mike Berry it's gonna be for rallying the troops for a Major League Baseball the Portland effort. That came out today. Text 55305 bridge for Beers can sign on people asking about location possibilities. It's so hard to no man has a lot of things that they can do. Mean we all know the location possibilities from the last time now but I don't know if any of those are in play I do know that I've heard it and I told I talked very heated not to mean this is not come from Barack I heard. You know a while back that there may be something more down I five. Vick is a possibility but I don't I don't out late out of the city that will end bill I don't know I don't know but down I thought yeah so along I five there will Risley we had about the memorial coliseum which doesn't appear to be going where they put money into renovating that we had Lance park revealed post office. Yeah there another one was that the war there were a couple of others. I thought well I mean there us only and you mentioned the coliseum and I think those are the three that I remember a top Modano and and we just all speculation that would say that it's exciting to think about. The fact that it sounds like maybe there is but the first thing you got to do he's got to get people together to add a little bit of money. Look at your what's ranks with expansion fee I'm assuming several hundred million dollars plan. Now I've. I don't know what it is up some I had been government did the NHL one was I think three or forty minutes of the supreme baseball. His fight closer to a billion and it is bat but it's it's the biggest thing is. You know there are a lot of hurdles but the biggest thing is here. We're not gonna this did people are not gonna pony up first stadium Nazi you've got to have somebody with deep pockets we said all along you'll you'll fill lights on gonna do it. You know Merritt Paulson you know sort of dipped his toe in the water and got turned off and went went the route soccer. Who else is that guy while means a lot of money around here it's just not it's not XT pedestals is going to and it's not. Entrepreneurial money insists it's not something that seems to be on the radar of all of our Richie Rich is now. It sounds like though that there whoever they are who knows who they are there is a group that has. Deep pockets I don't know whether they're local I wouldn't imagine they're not because I just don't know if there's that kind of money here. Sometimes people understand that the kind of money you're talking about here you're you're talking about probably a billion why Dijjer you're. Your north of that I think makes Adam's unturned look it up a Mike Lynch really is a form he's my computer just froze on me do you look up and see what Major League Baseball expansion fee is. I'm guessing that that is if I had a ballpark I'm a saints stadium a billion once they see jobs ain't sixers are a million dollars and an expansion fee I'm guessing somewhere in that neighborhood you're gonna have to have a retractable roof so let's go billion dollars on that stadium. Mean I think you were looking at an an ownership group here that's probably gonna have to come up with somewhere north of a billion and a half dollars. And the I don't know anyone around here. That has that kind of money but this may be one of those things where you get couple local investors may do with a couple people you need to throughout the area or maybe it's near Nash. Think. This is I have other people's is a lot of money let the big thing in as it sounds like they do have the right people and they're all on the same page so that's that's the first step. Sounds like they got that so then what do you do well then you got to find land. Which I imagine night again adults I don't know but I would imagine they're working on that and then after that. Then you got to get you governments on boarding get everybody on the same page rank is is always going to be people time and again she got to get everybody into the public rallied and that's where Barrett comes Cheney and those stuff. And then after that you'd then have to work with Major League Baseball to actually get eighteen. So it said it's a it's heavy lifting. But that first part we just talked about that has always been the biggest obstacle in Portland sounds like. I must their blown smoke it sounds like they've got that group together so that's that's a big that's a big hurdle did that the party overcome. In its decision goes to show that 88. In a city like ours how many of those hurdles exist that you don't have to jump over may be and other. Markets like I. I guess is different is assisting any team but like when that the red wings in Detroit build their new stadium. You how much they bought their landfall her from the city. A dollar but it was what it was one of those slow months they get the city wants and did the city were only together just great partnership here here's a dollar. I don't know if if Portland. I don't know if Portland is willing to give up. But a bunch of random like here here's a sweetheart of the deal on it it's just that we've always believed that that our city. That there's it's just it's a more difficult environment to do get these things pass. And it'll be anxious to see as this kind of moves along how many of these turtles have really being cleared and how all. How day you know it's. Not many stadiums getting built without public money and if you're gonna do this I'm assuming the vast majority of this has to be done without public money. I would love to know of where that where that's coming from. Is is not many ownership groups are willing to pony up close to a billion dollars for their own stadium but because they don't have to because another city will will go for it seems like tablet. Wanna expand that's a different animal that's you know and that's new ownership groups and that's different regions and as rob Manfred said. We needed team on the West Coast well there aren't a lot of other options on the West Coast and we look data so that's a battle Vancouver so then that opens Portland back up. Then again doesn't have to be a local group just a group that's willing to come here and it's down right looks set up shop here is a good idea so. You know long way to go Jason. Long long way to go. I'm trying to find what are you looking for I'm trying to find the expansion number and expand I'd never find anywhere and I. As each year in the ball operates five C tournament not I 509 just before you ever won 32. In 1990. 132 minute as the as long to heartily NFL's five remain right so maybe it's not finding these 350 or four for and that you know what it is an NFL I think is 500 million. Maybe we can find that new golf except I think hockey was three or four so maybe we can we can try to. Put that together and come up with the an estimation there because. This it's amazing that before you ever put a shovel in the ground or whatever you get to pay a couple hundred million dollars to go get a team to get a 150 million as you mentioned it out from that. From the that there's a state bill that's been their for a long long time not more than 500 rob that's the relocation fee. Now Texans paid 700 Millen 2002 with an expansion teams to move it move gas a week. You did this may be closer to a billion dollars to try to checked just to do just to give it a team. Before you finance your million dollar stadium the other obstacle here. And the blazers are not gonna be happy about this and probably the timbers or not and he had a bout does because they're just is not a lot of big corporate money in a four sponsorships that's another problem not a fortune five charges by DC was a slam dunk over Portland the Expos. But if you have a geek that that's one of those. Problems you can worry about later right it's like if you have a group that has deep pockets that really wants to get this done is all working in this in the same direction. Then. That becomes less of an issue you just have to have. The guts yeah that even up and so. On that note that that becomes less of an issue if you had a real. Big money ownership group. We just didn't think we had a big money ownership group but it sounds like they might have an exciting code might. And announce the NC and as well I mean I've I've I've long been a skeptic not because I don't want it. But because they just know how the city works I watched the first process and think man. It's gonna be hard to get a Major League Baseball team here but some of the things that are coming out about this. It it you know it's hard not to. To kind. Let your guard and all that well why why my eyebrow raised a little bit Buick maybe. This takes good people it would be so awesome to have baseball here just. They would do I just think it would do so well here in the summer it's just baseball is meant for the Pacific northwest during the summer it's OK LeBron. Chief state. Yes we know that. Cheapest in the end it's Wednesday but is that fair next on the fan. I think it's an opportunity. All right the NBA opens tonight and LeBron James is RD game time decision which I find hilarious. He rolled his ankle against his template and you'll think a couple weeks ago felt foolish act. No Shaq would have the surgery right around this time nine but it's the same idea thing. It's a long season and I really sure I'm ready to play at your liberal and doesn't give a rip about the first handful of games or really let's just say the first three quarters of the NBC's. Recorders the about the first 81. Cares about playoffs. Play us. So it's LeBron in the cavs hose Steen the Celtics out carrier ring and then she singled in state now LeBron. It has been kind of make in this rounds in Dwyane Wade has wade now is on the cavaliers in their bodies the super team as this was like seven years ago. Okay whereas. Now which ones which makes the first one is the originals payment Dwyane Wade said in the second one as LeBron responding so we're gonna play Kelly rip audio. Hot chili rip first time for everything. Yeah I don't know if we'd have done that for here's doing laid with Kelly Ripa she. All about the equivalent she's ASCII she asks when you're on the road who's the cheapest. Clinton cheap now all of us. It or not. It's gonna I think that everybody doesn't use so I hope we'll vote at the weapon of Snow White I think in the new IMAX business data. There's not a right. That is it for a legal vote. Because they don't get a weapon found. I'm gonna he might he's not sure why he isn't it that you yeah you lose for a video. But yeah. This is kind of hard to understand a Dwyane Wade's wife isn't there. Mother did you notice that it took Dwyane Wade all of how this decade to throw LeBron and we're really under the he didn't think about it now music Alice LeBron as the Brock also LeBron doesn't. Like data roaming charges out so ably his point is that LeBron James will fly a to like Miami on a private jet they will read to you God's. But LeBron will insist on sending text messages before they leave because he doesn't wanna be roaming charges when they're out and open water so then it's got them Powell. Had those guys on last night out and I think that is that what this is from this is from Sony and other interview earnings for somebody else and okay and then they asked LeBron oh are you really cheap and here's what he says. It is slow. Slow slow slow fall so you pick. That is so flawlessly through is false lead through a user's phone and confident now and I'm not gonna. Come internal data romance with them about buying and no perhaps because Google pandora would come. So he plays I think this is wonderful. LeBron puts on his phone and puts on pandora during practice out because a month Shumpert chimed in he's like it's true like we listened to so he'll play music from his phone during practice and the at. Will pop up during practice of those is this is made the rounds of pandora reached out to him on Twitter and was like the brunt. You want us a good job of like a premium account will look good for therapy and the bra was like yes yes I do some pandora had rarely is giving a guy where they billion dollars. Three acts as it was I'd I'd think it's like five bucks a month. Yes if it kinda I don't know and I think it's like for 99 films I have Spotify which is kind of the same thing. And I've I wanna say I am I just premium I wanna see it's right around that's like 45 bucks a month CI am I eight. They call LeBron cheap any probably is. But I don't see for the amount of money that he has on the question that I don't think I think there's a difference it between being cheap and gist. Sort of being principled right in and knowing what's worth it and what is it. Like who pays for data roaming and I dipped it I get that LeBron can afford that. But I don't think he's cheap for not paying that those of you seem. Roaming charges. Now they're. Her outrageous. Idea ever traveled overseas that when you went to Bali so that so if you flop and you make a mistake on there we are you're getting hundreds of dollars of charges so we now have. Our cellphone carrier it's it's free international but before that when we would travel someplace and why would we think we got to the border is nobody would tell everyone so foes get turned off they going to airplane mode at no point do they go on but LeBron can afford that to my point look he's worth I mean it's like why does he care but I just think just because you're rich doesn't mean you pay for everything. No matter what or your cheap okay pandora a plus is for 99 pandora premium is thirteen bucks. Okay that's cheap and you don't get any ads no arrests that's cheap. So he's cheap for that that's where we job lined easy cheap for the for the roaming thing. Look you want to billion dollars. I wanna always say that's cheap and get with the Rummy and that may be that's principled. But the pandora the fact that you are at an NBA arena and you're practicing and your forcing B with the duke listened to the commercials you're ass is cheap. That's straight Tiger Woods I guess is cheap there's a difference between being principled and sheep are given a pass on the roaming the stupid pandora thing is cheap. And a and again here's mine this is why it's cheap because now. You can buy apps do you buy apps now you see an app costs money no I'm right out. And I do I won't pay mine and I do labor paper I totally get where he's coming from yes I won't do that. But I got a billion dollars there's an app that I wanted yes I think I'd be more inclined to buy I don't know. See this is where I think we differ I don't know that you would I think you're the same. Whether you have a hundred dollars in your bank account or a billion dollars in your bank account I've this is my whole point you don't change but you always talk about. Paul Allen and why he wears the garbage that he wears you Leslie. And he was the same is indigent legal it's horrible looks like he bought it and and like that well it's all feel Citi knew and Brinkley but. It's the same guy before he had money. Right it that's why is he didn't care don't spend money on at him and LeBron. To me I don't know that these cheap I just think he's got a really probably is cheap but I think that. Like for example Paula you could call him cheap. For him not paying for any rightly should he is so rich that if he doesn't. I don't know if he doesn't. Pick up the tab what he's like does everybody expect Paul Allen to buy everything probably and so if he doesn't he's cheap that's an interesting point I guess and thought about that that's a week and then LeBron is saying there's a. Weird wind though so when he does is this he's cheap for not having an unlimited data plan you LeBron F fiend James you have unlimited data. Jesus or cared. Any data what they. You can have unlimited data and you'll still get dang it now with Roman I don't I don't I think you can I don't ever be charges in my wrong about this tech bros I have and I know on our plan what are reads I haven't is that when we go international. I don't have to worry about that. I can use it anywhere I were used in Taiwanese in Mexico used in Bali C it's like with LeBron James out you don't have that you approach it. A few of the agents called Verizon or T-Mobile where Brad is like you by the way is LeBron James. I want this for free they'd be like finally got cable outlet he thinks it's wasteful like it's it's just a principled thing it's not about money he's idea that that's not worth that this guy and I totally within those guys chime in Bridgeport Beers to excellent five draft unified. He says yes it's principle he says I make 500000 dollars a year and he cancel DirecTV because they wouldn't replaces DVR for free there you go canceled it is dig out this guy make it happen mil a year and I'm guessing that DVR charged it was probably like. 3040 bucks and he's right exactly. It's the idea of what's worth it to you and what isn't and that's different for everyone. You so LeBron may be cheap. But in essence that's I think he's getting a bad rap he's getting an unfair shake. I think I think that the endurance thing is cheap. The other stuff I understand the the pandora thing it's it's five boxer it's twelve bucks a month brawl on. That's cheap but I look at these alternate yeah yeah yeah he's a guy and I campaigned in the capital of doing you float your pride that we rented yacht. But sure enough guys and that's good stuff all right let's get to the jamboree you'll hear from coach is next on the fan.