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Monday, October 16th
Hot 5 at 5, Crazy weekends in both college football and NFL!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm -- by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. I would love I would love. I don't want to. Now this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news fewer stores for the best and local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candid comment you made them do. Do prime time on to an eighty's. All right well. A Mac feature sports Brothers hello folks. Rob here. Soon go over there so indeed coming up the club our I have the real reason more women are cheating on their husbands who. In that number is skyrocketing. Gas gets our regulars are there used to. Well. I'm being honest. I don't know rivers Joan Rivers doesn't contaminants and lynch the which is going to be like never Michael B finale even after it happened again. It's never gonna happen. They were on the hill say Micah Wright dale says that never gonna happen it's happening more and more with women stepping out on men and there's an interesting reason. Why they wanna be as sleazy as we are. No that's not end. Under way better than you know what it's not even close but they're finally goal lead him and I pick something up here likeness. This is fun so hey I would guess that club hour is from six to seven but to all business this hour folks I mean. You'll never hear a show that is more about business. I then this one from five to six I'll see what we have been more sporty today all the Monday then we've been a long long time I don't think we ventured off topic wants to amend we are tight today. You're right. We are. I'm gonna edit myself there. Had something that was gonna come out and then first time for everything after that I asked to be. Yes a hitless in 515 college football weekend recap plagues guess 530 NFL weekend recap right now hunt 55. Odd topics and opinions. Of our own heart today and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm vibrant vital point in time advising consumers. Serves. Refresh my record slide when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your name climb and number five. Colin -- critic has filed a lawsuit. Against. The national football yeah is gonna file a collusion lawsuit and I'm I'm kind of Reading through this wrote a couple different legal experts on this. And why not many people and give him a good chance to win I've there seems to be open to people think that that he could. I have a legitimate case here's a basically he just needs to prove. That the NFL is in the NFL owners are collectively. Preventing him from from having a job if this word if he does win this. He would he would basically say that he would win two times the amount. Of future earnings. And David said that that could be interesting because of what would constitute feature is his past contract is it league minimum. Normally knows this and this is kind of a lot of gray areas involved in this but a lot of people do think that this is the end of his career with the filing of this. That if he wasn't even if he wasn't employable before now need. Certainly is is not do himself any favors other news regarding. Sports controversies. Rick Pitino has been voted out and global via board of governors there. They voted to fire him with cause and at Houston remember that whole thing with all message out. They've reached a settlement that's interest in about a live Tito is seeking 44 plus million dollars. There's gonna be lawsuits there he's not walking away from that kind of cash also the NFL players association has filed a request to block the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott. I'm okay LaMarcus Aldridge we're just talking last week LaMarcus Aldridge talked to Gregg Popovich about how he was not happy how he is being utilized. With the spurs in all. All energy. Well today it's a new deal three years 72 million with San Antonio yeah I guess that thirty years only partially guaranteed. That's still a lot of by the changes. Little surprising to see that. All of all the turmoil down their number outlasted there's reports that San Antonio won that don't have been don't want with the contract. That you re upped and downed a good give and seventy plus bill that basically yeah you said. Yet they give him two years guaranteed in the net third year you only get seven million guaranteed. That these are. The American League Championship Series continues and this one back in New York CC sabathia goes against Charlie Morton the Astros ditty to. Oh series lead and here's a contact him to go to Mike this regarding CC sabathia as numbers this year. In the last twelve games that he's pissed after yankees loss team loss you tonight you know put a 12 ERA. Doom. If CC has been pretty good form this this post season. That's a lot of people you know they thought this was it that he was not boast a lot of people now trying to. BBC and that that CC's got another year or so in him in New York because of the policies of if it's. And Nebraska has a new athletic strength remember they fired what's his notes. So it's like Chris I Corning creates I think it was Finkel. Now wasn't that wasn't Michael Sampson go in his eyes I think it was Michael's wasn't like forced him. And he's now so that. Let everyone to go layman they're gonna probably fire Mike rallies in new AD well it's interesting that the new AD knows Mike Reilly well. They have hired former organ of electric your bill moos from Washington State T and I guess this was something that. We don't really do doubt as just. Guess it didn't really tell anyone that it's comes down to money means. Kitten a million dollars a year in Nebraska was double the salary is club more tools in the chest it's Nebraska. Not a shock really get higher I think for Nebraska. And so by the way Mike Riley will be fired as a matter of time now I mean I I've IDB fared maybe this weekend in Ohio State put the nail in Wisconsin woman loose mrs. tired now and his says he doesn't fire coaches and it's easy since of that I doubt I doubt I think rally will finish doubtless news is they're new AT and a lot of people are speculating that maybe Mike Leach can be honestly Nebraska I don't think that's true just because they. He has great higher hiring Leach at Washington State. I don't think he's getting yanked we took their I think they're gonna shoot. Bigger I know this there is zero chance that Mike Bradley is the Nebraska football you. So the intermediate Washington State has been named its John Johnson Ian Johnny. Johnny Jane I don't know it. He's a former agent on. I was trying that in a few times. The sport. Aria. The boss called me sport today I know you were a little thrown off by a big bus you should have fired back with a cheap for a quality they work may be up now. He patted my head to it has wrestled I hear it if you don't call everybody chief. Thanks John John Glenn has been named the intermediate wants to seize the day a former AD at eastern Washington and it Weaver state. They also launched a website that's been out Pullman where the public can chime in on who they want a safety net that out bill. That's president dot daddy issues last athletic dash director. You want that job she knew can never write in vote for now and did not like my job with you. Like I Spragan and durable talking about this that I guess loose twice asked for a contract extension. And was told Null by the university present life I guess there from there may have been some humbling there may have been some turmoil about the despite the this spending in the deficit there was been round left the athletic department anyone only they're not that moos wanted to go all live in the may be some of the purse strings are being held back but. One day we're gonna match is is sorry it Nebraska Bo moos graduated from Washington is dating hire at least they had some positive momentum going. So it's certainly Nebraska is a better job than the Nacchio was double your sorry. But I I'd I'd southern position that twice he asked for it supposing today and I heard that did did did they had they turned on the document content extension. And that's troubled NFL notes we need to tell you about for a role here Aaron Rodgers. Is out for the season for the Packers because he has elected to have. Collar bone surgery yes I guess this was more than just a tiny fracture here and outside of Tom Brady may be I think this is the most significant injury that you could have in the NFL and already we're we're starting with the the articles being written in people saying that we needed to change the way we protect quarterbacks even though the FB bar it was. 100% legal and it wasn't even that this is a hit Minnesota Vikings selected eight Teddy Bridgewater. This week and also a Navarro Bowman member of the niners cut him he signed today with my Oakland Raiders who are looking terrible. It's a one year deal and by the way Bridgewater that they've got a couple weeks of the game got it to 21 days to decide if whether or not to to to put them on the of the roster or even put a month seize any nine hours who's got a couple weeks to deceive that mean. It's amazing that he's even back at this point you must last as Blake Ellis August of last year down when he went down it's been awhile. Pops out of five is refreshed by prospered course like duck in beaver fans download the new course like XP happen earn points towards wanted to kind experiences and rewards even game tickets. A speech when he won over wildly getting college football look at that next on the fan. All right well there are no top 25 matches to college football this weekend as we mentioned on Friday watch out some times does this need is leaks because you get. Real. They upsets and boy we have a lot of them. Well yet what Ford teams. In the top the top ten that I went down Clemson went down watched as they went down Washington. Annan's Auburn Auburn all went down just shot there's man Nike specially Washington State in Washington might cannot how bad Dele. Well seven turnovers from Washington State five interceptions. I mean. Even know where to begin to talk about the net ness of that and just listen to Mike Leach afterwards I'd like he was blowing yeah thank you Colin are you could not assume they're coming in and not just happened. Cal looked like she. Just worn out football team I get channels and cal comes out and gets a gets a shot in the arm but. To have Washington State look at that hat the key kept thinking OK because it was only won it when he was seventeen to three it to happen like all right. Come on the second half kind of rebound a little bit shake that off but they were just an animal laid off all of that entire game you could not look any worse and then. You know Washington that was like way we can't look any worse hold my beer watched mr. Roberts was just as bad at least they're defense showed up and only allowed thirteen points put. You know that did they did to Arizona coaches have saved their jobs with a couple big wins but if you Washington Washington State that was. Rift really dead weekend. Well around for the north historians they lost again now and then in in you pointed out though and you'd tweed is out of state looked better than either of the one of the 3 other Pacific northwest schools because Alec work and do anything either this is a line you can never try to figure out football just right the way it's man it's like this stuff jumps up and you're like wait what just happened you're dealing with 1920 year old kids in the unity everyone gets up when your plane USC they're going gets up when your plane stamper feared a plane Alabama or Ohio State. But he is he's sneaky games Friday night on the road cal and I guarantee you. Washes they have looked at the last couple weeks of film against cal and collectively when they suck and they've quit in this that this is an easy game. Rated gold down their we're gonna roll through them and I've I've told you this. The hardest thing to do in sports is to flip the switch. Also confine yourself at a game that you were prepared for that you were really excited for and then to find a way to kind of rally the troops and Washington State didn't do it yet they looked flat. Washington just looked bad out and then now or again looked. I thought I thought or yen. Look like they didn't show us now is by far the worst game we've seen from Morgan and how does that mean your plane at Stanford and it's a big game yeah well and you came out he ran the ball yes you ran the ball pretty effectively at right around 300 yards rushing your three backs that were averaging. The Brooks James in in frayed row over seven yards. And I think Ben what was like five announced he ran the ball fairly effectively most of the game but. You're passing game put up a birther Jabbar whichever way you want 33 yards and you attempted thirteen passes your defense of the sieve. Spacey in the first half he could do a damn thing penalties were back enough and in a big way any sort of momentum you add to start that game. There's a special teams or an offense is we went away with a dumb stupid holding penalty and then you got to block opponent. Mean all three phases were were brutal but. You know for for organ to look at that flat especially on defense against the Stanford team that has struggled offensively mine is Chrysler. It was really disappointing to see. As bad this just an errant judge has struck out again well that hasn't happened this post season has always. Happens every time he's up at that her murder no Herbert Horry and just looks really bad right now com. So the Oregon Oregon State thing I don't know how much. There really is the wants the rest the latest. I guess or state route you know any rallied behind Korey Hall l.'s nice but they're not gonna win a lot of games dressed well think Morgan is either I must say get. Herbert bag but even with her Berkman back there just. These penalties they cannot correct the penalties they're there. They're just. They're not tight. There are. They're sloppy in that that leads me to a bigger question I want ask you say because us launch in two games in particular this weekend that this jumped out and actually three. I watched a lot of Michigan Indiana. Because I had money on Michigan. Is Michigan's ban often it's football team to those bastards scrutiny and they were dominating Indiana Nalen Beckett isn't going to overtime. But Michigan is one example in the Oklahoma Texas game that Oklahoma was another example and then in the USC Utah game. USC is another examples you've got Michigan Oklahoma USC. What is it about these big time programs. Better chance so mystique riddled. And then I watched Kyle winning him a Utah. I watched some of Gary Patterson at TC and have seen many of his games. You'll do you look at what bill Schneider does he Kansas State you look at some of these coaches who are at. A lesser schools. Then the big time programs and they'd just run. That their teams seem kind of on the coached so much tighter and so much cleaner right in I would put Horry in kind of in the category of the USC mission Oklahoma in the sense that they just look sloppy as hell. And I wonder if it is is there something to. Just the caliber of player you get at an Oklahoma. At a Michigan and USC. Is it harder to be tighter with that caliber kid more force and five star kids then it is going to use Tariq TCU because. I don't Jim Hart has good coach out but holy crap they have sixteen penalties did. Yeah which by the way I think was the most of any power five team that they've they've and they work they have their defense is legit Michigan's defense is legit but they. Don't look like hits but they run the ball while they have no end any there there in the daylight organ that way then no passing game yeah. There's an element to that I'd. I'd have to look at some numbers but I I do know having talked to some coaches. There's a difference between getting the kids USC to pay attention and giving the kids at Washington State pay attention I absolutely think that there's a real. The key to kind of see that on the field. And I thought Utah I was so personal I loved the cow to him efforts him yes I thought did that is still balls you were aware value the players and talented team you like screw it we're gonna win ever gonna or lose it right here by the holy crap they deserved to and I guess I mean you look at the gaming go cod Utah the backup quarterback to right. And USC just makes mistake after mistake after mistake and then they pull it out. It just it it almost makes too sick to my man you I want wanted so bad for you title and again I think what sometimes when your your plane with that and uber talented team I think it's hard to convince them the little things matter rant I just think that there is a confidence that's a swagger. When you're dealing with foreign fives are kids that know what they're capable of doing. I think it's harder to get them to pay attention to the little things absolutely so Willingham goes to USC. To seasonings as let's say he doesn't. He has teams aren't as tight because of the caliber player he's getting because his team's mean there they're not always great out. Then certainly have their offensive issues and they've had some quarterback issues. But my god they are tough to beat because they're just so sounds like I think there is ending there our coaches that are better than others it can mean that I am I would. B it's sad to see if a cow when he and team you know would be mistake prone like that USC. But remember them talking that's cool I mean I've talked with Wilcox about this couple times that when he was the coach USC. That there was a red and Josh and its unique. Not Josh. Justin Justin Justin is a very detail oriented guy. And yet there was a real element that when he got to USC one running one of the problems it's a great example one of the problems with his defense is was. Breakdowns in penalties and blown coverages. And that is a guided loses detail oriented his assignments is you're gonna find. But I do think that getting through to some of those kids that have a preconceived notion on how to do it. Yeah I think that's a real thing mad at a school democracy it's quite noticeable. So Clemson loses. Washington loses Washington State loses an Auburn loses its starting to get. Thirty get funky well and it's it could end up being in the year that maybe we get a two loss team that did does entering the conversation. As far as the the cultural left goes. But in of the of the mull again for a lot of these teams is gone now certainly for Clemson right Washington. Yeah I'm. And I and there's Oklahoma Oklahoma has gone onstage. You know they're just an and this is gonna begin a degree you can just feel Cain just feel that we may end up with because a lot of these teams that are defeated still yes I have stuff to play each other and there's still a a lot of football left to go halfway through the year. And and you've already got a kind of a lot of the favorites that we determined were going to be there now sit there with a lot. Yeah the end that's what that's why it looks like it's gonna be here is that I mean. It just kind of feels like he could shape up to be one of those where you got seven or eight teams find forced on them right because you've got multiple teams. EF three teens are the Big Ten could be right there announcing they will be but. It's it's that point in that direction that Wisconsin Penn State Ohio State will all be right there are now. Courses champs of game in the small. Play itself out let. Depends on who wins you know in Alabama's undefeated and pen and Eric George is undefeated team got two teens in the SEC you got. At least two from the big twelve if you don't wanna include Oklahoma State got Oklahoma and TCU there. And then who wins the pac twelve which is why don't buy that anyone is out of it if you've got one loss in Europe conference champion you are right there. So anyone's saying that wash and wash the city USC is no longer in the playoff on I think that's hard to know they are but it could be a model playoff yesterday and they can be under any guy gets style points yes you know. Got to win you gotta win big and you also need your competition to win believe it or not you're Washington. Unity Stamford and you need wash is stating you need USC you need those guys to win every single week. Except for the week that they play you on to beat the other thing I mean you mentioned the ACC that you still have Clemson who's going neck and Miami and I think defeated and then Notre Dame is looking pretty good there five and once of this. The other likely will all shake itself Alec it always does but. Now there's a lot of really good teams and it doesn't seem to be a new age though a lot of difference between them right it's good that they're there does seem to be this believe that it's Alabama and everyone else. And demanding that we'll see but we thought that last year and then the low clouds and came along and and got him in the in the had one other note did you watch the got a game was so good but I did not get to see the the vast majority that game that it every night before right he had that game every year. Is now what is of the game is dynamite I love watching a game in that thing so that the Oklahoma Texas game. And the USC US I USC Utah game. They were freaking. War I mean just brutal hits brutal collisions I mean it was. And it was bad and I thought out and you saw that while you eat much so at the end of the Texas Oklahoma game. They showed a shot the ball sidelines I mean it was like. It was that it was that the battered. I mean they were all just like USC Utah was like that not that was a physical game and I feel bad for you top because they get Ito has only if they have their starting quarterback. I think Utah's a defeated I think you tell what to beat Stanford they would be USC best player in the country to watch. Price love. Now do it not to me he is he's great filthy not Nazis not only beyond bell jump cut but with better speed to best player to watch baker may feel baker namely fields that guy is such a blast and a and he's got to be a Mike soccer player shape and he runs around my friend target and every play he's a better work initial version of documents yeah he's found a much in Washington he's quarterback Oklahoma OK let's recap the NFL weekend. Two big upsets in the NFL to next yours might. I Dickinson and. All right in the NFL this weekend which I'm Ali upsets in college going into the bigger upsets in the NFL to him about the giants. Knock off that the wind is giants knocked up the Broncos to Hainan in the dolphins. Went into Atlanta and they were they were down seventeen nothing and they won twenty to seventeen Jay Cutler was like one in 33 it is scripture when trailing by seventeen points or more and they come back and beat the falcons who we thought. May be dead when the two best teams in the NFC and that happens. I here's a taxpayers produced excellent five I'm terrified you know I'm rarely get it predictions but at 5 PM on Sunday after all the upsets weird comebacks Rogers getting hurt I just knew deep down the giants would win by ten and expect it didn't feel like that kind of we just going to be that that that's sort of a rug here he mentioned the comebacks bill that lions saints game was I'm not. And they ended up what lane fifty is 52 to 38. But the lions were down 45 to ten and they pulled within seven out and then that did that did say through the seal it up with the tune with one in the fourth quarter but yeah. Mean it was you know they got the one. That is you are sick game you're out that's seamless free had a tolerance. Casey Allison Watson Alan GQ because when they zone. Yet to meet the early games. There wasn't all that much coming out of the wires the patriots jets can't deny on. But that one once I saw with the score it was 4510 I know dad and then it's 45. 38. I think it was night I caught it way before has a link add as I give us the type to gain the same so let him back in it you know as eczema. Weird superdome type game. And sure enough. De tray all the Sendai they shows they show highland on another game and it's like a pick six or something and MI holy crap the lines are gonna come back so I started watching that game. Indyk they got within seven I was 4530 and they forced. This State's department there's about five minutes left the freaky. Did they are down 35 points. That's I mean don't we talk about that bills come back his back frank Reich and how many points was asked thirty something we'll just hours on the streets you don't forget about nine element that the that this was this would have been one of the biggest. Comebacks in NFL history if not the biggest out so they if they forced the saints punt. And luckily they get it down at the one yard. So Stafford. Dan this is this easy exact same way that the lions just scored their last touchdown to pull within seven is that does the saints were on the one yard line of David and Drew Brees throw bald directly into the defense of Simon's hands do what a great. What about that usually 91 Robinson that you'll not find a better defensive play tennis and had to hide all that the high point that thing for a big defense climate is both of the parents to do except play he takes it right out of the air and the one yard out in the saints' return the favor and so then. The saints ended paid client you down a one yard line and they did the exact same thing -- through ball was tipped the saints catch a run in the end zone and they're up 5238. Alliance One wasn't tipped or at least this one yes tip of my discovers the guy I was able to grab that the one that Roberts and have the lions he has pretty bad here and it made the grab bag gamers nuts and as Mike said the box we're down 31 did not seem to window James Winston and eight if if they were smarter about their two point conversion attempts fit the whole game they can't chase in point and a came back to bite him in the yes it did because they could've got within three days they should have been within 38. 35 but they kept just trying to get that touchdown and two point they were just they were suffer behind. There is something to be said for when you're that far behind seniors in your catching up much like the lions the gist. Kicked the extra point out because you get a QG need so many more scores anyway way to lead. Absolutely have to have the to the W 3833. And they left a handful of points on the board did they go for three apartment not gonna if they win three maybe three. They might have missed an extra point to the date they can Marlon back the final score of that game was 3833. With Fitzpatrick is Winston left early on and with a bum shoulder there's a wild week image you know in the NFC without Rogers is we've done may be Green Day is investing Nancy. You look at that. That conference is so wide open thank you could you can make the case right now that the two best teams in the NFC. By the Eagles and the ram yeah. And then even you look around football right. Kansas City we've got kids it was the best team in football Kansas City got knocked off by a by Pittsburgh. So everywhere there was wanted to write off Pittsburgh after that horrific week they had Pittsburgh comes back plays great knocks up the chiefs would you think you re not gone for the Google Yahoo! and four it was it was interest in is that they're down twelve to three. Again much times last I think there was five or six minutes left if I'm not mistaken. The answer he elects to go for it on fourth and goal from the floor now. Instead of get down twelve to six but maybe as though if you UG defense had been played well I mean it's only two. IQ were you were. Bogey you were completely inept and in Pittsburgh was driving the ball on you but. Understand an element of you know this is gonna be our best opportunity right and you leave it to chance and so I don't have a problem with coach is being aggressive like that. Think far too often we kill guys forage. For for being aggressive but I kind of like the fact that Andy Reid said look I'm gonna put it in my office is fans. My office has been good all year I've got you know one play here from the four yard line and we're gonna limit winner or loser right here plus because your defense hadn't played pretty well there was the thought of evil we don't get here right we force a three and out we still end up with good field position and number give my office of a chance to go down and and you know we need a touchdown to win. I don't necessarily have a problem with what Andy Reid did. Yet he is it's just like. Managers in baseball like Uganda if he DD and he knows he doesn't work out there and dig in to really forward it's just that Andy Reid's. Clock management in game management has been questioned in the past and then the other heat he said about it he's say hey look I go with my dad and I got to only go for it there so and then you look at New England who we all thought Gordon of the year was by far the best team in new England's got real problems noted defense they don't look good at all if the jets were any you do it one yes. It's just it's the jets the jets sucked it. They were inventing the ending and they got one of the more bizarre bizarre calls you'll ever find and that's the weird. Was it a fumble and took what I think of that. It to me look like he had the ball like I think that's a touchdown. Announces two did didn't make any sense to me that effect I turned away when I came back my equipment does it store for fourteen still without while. Watching the replay the ball does come loose. And as he crosses. The end zone and into the out of bounds there he re gathers it out of bounds and that's what they're saying that's the thing about the letter of the law right so I mean I guess it's a correct call but I feel like you can't call that because he really never lost possession it was. Yeah just like slightly moved in his arms and then it was back and I don't think he ever fumbled but did get a document today the woman that they double down on the NFL's a note yeah Greg call and we'll see what they're saying they're saying that he fumbled it out of bounds now but you can't. If if it's a fumble you can't recover it out of bound yes so once it went out of bounds. It's patriots ball touch yeah I nice but even though he was able to re secure it. It was it was just weird it's weird it was a weird I've never seen one quite like now that that may be one name they might have to Eads can you put in or ruled out that. And he put the rule about everything else while this one although I guess there again by the letter of the law. But I guess that's a touchback I've just never thought he really fumble and everybody united miles possession and neither is it was weird and how about this one lesson at the moment. At least from me. The touchdown dances are ramping up. Yeah didn't get some of the choreographed ones that are the bush the Steelers doing there adapting one on the ground such as some sort of weird. Only humane and things started with it's I would want and then the other guy they were it was a good. Hostage it was like some sort of weird crotch chopping and I it's. How about the they confuse and frighten me the best one I've seen so far is still deduct a useful AS skid of the by any of the vikings that did that they they kind of being only a little bit more lenient now and Latin guys when you're allowed to have group celebrations used to not be able to do they changed the rule backed out of for the most part yeah I mean and you they did but it just seemed like is you don't is as a swat team. And he's OK is the goal post because it was at a bell got flagged for punch in middle age your putts go pose so well that was the viking that dunked. And you can't done it yet can dunk now you can. They came back and he clarified is that you can dunk. But you can't. Touched the goal close yes it is Google+ is still yes laboring so if you touch the goal post union flags Olivea bell got a flag for like heavy bag and it. And as long as you're not seen or sexually giant ring eighty right then you're fine. And so that players have kind of gotten located the I thought the best on the weekend was the saints guy I think it was a big was now are not known Ingraham on. Marking him yeah he did the DNC decides he has he did the you know this this Saturday Night Live backpack kid. On the Katy Perry did it came out DO yeah swinging RS thing I don't know what they call that he did that the eighty AD it was pretty good Golden Tate drop people's elbow. And it's seen if he did the rock in the best part about it it was that the money delve into that he flipped into the hands and now. That was one over in the against he had some he's gonna get hurt doing that. And he uses these NFL receivers in the Summers on there's nobody like Ali ages is run into the end zone as a result any somersault in. Golden Tate dropped the people's elbow I told him to the rock and the best part is when he did the ball bounced right up into his arm kind of person if so you're thinking he did that on purpose though I got super leg got super lucky that The Beatles album led the ball bouncing into him. All right 540 able wrap it up with this nugget how much does not yet. A mention. That the NDA in TrailBlazer season. Begins this week this is typical LB next on the fan. I'm revising consume content and eighties bill. A friend. All right to just come in his last we move on to use them real important matters like why. More women are cheating on their husbands. The important stuff economically it is. There is she would never literally never ever literally ever ever ever never ever ever value that is. Sunnis. Or Mike nine. Well the blazers are opening this week yeah it's. ROO sightings entered the season is opening this LSU but you know for the sake of our audience. Mean he really care. They care about the blazers end CJ McCollum for the mediocre though he got he gets suspended for the pre season. Prefer awful there was not there yet he had the NCAA he had suspended for those that it was in the suns Greece's game not the one against. Whoever they played the other clothing and Israeli team is a lot of the Clinton team I don't know it's on there some sort of barnstorming tour are there any news last Wednesday. They were playing the suns and there's little. Dust up with them. Swan again and somebody else and CJ. He's at the end of the bench and he discount walked out on a court. It wasn't that he was not he didn't run out there stopped yeah he realized it but that did the rule is if you leave the bench. You know you're you're gonna get sped up though I don't like the fact that basis is suspended him for regular season game. Yeah he was saying nation to suspend him for the Israel and it will mean it's preceded you would have been like yes thank you to pre season fell why not. Have to be pre sol and they may be it's kind of a bogus suspension but whatever it's going games they'll they'll be without CJ on Wednesday when they open. Against the Phoenix Suns yes through this whole thing started against and that game is down their right. Yeah I think it's in Phoenix against the yen it's a road game. But anyway. The blazers this year who knows where they are in the in the west it's it's a jumbled. It's a jumbled done. Conference to read in a couple of the the national writers there and they looked real good the pre season in and they're seems to be some growing momentum that Portland will be better. Then people the people thought going into it and there was this thought they would struggle to make. The post season but for a couple people that think importantly could be a solid BB five seed in the west but they could be better led the way they're gonna get better is wanted to keep everyone healthy including or kitsch and TU. Odd day. Need to play defense and but it sounds like. Odd day I have committed to that will you know slightly tock in the pre season it's it's pre season can't take anything away from the season literally nothing. But it does sound like they are approaching the season. Like they know they have you better defensively and I'd love to Americans and America it's America said. He bit he said their defense was trash there last year I I was like him for you for saying that because I sit there and say it and it's like. Indeed just runs off into the stratosphere. I'm glad that he. Called the nine and he said we need to be more like the bad boys he he invoked the old pistons bad boys now their mean. Did that the blazers are pretty soft team and they're not good defensively. So it's kinda immediate kind of chuckle when you hear the tablet thing but. When teams get better defensively they're always has to be the one guy. Who is that type of guy who who kind of rallies the team defensively and maybe that's an wreckage I love to hear him say message. Did that member when he went to Dallas and Dallas was is how could score adults was horrific offensive team they're brought in Tyson Chandler and he was that guy that kind of changed and they were not in the elite defensive team but they got significantly better and that was enough to get dials over the top that one of the championship announcing that that Dirk is that go higher importantly when a title. But you know they want much better with him on the floor and he was 300 pounds that is shaped much better defense yes and if you look it at some of the pre season stuff. That they are a much better team would with him in the middle and he is that you as the difference maker and supposedly CJ dame are both committed to depleted. On down on a more consistent basis and neither one of those guys is gonna be a great defensive player. But if you get a if you get a better effort and you look at some of the of the guys that you have to to throw it there maybe this. Will be an upper half a doesn't need to be a top five but if you can be in that you get top fifteen defensive team beat that goes a long way for the blazers squad is they've. They've got it they Saturday because otherwise OS is too tough son I just think it's always good. That a split you need that defensive catalyst you need that guy who is that sort of junkyard dog type of mentality and that's. This Turkic. And holy crap he came out and senator Lovett is a scary because he is heading to a history of injury problems we know here and for the with the big guys choose someone for the other thing is clear for that got a sales guessing about him as he could very easily be only focused on his office about it because he's in a contract during those guys don't get paid on their defensive numbers -- debate on their opposite numbers. So I think it's commendable that he has come out already and said he could he can be all about himself this year and is put up big numbers and get as big fat contract. But he's not he sandman I like this team I like it here like these guys. And I'm gonna rally them to play better defense and if that happens they'll do they then make hand I think they can get into that advising string. And overwork this is that this is a place here that if he is that guy and let's say he averages fourteen and but is is a guy that plays that sort of that ruled you're talking about Portland will reward him well one other him easily. And attention Hansen. All they said dash a billion to I don't know. In easily owner rewards some money and easily easy and that sort of thing I think we can do that here. Unknown we cannot and dance now now. Now one other local sports not for remove on the maybe go down to diablo or something known. And in hands in there a preferred. Please grade in the side of the wall. The thorns champion asks the thorns. No more. Yen for the no I did he know why I launched. Ford this. Is because they were I went to the gym in I was gonna watch the Oklahoma Texas game on the line. Ran a treadmill. The stair master Encino honey get on the treadmill and it's like they get to pull the tedium there and then you've got to. I do I download TV channels or weird channels at where's the game I have a and now scrolling through. And there's the soccer game and all credit forgot the big my gals were on. I want you are it's all 510 seconds okay it but you did see some really good I go towards they wanna. Your champion of winter league in WS at the end. As steady at the end of the US cell. In SW well. And WS end of yourself there aren't any if they win again is second time and their party was great. Thanks from 1980s yeah where's that if is the love and on there props and support you the entire temple you got to go beyond their eyes just thanking them for ought to that was a sarcastic thank you nodded off. Which we had a great time. In the thorns beat the courage for the championship it occurs lacked courage. Yeah they really did spice in that's true. Eight the real reason more women are cheating on their husbands. She. I realized was for that we're we're a bit. So let the I do wanna hear what really never stopped in the past him was what why do you not surprise you care and and 99% of the time you don't will this is pretty bad I mean there's sometimes are over he has to go hoop and then there's this now. But word this is not that bad so it's not that bad really your half minutes over and you make you wanna just keep the delicate. Why this is Q let's get right did you realize that the last time you broke at like 48. Which is way longer now than this time OK I don't just a better anymore screwed tell me why mice where it's gonna cheat on that'll be next okay on the finance arm like.