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Monday, October 16th
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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Well prime time with Isaac and suit alleges that. And the ever known and unbiased. Church. And compromise sports stuff without booze sugar coat of American and links and everyone's life in war things is dropping Jason's mechanic. And the best in sports coverage. This is prime time with Isaac and soon on any. And I our rights for a Fuller. Let us not turn our attention. To the national football league for a moment here because. Well. And I am pretty big news. Well I would make the argument that. Maybe outside the Tom Brady this would be the most sniffing injury could have in the NFL. In iron Rodgers Packers quarterback broken collarbone it has been announced that he is gonna have surgery on that sucker. And Mike McCarthy said in the near future which does end his season yes of like with the Herbert broken collarbone I guess I was a very small fractured nose surgery. Sounds like this one here that is completely broken so they're gonna go ahead and penitent and he's done. You know the brain was not meant for football yeah how were you know constructed by the end of it. But neither is collar belt. Well recorded accident is certainly not meant to have a to let Anthony bars by 255. To earn sixty pounds it's brutal it's it's not minted to have him come down and you either although. I hope we don't get this knee jerk reaction and I think I saw this on pro football talk. Where they're saying blow in and light of Anthony bars hit or we gonna have had the NFL's you have to reevaluate how we protect. Quarterbacks these don't. There's nothing cheap about downplay the didn't pile drive him Rogers and like it was is clean up plays you could possibly give it. They get at what point they can I was there all is done because he's got a broken collarbone bid to fidelity clean legal hit it wasn't vicious it wasn't like. Nothing any were approaching wrong about did scoop them up and how drive them that that's it if you tick that they out of football. Then you might as well give the quarterback red jerseys and just say that it's two hand touch. Is at some point it's still football the engine this is something that no one wants to accept. Is not a contact sport basketball is a contact sport baseball in some ways a contact sport. Pose a collision sport and it's a violent one at that. And yes almost we're trying to make a game safer god bless it it's so much better than when I played but they're there a year you're not going to ever legislate injuries out of football the injury in the NFL was 100%. You play the game long enough you will get hurt and so with quarterbacks now you can't go anywhere near the head which is a good thing. But now you can even go near the dish the pats because then the topping your helmet hits him in the face and you get a flag and you can't go anywhere near the neat. Right because then you get a flag thrown on that Sybase you're now seeing is as the defender. You have to aim somewhere between the number in the middle of this pie. And meanwhile these quarterbacks are athletic as an ever their moving around and then the guy can run out of the pocket when he wants he can slide. And then you have to deal delay up and and not hit them or get a flag. At at some point. For the guys not the guy we don't have like a four year old girl out their plane you're an NFL quarterback you're gonna get hit an occasionally you're gonna get hurt. Without a bionic titanium collar bones there ego that we can give quarterbacks the sort of like exodus skeletons do what what is the iron man's suit when we need yeah. There you go I mean it's just it's it's sort of as a as a couple anyone whining about that hit honestly it's it's you either have sour grapes because you're Aaron Rodgers your packer fan or you just wanna see. Touch football there was in game. Music I think it was a college game in the new organs every game where somebody. You know that's I don't know. He kind of got driven into the ground who was that intrinsic to who that was but it just like you could just feel. Any it and think he walked off with a stinger yeah it looked like you want over the stinger. And I didn't see it how I got it figured out that was are you know Dario and Clausen or America not happen and we got knocked out of him but I didn't see that that was on Friday when you're on the edge has counseled the turf there was somebody who got drilled and putt and can't sort of pile drive but clean like you're saying. And it's just boy that you see that. Type of hit and tackle all the time and it just drives the the guys get tackled shoulder ready to go out and aegis immediately cringed easy thing cholera there. And this guy came over the stingers arm was all. Mutually but you do see that one quite a bit and as you just I mean this is. Nothing he can do not only meet you can't. You can't take the play out that at some point you can. You can be tackled at some point you can be hurt. But if you watch the Anthony Barr played there was nothing remotely. Cheap dirty. Trying to hurt someone nothing that was a clean the football play and does he didn't even hit it that hard. I think it just say it was kind of one of those things where he came down and Barton Ebert really come down all the way on top of them bark kinda came down. Almost on the on the side of them certainly were some forced revenue in the ground but you see worse hits than that all the time. But so assistants is the nature of the Hubert. We just say this the human body wasn't meant to play football it's just it's it's not you've got these mis monsters. Carted around that we've. That we genetically you know created these freaks and you know that they're gonna hit things and when they hit things are gonna break up. Bullets are shot. So McCarthy says. That I he's got to the notion of bringing in a veteran like that calling tapper neck or even that you know who was on the broadcast of that Tony Romo. All would know he was on the broadcast he was on the Steelers know but Tony Romo was the one that people were were you Abbott who has on the broadcast of the of the Packers play them. Yeah eight and they brought up Roma he mentioned Roma. And it's just I mean it's not gonna happen but. McCarthy said today he's he gets all define unique it's all like football coach he now is ago. He says our our. What did you say ice and got three years invested in Brett hunley. Two years and Joseph Callahan that the guided promoted from the practice gonna he's not a back at Joseph Callahan if it. Callahan out of our great. Joseph Callahan the quarterback Rick the court that group is exactly where we need to be okay we're fortunate to have a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers were committed to the path that Ron we need to play better as a football. Brett only went eight of 33 for a 157 yards with three interceptions for a while being quarterback rating of 39 point eight. Meanwhile there's a gathering calling cabinet through the last two years had a quarterback green over ninety but no one. No really we're still doing this no one right. It's crazy can't do it well he filed EC can't predict how does collisions and and most you'll think that this is officially the end of that. Not yet when he examined colluded now they are I mean by now they will moving forward because. And AME cannot be able to prove that is the I doubt it I read some different things about it and I don't think anyone is. Is none. Thinks he's likely to win but also I've read enough people that say that it's not. It wouldn't shock anyone if he won let me it is going on yes no question isn't how you how do you how do you prove it yeah. And so that's that's compelling in and of itself but anyway I'm yet tablets sitting out there I mean. I don't know. You could make the case that if you're the package like okay. Well our season's pretty much got all hang in a terrible keep fighting it but the there's nobody you're gonna bring in including cabernet that's going to change the date. Of your season I mean it's yet Aaron Rodgers he was easier team. Well installing the Packers were a great team in the packets that are a good team with a great quarterback best player and that's an insane and so when he goes down it's like up I can see why there's gonna stick with honey they've had only for three years. You know I watched some of that game in the vikings defense is really Guinness and Huntley. Don't yet has moments ago. It's just it's like. It's pick your poison right you got him eating goes sign. Freak in. I don't know who else is out there. Although there is anyone out there now like TJ yea like. While they've they've talked about it with this is. TJ Yates well I mean bent out of the titans needed a quarterback Lamar went down they Brian Yates they brought in Matt Barkley they've brought in. I think. Brandon wheat and as the day eventually signed. So there are guys that it doesn't make any debt like there's a difference between. Brett hunley and TJ yes gates can tighten things up may be limited for you but. Yeah how many more games with him and you are with bottom line is it's a thoroughbred race and you've got a donkey or zebra order annual or go to the you're right in so. Is it really matter does donkey if us on yeah there either way your world the trouble that's all I can see why there's there's like I'm gonna put this I just can't believe that you do have a guy that it has played in the Super Bowl. The damn near won a Super Bowl this had two pretty good years on bad teams Alaska for years and no one. We'll give him a sniff I'd you can't believe it. Well leg I guess I can it's just. Normally in the NFL. Knew winning or the threat of winning trumps everything. You we've had murderers. We've had. Sexual assaults guys we've had kid beaters say it. There's no the moral code in the NFL doesn't really exist. It just it just doesn't. Knew we we have let Leonard Little come back and play Donte' Stallworth and came back and play but it does that Peterson Greg Hardy that it does again as this one. This is where that line is drawn because the differences. Is the fans are pissed about. But this isn't this goes to a larger point easy you're more pissed about a guy. Taking a need then you are great Carty who you woman within and each of an inch of her life. But no one protests and when Leonard Little. Who grew Donald sell stuff. And kill the lady behind the wheel of the car no one had a problem with fat coming back but this is where we draw the line where were we just. We refuse to watch because of that it's just it. Fascinates me it's affecting the bottom line and that's that's the problem Greg Hardy doesn't but if he if he would kind of help you win doesn't that. And that affect the bottom line more than than some people being pissed. Well but if he doesn't help you win and you need we got a real I mean you know aren't all it was it was Ellison's is it it's of the during spring or somebody said that. GM's largest they've just become resigned to the fact on Monday morning when they get in they just have to hear all the crap about. From fans about the anthem mailers the protesters and every it's every money and they're they're tired of it and no one wants the the ringleader. Winning the well after cabinet yet yet Munis is he's clearly been marked off yet so in the end there is a reason why immunity may not agree with that but that's why it's affecting the bottom line cancer test ratings are down. Seats are empty people are pissed about it and he got in he has a little of that other great moments and great this week were up significantly. Yes but I mean to their and their TV ratings are going down. I'm anyway the primetime stock watch is next or buying and selling from the weekend in sports on the fan. Yours all 100. IB EO RC heat today. All right it is four tour money. Your eyes look a little red I was revenue climbed. The kind of drive. We need your bait and I am most less when it's 421 even. G is blaze broke into during the break. Do you blaze during the break. No no I don't talk us are as you know you think. Hosts around the country did on certainly something I'm guessing that's probably part of surgery Asia's. Whether we get. Wrong. Funnyman and understand the two lead hype. Let's get John here's Mike with our stock watch. Him in years or at all. Well we well we tried to focus on wishes to boiling it down shoes. You know one dynamic. You know me and in one identity. Instead of saying. You know we're we're just gonna do with the situation calls for we're gonna do it works Bergen oh and and do work that. That is a newbie user interim Steve's head coach Cory hall on the team trying to find their identity at this point here. The beavers did shows some signs of life pressure lots assigned to life in a loss Colorado so fire sell or disable find a way to win two more games. Before the end of the year. No no I don't. Think Colorado as the worst team that's that's on their schedule and get those at home. There was a big emotional lifts guys Connors the circling the wagons. I elected to see this kind of effort led by two more wins. I still think you're supremely limited and in what you do offensively. And and one effort one good effort that was a near loss isn't gonna save that to me that they were they went to. Games are also I jewel apps so that mainly because well the schedule Stanford not gonna happen. And then there on the road it callon Arizona. Don't see it. Now they host Arizona State maybe get one of those crappy years in a state performances yet they live in eighty when then and then them at orient just in her review that and don't think it. Melting so that maybe they went on assistance that's tough sled and the coming year. Thomas so. And elect gives us somewhere where you're you're searching for bright but there's no bright spot. Where pathetic. You know we're a bunch of pathetic for runners who yeah. If there aren't like art and art that at all star of their effort their effort. For a ago. My grade well. Leach once again ripping into his team after the bad loss on Friday decal buyers so why isn't his loss will be harder to recover from the new jobs lost. Yes because I think you dubs better than Washington State. You know I didn't bowl their will be fine it if you win out either one of those schools like I had a gives us a lot of people on national hunt in the pipe bomb had this. Couple others saying that that. No one in the pac twelve has a chance anymore which is always. He's still out of the playoffs you need after the playoff Washington State's in his fifteenth USC is is right there in the top ten. Washington still a top fifteen till you did you you'll find bomb clip continue to watch the game media really played well he like bounced. Get Washington out of my face they don't deserve to be here with the big they lost their visual and again. Oh yeah I'd watched it and exactly is this. Can shut it if you didn't even want to Washington State still has games against Stanford who's ranked Utah could be rate when they plant in Washington when The Who will be another top ten team if they went out and they got the pac twelve title game against USC more than likely you if your C keeps winning USC will be a top ten team. So Washington State and saying they were watching 'cause they have did that basically the same slow thus winning games. You'll have wins three real good quality wins and a power twelve title so those laws Washington State Washington. And US he keep winning. The raps will be in the in the in the contention for a for one of the four playoff spots and I will buy though. That wash estates is harder to recover from some because I don't think why should say is as good as Washington. I think there's real problems on their offensive line I think there's been problems of their offense all year it's wise that I didn't he washes it was a top ten team either I love the way they're playing at their defense is good. But I think leave the offense hasn't really clicked yet and you saw the seven turnover performance. So to me just adds. That's the deciding factor here is it's tougher to recover is I think Washington State just. Little bit that they are. They haven't played as well as Washington is all year and so wouldn't shock me is he Washington State lose once or once or twice more. Where is I civic Washington has a very very good chance to recover. And and win the rest for game lead in the title town again. So that stock isn't Washington State's loss is harder to recover from than Washington's yes okay so I'll go out below and I'll sell that I think Washington's will be harder. Because they're the ones with college football playoff aspirations. And this does not look good it's a perception problem and you just mentioned Paul find money to see it he so what this is this is a proud this is this is what you fight. Is there not gonna launch this game and it's probably best that he didn't watch the game is washed and looked awful. So he just sees that they lose in Arizona State and they only score seven points but guess what that does the when you're up against Wisconsin. Or one loss Ohio State. Or any of those big twelve teams that could be in the mix for the college football playoff TCU Oklahoma. Local state still only has the Lima. You know there isn't it looks like it ebitda should all play out but it's not going to be as cut and dry as last year who the big for a and if Washington's in that mix. They're gonna look at this game in goal late imminent. Oh and by the way wants it was in it last June to get their ass kicked by Alabama. So does Washington really. I just think they have to be prettier than Washington State because they have college football playoff aspirations they were both really super ugly so I think it's going to be hard for washing to heart. Harder for Washington to recover. Then we could Washington is really gonna have to crank it up now because the perception is they're not playoff material this year and look at that. Game and by the way another bad piece of news from Washington is your best offensive lineman in entry Adams then when he is turning corners. George Miller bolt on for the years so who some of those injuries are in a pileup a little bit from Washington and and and that's not a good sign when you lose your. Your all American left tackle. Changes. This doesn't change his mix when you play the Green Bay Packers you know for short there about a decent defense in Houston that are perfect. I scheme to open interception in the suitable for two weeks and everything worked out perfect house we'll pick it off cool ninety yards and be in the Peterson were below. I'll do take my kids to Disney World freak out how to pay anyway yeah I guess what. Touchdown because he was today good. Because he can't make the roles in plays that other people can't meet today Nixon and though the standard is the standard rough estimate that we've seen him for another and it's like you are why you have good victory it's about the debt that you team. July. Brian Clark ESPN talking about just how important Aaron Rodgers is the Packers fire so Green Bay we'll still somehow make the playoffs in the NFC. The known I don't buy it and only gonna win the division. I think Minnesota's got a and they are. And so this has come off Detroit a little bit. So to me I think you're talking about a wildcard berth there. And you look at Aetna and New Orleans this plane well Atlantic can get it going you're gonna get a team I think from the south. And then you look at the rams the Seahawks may be potentially be an analyst teams and then. In other Redskins I think are still a team that they could end up as as a as a wildcard berth so. It's not out of the realm of possibility but it's not like you have a dominant defense rides like your run game that you lean on. I just don't know I think that was a good team with Aaron Rodgers that that made it a real content on the without Aaron Rodgers I think they struggle. Again that was a nine maybe a ten win team and I don't know if that's good now so I won't I'll sell this I don't agreements of from the policies. I to a solid because if you look at the NFC it is just a jumbled mess up. There are a lot of teams like you mentioned some of those that you mentioned that are all gonna be right in there it's it's just. In Green Bay without a quarterback would especially without the one of the best cornerbacks in the league is as. I don't know that they. So easily do before and you head start they're talented and their schedule is manageable is not as difficult. If you look at their schedule as maybe some other teams they got the saints lions Bayer's ravens Steelers box frowns Panthers bikes so. The problem is in the NFC you got Carolina New Orleans Atlanta all from that division are good the rams and Seahawks are dead in Arizona's hanging around now that they have air if you Peterson. Is Dallas gonna turn it on Washington and Philly. And then oh by doing their own division you've got Minnesota like you said and then also. Detroit yes some of the shine is come off them to their 33 is just so many teams in the mix. You know and I just I still know that without Iraq as they can they can jump somebody in that it would insane as somebody in that group. Is going to jump up and make it very tough for green data gonna have to win a lot of games. He has some how many they can win I think they can hang in there that some of the winner at enough with Brett coming. I. Why should with a blue. That's their showman to collier I'm a fan of the Justin Turner walk up yesterday both the Astros and Dodgers are up to all of their respective series bowl game twos. Pending and walked shops buy or sell one of these teams will blow the lead and lose the series. Who know these I think these are the two better teams and no fences you know the Yankees and and the cubbies but that the Dodgers in the Astros have been the better teams and they've been the better teams all year and I think some that is is. His official and appear in these games have been close but he noted to ask a team that that. I do think his face as a slight notch below each one of those to come back and win four. A window when asked to win two now I I think we're gonna see the Astros and ignores the Dodgers in the world certainly was again when it annoyed that are coming back to win one of these here. No I saw that I think if one of that I mean come on it's going to be the Dodgers NASA's is looking like that but I think if one team is to be the Yankees over the 'cause. That the Dodgers here. Dodgers again beat Capps. But I think that you know do you look at those first two games that Astros Yankee series those were tight man and all in Girardi said he said you know all you gotta do now. Use only he can do is you go back home and he got it became three they did against Cleveland if they get game three this thing gets tight so there. I don't think they're out of it I just think the Dodgers. Freaking Justin Turner China. So good you former New York just prettier and another guy you let go Natalie NN senior infielder Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy have long and let them go. But I just think it died you know when you bring in. John Lackey in that spot what. The Dodgers a veteran like him if there we talked about your Madden going to talk about the Zach Britton decision right like he just lets not go to Wade Davis what. Rank. It is they're not deep enough what how was that Dodgers are really ged and they're better than who Chicago this year the Yankees and Astros. I think it's gonna come down to the starting pitching like if you give back to title and Verlander. That's just it's tough to did you watch Verlander is. Filthy holy crap he's been he's been lights out the entire second half since coming over that may be the difference but that that that series is tied to me carve out a spot though for this whole closers can only pitching closing situations. The dumbest think why he wrote in 789. Day he wrote him for. Matt read Davis for the for a three inning when they come on does the south nationals longer nine out save game five so. But yet we can't yes I've got a whole segment first Major League Baseball totti as wanna do it next stood. Skin and the guy could not figure out what the hell that was some good stuff all right we'll do that next here's Mike. And time where Isaac can Suk on 1080 program. All right so let ticketing could look and he championship series in baseball. The bulls are to those you've not been paying attention has been hard because there's been a lot of really good flipped on and sometimes public EU. I'm such an idiot. That sometimes I can't find the baseball. Or forget that it's early yeah like I did I make weight okay is that at this Wil Wheaton on its over on Aaliyah TBS or whatever. But I mean I find it but it's just you know. Rob gives up well there was one that I forgot it was on and it was I didn't catch the masters yankees game two until midway through because crap rankings on the day. So notice was on her the right yeah it was on like in the middle of the day it's learned earlier o'clock on Saturday you know. You know 1 o'clock here was alone ought yen as a center here that is there's a say that was one that kind of cut me off guard too I did not see the start of its Indiana got flipped over and I think it. A slip into the guide and I saw as a whole crap that's on and I think I got at midway through the third. In a money and wait no wasn't 1 o'clock here it was like 11 o'clock here it says it was an early yeah it was early because I remember. As I lift massive quantities of late suggests and so once I was done listing massive quantities of weights at the gym. I went to get something to eat in house watching the it would coincided the end of the of the Yankees Astros came to coincided with the end of Oklahoma Texas. And I was glued to Oklahoma Texas and backing him. Was a 12101230. Kicks amid it was a 1 o'clock start. It is what task is of it's no Lloyd he's Verlander I don't remember IE unlike rock innocuous massive quantities of weights I just remember it being you know on in the middle of the day actually airlift. Zero rubbed as I sit not so Max a prayer room. OK so it's 20 Astros over the Yankees with game three tonight back in new York and then it's too low. Dodgers over the cubs and down if you didn't see the end of the the cubs Dodgers yesterday and is freaking awesome. I just think as a baseball fan that was so fun to watch Justin Turner walk off with a three run home run in the bottom of the ninth won one game tight. Game guy and a great grab by the guy happens interfere Ellison is crafty he's cut eighteen of those who last two years really yeah he does the user his days of ball hockey and he sits out there those guys he's one of those goes astray I mean ninths we'll it never did the play where a judge. Stole the ball. The the guy that would have caught is that dish can you the same guy in the heat he's caught thousands of these like his it's like his whole life did you realize can taste them and I think I. I don't know what is never got his name is I'll look it up it. The heat he has a business now yes they keep heat then I was gonna tell you pay him like a thousand dollars 500 dollars and you pay him 500 dollars and he will take your kid or you around during the game and show you annual catch balls with the yeah show you how to catch foul balls and and home runs and this is this is what he does and he gets a ton of them every game yeah I just find that so obnoxious but whatever any great. He was the guy I think if you look at that when the judge made the play he's leaned over three people he probably would've caught that home run his glove was right behind judge yeah club that is. He mentioned he's got a little thing and you keep I don't scouts where the players he can hit but how does he get to those spots and people in the seats you know weasels is a way around man. And the egos are all these ballparks and it's it's basically become his full time job. And he is just in insufferable. Huge so anyway. Joseph Maddon brought in John Lackey that ample by the way is the guy's name from the bullpen in the in the ninth in black he did not have that he was struck on up Wade Davis they're closer who has just been I mean. Not enough is set about Wade Davis. First volley help the cubs closed down last year. And he's the guy that helped the royals. To back to back World Series and closed down their roles are stingy like Wade Davis let's as one of the best isn't based lights out so yet. And he just sat in the bullpen and watched as the cubs melted down under John Lackey. It's a separate thing right and the men's and afterwards that he was saving him in case they got the lead bit. So what I'd I just I don't understand right and you have no problem Wade Davis will go six innings bad they've they've they've thrown Wade Davis or seven and eight. I'll saves. So eerie in the here in the bottom of the ninth. And you're gonna bring and that's where you go Lackey as opposed Davis because somehow you you're waiting to get the lead and then you're gonna bring in Wade Davis. But haven't some taping your office you are mad at him but he Wade Davis go for an immunity you. You are asked would could've been. Now granted it's it's too low and you've got a chance this could if you lose this series. I can be a series defining game and you lost it but why keep being one of the best weapons of baseball on the bench and that was what happened to Baltimore last year right with Zach Britney never even got in their one game playoff. And that was Showalter episode well we didn't have a lead off it's it's the postseason screw you stupid it's you know and put the best guy in the game. We have the managers because I sat through two long post season runs with Ned Yost. Of the royals out and look all these guys are good managers OK Joseph Maddon uses shark. Even Dusty Baker who I think is just. He he hurts his team a lot he he's doing is he's doing his bees a baseball. They're never gonna always get it right. Ray any ever fans expect them to just be perfect all the time they're not that one was pretty glaring Joseph Maddon is. He kind of out thinks the rim I think he thinks. He's just like this guy who's is oh I'm smarter than you I've got this figure out who's gonna do here. It doesn't make any sense John Lackey but your sometimes you're gonna get away with that and sometimes you're not so. The cubs won a World Series is Joseph Maddon he he's a good manager the royals won the World Series Ned Yost even the royals fans were down his throat. For a lot of his news in the policies helped raise me the World Series with Joseph Maddon yet raised its just never it's never going to you can win a World Series. Despite your manager. Making questionable moves because he's not always gonna get it right. So this one was a mistake. At the same time he really think even if the cubs when that game their beat the Dodgers in the series. Probably not I just. I will never understand. That that way of thinking that your clothes or can only come in full what does he say about it agency said that he was saving them if they got the lead. In these games and in the bottom wanted him and then he won him in case they they got a weeny wanna be illegally on him. And I'll just don't understand lose and the bullets in the chamber well he does not have the best reputation as as like an in game manager he he his his big. Shtick is Joseph Maddon surveillance demand because he builds a great culture and guys love playing Fran and he's a Smart based on guy but in game you know these guys grew up and Joseph Maddon has certainly had his share. Bell head Dave just look. Not Dave Johnson. The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts Dave Roberts. Who who didn't think seek this is my point when when he pulled Clayton Kerr shot he pinch hit for clinker Clayton Kershaw in the fourth inning now. And they are time on the broadcast on wall. Who didn't think while this is gonna come back to buy it well it it did it did and so we're not talking about it but if it did. You you tell me you didn't raise an eyebrow at that moves mean these moves through these guys are trying to do the best they can't. I guess if you'd think with the Dodgers they have a deep pulled and rightly accuse you feel pretty comfortable you get a lead dare you feel like you can rely you've you've got some arms. But you went to 838 year old guy did doesn't throw out of the bullpen and that situation. And that he gives up the walk and you you still run him out there. That's. To me there's a difference between what dear Robert Roberts did. With the with the Dodgers bullpen and bring in John Lackey in that situation in this was the quote from men after the game said. I literally need him for the safe tonight he had limited pitches that he was only gonna go one inning and in these circumstances you don't give them up. If you don't give him I don't get him up many he doesn't get in so if we just caught the only he would have pitched that says yeah I has only. As I get I get I get that it it it turns out he was wrong because they lost but at the same time. That's that what they need to do they need to be able to sit down and say okay here's what I was thinking and you go okay like you see that it wasn't right but. You know and that one to mean I get what he's saying there and by don't have a strong way Davis wasn't their closer last year for the cup so doesn't those are all cents on a Soledad. Wade Davis has just been lights out in the policies and the guys just. He's just really really really geared. But I see what he's now I see we saner it's just that when you when your alternative is Lackey. Do believe. That's coming that's trouble yeah I mean they've got other. Better arms I don't know who else is that there's a Divx and abuser ever seeing going to reliable bullpen Embree and an 830 year old 38 year old that doesn't traditionally pitcher from the bull and cannot be an events yankees Astros game the did did this even Gary Sanchez not hold my ball Mike. The hell. I mean these terrible offensive catchers aren't should be expected but it is known. Pretty broke you think he's got in the balls too many times he does think and why Oslo yeah he's taken a couple shots yeah right up as. Scrutiny got to count on there but you know TDs and make the best throw it was a weird cut off anyway about it today and adding after a beat him. That it's isn't going to hear about your screw Odom even though both of these series are 20 they have been really compelling game yet very good very good stuff. The other great teams in the night. Mean on this one of those years where the Yankees. Ended and the cubs if he said they're gonna lose. Those teams are good enough to win it all they're just running into rural you know like historically great teams here at the Astros in the Dodgers and I'm not every year each season is not. Treated equal in terms of who you have and how good they are and who's capable. This year had the deepest fields I think we've seen in a long time these yankees are tough and I and the cubs are really and I hope the series both end up going. More than 4:5 games I've I am I wanna continue to watch this so hopefully the Yankees and and the cubbies. Can rob a little bit new and when a couple of these at home we get some deep series because it's been great baseball all right 448 on the ten. We're advised it gives you god sanity. Okay here's how we're structuring. What is coming up. I'm tied at 510. Minutes or so. College football recap my fifteen. NFL. Was just as wild. It was a great week of football and we'll get to that at 530 cents or gonna do Mike was some. Lamenting Jose out today. And you know it is a great point like it if you're so Mike's Yankee fan. And Jose out today as he mean. 565. In the post season yeah Mike Goss Luka I respect him but arms really started to hate him. In US wife and Mike's response team hits freaky barely does everything out of them he is so good and he's probably going to win should win the MVP. But for those that haven't been watching don't know he is five foot six. A 160 pounds when we referred to reminding my brother Quinn this he's the youth level baseball elf he is Tahoe Haney is a great photo of him and judge Stan you know on second base together in just and because judge hearing judge of the Yankees is the largest. Position player ever 67 to eight years them in a debate it's it's not much he doesn't have a little pop either he's not Ichiro or slapping it on his home he didn't he drives you also did what doesn't he do. Every time echoes of the tube to the plate I'm like a auditors are based on rank. And over for the percent of the time it's been a isn't that funny you get in those series I remembered it and you think you think about the opposing team at certain players that way. I remember the royals in the series against the giants. When policy and a ball came up comic comic guy here he's gonna do something. I know he's how he's oh lead now but at that time that he was so hot at that time is back on the giants actually posing that you know I mean it's like. But that they cannot get that guy out he's gonna come up with a clutch hit here. Wrong guy wrong time he said this is like one of those just post season things he just does this would yet this year 340. 340 something on another valiant out of the belief. And he just he's insane. Com week. Worth a mention gas heavens since we're talking about guys who are red hot but it does feel that we man down he's written for 38 in the post season was six RBIs in just interceding 429 in their say in that we kids. Do we call it kind of they reined in in that club gathered the clubhouse is is an effect on him in now Wiig is kind of rub and often and it. Kind of his spirit the energy and all that they're feeding off of theirs is glowing about it right now. And remember they would they tested him for assignment they were trying to get rid of him. I did but they give that massive context they really couldn't but they've they've given up on him a cup. Time fired interview with their GM Ned colliding and he said you know you gotta give legal lot of credit we. Have really worked hard to try to get him to follow mine if you don't know his story he's Cuban defector and he's just. He's a wild man they they had a really hard time keeping him in line came from nothing and you never had it it's it's at every got busy got smuggled into the country and when he got to LAQ. Was an immediate star they gave all that money and he just. Eat images in carried Dunedin young guy and just reel off the rails and end a they actually had somebody living with him to try to discuss we gotta keep this kind of straight narrow. Well hey he's struggled in on eight you're right they they DFA him like he got designated for assignment he was just. He was rubbing people the wrong way in. Wasn't that dead after his initial rookie season now he's come back. And holy crap I mean he is raking in the post season and only that but he he just seems like a spark plug for them right like he hasn't they were feeding in to bear. To just kind of this field you have around that team whereas before I think he could sense that that the rest the teams are on the rise that in anatomy members who used it. Give they get tired of answering questions about him people sends a professional now this is one of the best like guys in the clubhouse. And he's always yankees plane is that the Cuban salsa music and he keeps everything lightened and people are feeding off of them that he really is like you said kind of become of a spark plugs formed there so whoever it may you musicality and a whoever the Dodgers GM is on arsenic in the dodgers' front office talking about his resurrection you got to give him a lot of credit. He he has. Done enough to kinda keep himself on the rails because ultimately it is about the individuals like you see guys derailed themselves and sport's all time eagle it's this guy's problem is that guy's problem. Yeah it did at some point comes back to personal responsibility you've got a you know you gotta do its Aston view or you're not gonna be here and he he got it was last Ronnie and he's back. Will that be fair to him we talked about this win when he got here in the kind of the start turning had memory came in in its final home runs and he's got. Argued the best arm in baseball from the outfield. And he became a rock star when you look at his life and where he came from all the sudden being given whatever was that hundred million dollars of the Dodgers and do. How big was that must think it was in the sixties or seventies that they gave him. How do you not. Go a little crazy if your week and you get dumped in LA and for the first time your life you've had success he'd had money. Let's. That's that's a tough transition going from Cuba to Los Angeles. All right coming up so about any yankees and Astros. Is it on nine and yes tonight Leo. That's a running a nine tenure Charlotte whose toss them tonight Morton. And said that feel correct. CC spent some it'll get more than three rounds. ACC has been good as that people are saying maybe bring him back for another year. I'd be hot fighter five is next big news out of Washington State this weekend. Yeah surprising news we'll get to that and on. LaMarcus Aldridge continued deal next.