Primetime 10.16.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, October 16th
What a crazy weekend in CFB, what game was most surprising? UW and Wazzu losses, and Cory Hall audio after near win.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Aren't that time. And you can find the time and spin you can actually yeah primetime retires against you. At home what they'll all journalists and Al clubs. Think yeah yeah this is prime time so it's like yeah. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Robinson licensing damaged quit trying to and Jay Nady. They want to do what's. Why do you answer Goodman a hell aria is a good Monday unless you're a fan of 1 of the local Pacific northwest college football teams. Who would've guessed. That a vote it's would you go to into the weekend the team that what looks. The best out of the four north willow you're selling my tweet stealing your tweet that's. I tweet tweet only at one tweet all weekend and you really. Need a look at what you gotta leery did you tweet. Yeah that's exactly would it treated well great only thing to I'd I told you about my. Intelligent on the weekend ranked yeah my my senate and the kids and then I did not do a damn thing and you have been. Couple little aaron's room yet really done a whole lot of on Twitter. Saying it so like I could just set their lives treated everything all weekend that does it takes away at just wanna watch a focus on do's and football folk on MySpace Barca. And it really do anything. So I had one. I figured well look and ending a week and I should probably treat something at the treats them Dana and it was after want seen Washington loser like Mike Watt while they were losing in looking so horrendous. I was like man. Who had or in state in the pool of the teams. And the northwest to play the best this week it was the facility still my proprietary material that I. I'm sorry that you know the show with mock anyone tweaked it take to it and aunts and this is a great observation because they do they look better. They look better than any of the other teams was the closest lot like your guy was the closest lost three points years. It's hard to know who looked worse. I mean it's it's it's Oregon State I'm in close like who passed yet of the four yeah. It's hard if it find me June jeez did you watch I watched against a Washington State was. Awful they may be the worst they're the worst in then or again I. Turnovers yeah interceptions eight was an eight I think did seven turn over 3577. Five picks seven turns you that's the worst in the it looks as though really really really bad and I T what do you Washington looked. Horrible you at the end or again didn't look much better were in Seattle think they showed up they ran the ball a little bit yeah yeah he ran the ball pretty effectively in the well. Guess I'll try to give him some credit in the second half. Really athletic midway through the second quarter the defense kind of played OK washed his defense showed up wash your defense was fine. I don't know how to describe. What you dubs offense was doing now I know it was good they watch Washington State and some with that hey it can't be any worse and so with a hold my beer. Watch this let's go out and do this time. And it was is really to add that was a horrific. If you put all that you take to do what sources say. And then throw organs you just throw those offenses like Indy just one big leg gaze of super crappy news ranked that was unbelievably no Oregon had the best dot. Or get lost by 42 guests and they had the best offensively treated at least they ran the ball a little bit big Jabbar 33 yards passing orbit or a birdie if you want what ever 33. Season would you rather have that or seven turnovers. I think I'd rather have that I think they're not your guys take the Jabbar rabbit he's entered the seven turnover team Stillman top 25. While there I should it is look weak with just one week any out of seven Dele it's just it's I think that alarming thing about just washed in Washington State. Is just how bad they let means one thing to get be let be give cal credit. Rank how looked pretty good guess you don't give Arizona State credit village grade I thought they were they played really began. So give them credit but. It's pretty alarming how bad ball the consumer has excellent just I sat there watching both of those games we just like that beard glazed over like I know I know I thought Washington State is a lock on down I bet Washington. I don't Washington to cover those I those doing your tech. And my picks I was like OK so Washington's defense travels. I think there's always they would score more than about fourteen points don't they on the square to Edwards thirteen was at thirteen thirteen to seven sort of like it's it's pretty safe watches profits and going to I. I had that thing may be thirty fives you know fourteen something like that. I had been the defense part right I just never imagined that Washington's offense would look you know that that it was the most efficient offenses in the country. There's something about Arizona State after dark now and again that many points I don't know they can rise up there is scary because during consistent. But they can rise meaning they played pretty well against Oregon I think Todd Graham and now with Tate and Arizona the quarterback they found it to Arizona coach is that saved energy Oxley if you look at the south standings it's USC yeah. But because they pulled it out against Utah. But out right behind them. Airs on winners on stake there but there's this I think you're sort of state has one of the worst scoring defense is in the pac twelve and you hold Washington may play well annual Washington did seven points as embarrassed about the wash. And hasn't won in Tempe for like yeah teams are I think it's it's been a while they gave me as though they struggled down there something about the desert and it. I just that's that's one of those. The wash is day one was shocking but like I did think it was gonna go down like that but I. I kind of had a few lean and I even said this that I I don't Washington State was good I did not think wash to stay with it as team in the country. I am legitimately thought Washington was one of the 567. Best teams in the country so a bit of the outcomes. I did the one that was most Christmas vacation head so under the carpet wood to me was was Washington that's the one that I was most like yeah that lower Denny and cowering in a loser to underdog out. I've got to keep a close to date. Hampers turn it on then yeah well and and Keller Chris Ellison is Andrew Luck but don't you think Oregon pike right. Right out of the gate. They look like they didn't show up I mean that one of the players that the guy who was I was reading through like organ mine he was saying the coaches had to like shake in the wake of mopping up they it was just one of those games where they just didn't. It and bring it until it was too late seat at Stanford credit the and then they have no office didn't without a quarterback selected their their screeners but it it's so point if your organs and it worked out all over the map here. You're on carpet at some point if you're if your Willie Taggart you're calling plays or your crystal ball. I your you're its own co coordinator. You have to be willing to throw the ball downfield you have to yeah I got a. I understand that if it's hard that you need BP did two times you did they are both interceptions but those. The sideline was an amazing place yes she shouldn't have thrown it. But the guy killed off his coverage he wasn't supposed to be there that's a great play by the BB and many tight groups it and then the linebacker interception. Linebacker makes that play you don't bullet over the middle and the guy high points the ball makes the catch me hold you elbows are great place. But you I think you were five of 125 of thirteen if I'm not mistaken. And I'm willing to guess that there were maybe three or four balls that were thrown more than six or seven yards downfield. You can't do that he can't win neither one of your your quarterbacks are real dynamic runners. So you have to scrap this and put Charles Nelson is someone that wildcat just say at that we're going navy and we're gonna run it every single time and really have a threat or you just have to say I'm gonna live with some mistakes. Simplify the route three run since Lance run some routes run some dig routes and just. Except the fact that there may be some bombs the road to throw the ball because this version of this offense are you ready right now you will not beat a team running next. No it's it's bad in your right but at same time. Now blow us on a different mind not to speak duck fan of the weekend but you think they need a real offensive coordinator. Not to date like that the two guys well this is on the table talk about it. But. You guys they have are dead and recruiters. But. I am I don't know there's something missing in between them and Taggart. I think there's a reason why crystal ball. Never was right attention to be an off its accord there right yet one of the reasons yes came to organ as he needed to coordinator by his name yes in order to to move on India head coach somewhere but I think it's telling with all of the different. If change is they've had at that position he was never considered for that job development nine that's a good point. So look we will have time to talk about that it's Monday it's going to be busy we have lots of football things. Well you but arguably the biggest injury and yes they could happen in the NFL bid. Yes sure did I mean I don't know if there isn't a more significant one well probably Tom's great yeah. But. You know we don't we knew trust that team to overcome it. Willie the better back up yeah quarterback but they're decent arm as. Anyway word we're getting sidetracked so much that lets focus so much thing as job all over the map that. You always and he made you get a time hearing entering Neiman listen witness. Who would've guessed it Washington Washington State. Would look so bad and then you know you look at the upsets in college upon you look at the upsets in appellate with the giants did the Broncos now. There's another one now how did we can dolphins down seventeen nothing they went in Atlanta. Jay Cutler was a big one index was at one in 32 something like that would truly green but keep this is why just. Basic point here this is why we should never try to figure out the conventional. Thought just gets turned on its head. All the time and blade dated ever this weekend. It was it was awesome. They'll hold weekend if you like chaos yes welcome to the church of football because it do they said certainly delivered. It's a constant. One thing this is the same in all of it all of the football's. Yeah patriots get all the calls now. On a fumbled it was and wasn't a fumbled the same time the jetty as we. Note chances. At at that that got blanked at 45 to nothing has stated so vast they you can count count on that. Other Nat don't try to figure out the ball I which outcome shocked you most will start there. College football I'd next 313 on the fan so you gotta tell you though. Our ears are afraid she poll question today Christie offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on the go. FR ESH. Double. Thank god. Which outcome surprised you most this past weekend that's our poll question at 1080 the fan dot com you can vote on any of the following Syracuse over Clemson. Mike sports pants are tight though they should be Dino beavers have less hair and by the way that gets my vote right there BC his hair. Dino Beirut again it was a two and a half. Well but after the game Nate Mike was like get all hung on the other night video I did any of his hat off his hair is like the it's like that spray on hair we talked about it before. Lego hair yeah it's weird look him yet he gene Katie here I need to look at that well it's more like. Who that Carlos beginner yes you loser he looks like Ming the merciless some flash coral it's like that weird shiny is that the Norman Carlos bruiser is reduced his looked like a literal. Like a pen was drawn on his head well no there's no weirder there's a weird Sheen to the front here it's its in its history. Definitely sit there alone yeah and a maybe just get sick cut a lot by like you computer is that thing but let's look like the shine. Many look polished and puts products that they don't know it's certainly keep product it's like at its its. The if regular order of an inch long it looks like national Ray Lewis has little bit it is going yes ray Lewis and Alan Keyes but the white guy struggles with its airline Indian we have our little tricks of the trade and after Americans they struggle with the two and apparently they're solution to it is like shoe polish they go at that weird what is like that run cold mobiles like that's great stuff. I Wii and the Como Jay it looks like his hair sprayed on as white guys were more masters of like the comb over and things of that nature. And I feel like if you're black guy the years ago with food you basically paint it'll. You'll love it that's lunch it is Pasadena because there really is ashamed of that name. It's unbelievable and the rest of ministers perfection academies and Adonis that well now he's beaten Clemson. Search he's ever Clinton caliber washed in state. Arizona State ever you'd LSU over Auburn Stanford by 42. Over Oregon or Oregon State almost winning. Votes at 1080 to stand dot com still that the clubs and one to me because I and I and I get another court Clemson scored again I gig Kelly Brian gigahertz. I just I just didn't buy that Clemson to me. I I thought they were the best team in the country. Either and it wasn't just their offense that defense is nasty is every bit as good as is Alabama's. And so deceive them look. That way against Syracuse is. Excerpts using look that they've they've made place now I I can't believe that that dungy made out of the game because they were beaten the living hell out of him. And they were giving him and it didn't matter the key kept making plays. How that guy escaped the Pacific northwest the end of the Syracuse is beyond me get that kid can play he flat out ball against Syracuse. And Barry there's only power five on an island you everything also mountain whilst I just. You know that's the way that's my biggest honor I just I thought Clemson was. At least upset proof not the Clinton couldn't have lost to a good team but I I kind of thought the Clemson and Alabama teams like that. I kind of obvious way to Washington to with a defense like that when your defense plays that good I always think you're kind of upset proved because it travels and it's consistent. And then your profits will eventually get it going. And how we watched that game here and I'll bet you there was a dozen times during that game I went all right will this is where. Clams and finding kinda you know puts their foot on the of the gas and and they pulled away and they win by ten images that never it never happened. I didn't yet tread Syracuse against critic count it creditors and stay at an associate Crennel is teens but I am I I don't know I don't Syracuse played better. Then the other teams like I got. Yeah you know yes did you mean when I watch Syracuse play that we didn't looks like it just. Some sort of giant upset a one team wasn't playing real well like Washington State Washington they were awful they just they just looked horrible. I don't think Clemson looked that bat I don't Syracuse looked really good at that dare you say Syracuse is that's the first time I've watched extended Syracuse this year and we lost the Middle Tennessee State are you ready to say that but they they played really well and that wasn't a fluke they outplayed Clemson in the game yeah. This shoot but I think Clemson does this setup you have here you say that. Rented it last and images to after like it's Ali cleanse and always has one of these you know words you demo again. And so. So anyway. That's our poll question 1080 to send out comes about at Korey Hall after his suit interview last week that made everybody nervous. We we interviewed him last week he's beavers interim coach yes and you know I just. He's taken it in a really tough spot it is the my situation that's so it didn't income across all that well but we did the war and you said hey you know just because a guy isn't. All agreed you abusers and Mike didn't you all fired up out there does he mean when he gets a locker and he's not. He's not making it happen envoy Korey Hall really route rallied Oregon State. He did whatever he of this great I would every said the you know obviously bonded and but it's it's by far the best they've looked I gave Colorado is not very good good so. In a neither was Colorado State neither was Minnesota and they got house by both of those teams in the heat you need a little hope it'd be a little hope although it next week on. You know this coming Colin now that they were through their tough part of their own no there there on the road it to Stanford. He seemed as bracelet kid play he's their man. The key may be able to go and that's Medina. That'll be gets a series did you text him one nobody came back out and he played the Nike my body a body left for good I turned on we came back and then they base that because they were up big but it didn't edit an ankle right yet it doesn't appear to be like a giant thing actually is to ankles stand wanted to and is injured Stanford is playing really well right now and and your on the road figure your the farm so well. OK bit it's not about wins a mosque is just about like. There was at their little hope there was an effort there and dare I say an opera and showed up Italy yeah how now how does. Explain that to EB beats me hails Korey Hall has nothing to do with the offense they did this last year though it before you say all Gary Anderson was the problem. They did this last year there provinces dreadful in all of a sudden they were just running all over teams it's just doesn't make any sense to me though oddly this. Nothing changed right there was no love to gather head coach I guess the head coach today coach had nothing to do with the offense nothing even seventy Kurdish Cory hall don't. So like all the sudden you know garrison can can throw the ball and you're in all goes for 170 yards and hello handyman that's. I have no explanation for that other than sometimes when you're dealing with kids. And there are some adversity and there's a major change one of two things happens either they fold their their their cards and they go home. Or you showed your chips in the middle and you kinda. And it's it's an Escude the coach but there's a little bit of like you know what were. We're gonna show some people that that this was a mistake you're gonna regret quitting on us were not as bad as you think we are forget that and and they came out and that was by far. Their best effort and if they play like that earlier in the year. Do you want some of those games he doesn't show that Gary Anderson was the problem. It's too early to say it's too early to say that. But I'd I do think that him leaving lit. Lit a fire and now we'll see what happens I mean Stanford is a much tougher opponent. And I don't think you're gonna beat Stanford again I would. Got my house on it but we're getting a couple of conflicting reports here what did you say they're going down to Stanford I think they're at Stanford notes Thursday night and it's in Corvallis is it really. Yeah bill I'm looking at Oregon State's schedule and it's a dune. Tech's police served parlor re on the storm. And yet you're correct they have a bye and then it's that Thursday night because they don't please the 26. Begin immediate. What was different on Stanford's schedule that it was organ states. There's only on the ESP and the two little act. You know apple wouldn't you know and on Stanford's there wasn't as the Sampras schedule and Stanford didn't have the little laughter okay. But I'm looking Doris Day schedule and they don't have that either it happens. We either way you get Stanford yeah coming to court out lucky just I had this plane is looking for. You just a semblance of an offense yet men hang around late you know play tough play tough mean and that was. About neighbors Doris Day. But. And let them I don't know if he wants I don't think I don't think he leaves Syracuse for organ say now. What would you eat but you may Syracuse relate a lot of jobs yes absolutely. Nebraska. I'll learn and I invades the same and that's the job that you beat Syracuse for you know and I looked up he was an assistant U sealer for five years. And it. That's job do you leave searches for interest stings now favors to UCLA net more guys asking though again. Knoll. Stop it follows a great hired recently and enjoy this industries did the current I was disciple and and not seeking coach some offense and he's got a point in the right direction I mean you can rebuild the two when Syracuse he went lots of places. Man. I don't know if that's on an iron not a big UCLA Hamilton and I'm shouldn't bigger. But all back to that all you're looking for from from Morgan City at this point is like you said effort. And you certainly showed it that is the most complete game we've played all year including the one you want against Portland State. And I thought it was cool I felt good for those kids than to see the little video they made afterwards yeah I'm out mikes are trying to finds money. So now he's got it right now it was that was me deceiving yeah don't both those kids deserved it and they say they don't coach walked down on yeah exactly in on that doesn't feel good and and they've been the laughing stock in the running joke in the disappointment that this season was. And I know wasn't wind got I was hoping they're trying to way to pull that one out. But you know at this point in there is such a thing is is a moral victory. When no one thought anything of your of your chances in including me I've I wouldn't bet on or is it even cover the spread. And so to see that kind of effort in May be have some some some heart and some life and that program got for those kids down am a fan base who is. Then long century -- there. I think once again saw the crowd the decent. The pac twelve network in via I'm get pactel network and plus it's organs they cholera but I was pleased to read about. Everybody's saying its team looks pretty good yeah. That was by far the best they've let's get. Well we do have the audio Korey Hall play next wanna hear what he says this is in the locker room after the game to his players it's inching stuff. And then on them get into. While Korey Hall rally the troops Willie Taggart. Did not knew. It was far front of that so will get into organs weekend as well here's Michael sports center. It's an eighty's. OK so land we're covering again football here there's lots of yeah. In wartime memories day. Not the biggest story of the weekend. But it's just what we've stumbled upon here you know so we're gonna wrap this up I AM. Giving you this Korey Hall audio disclose nationally credited as Mike. It's just like the high video. I found it and a lot of article that I think organs they posted it without giving credit they. For him for his much crap as people have given a rescind may have the Soviet and terrible they square they had 569 yards total offense thirty. Up first down ten to fifteen on third down put up 33 points. This this was this was by far. Their best performance of the year. So credit. Big height medium now. Somehow they managed to rally the troops and credit the Disco credit the height video committee. Or or there's always a film courted that does these sorts of things height videos are now I hear is Korey Hall in the locker room after the game. Well. I don't allocate. There is either doubt about it. You start Monday. He's going home today for the rest of our perfect season really are on the list us because well we know what to do. What well. You can look here today. His feet or. Would beat them. Hi wonderful. That you did not waver. Overnight. Work. Eight. That we've built in the it. Well look. Well foursome today. Either five or half of what we're gonna do it likely Tuesday. You better every day. Tee we're enemies in together as a family and watch we'll let. You can name you know. I do it. I'm. It football brother has been in seeing it that every vote if you have everything that he. Yeah. He. Yeah. It bailed out the bedroom and board what don't you on. About that well I think he. I didn't understand why they named Cory holt had a complete had made no sense. That's why right. Because. They are making some sweeping change this point and and am not talking a school this whole staff's going to be gone right went when I do when they make the new higher. Very few people you know maybe they they keep one or two guys maybe he likes Korey Hall but. 99% chance this entire staff is now. Right you're not making these are sweeping changes and why not. Promote the guy that. Has that kind of energy that to me is the first thing when I when they're when I heard that is that I will that finally makes cents. Right you're not gonna give it to a coordinator because. And what's the point. And things are changing the defense again Jay's job losing in the change. Why not give a guy a chance to maybe light a fire and see if you can spark something. I think you're seeing why they. Why they gave Corey all the job so you don't think he has a chance to get that job now nearly a mile a day when the rest their games while I mean I I suppose but in their visit week. Once they're not gonna win the rest of their games what they do. Nobody said Washington watches that get their ass kicked this weekend and they did Bernard and when the rest of the games that no he doesn't have a chance he doesn't have a chance to win the shop. Not at all no I'm on the no no chance whatsoever now. He's been an assistant coach for a three years. Not only is he not equipped. To edit at this point in his career to take over a program from a thousand different stand points. He doesn't have the coaching tree to go out and and recruit a staff and and hire them know this would be an absolute disaster. And that's not anything against Cory hall. I ask Korey Hall if you want the job into remember his answer. They caught off guard and really thought about that. You don't pay you don't hire a guy did he bit a DBs coach for three years to take over program which by the way it's probably the most important hiring twenty years. But that program can happen he's got his sights set on bigger things he's gone Nebraska. Yeah he doesn't he he does not have a blast went to get this year I want. I asked you answered now. That's him. Post game beavers now. Get a bye week in and they play Stanford at home on a Thursday of next week and by the way joining Stanford also has a bye week to. So neither one of them Danny neither one of them will play this week. Stanford's next game will be did will be Oregon State does guys look pretty yet. They looked really good and you know this is the together. This is Sanford right we we see at the start of every year thinks the Everglades and eager to and then by the middle of the year we also the same thing doc don't wanna play Stanford. And if Keller Chris plays the way he did against organ. And you stuff Bryce Lebanese defense it's improving. Now that may be the best team in the pac twelve is Stanford and no chance to prove because they've got to organ state. And then they're gonna go back to back their apps Washington State and then they get Washington home so Stanford. It's different rituals or destiny they went out they win the pac twelve. Worth Dell our idea on top of the pack 20 yeah that's industries and mean they're sitting there. That you renounce he has seen Stanford. We UW has the one loss and they haven't played each other so well mine and while we Thomas for Washington State. Washington and Stanford are all gonna play it's all in November that that that division will come down that what happens in those kids. But USC is on top of the south. At foreign on the board played five conference in the end there's really not a whole lot of threat anymore without the Utah one out of the way it's gonna be USC the only question is. Is US CS national title contender because if you LC wins out and not take them with the one loss than their fine locates so let's let's but opinion that will I got that in the notes on talk about them. In that Utah game coming up but let's spend next segment. Detailing. What happened at Oregon. Okay because campers get yes but. Men Oregon 33 yards past us a look at that next. On the fan. Prime time where the eyes against duke on 1080. I'd sort it loses 49. And she's seven. At Stanford. It was not pretty don't know it was not it was not pretty right out. Of the gate. No police think they ran the ball well it's like did they get that first series or that they graphene Freeman and you thought maybe this can be a little bit of shootout. And then. They read although cave for most of the day in fact I think it ended up with. Over 300 yards rushing but that was the only me did and they couldn't convert on third down and they had 33 yards of of passing on a city in 286 yards aggression you know is right around there. So her murder or not should they be losing by 42 leading many now probably not. So I think that's what it's kind of it's certainly got away from them concerning your Edison think they showed up I thought they're defense early on was real and that's the part I think was real it was really disappointing that. You knew going into a game like that. It's like Stanford's offences is greater anything to me or Bryce loving you knew. You're gonna need to you know that that he was gonna be the guy the focused on him Bryce club got out early and you. Had four run fits you couldn't tackle in the major looks silly. And then basically they you go to the Boskin a Stanford just like they did against you when you got one on one matchups on the outside. And how big you won one of those 5050 balls in the entire process differ just basically played. Basketball against you they took their bigger receiver biggest receivers they posted up on you and you couldn't have a quarter that made a play. And you look at Ed that passing defense doubt you've gotten into conference play it's not very good right now. And a lot of that is simply guys not making plays its Oslo disappointed in the game that I thought your defense is gonna be able to keep UN. And your ability to run the ball should have been able short night game you'd be able to market up a little bit it was before so it was over after the first quarter you really was. So that was limited is a dot overall was the worst performance we see Morgan and it's not even close race because it would the defense to show up. You have the run game which you know was was effective but you add it's a gaggle of stupid penalties. Whether it was that the big kick return the got notified you add I think three or four dry kill mean penalties. Are your offense win that game was still trying to be. I guess the outcome wasn't determined yet you were trying to build some momentum to hang with Stanford in you can't shoot yourself in the foot that you get the damn blocked punt. And it wasn't even like at. It's sort of like exotic great play used didn't. You didn't block anyone and you get blocked and that was the knife in this in the back and then there was it was don's all three phases. Let you down and the stupid penalties rid during the had you could've played were skeptical they they worked on the penalties all week and it ended didn't do anything they were they retire. We got I don't know is just I think that we need to be patient. Because they don't have a quarterback yeah. But at the same time you can expect better than he should be way better than that and knowing that I'm sorry are ready get tired of the well getting back to work out. Well you've been Newark was gone I mean they're they're brutal. I mean brutal so. And by the way even if they had Herbert one player doesn't fix all this again I think he what you're kind of alluding to and I couldn't agree more as. Just Herbert coming back doesn't sprinkle magic fairy dust on this whole thing right these are missing later wrote there happening with weather without him yes. And you get ended the meteor league schedule here's tough league too deeply saw that day in Tempe. It's just not good enough to not plan well enough not tight enough and that's it's that's concerning well at least you got you silly coming up who sucks eggs. And let you know what you should play with well delay dude. You really have comments are gonna go down there when that game nobody leash the only side the issue should play with UCL AU Selig can't run the ball they can't stop anyone you should be in this game and yes you should be able to go down a window is better nobody should be competitive and by the way Brennaman yet I haven't. And you've got two year less on your offensive line herbal thinking custom protocol right now amber chains out. We see here yet they had three guys to leave with concussions. Up sergeant Crosby in Brooks chains so that's of another problem. Let me see nine and find a spread anyway and the ducks offense has seventeen points and two games now. Do you realize that as the lowest two game total in and since 1992. Am get a socket. That's. The there's there's serious this question is serious issues there and it's not just just right the question is how many. But how should they be doing offensively without Justin Herbert is should it. Mean she be expect more even on offense about Herbert I would doubt this yet does Burmeister. And nugget. Aides say it's neither guy is is on its failure on the football and exactly what she's here to stop that's us and you ran the ball well against Stanford Yi Yi did that you had three guys that averaged. Lou let out over five yards a carry and Brooke shares Everest Freeman both averaged over seven yards to carry. So you can still run the football to me there's no excuse for putting up seven points when you could run the football like this you're not execute on third down. I you have. Horrific penalties that they've killed drives. You're not playing with the intensity you're not finishing things off the that you should expect more than this and will it haggard is it to you listen to him. This is not just all just an Herbert yes. Your profits is gonna struggle when you have no ability to throw the ball. But there's also I've seen no creativity I've seen nothing to try to nullified this right that's why I think hit it I was on different mind the big deck tennis against it feel like tag it needs a real offensive coordinator. You know heights is a little too hands on on the offense and it's not. All that pretty it's early and and so I don't wanna make a sweeping statement here but I do you would think that at at this point. You could come up with some sort of wrinkled to have the pass game B. Some element whether it's its work in some bubble screens against simplifying and having some slant routes me you gotta get on that team they can run. That played quarterback guys wildcat thing throw his ass or is that something. And they did a couple years ago with yeah is nuts and by the way I have dominantly monitors it was Addison right yes that's really what ransom wildcat I'm gonna blame minor displacement units points spread is on the organ you Selig and gets your Vegas and Vegas review silly is terrible they are horrible. Fear is on a dropped. It's beyond in its acts of that that tape cued fares on all this and they defense quarterback it's LA there's always wanted. What's you silly with a record. The two in Oman the tuned for world well they came back and wanna gain M game the out. They beat Hawaii and they beat Colorado by four so there 123 and they're three entry green three it's easily you see a wave by a three maybe you silly by seven. Really now face a team is their right to assume. Was actually enters how little they think of organ right now right the 33 hours ten minutes. Begin orient the other hand shy and they're starting get banged up and you know they don't have a quarterback so witty and you know. I eat I can't be too Ahram that I'm with you on eyes of an organ should go down and when they do organized better defense and organ can storm on the ball. They should when they gave shrank in the game like and on day they are better that even with this offense the way it is right now they are. They are better than UCLA. And it's interesting because as listening it is another way of before he's due to appoint if they don't be UCLA is looking at their schedule yet they're gonna be foreign six. Yes I do not win and after that Willem and all the sudden they did there is only game is and give me anymore Arizona office looks good all the subtle that when you should have I'm just saying before her aggregates back yeah I guess he's make him progress so innocent party. But the next after that are you Tom Washington. It is trying to win those ins about Herbert now and was gonna say. Ostrich and a thought. We're talking about you can blame me that's right. With a howl we talk about the we were taught all I was listening post game comments and because people raskin Burmeister like. Is it is it really this bad in woods tiger flat out said if he played like that in practice he wouldn't have played in the game he so clearly. What and then maybe this is this is why you haven't seen some sort of radical shift. That's Meehan and listening to some people that there are fairly close the program they're saying that he is looking completely different practice. And he is in the game and integrity and basically said he has not been able to adjust to gain speed but at some point. You have to have a contingency plan is right now to me organ looks unimaginative they look lazy. It looks sloppy yup NN I get that the quarterback situation is is dire. But you have to find a way to put something together to have some element of throwing the football something to keep the offense. You know at least be able to convert manageable third downs because this is the frustrating part you are running the ball effectively and you were getting into some manageable third downs and you start we still weren't able to put together any kind of drop sides. There's no excuse risk for scoring seven points when you have that offensive line you have the stable of backs that you do. He's not to cut to Jack Abbott now. Now school they did on the sidelines CN Perez scored twice. Right David two good rounds. Yeah but the ducks got in and humanely wrapped him up yeah that was wonderful and made a name the bad guys carrying all rabbit off to solve rabbits are adorable and we haven't come from and again statements winners ran around like that birders on the latest squirrel Canadian hockey all the way over the stadium in you know. I see jumper he had now now the most exciting part of the game for organ was the rabbit bill yet that really was the most exciting part of the game. It was it was over before you eat you blinked. And then what I can once she realized that. Once you realize that organ for is gonna refused to throw the football. They get through thirteen times a game in three of those they came on the final possession errors Lincoln is shot yet they just they're just there is laugh and the labor and the okay and it's not even a threat more cost about coming up including cowling hymns decision to go for too and that a wild you'd tie USC in Osgood who got a lot of other college football topics on but next let's get to the NFC without. Roger it's Aaron Rodgers goes down 358 on the fan relax.