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Monday, October 16th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're stuck with it. Do the right things since 1952. The and our children. But go up to you where the incident moon does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at six. No well. I didn't play his time as we go. Winning night dominates you like now. There's nothing you can deal. That's present. Those power. Quick shot in the back. Okay sabathia had got out of that. Bases loaded GM the good of a pickle they're 319. Yankees. Might not free agent makes sports periods run at the younger older they're getting back to normal now as little nervous about it. They want Dell to they would try it was the best indicator. It's it's down to a sports child at this point from a peak and happy and a half a semi if you will at this. Commit Luke and his opponent like an eighteen Wheeler for an called the semi. But the outlook it might. That's Milan where the little ragged at Mississippi you going Jason Zweig aren't so oregano is always bragging about his prowess. You know he's he's he's one of those I'm thinking of comparisons for semis. Could be tractor trailer if you wish. That's an impact it clearly right. It's everybody yeah then yeah. Yeah that I find that rolling in here. You see Ryan Johnson. Why not should it and I'm good. All right without. Yeah Iowa's winner of guys like that are pretty Greg delicious and LA are making up for something. Like flip and they knew that like big truck guy. Right it's really think you really think big truck guy small media Somalia so appeared so what do you bragging about. Large leaned is that lenient a small track the path her path. Christiane academic a Smart Car certain ethnic ethnic pride the guy's gotta investment bank guys swing and the sweetest and series and would. I don't know how that works. If you are gonna brat who I would hope that you could value that is how embarrassing is that they get in only gonna call you on it. But you bragging to a budget deal they don't care I don't care that you dragged your girls' about it then eventually I'll Sudan Steven Morgan reproduce the good that's called a lawsuit. What a it's called us old brother. Geyser weird anyway guys are terrible. Speed is paid yet husbands have been cheating on line since the well you know I think that goes forever right but there's a new book out. And it is called state of affairs rethinking infidelity and it's by a writer. You know that she's Psycho analyst. And she notes that the rates married women who report that they've been unfaithful to their husbands has increased by 40%. Over the last thirty years stuck. Or is now would you say that men. It Nadine that they've been unfaithful to their wives or girlfriends. Has risen as well. But it's it's risen but I don't think it's visited that kind of rate. That's seems like a pretty big spike it is not risen it is remain the same we kept the man at the same have always been dirt balls yes. Women are just now under the office so what's the percentage of men. Literally doesn't say that here I don't. To this to be honest here the two things that I it was completely unaware that seemingly are pretty normal now the older I got one cocaine into cheating. Again my mind goes there those things that relate very. Think they were taboo like it was that ever happened other people that you get older. You find out a lot of people are doing blow and a lot of people are cheap yen and that's those early bastard. Like adults sort of things for me right when he started by your UBB and again I did was blow this weekend outlets and LA Samie. Has said. It's duly noted that how they know we drive but we both drive big trucks. In group gobs and some hotly pinky and I will tell you that I have I've often in very honest about mine. He attacked Islam and the equipment but the I've said many times as they get unmanned resumes when every. Way. But I just average in all ways I'm clearly overcome it and read into that when she will ignite you and forty clearly. Over compensated fairly small Weiner yeah I mean there's there was no the the way around it. OK so I'll wait we'll now integrate easily come back would you have to see the percentage of men cheat he had like that number it doesn't say that here. It we just know that it's not going up more women than ever are cheating on their husbands. I have some numbers here in Europe. They're pretty started so they're always get married there is a reason why women are cheating on their husbands according to these women. And you will find it most interest. On the fan. OK so new book state of affairs rethinking infidelity in which the author points out since 1990 so not quite thirty years 27 years. And the rate of married women who report they've been unfaithful has increased by 40%. While the rate among men has remained the same I have experience. OK Alan you're here kid this about why women are cheating more yet. Yes and why men are not. Because when men always have been always think it's impossible for men cheat or that. It's kind of my point they've maxed out by the way I found a I would say they gave me all the 27 statistics 13 of all marriages one or the other. There's cheating there's infidelity and 13 of all marriages third the third that's not as high as I would've thought so really. Mean that's 33% now it's pretty big chunks and so between you Mike in one other person in some things going on here is this. Just so you guys both know. So this is my theory on and and they break it down even like you know. Family members like sister my brother Ramallah and but if you cheated before you were 350%. More likely no question begin no question of 50% yeah teach she wants yeah here's your anger then that's what a lot of women saying I think the key keeps you not gonna now. You can just likes to step down you catch him or her doing it wants don't forgiven its it is I let them just this material. I've always said that with the men and there are so mend it don't cheat because there's some sort of moral obligation there may be your man of the lord or. You just really love your wife that much but I believe if a lot of men. The only reason why their faithful is because there's not more opportunities. And I think this my theory on. Is gonna go the same for women as women go more to the workplace as we get more two income households. There is more opportunity for women to cheat than ever before. That to me is is why so if your if your man. I think you and all the vast majority of men are as faithful as their options. And women the more they're out of the house and the more their their kind out and about. Women are always gonna have more options than men because it's way easier for a demilitarized zone to sleep on them yeah so that's my theory on why women are cheating more at a higher clip now. Okay. That's not written. But I like the leader thinking. And makes sense to give these dudes that like I would never cheat like with a Tiger Woods scandal like yeah if you're Tiger Woods. You're cheating but seats that don't you think there's a differing get to the answer here that you think there's a difference between guys who want to cheat. But don't because well it's. Socially on except to like they would cheat it's just they don't like how it's gonna look. As opposed to I'm not cheating on alike because all I don't know I love my life. Yeah I would never do that to her I think this I think the people that fall into that second category are the my newer I agree with that was that are just like I guess I could never do it I love my wife it would devastate your candidate that's the that's the minority yes the majority are like. And I want that girl over there. But I would I can't I can't can't do it because I'm married it sucks I don't wanna divorce hit an ally I don't wanna give up have mice I don't wanna give up have my stuff ready. There is the vast majority of that hot girl in the corner doesn't want anything to do with you know that's my point is if you look if we you can always find a way to it's now but he bit that that. I can blow that. Because a guy making gated in if he wants to give again. Here's my ears might you might have to pay for exactly let's isn't saying that it was life if we had a bunch if you was like a street of like super slide. That was just wandered around. There was just go to running grab the dudes and like let's do this more guys that she had no you know as soon as an endless. Skyrocket that's a good point yeah it's a group of aliens comes down there there are guys guys it's. Would there are a lot of guys who would not be able to resist yes but it doesn't happen that way so therefore they don't yes. So there would they want you poor thing we did the average guy out there that's worked and then nine to five he's got his like his doctors on his White Sox is brown shoes. Could that guy doesn't have the key now takes cursing under his roof if you like Brad did your Tiger Woods. And you've got the Perkins waitress or like your Schwarzenegger in the maids like right here right now. That's a whole different level of temptation. Now that the divorce thing is very real and there you. You know that there are so many messed marriages that are still together because the guys as they did it is easier though we've got kids. I'm I'm keeping this I don't like given away half my staff of the exactly I'm gonna do it because you know she gets the house she gets the kids can you get like a one bedroom or studio in on the Isa it somewhere and that's where you're checked out now. Now I hear is let's. The furious and this is coming not from the author of that book. But this is coming from. A woman who wrote an article about the book and she was she does earnings Meredith and she was out asking her friends. Paid yet. The guys faithful there. Just compare notes here but it is their reserves aren't these the people that admit to it and there's a lot of view the will never admit one said. That she was a 100% faithful to her husband except when she was out of town for work. It's and that raised red flags that was like when you get Dicey is on your side of the stated doesn't count another said she'd never had. Blank with a another man you know. Share option. But Sheehan had a lot of emotional affairs and inappropriate email or text correspondence with deeds. And then another said that she had had. But two affairs full on affair is over five years and so this Meredith asked the honestly why regions and they said. That the real reason more women are cheating on men is because they are nicer to their husbands. Wind vane. Get what they need outside of the relationship. They are claiming that it is actually better for their marriage. Chris Rock of passes that they cheat to sell Serbian pile of crap such a great way for those who justify why. What a crowd I would leave the guy had it because he is in the guy ever said that yeah he would just be putting out a lot of the crucified I've been flat on the Perkins waitress and then Denny's on on the weekends until you live. You really should be bigamy because I'm much sweeter guy when I come OK but I'll take the food sizes and say isn't there something practical about that. In in the here's one of themselves that's gonna go Altman proposes to the mrs. But this discusses the fact is I'm nicer to my husband might have something special going on it's just for me. I'm less of a bitch. Any courage needed as illicit these women. Described there in Delhi not his transgression but he creative or even subversive acts a protest against an institution they'd come to experience. As suffocating or oppressive. Hello I'm less of a beating your husband come and this until they are little will hold Fontana. The reason they're being beat of their husband a lot of times is because the husband's an idiot and he's not. He's not that big hitter and he's not yeah Dick Durbin is that you are so tell him. Well OK but see now you're getting into the whole thing here I think Mike is really just using my legs got all the answers Ike is disturb you that is that is clearly not been in a relationship where. Let these things are hard. In their complicated it takes. It's it's not as easy as just Pena. He needs you you know. You need to do this that the other and then come to be the best person ever do you I. His love though that that's sort of justification is so great it unless the bitch might. Is the cheating but aides say this but your constant cheating kinda makes you more of the bids. But you can't be doing that lets slip that guy be a make him less of an a hole when I cheat no you cheating makes you an extremely able. So that's a bit the guy is there's something she's not getting from the relationship. And so whatever that pieces she fine. Literally fines it somewhere else nineties and then comes back in and has a better relationship with her husband. This goes back to my larger theory and I had this little bit Alec I tried to talk bad about the church. That I was a member of her biggest at instantly amp have been in many many different. But. I would sit there and in that church right here's posted that that's. That's like the whole thing like Stanley marriage church right and I would sit here and I always had this theory as I would guts no warmer people that I went to church with that the vast majority of those people hated their spouses can really did. Can you just listen let's talk about I feel like most marriages that against him out. I see at least half of the marriages I personally know one of the spouses taints the other one. I think that's the number one cause of cheating is people are married and they hate the person really to. I think cal out at. Of all the people I know I can count the really good marriages can't dance. September either marriages of convenience or what you said. I don't wanna get divorced we have kids Dan we're here it's good though this is what I'm doing this my let this woman supposed to do. But the people that really love their wives they're like no I would never cheater I'd never Jim has because we love each other men committed to each other. I don't know many of those people but most of them are just you sit in there it's again as what god wants me to do is what society wants me to do. There's a lot of people that are married and don't really wanna be. Well debt that may be true that. I don't necessarily disagree with your take there I do think that most marriages are flawed. And a lot of times. And that's okay. Right like who has a perfect marriage I mean it's it is well apparently I didn't eat lunch break besides my besides my kid doesn't really exist but what you do is. If you're committed to one another you work you work on those things right up in the really shipped changes over time polite to get we come I. I think I know a lot of people dead. Yet and I get it again legitimate I did aiding the other first I think the bigger thing is just it's not perfect it's hard it's it takes work. So this woman sat down with. A bunch who win this is another of his of this book is called. It's howled cheating wife power pragmatism and pleasure in women's infidelity. The women are trying to put some sort of positive spin on their ordinance. That. And here's what their sense that Arabic thinking I swear. Here's a they're saying OK she does interviews she enemies forty women decide who participated next from her relationships. And the sister Ashley Madison. But Anna is not they what's. Let's look at Hitler wasn't fame Q is she is just privately admit find out though it only counts for fear a lot of the Bob a lot of now. OK so she says surely one might think a woman would do such as saying. Who would decisions they must be acting out of his and the desire to escape they miserable marriage and yet it turns out. That is not always the case many of the women she interviewed were in marriages that were quite functional. Like the women I knew who cheated many of the interviewees said that they like their husbands well enough. They had property together they had friendships together they had children that they were working together to raise the same time. They found married life incredibly Dolan constraining in represented the fact it is women. They felt they consistently Diddy disproportionate amount of the visible labor they went to maintaining their lifestyle. That is com. Kind of what I just said that's it's a list of birds and abide ate my husband that I need my life well I don't wanna do this. Yeah and as the same thing it's just like it's mundane the end you're and it kinda sad ending may have. Have been doing this for years that women have finally sort of be an honest to be like against you eat meat and I gave you hate your life and you think it's forty constraint. I hate to I don't wanna sit at home and watch sponge Bob for the 800 time NC I think it's less about. Did I think it's less about the individuals and more about just that. It's it's overrated. It is. And people are being honest like anti met Greg raising kids doing are rated. Each oberg and serious. In a more and more people are realizing it I do get this one or they're doing this and this is what they're saying is that they'll they'll be in that life. Okay will this is the life we've created let's do this I love you well enough. Mean you're all right in these kids are pretty great so let's just keep Guinness but. I'm a fifty shades greatness on the pitch over the weekend on T gap. Right yet that's what it is that's what it is. And I get this one a lot to like they married people ask me like a year are you gonna get married again. And an obvious they got a I don't know if I really want to and they always drop when he told you you'll get married again I don't Mike why because yours is working out so well. Because they know the person that it's it's always the person that hates their marriage by the way it is always try to touch others do cutie married. Big Dick if this is is is anyone come in and I'm a bit like let's joins me gimbal bitch about it together. Ma I'm good. Pose a lot more here. A DV cable a more little nuggets I still feel like this screams like nobody wants to talk to each other. But if you just communicate just eons. And meet me there I didn't know that he did point like just just to talk to them on exactly understand. Beyond feelings why you're feeling a lead you and talk to your partner about it that's kind of the whole point it. But people don't we don't nobody liked catalyst to show them down the strength that stirred the overrated chant at the next awaited word I could. All about it picked it up right at priority topic did it just took start though over rated chance. Yeah it should not is somebody said he should not be that hard to tell your partner your needs are that your on happier that he can be tried this or do this the problem is a lot of times. Guys any way more than women don't reach listen that's true. Pay attention and then all of us and you wondered why she's a big it's it's because you haven't been listening to learn what receives yeah you just died and I was of impotence if you buy because you think the truth is going to be worse or something it's like. It's any worse later controls rallying. Marriages don't. Cheating on your husband in getting herpes now that. Is an adventure the adventure of Alexa. Our own innocence that is good time. Here's Mike was toward senator folks. On to an eighty. And. All right we're not demon marriage. Now it should. Brings us to get. I've I was looking at some of this they have their code this is from trust authority to gain. Fare it's who has a dedicated to this and they've got different statistics justify justify. And they've these the 2017. Infidelity statistics this is where 13 of all marriages one of the partners of Kabul. Or cheating and the vast. May the highest percentage of where the affairs come from his work. That's by power and Arlen convenient yet it's floods it's kind of one of those that you were. You know flirtations are right in battle for me leads to something and then doesn't when a thousand Justine is. 50% of the time that you and opened a a Eckstein or online a virtual affair as they call when you're sending naughty text messages back and forth. Up 50% of the time that does turn into even. Real affair so that hole I just and it's just online. But I would think you'd be more than 50% or 50%. Marriages should be more like contracts frankly. You know signed a five year did you find your deal now mind you to see if we both wanna renewed third player option the team option on that it's a pretty one year to year. Seriously damaged better than being. Took decider. That's the difference do you have news of their right Christiane self doubt Smith gives you seven Aaron Rodgers you commit long time that quarterback Alex yeah maybe it's huge huge thing and unlike football these relationships involving changes we get older in ninety Alex Smith can turn industry can bring in Sweden and there. Or it happens you know we'll invite and vice Versa since we do know quite figure the Dallas Cowboys elected to write pitchers next thing you know you're two Cleveland Browns. With the key like if you did have like this the sports contract they would keep both sides may be a little more motivated I think in my. If I do think there's an element that too that after a while there's a real element of why should I trust us like my life she does pretty Golan. A much like Haley that they're looking in the are there any. It seemed like all cute in person you go to pat me on the head BC that where they both sides of the marriage where it error and sad when one of them has just clearly just quit the liked. Whatever. Entity that's the most unhealthy like for example OK so this guy says this is the average for pierced excellent 55305 I've been with my life for ten years. It's a ten years long time right now. Been married for three open marriage as of a year ago who. Fantastic communication and bulls have temporary or permanent veto power bin pretty good fellas way better than getting cheated do you bring that went up though what that. Like semi final offer them a lot more now just be honest and say I want them and she's like oh my god I can't believe you said that because I want that to. Look bad to me what that guy just said. That's healthy that's actually what we're tight mutt that they are both they both. Had a need there wasn't being fulfilled they talked about it and now there for filling it that to me is former healthy then this sort of bullet point AB use it to be married you have to do a BCD eat it just makes sense it's never made sense but people just kind of follow along. This type of relationship is happening as Mike said. More and more the end it may not be good free to let me I know you're gonna prove who they your little more traditional guy but that Timmy for those two people. Is. Healthy. This is why it was quickly though the problem is is I've read a lot of stories about open marriages. The guy always gets the short end of the stick because the girl. Has a good Jillian option exactly and the guy has like maybe two girls that he goes out with him he finds out his wife's been looked like he guys he's all the sudden bill. And only when he can't you're judging does this guy just said it's angry so obviously is to me whenever I hear that I was in the big island of sabotaging that you. Because. Guy will say it's okay is that minimally glad crucial this adds it's gonna be awesome. But this to Mike's point yeah that guy goes out it gets like two women like over the course is six months meanwhile as wives out their Christ that. And his poor little ego can't handle it. There we give that is he better than B and guys' egos are so damned fragile was present when it comes to the bedroom. I think there's a lot of dudes that being in theory that that's gonna be great for them and then once they get into it I think they find out that thing is way more than they bargained for. So and I want to Thursday to cause real quick. They said would you guess the the vast. What's the most likely the year of the marriage where infidelities and. What's gonna be after. Think it's giddy after the kids because what what this is not manhunt before it would be today answered though we have not highlighted enough. I think rather unfairly. About what these women who were cheating are saying. They are talking about the inequality of their relationship that's what they're talking mother saying dude I am doing all this crap. It's these traditional rules and he works and drinks and you know in I'm reason McKenna do almost nothing he does he realize. How much I'm doing and they're sick of it like it did they're just they're doing more more more. And they're just tired of it and that's that's part of where they're coming from and I don't think that we gave that enough. A credit because I'm how many marriages you seen. Particularly those with kids that is quite sure yet seeds gist is that guys we're just not as. If the them the mom gets wrapped up and be in soccer mom and homely kids everywhere they're great mom. They're great ads just got to say get dad's not there are great gadgets just. That's good that is such a common thing now with this with the sexes in marriages and and particularly with with kids and thought I just wanted to point out that. Is the inequality of it all is so annoying that that's part of what is going on here. So to answer your question which was. What again. Would you guess the the average year of the marriage that infidelity. Is going to occur the most likely time. Yen in the year in numbers and. Oh can. None. Is goes against everything we've been talking about here OK you won 222. Years it. A after getting married or being together after being married. Higher by far more likely to occur two years into the bears is that winning kind of gets it's are settles you know the honeymoon phase is over and suns down against dole and I would've thought he'd be. Much further what are the what are they called the seven year pitcher like you mentioned kids. Think like after wildlife crisis has some like that where is it seems like this is you get married and then shortly there after you like this stuff. As Sox. Guys though I don't wanna do things. Yeah. Well. It's not. Think there's room. I still maintain marriages overrated there is a lot of husbands right now driver with their lives and they're like no funny everything there's a it is ridiculous. Oh yeah. That's true I love you look Muslim situation as he answered your partner. We're just lined drink. Well drink yes now or to be honest entry online and then beyond just more the passenger bankunited or just pay attention Palin telling you been married for your house. On possible. Six months. Here camps. Not my make believe makes phrase was never ever ever ever ever though have a look at the perfect. Thoughts ever crossed your mind the killers. Know. He's cute love. Flew. Brings us to get to a game thirtieth anniversary of that I think over the weekend emas tonight did and it started the second meeting in. You can hear me you just talk and Patrick Henry. You know communicated him Oscar and should be able to step on you with another younger sexier those let's step out together. Between dusty did you think that would solve the what does. I give him what you'd have Crawford. You know the need to change your piece you hairy if that. Mariners game here. We done yet I think or down vote no we have knows that. John Preston up next on the tin man and did Johnson gimmick on 1080 those. In tomorrow's club houses for a headline. Idaho father killed by dooms day forever dead BD in bowl euthanasia gone awry and Rocco who doesn't tell the story right there we'll talk but that's now. And also wanted to mention. Aaron judge did not strike out in his last and a as you would have expected just deal he just did appear on camera. And so now the Yankees are up eight to nothing in the ouster since it won 54 in the post season. I was there recovery going on in the world works talk about the quarry and here. Yeah attendance as were talking about marriage holds patent announced I mean there's not that there's nothing going on college football baseball. Right now. Football stupid they're I wish spirit which is the work pretty time. But it's luck or do you. Need to get right to copy it and operate right now the scooter top twenty team. Really don't you see in top ten last week. But Flickr I think we all is I think we solved it they'd worked out and he and I told them but he gave we're gonna lose they're probably lose again they are. Particularly confused here girl line isn't that great. And Bayer that we watch and they're good record when they've played well they're really that they are susceptible. Duke game like that idol thing that was indicative. The kind of team they are some of those used seven turnovers trying to I was more worried that you that night back. That was a bigger problem for me some of those turnovers we. But kudos to cal they lately on the the wanting bit thicker shirt that you don't come play in the pack well you can get one late on bikes development. That you go Wilcox to tap into the business. You know what's funny is I kind of like. I've never met Wilcox whose brother never talked to him I don't know anything about that because I'd ought to do I I kinda like your brother and they were part of you that was like air. Let's go to the cockpit. Yeah this I like to watch just NT because. He did mannerisms. Are very similar there's a lot of things just knowing Josh so well known. Just as funny to watch it can't root against the Wilcox is there just like another nice that people in the world great guys Rory. And that that might bring it back car tech to meet apple Friday morning and there's something like. You know hey we're gonna be we're gonna beat you guys this week there's something that I let me like her like good luck and the ability it. Again like I couldn't really mean that they were part you'd like a paper Wilcox. It was when you should be ninth inning you know plenty of up by the way it is what I kinda poor rooting against the actor so go Margaret. We need more there. So fifty I hope we are currently 11100 to nothing tonight. And be record I feel like that would be really boring games at some point yet when Arnold. I like here you go home Astros. Meant and he night. Everybody what is the most runs scored individually based on her. 2628. Sixty that a phone does anyone ever laid forty yards of any known. Not that it's. Since the third 8030 it. Yeah maybe thirty. Here between. Teams have scored 25 or more runs in the Major League game. Thirty Texas a Baltimore game one although I was not that wasn't that long ago I was in 2007 DN AU member of the game. Maybe Baltimore thirty to like to you in back of the date Ernie prior to 19100 I guess they cute. Chicago beat Louisville and they scored 36 a little slow speed with an 1890s at. A bowler in my past seven years ago. I'm okay well we got to go coming up tonight I wanted as well enough to watch it but. SB key you know sports and it was gotten into out after the game. Is gonna have LeBron and doing it on there. Yeah I am is it has even reading about what they've been saying about each other yet there are tickets are there about here is that how cheap LeBron James is yes I wanna touched a case of you that we can have time for today but tomorrow show we need attention on doing laid calling LeBron James cheap yeah I was concerned about because. Do you know what have you can be read why he called in that I've seen bits and and I saw a couple clips there preview for dementia LeBron. Puts on music for the team like the name down for counts them practiced. And he won't pay for. Premium pandora like yeah experience under the direction so he refuses to favorite he's where they give Jillian dollars any refuses to pay for it ladies please don't regulate forty million dollars since its American college that forty million. That he won't yeah it's like five about Somalia really in big that is a fascinating discussion is he really cheap or. Is demand principles. We'll talk about this tomorrow have a good night of back to my three on fan. She and. Okay.