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Wednesday, October 11th

Hot 5 at 5, Chris Petersen vs. ESPN, and more!


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They are listening to the prime time of the highs against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. I would love I would love. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason sic Dan Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. It's. So on aids itself five. I'll buy the final three not bad look at us this is sort of on time yeah I'd say this is I consider anything under four minutes. I don't die we are. Talk instant sports Sagan he dropped from art to. He joined us earlier we had a Korey Hall the beavers coach on you know yesterday we had Mike Bellotti. On he was great carry Anders if you missed any of our interviews or any of our hours is go to 1080 that you cannot accomplish up I cast. We have so much to get teaches although we podcasting right now because Mike's in charge of those and I feel that my kids. Occurring very hard right now. And would be paid no attention to our show literally as you say the same type and description for our two. The Yankees getting ready to to take the field in the deciding game five. Love this series yet and. Or read what's is nuts you know whats is the the the universal what's is nuts. Yeah Edwin in Carson on as is gonna play tonight Encarnacion. Are sealed because what you look for in he's out there. Yeah we'll keep you posted hey look we don't want to get too so we are going to talk about Chris Peterson's flap DS PN in ten minutes. I'm coming up in the club. Did you have to get the Harvey Weinstein audio I did an area isn't that whole thing suck about Harvey Weinstein. I guess he tried to will his daughter called the police that he was suicidal today. Does president now and really ball crumbling does that really matter at this point again he went away tomorrow and I think we WOK with it. And we have a lot of feedback regarding our Korey Hall interview from earlier idea beavers coach. Some of it okay. Wishing him the vessel locks like look tough spot here Anderson left him kinda. But not others is really. Really hard on and so will get to some of that but tell right now chase my bro. The hot cited time cause. The sudden. Odd topics and opinions. We already own pocket today and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club med pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac and soon it's very. Refresh my record slide when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your name climb and the number flies. Torn biceps for lions defensive tackle whole load teen not time yeah if he is out for the season when you start to wonder if maybe we. Favour coming to the end here. With with not a myth that's been a long and productive career is not what he once was it. You know and every one of these major injuries you know whether it's in a JJ a lot of evening we're talking about this start happened a couple of these may not getting any younger and quality not a has. It's been great I've I think you've I don't think it's argument is the best defense player ever. To come dual organ. And the guy has been an absence that the NFL for a decade in other NFL news the browns say they will start Kevin Hogan at quarterback against the Texans he will be there 28 starting quarterback since 1999. I'd Thomas Rawls and Eddie lacy will get equal carries in DC ox backfield. And the cowboys came on cut cornerback Nolan Carroll knows that nothing to do with the anthem and don't was even he's just been us suffering from some injuries and they get that. Rookie. The ol' what's his notes does that outplayed carelessly they cut him. They just signed. The rookie corner for Dallas is pretty good listener or around looking at where you again. Palin Stanford is gonna start Keller Crist at quarterback against. The ducks. He is gonna play most of the game but Dicky. We'll return for. Oregon yes this is the Tuesday game because neither team has the did you about quarter. As a as a quarterback. Mean you talked about organ struggles but Stanford has the same things Stanford is obviously has played a couple of due to injury but. The killer Chris certainly wasn't lighting the world on fire before he went down. But this will be a battle I think of he drove the temple here who could run the ball what defense of the better. I think organs got a good chance in this game did you see who showed up at today's practicing Eugene for the ducks. We had it real life college football officials. Yes right I did see this that they are worse they are dead last in the power five in penalties they brought in their officials to try to. Try to somehow stave this off do something. Not a bad idea. How to work. He drew about Jordan listening again Louis yet he's been pretty good guy he's been put into musical abilities. He is you know it's. Yeah it's pretty dodge. Get a Red Sox and I can retain skipper John fairly won three division titles and World Series in five seasons. Options to replace him Astros bench coach Alex Cora. You'll run garden higher. Jason Varitek. And even though they say Tony La Russa who is 73 years old. And has. And you I was not do you remember they did save by the way regardless of what happened in the post season nothing was gonna save his job because business. Well Dave don't Brownstein is the president of baseball ops for the Red Sox took over in 2015 and at that time Ferrell had cancer you know so many think that that's why he had been hired until now I never liked Carol. So I he is the right announced that the nationals. Bottom of the ninth. Leading the cubs five nothing today Stephen Strasburg did pitch in pitched quite well. If Grand Slam from Michael Taylor in the top of the eighth broke it open in the nationals in a forced game five. Which will be tomorrow. Let's Strasburg was great remember this comes on the controversy where he wasn't gonna pitch on short rest and then he was giving in to pitch on regular rest but they kinda. He gets pressured him into it he went out there of the legacy was still a little under the weather was sickened and one that was great yankees Indians about to get under way the winner of that it's. I game moves on stick on the Astros in the American League. Championship series blazers beat the kings last night the use of her kids suffered a concussion he is not gonna play tonight in Phoenix. He could be in jeopardy for the season opener but they're not really saying the season opener is actually one week from tonight yeah he's not that they get in the pre season Willingham tonight and that one yet the one that that the people at Israeli team and it's a quick with. We quickest is about this is that the the ease at this two days ago. That's the rotation and in the starting line up percent of those stocks kind of denies that but. That this alternates as a concussions you know I can see many of the guys played any kind of minutes. At this point of the salary this season blazers have until Monday to possibly come to me routine extension agreement with you sit there kitsch now the speculation is he could be in the four year to 74. To 84 million dollar range. As seen kind of deal Gary Harris got her kids and of course he does not have to accept this if they don't extend his rookie deal. He'll become a restricted free agent after the season season that's more likely being gone anywhere ago. But he he's probably gonna bet on himself but doesn't keep none of the weekend for the blazers in America it's not only is concussion but perhaps SuSE. His contract and a number one Jason exciting news today and she's back. Condoleezza Rice is a return back to save college football. The FBI's exposure of widespread bribery fraud and cheating college basketball has hit the sport hard and now NCAA president mark amber has conjured a committee. That he believes will clean up the sport. So this is two weeks after the bombshell of the story. He has. Put Condoleezza Rice former US secretary of state in charge of cheering. That committee that hey they're gonna fix the they're gonna fix all the problems. But not pay the players that's important partners. We'll look at every single possibility but. Be damned if we're gonna pay the players skid that out right now Grant Hill will be on the fourteen person committee. I'd David Robinson. Former college coach Mike Montgomery also John Thompson the third. Jeremy Foley former athletic director at Florida and current Ohio State ED. I Gene Smith. They are outlining a three pronged approach are you ready I'm ready are you ready be Pronger I am ready prone to me. The relationship for the NCAA national office member institutions student athletes and coaches with outside entities including apparel companies agents. In non scholar. Non scholastic. Basketball entities. And a little middlemen. I never see trials the NCAA is relationship with the NBA in the challenging affect the NBA so called one in general has on Kosmas well. And three creating the right relationship between universities and colleges of the NCAA and its national office to promote transparency. And accountability. And no we're in there though that we talked about again share in the billion dollars. In TV revenues now let's not talk about that while they talk about that or any of the academic fraud by the way to see that Auburn is being pro now for their academic fraud. But they're proving themselves yeah Auburn his tired and and and an outside firm to look at do investigations of allegations of academic fraud. Across all of their sports but. Some Intel they must like Florida State beat that this independent firm will find nothing wrong. I love when these schools hire independent consultants that never seem to find anything. Don't wrong doing on RPI Jason. Famous words of great Gene Chizik. I really do hope that this committee by the way can actually come up with some sensible rules I doubt it's. But to me that's one of the drums have always had the incident led said why not get a bunch of Smart people in a room and I see try to come up with some real reform. As opposed this archaic giant phone book system do you have now that doesn't work. So we'll see it may be actually some good can come from a list of big names on the committee and the people that you probably you don't have a you know some some. Dubbed a better idea of the inner workings and we'd view because they've they've been through the process. I've cited five refresh by prospered course like Duncan Bieber fans download new course like XP app earn points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards even game tickets. But speech when he won or over Chris Peterson verses ESPN next on the fan. We're advising consume drugs Kennedy. All right we'll revisit this Korey Hall. Beavers interim coach who was on earlier in our next segment. I'm here's something that happened over the weekend it was. Quite interesting that we have not gone to and that is Chris Peterson. Against ESPN. This seems like such a heady spat to get a new and and one that Chris Petersen I don't think really did act. This is a scanner they hate each other. Seem like couple announcers and an EU is pin in general does. Kind of got all sensitive on this one so here's Avant Washington. Has played every single game after 5 PM go for money Anderson so far this year. Chris Peterson called the pac twelve after dark because he called them painful he apologized to his stand days. And says no one on the East Coast is watching. Which. Is all fair comments he didn't call anyone out specifically he didn't. Aegis EP kind of spoke the truth. Mean no one likes playing those games we've had Mike Reilly speak out about this we've had David Shaw speak out about this this goes back years. So hurt street Ole Kirk herb street now who is generally above the fray equality is peeing guy right. He gets on game day and he says Washington should be thanking ESPN. For carrying their games so then. Washington plays cow that night on ESPN seven I think was that a 745 kick maybe. It was late in the sideline reporter literally places three cupcakes on the turf and says that Washington's place in the college football playoff. Could be in peril because they played such cupcakes in the nonconference. So any literally three cupcakes. I've never seen anything like and I've never seen some control a team at their recovery by the way at the top five team and then the announcers. Had an issue with the bigs that I forget who was on the broadcast team. Name escapes me but they eat. I guess got turned down by Chris Peterson for in a pregame. Like a Friday interview I think rod Gillmor goes one a year ago was right I've suffered under the putt replica yeah it was it was regular more so. Mark Jones what would normally happens here is to you show up that. The bride dressed in the broadcast broadcast regular that I crew will show like the day before the games. And you know after walker whatever the sit down with the coaches and you kind of just. Yeah public go to get talking points conversation that way during the down moments the coaches can talk about or that the broadcasters can talk about. You know strategies are struggles or you know whatever is going on they've got some filler they can talk intelligently about the team I guess Chris Peterson doesn't do this. Chris Peterson offers a phone interview. With the broadcast team he did that this time and ESP and turned down. Gilmore and company in Jones said no way if you we don't wanna do face to face then we don't wanna do over the phone. And they called our Chris Peterson and kind of economy meeting seemed like he was he has been and fast like this was something that was really offensive to them that they indeed turned down though the did the interview. Yet they got on there and started lamenting Peterson didn't have much time for them and started so they really piled on ESP and also I'd Larry Scott in the Booth. And he said you lean. On the West Coast was up 38% no mention of you know easy those numbers so they are really Buttner bias yeah ESPN one as a key creating Larry's got called the remarks unfortunate it's. And I think untrue were incorrect. The remarks by Peterson Chris Peters yak is he doesn't lie and get into a pissing contest when this was TV partners know. So look and by the with a guy took up the door was kind of that was one of the things that he he brought in I mean the new TV deals and this Cutler's got the negotiated do we think fed. ESPN is right that these night games have been great for the backed off. Well we think that Chris Peterson is more right in that these games are painful theirs they set for fans and no one. Not only on the East Coast but maybe even in the central time zone watches. I think there's an element of truth tumble sides really do want to feel the pac twelve. This is the nature of the beast you need to fill these time slots but they they won. The networks want these games and you're gonna have to films of you want to. Beatle have a thirty million dollar a year pay out if you wanna be with the big dogs this is the reality of it. That we we get an ideal world everyone would kick off at noon and everyone would be happy to that's not to this isn't the way it works. I think sometimes what coaches forget is that eat it it in coach as mind. They're in this to win and it's simply a sport but it's not it's not about winning a championship it's not about winning a meaningless trophy. It's a billion dollar business. And without that bill without ESPN without fox without these TV deals. You're not making five million dollars a year your school is they're raking in you know thirty or forty million dollars a dealer a year in and building these facilities. So I think sometimes there's a disconnect between coaches. And the business world of things so I think both sides are correct in the yes this is a pain in the ass and fans don't like it. Players don't like it coaches don't like it but I think that yes yes and and the pac twelve and AK Larry Scott I think they have a very valid point they're like look you don't complain about the money. You don't complain about wind you know year you are getting your products are seen by more people than it than than ever before if you go back to when I was playing and you'll back into the late ninety's into thousands. You're lucky if you were school like Washington to have maybe one or two games. Available on a national network and now every single game that you play. Is available to a national audience yes. Big East Coast of probably the central aren't really watching Ed but at least it's available to home where 1520 years ago nor on the East Coast could. Watch Washington football yet just wondered fit if college football eventually. With all these different TV networks it's kind of it's kind of scattered right now it's energy gets CBS yet games with ABC ESP and you got fox in the snakes in there than the regional networks in the conference's up. I just wonder if they can never get to a more NFL star model. Where you have set game times. And we do. 090 but there all of the board like pac twelve that it's you know help the ducks instead of crippling 8 PM West Coast time I'm saying out on saying has. Just all these games. There. If if they if they Whittle down the carriers and kind of like how the NFL has a model with DirecTV DirecTV only. Then you can dictate here's how we're gonna lay it out we're gonna latest gadget college football whatever entity. The other conferences altogether that's part of the problem is the congress are all on their own agendas but if if if college football has had one entity that debt. Condit looked out for everyone they could structure this so much better where you have say. Deny any and games that I'm on saint Wes this time you have all games filled in either the 9 AM slot. The I don't know 1230 slot. And then the 5 o'clock slot. The I I agree with what you're saying but what you what you have already is what you're seeing is just by conference. The pac twelve has their isolated times the Big Ten has their sleet at times. And it's it's impossible that'll never happen where the Big Ten is gonna do anything for the pac twelve in the pac twelve drang for the SE. So that goes back to a same as the conference's. Are on their own agendas and that hurts college football it hurts the fans it hurts the pac twelve does impact of this happens to be the time zone that's the latest and so it's like. Yet the SEC was out here again this would be the exact same thing it would it somehow. You know week week we flip flop this in an obvious he scoot SEC schools are out west Alabama would be bitching about the but I I just wonder if at this pie in the sky wonder if down the road in college football. We are finally get a wise not and that. Lee. Will be it in Kosovo will become its own. League that is governed like some of these other pro sports is more like a pro sport anyway. Where they can actually make far more money. When they more streamlined TV structure. Where everybody can see everything depending on what channel they wanna flipped him the and I think that that is no I don't think you won't ever happen ever because you don't think the conferences will ever get on the same page oh. Too many self interest it's and I I artists who think that that is an impossibility Taylor and that is a real promise cause the public has caused a buzz greatly all of that we talk about it a lot. It's really growing. But it's holding itself back and that was the Big Ten and I make in 45 million wonder why wanna do anything to help the October it's making 26 analysis the idea that. It altogether you can is so who's making the most. Big Ten in the SEC but this is a Big Ten makes 45 years is he makes whatever forty. You can tell them well if you lump them all in together and you all and you get everybody's interest on the same page. We're gonna make a hundred for each India but the problem is then is that if I'm Bob Delaney and on the big swinging you know won the Big Ten I'm not giving that up it's. It's so regional. Aegis since I really do you think it's an impossibility to ever wrote this in. Two to wind and and people asking about the pac twelve want to play early games because the TV doesn't want them to play early games because they hardy have the games back east. This this is nothing more than network driven so let's say RE SPM on fox sports. I don't need the pac twelve to play early games because I've got the ACC the SEC in the Big Ten in the big twelve to claim early games. When I can't have is I can't have the SEC in the ACC plane. And 8 o'clock gamer a 730 cake because that's 103011 their time you can kicking game off that late. And so by nature of the beast the pac twelve pass to fill that role so. I've got a couple people did that and asked why can't the pac twelve play earlier games. They could but the networks don't want them because there is are ready too many games to fill those. Early slots ended had chosen only wanna completely the only one so it kind of fills a need but I like the pac told after dark quite frankly I do what I wanna see on TV there's more and fair and a from a player Roma coach I hate yes yeah I like hit. As a fan I'm just not a darker beaver you this year any of these. So are really share because I'm not yeah traveling all these gains I think I would be as defile or if I rich like a husky and I have to can be mad about it but it's. Just there's this part of me that you lose I think what Chris Peterson was ad. You do lose me a little bit when your make in 56 million bucks a year. You're bringing in tens of of of millions of dollars a year you build these facilities are paying your coach's four million bucks a year you're live in the land of milk and honey. And then you wanna bitch and moan about the TV contracts that are what are paying your salary to what are bringing in all these. A amenities to you meanwhile the players aren't getting paid a dime is sitting at falls on deaf ears a little bit for me when you when you. Reap all the benefits of the system but that you wanna. I know you wanna bitch and moan about the system. Well look and I and I brought up before so watch in bitches or organ misses about plane the 730 kick right you know who bitches about complainant knew and ACC teams. The ACC teams don't wanna played eleven in the noon games they wanna play later. Because their thing as when they play eleven they play at noon they bitch that no one on the West Coast or no one in the middle of the country watches them play. I think was. Trying to remember what ACC team at once and might have been ripped. So from the ACC that I saw just a week or two ago was bishop about early kicks. And that no one paid attention to their games because they're getting lost in the mid day are getting lost early in the west so. It's. You're gonna complain about it were every year rats unless you're the Big Ten lesser the SEC and you know you play prime time football games every single week does it do any NFL teams ever complain in my game times. The only ones that I've ever heard is West Coast teams don't IE when they have to go easily player really kicked him is when you kick those early sonic games. West Coast time they're basically kicking off at 9 AM which these are players are getting up at 536. Those are the ones were if you get past. Yeah but I think you could do it if you streamlined you know whether it's three start times are forced our times that all fit into a reasonable day. On a Saturday or you just have to have all the conferences on the same page even though there sixty games you can do it. And you could stagger him within there is just. It's you know it's just a long layoff because. Alice abolished is not structured that way that you have to have one entity and I just think that that good luck getting all those rich old white guys in one room to decide. I'll cede power and not. Don't forget about the rich old. After American gal. Condoleezza Rice yeah that's college basketball yet as she was on the football commit I'm sure she's a she's a college sports okay. All the rich old white guys and the Warren on your eyes yeah African American made. All right well I think ESPN needs to grow up about that was bush league how they handled that was cheap miles though that I also agree with you about Peterson's likely he's a football coach is not a you know it is just he just he's got to suck it up I thought clay Hilton. Said the same things I did. I I don't know I yes I could sit and read about it but it's a waste of time I can't control and is gonna show him for ESPN to do that I'm with you that was that was loosely the cupcakes being and then you mean you made that personal and in the area there's no need for absolutely and in Washington is is a partner for ESP and they want your better teams. Showcase. And that's let. Prepare sheets said he went on Brock consult show up in Seattle and explain himself and he Condit you know they're back to he backtracked on the play nice is that look up on yourself. Look the pact on an island what exactly. Has been a broad into the fact of a jury she got really good paying in that pick Ohio State wins. Our rights good next let's Reid is a little bit of the feedback from on Korey Hall beavers senate interim coach joined us earlier here's Mike. We're advising consider god ten maybe bills fan. Quick and the note. No change to the NFL's anthem policy. Players will not be required to stand for the end them. Write me now yeah I think the NFL to delete this and realize they didn't need this S storm wrecked. And delta opted. Is it DeMaurice Smith yeah it is the am the head of the union. An of the players union and then they'd be able said nine. We'll RD of what was that one of the local unions of the local 100 Marty filed a lawsuit against. Jerry each couple months for saying that he would punish players for for not nearly and they don't they don't want this fight the episodes is desperately wants this to go away. And even Jerry Jones came out and said that he was. Basically just wanted to be the bad guided try to take attention off for the players even he's backpedaling from this. No one no one wants this fight certainly not yet. I Harrison tax regarding our earlier interview with Korey Hall. Of Oregon State. If I can find them. You know escrow but. You know I've I eat I'm mark him. And in you can do that alienate a separate a mountain and now it's like if you get a guy holy cow who has like. A twelve page thread they're right or is this is been texting a lot since then than I gotta scroll back and looking at your computer screen or out. You look like you have like one of those pop up viruses the amount of things yes they've Doleac seeing them and does someone and Serena meets certain it's not problem viruses. Auto windows that are slowly cascading down this rough looks a lot of questionable material of the breaks my edit close icann's I can't find here's. This guy's eyes fell. This guy Korey Hall went to the gym Tom Sula school of media interviews it was not. The most polished of interviews but I would also make the argument that I think that's about as tough a situation. If you can find yourself in and he couldn't really be honest with a lot of visits. Online that sometimes coaches is Harvard did interviews I don't think tiger screwed well and bad by the doesn't mean they can't coach. Just had been head coach this guy's been assisting coach for three years that kids every minute coordinator. So I don't envy that position he's in and it was a must buy situation and he's facing a lot of really uncomfortable questions when you talk about the text message there were released about Gary Anderson and throwing basically all of his offenses that assistance under the bus. The the elephant in the room that everyone of those coaches is gonna be fired at the end of the year including himself we talk about recruiting. But if you're the offensive line coach Wright and why would they recruit at this point I know I'm fired. A chance in hell that I come back I just feel like vagueness of the same guys is this all seems very well planned and totally under control as. Not in his ear it's all on the up and up on says this guy sounds like a player not a leader. It was a player not go down with six years in a fell. More. While Marco for children laugh out loud buzz words micro manage adult professionals that's like Gary left yet just feel like Anderson. I don't I don't really understand like in synchronous finish out the year. The key he really put this guy in a pickle and the whole program in a pickle. By leaving when he did you know I just think it's like. He's Kitna passed and it's a it's a really tough spot if New Year's Eve court hallways and in that what's amazing about it is. Prison Anderson now and I'd ever likes he has the money. We'll find out whether they likes of the Big Easy when they were to Denny's did guy core holes until he's one of the best coaches and us leaders. Is anybody call amount for literally pull in the shoot at the worst possible time. Yeah you really haven't seen a lot of it not even the players were hurt or pro Gary Anderson it is it is a weird. It's a weird situation it's also an unprecedented situation bit. I just don't know how you. I don't know how you rectify that situation first off the team has any right. It's it's been done to keep some stability like he really cares about the players in the program. He can lead the money on the table at the end of the year he's getting paid to be in the years yes yes so like he stabilizer recruiting in. Unless it was a let's it was a health thing and right I think some of that is pointing to a good. In Nordisk amounts that it. Unless it's it's that I agree with you I think this is a terrible time to leave means we're screwed. That was not called a first impression interview from the interim head coach that I wanted to hear. If he's the interim coach and not viewing this as an opportunity become a head coach is he really the right guy he kind of avoided a question. A US and if you want the job permanently it was not any kind of guardian like. For some of the ransom that interest and that. Well think again he's a three year assistant. Ever in cultural qualities never donating a living coach secondary coach two corners soul and I know is it a bad myth. To take the job noted to put him in there. I I question it better and I think did this to me speaks volumes about just how dysfunctional the coaching staff is. And the infighting that they had to go all the way down to him to trying to guided chose to delete it yes is what your site that's that's my impression of it there's no other reason to be. And maybe about the field and I'm just speculating here. Why you turn over program in such turmoil they clearly is on the precipice of fallen apart. Why you turned over to god this business is to coach for three years is beyond me other than you think he's a guy. That may be able to bridge some kind of gap that he may be the safest guy on a roster of coaches that Haiti each other. If it if you do you listen to that some of those text message that read. And then you listen to reports about how just toxic environment it was between the coaches I don't think you can name anyone from the offensive staff. And so they knew you go down the line of the defense of coaches and if there really is this the sort of great divide between offense and defense of coaches. It's possible to Korey Hall may be the one guy that people didn't hate. They're both sides thought was a halfway decent guy and that maybe that's the reason why get a because there's no reason. You give this to a third year assistant that's never donating main coach corners it's it's PRI because he kind of sounded like that yes he did an honest organized. Like this once as I was really hoping it would be signing off until beads of feel bad for this guy so much is expected. And so much pressure was just put on and hopefully he can make it happen when you've got a guy what's he supposed to do as far as profits of changes go we can't build an offense. You can't go out and make any higher he can't make any changes at this point. He knows they can give their entire staff is gonna be fired at the end of the year or so basically. And I'm not saying listed to degrade the program. But you just got put in charge of a sinking ship and the captain got on the I feel so bad for him. Well I just think people want it I think the sentiment that we got. After it is they wanted to hear a little bit more lacked inspiring my K amen amen to pull this to gather. When he really sort of came across as. In over his head. But like you said I would caution you if that's what you feel it's just because it's one interview like. You don't know what he's like you know rallying the troops in the locker room as it was like the players love him so he could be the right guy for you know I don't know but the interview. It didn't exactly exude a lot of confidence at a time when. They desperately need that they've got they need a guy who can jump in there and be a dynamic leader if not for. You know this week for the rest of the season. But if he didn't he just didn't sound that and that's what people reacted to I think that's fair and and it's it's made it he said it may not be BK is behind closed doors he may be. The Yankee beside him better and by the way. You mentioned those text messages why would anyone. Trust. That guy is it like release was text messages. Have we talked about that yet how bush league that is. ETB as he said that he isn't squarely under the bus he said that he was made aware that there are being published what I have read was whether he was happy that they are being published but. He did they're out there does seem to me like. What I I soft Iraq I mean I think he's just kind of understood when he like back and forth with coaches or her with guys or people in the media or Sony digital. You don't just throw that out there and I'm a thickness I was. Either Kosovo talkers football insiders someone had to tell xmas is today are now at Texas a but it tweet. Saying that every college goes that they know has. Talk to them about that article. And just how old how old Damien that is now. That is because they don't want to be honest with reporters now if they if they don't know up it's eventually gonna be policy stuff and it was pretty damning about four or if you know if you. If you do say yeah go ahead and publish those. I haven't seen your head coach go after a staff quite like that. Publicly it's not good optics either way. All right well if you missed our interview with Korey Hall you can download it adds 1080 the fan dot com that. Is our website. Government. It's Wednesday at 545 and you realize we have not talked any NFL now we've been kind of derailed by this for three days this whole thing I mean news. Three day it's such an inch will. And for all the B result in a week we got him Todd by the fact they've got Colorado. What do you wind if what if they went in pierce had two in five a big deal he wanted to keep. I think that's reasons lost in its and its boss is not pretty but no one has as men's event that there is a game coming up for them. What you just did the it's a 547 a little NFL next on the pan. Thank unions mean they haven't done. A lot of inside baseball and then beginning our heart of cards. That's great series the Yankees and Indian series is bananas along much hearing judge. I think he's so exciting AKA Herman Munster you seem robbed a home run in Atlanta was awesome the best part of that did you see the guy he was he was city right. Kind of to the right of where a judge made the catch. Didn't even blink. Didn't even move from the seed to stone cold assassin he knew was happening all along I saw that well if deviancy is in New York City he he robs us home run. He barely jumps diseases are huge dude is execs say it's a bust your only treated right after that he said that Elias. Reports that Aron judges the largest position player ever. Ever. Is he like 6768287. He's 67 to 82. According to the tweet pics biggest ever like Karl Malone Coleman on. Well anyway we'll get Smart baseball tomorrow and Friday go Indians but the V. Now I'm just an. Mike's in their grip then. They butt cheeks are all clinched up and sing go and the everybody I'm Catholic identity Tonka. Are you not ready for the Indians not written for Cleveland exactly but that go idiot so we'll say you know these yankees here. I know they're there they're not attainable was like that Jeter to sign a hell Bernie Williams exactly but I still hate their fans enough to hate them yet another at the right. Look if you are not Yankee fan the right side of this. Series. Is clear there's no question sort of any series against the yen is is the other side by U nine I think that. It's good for baseball when the Dodgers and yankees again. And it's really good to have a star like hearing judge like he's fun to launch and just as good and say it's is it it's a lot of local home while local homegrown talent but the problem with mrs. Is if you start to weaken your Harden hard to yankees and him. What will happen is they'll go out in the trade for urgent Carlos that in. And then though by Bryce Harper in the know get the shot though and then they'll be the most hated group known demand and then your hearts. Will be broken because you will have opened it up so I don't own that stone to the at the other Eid you know would you send us in on he's trying to does. The other thing too to piggyback on that is they're gonna start shutting these guys done to this can be on yankees all the time is like it. Mean I like watching her judge play that. You know how the Rangers it is a matter royals to. The united you know and it's yankees all Yang but I also this time one other thought. I actually think the Yankees a more likable in the Red Sox right now. Really it's. Yes and I would never said that before the Red Sox won a World Series as a cyclone. Reza but like the Indians are now the law they have the longest streak of not having won a World Series. Trainers. Millions. Always I guess that he needs have never been the bears have never won Indian bull. The Indians have won on they have won one since like the thirties and forties and daughters were. Nice indeed fifty of and he needs someone to someone not when the cubs won it now became the unions as the longest drought. And so you kind of root for. But now that the Red Sox don't have that drought the go back to I think there is just is I think they're just as capable as the Damn Yankees it's there's not much difference. But if the Yankees the Red Sox were playing only daddy you know boy. And at three dozen yankees damned good glorious is that as the go to an idea associate at the beginning when. Then they spot so cool BS at the Red Sox and yankees are playing and I still think the right side is they hate the Yankees. My keys almost in tears. He says he cougars like bright red I'm not Q Mike are you cry. I love duties so much I told you like a month ago how much I loved him and use golf to me in while here ER yeah a look at right. I think Mike's aroused right now Lincoln is so little in Kabul are standing for reason in a there's no question hole. I'm okay so look alloys haven't talked about the NFL asked is I get to tomorrow vehement coming up next let's talk about Harvey Weinstein sheet he Shelley. How did this cute and get me to do this for thirty years and so did a company that's true by the.