Primetime 10.11.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, October 11th

Dave Bartoo joined the show to talk the OSU situation, texts about Beavs coaching situation, and should the Beavs run the option offense?


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Find that time yeah. And then you can time the times and student yeah who yeah. Primetime revise against duke at home what they'll all journalists and I'll go and think yeah. This is prime time zone or not I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and brought in Jason singer Janet quit prime time on ten ADP. Tirades pilot in on Korey Hall. At some of that coming up this hour. We just had the beavers interim coach on those are pretty cheap team. You know listeners have their impressions tube I understand that but that's that's a really tough situation for him to be run and do anything he can't be on a percent on instant. You know he's guarded in need he's never. Never done anything like this before now you're in charge of an entire program after being in charge of the corners. Everything in some ways it's unfair that they they promoted him. Two to do it but I do think that that the fact that they went within shows you the discord between coordinators and and and the staff. Taylor could as a state bar to the matrix is here. Do it. They out here on the left I need. See non. Yeah that's. It's kind of been you shortly and dry out your beautiful. Tractor weather for days. He had been so honest tractor it is due red carpet. Now you're out whether your you're an idiot is you need to go on down yeah. Doubt the highway to it they doubles. Of twenty or oh it's outstanding. Act yet to guard me on the decry. Anderson none of that it and get that now think that State's crop in the back off oh the dress this tell you that the key yes I love that. Peso what do you think what do you what do the matrix think about Gary Anderson before yup and bailed. I heard a lot higher INS. I would not solve it in little old browsers. Like our lab and yeah. You know on it and disappointment. I was totally wrong. I I get higher RPI as there's. Action there's no positive road back. You're out eight when he did Wisconsin. Was comparable we're. Waters are on outward air base just turn out there. You don't yet two spectacle places Ernie went way out west are what are. Got it. Right. Oh. I really well they are a belt yet. Obviously not oh you know giant killer but Ernie are around I mean it is what your editors this. You're retired. I was really shocked and disappointed dedicate. You know and I think I only there was a personal lives that was an exciting when Gary Anderson got hired an organ state and I don't know how many people could've possibly predicted this and the unprecedented move of a of a coach stepping down and and watch and if not money dot I continue to think of anything that that that's like this and since you've been you've been covering college football. Org well bill. Yeah. No question. That and China. At one point you're on. A lot temperature. Iger. You know I don't wonder. Don't want like you'd give on Condit got beat all martyr where you know it uses art school and bring it out LT Utley called it love. All of our ballot or eight. It's just. Got what you look like apple all understood it got to the end Oprah. Epic though not the number of brands and predictability. And this is unpredictable. And it's number two this at all albeit at all psychology. And I'd love to be a wild while the last couple weeks. And you do coordinator rankings to. What hath this is a terrible question but I wanna know where Oregon State's ducks who would. Well OK but can you know we are. Didn't elaborate like WB so artist here they have a great deal worse is that is their offense coordinator light is their co dated two of them are is not a. Alberto Gutierrez. They their name or sock and a lot. The other and share. There's no power quite the worst operative decrypt or scoring a big cowboy when he gets worse. Get it worse. That would polish yeah you know all your organs why it would be easier or I yeah nobody would where everybody Hitler's. And the players everybody watching it it it would be worse. Mapped out in power are all right. Yeah I would of assumed it was BYU because I've watched them play and I believe. I think their profits lower than in states. It's a cute and like god. What is well I heard on the news. The best part of my today. You'll need. The years so cute Jason and as a drop please my. OK well where should Oregon State look I mean you know you you follow coach as you follow coordinators who do you think can be realistic but good hire for the beavers. Com okay what are the box OK because of it. What are unique unique you can't conventional like a power what all in my opinion football. That the TV shape this you know this whole spread. Don't read I think there's a lot of people doing ought to be unique and back when you look at the top when he iTunes. Playing out only to whatever to the top when he I'd like right now. We're seeing a wrote in of this high speed they are not a lot of good running yet. What I'm outside the box on the coaches that have been bear her out very well our running something way outside the box. I really what you would do it I think I got away of wanting not you know. That that oh kind of quarterbacks style football. Newark Newark on a well. Maybe you do execute you may go look at you know hardly anybody rendered. You don't have to render. Two lane very successfully. Our poll content rendered door attack two programs that don't have a lot of talent you didn't need any right now. Much count they're either and they are winning on the football games because that's probably the most unique arc prepare for offense they're nobody's gonna go duplicated. You know that don't read duplication itself. Oregon State that would be asked that aren't in your stamp that the top three on the list I'd be really really shocked. Yes it's easy adjusting because they're the CBS. It's for signed an article today about that where I forget who was that added. But he he wrote that that he said he knows comfort now comfortably said that organs they should run the option he said that. In a year you're just you're not gonna compete against organ in the USC's of the world on a consistent basis and and he did he eluded the fact like a lot of these schools were there hadn't had any success he brought a Calhoun and air force. Certainly at Georgia Tech and and what they're doing. That it didn't is different and in when we brought that up to put that out on Twitter. Take a lot of organs they'd fans I think that just makes them create I think the thought of going back to running. The flex Boehner running the Eddie bode wishbone I think just at that that's scares a lot of organs defense I don't think it should. So what can give you were. A number that. They'll look at. Okay Oregon State in Georgia Tech have a good comparison here OK bottom three recruiter in both and both conferences right. You know George cut are gonna get better. Organs they get much better than mid forties you know low fifties recruiting but look at George track this is but now they're not perennially top 25. Oregon State every going to be eager as. You know you look at particularly want to obligate the seniors they get the system in the right side and boom they're ten and here in the top fifteen. But they have a chance of making a New Year's six ball and never going to be a tough team. Side the whole of having a big scenes and you get the right components together. I think it was much more ballot. Under that kind of offensive scheme. Then going convention are going up tempo. Yes it's funny assistants Paul Johnson took over there and I'm just they would ask courier Safin it's terrified at the idea run the option and would you take this in the ACC if you're Georgia Tech. Who by the way like you said isn't a great recruiter is a very tough academic school to get into your never going to get big name recruits. Would Oregon State takes since two does knew Paul Johnson got their night in four. Eleven and 36 and 785777611. And three. Three and 99 and 41 bad year yes since he took over in 2000 eight's onion and it's in that way. Eligible. Now they got a tenure. Yep eight out of ten years and is. I have won their half of the ACC three times and favorite Davis and that Georgia Tech recruits. Here. Like Oregon State. And isn't nuclear accident and actually meet perpich comparison it really is because you're talking. Their bulk bottom three recruiters. They and their bowl recruit in the high forties or fifties. They always turn out you know Oregon State got on a few rugged dirt detect a few rounds but you look at their moving average over the last decade it's all about the same. So he app I mean as. A is it not sexy. You know got that a lot of teams that run paid slight North Carolina and Missouri and our football or anything but sexy. You're ready any and it is not sexy that that and that's why people have a prominent like comic god really is that you let is affect and I looked it up so in the air it depends on what you're looking out the error five year average rivals 24 sevenths got ESPN. 404650. To forty. Depending on what's gone as you wanna let's do you think other than the amount to low low who'd you mentioned is the is probably like the he's the quintessential guy that maybe you can get who runs it at navy. Their other guys. How will. Well don't count him now now back I appear cricket. You don't want you wonder everyone while I like got you on the real OK that's great what are they won five right now they're they're they're just not argue that the old John and yet they don't get yelled. But I'd still rather have a chance at eight beat the other guy is bad or did not believe that. Okay you wanna do a culture back. Help people wonder about Willie Brit could run option but he's been all school that you George suck that worth one or two way. Look at Georgia southern the war during and after the guy. He had a hot iron. Oh on Jordan's other he's having a bigger back to late 00 last week but option. That would be probably. Argue it out of maker really look. At all their that would be it died out well. If you win 93 and nine and for his two years and during that Georgia southern mile. And they recruit in the Juan what are one or they don't. I mean Garnett. It all and now didn't she say yesterday you were talking about the bottom 25 George Salem is the worst he got all of colorful than that CBS says that the worst even now a case of settle a debate Suk likes BYU I like Kansas and important organ state Dave who would win a in round Robin. They've generally guy Kirby you are. Ready get hurt they're seeing you know around Robert. Right now I I think he's got a it would be like you adapt. Can't let it get it or they right now. Whatever that there are at the deeper. Ugly. Oddly. Terrible terrible even just. Yeah I'd EYE a app died on error. Squatter over when he picked the noble sir there apple like doubt that those those are each terrible. Early. So here check this out okay Greig is ready yeah for the new bar to drop them and David zone page drops. But at the low. OK so last question you said that you. There is an erosion of high speed pacing college football. You think. That's the trend and. There's you know it is number one we had seven years. Robert K a plate increasing college ball up until two years ago every single year. He out ports or past seven or hear that junior girl. Now. A little bit aren't you're slower than your or so we're seeing receive offense slowed. Or opera. Cheney aren't they are not at. You know so right now look at the top. All key. 1131. Dirty sock. Almost back district court date okay. They urged boasts that the practice you know stamps perspective. Though you only five of the pace of play each team only to them are in the actual top twenty. Are they good on the other end and you look at our slowest eighteen. Top ten being out. I don't know not only see what all slowed down. You're also in what I'm reading in the numbers are seeing deep current. Started checked out. And so I think what we're seeing at this whole don't read this this. This error Eric K I don't read. Is slowly coming to. Eight as they coach you weapon that nobody. Beat we're starting to stop. And it's slowing down and started actually speed. A better brand of football now out there the better score bishop these are all bets would be better. And value are all sold. Out today were they are yours. Well thank you Dave I always appreciate checking and let your insight. Any time give me called out. Aren't seeded deep budget college football matrix got. Dave Dave brought up again referenced that article today in and CBS sports and just. The blow back that. Just the stigma that I think bothers. So many people and and what I do think that it it hearkens back to the petty bone stuff. And how bad that was by the way it's like you have to go hire him. To run this. But I think for some fans. See big for them it feels like giving up it's like well we've we can't win so no we have to run this this gimmicky crap but. It is gimmicky if you win with it is what Georgia Tech or what navy's doing gimmicky us is not very exciting if you're winning games you know. I mean the Georgia Tech and maybe you're hurt to the the best rushing teams in the country again I know what it's not exciting. Just not exciting. I only watch George Utley you mean sometimes I do the option to be really fun the well and because it's like zone will be visual C agreement. But I think watching it every week the economic. Finally let's let's pause we got a break. Text 55305 would you like to see Oregon State run. The triple option. Or some form or the quadruple option yes let's or that when topple option. A by the way grand salami. By Michael a Taylor of the Washington Nationals I have nothing top mediate looks like we're gonna get the deciding game here tomorrow. Earlier that no that would be tomorrow is the other in Atlanta because of the rain delay in DC motherly hit an awful Wade Davis a Washington come of that all right a fortunate one on the. It's a newsroom breath organs they should run needs some form. Of the option. Which air force runs needy runs its Georgia Tech runs it he said Tulane yeah you don't see it. Outside of those schools I can't think of anybody else Iran's of that. I Dave laid out there and it is you know it's quite successful. Canyon mocks a low low who's the con of the crown. He's got the hot name of all of all those guys on the Paul Johnson Juliet he's not getting on the U and I gonna get him at George tech he's in Nadine you may not be able to get him out a navy but I his record running this it navy's been there since 2008. Eight wins. Ten wins nine lands and they went five and 78. Wins nine wins eight wins eleven wins nine wins. And then neither fight and this year and the point out this is it neat yeah he's 82. And 42 and they play. It navy plays a pretty good schedule yet there they don't play all cupcakes well but it's more of the mountain west had scheduled suited you'd wanna keep dynamite but down below amateur. ID give him and he yeah he turned him down he's he's he's not doing essays and no BS guy and you know the do you are you was prepared to go option football and I was excited. 'cause I think that the same thing might be you are you now now that they're not gonna get into a power five it doesn't look like. They just they're not going to be able to compete with the haves and the have nots mean they're down and have nots in the and I wanted to see them run this I want because I think this can be a great equalizer. Remember when I played at BYU and we had to play air force there was not a team. I hated preparing for more. Then when we played air force and an even though they weren't talented and they were small that was just a mother bear. To play for I would love to see what you can do. With with better talent I think Georgia Tech is a prime example of that Georgia Tech recruits in the in the mid to low. Forties I guess that be the high forties some believe it happened in the fifties was is right where Morgan State does. Georgia Tech is an eight to nine win team on a consistent basis there player you have the same sort of talent there and I and I get I know some dealers in Dennis Erickson you won't with the words they Mike Riley did have a successful run here run and a pro style but I think one of the things without its it was a different style right Mike Riley was different than a lot of the people. They're rampant. I just think in today's day and age. I really do think Sunday night this would would give organs they notched a shot in the arm but I really do you think it would form an identity. That I think organs they've been to rally behind that you look up and on the West Coast this is that the you'd be only person. On the West Coast running anything like this. Well the only team not purse yes Jason the team but absent any gas in it and I think there are people out there wondering is can you just clarify what that is. Running debt that type of option and why it's successful or say why year. I mean I've adding Davis knows some people don't to bring them lost. Basically what you're you're talking about when years you're talking option football it's not necessarily think that the wishbone anymore but that the flex bone where you basically have three running backs. In the game an all time yet to full time job actionable fullback you have tied in and then you're usually run one wide out. Sometimes you can do different ages but that's kind of yet to wide receivers but basically you were going to have three options. And your quarterback to run the ball on almost every play and then it's basically predicated on a lot of of a mystery action. Ands. Reading what the defense gives you and so it is you are going to be. 90%. Ron and 10% play action pass to be no more now maybe even more than if you wind gets if you wanna study up on watch Georgia Tech play yes there's a will there one of the best that watched navy play if there on TV the Georgia Tech's on TV morons and so like with the flex phone what you see a lot of his it'll look like you're in almost an I formation. And then you've got two wings then like wing backs that are gonna lineup. In the backfield but kind of a must win behind where the tight end it is. And then before the snap the ball one of those guys comes in motion to form what they were called them like the that the flex phone. Like where that guy comes around and that's only think like fleiss week. But that guy gives you an option on where to go in the UQ they're handed to the dive backed the quarterback keeper. Or you can have Baghdad this coming emotion run what we are known as the traditional option or you can take that other wing and run across puck move where he comes across the formation like on inside zone reading and DOS it was like a counterclaim going back the other way is a lot of different. Runs that you can have off of of a handful of different looks and then play action to the one wideout in port tied in the you're very tough to stop you us defense is really struggle because you just don't see it very often enough and it's you know is only so so many teams you play. They run it in its a pain in the answer defense of guys because the office of wind cuts a lot in here just in it's it's hard because you it's hard to attack it. Because there's so many different options you don't know who has the ball in so one of the hard things is when you're not used to having no dismiss direction just locating the ball can be difficult. OK so that's what it is tax by 5305 and ten next segment is going to be all your tax and no eminent. He can't read all of them but there's some good feedback on whether or not be the fans want this but they don't want this. You me out I think there's by more people that are for it there again. Find an identity thank you let a lot of people some people don't like I just had a real knee jerk reaction I think it's interesting I see both sides of that. So let's let's keep your. Feedback in next. Here's. Advise against duke God's. While Strasburg pitched today and dad cuts on scored there in the eight inning by nothing nationals. Feel like game five he decisive will be tomorrow yeah and I don't know who's going to be throw as they've they use Lester today at the cubs did. And on its stallion be Lester so I don't know who's thrown for look Kobe is it would become Hendrix and then probably for the nationals it's scherzer. Row lark. Or GO GO helping. Or Nat geo. So hey should Oregon State run. The option. Like navy like Jefferson Georgia Tech and we forgot this when they you know it was turnaround when the mountain west last year with it was New Mexico next girl is hot debut as an in the option and a different form their run in a more out of the gun but yet their run and I'm running their abs are own own triple option Bridgeport Beers. I signed by five through five these are text from you I would rather do all the passing that all the running kids make it work. Another one says please no option now this is a common thread here beavers fans still have PT SE from pentagon. And for the morale of the fan base the last thing it needs to happen is crappy inept offense but I don't understand why me. An option offense is viewed as a crappy inept offense awaits I know I've I superimpose Aztec well look he says. Please no option Bieber fans still have TT EST from pentagon into the morale the fan base lasting needs to happen right now is go back to that. Even if it might work site and mr. and that's from Thomas in Beaverton. Another Owen says personally I think most peace fans like seats on a first downs. No matter what the offense. I'd rather see the wishbone. Working rather than this crappy end up top and it's a that's a full answer. Point four and it's not the old wishbone I'm telling you just Google Georgia Tech offense and tell me if that's where navy and tell me that's a boring not it's it's really not. Taxi quite excited and the other thing that I like about the option. Is it really does help out your defense because if you can get your option offense going it eats clock it shortens games. And you don't necessarily have to have a dominant defense. If you can if you can control the time possession by running the ball and kind of think it's a short games when you have a a gap in talent it go who you right to play shorter games the longer the possessions are. The harder it is to win. So if you do decide do you wanna go to an air raid you wanna spread it out and you run like this up tempo system that some people I think it that that's the knee jerk reaction is I'll listen to a temple let's go spread the squaring toward all around. It to meet that's a lot longer turnaround than trying to implement something like this because you do you do rely on the defense at that point to daily Al because. You know the offices of work did you give the other team a lot of possessions so more checks the triple option just feels so sticky this is 2017 run a real college offense nothing would turn me off as a recruit faster than finding out a triple option coach wanted me. Let me ask you this get your recruiting into the forties. Do you think that also you're gonna recruited into the twenty's. Judge again Georgia Tech recruits the same where you are so which would turn you off more. Winning eight to nine games a year Georgia Tech are winning three games the last couple years of organ state. Announces a guarantee you the option is way more fun to watch than getting blown out every weekend. Frankly I just wanna win and tired of being the doormat. Of the league and I think that running this would give you an identity it would meet key union can be something to build upon. That would make you standout in the CEO of pac twelve teams it's really hard to stand out. You know what I think about this is I think fit. Lot of this is fear based yes and it's like man. Look if you think Kenya Montel Lola is the best coach for the job. I'm all for. And good luck finding one better that guy is but I don't think that he's coming to Oregon State somebody said earlier if he didn't want if you didn't go to BYU. He's not coming organ saving babies pretty special place to coach and if you're LBS so is Eli Lilly and he turned that down. So I don't think you're getting that guy but. To meet its its like at court kind of overreact teen. Mike Riley put a lot of guys in the NFL he has several quarterbacks in the NFL with a pro style offense that Oregon State Dennis Erickson short time but did the same. It's like. Just don't over think just find the right coach. And you'll be fine you can win anywhere they went in Pullman they went in they have one in Lawrence they went in Manhattan Kansas it's just I just don't by the Oregon State is so much worse off they must do this or they're going to be. The doormat forever I don't buy. However this does seem. Say if and it seems stabilizing. At a very unstable time I did think it this is like timing of it. I kind of see what you guys a moment Desai I get it I get it's I can make that comes and that stabilizes everything. Whereas. If you were saying yesterday if you don't do this. War higher. Make the right higher. Did you get to be whooped for a long time you can do is you can really spell it has saved right now I think it's a safe play assuming you get the right coaching on the Calhoun guy from air force is another candidate doesn't like him but he rounds that there's always somebody guys of running yeah. So I think it's safe but I I feel like we need to come down and just let Scott Barnes. Do is staying you know they they they will have some money to pay a coach and get the right coaching you'll be able to win it does matter what they. Yeah I mean there's an element to that mark midget a right to a great degree point Margaret you don't want Kansas. Well do a bill Schneider's done that it counts as a matter what is offices. The guy's a great coach at a finally got to be creative can you ruling GCs like Bill Snyder does. The Kansas has a ton of those GE c.'s. The other what do all the JC's are out there are out there again he's made his living off of that and may Gina did too by the way it is when he was in Lawrence EUN Entergy sees on and maybe it's more to me in this is kind of like a blog he said. I don't wanna say gimmick but to me you have to hire a guy it stand now and this is why haven't I'm such an offensive guy I don't wanna hire a defense of guy. Go hire an offensive guy that has something unique. Some dean did that separates him I don't don't just say well he runs the air raid. Really do you think you have to have something right now in this state agent organ state it is going to make you different than every other school on the West Coast. I wedding to tell them and not nearly Helms a lot of feedback on this but thank you for all your text messages. Up next. Something a little bit different I guess who's upset with his current situation. Supports her a locals a former local sports are former local sports or I'm not happy and need more information we come back for 44 on the fan. So run. He knows who's who's upset about is your situation and resolve this stuff everyone upset about something. We have probably. He began to set you up so I don't think so don't feel our main. At a good grilled cheese for lunch with some tomato disk I'm not delighted right now because they're a bunch of little look. The loved cheeses and such down the breaker left over from a leash as party are and a our illustrious a coordinator promotions lady goddess has moved on yes is leading who. Meats and cheeses yet Lama means just cheeses and there's like there's some fruits he said she was gonna bring some in here before she left so wanna see if that comes is there some crackers. You've got some pita bread that Felix something needs to go along you got some chutney something needs to happen with the cheeses there is a harms certain. I know I'm speaking of your dear friend LaMarcus Aldridge yeah he's is he again see that he's unhappy unhappy last year. And I said it always come out and publicly yet voices displeasure where it last series is behind scenes. That he was unhappy. Yeah so San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge revealed to spurs coach Gregg Popovich that he has not been happy with the team according to Michael C Wright of the espionage come. This is the only shocking news of the day her. He just seems that either one of those guys that. Be careful. He's just a bit of the you know one that he's a bit of wit she didn't get it now neat this is why it's me or my clients via. Had that go there and anytime you dealt with the and he is the most sensitive. He's not ill tempered he just. He's very delicate and he gets blood heard all the time and he gets all Bruce Lee and he's got a case I that's half the NBA. Yeah but that the markets leads this leads the train here so says this is from used in that come. It was me kind of being blunt about it and being kind of forward. He was open to it I kind of just spilled my heart out how I felt about how things were going in how things have been going I think he was just kind of caught off guard I don't think he really had noticed of course these are not. Public mafia. Then I was unhappy I don't think you'd notice that but once I said that he was great about listening and it was good from there I felt like I wasn't really fitting into the system as best I could. I was really hoping like I felt I cut. We know the guys got all the tell the world. And it's like he's been a bad player it wasn't a bad players a great player he's been good in San Antonio. He just hasn't been. What they needed to be Merrill Russian felt like when co Y went down it's like all right it's it's time for the markets to to carry the team and well I think he thinks he's better than he has yeah I think there's an element that. But here's what Popovich said he said and that's all NBA guys as. A lot of athletes and that's this kind of their mentality that. And it in many cases you should be public says. We've talked about what we can do to make you more comfortable and to make our team better but having said that I think we are mostly talking about offense defense he was fantastic breast. Now we've got to help me get a little bit more. So that he's comfortable in his own space offensively and I haven't done a very good job. That's a good I mean that's that's what pops the best renters Canada fuses account united credited better job. Meanwhile privately he's like it's choking hypocrite that. It's like the kids know that since the Kennedy is Greg Popovich. And you never know me so I think. When did they say dollar markets did they win sixty games every year's so let's not act like why should we give him credit forum. For LaMarcus I mean for actually used to saying yes you know because. A lot of guys this past aggression Dwight Howard. All right grab a lot of guys get howdy I think it important and he was a little Paladino wouldn't talk about you know this or that of what was the second half and so outs. Kind of what she wants part of being on a good team is open money communication Eric in maybe that comes with age and kind of grow up and immediate mature look if you are gonna maturity plays wouldn't it be in San Antonio. A bit of the same token if you can't make it work fair. And that's that's on you because Popovich has proven that he can make it work their if you shut up you listened. Yeah you do what he wants you will hear how this is not the point yes team sport out. But lot of NBA guys don't these things that wages have known noticed over the years. Gotta get mine but you know that's what's what's weird about the NBA he went down there to win rings W went down there to be a partisan. Bigger man I don't know I think he went down and took less money but he went down there because. He thought that that would be a great fit for him it's him him him him. Meaning me I. I these guys are like that I just think you know this is why the NBA is such is so hard so hard to build these teens because you get guys that are free talent like the markets like. Can you say the blazers are better off without LaMarcus probably not. But at the same time you can go well you'll miss his attitude and he's like he didn't really help me what he helped edu. Now. What where he gets shipped yet you get just as far would Willard McCollum exactly that's so it's like he's really good and we want really good to other players at them. Gaping hole at power forward. I mean I don't really wanna like and they don't really listen it's it's weird it's weird. Dynamic is a lot of guys in the league like that gets the Carmelo Anthony's in their right we you know that he's better than 95% of the players in the league. In yet he doesn't really fit in anywhere TV is kind of like be a part of the team them. Then sayonara. Or just it's certain wind when he was when he was young right never Brandon Roy took about two guys out to dinner and I guess they forgot to invite LaMarcus and that led like a two year spat. Like we're in the markets touted in and didn't get along better Roy because he didn't invited out to dinner you know I forgot that sort of stuff you know the whole time Aldridge is here. I forgot to remind her to. Dvds upset. Kind of like you very much. They go hopefully most of further down you think he'd go sit down breaks bread maybe you would go. Does sued Stuart let's bury the hatchet broken figure in the G amber there really hasn't had to think you guys should make up. A man's not a hatchet on my hand. Mean you think he's kind of dish pegged it. At a Adidas ad that's getting get him to dinner. Well I mean he probably thinks this enemies know me. Don't walk and burying the hatchet and a that that's a good question again what does he confusion I think in clear and able. They sure blow hard you know he definitely thinks that I hack journalist even go all or not you're not a journalist. Well anyway let's get to move in here we've got the hot cited five coming up next folks a lot going on today. Then. You know I think we should get into at 515 I think she get into the M. Chris Peterson ESPN clap yet we haven't and talked with him and stirred up the topic debate also we have the Oregon State's interim coach John. Earlier to jail Corey Hart and there's a lot of feedback. About his interview. And I want you around and read some of that so. Because. It was interest. Not rave reviews from beaver nation from week that's this tough spot for coach now for 56. On the fan.