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Wednesday, October 11th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against it. And it's. Church. And compromised port stuck with booze sugar yeah I think he links in his life worth. Dropping in again. And he. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time with Isaac and soon on 28. You want it do little to you good answer heavily do you have. Nots of the answer. That hurts. House speaker is taking shots and right off the right off the bat a little awkward as it was sort of over. Now now sued given very like it and. When oil when you're making a moron now everyone's. Judging today and so. He's literally you know Dan Patrick he's had to show killer yes that is mine filled with showed killers these to Colin now why they call them that the that was his name James fill the show killer that is money yeah. Does bring in everyone down. Sorry might we need to call you show killer but we can't because there's art dealer at the but can dream I don't know what we call might as skin now settled down to give you crap every day and love you. Exe you know apparently I'm not energetic enough for you I wanna hug you. It's only want you to hold me which mosque it. Well listen and a I got hot soccer takes today even as ready for them I think the coaches in morning apparently like I made like an innocent joke history on Twitter and got blown up for what did you say just said that. Go to your Twitter page as they as it's a lid into the fact that I don't know how I'm gonna get through tonight because of budget dudes from my country that I don't know art is good at soccer as a bunch of other dudes in a different question that I don't know and a sport I don't care about. Thanks Powell late last night it was like some sort of national tragedy because we didn't qualify and soccer are right. Sort of once every four years and it didn't work out this time and measure tweaks here and that is why is that such a bad thing and completely devastated a bunch of guys in my country artist it is guys from another country in a sport I don't care about not sure how old. On that somehow find a way. For the children's sense. Rob I thought of the children last night and I had to find a way to soldier on with it she's the soccer bros. She too weak mood think oh that is a cheap tin can who I hitter. Really it's every against the men's national team. Does it. My life goes on and I'm OK with well I was even aware until like maybe thirty minutes before the start that game that that one was actually like. A huge game as every time the US men's team plays the game I hear the same thing because Mike tells all the time. Is say that the following this is an important game and then all asked the question well if they lose or they out. Will not really but it makes them harder to get in bigger every single time until finally like last night. That was it and they they didn't get NN. Love it last night was pretty surprising in years of my soccer people tell me is in my sources have soccer bruise. They tell me that. One this whole thing is set up so that the United States and Mexico get into the world yes. Thank you should be easy for us to get into the World Cup they want the US into the they want the US in the world yes. So. Even though we kind of sat. And had blown some gains knowledge that kid. They still had it easy I mean you're playing the worst team they were playing the only team that dirty been eliminated. And of the country that the entire population was less than that of the Portland metropolitan area. That's Shubert at the same time I. That argument. Blood we have what 380. Million people look at their 400 million people in the country you know some of these so we have more people than any of these. Soccer countries. So like Venezuela. Or you know some of those other countries down near Trinidad and Tony it's all relative they only have three or four million people so we should be beating all of the Google. So so last night. They needed one of three results in all three results should have happened like deer like it's pretty obvious that they. The agency odds that the they're gonna happen well none of them happen. They lost to the worst team in then somebody else lost to another team that they should be in somebody else lost to another teen the should be in Mexico in Mexico lost and then Honduras one. The Honduras and Mexico and then Panama beat supposed to know it was it was shocking. But my big thing with all the sound are still anyone's shocked. Because. We don't. Commit to soccer like that Colombian. Player who kicked the goal for the United States in the get murdered getting murdered that. That's another level and a lot of these countries they're national identity is tied to the outcome of these talking today they would not have. And like this coach would be yeah I mean he'd be went online when I lived over in Europe and we just happened I went to a national game for Scotland ice. An English national game and I saw one in. The Netherlands. And you're right like it is not acceptable to lose a wide and we think that. We should be as were arrogant yet like work front runners I mean we we're willing good. If if he does is good I think much of the country will follow. And multi and I know I well I like soccer out to him but if they suck I don't care because I'm just I'm really not my Nash tied to the results of words or so we're trying to keep up I think I think there's enough of the voice in the country's soccer. Fans that really want them to keep up. But the reality is we're not gonna keep up Intel we true rudely. Truly care and it's just a whole other level. Most other places in the world with soccer and it's just not that way here no win and that's why we lose I think bill if you did you go to see Taylor Twellman ran too obvious parallel is if you saw I noted that it is these are your former team USA player he's all pissed off. His point was they've already been pouring millions of dollars into this to make sure the team is legit every year and a leader has a chance to come you know listening to. Millions of dollars does not make up for. Truly. Caring how you do like really being tied to the result you can you can throw money at anything. If there's no hard and it. Susan sports all assume the government all the time right throwing money at problems like the education system right to win money is something just blindly doesn't work so we just don't we don't care enough and until we do it like I was thinking about the state the Ryder Cup you know I like golf is the only thing I can be quite as is that we kept getting our ass kicked. By the Europeans in the Ryder Cup. And finally the US went in and it's the same dynamic we don't really care and these guys don't care. Phil Mickelson tiger in all so they finally got together like did this kind of socks were kicking ass kicked. Let's do everything we can't win that's what they did what they want it but the defense World Cup you know I can be able to do that. The differences is that we have some of the best players in the world and golf we do not have the regulars in the sun but you can do that over time you just have to commit in care. Well two and that is not just money did did the number one thing for me and I've said it now continue to say to him on I'm blue in the face our best athletes don't play soccer. When you go to Argentina of their best athletes play soccer when you go to the dinner at you know if you go to Spain at their best players play soccer their best athlete. Our best soccer players do not they soccer they're in the NBA there in the NFL they're doing other things there running track and field. Our best and our brightest don't play soccer plain and simple look this is all pretty obvious and then when I I thought it was a scene is that we got out I was talking about. He wrote for time and Sean Gregory where he talked about the kind of the youth sports culture. And in the money that's being spent on and travel teams went on there is that Steve take he had. And he wrote about it types on on Twitter yesterday reset a lot of this the travel team the soccer stuff is pricey now out. The black in the Latino communities in the inner cities. And Mikey brought up the fact that we're to a lot of NFL and NBA talent come from home or black inner cities. Or at least in soccer you know he did Latina community that would be very big and that a lot of the way that that our sports are going in this country it's leaving them behind. There isn't a place for them to kind of grow develop like they'll play their own countries. Well mean that they're you grew up here in the United States they can't play there they're not getting opportunities to planning that's his point is that we are not announcing if you did a good player. It wouldn't he more likely go play on his national team. Just depends now on the structure you can guide is you play for you wanna give dual nationality or if your parents or are from a different country but. Their point was a lot of our a lot of our minorities. And a lot of our our our poor argue that point in soccer numbers in the US are not increasing in fact it's going down on the number of kids that are participating into it. And EB does thousand as Steve pointed that a lot of the you know where where we would normally see a lot of you it's coming from they're getting priced out of and they are not participate. All right that's probably not soccer I just think all that's that's pretty obvious I am line. Is comes up every time they disappoint us which is pretty much all the time that we get pissed off about that was my whole point last night as light that is why should be upset. And our right. Didn't happen in those are quotes and it poignant sad because they daycare. He can take care about I'm fascinated by that but they only care because the flag is that any thing you wrap the flag on this early troop there's a lot of people who were big. You team USA soccer fan that's fine if you're a soccer fan but I think the vast majority people to drop this in moaning today it's they're not assert his soccer fans it's because you wrap the flag and it. But if you just told me that this was this was MLS or whatever and and we got our asses kicked by Premier League team or whatever I don't think the soccer apart is that what it is is what upsets a lot of the average fan it's that somehow it's like a national pride thing and they use the Cold War. It's like backward trying to show the rest the world how great we are secure wrap something in the flag. And then therefore is it fails then somehow our country fails somehow this is an indictment on the United States of America. Yeah I don't view it that way. At all I don't think many Americans do that some dude because in other countries it does matter that much yeah right like the soccer team is they rap video cultural and I eighty is the cultural identity. How they're doing of those countries and it's I think so that spills over I mean naturally some of that spills over but it's not the vast majority country's ambassador to country. Probably could mean finding game. If they did their I have lost on Don it was just the way we are with just limit the Olympics to it was where I was was talking about earlier you said it was even available on HD Matt if you had Comcast. It was a it was available on on standard Def so we'll move on to a sport. A substance. We've achieved and grit taking shop and power. And actual scoring. Those going no accident ties ties ties. And that has flip him to we have very sick coach today. I am 90% sure I did not hear an official confirmation but I've it's supposed to happen Korey Hall supposedly on sedation Korey Hall. Who is Korey Hall he was their corners coaches their dvds which is now there interim head coach. He played a leak yet there who's the president of a guy and he's been an assistant for the three years that the individual hello why they go to defensive guy. As their head coach a religious and why they didn't go to the coordinators went in with the position coach. I think these are all valid questions that we should ask. Do you think he even knows any of those answers I am assuming duties been asked that four and if he doesn't have an answer he's got one that he's crafted yeah. Be cranky today now we gig cranky soup today meg cranky I thought maybe you are pretty okay you give the Ria. It's been a rough couple days possible but I'm feeling okay bank well look you can cranky. Cash is asking them. Mean sometimes are cranky I show up cranky all the time no big breaking my so is cranky and McGee yeah Mike's always bitter and angry for 27 year old dude. Live and highlight of not playing video games on my kid money hand over fears stealing it all the time or home to his hot wife I want Mike. Cheer up well. So Corey all of the beavers will be at 330 where 90% sure of that the baseball post season is quite. Who else we talked about Stephen Strasburg thing because fasting. Fascinated by this. Did guilty and the pitching we'll start there next there in the fifth. In the nationals do you lead the cubs won nothing and he's been great he's been pitching pieces he got guilt that in to pitch some confusion and confused. Their mold and ball. There we still have not gotten to Chris Peterson there's Zia's BN now that on its schedule opening wanted to not let that will wanna talk about what's going on with Oregon fans and try to get to that today is there. Down their being in all not Loudon walking out early on people let people grumpy right now. Anne's. Dave Barr to hop of the matrix will stop by today. Talk about an article that I saw in the CBS say that they re tweeted about a organ stayed in in I saw that. And adjusting n.'s Tom for Nellie yeah I kind of went down the road the Mike Bellotti was talking about yesterday he said running option there. And in it I just I threw up and I want to see what beaver fan was. Was kind of few and on that. That's an interesting discussion to have we have that team. Aborted for we'll start with what's up with Stephen Strasburg is he just a giant V your wife and he's got the sniffles 315. On the tenth. Primetime rabbis against duke on sanity. Barriers that are up fresh people question today at 1080 the fan dot com freshly offers delicious meals from quality ingredients to energize people on that because so FR ESH. Double I dot com I'd say we are asking you which college football team is most for real. This season. He has six options Jason out a lot we've ever had six before you see you Washington State. Georgia. Miami. Notre Dame Wisconsin. You must vote interest at 1080 defend outcome but does a good little poll question right there I don't know where I'd go with that. I don't must be inclined to eliminate teams and go by process of elimination. I don't think Washington State's for real. I think they're good that I I don't think Washington can play with the top four teams in the country. Wisconsin TCU. Didn't give me the choices or more time. I TCU. I'll Washington State. Georgia. Miami. Notre Dame Wisconsin fifth. You know I'd say Wisconsin or Georgia. Wisconsin scares me a little bit because they don't throw the ball great and their defense is filthy and they run it well. And welcome them they have terrible quarterback play. And Georgia when I've watching Georgia very impressive. Then I guess Notre Dame was their big win because we don't know how good Mississippi State is. But it would be Georgia Wisconsin form and may be a slightly into words was content to just because I've seen Wisconsin maybe play a little bit more than Georgia. Are ranked that simple question 1080 to fanned out on now more important. Item here before we get to the or in state coach we get to Gordon. Stephen Strasburg. Yeah. Now the cubs nationals game four. He PD yesterday by. Inclement whether yes what they call it a little bit of a drizzle going on in a play table that's that's good news for the nationals because Stephen Strasburg can now started its push back a day. And so we thought he would. Will book but apparently it turns out that they wanted him to start on short rest and he said now. And then line and start yesterday one of sort yesterday and he said no he's a no. No I'm not doing it. He said that he that he went on a run and understand that I don't know either. And they said that he went on or did the story that I read is that he'd be gone on the jaw again that he felt terrible. And then he couldn't do it. And then. Dusty Baker came over some who said that he had some mold I guess there was Moulton a hotel room is that some people are feeling under the weather and then there were reports that Strasburg Arabic flu like symptoms of the hospital with a IDB's. But and that kind of got debunked. And then I guess he told the national that he didn't even wanna pitch to day. On regular rest that he was again ago. And that now did did the stories that I guess maybe they guilt them in like look we need to go until he goes out today. And they were talking in the broadcast how he wasn't that sharp he wasn't feeling very good the velocity is down it takes its eats clearly not a 100% but he's got to shoot out going into the fifth. Paris team in a beat us. And we like it chests out there man we need jets cut him I think rightly gets it even if you're not a 100% is it. An 80% Stephen Strasburg better than the way your alternative news. Well he's got to suck it up doubting your Stephen Strasburg yeah. Mean you were able to ride my aunt you went on runs like did you went for a jog you and feel very good that is me you can't go on just how it is. Matter what's going on you don't bow out of the playoff game help you can physically get out there you get out there so this is on washed imposed. When nationals manager Dusty Baker said tanner row are would start game four of the nationally division series jaws dropped. Tuesday's ran out seemed so assured to help the nationals lined and replace Rourke is Stephen Strasburg dramatically increasing their chances are vital. How indices on lying to the nationals hottest pitchers sit out in a swing game. Didn't work out for Strasburg his bullpen game and we're all creatures of habit baker set. This is right after the game was called straws it would have been better because he's feeling under the weather like a lot of my team is asked to clarify a comment about his bullpen session bigger said Strasburg had thrown Tuesday. Which would have precluded him from throwing Wednesday. A reasonable question followed how could the nationals let that happen. Well they didn't the team clarified later explain that baker misspoke. Multiple people familiar with situation in from the teams mess is a Strasburg had in fact thrown his bullpen on Monday. Strasburg was in the dugout for Monday night's game and played catch in the outfield at Wrigley Field on Tuesday but he too is open Monday Strasburg. Would have been able to pitch Wednesday so why Loney. Baker told reporters Strauss was under the weather. Yes and he ran I have said he informed the nationals and he ran a half mile on Tuesday was wheezing here is running in simply wasn't prepared to start on Wednesday baker said a lot of my team is under the weather with the change of weather and the air conditioning in the hotel on the air conditioning here. And that's where the mold can they changed hotels that I guess there was a little it was like some sort of mold issue and like bolts forceful of their hotels so when they when they canceled the game. I would post on the game last night they had to switch hotels because the hotel they Iraq couldn't accommodate him for the extra nights that moved in Ireland Isa does really hard off. The little one that thinks yen he says it's just the time of year for mulled around Chicago I think it's mauled I mean I had a two. He said they're all feeling like I don't mean to get into the whole league be tough be tougher tendon you don't really know how many athletes feeling but. This sure seems like Strasbourg has been a giant. Hint yes this your season. You're down 21 of the cubs there is no more you lose the game and you're going home and you can't go up because you you got a little windy during your run. And they you're a creature of of how do well to be honest it's a half mile run probably shouldn't be doing that queasy if you're an athlete. Mean for any wheat in half and now aren't half miles that's first and foremost a disdain happen. But the fact that he wasn't gonna go on short rest and that he didn't wanna go on regular rest because he didn't feel great. And you're gonna turn the ball over to who was that they that they were gonna throw grow our yeah who by the way I don't know if you've looked at the two numbers but there's quite a describe. See there between the two of them people closer situation confirms Strasburg is indeed sick one used colorful adjectives to describe the extent of the illness. When asked if he can pitch Wednesday according to a person familiar Strasburg said he would give the nationals what he had those involved in the decision baker the GM Strasburg in the pitching coach. Concluded that. That would not be much. So it doesn't this feel like this a bit of a set up when you enter his Schilling bloody socks sort of saying hello. There's gonna go and give it is god I just look I would expect but she's in 9697. You know I blame for this. Dusty Baker. This is like. Busy this is just yet it says there's drama where there shouldn't be drama he doesn't build a culture. Like I now I want my leader. I want him saying you know I did. When shall we need we're putting out yet it doesn't make it does there's no additional you're not you're talking about some talking and so if you do you know this is we are losing. So it is baker being all. In all just been a weenie and Latin Strasburg get away with a low line now did cheer. But out there Pena 150 million dollars go and you know what if you don't have it and it we go to the pen and noble will get you out of there but we we need you right now it's all hands on demand shocker he hasn't he's pitching great and wonderful. They say it is not as sharp as he was there in game one when he was dominant but for heaven's sakes where in the bottom of the sixth he hasn't given up by the way you know Max Scherzer did. Max Scherzer busted down dusty Baker's door and he said I'll give you everything I have yeah I can give you packing gave you meaning not you know what do you need what are you need. And I think that's a policy the difference between pitchers are in Strasburg not that Strasburg isn't supremely talented that. I just think this is where. This is where you get test in either leader this is this is where you find out what guys are made of and you know he's got out and in this is a great performances and maybe he wins and saves that it. I just. A big this one will follow him around people don't forget stuff like that it's the fact you had to be pressured. To go out and pro because you were a little under the weather in the deciding game they might forget about it if he throws. And their professor shut out at third complete game. And so in some folks are right who is Korey Hall well he's new coach of the beavers. Didn't think would say that no we can go at this time did you think we would've said that at any point in the story at all. Well I think he's gonna join us. But we don't know mics on all over it but not really so we will see if the firing Mike is our Stephen Strasburg is the amount of whether we don't know overbooking guest today problem. I tried to booking guests earlier yesterday on an art to pentagon may have as little queasy that's all I could get was he mustered one text messages the bar too high let's see what happens. That will be next year's Mike. Prime time where Isaac can sue god sanity though. Our idea is at 3359 normally on a Wednesday this is where. Our buddy Gary Anderson tells us we'd have to gear. However. I don't see the phone rings no because he quit. Yup. Now the question becomes. Is Korey Hall the new coach. Going to. Follow in Gary's footsteps. With a phone call to us on Wednesdays at 335. We don't know I don't know that I think originally it was laid it to have an exciting time now we're just waiting around oh wells that line go beats that line's ringing. A mossy right now particularly loved. Well this guy played all week. With the Bengals had believes that the key was the defense of back in the NFL I'm not mistaken and look at this nice in the cap to share a do you believe we do have W beavers coach. On an interim basis it is set Korey Hall Corey hello. I heard York. Boredom pretty good Howard usually access he collection at this point. Before. Comply now I'm really well actually. Just. Been harder to get everybody ready. Oh yep. Yeah you gotta play the game I guess did you did you see this common. I don't know it is absolutely not. You know sort of you know I'd putt that he got it took everybody by surprise you know this surprises everyone else. So what when did you find out and end what happened in the howdy. You know what did you know that did Gary addressed the team just walk us through kind of what it's been like. To you know Monday. And hindered occurred so. Monday morning. Eagerly went to meet its staff. You came in uniform this is this about his decision. And a cup aren't decision. Men. Yeah of course goes to the but it you know median. Well part of this game and so on and I understood understood and I understand it is the nature peaks so. You know here's art scene is a great road team is very emotional. Obviously. Everyone here holes. Coaching an article are so under what company. That was easy to hear. It again you know not everybody can tell me. Cherry point on. You know so you know I got to play that download or play the next what I saw in that manner respondents. Not that the everybody in the current events played it and so they really haven't had finally they look at women. That opportunity was presented it to me. I accept it. And I accepted to just move onward and bounce forward and that is represented children were present. Coach here mr. represented program represented you know Gabon. And Hamburg so spartans just distorted dormant Arab. So when did you find out that you were going to be the coach in N who informed you that you're gonna be the coach release offered you the job. Armed Scott Barnes. Awesome news out here I spoke with him the most Sunday night. How late Sunday night and the he'd present him with an opportunity can actually. In Canada and an understated if you can answer this. But you know there there have been reports of maybe turmoil amongst the coaching staff we've seen. How's text messages that have been released that kind of and I don't allude to it Dave. Don't painted the best pitcher inside the locker room months cushions thousand that a position coach now one of the coordinators. Ends up with the job. You know is. How is the the morale right now or guess the camaraderie beat between the coaches and is that some in the US to do to try to find a way to demand this and and bring it together assisting doesn't crack. Well I mean look the way. And then chemistry issues you know the way and face the question they're not going to be very honest with. On the coast I coached my position and and and tapped television. Tibet so. There's a very supportive care they have been so I don't either. Eric Hahn. Now just being here you know. And being around these guys everyone has been great. To this point. Ground. I can't see say then I Albert you know. Anything and how many and when asked for anybody here and start of the great. We had a meeting aren't. I tip my part. What what my beliefs are. And build there were no questions because I believe everybody's share the same belief system. And we've moved we've Obama would move forward now everybody's. Working well together you know and most importantly assist those on the look at a got a collectively for the Asian man. Before these players so. Whatever whatever was done or whatever is you know in the past. I mean. Because. That would do it me. I have got to do it but it has nothing to do it you know there are two positions previously each and now. Because that was not my focus that was not my concern my concern hurt. Cornerbacks. And around me vicious I met him. You know an entire team so I mean. It must integrate the players have been great. The coaches have been a personal they've been great. So. I'm mentally I'll market there about but I'm Thomas true. This is Korey Hall he is the interim coach of the beavers scary Anderson out so that coaches meeting. What was that like what was what was the tone of the coaches meeting. Of the enemy emotionally your friendships and their critics you know who worked in years. So laden. I mean that's gotta be hard to do them and I. Aren't heard whose amid tour and I pollute compliment or just. You know totally like that put in the work straight start a war who gave me. Must first occur shop. I'd collegiate football. Yeah loose term. It's. You know put them in military commanders you know it was never easy as a player. Oh I would expect it to be any easier now being. Being in a profession of being a coach. So. The year you mentioned that you know to be in a position coaching a television won't you you can't have television anymore you know are responsible for. The entire program I mean what kind of adjustment is this for new going from worried about you know six guys on the team to now warn about the you know 85 guys on scholarship. Project making sure everybody is taking care you know aren't barriers that are mostly stable everybody's. Ready to go and play analyst Saturn. The focus on. Compete and win against Colorado home. You know energize the team. In. Maegashira these you know that you know these confused coaches here there. Most importantly. Two no tell them and an assist for the players by the player. Document filter that now into marker at the height of the and it was just too. Step back into the college and you know transform the lives of non. Non athletes so that that then yeah. You know Marleau and and that's what the expectation is Cannes where the assistant coaches teach is to. To do what coaches do. You know take these players where they can't take themselves. Put in the position to be successful. And brown that's been the focus and you know that the environment around here just to continue route. The planned their coach and inherent. And continue to build in Egypt better. Every day. Let's inching spike here in as as the DBs coach the defensive guy the offense is where help is most needed Gary obvious he wasn't happy with how about was going. How hands on will you be now transitioning into his share with the offense or will you just let the offensive coaches do what they do. Well prior to these guys that are bird wonderful professional coaches in other professional and make have a themselves in that manner. So. That they did before you know I don't have. I don't have any hint right now at this moment in time on. Make him any any changes or micromanage you need any you know Oklahoma professional you know people who I have respect or better. You know coast in this sport or a lot of here. Are. My first that's even worse simple and it was direct. What awaited. And I mean everybody that's why we play and play to land and that's wallet and passport. You know right now at this time so. Will not be interfering. At all. Not to this point. Who have Topeka. How are you handling the recruiting class. Process they have their own just what they're not a player mode. If you're competitor. Morgan great football and orchestrate a quote committed to you'd. And you know a lot of relationships. That have been developed now between myself. And players and coaches on the staff and players. From. The biggest thing years. How Palestinian receipt. I mean you don't stop which could you. There are inaccessible. I'm not a I don't quit my sons are gone now move on and moved forward. In him in established in this brand and building this program. So the recruiting process. I mean it hasn't stopped he's got to reach out to those guys and let them notably he's okay. I mean we've still got six weeks left ago. And which focus on this week you know we're we're proud that we can say that you Gartner reported abuse apparently and whether to that you're more. Is is this a job that your interest in and and and having full time. To get out what you're saying that this is the job that I would not want me that's always DeMarco goes. To be. Their coach at the collegiate level and you know an hour I have an opportunity. To at least. It I have an opportunity to release. Could've put put support so a winning effort you know on the an impression. Tour you know people across country. Initially and again. I haven't thought about it this is actually probably the first time that I need to answer that question. Because mark my thought process hasn't even been to that point Marin has actually very similar talked about tunnel vision. Israeli. Just. Focused on this Saturday night in Colorado. So I haven't even really pop up that to be honest. Problem taken about all the different each you know it was I missed throughout the day you know now that. But I have to. You know how to handle. Have to make sure these these players are okay. We keep been touches with Gary Dee Dee Williams Elton. Most definitely most women who. Most definitely coach Ayers he has been a large major decisions I had to make in my life over the past one or years. Report and so we wouldn't stop now. Yeah you see is he OK I mean. It's just it's kind of weird for all of us out here. This is serious emotional blow it means. Could understand what was terrorists or. This team needed it what was first what he thought was better. You know where apparently by all parties involved which from what I understand it was mutual also obviously coach Terry is either earth and hurt leave permanent so just say you know elements that are absolutely not risk it's he. As he is he just is probably you know. Heard is that we I believe he's human we all are. So. Coach Anderson fine he's going to be fine the east and everywhere else missed. Now again it's just. There's some that you hear about. Every single season to a different is this happening at home here car route. Korey hall's new coach at the beavers they have a home game against Colorado this weekend will we approve a percent any obviously very busy so we appreciate taking the time. Thanks Greg you. Thank. You. From. The situation. Not easy and there's a lot we can we come back and we go to break and they're there's a lot to it to dig into their but I I don't. I don't admire the job that that that that guy is is being thrust into right now. I can only imagine what that's like he has been an assistant coach for three years. Via an assistant not corners coach and he's now over the program like you broke the recruiting thing so many things that we can. All right well I text your thoughts spurs were Beers taste I'm 55305 tool wrap that up next. It's an eighty's and all right just think Korey Hall on the beavers interim coach and then. Like you I'm a lot of thought exploited. Tex lines doesn't you know. We go back to this is. Meant hunting gear readers get past. He put tech guy in such a tough spot yes this is such a tough spot that program I don't. Short of its serious health concerns like I gotta walk away now. At least finished out the season. You know I mean that that poor guy according hog I. He just sounded. So careful and there's so much she has to protect of you know. You know turmoil in what's going on in the off. And said that you know he was he was offered the job Sunday but he didn't find out on Monday so I think yes ya wanna call on that you know let ciskei and have now. Well there's no need to do and I alluded to the text message that the cat's out of the bag right I mean clearly there was beyond turmoil and then he had to go with a well I have tunnel vision and and I wasn't paying any attention that. Bully lets you suppose they do so he did a pretty good job of. You know of skirting a lot of the tough questions it's just that I just. I kept going back in my hagel may Gary Anderson put this guy in a really really tough spot now. Just wanting to I'll I wanna hear what you have sake than any of a lot of your mind just one thing I thought was. You know I think you gotta be careful is getting a lot of feedback to guys in over his head and you know he's not gonna change the office of bill's problem is that well. You know I think there's a difference. For example Willie Taggart. Is a guy Tim need that I was surprised. And I think Howell. Sort of careful he was that the media and still is incarnate to scenes. In over his head a little bit when it comes to just like. The B of figurehead part of the job. You know Willie Taggart seems that way to me I think is a football coach he seems really ged but he had a really good staff he's obviously very good recruiter and kids love. Right but there is that media part where where we come in where it's like how this guy. He's not nearly as dynamic is a shot at ease polished as you think yet he's guarded and he seems nerve says. And that's what Korey Hall sounded like to me but I just want to caution people that doesn't necessarily reflect. On anything other than just doing it to be some people just don't wanna do this kind of stuff they're they're protecting all these different people they've got a kind of lie and they're uncomfortable lying in. It just a weird spot so I think with the team. You know it's easy to get one sort of idea about Korey Hall from an interview or whatever you've heard of him in the past. It's another when he's in that locker room in his comfort zone players seem to liking. And I think the biggest thing is asked him about recruiting I think that's the biggest thing as long as he can just. God he's just got to keep some of those kids on board and I can actually get the new head coach I don't think I don't think it was as bad as. You know it is kind of some people are making it out to be at least on the. Urged workers to actually he's a guy that's as close to the plays by closer a lot of the players ages and he is the some of the coaches he played six years in the league he's a fairly young guys and energetic guy you know he'll be he'll be fine inside the locker room but. You know for the people saying that oh god is not to change the offense. He's been 88 chorus coach for three years he can't change the offense. Madonna I don't in this isn't a knock on Korey Hall Gary Henderson said that he is a defense a guy and he gave that I can't build an offense. Korey Hall can't build an offense EO and AE's businesses and DB coach for three years. He can't and by the way at this point is easy you can't change an offense and I don't be missing changing. But ideas tweaks here's an idea I I have columns a cornerback was do this let's do that I honestly think at this point that's probably beyond his pay grade well and that's probably why they put him in there and I think yeah the easiest is that. You can't some of this was Gary Anderson vs the offensive coaches yes and I think that it sends a clear message at least to me. That they did none of those offensive coaches got this job I think that's like are right you don't matter coach well. We're gonna we're gonna send a DBs coach and they're not not want you got none of the coordinators and and maybe this kind of bridges the gap analyses feel like if if I'd take my guess. They Korey Hall is going to probably let. The two coordinators you you're gonna have to just run to kind of separate entities and just try to bridge that gap at. You're just gonna have to let the offense run with the guys. That are running at this point in the year and without the experience of having run an office before you knock the committee make a bunch of major tweaks. But they're the recruiting thing is so hard he used to having none of those coaches are going to be back. But that's good that's the ugly truth of all this yes you can't say that you can't say it. And I went up again another tough spot I thought about asking him in my curricula that's not even if I mean I asked him about you want to head coaching job he's not gonna get it. And you know it's short of all the sudden you reel off four or five of these in a row and eight east. But the ugly truth to during the recruiting trail none of these coaches will be back they will clean house and the guy who come in and bring in his entire news staff. How did you recruit with that. But how would if you're recruit other than didn't you just love court Alice. The you do that you're signing up for this year is setting up sight unseen at this point you have no idea what it's gonna look like what the offer is gonna look like what the defense go look like winning the coach's staff this. This is such a tough spot and I feel. For Korey hall and honestly I feel for the entire coaching staff. Because it's it's it's got to be awkward in there this is unprecedented. And it's just it's it's a tough spot especially for a team that lets Ghana's. Hasn't shown really a whole lot of signs here turn this thing around I'd sell my keep Sammy your feedback we got some of these pulled out here we'll get to that but a day by two of the matrix gives his thoughts next on the fan.