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Wednesday, October 11th



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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. My aunt if this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not but if do the right things since 1952. Well following Joseph may contain adult themes not suitable for a children's health. But I know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Glad it's story and the lives is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. I know Latin players drive this Cleveland. Well. Fifth. Would not say though. Then the voters rewards for. I would. Winning nine dominates you like that there is nothing. That's impressive. Do you could do good. So out of. OK okay on right it is the club hour on Wednesday October. Eleventh. Dance it happens right after the tenth becomes the eleventh. But they're making now and then but did now wait a second here. A we have to dated do you. Tila deletion promotions goddess is for many many moon which we try to bring her on the air but she she wants you refuse which I. There is doing that do it to it she she owns it and I respect that my wife would never come on here no ever and I asked her I said you know it would be fun. And violence on her. You know with a I know I mean back in the day to bring our wives are yeah we've done we're gonna bring airlines on and they were gonna fill in for us one day out and do the show I would have been great my life was like no chance down. My wife would not she wouldn't we asked to do with ties her to come and every commercials. She wanted to didn't wanna do it she wouldn't she would get so mad at me when I would talk about her room. FedEx honey I'm late I'm not say anything bad to them like you are gonna come up in conversation. And she would get sole. This that. If we even we even broader so there's something about the news in the gals don't I respect that I respect. Now leash is leaving she's older she's been here how long you've been here. No I tell you she's still in the room she is now eight years ago eight years. What are my absolute favorite people that I've ever work again. And she would hear it might not. That's twelve at the but it's somewhere in the she's in the mix it up close to top five years up type. So Lisa is leaving she's taken another job she got a job offer elsewhere if millions of dollars million standard favor enforcing contract I believe is what they offer again. And so she's leaving she came in here because they need to study that really awkward. The only party out here we get some cheeses and you get like a slice of pie and it puts some Beers and there has Thomas. So people feel is decent on this and therein adds that those who is based in wide release this. They go there and they drink in any. And an issue and they only give speeches and she doesn't and then every cries as she walked in here and she's already I'd like she's a date down but I need. She's try to claim it is the stickiest of the Cuban reality he'd been trying to keep your granny gave Beijing is very good Hudson's very meaningful hunt we're gonna miss her a lot. Is she did a lot of great things for us thank you Lisa for all your hard work you're the best. And will issue a lot like. The lines. Of my favorite. Included the. Not equipped to do anything here at the office mean nothing at all I can't believe they allowed me to talk to the microphone put. And I was at the optometrist once with that with my son this was like earlier this early this year. And I did not have my insurance card on me I guess like we have a different. Vision insurance that we do from our regular insurance and the place. I got they didn't have they couldn't find measures could look at nobody knew we had and I called lead ship there was like Saturday morning at like 1030. I knew deletion network contact lenses and she's the drivers that would know about our action plan. And I did call her. On a Saturday at 1030 to ask her about insurance. And I told you and she added for me with a smile yes the shed no voice at the laryngitis but she did you know again all over now. That is the greatness of releases and now that she's gone as to who the hell am I supposed to call with the insurance questions on a Saturday afternoon behind. My fear release just arias. Might give if they release a story. Man. Ought to think about it commuters. We'll mine is when. So she she does a lot of behind the scenes work. On these Special Olympics organ radio Thon which is that it is it's a heavy team mother bear it's a it's a bitch who could prepare. And so. Who we love and we we loved it up and this is a lot of working on those things are. A lot of work on scenes. And so leave this last year. Auctioned off. I just the blues on the areas kind Golan in it do we don't make it easy because we're like just carries through real Willy Nilly knows about. So yeah I'll go play golf but you guys. Those people buy these golf packages. And the leash trying to plan those for us coming to me. Looking. Into her eyes she. Wanted to murder both of us because she couldn't get us on the it's mainly the problem is mainly you. Is not mean. Once seated for the record keeping that we can't get too we can't find it dates. Where you meet in the listeners can all place we've got some people you know lately to leave my house once laid down it's hard to get me back but guess who gets stuck right in the middle of that at least deletion. Which I'm I'm convinced this is one of the major reasons she's leading. Because she cannot exaggerate his safety net ever. Issue Israel's release just escalation in usual him I posted this in the eight years she has bailed me out of at least. A hundred different predicaments that she had no business bailing me out of that were 100%. Michael. Don't really care yes but. Now that she's gone it's only a matter time before I'm gonna get fired. Yeah that's that's a good point lead and think about that now the dynamic that domino effect deletion leaving here it's not pretty. I really can't function on my own and office environment and she was their hold my hand and now you. World of trouble there uterus just fits so perfectly with the personality of the station now. But I feel like there's a lot of people out there who could do. The job that she does but not in the way that we needed done here and that fits this personality. And it's like perfect but so I'm very curious to see who the next soccer's going to be this guy says can I get why she's leading now yeah. Debut. In Matty is taking over it you poor bastard he's in a lot of you don't even know. If you don't even though. It Lisa had a couch in her office amidst the islanders that's not undervalued. The laying down and believe it does happen a lot as solid effort to get a read counted there yet. And she has. A giant blow up a cardboard cutouts of you in on that she's keeping attention yes he's he does accompany him. When bush does with those. I guess that was going to be at the bottom of Perry cage that would be my guess that's Moneyline. Will mr. I think my favorite thing that happened on a daily basis was when she come over and try to tell you yes in the big and important about national. You can either be really even look at her you just like there is okay. It's just really OK to talk I'd like bluntly saying that didn't happen. The content of all the top of the wheel there is an element OK so this is not. This this has nothing to do it deletion this is a general thing. That's. When you you and I don't Keating here in Tel two. Ends. So a lot of practice that is done now huh. Home but only time the end we only have 45 minutes or so sit down and figure out exactly where you go of that and Mike he'll have. Means that stuff that has to be done here yet. It's not just well. At least to come over time to get so mad. She just wanna shoot the breeze and you know I'm pretty good at ignoring you and I'm busy. In ash just thinking gonna. Nearly Santa I'm busy day I gonna show confident this meeting here I can't. Robs locked in but you walked out of the room she said it's not shooting the breeze she had like we have giveaways this week or you need to sign a political challenge or whatever now. Yet is then. Z I think I'm like might not mean at that that's Mike's job. Mike's a judge giggling stuck to him. It's the United Nations to deflect NFL challenge one that might might just might make my picks for me not to. Is it better making it. By that I'm in pretty good on there. You're not and I am. We're talking about against the spread around those like on the show yeah I am combat them almost 500 are you again if you do your three don't would tune when last week. If it which we all know that he was violence but the Dallas Pittsburgh. And going to get its. Anyway. Shun. So be thrown stones now to say. A million text entry. Get a good year I updated envy of the day. College in an athlete got good good record slowed down in Hampshire but right now there's no question and ability cedar afterwards after Goodyear. Okay well. We just blew the sigma because she was worth it. Yeah she lovers you convinced him. Now. Harvey Weinstein. I'll tell you this thing youth. But Davis. He rescued two. That's one of the reds as gonna go down think if your words in the presence of Harvey Weinstein is female and he did not harass you. Would it make you feel bad. Just blew my mind with that wild what's wrong with it it. I party lines you talked next on the fan. Club and made you guys agency. I. Eighty of them. But it's a Harvey Weinstein is a famous. LA area. Movie mogul producer gang and apparently the world's biggest dirt ball. Yeah he's he started Miramax founded Miramax and he's displaying a huge deal like east. He's big time you ate their Hollywood interests is greater. Well I'm trying to think of wanna. Mussina detailed list of movies that he's been affiliated with Plano they. Pulp fiction was. A Miramax film clerks. Sex lies and videotape he won an Academy Award for producing Shakespeare in Love and suppose. They that's the the year that. Series prior right should've won in Weinstein did did the rumors that he basically bought. The best pitcher for Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan. For the kill bill movies. Might we could barely in gangs of New York. Looking through I mean it's. It's it's a long list. Leave the Bourne movies and he's done some stuff with the would that as well. Look here offenders and it DB. So we have some audio. And is very creepy now basically the story in the if you didn't if Yemen following that been seeing his name in the news tonight it's on this guy. He basically essentially addresses. Every one you were excellent and in some cases I mean break. Mean it's. Is it rape you when you read about them yet he's raped there's there's a number of women that that it said that he leaned down its its rate. They basically force himself enforce himself and forced himself. One woman said that she he forced oral sex on her. Sodomy. A couple others have come out and said that the days after say no. You know ten times in him on top and won't stop that they just kind of closed their eyes but united had told them know repeatedly and he would stop CS mean rape. Lot of famous women gal who worked with him. So actors and actresses and people bonds hits the Angelina Jolie headed. They're all coming up they they all have a story involving this here's a taste now you know the woman is this is in this it's an actress who is actors that's model who I had not heard she's just but some like released an art what are they choose more just a model and an actress so it and I guess he he had groped her sound like me and so. Look clearly this is how you got your I'm not an actor with no use capital Sanaa government just casting couch years ago. Think you want this during the fan I did a lot to get Christian so I guess. From what I understand is that that Weinstein had come after and it groped her breasts in and had assaulted her and so she participated in a steam. Against him to try to catch him in the act in here is the audio of him DNA super creep. What you'll have to do the CNN news or use is here. Wow OK okay and the barn now you're Muslim Mindanao. If I'm. Do you speak. I don't I'm not yet so I was kind of aggressive fighting to keep ice and no person I knew how do you think I don't. I received these things where I've just through the embarrassment. Police and it's the. Please I don't know just something I don't want this. Here it is and how it's. You don't hear it's. I think he plays I don't how to accomplish the ball and you don't have good news. He's trying to unity done the math yes and I guess this is his demo is that he he brings it gets women up to me to his room. Under the guise of you know where do you talk about a script or whatever and then once he's there. Everything from foresee massages to foreseeing. You know himself on top of women's and masturbating in front of them to. Just basically wearing them down over and over and over again and basically threatened that if you don't do this you never work again and knowledge in yes he is married. Released clothes. Was his wife has come about Indians instead did she discuss about this she is leaving him. His company has hired. OK can I. Yes gee he editor if everyone. So let's just say like how do you as his wife not noses you hunter now you're disgusted what you have to be because it's it's now public why I understand now I'm just saying like. So so why did you stay with a modest all these years because he's probably worth 500 million dollars and I guess she sucks. Yeah but whenever when do they think every every male actor now is that well you know. I know I didn't really yeah you know is under fire. Affleck and Matt Damon yeah those two guys knew Harvey really well. Well they think Seth McFarland a couple of years ago at the the Oscar nominations to the shots. At at him. I mean this this is this has been like the worst kept secret in Hollywood ended their jokes about it is night I saw some unseen incident errors they were playing a clip of a one of the stupid and networks account yeah where they cheat sheet literally just jokes them. Yeah Harvey Weinstein grabbed nine whatever this is this is what he knows. It's amazing to me that no one really it was 30 Rock I think that yes 30 Rock did it. But no one really. COLT under the carpet on this they just allow this dirt bag to operate like this for decades. You need and by the way if you think of all the women that have now come forward. And think about how many women. Have never come in and how many women make all these actresses saying that they left and they didn't participate in this how many didn't leak how many were were forced to stay at work or thought they were forced to stay. Because it and this is like Bill Cosby thing yet. I guarantee the numbers are astronomical. And did this is just the way he operated in Hollywood let him get away with it. Yeah but I guess it was on its a T and T today that he was in his daughter's house. Ands he lead he checked into rehab. Yeah he's going to like sex rehab right Harvey Weinstein yet usually in the country to do with those of us yeah yeah nice and Arizona. I thought it was overseas as well. Bonuses are here you have bound for Arizona the one I saw was that he was like going to Europe for something for sexson did this accident deaths of us have sex addiction. But those that really it's that that's sort of sex addict Europe after the criminal. Is it Duberstein Venus sex addict in sodomizing people against their will have a lot of these were actual. Like sacks right no it's just weird accident perversion polygamy ball and need to be able. He's obviously creep and he keeps alias accent. Q if you wanna start didn't give it to heart that I guess is there. But I guess he was at his daughter's house and the daughter called 91 because she said he was suicidal. Home China's president nothing EC him he looks like. Don't most unhealthy men amongst these terribly bad anyways as I guess he's the big guy. Like UC's rheumatology Steve jury weighs forty plus pounds that giant human being. And yeah the daughter called 91 to see your dad was suicidal Wednesday morning the police did respond. I guess he was already gone by the time they got their but it. And guess maybe his whole life is probably to say that he got is Weis leaving him. He got fired from the company that he started. He could be facing charges here he could be going bill Cosby's style here in his probably get a and at city avenue musical trials towards this in a never work again. That guy that yeah there's Sandy's duck by the Hollywood being in. Interesting not I don't know how much it differs from just big business or just power in general Lisa seat is a powerful man. And that's why. Nobody really called and I like a lot of people being called the carpet like the Clinton C give a lot of money to Clinton's yeah Merrill Streep and honesty is a bomber's. He's invited the White House multiple times Michelle Obama once. Praised in in its site. And I totally get other colonies who carbon it's just it's it's fascinating to me that. You know he he worked in Hollywood and he was generally loads like nobody like him don't. But he was so powerful and eighty he'd get another gun for people that. Nobody said anything and so they're all complicit in stamp every one of them. And it's just it's it's kind of sad that. You think about how many also deeds. Were done by that guy and everyone knew that he was doing it and yet no one had the and known at the colonies to column now it's just. Freaking awful. And the Gaza via via the Buffett himself is anyone gonna feel that I certainly wouldn't. As in the world's biggest T gagged on the planet for a couple decades careless what happens that guy. Slogans and do some time in prison. That's ever ICC the couple male actors that have come out and said that this is is. This is an even. Now obvious and I'm sure it's more prominent in. Whitman females but it Terry crews came on said this and try to remove the other one was but a couple of male actors that come on said that it's. Not uncommon for produces and people to just come up to young actors and basically just. Grab you by the you know what and usually know like it there's no workplace. Through no article in the wild wild left him he has. Well then we even heard that from people like you heartland of work you know that when did you see the door is sauces can make people. You know with excited and reporters and whatnot includes stories about. Yeah they're they're Baas is making them feel very very uncomfortable DC the bar stools sports story today now. So you know Boris still on the use of the end again at and I don't consume them whole lot and other popular pizza reviews yes and I mean there's Connolly. Budget d.s and inconsistencies you Rhode kind is right. They were the ones behind my active member that all the videos of the people getting run over with a golf carts right you know they were that in expediting their big thing is the Saturdays or for the boys they sound like a bag of pardon my take podcast which is huge out. So yeah. Well today. There was a fox sports college football hosed by the name of the leak. An eminent butcher her last minute he gets Sadie V. And she told a story about how she walked that she got offered a job by bar stool sportsman. It was a two year deal she says this on Twitter she sells offered a full time two year deal over the summer it would have been fun and it would have paid well no brainer right. Well they want to meet you signed Dennis I refused for multiple reasons I ultimately decided I didn't want it even if I was exempt from signing this. And here is what they wanted her to sign a book. Guess this is going to be pretty. No it's not it's. Okay the new officers as I understand that blank company is involved in the entertainment industry and further understand it because company's business. Requires a creative working environment including exposure to offensive speech. I may be exposed to conduct and speech that openly explicitly relates to sex as well as race especially indication. Gender national origin religion disability and age I dollars in May be treaty conversations were offensive speech. Their work scripts are rules that involves nudity sexual scenarios racial habitats suggestive gestures profanity and references to stereotypes is utilized. Anderson a knowledge as part of my job and maybe exposed to speech and conduct that explicitly relates to sex sexual orientation gender. National origin religion disability age. In expressly agreed in rivers and that I do not object to being exposed. To such beating conduct and do not find it otherwise offensive objectionable. And then I'm willing to work in such an event. The biscuit what she's saying is that you can sexier ask me all you want and there's nothing that I can do about it if a sends his favorite in his that's kind of you know outside of being grabbed in groped. That basically says the you're fine with and guys treating you in the worst possible man. Is he believes it's a moment sign. In the balls to put in front of the woman down. The I mean. This that I do I guarantee think even in our work environment comedic it gets a little blue. But he gets blue amongst each other. I can only imagine. What that would be like in order to require a piece of paper like that's a sign like the conversation we had earlier today. Before the show. How many females in our people who heard that were offended by. Do you think any. What devastation below we have before the show today which can talk about the drop being a preposition the old Allen yeah yeah yeah year those between you and did those teenage girls between the boys here exactly but I mean it was Santiago was really loudly and how did we we beat. Like dead people called in to the H arc for that dad is there anybody else heard them. Not pretty that reminds you medium are careful to protect the but but but but but there's aren't there much people like sit around us yeah. What do you do they listen to all female. Will we need is we need an oath. Yeah we you know we need an office desist its its best for everyone hey I am office news you do you know local office news. Snyder got kicked out of his office he was planning and while it's in the booted him that's. Years and now that he needed to get a new engineer of the new dinner so they moved back to a bullpen alone. No announced on so I can't be happy about this on must've loved his death. Wow. That's that's a press is a beauty you know where Jesus swagger to. He's scoring that office I'll save for what probably four or five years now. I don't has been now on that if we do a lot of cubicle and office shifting around here I'm not sure line that you know just people are always moving in the wind stays the same spot and slider just. But his stuff in an office and nobody really said anything yet this this a couple lobs over the edge right now wouldn't we just decided do you. Plus flag and I can hand them now though the great ninety cents an office. This is a nice office why can't we have enough I believe that's the morning shows off as much as his office so what about the afternoon shows I guess this wouldn't be my office it wouldn't be your office it would be our. Office. We didn't hear a long time I think that's it tomorrow pressing this issue. I'm innocent office he'll ask the big boss man I am in a minute I'm afraid it is such look it's a matter time before we receive. Due to a conversation we're having amongst ourselves and we feel like you'd be better if we had an office. This leads. If we're having a conversation amongst ourselves up and someone hears it innocent offended pursuant to pursue an ass. We can't well I don't think they're suing us in this bill. Signing. Custody are out. Through corporate debt that's an LLC they can test it because his right hand rough incorporated. I don't get that we need to get an office. It's a matter time and an address this issue in the press amid a makers stigma is like three or four empty offices we have an office would windows. Now I'm not gonna press that is where we get that we do not. Window lobs is there only for them yet for the people of manner yet we're not getting enough I'm sorry re too matter. Although there is a woman in the launch window office yeah. What it's totally knew who she is. And one promises to the front door and no I'm just glad I feel that we it's it's time. Now that's wags out amid economic and heavy push forward thick I've got the office to the that we can. That we could stake claim to forests we just we pull a swagger and we just moved her stuff over there. Milledge she spearhead this Heinemann. Don't think anyone's gonna question it if we move and I think we can pull this off and got an old couch which you bring in their beget good. Great musical what do multiple TV walk the line with that so we have TV now we are at and our little cute. Look I've done this Tennessee here's the content yet time to go about it. The video like fourteen year house I have worked workplace etiquette for Harvey Weinstein and other pieces scrapbook. He has been together bank medium thought it was. Where the and a few minutes on the broadcast absolutely could bring that team and about the Boy Scouts allowing girls it's about time or is it. You girls want to be part of that is I don't know about that the girls concert tour. But they with the Girl Scouts are saying about this boosting girl's cousin was just says could pass. Well one's always in the others girls but they do and I've never been even one so it'd be different things. Now they with the girls sand they're not having a digger the Boy Scouts. The gully come on in ladies love gross guys like none none none none. And until you line. I'm interest. But that's when we return here's Mike. Club made with Isaak and suit. Just made it. Scanners on an AD. And oh okay. Certainly a lot to tear. This is from a medium dot com. Like this. It's titled workplace adequate. Workplace etiquette. Frequently asked questions for Harvey Weinstein or any other giant piece of S. Win. It's very Blair is an appropriate place for meeting. Meetings can be conducted many police for example coverage gyms offices and copy shots meeting should not be conducted in places where there she hours. So I can't have a meeting in the bathroom know them. How should I refer to ninety mile co worker by her name. But what I wanna caller hi dealership to tease what's wrong with that do not do that though. When can I read a woman's back now this is one guy's probably think of analog. I have noticed that everybody's got different rules on this there are plenty of dudes that loved to go in yes they'd call to awkward shoulder rub it in the hands go a little further down just the idea that they that's under pursue a creep removes fear creeped her listen to this closely. Because everyone has thinks that you know. It's got a different idea on this there's only one idea this isn't just. One wink and a problem is that one if the woman has said can you please give me Mitt give me massage and you are not at work. And two if you are a massage therapist who's been paid in exchange for a massage. And a nap and no don't do it right out what clothing is work appropriate. Professional work clothes never bathroom. Should I touch my co workers never. Not even a little bit but never. Not just a little but Tapp no no. We can't give a little slot in the Jewish how do you get a woman a promotion. Tell her. She is earned a promotion without any physical contact whatsoever. Harvey. Even if the women I wanna get a procedure is hot yes even then my coworkers celebrity can detector no Michael organs and nobody. Can attach your know this is seen in the event hang in Dalton in this because that feeling maybe that's a gray area as well then maybe actually you're funny mention. When should I show my female coworker might penis. Never. And assured doctored and your female coworker is urologists and you made an appointment to see her as a patient because she has the best soccer dot creating. In liner examination room she's very specifically chose you to let her examine your weaning. Only then really not even in photo form. Kids is randomly send pitcher to a coworker that damage that it women always complain about men not performing you know on them now. So I should just do it whenever the mood strikes me right the injuries and we know them. You don't really doing poorly at this. Sushi bar and I'm learning a lot don't read them. There anything that I need to know. Put my dogs are barking commands my coworker of my feet. It wears a foot road fallen off that was fun naked in the co worker touched ninety Lennon naked around the payment. Say that I think I'd sixty arrest you at least. 500 times since having this job I know it's your final again now. Although I think he's sixty dressed me far more land again the idea that's not true it is true. He's sexy dress me on a daily basis in the week he. That's disgusting. Ice appear rob entirely appear to notice you guys I now. Robson undercover creepy and I very professionally compliment her boots. Yes you professionally as he answers no no hope you can do that either I doubt creeps about this hey. That pins through your racks looking great to know. No I think that's right out really hope he's he isn't gonna ask if they're real. Can you ask if there are symmetrical. Notify upper hand drop but about the have a surprise seeing you could use some support still. Just trying to be helpful right. But if I don't have daughters and therefore it no way of knowing women or people if it's. Seems like a valid excuse. Good news all women are people all the time not just enables a daughter's. It is amazing. And of those it is amazing the people I to Diebler these lines on a daily all the time and you hear from women and I have daughters into just horrifies sneaks I hear from him all the time. Like. Their stories about whether it's Dieter whether it's its behavior at workplaces and you just. You shake your head you're like god and you have to deal with this every day all day do you think that guys like this. No it can't sing the more I guess some time Harvey lines he knows. He's cinco. Well I just you know you will know that he began I think a lot of guys are sitting Nolan aware that they think that the women all month yeah yeah that was gonna. You know it amounts what's the matter look at me into businesses give her those children look at response I saw a guy our gallant leader who got so tired of being cat called and her around possibly being followed around the city. By men. Is the one lick my daughters in this. The big guys will follow her for blocks. I guess she's walked heroes you've lived in Chicago just. Yeah yeah but for four blocks them like as that's like creepy at all so this girl on Twitter started taking cell fees with all these guys. And the guys are like posing for. They think it's great delight GAAP. There's a lot of dudes that think that this is a 100% Odom Izturis images started this'll have to be saved for tomorrow but at UC this clack Thomas county sheriff's. Story where the guys got together at after after. Hours. And the mail diabetes couldn't nude. Calendar together they did a nude photos I did see this day like right on the steps the end tailored and it gave it to retiring colleagues those kind of you know it was funny yeah well. Yet people are Diebler and unhappy about it. But we've long said that we wanna do a tendency in calendar days on leave tasteful dudes with all of our house John wraps it up next on the fence Santoro. And. Club okay maybe we advise against itself what the traffic. Go OOO. And 1080. Iowa coming up next it is hot corner with Harrison lynch now here's the uninteresting fun fact that this yet caught the show before lynch. Of these Harrison lynch is a Yankee fan. And Harris of the here's the lynch is an Indians can't avoid in the Cisco really interest him. And right now the Indians yankees are playing in the bottom of the fifth. For the right to go to the American League championships here it was three nothing yankees Cleveland just dart tournaments and it's 31. And I think the Visio runners on the corners with a one out. So there's show is going to be how are you gonna do a show an absolute mess in this is a great idea for future Sports Radio program directors. Hamas win games Iran just put super fans of both teams. For that game on at the same time would be fantastic lidge hasn't sat down like three innings. He says he is an absolute mess. And he's gonna be host finish well I don't know or I don't wanna listen now it's the other. Les normally when Mike called me Google chat hurt you minute you know just see what's going on here tonight and I after the vote. He said I'm gonna put your whole period on. You know they're into it. But and now he's Mike's not even listening he has no idea that we've been talking about. The good uses. Patrick is screaming in here about the indians' scoring runs. In your molesting them microphone in there I don't know you're like delicate nervous they twitch Toledo's news in your your your fingering their microphones very uncomfortable. I think it's I think. Whoever loses which ever votes. Sure he loses that happened during the show you're just get up and walk out and not come back. It may happen yeah. Lynch may cry I think did tears may happen this guy take it worse if the thing to do worse of than probably leniency at the end is coming 27 titles. Mean c'mon that helps a little takes the worst of their expected to win the World Series which will then handle one since the fifties. Don't they were up two nothing and in the 4849. Putting him once it's pretty in this is a bit of a collapse near the reds two nothing in. Supposedly best team in baseball community now on the verge of getting knocked out by Yankee team that was good that. And clear the V did the underdog in this series but he Dylan Johnny. Just watching sports watching baseball I was just. I was just on Twitter I was gonna commit the Mike but he's not listening. I guess to have on Twitter is here judges struck out you're in time that failed via. Tony Tony Gwynn struck out fifteen times in 1995. O'clock. A that's incredible. Theater then incredible Lindsey and I thought that I thought that was fantastic. No no one cares though they judge strikes out of like historic rates adjusted doesn't tell of terrible series you just sit down one home run yeah but that's all that matters like it in today's baseball right to their home run a strikeout no one gives a real. Fear nobody cares but I just saw that was fantastic but. Yeah I just watch and watch in this in the infield and a little doubt that my team. Not only is it and it is you're never and I wish. I wish cricket experienced the treatment of the debate ought and by the look mariners I was. It is this there is there's something about postseason baseball it. It's it's just so damn candidates who I love you but I love baseball but to me that the beat elevation of it. I don't know if there's another sport maybe college basketball that the regular season the post season has this much of a jump from. Lord hear your criteria that I need actually and I'm not I'm not sure that we want to beat the crowd the crowd in post season baseball. He lives or dies with every single pitch and that's not how these regular season basically I know baseball's. It's a white group are you just kind of stared up in the Pensacola I'd get that. You just carry in and out new York and close baseball nobody ever give up there all that or he's been lately that I let there be a you can see that. Remote what you want it marquee it's her wire creek apparently you had super intense it's really and its position at the irony gains fight game series of short every pitch matters it's very. It's it's. It's awesome. Kind lumbered. It's a three to Tina yeah. The yanks then they go. Yeah it's a convenience of they have meant might. Or you're a loser whichever way it is decorations just quietly get up and walk out. Won't be listening. Veto and they into the game and be listening to these wants to be there may be some hot where you are on order ninety later. Part of your ago in a team yet billions. Let's go try it. But lynch. Go darkness. All right Time Warner is now isn't stressful soup. The bank amounting to seven on the stand. Red shoes. Okay. I.