Piff Interview 4-19-18

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 19th
Piff The Magic Dragon is in town for a weekend of shows at Helium Comedy Club, and stopped by to dazzle and amaze Dirt & Sprague with his comedy/magic act.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 1952. We have this the magic dragon in the building ladies and good afternoon so now how many people gripe if you're really was John. Immelt brokerage elk island. Is out on as you notice rake in the code an old saying is now. But you've got a genuine jacket in this studio in your first question is so I don't you do have the mythical base. Literally flying and you open the roof just selected land. And -- first question of the matter is so commit we jumped on the magic dragon restaurant and all of this point in bring your mother in with you from game with rounds she's a longer and she says is a joke is on the path and that we have mr. pitfalls in the studios as. Well as those magical element to this is does this is pretty incredibly eerie industry -- six shows and Deborah that you're donating all of the numbers sales percent of them to eighty rescue mission every single. Met Sam that is awesome we need the brunt of death that is. Well here's what happened. Last year we came we can't let him like a year and a half ago and every time become become the Branyan shows. It is time maybe a whole new shows we came a year and a half ago. And it was it was snowing. Member snow apocalypse I do you know we know that well luckily at 60071617161616. I have no idea would days. So we came penalties and that was his guy. And he was an Iowa the deal for the old timeless and you know it's a terrible time in the moment. So weak donated to them it was just one showed that was it was a the last show I think many came to. So any desire and I became bodies at him we legitimately Desi was simple to rescue mission. They were found in 1949. And they. They have like three locations in Portland and he you know after hearing though he does to a level and it is time to do available. Modesty one show might do the whole for the month of Nixon doubled on weekends and at any moment that area yeah exactly. I mean at least the weather. For and complete opposite of us know pocket Ali yeah yeah yeah this. I figured you know we give some fine now maybe outside the move to the next night populist populist route this time it's winter you know you've got such egg and a creative. Different act from so many other comedians just X Sandra. I would ask you win was the mythical dragon wind did that limits and amp it was a blow up lately in the economies is resilient story. Once upon a time it was a regular magician who who wants that nobody. Nobody so I was going to these parties and I was from. It's I was pretty compass and grumpy face very grumpy it was a bad memory to doing magic OK these parties. And I can gain fine everywhere ideal weddings Ambon mixes of front language the language is a unit of the and and I was I was logo is my jump them. Months to a costume party at them caution says it's an assistant and you can mention a drag them under a bed. And it's and asking you questions. Because suspicious. To you chose not that it says not to know how to act and directed to a hoot out god it's like OK I guess there just aren't yet distracting and I take it. Three times and so I entity spots in jogging outfit no one else is income stream. No announced it was just me and I was like you can start from what happened she is well manager stumps on changed. I was always late for me. So I went I was as a manager at a town famous for and said hey you should do this new act if we passed meant dragons when Pitman dragon. Muslim older brother Steve. So I did it. And immediately. Everyone who was fired me to fool those two grumpy well this is hilarious he's an entrant into the ground began dying and do magic on the global ground again dragon outfit. Kayla. Just. That's iso fell into it and never say I never look back again if the magic dragon is studio six shows that helium comedy club this weekend. It has the dog mr. couples as he always been a part of the actor was this say you know on information as though whiny it was a gimmick okay. Yeah indeed. Just a normal Regina race and out yeah you know from the other magic dragon dragon you debate in exactly. Yes I go in and he's been in the Anthony used the rescue dog okay cheapen. I cities like 10 years I am taking his old and I mean at ember in 2009. I think. And he's he's now on the money. The first thing Adam is as much as the nucleus from America's Got Talent the first thing I want her was how long did the training take. Well he's done anything. Notice it's there at a commanding three sits there and jobs when he says is true you just have to find the right though one don't think you just find those given up on life got you. Once he found that dog meat science. You can exploit that though Foley's a day ago I did have a a magician question where I'm ready there's a story out today that David Kopp releasing. He did a trait in Maine and almost died from it yeah and a judge's ruling that he has to release the details of said tree yeah. Use your feelings on the matter why I am well fossil DC is and heroes and legends. I mean what one is thank. These other crazy Korea and and the other thing in his the other thing though some districts already am because you have to pay yet he paints and it's some of these magic tricks when he paints and imagine treatments to release the method. Selecting his flying that's like a paint and as you can download the call from the paints an office so. You know and they ended the day ailing. The methods on many trees on Eugene that exciting to use in night. You know to make amends she would you just have taken longer than emblem at your local effort and anyone with everything wood in to a mighty tree and it's usually how it works. So at the masters everyday ingesting too and magicians but nine guys and yes a basically. He was like running down a dot org or any Fella for an Emmy and that is in Munich and his life and now he's having DC thing every thing was you would you reveal how he did the trick is you're in that case yeah I mean he can't Thea dad and added that. Give that guy that money you don't have this. Fall over its defense and a violent walking into the theater is just as bad as mine right right. Yeah can't do anything that again if the magic dragon is he has six shows an alien this weekend at the pith on Twitter. And how to present a number sales are donated to the Portland rescue mission is as Simon cal. I don't know him that well okay and it's always nice to me OK it was a packed yeah there's very few people who be really mean to me. As much as I would love to be an all yen yen on India the stories are archery don't have that face. The one that their refund Eminem and checking account for I mean I've tenure mythical creature is walk around town line around as the dragon yeah. Enter regularly that's for so drop in Selma yeah I did he fit in well in Vegas right here in Vegas right now. I live in Vegas I have a show the filming of that's right. Every idling for Fleischer is a week in and we tour on the weekends so we've been there two and a half is that. Yeah we do a different show in Vegas we do on the board as well. That's fascinating how long it takes a wanted to come up with that two different routines in it every time you come everytime he couldn't tell him to Virginia is brutal and yet you don't own them we have missed the tough husband's Woodman check if you want. Oh yeah debated this early repayment of lake radio man guys X don't necessarily translate that. Oh my god allegedly did not. Don't Lisa cynical all right what do you just trust me that honest truthful OK I know what I'm doing all right. The dog is gonna demanded tree on the radio and I want to rate it an honest and open this line on instant area lettuce that does not elaborate this and I am. I mean my human element and I think they'll have to nurture the line here though I'm all right just pretend it see you kinda base and I customize Brandon or Randy. What was the names again human yeah and he he I'm. You know yo Brenda yes no ending yes Andy cannot opt out there who you gonna reaching and grab account rep than now listen. What you again Brandon Andy Andy rank targeting any any name badges I'm just saying. Ellison Andy is choosing a plane comes from the deck of playing counts a guy got my card in the ordinance is a listeners was going on Andy bush copy of the then you go permanent marker. That it give give give the go to India on in my everyone that. Well all of blue one was doomed or read I'll take blew a particularly. It's an even attended a sharp looters shopping. It's an ego and write your name on the front of the plane comment on the front of the plant the front with a pitch is in the numbers okay Andy is now grants is name or hilarious message. May be drawing a met her own male genitalia. Offends knowing him it's probably as prominently mentioned that yeah. All right. You've got to put the cup back in the deck and come back in the day and his place and come back in the day. Can everyone in the room is remembering what the cut this remember that you aren't listener -- don't need to know it could remain a mystery. A king now and enemies the cons in the accounts on the table the dog is gonna show for the 'cause almighty god look at this dog has leapt onto a table that's an adult is shuffling a deck of playing counted justice tiny Little Feat I've ever seen anything like this guy is never Lila oh my god and they descends simpler way by it today at a rescue dog was a rescue dog. And they. You and I am having in I guess I know they both of them got an awful just pitiful F yeah hold the dog of the dark. How the dog Andy. To don't what don't drop its images don't do that just don't do that. Aaron what true costs we pass accounts or I missed the pistols one count rises to be it's this evidence was he ranting. Well. Well Boca hush falls into the studio. Testament dragons and a let us down the gun impostor he imitate the seven a space just thinking and you gonna rebel as the face of the of the continent's thinks he can take a look. Is your card alone ladies and gentlemen they kind is my magnificently change. This man hunting dogs things that was the outcome of every minute of another rabbit again bank changed again. As gentlemen it's just like being hit it's just like being in. Every guy and he's learned a way hey Andy we antsy but you know present land that. Yet our Andy says he's ninety now over here in the though. One that we have a little envelope estimate dragon has removed a small red envelope from his talking with the Asian rental house all right yes because he's in a Chinese giant ego minutes into the volatility from you exit usually rent to drop them. Andy would you go to semi for an describe we have in your hands I have a little small red envelope with it looks likes Chinese writing it Google is the seal of Iran it is completely sealed all the way around and you gonna. On Sealy overly pleased then Andrew unseal. The envelope. Andrew is now on sin in the home that Kevin has written yet just rip out Levy need to do it wrong. Wordy over the structured so you know yeah I mean yes it was like you know I mean Lebanese news should heat up yet just verbal and is that. And gentlemen it's a sixers Mayhew and they've written on it. There's the magic dragon fix those and medium once said Thursday through Friday three cent today this afternoon when his kids. Can bring those tiny little demons. Unbelievably you know a bullet. He has learned the women's gently. Like who would have thought magic on the radio woodwork and actually get out odds on it without a lot of fun for me that's all a matter of unprecedented bluntly I want out there we have one diplomatic dragon at the pith on Twitter with mr. temples. Thank you so much six shows that he alien this weekend goes CM. Donating a 100% of the merged sales to the Portland rescue mission. I spent. Thanks and.