Phil Steele Interview 6-13-18

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 13th
The Guru himself, Phil Steele, returns to the show with his College Football Preview magazine ready to hit newsstands, Dirt & Sprague delve into the Pac-12 teams and who Phil believes will be in the CFB Playoff this season.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I welcome back in dirt and sprayed with you happy hump data everybody out there were really excited because we get to talk to a guy we had on last season all throughout college football season. Phil Steele the phils still preview magazine is out it is coming out. Everybody gets jacked for it is the yearly tradition on dirt and Sprague that we talked about it. So we've got to be fun to bring him on I don't fell. You know I am doing great goody your your guys bourses again then not really enjoy doing the show which last year. How we had a great time Islamic let let's just dive into let's get to as much football as we possibly can here in these next two segments. I wanna start. With organ we are now home of the ducks that happened for us I was a big move for us were really excited for the coming football season and what can potentially do. So when you look at or again. What stands out to you about the possibilities of there is what they're seizing could be. You know I'm pretty excited about it wrapped up to you this so that for the ball game back to work and beat Boise State's sizeable. Bad let's say that they'll prefer to play the next game get totally dominated. So when I talked to coach crucible this you're open it up with a coach here on the equity. Brought that came up he sort of gaining some reasoning for but in what we would over the team this year. I like what I see see a bigger piece of supply and guess like Jalen jokes apart Jordan Scott. They look pretty good they're tree dies well that's what factors need to our country secondary looks pretty solid ethnic organs could have pretty good defense covenant a year and offensively. Number last year record adjusted Herbert was healthy Indian quarterback and the teams averaged 52 points per game. Without them just fifteen points soaked Herbert back reps a bubble wrapped around him during that this August in May make sure receive Celtic for this season but I think that you look at a guy like Phillip Mitchell ever receive rhetoric is good at the big here offense obliged to one of the units it streak and that would I'd really like in the goal what are the other thing that is it is the schedule I mean they host Washington. And hold Stanford those of the two main contenders in the pac twelve north. Take care of business at home in the ducks could be that surprised he the pac twelve Norse and definitely Felicia organ this year and I think it could have a much thirty year the most hopes expects. It -- it just it looking guy kind of glancing do Samir predictions I believe you had them finishing third in the pac told lord so I'm I'm curious what it is about them that that scares you a little bit at least the point of thinking they can't overcome Stanford or Washington. Well and no it epidemic they deeply Keller on the road they do play you to rather wrote did you try to resolve the road so there are some tougher games out there I don't think we're gonna see necessarily be. Yeah you for it was a pull those who upset so erupted be able to run the table this year soak it just came down to a schedule and Washington to be as loaded. I'll believe that organ beach Washington what I see it this year. Because Washington does have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball sergeant favor Washington index gave a gazelle like defected organs awful by apple would exploit Washington just a nice situation to be and then he never dull and notice it would Herbert put up 52 points per game. Could be pretty excited. Now this is Phil Steele Phil steele's preview college football magazine the number one preview magazine you're gonna find out there ESPN's very own infill steel dot com. He's on tour at Phil Steele 042. Let's move on to those Huskies everybody seems to think that done this this conference is there is this year. A lot of quarterback influx for some programs out there are some rebuilding some new coach is. A lot of things kind of working in the huskies' favor. This coming season with the town they're bringing back and still having Chris Peterson they're establishing the culture. So you look at the Huskies they start after seizing its Auburn. And I think a lot of us out there even the ones that don't like you were curious what they can do and how they can match up. Against the the Auburn football team. What do you think of that match up and then as they can win that is is a team that has the talent to run the table and go undefeated. Yeah policy introduced if you glance in my national cover go to Washington Huskies out of which means that it could make the playoffs this year I can play in Vegas right now other three point underdog arbor. I could say in my mind a government report favorite picture of the thirteenth. If you look at a Gallic Jake prodding military should take probably did not have to take a year that was expected last year. 2016. 43. Touchdown passes nine interceptions. Last year. Mediocre nineteen touchdowns five interceptions. I think Jerry Brown he's gonna have a prettier effect here's and nature's source instructed every kick your rear tech coach charged effort. We go over diverse topics besides just his team. And that even talk about guys who really impressively subject crowding together really approximate fix and have a much gritty here this year. And I buy into the plus he has a lot of miles gaskins of running back. Couple capable our receivers and that he noted defense election has yet spite of the year is gone but overall the the bulk of defense is per second are going to be extremely good Derek. I do think they get past Robert in the opener that favored and I'll twelve of their games this year so I think things are on the rise and looking good for Washington DC gigabytes two years ago our calls or make the playoffs they came back with a very expert Steve last year. I did it ever make in the collapse last year but I do this year again. Who antigen is it. It would when you look at the just to land him a college football come a broader question for a lot of people are down on the pac twelve right now on because the bowl season they had last year not make in the playoff last year. I know revenues Mac kind of stuff that there's a decent gap between them another power five conferences. If if Washington is able to beat Auburn and make the college football playoff this year do you think a lot of that narrative goes away of the pactel being the weak link of the power five. Yeah. Washington beats Auburn I see a lot of that lot better comforts winced but the fact twelve this year a lot portable seat at. And I think all this talk about the pact will be in the weakest of the Arafat comforts as well sir washed away into the in the wage and all of a sudden. Pictures somebody else begins just ahead of a horrible season. As college football guru Phil still is joining us. I have no idea what to expect from Stanford I mean that's deck kind of sounds dumb when I say out loud because Stanford. Has established themselves is so consistent with in this conference Bryce love deciding to come back and not jump to the NFL is obviously a big. Decision for them and I know David Shaw as and a little football coach but I don't know what to expect from an Manning a lot of this pinpoints for me. Some question marks on defense and then I don't know what to expect from their quarterback play how do you feel about the cardinal. Not to KG got fellows did you party get what you do is get in the sync last year they get injured a little bit wasn't a percent. But Costello. Which are problems that result actually can really throw the football is got a quick released. Kind of gunslinger mentality. Much recent record date which are you were not interest in the Baltic excellency two of 4000 RG get some kind of backfield. Number twenty that you get the ball off to get 2000 art break Slava the second avalanche here will get those 15200. Yard games based in Plano one lake. Keep it when he does at least fully healthy for the here. So I really like the backfield combination Carcillo but you look at the receiving corps turned her when designate 16205. This deal for receiving corps so tall decreed dispatches. Then you've got your usual Stanford tight ends out there as well. The offensive lines could be dynamic affect our coach solid lobby the whole bit to say he may have ritual more content directly offensive line. With this unit they're read to look forward to adopt such a lot next week. It deep that's well epic the whole thing that holds together for almost every year of his feet like asking quirks and they're like risky course load it we don't go recchi Barton. Gallup ferry Perez read. These are loaded at the linebacker Corso with this being restricted defense of the shutdown corner Michael I shoulder I think you're going to be pretty get fairway I don't like about stay effort mr. Ehrlich. Is the schedule I mean they do try USC. That the south they have to play word yet on the road just play Notre Dame. On the road to play Washington. On the road so those are three games where they could very well be it dog effect right now they are doctor deduction biggest. Three point underdog so the schedules what hurts me the most in. The defense a blind pursuit of her rise technical side he seems to think that they're going to be workers a freshman that there be a little bit of course will start for the deal like that at the that he. There's this year player like Palin week Tariq. Just really emerging 64324. Inside he will be a force at the end of the season big server at the start. Look you know of all the teams that could suffering brutal starts this season maybe organ sadism the one that's hopefuls prepared for a road game at Ohio State but. After that and and you look at Jonathan Smith in his first year so what are you expecting out of Morgan State over your thoughts on the on a Jonathan Smith hire a nimble would be game. As a good goal to have in mind for that program in year one under a new coaching staff. That's Saturday coached the open that went up with you know. Last year Washington here org state pretty much same tail right I think that's. It that's not quite so it is that concerns you most mortgage state this year. It's probably the depth I think we need you look at the starting line if you could make a decent starting lineup but let's face it this is college football and you gotta have good depth idea. In this Kenya's lacking in the depth I think this looks like a rebuilding year for coach that. I see a couple of players that they could emerge maybe look at a free safety David Morse. And linebacker what's key Wetzel should be pretty good at what. But overall the depth is not very good and I think it's at its peak a year to to really get this email what it change it is working at stake is Barbara last year committed to the seat of which Ryan dollar running back coming up before you. I think most Bieber fans expected a bowl game last year. And it finished what it'll have liked it it was about what they liked there's been numerous players they do indeed believe it team during the offseason concern coaches changes in this is certain the depth chart English yourself. I'm not exactly gold medal in here pick it up six. India pac twelve north picked a pretty much beat the pick for their it might pull an upset or two during this season but. Well Phil we still wanna get to Washington State and I'm actually is much as we are insisted in the pac twelve north up here. I am is equally interested in how the south is gonna play out for a variety of reasons so we're ready to Washington State leads the pac twelve south do you hang around. You're. All right here we go more stuff with Phil Steele coming up dirt and sprayed we'll be back with more on 1080 the fan. I welcome back in dirt Sprague with you we've got Phil Steele on the line college football preview magazine ESPN and feels steel dot com to define a month we're at Phil Steele. 042 to college football guru joins us the magazine we are awaiting our copies in the mail work side we can't waiting college football is just around the corner. Are we talked a lot about the pac twelve north we did not mention Washington State they're gonna lose Luke fall this year. And they lost some pretty key coaches on their staff people are wondering what is Mike Leach can be able to do this year. What are what is an Al reasonable expectation and Phil steele's mine for Mike Leach in Pullman. You know I think the work with the ball just in my mind with only ten returning starters commit to this year 25 Letterman lost a stock about to change it be such a quarter that they're going through. This is this an quarterback especially but the what. Good thing that they have scored former quarterback spot is if you follow my collegiate career. It really doesn't matter we plugs in there he's a natural for close to 4000 yards on the season and have a great year and I think they've got some Kayla to work with Derek. Issues they don't have Luke's fault that the quarterback position but overall this is an alleged experts seem to know what sitting in the last year. A picture to see Washington State team that. Why is this size robbery the polls like he didn't actually traveled to California but I do not put a ball a lot of the possibility that sectors applaud good possibility verbal portion of state but my mind that is of up high level I don't see even the upper but the actual market share. Impact of south it is is a fascinating division of folly you get the new coaches have Herm Edwards Kevin someone Jim Kelly obviously USC being the program that they are. But when you look at that division USC always seems to be the most talented team of the bunch but. How do you see got a power rankings shaking out the south and who's your early favorite down there. Yet the health advocates is wide open and I yet I USC is my favorite architect of the wind as south. I think it will be open to quarterback whether it's fate cheeky Daniels objection hearsay get three guys a lot teams would fight over to get there. They're right back it's a really good Rex and Steven Clark. Dangerous receiving core golf that's obliged to be upsetting. Effect port tactical child and says it may be the best offensive line he's had in ten years now that's really make this statement there. Camps bit turned down the NFL. Ordered gust that turned on the NFL and Marshall turnout in the NFL and players come back and he touched that boy playing Washington in a work in. The north soleil I think talent of schedule wise USC's lack favorable comparison Utah. You know Utah last year had to switch an offense that went to new offense I'll probably keep it did wonders at the start got banged up. Took about a week or two after the injury get back kept us. Dispute began but he's back should have a big year rely exec wants a running back you know last year he rushed for a thousand yards five point five yards per carry. The light switch came out did last year maturity of the year. Ridiculously big things out in a veteran offensive lining up for starters back. Some big boys up front defensively. A key strategy yet it was some safety rope work. These have a big target peck at their defense and they bring its bridge you go recruits as well also I think Utah's. They probably the toughest schedule of the south hinged. They draw orgasm they draw Washington stage roster yet for all lot of the north. In place tough road games like Ulysses this year but I heard the verdict that you receive home which is have a shot at winning itself. Arizona when a tactic it's coach someone this year you know he likes we get caught in the act will take. But this is the opposite winds will be another rebuilt site. Would remember the church seem like what's folks are still on we will take he was this a fact if you look at the last three games. First elevated put up the points are producing in his first 45 starts. We'll see how that works out this year but the defense is bigger part nine starters back indeed have a great defense recently. This would be better wanted and I think during the next what to expect likely okay that you keep you have a chance and don't ever does wonders as San Jose state couple years ago. Now negated great pick of the Whitney's a tossup if there that worked actual title game it's a fork he built adept at returning starters coming back this year but I like Stephen but as he's 65 to thirty now that experienced the receiving cores solid even Richard it. Keyboard receiver lesser degree of back for this year the opposite of what looks relaxed in defense of electric charge shot at the Colorado is going to be a player. In the pac twelve south and with Arizona State in the UCLA. They might be a little bit of a re golden season for both those teams adopt put them in quick to say it looks category but a wide open tech talk self. You know it's interesting films is Phil Steele by the way college football preview magazine ESPN. College football guru he's joining us now you know it's his thing you bring a do you talk and we have to fully admit we've talked a lot about this this pac twelve conference is coming year. I don't think our show or very many other shows have mentioned Utah when you talk of the south it's. Locally you'll Tate in Kevin someone or to get there now that's a dangerous combination potentially. We know USC a passion is so large and clay Helton I still think is kind of the jury's out on him for some people. Utah's is not one of those teams are up pose interesting UT UD you brought them out but I wanna I would ask you about Chip Kelly. Chip telling you you mentioned needing this year is a little bit of a rebuild down year. Do you think that Chip Kelly can still have the impact in this conference that he did when he was in Eugene. Or do you think college football has just evolves so much that when he does what he do it is not as special. I would have to go with the letter. Pretty whichever way he runs the spread in the past paced up and plus when he went to work and the the first time where its facilities just blew everybody away in the country I mean they have that the Nike body covered it at all these great facility east. But now almost breezed great facility so a lot of schools have brought that up as well so the big edges that he had been due to severe offense that huge advantage in the facility Donald picker ruined their work for a committee bark. And that's that's got to hurt a little bit but this year you know you look at Bershard coaches cabinet Scott frost got a lot of public Nebraska. Have a tough schedule I think they get to Opel church put it lecture temperament what did sexist. Eight picture going to be great you watch it opening game benefits or problems. Get fixed. Rarely get to a ball at duke coach has stuck. Learn the personnel learn their strengths that we can assist the players have to learn new schemes gently it's a learning year the first year reduced coach that tickets are Chip Kelly goes through this year. It look at around the country now get away from the pack to a little bit. I always enjoy hearing about sleepers and teams that you know and our on our radar but there on your radar that could have been a potentially big season. Programs out there you look at Adam of just wondering why people are paying more attention to it and that they had a chance to be an outside chance it make it run out of college football playoff. Gary Herbert two years ago whenever what's pricey but a magazine now on top ten team that doctor make the play us as election Huskies and they they've made apply saw it sure got a couple of teams up throughout Tia. I'll what do what does Notre Dame and the course last year were coming up perform when season they were my double wants most improved team in the country now they've made quite a lot at one point you were number three in the country cannot cannot wait force there were favored on the road against Miami Florida. And then they lost two games and lost Miami of Florida and Stanford finished senate Greek they won't be in the pre season top ten this year what with Bush's decked. Epic quarterback position to defense it's outstanding debt and starters back and that sent the ball despite losing two key players have to offer some light did you do it still looks out it was a look at the schedule it's not easy to play a lot of tough teams but the get Michigan at all. It's Stanford at all Virginia Tech. Is not last year's Virginia Tech girder Rugova. Rebuilding this play northwestern on the road put their questions here question marks a quarterback. And that's a winnable game that will have a good portion of the crowd that would as well and that they play USC on the road. Let's get USC has a few question marks them in the year I can make the case regarding where to the table that's what picked up my number what surprised you would treat. Nobody soccer bottom of the playoffs or restart about which Toppert verdict could finally beat that team tickets up there it makes plaster the first have a lot of time in the August axis. I touched on how excited Texas has worked for Tom Herman last year when he came meant. And then it turned out to be six and six just barely make a bowl game but if you follow along right ESPN power ratings each week our biggest aren't separate a party has been an insider. Texas' for much of the top 45 all year in deserve to be there that played a lot better in the final record would indicate they're basically three plays to wait for beer at savagery team and if you look at the big twelve this year in Oklahoma does that baker made field there's like TCU lost a sponsor players stretching and the operative line there is no dominant team in the big twelve. Texas could fill that voided got to defense. They've got two quarterbacks in her ledger book shelf. Elect not to coach term in the sprained. He was more than livid about the poor performance of the office supply. And the running backs last year at the last couple run game that will be corrected security and personal adopters. Emphasis there they have the pieces. They'll have a much better run gave it with a better part game comes about profits go to with a very good defense it'll winnable big twelve kicker has sent Texas as a potential team. Despite the fact it's six losses last year. Now are so I know you're against the time wise is quickly you can only get air on this one a lot of pressure and conversations have been no mentioned with Jim Harbaugh he's won games but he hasn't beat Ohio State. And he hasn't won a Big Ten or been in the playoffs. Is this the year he breaks through. Well he doesn't have a schedule to do it that's played Notre Dame northwestern district state and Ohio State on the road. Because have some talent remember Lester and early part returning starters this year they've got seventeen. The governor were three defense in and appreciate Paterson the missing link to the offense a quarterback. It would be a Jack it might just come down to keep in Columbus just remember two years ago. That it worked overtime it was absolutely they won their game cause he'll last day was stopped on fourth down so he came very close to beat them the last Sevilla to Columbus you know. To be inching to watch no doubt hey good stuff Phil Steele dot com Phil steele's college football preview magazine is going to hit store is very very soon it's one of our favorite he's the college football guru. And I he's kind enough to join us for two segments stock pac twelve and college football thanks so much fell and delicate W Donna wrote. So outbreak has always a lot of fun talk it will politics.