Phil Steele Interview 10-17-17

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Tuesday, October 17th
CFB Analyst Phil Steele joins the show to talk all things College Football!

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I welcome back Tinder and spray which you have. Although it daisy Tuesday it is season I spent a doughnut for every day is this is today diarrhea. I welcome back endurance bravery happy Tuesday afternoon what a crazy week ending college football on dirt and blood I mean you got four top ten teams they go down and we went into the week with no top not tough play five match ups and then chaos ensues well that's what college football is all about that's why we're gonna bring on our friendly college football guru ESPN's Phil Steele dot com. Phil Steele he is joining us now he joins us every Tuesday for the 1230 segment to talk about the chaotic weekend that was. So good to have you back I mean what he what is still steal make a four top ten teams falling in one weekend. Yeah you know you could see earlier near where there's so many top ten verses you don't like vs ranked match ups I don't think anybody saw it coming this week gap and you have a team like Clemson which was thought to be it's almost a lock it could be clumps and Alabama in the championship game they have two undefeated teams in the pac twelve quotes out ticket really expressed. Just one of those we get jeetz he sort of had to recommend some. On these steps could happen in the weekend but up against it but it herself for capped sent teams gone now. Yeah you get a Friday the thirteenth mixed in there you know wild stuff can happen right and I. And I wanted to focus on because we talked a lot yesterday so about these pactel teams that loss of Washington State Washington and differing opinions from people but. I just curious were using both programs are out right now and if that loss this past weekend. Is kind of enough to and the college football playoff conversation for them. No I don't think so when you know the fight agricultural policy it all the time I wrote an article magazine every week and years ago it's called snapshot. Which you think is absolutely clear today in college football channel three weeks from now you're like well that didn't make any sense at all. And I think to completely were the pac twelve office ridiculous because Phillips let's go to the big twelve for example. It got Oklahoma with one loss Oklahoma State which while Boston TCU wins zero losses will drop played each other upcoming what's happened just two of them have two losses and you've got a one mosque champ of the bubble conference concerning an autopsy derby there's going to be a lot of tough games in the big twelve come up that. If the pac twelve team gets through with one boss will say to Washington the US week which you re my two favorite stick it into the play out special week. A Washington State because they would have to beat both Washington. He had USC again. I think that they would still be alive sought tot trot out the pectoral whatsoever thick as the weeks go on his August wash a Washington State do you get and you see continue to win the actual strength. Conference and has street will Schulte. Yeah we're joined by Phil Steele feels steel dot com he's on tour at Phil Steele 042 inning catch him all over ESPN as long as well I should say. As the strong as steel podcast. You know sticking in the pac twelve which which actual team has surprised you the most this year. One Obama I'd have to say it would be Arizona. And Arizona. Since they've been surgically located quarterback spot just it was unstoppable run run through Colorado on UCLA the last two weeks and you have to think your retractable Semitic play as long as ceased. Continue to play at that level and eat them look at their two losses this year that you stick game they lost earlier this season. A it was a three point game the Utah game there's actually a 107 dare mention to gain and ended up who's about six I think its first surprise out of the blue would be Arizona I think you're very pretty much expected to finish last in the division and then the surprise in the negative side would be UCLA and not only you know one particular aspect to a particular aspect he still like. That first would be their run defense or talked to coach more this spurring a little receiver thought he was extremely high and the defense supply and it hasn't given up six point six Hertzberg carry. 313. Yards per game rushing but that's not good. And then the other side would be on the offensive side Josh rose and seventeen Dutch shell that's a pretty good stat. About seventeen interceptions and it's a record here I'll be cute story interceptions the way here as I can and into the seat now would've expected usually have a much better run defense. That would expected Josh rose and act more like quarterbacks that's been here three years and in his previous two years combined to throw on sixteen interceptions. Always gets seventeen ready this year. Why am glad you brought do you see allay their because they're playing organ this weekend and you know we've we've seen organ now for two weeks and not just in Herbert the offense is not clicking they can't throw the football but. There's still running the ball effectively and I UCLA coming off that loss is it to a team you mentioned as well. In Arizona. How do you see that one plan out an easy CLA's run defense bad enough to keep organ in this game. Where you think it where discretion waiver scrimmage trying to Opel Fisher agrees average of security carry. I gather it's completely under the radar prob because you give up a few yards short of a thousand musher shall we shall we talked about I personally if you're gonna conversation a couple of weeks ago I thought Luxembourg much were committed to a great job as quarterback candidate won four ratio hasn't worked out and the offense scored just seventy points the last two weeks are sort of scratching my head there as well in the technical offenses dropped out as much as it tests are going to the F a cup quarterbacks but and that's one of those games that's where animals like people against bowl teams success did you pull. They both of the disappointment the last couple weeks ago. Assay the whole team reps to win but yes I do think or thinking run the football at UCLA and it should be an entertaining game. Now Phil still act Phil Steele 042. And Phil Steele dot com is where you can find his website. How do the power five conferences stack up for you personally from best to worst. You know you've got to do it all the teams in the big at the top. You know on the top ten of the media there rankings with and state our state Wisconsin and Michigan not far behind. Know a lot of folks like the Big Ten but they do get to benefit a player at teams like workers in Illinois. And you know teams Saipaia teams like at the bottom of the big twelve on a weekly basis on lobster quarterback and they've they've been a shadow of themselves. When you look at the big twelve there's a lot of depth there are you looking go to out of the Ethan back teams like Texas Tech and Iowa State they're playing pretty get. So I think there's good debt and out doctors had Dominique. You need to recapture their form could potentially get there VC seat you were looking at club send an NC state. But other NAFTA a lot of mediocrity there are and yes TC are still report at this point. Number one next to kick goes down to them once again the bottom of the conference. You look at each teams like Vanderbilt and Kentucky Mississippi a Mississippi State the weakest teams in the SEC those are all bowl caliber teams and that's where your stance and get back off and I think diplomatic benefited from affected village she was come back a little bit they've got Auburn Georgia Alabama. I think he SEC's problem right now Eastlund number one but that's pretty croak. Close across the country. You know we've had a lot of fun the last 48 hours or so trying to make sense of the four best teams in the country are because he got some teams that are undefeated but they don't necessarily have quality wins Wisconsin Penn State. Come to mind that a team like Clemson always you know beaten up on everybody Brian goes down they lose so. As far as he right now a week ahead I believe that a week from tonight is when the first college football playoff. Rankings will come out who are your top four teams in the country. Tell you this is a true signature brief head up because I've got two different places were below one I'd vote in the football greater super sixteenth hole and that one that takes into account the U where are actually tickets he should be ranked based sad you know wins and losses. How they've done this season so actually adapt poll and have teams that have one mosque down below achievement zero losses so inept poll I voted develop a 110. State to. George it's three and TCU for right now but Darren. I'm On the insider have got my biggest power ratings now this is where I actually think that teams are no word if they lined up and I get that that number from the west gate. PI ML sits upon our ratings merger ball together to meet this 1% of what I call biggest car charts out. Alabama of course be favored over Telstra I think excited interstate the number two team an apple. It's Ohio State because hostages been blown everybody awake. Really when they host and state they'll be favored. If they were playing clubs and a neutral field very delicately branch injury they'd be favored they were played Oklahoma again edit neutral site at it we've seen enough improvement at Ohio State and not weakening in Oklahoma where assay would be favored number three would be currency and never forward because of so it's you've got two different ways of looking at but I was it was looking at how the vote specific about what comes out a week from now to be Alabama Penn State Georgian TCU must say get upset. You know Phil Steele ESPN's very own Phil Steele acts Phil steele's 042 infill steel dot com. You you brought up the Big Ten and you rattled off the teams and doing really well thus far. I'm curious what do you make a Wisconsin because for all the talk that we've had easier out here on the West Coast. About Washington losing in in Washington strength of schedule now they've played nobody Wisconsin hasn't played a team over 500 get what do you make of the badgers. Of this this is the best team by far the talkers just put up field legal too its first year and you know it's a Wisconsin team that every year averages. Five point 56 point two yards per carry his first year three years ago or two years ago I should say always averaged three point eight yards per carry Russian 150. Our yards per game Marcia ball like that's how Wisconsin. Last year they improve to. 203 yards per game rushing four point three yards per carry what again. Atypical number sure Wisconsin will this year they're back to their power run game out the killers of virtue urgent seven point eight yards per carry their chopper up opponents that you mentioned weaker opponents put 264. Yards per game five point five yards per carry to dedicate global quarterback out sort of perked at 66% with an eleven. Six ratio. This year and that deep possibly there's opened her opponents who are 23 yards below their season average. Which is number ten in the country. I think Wisconsin went out particular qualification to adequately probably duplex Obama Michigan the second last week at sea and you'll see them play extremely well and games are. I'm I'd be worried if I was a ticket out Wisconsin could there really are complete team. I'm not dabble in the team has it a chance really to throw a wrench in this whole conversation is Notre Dame is there sitting there. May thirteenth in the AP poll. I'll five and one that only loss came you know by one point to a top four team. In Georgia their ticket on USC this weekend anti money a lot of people are still wondering who are they I had to come back and beat Utah on Saturday in the two point conversion. A failed for the utes but. I'm when you look at that USC Notre Dame game what are your thoughts and anybody like him that match up. Yeah I actually liked PR Russians want not USC is just so banged up to look at data entry lists that they happen and it's just keeps going by the weakest part about. Twenty guys sent her injury list once again this week. And that that doesn't help add value wrought on the road played at south. That you look at temperatures are going to be that little chilly here in the area so we'll see we'll see what there's a chilling here for that game. And then now you look at the weight you are sure run in the football which over 300 yards per game while six point nine yards per carry I think it will be able to run at a bank that PC USC defense and their only loss this year was to Georgia at the time your ticket well that's. Dirty lost at all but it's a very good Georgia team that beat Michigan State by twenty if you handle the bunch of other weaker opponents have been underperformed this year but that's what I learned a lot about all seems well at this point I do like Notre Dame become moderate to want. There you go get Johnny on this one Phil as we do every week we are big degenerate so do you have a pick an underdog that you really like this weekend. About search tool will match a little yeah. So. Person ought to be what goes not marquee games Utah State is playing you know be their kitchen about four on this one. Actually think Utah State's stronger team watched the Utah State Wyoming game last week he topped Utah State probably deserved to win that one. They got the better defense and I think they gonna go on the road and pull the upset that you out via that the other wants is more marquee matchup and it just goes to problem. Herman Tom Herman when he was accused and was an underdog five times mostly SEC Houston team a group of five team into burst into like teams. An old fine I'll write upsets this year percentage underdog was against you receipt. USC was much healthier than. And yet USC needed its freshman kicker to kicker he'll walk into the game just force overtime and beat them by three overtime last week your connection I mean from Oklahoma. And in the neutral site and only lost by five and they stopped play to meet up this week at Geneva and against seven NFL hole. Against Oklahoma State government is a perfect seventh and always an underdog backcourt against government I'll take that touchdown and a seven and a half point here which. Yeah no injures proven to be pretty good quarterback for taxes there you go phils still Phil's still dot com ESPN a strong as steel podcast in on Twitter at Phil Steele 042 joins us every Tuesday. Good talk when you fell good stuff and now we'll catch up next week. Substrate lot of fun as always guys can't agree we get.