Papa Swag 8-17-17

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 17th

With Dirt and Sprague still baffled and amazed by the frenzy over the Solar Eclipse coming, we turn to Swag's Dad, retired science teacher Donald Swygard, to try and educate them on what to expect on Monday, and why it's such a big deal.




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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And back in June 9. Teens. Are opposed sports leader 1080 the fan excited to welcome men. Donald slider to his studio pompous swagger how we doing today sir I've lived and I'm living it's nice it's crazy here did I hear. Guys say that 46 apiece there's already advised them yet already it lights yeah he's got it down to is fifteen de facto authority closed down man there's a festival that I don't know if that's an eclipse related festival but there's a festival on prime bill which is why so many people around going out there well it's probably that and the clip yeah it's been a bad mix I'm I'm going to Lincoln city I mean to get it always does Jerry's coming down from Tacoma Seattle places stay eagle for the day I have a friend that has a beach house lie often. Fact I'm gonna leave Saturday so I couldn't get there right to give yourself the toll four hours a day -- night into Monday morning you know I'm I'm gonna be that tri weekly I'm gonna go over on Saturday and then try for the rest of the week to get back at that I got out it was it was see you back here next Thursday or some like that was the other highways will probably yeah we got -- light -- here with this we're gonna talk -- signs with the coming up in ten minutes are excited about that sounds good to educate us we're not good in that matter -- educate everybody and what's going to be happening on Monday but is time for us -- plunged. It is segment every single Thursday at 215 so slacks plums is basically a reference to what's interesting in your son's life my number my number one sign your number one ounce on sun yeah does he have a cup that says number one son now as we should get him a -- that says that that would be our one of those big goofy coming out later today and -- world's greatest data are number one bonds. Isn't he needs a number of a sudden it got a little one cent. Yes we got its way well first. You guys probably saw this. Outlets saw the islands. One of the farmers there is so growing a giant. Corn maze. And if you look from up above it is an homage to one Damian Miller I did see just alienate animus silhouettes in hand so I was curious if somebody were to do an homage to one of you do. Now what would you prefer that homage to be. Join a building named after you wanna statute I am a priority days I'd probably go statue you want like a sandwich named at the end of your favorite restaurant I would go statue in hopes that an insane ending too controversial I was in is trying to sound like Jack years later statue was a hot button issue although they're looking for a lot of stats you replace its apparently across the country myself and LeBron might need statues of fictional character that's very true. This is a tough one I think I might. I'm Michael corn maze because even though I'm not getting exist to pass the one year. Like suck on that aliens you guys just to cool circles there's can learn may ease my pain literally getting lost in her head deaths. They probably do that everyday needs threes so. Yeah I think that's a pretty bad SA mom Willard I'm actually asking for a professional photographed frame that their ego kind of what would Donald slide charges. Probably some kind of a plaque in the faculty room okay thank them with your face on it. One of my bad jokes. Unless that's like an analyst jokes that you tell well in honor the a clip. Okay I'm a very bright person I'm Smart I'm very bright in fact I'm so bright that mother calls me son. I have no regrets about half products as ours that boy I think 45 plus years we need like a pompous wags joke of the day. You know the best part about that joke. For the listeners that alone nobody conceived of the people out there here in the had. Q then proceeded to laugh really hard all the mice he's so proud and in swagger over here just clicked in my. Did he shake his head and only of Sega usually hang his head down and kind of goes way back complete does that to us everyday from twelve to what you swagger and I don't know if you picked up on this. For me in my family I have a lot of them. I've family and I'm not proud of being my family so I introduce among my god I don't want you bought ninety that I know and announcing immediate. But when you brought your dad and to introduce you kind of got a little less like I hope this goes. It's a he's afraid I'm gonna tells Jason's story of a learning and childhood story had sources about young Jason yeah we need to know more I don't know preeminent time out and let us I didn't know. Lions. There was a huge line this morning at Kleiner square American Idol is coming back. I mentioned this a while ago we get there on the bag today are saying yes Portland I think was the first stop on the addition trail. So there I don't know if they're still trying to figure out how to get people in their Seacrest has backed Katy Perry's gonna be one of the judges must cancel concerts are scares you don't so yes you look for paycheck so. I don't know if you guys knew how many friends who were going down there and I don't. Honestly didn't know American analyst and on TV it's not a numbers guy on ABC it's not on fox and a changing up their rights to it around. The last time it was here before it went off my cousin drove over from the towels. And she had to sleep at my mom's house because she went for the tryout they had to get there at 6 AM and she didn't try out tilt to whom that's an assembly did you do. In between that I just stood in line line yeah. Eight hours yeah I've heard there's like a lot of different. Pose it to make it through electors like four different sets of damages did it. You have to go through 45 Brian grounds before you even did in what you see on television for the actual audition supposedly so either have to be really good or. Just a total sideshow sideshow circus for the election I don't what would you guys choose to saint. At your audition. A lot to go heavy arm these song and eventually ripped my shirt off I mean that's that's kind of been my dream I can bring light on the hose or bucket of water. Yeah she splash and onion you just come out of nowhere yeah that is decliner on that guy it's all part of the show you wanna stick out don't you. Yeah I already would or you could be so bad they'd let me let you through the next Richard Hong because there's somebody just saying insulin that are like as bad as he can be in name. Have to tell and your good eagle on the next step in and eventually make it to the DV tryouts. This is named Richard. Pond yeah let's Richard hung out yeah she saying okay in his first name really was Richard I'm pretty sure Anna K goodly did you look that up his name is dale as well. It. Jumpy. It was it was only then yeah I'll say paying allow. The conflict context that I instead. It does Gould William money is on website William Hung dot net I'll be can give the dark now. He's a professional speaker Dallas. Can we get William I'm on the show. Helping you achieve your ambitions can we get in between these fund can we get a bad another bad joke please. Jim another one that you like to tell. When you put months but I'm sorry well. When I taught. The color spectrum. The red orange yellow green blue indigo violet the kids go go what should ago and I said well it's really purple and and then I thought how can I tell a bad joke to help them remember and to go so here was the joke. What new up Porta potty and an automobile. Have in common. I don't know what answer in order to use them you gotta get indigo. So it got so bad. That apply when that day or a period without telling a bad joke to kids who are saying what happened you didn't tell a bad here today Wednesday and well yeah we already have submitted texting and saying class of 89 love pompous swagger and we got to I got about that joke up and I Donnelly what they've probably heard it. That's my owner. I was yeah I. Did you widget passed through hunt junior high. It's in audobin 8485. Here's what object Jason got really lucky because his eighth grade year junior I was seventh and eighth grade his eighth grade year. Was with me at the junior high and then I transferred the next year to the senior high so he got to share a silly little junior high in my hand here. I've 551. Year's high of five long here is what I thought I am. The only time he came to talk to me during the school day was when he needed money dad's dad's about rank and that's most conservative and it's. Have any us in the bag today yeah it is a black cat appreciation day today. So for those of you the superstitious. Get over it so and go go pick up adopt a black cat plus black cat he's a local bar called the black cat. Like god is speaking of bars. Audience was there they'd shuffle board denied we Sheila bottlenose today anonymity as a good the black cat so no I didn't go to stolen guns on the east side. Am I gonna so would I meant you can become just because of the are only exist anymore. And now finally my friends that a spirit business dot com content love them and they did they Al ranking of the top ten borrowers with celebrity owners. And making the list I didn't know this place exists it's been around since 2001 but Bill Murray and his Brothers have a caddie shack bar once Lauren. At the World Golf Hall of Fame that is all based in themed around diversity classic movie caddy should have known way so next time you're in Florida don't go by the world golf village. Yeah look for it. So not all things in Florida suck. You get Mickey Mouse and Bill Murray far I'm not a kind of back runs. It's excited if there was some form Portland that somebody really famous zones. He's kind of mattered you are they gonna be there now I mean now. There's an off chance maybe one data randomly there if they showed up every now and then it's like Iraqi and Iraqi movies like tank and anti Sam Elliot by a bar shared an interest sat down at the hands and just getting here and say SaaS for Ella wanted to say lake. Sam from cheers if we had a local blazer opened one and worked there religiously. Would that change your drinking habits which you then become the yeah yeah I would just to see an everyday just a and a friendship was just going out of that and I. Pamela. Like the Michael Jordan's steakhouse even after Michael Jordan did Chris Dudley did Judas which ourselves now he's got to make a free throw overs. I get back clubs call on. Also live in the state of organ that can help with the governor race hey goods and expect slums Allenby to governor legitimately being you know I don't live here. Hey let's find out about what's gonna happen on Monday he ready. On your return to my counsel I got mine right away that the ladies get a job childhood story and wanna. Third joke come on all right. But it's like art and housing get a let us know it's avenue Monday breaking down from a scientific standpoint would do that next. Hey stick 36 welcome back in third straight here on to a native of fans. It is statement from wind sequel coming up here in ten minutes close out the show thankfully it sounds like everybody involved basketball program is doing okay over in Barcelona today scary scary scene over there. Tell able plains eagle had to say about Delaware senator as we've talked so much about this darn it clips that. I don't know if we actually know the specifics of what's happening what it means how often it happens let's go and we don't really know. We just know it's going to be an apocalypse someone is having a pop that's why aren't in your Donald sly yard science teacher for what 32 years. 32 years full time and another is five. Shorten long term cells can home school teacher and then I Gannett tutor ever since I was still lack I don't really active in the science business so I tell us all feel that we don't know what's out what is happening on Monday. It clips there's two kinds lunar and solar. Solar eclipse is when the moon gets in between the earth and the sun and the moon casts a shadow on the surface the earth. The lunar eclipse which happens couple times a year. Is when the earth gets in between the moon in the sun and the terrorists casts a shadow on the moon. Since the earth is many times bigger than the moon. That happens more often because the bigger object. Has a bigger shadow in the moon passes through that chatter solar eclipse is a bigger deal now. Our October I'm going to be seventy years old this will be my third. Solar eclipse in my lifetime. The first was when I was nine years old it was in Bangkok Thailand which is opposite side of the earth from where we are now. And then 1979. I was teaching. And the eclipse was going to happen. As the children were walking to school and people were nervous that the children might look up at the sun and burn holes in their retton so we started school an hour early. Got all the children inside close the curtains so they couldn't hurt they could it's a need to let him see it our glasses on but Jason tells me at his school. They were out on the playing field but it didn't make any difference it didn't make any difference because the cloud layer was seven miles thick and it was cold and rainy. And the best you can do is kind of get a sense of the shadow passing over your head and a few minutes later it was gone and it was gone. The one that I gave. Was involved got to see and be part of it was in Bangkok Thailand now my dad here doctor professor of political science had a Fulbright grant to teach at the university of talent or so where there are two years. The weather in Bangkok is 95200. Degrees. 95200%. Relative humidity almost every day. And my mother now my mother called me Donnie. So you can now that F and that definitely has had names anyway she said Donna go outside some specials gonna happen now she didn't tell me don't look she descends from sources and a happy go outside yet are outside in his starts getting dark so why looked bad when you look at the sun it hurts. We send children outdoors every day to play and they never look at the sun they're Smart enough to know not to look at that time. So anyway. It gets dark. The temperature dropped fifteen degrees now. Then the birds went in to the ridge in the trees the bats came out of their back cave that cricket started chirping just screwed everything up with the clock selenium yeah it's. And and then two minutes later when the sun starts to reappear. All the roosters and neighbor at starting crowing. Which is what drew you if your rooster in the sudden comes that's unbelievable so it isn't so much that you watched the sun disappear. It's the total experience. Everything that goes with it is so I'm curious about this yet. Because this is a big event they say this may never happen again in our lifetime well not here anyway exactly but launchers to the solace from Neil deGrasse Tyson yesterday. He says there's one every two years somewhere on earth. And sometimes. Okay. Though the eclipse this time begins out in the Pacific Ocean it crosses the coastline. Just south the sinner. Our back up one. There shatter that was very Jason swagger yet ready that was in the shadow itself. Is 63 miles across. It's gonna Trace a path across the United States crossing the border. From Pacific Ocean or again welcome Oregon Idaho. And there's this down sloping curve and it leaves the United States South Carolina. It goes across the entire draft out loud. But. It begins here and it ends here does go all the way around here. So there are many solar eclipses that happened now in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic and north Indian Ocean never hit land. But so that's why this one is special than they don't it's a gross all the way across continental United States. Now and if you got lots of money. You can do one of two things when these many every couple years one happens. But you can go wanna cruise. And the cruise ship will park itself in the path. Of that what they called the totality the really dark shadow if you've ever been to a play. And there's a solo performer on stage and amp single spotlight. And using my hands nobody can CX video and there's a single spotlight. Behind that performer on the floor will be an absolutely black shadow. Called the number. And on either side of that ultimately black shadow are Fuzzy shadows called the Pembroke partial shot a graph so. This 63 mile wide pathway that's gonna go cross the United States. On either side of it will be the partial shop so from. West Lynn Lake Oswego wallet in new idea idiotic right Randall C a sliver of the sun. But you won't see the sun completely disappear okay so you have yeah India downside it's called the path of the totality so are we in the past the totality not here now about twenty miles away. The center of that 63 mile past. Path is in between Albany and Salem. Just a little bit south of Lincoln city you're dead center Madras Oregon yeah has gotten a lot of attention it is dead center in that path they are saying that the roads there between matters in bend is gonna look like a scene out of a Walking Dead show cars just abandon. It nobody's going to be able to consider I five north and south. What's happened 63 Jason 31 and a half. Yeah yes yeah 31 and a half miles either side of a point halfway between Salem and Albany. North and south cars are gonna I'm assuming. Cars are going to be pulled off right on the amber Amundsen parking lots you're gonna have to strands are cars going north to strands of cars going south. To watch the clips. It clips lasts. And a couple minutes to get dark it's totally dark for two minutes few more minutes you have lied again here all day and everybody gets back in their card takes on it and who knows Elena takes to get there that's what I call a parking. Unlike the way don't ever drink with my co host coz they have something about him that's called the path of totality. It doesn't mean since then Kate is likely also have to pull black Allison partial blackouts he's. Heidi I only want you there entirely down. So anyway here's the interesting thing and I I thought about how do you explain this on. The medium of radio pathetic classroom I got a bold light bulb be in the Sinai gotten discs being in them moon and the earth and his son and all this stuff and back and forth and waving my arms and do inched up so let's have everybody in your listening audience closure rise. And imagine the sun. Sweeping around the center of the galaxy. While the earth. Orbits the sun. While the moon orbits the earth. She's got three bodies in motion they're also spending on an axis. And how many times a year do you get a straight line. With the moon and the sun and the years in straight line and doesn't happen that often it happens more often for a lunar eclipse because as I said before the round with a -- bigger than them unit makes a bigger shatter so on so where. All right so it's and usually get everything in the lineup just right. And so this solar eclipse is an unusual thing and habit passover a whole continent. Is truly outstanding and end during the daytime when you see as lunar eclipse that night ledger on the dark side of the earth to see the solar eclipse she got to be on the white cited the earth because the shadow has ego pressed so. The odds of those things happening are pretty slim which is why you don't have which as I India this is such a huge deal why it is or glass big deal it really big deal where you Julius. The rich glasses. These I. Last night I'm at a barbecue at Jason's in law to. Were you part of this discussion Jason Wiemer we discovered some of the no he was three Negroni is the hearing about it after ending you know what we did. We worked there was a person there they had binoculars that had the filter in the binoculars. And then. We had two different kinds of of the paper cardboard viewing things yet that's what we're song on perks okay now. We looked through the binoculars. At the spotlight down on the kitchen table. Couldn't see the spotlights. So then we used one set of that cardboard ones could see the spotlight put another set a cardboard ones on we can see all the spotlights and I said for heaven's sakes don't Wear those throw those away. Because. And I picked this up off of a different radio station I listen and a OP be OK here we are all that they've been haven't spots right left out this. That the astrophysicist said you have to block out. 99.9. 996%. Of the light coming from the sun to be safe that means that you only get to see point 000. Floor. Percent mom which is Ford ten thousandths of 1% of the white. He's and so I told. The family. Throw those away keep the east yeah hold on of those because they learn not. Sufficient enough. So I'm glad I caught it at the last minute so if you can put your goggles on and and get close enough to we're really bright light bulb you might be able to see a little bit light coming through. Batted a distance of five feet if you concede that bold clearly. Used it for. Push him to. Frame your door or throughout the garbage or do something because you don't wanna you know. That okay and not gonna happen on crack as is unbelievable information pops lag demand I had one last quest is going OK okay. Is yours flatter not that there is more. He's brilliant how many there OK I know somebody you gotta come out of left field best Leinart threw it and what have you is right field which one is left field. I'd say he's more left field are right well then I got a question mark Lawrence is right guy yeah armed here's the thing okay there is more evident it's if if that suggests that the earth is flat. Then there is evidence to suggest that the earth is round on. You're a flat or truth or Honda or a fifth. I didn't say it was flat I just said there was more visible evidence to suggest that it was on my god there is a flatter society experience it you know there's a lot of athletes that yeah India all the time yes what about pictures from space is that I'm explaining. Well they looked flat to me on there. Paper. And Leavitt. Awesome father and Smart ass like it was a good night a lot of great fantastic and I tell when you go over anyone startlingly over yet one story. When he was 789 years old he is a Dallas Cowboys and we Elian Alia is he grinning at that he's those were Australian and tell you know it is views Tucker confused and blushing he has Dallas Cowboys sheets he has Dallas cowboy killer cover he has Dallas cowboy comforter he has Roger Staubach big goal placed a poster up on the wall. And so we watched the Dallas but market. So if Dallas loses the game. Jason hurries to his bedroom closes the door and we don't see him for half hour. It is it is went in there and on his path. A technicality. That bedroom as his path of totality of the bedroom you can often catchy little Canada. Are all that's his word he's now 423. Years old and we make arrangements with my little brother to go to Kansas City I remember that trip via. And the cowboys lost in the last what 1520 seconds of the game James yeah does Bryant couldn't catch a sure touchdown pass on the sideline and beat his man to try definitely he's he's forgotten and moved on Jason didn't speak for at least a half hour I. Somethings never change that Udonis and it's exactly I'm telling you hey I love you son. And two dogs Aristide and I got to ask that all along that pop a slight lead thanks so much for coming in and educating us for a few minutes really appreciated you betcha there ego everybody's ready for Monday now look close at its next on thinning defense.