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I grew up in a family it enjoyed watching football all the time watching film. So for me is an opportunity Shearson in my childhood background growing up into adulthood of identifying talent early finding players finding the stars. For the ducks and beavers. Before they become stars before they're even on campus. You a chance to show to see here with the stars and Eugene crowd. In the future. Andrews popular Thursday night's show recruiting with Anderson and it has established mass appeal with players coaches and fans. With his deep dive into recruiting Andrew and special guests get even. Grassroots without hyper focus on local athletes. Coaches and teams with even more than insider contest. The other piece there that are like kids I I went to games going up and in seeing some recounts of Oregon kids can overlook. And my hope with the show with the podcast. Has always been to China spotlight. On those athletes and give them an opportunity to recognize give. They're communities hit it four to save this is our guy with throw money here and say. Why do deserve a scholarship or what is it about you that special. Not only do they get to talk about it but I get to highlight it on the show and hopefully. That leads to opportunities it's sure to satisfy the most fanatical recruiting fans and high school and college sports consumers the school podcasting to really. Died in the somebody's the issue whether it's how you organ built momentum or what Jonathan Smith is doing differently in Gary Anderson are Korey Hall. We wanna look at the exhibit at a deeper layer with an expert on the high school side. Deep dives of the conference's whether that's taking a look at TRL trying to break the standings putting in. Ten prospects of Friday night who stood out in and who shined. Whose stock is rising for these players they're showing out on Friday night when you're about to hear from the navy in the next year or two. As the next stars of porn get high school sports.