Mycah Pittman -- 4* WR, key Oregon target

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 19th
Mycah joins Andrew to talk Oregon and Florida, and respond to some criticism he's seen. 

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There are a lot of things I love about recruiting one of the things I don't. Is when a recruit wants to take a little time winner crew. Doesn't wanna give interviews a lot of reporters like to fill in the blanks and wants to decide here is gonna decide now he's gonna do this these are top schools I don't like Gideon back. A four star wide receiver Michael Pittman would be top receivers in the country a chance to tell that listeners himself. What is timeline is who was analysts are and what he brings to the table and joining us now Mike and Mike thinks economic. No problem so we've heard and you mentioned before that you're having network and video commitment video nay. And the you plan on releasing that soon. Is is still plan and Andy have a date set it is for when you release. I'm actually you know all did not. Come without. They're so. It is very so. I plan to figure that they well it. You're going to announce the date of your commitment on fright. Yes sir okay who are you finalists because a lot of people are trying to say it's just organ in Florida what are your officially your finalists. Our rapid time to look organ in order allow pupil urges sane who organist lord. I did have a top five out of them all in the Basque. Or or you know art that. I'm I guess you can't say. School militants. I mean those crews have been recruiting area at least and has been a great topic at least look at every school Tribune's. Option to admit and the school. So let's go over an equally. Once you about organ stands out about that. I mean though and they're great a great place all the cool. Little. It integrates all all of the code to marginalize. They have great ones all are you you know later and young man and a on the connection to a Nike. That are all. There's finger at who better later on not being able injury and look who's come. Upon that in each part of that stock is up. And now that's what about what the 08 is great. Go deliberately. Left home. Are on them it's. What do you like about Florida what stands out about the gators. Mullen and I coast Marlon anchors in the eyes and those are. One of the best to do it they're doing they have great history and industry. I believe. Coach they haven't changed our program I mean they could very successful. And I'd say it like Rhode Island jars those dollars I mean. To see ours you know doesn't work ethic he's. Same thing are trying to in the all clintons are I'd do it sort it out and try to get better it. The best player I can be. And on CRT develop guys. Awesome and I have that same work work at archer and I do it and. I don't mean it puts it we spot because I don't mean to place spot to criticize recruiting rankings I know that's not why you're geared certainly now I'm here. But the thing and need it stands out recruiting is sometimes indicted 64 deacon project really highly. Is rated a bubbly guy who might be 5105116. Foot. Can flat out play when I watch your honor you can flat out play you're doing it against pretty dang good competition. Health for the health frustrating is that sometimes you're still a top hundred prospects in the country. How frustrating is sometimes when the rankings come out and you see you're below a guy the you know. The about performed in seven on seven tournaments on the football at a Friday nights and big camps across America for the last three years. And I'm glad to Osama oh yeah it's it's their cars are inept once I mean. I mean I look at a guy likes he submit. I don't mean the studies film GR eat play and just like how people out at him I know. I announced a highly highly Coke are yet I'm still great. Where that got me not okay too much attention to the re cue use. And this week that a guy likes he submitted. Is that with personally probably kind of look forward to try to model game game matters. Well are there right knee and not too much shorter than me but he does put you already are and deploy. There's a part time in the league are much. You're the best receiver and click on the kidnappers spirit that chart is a lot making. On the kitchen. Leading leading leading stout Christine Lagarde that. Our murder. A deal to me a month we'll obviously it is. Well anchors and stuff like that well they'll knock knock about. Not be able to go but the problem guys as you look at our realm he's seen me on a couple a couple they ought to be able but it's. Armed I mean I I can't choose our Jacobs or how to guides how are got unity. Hours shorter medium size it would ever I can't control. Our work ethic in me trying to be better. And everybody that. Higher than me or below the earth. Still undock. Our rank low and that our it step by that so. Mean it'd it's frustrating but albeit. If this keeps me motivated and keeps me hungry keeps me going just to see it. Our I leave our embedded and stuff like that. Older meaning just it it's is that demoted the media keep aren't in this group a lot of people wrong. We're talking a four star wide receiver Michael Pittman geared to add played in the NFL won a Super Bowl ring in the NFL. What's the number one lesson you learn from him about the. I'm an enormous and from my dad are out there and it's just a single hard and play. I mean he's my damn dark you know he's he was relentless. You want it surrenders over great taxes aren't that everything about it was remember the lakers and he just taught me. Art is equally that the big game. Tom dart on yeah that'd be great great character on and also you. All while pumped ankle or can it not matter where you are pitching Abbott added in the rice in god and the way that's all. A little tree and may. It's a REE. Art about art. Indeed be creates you to get me while I. I'll go up like. I was trying to take that in about. There are. Yeah. When I ask people about you one of the things that come out all time is he's got a lot of dog. He's a football player quit doesn't seem pure football player he's got a lot of document. When you described about your self when when you hear people say like him a lot of god what are they saying it has seen in your game that they say. Yeah I mean a column in peek at. A more doubt on the and I out here nobody. I absolutely nobody actors are careless that your corps respects to you. To Torrealba blockage and let are allowed to see trot out these cards that means that accomplished while at all. Might that I'd leave nobody out. Am I in the dvd world as it is I mean. But I love the competition on numbers on paper and it's great it is that you started yep I'm up like I know my limit though. I know when not each little like that must be no pushover. OK you know and so it is great great. The best competition. And I've been there mark and I are blurred out its low carb nobody can. That mentality my dad's from mark. I didn't even that like. One in ten years ago. You mentioned on not being afraid of anybody not not being scared of anybody in. And actually came up in your recruitment and I don't know where this started when you ask you were asked about depth charts. At I believe paragon in Florida. And because you know the names on the depth chart and and that's just to meet that kid who understands is opportunity. You're in there were able to name the guys on the chart. And because of that somehow because again there was time to fill in because you you said this indeed you plan to decision and that people cared for news. It turned into Michael Pittman is if he'd of the depth chart. At different school all's. How difficult is it is a high school to it as high school athlete when you have never said anything like. Think try to fill in the links for you must be just. Incredibly incredibly for street especially for a person group prides himself on the football field and off of it is a guy who's gonna work hard and never got afraid and. Mr. Yeah its its churches that are marked the biggest sanity but. A cyst is at Scott goes -- and at a point where I had to kind of tweeted out Pete knows right from a guy that never traded competition and never arm from a guy. Competition right I just want to meet right Archie of course. Or our lineup and I know he's probably highly ranked he a guy that and so now the holiday I'm gonna try them and income all the receivers art in my opportunity. To do Meehan is that so competition why on earth. I don't know why. And key and bats and innings. Like these ones let you know. Columnist for it and nobody. You're nobody I'm seeing it. And yeah it is very frustrating has now on that is. Like dang. I mean and mean and act on what guys are right in the senior chart induced. Would you let them do it right are the argument are or accurate it is tempting right notes on all. No it's not Levy and straight to jail call it that he's saying. There are receive grant or right I know like I know that name and stuff like that matter could never intended well not only. Ordered B. Coppola that are that receivers that are there. And I don't care. I heard our. I understand what she meant. Speaking of knowing guys or in this Cali flock locally. People are huge deal on August organs suddenly is going in California and able to all top count out of the state account of what. Your a California tally your one of the top players or in all of Southern California. What is the Cali flock mean to you what is organs sudden California pipeline mean he doesn't make any difference in your recruitment to that does that help them in anyway. I'm mean. I guess you could try and then in a way. The way to or from arms. Starred in organize excellent in my top ten just in climb the ladder and crime and there is granite. Yeah. And close are India right. So we're not out to another coach young men and he talked to currently. Suddenly our RD or crypto vault argument to a narrow our and so yeah but I am Cali argues. They Charlie argue about them I mean I know all. Pretty well. Mono or Mya. I know I know Shonn. And oh. I am sure been. John are not know about. That but yeah I'd I'm not a guy pretty well and so. Great guys. Eric Eric to knock that are there are trying to recruit yeah yeah. Like that is in and it's pretty good because. I I know dale right. The speaker of the great aspect Matt and Matt or ingenious and up like that badly I believe they have great potential. Forced wide receiver Michael Pittman he will announce a Decision Day on Friday he doesn't normally like to an NB some might think you very much for a given us time. And I really hope that our forum to address some of the nonsense that's gone in the last. Couple weeks and we need to make a decision I would very much like to have you back to talk about it if you BWAY. So yes alright thanks man appreciate you.