Miles Norris -- Oregon basketball commit

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 19th
Miles joins Andrew to talk about the freshman class in Eugene, and more!

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The Oregon Ducks signed one of the nation's best basketball recruiting classes. One of the best classes in the history on the entire West Coast. It's an elite group for top 100 prospects appear McDonald's all Americans. And we've got four star power forward miles Norris joining us now to talk about the class and their expectations miles thanks for being on the show. Upon but. It's like it's more. Our yacht club. Robyn it's quite like it. And so then we got about three weeks ago so get used to the flow. How well do you guys all gotten to know each other bull bull Lou king will Richardson in yourself. That fourth that group of freshman fee not not been on. Hello he has gone into each other and he got a chance Sarah to chat who previously years this last three weeks been kind of an introductory course on you guys becoming team. Yeah. This summer a Gray Davis you can play with each other unknowable. Will move there. With the other. You might go like are my results are all they talked a lot. A part Hulu. The little bail out. Direct message on this program before you came here and and I know I talked to will meet Clinton at 48 years ago. I know a little bit well which has been. You're the first one to commit in when you committed you're considered a five star recruit drops a few spots still one of the top power forwards in the entire country. When you committed to org and did you know kind of behind the scenes the wheels were turning. On this class or did you assume that. You know you might mean beat the absolute headliner of this class did you get any idea what was happening in terms of origin may be putting together one of the best classes in program has. Look and upper mid this. I commit myself on in the know what they had bought the I am a bit coup. The guy that came in now. But. Let it I didn't really know dude who they're recruiting. Over doorknob I'm we got we got it is now. What do you see from from each of those commitments including your health what are you guys each bring to the table will start with you. The term unicorn kinda gets overused but at six foot 10190. Pounds you can block shots you can shoot threes. I'll what do you bring to the table as a as a big time athlete an organ. Are you on the outside bring energy you do have a coat made me do. Another army yeah. We're so I think that's going to be about little come in and saw this side yet enacted I Cano on the floor. Does this make quite. Will Richardson kind of a combo guard can deathly play the point can definitely be shooting guard. What have you seen from him so far what you like about his game. He plays party's. Elite players are admonition the ball well. I like a lot you know I did you know about it and it got in the debate in Asia. Lou king obviously battled some injuries is a senior. I'm McDonald's all American a small forward potentially a starter right away what do you see from from Lou king what does he bring to the table. I see Lou a voice. Really good score when a bit cooler in the class. Outside the heat and bring allotted period a lot of its. That it came it is sort of bought it played as well as well also it is the be all about player really get scored. And ball more obviously a lot and made about a shot blocking ability he can also hit that midrange shot. What is he and how special you feel like he could be now you've got a chance to see him on the floor consistently. Op where we're going a little number. Week I'm not gonna do in that debate is this year. Obviously. Got blocked shot. You can have a lot of matches by the in the post this year as well as to need to take big. Date out outside the outside the key and hit the speaker really shoot the ball well. But the and the candy wounded can be two shot blockers. The impact there Monday. And they don't I am about as well. You're selling yourself short you can block some shots too. That's that's yeah at Dublin oh yeah that's three pretty good shot blockers how I think we got bit ago. Job like it came pretty good beef Burger King how it this. But it did our minds like this would be you get out. So when you've got teammates that also block shots when you've got multiple teammates you can swat things into the fifth row. You guys kind of fuel off that is the shot blocker when you've got like Twin Towers back there work. Somebody gets one and you feel like man it's gonna be my turn next year a little bit is their energy bills are big block shots for other shot blockers or does it become a competition for shop likes how does that work when you guys. Our bloggers are on the floor. Think more. There are headed he grew. So how well. And it goes very much. On one of the highlight plays but it's a big time block. But I told as many want the doubt get out this year. Did deflection but this and they'll include the development will. So I I teased this earlier I talked about the beginning of the show Vegas as you guys is it you know as Canada final four type of team a team with a chance to win a title. What are your expectations as a team what is success. What is failure and what is pay we had a really really good year this next season. Is final four is it national championship is that win the pac twelve. What's the goal what's the teen goal. They get all that I know all about what the actual assured. It goes the same government what to expect a big moment. The Bible Belt is on the floor we got. These are contract are always work. I think you'd think she is gonna saw how well we don't. Here is it. Well I look forward to seeing not Twin Towers three towers back there blocking shots it's going to be one of the best defensive teams. In the entire country I am really looking forward to see what you bring to table miles think's gonna show. Obama yeah.