Mike Parker 6-15-18

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 15th
The Voice of the Beavers, Mike Parker is in Omaha again and Dirt and Sprague want to know if he believes they will be leaving with their 3rd NCAA Baseball championship.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. Dorgan state. But animate around at a nether national championship and what better person to bring on to talk about it in the long time bullies of the organ state beavers. And our good friend Mike Parker give a follow on Twitter at MVP. Well as you'd doc how we do does it ever get old Dolan Omaha last year after year. You know really just in guys and thanks for having me on Andy grant agreed to be where Q on the trap color to a phenom then go beyond that excel out that the answer to that is that locally not. In fact. You know we had a pretty good hiatus after that Torre's great years by politics and happened to come again in thirteen. What it was yet the first appearance at TD Ameritrade at little Rosenblatt. And then to be back here to just one year later it's very familiar and I think that's important there's that key guys played. Eat games and all of last year there were earned joke. I just think about practical experiential perspective that helps that helps all those guys who know the lay of the land that territory and they can help younger guys navigated. Even I know a guy like Kyle no back hasn't been here. No back locket around wide like her like freshman. They're picture Christian Chamberlain to a march against Minnesota saint this is unreal like yeah this should not real. And guys like mettler grandeur and bad on Lotta well kind of clutch and chatter can help those guys I think kinda deal with the environment in the apron a lot of experience here. And just coming here it's just. It's been one of the great experience as my wife and family life that I'm alone on this one shall walk that you know the 56 and seven trips I felt like my daughter's ten and nine in the first group would make here would spend out time that. And restore at least two and got to know Omar are pretty well those three Summers in there are among the best memories of my life. You know Dockett that it's hard to tell how a team and athlete feels when pressure is applied especially before they played any thing. But Vegas seems to think that organ State's the favorite to win the college World Series. How does that make Mike Parker the emotional organ state fans feel going into a tournament like this. Generally speaking I don't I don't war like. That you know all the years that beepers I think in all sports are live chip on the shoulder or uproot that your your that we may not have that. The credentials and the cachet that other programs come into the into whatever football game tournament whatever else. But this year in this group that deserve to have that kind of attention and they haven't. They talked all along about coming accurate than machine shop haven't shot await that call and I do think they ought that's key here I upped and downed line up. Pitching may not be as good as some of the other keep keep in North Carolina acute. In the pool and so on May be a little bit better. But. I thank organs eight gives the Epstein. And so I'm not. Usually that happens that makes me are spent actually elect this group but he experienced in the veterans tell you stay out. It's almost like eight they're they're fine. What those expectations it's not gonna created a rapid spear that they have the same expectations. For themselves so okay to. Yeah overtime when our friend Mike Hart for a long time voice of the organ state beavers is they get ready to begin their run at a cultural series tomorrow. In Omaha you know last year on the brink of the decimated the greatest College Baseball season we've ever seen any history as soon or of the sport. I'm gonna bring all the talent back on the first round takes a future first round picks and potential first prospects that are on this roster of is is there anything that this group is surprised you by you know just watching him day in and day out how good they've been is an inning stood out to -- it's kind of surprising that he didn't think coming into the year. We to question the not so Christ early at some of the pitching struggle or. That might stumble and look I'm all and epic and deceit and they had your cola especially quite why Spanish. Look what is he was OK early. But nothing like keys that down the stretch children's last night just arch which are just that not only. So that surprise Millard and on that kind of negative side and back they get back to back series and were 75. At one point in the back well. That article was surprised at Beckett shut me up shy. Not surprised that they get as well I have but that they fit so well one night there's not an easy out lineup and and that's why this squat. What the veteran experienced back. This year there there's. There's no Greek equal or any pitcher can navigate that's why one through nine they all can hurt you and stay out. And so we can and winning this series against UCLA recently got stretched out at the top and the top. Five bidders at and RBIs. But there's 678 theaters that checks opened the when Cher show. Even one guy's a product order that arc rent your senator aren't going well there's got to the bottom and get going. That's what surprised me a pat speak insist that they that production one true now I'm all year long and that's our. Yeah I seem back and forth with the your fan a little of fun back and forth debate of Madrigal is he the greatest Oregon State baseball player that's ever come through core browse what it would say you. Like to have seen I think the answer would be. An unqualified yes Eddie enabled the plate this entire season ending you know I've got you know the fact that. That it seating is limited by injury that he did want. To cook better damn well wanted I think what about the national player Euro or just bad. A grind your way and rocks Wallace or at the top shortstop the year that's the forward toward that kind of history program I think federal open source national player of the year and Bennett angle it any easier simply shake and east the that's where account. Oregon State. The 26 games that he met certainly not all that liked to seen what the numbers portal like etc. ready and able to play the entire year that set. I I would probably I would lean treat yes the best baseball player ever come and I actually didn't want a year and a bunch of other good ones long before I got here. But in my twenty years all in a lot of great players Jacoby held very Darwin Barney Michael couldn't portal that are. He's the most complete player Andy and and there are what the national world baseball player I've seen. Any doesn't let. I humility it's January and it and you know I think attract new people. He's just a great kid and a great baseball. Now we're talking would dock Parker longtime voice of the beavers or in six starts around the World Series. A tomorrow in Omaha you know that when you have such high expectations for a program they can be tough if you don't. Give back to that moment especially when you give your fan base the the satisfaction of back to back championships and then you're kind of knock on the door and in blaster coming up. Just short you should should beat her fans have the title or bust mentality this year I mean Audi. Certainly last year we felt that way through the season. But the events that took place at the end of the year they changed. Thank that change banks obviously we're losing the best picture in the country for the super regional in Omaha I think left. Beaver nation that's. A little bit more realistic problem well. Now they're going to all bought after this incredible year. 544. That the best in the country all yearlong. You took the best picture in the country out of that equation come back here and so. So I thank you whiteman and yet that your. And at a big. A lot of books under shall go. How could be a picture short they award try to get too early and after winning the first game they came up short. This year I don't feel. I don't know they're short don't. Give edit the veteran nature of this club. The way I'm looking double switch went seven able has emerged the label island been solid at the back end the Christian Chamberlain's. Real again as well as against Minnesota when they need. A match up against your credit. About it. I. Then I think all these sort of play a legitimate run at that anything less than a championship I could see out this year beaver nation what would Blair battle little boy she'll legitimately because I think they're built. This year to one at all and if you fall short about it I think that decade even more sense than last year it went. Circumstance. It took trade out of there and pitch your album every bag. He met art. I believe they can. They should and will and we'll see how the games play out. I'll. Appreciate it became apparent to eat it eat it. Out funny like unfunny I'll eat that bunny like odd quirky. All gateway are bound calls strikes on it will stay out late Dow I think it. Oh yeah. That is critical to. Yeah soccer and and let me get back now that my action where you're from the heartland back to your typical black people would start to look at me like shut up. Until I came outside your outside a club a little copy shop the not for our OL doled out Omagh. And the wind is howling. 95 degrees expected to be a hundred tomorrow so it. It's going to be different guys that. I don't heir to great. How will let me let me ask you this I am curious you know last year the -- to wait and see going in this year's super talented. Was there any party that was wondering if this season was gonna maybe be derailed from what it potentially could give in the narrative and conversations that have been happening off the field involving one of their teammates. Yeah well. I thought that and I even thought that part of what I alluded to earlier the last additionally are a little bit and that should happen and I record in the pack well ought to make. Don't know Anderson it's what. I would have thought. But the beavers got themselves and that that is that silly little to gain Missouri State secrets it went back. And reverend look at attacked Casey in such a silly little Syrian Egyptian. To be on the schedule early and kind of in the middle well it was not the way out what you're trotted out. Any and set me decree gave you that outlook and Arabs were ill. I don't know what it pretty pretty much I don't even know what why what I'm doing here why we're here this is a cup series that haven't metal copper heat did. But the beavers won at their. Came alive won those two inch into acute way and haven't lost that. A weekend series sentiment they want every weekend weather regional super regional force series. They want a ball since the and something happened back there are aware you know I think look. It is great credit. If she was he in any way I looked at it by distracted by. Aegis eat. He's nothing more he could do other than other than just be the best teammate and player and person he equity. Each as he set such a great out of the beacon jury ever since that. That I think they got over that pretty quickly and and I can beat a hunger and focused as I wrote epic I don't. That there was a little bit of fractured whatever. Early but the pedestrian stored in the pac twelve that's long gone now. Then he had great stuff we can't wait to watch it always loved Todd pentium Mike Parker longtime voice the organ state beavers they get their run out of play in Oman tomorrow afternoon doc thanks so much have a great time and I would love to catch up with you get yours soon. I hope we can hope we have more to talk about in the next couple weeks guys greatly beyond what you keep going back there on the mat.