Kara Rolsen -- Cave Diving Expert

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, July 10th
Kara joins the guys to talk about the Thai soccer team cave diving story!

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She is the cave diving expert her name is secure Rolston. And I thought she laid out. Perfectly. To where even an idiot like me can understand just how. How treacherous and dangerous this was it was a really good Fijian pitchers and every gas and I thought to myself why not creep and he. And see if we get around the program. And here she is yell back at. K. Everybody. Does still he'd get kind of split up that idea Blake hit what not like popular radio now. Not creepy at all at Prague. I gunnery and show you wanna talk about being underground in the water wind and after an incident that. Yeah. Though hi. Believe me the thought did cross my mind at I would sending the message like. Please god that she realized that this is legit it's like it's not out of our basement that's right through like I. The PM label gives you some sort of credibility here is trying to do that like I sort of got this is not just immediate and podcasted basement somewhere. Actually affiliated with any major company here this is. Real show and they're really on the air right now and we really appreciate you coming on thank you so much. Well that's good because like you're actually a real person I'm glad that we're all real people with real jobs. Does one become a cave diving expert and how long did you do and I mean just in general. I think because McCain got an expert BC where you become an expert pretty much anything else. You start early you do that a lot and you can fill developing think that college still I got Ernie in 2000 when I was eighteen years old. And basically. If it's the Stanley did that but my momma got. Where dive instructors my dad with you contact instructor or can you cavern in all kinds of mixed gas unit to protective cap pictures you can take. I agree with anything you can be certified instructor and he is. Until I hit his stake in which he chipped really indicated diving you know what kind of foregone conclusion that I'm gonna get certified okay tactic like dead. Can you if you heard this before but when I first heard the story of the of the boys missing in the caves. And now I have never been scuba dive the united snoop good I'd snorkel the timer to. That's about the extent of my water knowledge I basing get a Daffy Duck raft and I drink like a Mai Tai as they flew around the pool somewhere that's really my comfort level. I had no idea. Why this was. So dangers and and I think this is in general people did not understand. Y eight this was such a dangerous rescue operation. What is it about cave diving and in a situation like this that makes it so much more dangerous then. Then I think anyone really realize in this you're an expert and. So I think the biggest difference is you're you're looking briefings really. The first thing that the environment. It is. So different from open water diving on an open water I think situation if you have any kind of emergency medical emergency critical care failure they think happened. You connect and investor at where you're guaranteed oxygen and probably XP. To get on. On when things go out indicated diet you'll have thirty to ninety feet of rock but the topic here had there's no chance when you're spending sinister thing. On your best bet is you got to go out and we UK and and to get lucky you continue to be thirty minutes away from the circus that applicant cotton. One of them be I think the other things you know rubbing between open water in the cave diving people don't really understand it because of that environment. There's very much like you're in the church specialist green ink. On you have to do. Thumb a pretty long courts need to have a a depth of knowledge are ready to begin with most instructors wanna certainly not a diet open water report we'll take you on. Among ethnic how to student underneath that socialite here a while to help you. Literally reply in minutes the situation you're gonna put yourself at. If you're underground and cave like dad isn't and I would imagine it is is it just easier also to get disoriented to know which weighs up which weighs left which way is right. Or I mean I would imagine open water you can see some light above you in any given time and figure out that that weighs up. Is it harder to do that when you're in a cave like that it's completely dark. A little. You might actually carry green light that you want from being a movie straight primary and whiteman to back up because the name of the game which redundancy article wanna stay elegant one piece this year. Thompson get a light that that's helping you seen what confronted here underground geo. I'm beleaguered ot grab these sort underwater value if you drop an object your union exhale. Bubbles will go up objects look good down. On economic kind of figure up and down and that. But he can even parents themselves that really you know I think one of the things that you know pet especially here to talk about they put out because mean line. Through the middle of every cabinet generally speaking a pretty permanent fixture. On it will always guide you out because little arrows in it you know will have to care it only point. The direction to the quote the exit on December were pretty cool they're thinking that Mexico that I would then. There's a marker and they'll help you keep a marker that little plastic Gator with the party delegate count you cannot miss that it ought. Let me tell you trying not to laugh you happy epic regulator and now it's quite that shall. Now you mentioned lately you know these things you can be thirty minutes you know in her and an hour Indy into a cave in and if something goes wrong. If you have an emergency and that I. Mean it is that it I mean what what do you do when you're thirty minutes out and you have a Pena and something happens with your quick manner. Are you get tangled up and build and is that basically the end of you. No not necessarily. A medical emergency probably going to be less critical thing that's why. You know it became diaper while it very conscious of our own health making sure that you know we're putting ourselves in an area where we might. On how to medical emergency because that's not just her arrest for you. That's a risk being diet buddy at twelve without body it's probably the most crucial part of that is because. You always make sure that you turn around with enough air and both in your tank. But it hit one injured Hank you don't have a failure particular you can still have enough oxygen to get out. Com so be it all of your light psychology or equipment diet and to get terribly wrong your body back up that you could kind of beg borrow or steal from them. Which are in the clear out rooms in your cave diving expert does. The navy seal guy he ended up he was doing all the kids got out OK because in okay. In the ABC and ended up dying trying to to get to the kids. Does this happen quite a bit and in situations in cave diving is it uncommon. Four that were unfortunately if if you do this long and have you seen tragedies like this. I wish that I could say that it it is uncommon candidates Munich and yearly basis it's fairly common. But when you when you've done it long enough you you will he trashing it it's kind of like when people talk about motorcycles. There are those that how late their flight bound and urged those that will later hiked out. I think it keeps you thinking about it long and out there there are those that have friends that died there are those that will. Alone you know as I looked like I alluded to in my Twitter thread there on. The eighteen years I've been doing a lot to refresh and. You're your understanding of this particular dive and and I may be wrong here obviously this was this was not these guys didn't go diving into this cave they went hiking in two and a half miles. And in the case flooded and it became a diving situation. Your understanding of of the technical nature of what this rescue entailed. Is this this is the most typical. Die that's ever been undertaken there is I mean it just seems amazing to me. That they got everybody out other than obviously the one navy seal unfortunately it's amazing to me that they got these kids out who had some of them didn't even swim. Is that your understanding of of that what took place it was a miracle basically. I would say that you're national question is that the hardest diet out there mom. The kind of hard to quantify it I mean there are different things that would make a diet difficult to come. What made a bit more typical fashion you know even averaged cyber averaged just called diet. I think that you're adding and a young man that act like you that some of the mattress slam before you're teaching them and on you changing them to achieve diet which is. He's one of the more extreme sports adhere extreme sport. On your predictions that you learn how to execute it like on the go like you have to learn how to do this and gal I mean I think that's basically like. Giving it sixteen of the accused the card though it ain't nobody boat in the 500 children find it. Figure that that makes it's a call on you you don't really know how that child is going to be other react once you get them into the water because. I think passing through their cheap enough mud and dirt field. Umps some of it will be clear I think from the video that I it's pretty clear but you have to accept that it complaint has taken it very murky you're gonna happening disability. On to what we can carry you read that street lights and some are very powerful. But it just lurking like that though not entered its. Up into the water on lashing out light around equipment turning Heidi and fog you get a really ugly reflection on BJ anything beyond that the that. All of one of the tactical difficulties that's something all taking you know potentially duke the young and which you. Because there and other things that really just make it incredible thing about all these. You drive one thing to do that really stuck out to meet that when your risky means of one. If they panicked and Andy starting academician that year for terrorist is and they basically try to round. Right there grass around your right they're pulling on stuff and guess in this situation is on the gets pulled off for earth shook looser and kid panics ago piece of discrimination. You're in a lot of trouble. Bright though he had a life guarding screening. Really touched on a lot of that. You know when you know when he's somebody who is drowning. On at that point in time they're higher neurological functions are gone they're literally it's survival mode only. And so what they're doing that they're thrashing at grabbing issue. It's not out of oh well it's not out of malice here should be in it trying to save themselves that they're trashing him pushing her under to get out of the water. On that you think you know. Somebody who feel like they're drowning doing that I used to protest their Q and is there a long did it. There's some potential attack happened just well mom and the wait to hear it you know it's very easy to hit somebody in the now not that regulator out especially where it. You know murky at these very well China we grab that regulator put it actually you're not cops you know you can hear exceptionally well. You know where to reach to retrieve you think geared up. You know a lot of extra extra threat in danger add on to the. And absolutely amazing story and we're talking to care Roloson and she's a diving expert I found her on Twitter. Actually we're underscore is underscored policy she had a phenomenal thread. Talking about the challenges and today we appreciate you coming on with a complete idiots here in Portland ended taken a couple of minutes and explaining just how dangerous this really was. Sure thing. Things happening on I appreciate it.