Justin Hopkins 12-12-17

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, December 12th
Justin Hopkins of ScoopDuck.com joins Sprague to talk all things Ducks football!

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. We've got just an opt in now on the line Justin Hopkins scooped up dot com. Is his website and he is on Twitter at. ST what's up Johnston. How is that Dolan. It's good man I'm just sitting here as a beaver alarm being completely by S and all things Oregon duck related obviously but it's nice to have somebody on the docks Morgan docks of me. Yeah I I her counterpart to attitude out there you know you you know everybody depends about that little welcome the we. I guess that's how it ends up going whenever he's out of town and take let's let's start with this site and we kind of got a feel for you last week on it. But Friday was the press conference Mario crystal ball. Just your overall sum up your thoughts and feelings on now that they have their new head coach Mario crystal ball. You know what this is just. I wrote an article couple couple weeks back attic we talked about last week too but just. You know the unfortunate timing. All of this you know for for starters or in getting early ballgame you know that's really difficult the first year early signing period. Everybody's trying to figure out how to navigate GAAP properly you go to Europe at parliament fact that ordered state. Are they opened its job for the first time in forty years and not the dream job at the attacker wanted you know unfortunately or end up but so far behind the eight ball that. You know they're part of the bank aims to go out there. And got it out into the area I'm OK with that I I think you know Mario crystal ball. Did an actual job of regulating rubble and that. Not only eight that he wanted to Albany district for the job would be if you get to work as a stepping stone job and I think that depicting the moans as early look at. You know. My focus on relational back it's like huge like universe working. You want to be here for the long haul you know I'd heard even leading up before that he signed the contract it. In any basically set up but whatever you want for buyout contract name whatever school named the price I don't really care and I want you to know what it'll work. And ultimately I've got to believe that was probably the pick and then it'll carry but mostly the Bobble and and add in the fact that he also coached under you know Nick Saban and Alabama won a lot of championships. You know he's gonna know what it takes to get organs that level so. You know I think it was a good thing I think that the right hire they'll be able to keep a majority of the staff. In place that you want and I think you'll be able to play and a majority of the recruit and place which is absolutely critical as well. Yeah I you know he announced at that press conference Arroyo was going to be is OC calling the plays. Hominem we saw a report dad the extended him three year contract. What do we know about markets Arroyo's offense help our listeners out there because heating all the players last year was Willie Taggart. What is gonna be different what should we expect differently in this offense next season. You know there are not gonna go blow this thing up you know there's really no reason to me it was an occasion Altman. You know we'll see some different wrinkles and we'll see some different things but you know I think. What I really approve of the fact. You know Mario crystal ball pretty tough guy. And being at Alabama he knows how to run the football we saw that this year he loved to played physically love to dominate the line of scrimmage and he loves to do those things. And he's not gonna go away but what markets or oil brain is a guy. You know that's been at Oklahoma State and been under peppered. And he knows how to so hopeful so what I think is open to see you know two guys were completely different background that would probably come and work together because. I get about two guys are incredibly close that's why markets oil. You know has basically already been told to change and getting a promotion and all the other things. Those guys are very close friends and they respect one another so. I liked the fact that you're gonna help somebody with really strong path and principles to comment. And work with somebody that has just. That outlook physical Dominique a line of scrimmage. You know one mentality let them so into the two will be finding that common ground and understanding. You know when the mixing it up and and it would do embraced those principles but. You know as our quarterback go I know but just Herbert the other quarterbacks spoke very highly of markets loyal this year you know so that very strong. What ticket they're not gonna go vote. We'll see some double wrinkles that we might even a little bit different this weakened against Boise State but I think the combination of good cheer together is a very nice land. You have just an opt in scooped up dot com is website is on Twitter at SD. World war all kind on Jim Leavitt watch no Ramos was quote came out yesterday in interviews that they've offered him they gave him. What they think is a fair. Extension offer and now they played a wake game like everybody else what is the the latest weather rumblings saying about Jim Leavitt in Eugene. You know it's it's. She is probably. After they head coaching search you'd that would ban the most interesting aspect. You know of all of this which he believed in goat or state. You know what an attacker or it would end up wanting to do you know work and on you know could or could find somebody to replace him and then there's no question in China which centered on the on the show all all your long. You know Tim Leavitt and work every petty. All your loan transported the defense. You know he's being paid very handsomely but you target and you could probably go find another guy but at least. Here you know you've got a proven commodity you've got somebody. That can do this and it and it really hard work coach Lovett because. You really wanted to head coaching job eco like that the candidate interviewed court or. You know if you really wanted to be tech coach Horton. The same as Mario Cristobal. You know or later only want to opt out there. Yes I think at this point it's gonna eat you know and he kind of you know put that either side. You know thinking that could have been my job you know be able pushed out of siding go ahead and coach like that. Been able to do this year is no questions and actual account is no question he knows how to turn around and eat sent. You know he's gonna need to look within themselves and now I can you know all the lying under coach crystal ball and nobody they had guys. In India with a respectable manner I believe in any professional it'll get paid handsomely to get back. I was just a matter of him being able to do that no question he liked he had some weapon. A Portland I just don't really see an opportunity out there right now you know or him that that yelled screamed hey this could be to have a job. Like equal right now that the expecting porn is remainder of the war in. And continue to build on what they did this year. Let me ask you this question by the way are you good to stick around for another segment I have a million questions and we kind of went too late last segment would you begin to stick around. I hear them let me ask you this quest differently on hold and we get to some other things. Was was was crystal ball over eleven the right move for you. You know I come. I believe what is in of one of the unfortunate factors for kilometers that you know Pollack I'm not on his side you know I'm not twenty years old anymore I understand that. You know he's not forty years old and norms surrogate so there's no question he probably could have. And the guy for the next 234. Years whatever like that on the lot and continue coaching. I think rubble was really trying to avoid going through this. Again in a couple of years and and that might have been a something that came up under Jim Leavitt so I just think the balance approach the ball. He could obviously that the players rally behind him he saw that so are really the recruits of ballot I didn't because they're been. You know higher there haven't been a string of you know I think the passion there ought to be working he can bring that Alabama had had agreed you know to organize and implement similar bank. I think it was the right higher combined no coat and all he genuinely general genuinely want to be organ and engaging. And I think that's something that the last couple coaches but what will attacker had. It is ultimately what can success. All right we have more things to touch on with you the ducks have the the bowl game this weekend in a big recruiting weekend this past week and I wanna get to all of that. Please stick around we got just not in scooped up dot com. And we'll be back with more to talk with Hopkins about. Next on the fence welcome back and we got our ducks roundtable extend it was our boy Justin Hopkins student dot dot com as his web site. And you know you home already on Twitter about shouted out any way acting Hopkins as CDs agreed to stick around for another segment. We are Tom and Jim Leavitt and crystal ball on the difference there. You know we're gonna wait for the Jim Leavitt officially the news to come through. But they had a big recruiting weekend how did that how'd that turn out what's the deets on that. It was it was a very good weekend and down you know obviously didn't lead to any. You know commitment but that's because everyone that did visit what already committed to organs so you know the response and then it has been really good and and and I you can look at all the during his really laying background work. You know making sure those guys. You know were strongly committed because they've got a pretty big. Group out or going whether you know several guys that are not committed and all the other commit you know really trying to rally around cooks crystal ball and stay strong because. In all though it hard enough to get these guys committed in. You know it's it's really hard once you lose them to get them back soaks. You know I think that the Reitman who you know to get those guys and most of the young men that and enroll early. You know work on campus so that was just a way to really kind of strength and everything. You know let them know that they were going to be fine I you don't saw quarterback Tyler shock. It was on campus out of the ringleaders and committing. You know that was a big step towards east even the top rated safety. That committed organ is also planning to enroll early at a great time you know legally get those top guys that's in the gut and follow listen Chilean reliever emblematic combined yet. It's eating out or not letter from the from the does that. On and that really resonate with in the guys that are committed or maybe he committed and are considering coming back. You know just I've seen now I've seen some of the big names that they've had the commit from the program us and staggered decide to go to Tallahassee. And I know it's easy for people to die here we go to the commencement island in. But does it feel like that they're still in really good shape considering. That Tyler shock is so committed in that he wants to get there as soon as he possibly can a four star quarterback. Absolutely you know what really stood out and data that the beat commitments they had. You know all but one were wide receiver. Look like receivers you know you have one quarterback as able and out of order on it's already. And welcomed by Willie Taggart he absentee got an app that you. You know I think the writing on the wall and thereby you know the other guys a little bit surprising that everybody was just a wide receiver. And you know that not that Willie Taggart had anything you know directly linked to that position so you know most of those guys Michael advocates Forestar receiver at a California. Racial racial Ayers and you know an hour or so receiver out of Seattle operate Randy is not about the Portland area tiger. Another four star wide receiver Alter egos got to come back we're in very easily you know they did that the that it organs can stay up there. You know I've talked to them and making really comfortable with what has coach Chris ball doing our interests or even out of 56 guys that he committed Gabor in. They're really good chance to get three what they are those guys back. Arm in what he can continue to build forward with the new guys that you are also going to get because. Keep in mind is coach crystal balls program are not caused Taggart so he may I get a quite some other guys like and can now offer and can pursue. So there can be you know that will be able that it took him there as well. You know Justin Hopkins conduct dot com on tour at. CD go visit his website. I tell unknowable Fung got the kids from crescent valley he seems to be. Along with cheese come out of the two big names at least staffer for people in need the org in the state of orient about where they're gonna end up playing football. What does hiring crystal ball what does that do for the chances of talents like that. Well you know vocal leader also chased Kuroda because actually eat committing to Molly decided to go ahead and announce its commitment tomorrow. On and it certainly seems like Chip Kelly really counted and made a strong impression there it'll. The whole time it really seemed like chased Kuroda really wanted to go down. And playing in Los Angeles. Whether the US air Cilic just seemed like that was out here kind of wanted to be around. And may be you know not playing that Dutch shell also you're giving or at a pretty serious look. And watched Jim Mora was fired from the LAQ like that might open the Wendell or. An organ obviously went to return to coaching change and it's now. Our and that Chip Kelly and it up Cilic almost. Kind of a perfect storm for him so he does commit at 3 PM Pacific tomorrow I doubt that the high school I believe UCL a it would probably be like there. Pastor telling notebook under you know there's been shipped there organ has been incredibly. Great shape with simple spoke quite a while. In doubt you know which is on thirteen that really opened the window. And USC and actually UCLA it may really strong impression on him you don't over the last week or two in tether is actually been a pretty. Pretty significant shift there with Mattel available on the you know I've been pretty confident they returned with a lower and I'm no longer carpet padding USC's all went back imaging to meet again. But the US can is. You go commit in and late December. But you will not be signing or rolling early that means in the month of January I fully expect organ to continue to put the full court press down on them. You know and try and get him back in May not be successful. But they're going to continue to try. I like you know like the patience of a kid waiting for that and then you also kind of flipped it in ego beats it really likes the attention and he to be wooed a little bit you can't blame this is a once in a lifetime opportunity form. But we're tying to just not in scooped act. Dot com tied the ballgame pick eight it was creep and upn and it's Saturday now 1230 against Boise State there in Vegas already. What do we think of this matchup a lot of people really like in the ducks' chances against Boise State. You know that this in my opinion and I've written on it that I got I think this is a trap game organ. And not necessarily a trap game you know by any sense of other of the remaining but what. When I do mean is that. You go on playing against a team Boise State you're supposed to beat them. Kato you know really crystal ball will probably get a little bit accredit the propping up all the credit he deserves this so really Katrina. That can't Biggio. So by the tracking all of it I mean this is a team that can't be cheap you know they aren't good enough. Under very disciplined they're very well coached on this is a really tough tough first game from Mario crystal ball. And what makes it so important and really emphasized in the did not because there's a lot they'd get boring thing to do it got. But our Joker the ball basically got one auditioned for the next ten months for everyone to weigh in on. You know there will be no other football bird but he echoed critique of mark he's got this one game. So you know it ego got performs well that's going to be great able smooth over the sand base until September rolls around it and and kind of keep everything going the right way. If it's shaking your horse out of the ducks as that is going to be questions about of course all the the right guy and every other action what you got ammunition against him or hurting the whole way in except it it's just a very dangerous step for coach crystal ball. You know that there are organs should be able to beat them for the way they've played the last two weeks. You know and ever forbid anything happens just Herbert these days upright for the organ market should probably go up there when the game by. By no means as a walked through Boise State counted. You know I I think it's easy just in a note in. In the moment now you say well it's. It's the one game right it's a one games demos like you don't judge anybody off of a one game sample size but. If you live in a hypothetical world let's say they go out there they look flat Boise State beat some. What does Justin Hopkins thinking at the end of the game like that. Eight inches you know you you're gonna have to really break down and you're gonna have to think okay. You know what there's some coaching issues were there a lot of you know disciplinary whether. Too many men on the field where they're not using the clock to lightly though you know the play calls or write you know those things as it is kind of what chopped a look at it. They got their employees state played a perfect game and an organ just doesn't really execute. You know you just kind of have to wait. What really happened in the game it's an unfortunate situation for coach Kurt balk by at each got ten but basically after the game that he. This will hang over his head you know has either being a right higher or not being higher on it for me. You know I I definitely wanted to step back. There's just. It's it's really tough I mean all that and that have gone on in the locker room for the last two weeks Alter uncertainty all the you know just. You really haven't had enough time to get is ready you know he's been a pound on the hopefully the week down in Vegas on May be kept them away from the distraction a little bit. And really just trying to get them back to football and focused. I don't think efforts. You know those accepting passion for playing progressed to always be a problem I think you'll get those guys fired up. It would just be a matter of OK you know can he manage came in he managed at a time out in minutes clock. You know although little thing that account what the very even veteran you know like I liked Italian ex state and all the little things that that comes naturally. You know not really look at Mario crystal ball out of Newark head coach wondering if Intel outback down from the get go. Okay let me let me get chatting here on a two partners and and it's they're they're both questions are involving Jim Leavitt won. Which one do you think hurt him the most getting passed over by guy on staff in crystal ball or Willie Taggart. Kind of just leaving with so much uncertainty going on surrounding that story and in the second part would be. If you're blazing a bad you got a thousand dollars right now. Staying or going where you placing the money for Jim Leavitt because I believe by the next time we toppled probably know where he's gone we're going to be. Yeah you know I think the hardest part for Jim Leavitt and all of that it is being passed over for god that was basically your equal you know economic data were equals. Obviously a bit different job title that they you know that really tackle it head coach everybody was under him you know now basically you wit and interviewed against. I got it was during Poland and ill in this case he beat you out. You know fairly or unfairly out wanna look at it you know Mario comfortable about the job and count up did you love it to you know to swallow that. And all that pride they look kinda wanna be a part of this and keep coaching the guys that. Built a relationship where or. I wanna go pursue some mountain at this particular moment on I don't believe however that the order states regardless of what he does an organized double eagle on a border state. You know in large part due to you know make Google Willie Taggart did in the killing there. Secondly I combat money. I'm betting state I think this week a just getting back to coaching and being around at the you know particular program in the kitchen coach collier along. And and knowing that he really likes to eat Eugene. I think that will be enough to you know convince him to stay. You know Mario crystal ball goes out there and handled things and and showed it got that mocks that leadership that you look and pork you know I think Jim can actually. Gotta say look I can coach under this guy. In Ohio and maybe I was wrong I think Lee is aimed at secondly I really don't wanna leave this group of great young man but I've grown close to. Arm and coached this year I wanna see this thing out and depicting as. We attack a golf but I don't think this is a championship quality team they get a good recruiting class and in the next two years there's a lot of great people cheered organ which is probably why everybody wanted this job so badly. They don't just not in scooped up dot com really good stuff he's on tour acting Hopkins as an. And coaching decisions are all looming for the organ doc program always good catch W my man enjoy the bowl game and we'll talk soon. Never got good stuff from Justin Hopkins scoop ducked the dot com's.