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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, June 13th
Jason joins Suke to preview the US Open!

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It gets under way. Maureen thing right around 5 o'clock Pacific you can see some of the groups that go off. Joining us now from the action network you can find him action network dot com. We can follow him on Twitter. Jason Sobel joins us at Jason Sobel. T eight end. Jason face digging a couple minutes force. Yeah I firmly on it later this week who have finally get started. India and we juror Russian truck. Now the last time we saw the US open there. To say the course played hard is another scheme meant never. Number seven was basically deemed un playable there are watering the green in between you know golfers coming through. How is the course set up and is it going to be blood and carnage are we gonna cease and then a bit kinder gentler Chicago kills. I won't say it's sort of be easy because it's not that I am not social positions the US GA. Everyone wants to see evidently we enjoy watching a test of golf we collectively. Assume that the US open will be the hardest golf tournament a year or even our something where around there will win the golf tournament. I don't know that that's gonna happen this year. The stairways are in some places twice as wide as they weren't 2004. When the torment was held here. The green complex are still tough but. Players hated so much further now they did even just fourteen years ago that. I think some good scores are going to be that's on players just to make it even double digits under par could win this golf. It does the US GA want to see that. Thank you US GA is playing scared right now I think US GA is dig a little cautious stateside. Some train wrecks over the last few years going back to 2000 or quite frankly work executive director Mike Davis called that a double bogey recently entered. They wanna make amends for its three years ago that would chamber stake. Didn't quite work out the way they wanted to wasn't quite ready for a major championship. Last year in Aaron Hill winning score was sixteen under par it would agree PGA championship if you're into that. I love DGA championship result lot of during the US open week and that's. Kind of what it turned into it I think US GA right now is sort of scared of the criticism from players the criticism from tenth they don't wanna embarrass the players anymore. Out of fear of I. I don't know what they beat the players stopped going to be your second major championship although I'm not sure that would actually ever happened but. They are very cheerful and cautious of the criticism. And so I think they've scaled back in the golf course bell is not as culture and it could possibly be and that's why it recorded its huge groups. Well and does Edison to do with the the parents and coaches in the US open in has it is said that you know you watch because the US open to you look at some of these pairings. On on what's the first two days and the apparently some of the US GA wants people to to put their eyeballs on it because there are some really interesting groups. Well and that's sort of been the the in thing to do a lot cochlear PGA tour would bear. Light streaming feeds wants to get people watching these featured groups are the US GA is sort of followed suit ready yet. All the big names together tolls they do able can you top this we've all the officials trying to. Figure out the absolute best pairings what's gonna get each biggest names playing together so yeah it would get Tiger Woods playing Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson in the top two Greg players in the world got Jordan speed with Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy. They're trying to bunch them together but yes there are some very. Specific reasons that as because they're so much online traffic in the out the light streaming feeds that. Can follow those groups individually. They wanna capitalize on. We're talking to Jason Sobel of the action network he can find him on Twitter adjacent Sobel TV and I'm you mentioned that you know maybe some be able to take this says in a bit possibly double digits. And the way this course is set out everything every music in its favor you need the bombers right now uses face the top two players in the world. Sit there were Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson you know is is this is this set up for these two guys did you know to be there may be is the final parent when we go into Sunday. It I think that's probably the looking a little too far ahead but I do like both level on just promised the guy who got out of the top my ranking ranked the entire 156. Men's field off on action network dot com and I think you game is ready for this. Ever since winning the PGA championship last August. He's finished outside the top twenty try it just awards so he's very consistent. Contains an awful lot of belt or they're jedi could be a good US open player. For a long time and like you said. This is going to shadow of the big hitters truly believed that. I'd guys like Justin Thomas Dustin Johnson are going to be able lab wages range from these greens are at least eight iron over green whereas. Shorter hitters made a few more fairways but there has struggled. Hit many of these greens was longer clubs go yet to replace big tractor. I saw today on your website in fact that we have not had a favorite to win the US open in ten years since tiger limped around at Torrey Pines. So Dustin Johnson being the favor we just eliminate him from contention right. Don't you did other reason no player ever won on the PGA tour that we for the US open and then got onto in the US. You've got a couple strikes against them this week even though you as the top player in the world. Win when you look at Ed and Dustin Johnson and just kind of would've would an absolute freak athlete he is. And I did not see I mean it's not that he hasn't been successful but. Maybe not the success of other people it is is he one of those guys you look at is is talent that he is at it leave or not is is he underperformed. With the level of talent in our house. Now I know I I can't say that you won eighteen times. On the PGA tour stuffed yachts and never win again are still pretty goes into the World Golf Hall of Fame someday others with less credentials and him. Have gotten into the also. No I think he's. Is it remarkably consistent I mean we think of Dustin Johnson being aggressive player and a guy who. Goes through hot streak than cold streaks. That your tendency of these big hitters to sort of I have peaks and valleys and yet. He's won it every single season he's been eight PGA tour professional that's pretty remarkable. Going back to his rookie season truck at Dell idle under achieved all these guys that. Need to happen that's Shirley played his best golf for the major championships but again. He's 33 years old holdup play Hitachi great uncle bought a few more ideas and quite frankly the field is so deep boring now that. You really can't name player who is purely awful bunch of major championships and in Jordan because agreeable in the last. Three and a half years war back Lawrence for would have won wanted to while they're really anybody else their tools like K out. Turn trial of the Dell Iran takes a ticket and grabs Surat. Greg or trophy had walked through turnstile and expect them up he gets his next thought. Yes like everyone in the NBA right chase is Michael six is like such an unrealistic expectation in now what you nodes it's like the tiger factor. Right if you did you not really not ten of the ease. In an indicator nine year period then you get that label of well you were supposed to be the next Tiger Woods and you're not. Nobody's going to be the next Tiger Woods or if we're still searching for that we we need to look elsewhere quite frankly. The next Tiger Woods is Dustin Johnson and it's Justin Thomas says it's. Jordan speech in war not court Markieff salary to all of these guys collectively. Put together that's what the next tiger would visage this entire generation of younger players were going to be really good for a really long time it. And a major championships together but no one is going to reach fourteen won't go to break Jack Nicklaus record of eighteen. It's just not going to happen would the field being as deep as they are these days. Is that the deepest field they did. Did you can remember since you've been covering the sport. I think cell you know maybe not distorted specifically just because the open nature of the democratic nature US open. And so we call fire this week we have 78 players who. Art here on an exemption it's 78 players who actually qualified to section also. It did split even choked. You don't get as kind of feel that you would say the players championship few weeks ago. Armory in the PGA championship. And two months so. Armed edged up the great field this week but as far as overall the depth of field in general on the PGA tour. Yeah absolutely the younger guys keep getting better and better these are cards or. Learning to win their they're basically. You'd need. Sure pros when they're 141516. Years old traveling the country traveling the world play IndyCar junior golf torment that. They're basically coming out of college career at junior golf. We're pretty good PGA tour ready to Whittle PJ each. Which are gonna Jason Sobel senior Garth writer this action now were you find an action network dot com. And this tiger and it does tiger player role in this on the you look into your crystal ball he is he's sniffing around here on Sunday. I don't know these are fairly mature on the lead but I don't think he's gonna be and the truck on Friday afternoon indeed there are actually it is. Just another step forward in the process for tiger in my ranking. Eat cheat this week which I think would be a very error finish I don't know that anyone would look at tiger. Finishing somewhere in the top twenty cherry on the day you really should go a lot better. We treat all aspects of the game. Be very good at an eighty. Certain point he's driven it well at times he's had tremendous ball striking round deprive these are shown great waged war he is really putted well at times although. Two weeks ago as last sort of moral orbit it looked terrible flat stick it is sad bunch. He's done everything well. A different events we have put it altogether yet I just still believes that five years after his last victory he's very go to your US open. And make that is excellent I just think there's got to be something else as they offer in between got to learn how to win again and maybe that comes with a Quicken Loans national and eight Northern Trust that a tournament like that or Ichi go out. And oh win against maybe not a eight great field and at least get that feeling back before going to win a major again. You don't know I get a could she lose here but give me the quicksilver will power rankings. Of who you like in this thing and then and then may be a sleeper maybe a dark course. Like Justin Thomas has emerged before I got away in this week I think he's written go out in its second major championship Jason Day that really like this week as well. On the if I eat Kiko chalk. Guys who weren't necessarily as my ranking but as the week is wearing on Jordan's speech changed very content to meet Rickie Fowler seemed like you. He's really guy's head on straight this week is engaged in the beginning of the week here on Long Island so I think that's good vibes going. As hard a longshot you know the couple of real quick. Tommy Fleetwood. The navy so American trans don't know much about it rituals the world mark leisure and actor can't let Tony you know all guys expect to be on the leader. Port Jason thanks for taking it to mold spores you'd find him now on action network dot com. Follow him on Twitter Jason Sobel T eight and thank you so much Jason. You guys thanks doesn't orbit.