Jason Quick -- CSN Blazers Insider

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 20th

Quick joins the guys after game 2 of the Warriors series. 


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I listen isn't working hard this year guys so everybody in your cars. Wherever you're listening Guam I don't know. Let's give a round of applause is chasing quake struck. Back in town. Sorry guys. Couldn't be any better this sounds like you're on a walk free walking down. I am I'm actually. In out favor rather than apparently come for twenty cents. Because it's awfully triggered smoke. In contact our bags. Well the Willie Nelson show Jason now with CSN of course. Comcast sports net. Yeah yeah I don't even know what to say I guess. I guess maybe. I'll ask you this first. Do you think this series in the results so far is more just the warriors are locked in. And there that did or is it more the blazers are just depleted without their pitch in there that bad. Guam. Probably more so good old days. You know it's it's so hard to totally. Make a definitive judgment because the two games are so. Different you know August. Portland wasn't. Respect or game one and then came to. I was covered in third in the Hogan who. Go stated focus we have seen them play at the top level click on the court all that hasn't really got up. So once those get it going I don't see how Portland thing you can win that. Hey anything can happen it wouldn't do it Indiana's don't try to Cleveland and he would doubt seriously changed. With the venue. It into the near this thing. At this point is there any reason to bring him back do you do you think your your opinion has changed do you think at some poems seem in the series. Yeah I would think in my opinion has changed I mean this as far as. Think in whether or not he can a player not. You know early on listening to him talk. And watching him work out I've there's no doubt in my mind that he could play. And then now all kind of you can't think that organization being an ultra cautious about this because. You know on and taken to the bigger picture look better as he's really. 13 guys that. Really have a future with this organization I think you know being able CJ and Kirk. Are really went three guys can absolutely you have to hold onto I think everyone else. Going into the off season is expendable I think even the most guys are Richard Prince would be. OK if you got rid of Evan Turner OK if you got rid of Al crap OK if you got rid of Meyer's record. You know OK if you got rid of berries are pushing the down the line. And yeah you might like them as players. It's not a brickyard it they got rid of them per upgrade. And I guess I'm saying is there's not a lot of guys who are just left played themselves in to. He parole on this team outside of those threes so. I think they realize that they don't want to jeopardize. Especially with the history at picnic here but. That means that I still think there's a chance to play them in third spot due rarely get any information out. Aside outfit yet there is a chance to play in this series so I guess will be. You know maybe even by tomorrow's practice. Whether or not. They're gonna save a couple of. Now down to rent an am assuming drip sits again because I just feel like the warriors. Know that they probably have the series. Let's just assume grants out for game three in Turkey does play how much of a difference is it make. Well it's it's gonna make. A huge difference is because. I think. The start this series so far for gold baited into comedy hit outside her credit hungry trim our agreement and an absolute monster. To call me he has been the X-Factor in this. Series both games he's command and he's changed. The whole complexion. To put his energy and that BP is given Terry Scott that's right now because. Terry didn't really have options to stop a married he could buyers and Leonard and Ella I. And Alaska 22 because McKee you know yeah. But really score I'll lob dunk which is. It's pretty much all he does and pretty much all you need to worry about them and it is still able to expose him but that. Outside admired everyone else's is physically challenged against him you know no land. End opera can meet our sixth time in that you can't elevate like. Like me either so. That's a problem and circuits could help neutralize that and then also. Outside game and seagate. There's no mean Portland has pyramid matches are being hurt could provide. At least an element that we know can dream on stick with the big guy like that. Does it wouldn't markets get dream on and foul trouble that would be. Big problems troubled state history moderate and so important book often to point B principally. So I think yeah it would make a huge differences are played just because he'd give them some. Of advantages on offense and would help neutralize what's hurting Portland on on these. Did did you look at Golden State in it hasn't been from beyond the arc communities they just they have not shot the ball treat you well you haven't sort of remember our era they have not shot the ball well it's it's a layup line. Mean it it is RC just it's a free pass to the middle. In the end you know the you know the scary part is you know a messy one of those guys is gonna wake up but yeah it's. Without Turkish in the middle would no big guys there is zero deterrent for Golden State in the middle of that defense. Warrior uses stark reminder of why this team was out of playoff contention or the entire year until owner can't I mean it's got trampled act I mean so much skiing. Mainly from the defense that perspective. If you remember but until February teams were scoring how well. Against Portland and side hand it's like Portland had the third different you can too much of the year. So. I think it boils down to that meeting if you're put in on this team they never make that trade corn and wouldn't be in the buyout. Now that he's not here in the play out. It took it pretty bleak so. You know if there have a chance he had to play. OK so Damon CJ. Great game one and I sitting game to you. Just highlights. How well the blazers playing game one they really do they played well in Dayton but they took the lawyer's best. In the fourth quarter and law says is it lawyers is that good. But then they lose to rant in a comeback in game two they still won between nine. What is it anyway what change do what was the difference in game two for C Jean Damien was it just about shots not falling or did they switch something up. No I don't think you dramatically that it did anything different. One I think PGA. Did miss some shots he usually make and then early on. You know they ripped three bunnies. Miller mr. lay and heartless. Prick delay and see game escalated and and then. There were some just brutal passers I mean Kevin turner CK are closed after just. Right to Golden State and that just leads right into their strength that you have to take care of the ball in cold create nineteen turn over dark side. So I don't think it was anything dramatically different. But look gold traders a reason they're number two defensively in the NBA this year there. Very good and as bad as Klay Thompson has been offensively. In this series C. He's been pretty good. Are leaky it was very good luck or different. If you look at a seventeen assist in the nineteen turnovers 31 assists for Golden State its its like really all Portman has its hero ball between iso ball between the two guards and you know that's not work in. I don't even know what else there is a Portland even tried. Yeah I mean it's get and you know yet like roll the dice and hope. Al farouq Aminu has one of those 63 pointer tied score Allen Crabbe has one of those eight pretend night. As we know those happened wrecked once every fourteen intra or. And whether or not that can happen in a playoff series against the best team in the NBA with the second best defense. I would say are dark not gonna happen that stranger things could happen. All right well. And your high your big daddy your mind Portland has so. The pro level and again you ranked. Did you have fun on the road though it is yet aging fun in Oakland you know delight spoon in your hotel rumor. Well we didn't get it goes communities it services go. What are really cool walk. Atlanta in that state park and had this stunning views. The Golden Gate Bridge. And so that was pretty cool. Outside of that I. I would pretty born. Let me ask Israel quick if if this series ends this way and and we see a quick exit and then it's it's of its of its a 44. Game sweep. Does it change at all. The kind of the feeling this season had because it went from being just awful in the wind where it was fifteen your last seventeen in the whole new markets thing does this just kinda. What what does it do to the feel of this season if anything goes this morning. Well I I go back to what we talked about probably about a month ago and the grand scheme of the team and the big picture thing with the team during his deep in his. Are you getting closer to a championship that you make progress towards a championship. And I think beat in the result could this team no matter what happened. Of the playoff series. This could do addition of markets this team has gotten closer. To a championship how you know there are still miles and miles away. But compared to where they were last year at the end of last year I think with Dirk it's having a big guy with that kind of comment. And how young he is I think. You have to consider this a step forward that started getting closer to being a championship team so I would say that some marginal. Oh victory Krzyzewski. Could receive. Yet they went bad guy has changed a lot of opinions like if you think about them not pulling off that trade. And yet a meaner people would be killed and employ on the elude leaves for nothing. We were mean hell yeah he would have been gone for for nothing got nothing back for me would left anyway it would just looked so bleak now you know but he cheated change alone. Right sir thank you we'll see you learn we'll see soon there could care.