Jacob Bandes -- Nation's #3 DT

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 12th
Jacob joins to talk about his recruitment and his top 8, which includes Oregon. 

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Every spring every summer a couple kids nationally and sky rocket up the rankings this year that's arguably the leader in the clubhouse for that is California defense of jackal. Jacob band dance clubs he is no way to the nation's number three defensive tackle one of the hottest prost. X in the country closed adding that star he cut his list and today and he joins us now person on and figure for being shall. So you went to the opening and there are guys that are automatically fives are as their top ten prospects in the nation and what. And you kind of swipe the title of the best player on along the BP the opening. Which is big time you look past winners and those guys in the cellar all Americans. That means you get defensive line and BP deal opening. All on its. Otter and all armor definitely. And our armed as I'm very grateful and Harlow sat and didn't we get. A great. Achievement and in this one in my country so harmless editors are otter it's it's really cool. I don't think fans realize when when kids cut their lives sometimes that. It's not like you had these relationships in some cases for very long. In your case you've blown up recently an added offers just in the past couple weeks how difficult was it to cut things down to a top eight. When you are adding offers seemingly by the day right now. It's a really really challenging and because you make a lot of relationships with all of these. Coaches in the year ceremonies they are your parents oh without saying. About how old. Betty how your kids can make a change at their school it's it's really and and you just eat up remember that the business we can't if we can't be person are you business and that's what. Is colleges date our progress to date they want you to come to their programs economic their programs better it's it's just a business ER that thinking it's a business. You've gone up a ton in the rankings are are you surprised by it did you feel like you were overlooked for a long time how do you react now. To being rated the number three defensive tackle and one of the top thirty players. In the entire country. And it it's it's really he really amazing tab that. Achievement. But it's it it it also. Doesn't really do anything else because it is a relief. Prove anything that that Europe that are. I would have personalized because really it is it really. Out on the character played actually the number one in the country and I can be. A real jerk to people it not be. Not yet Kucera here it's real it's about character are really see like breaking up much secrecy about who goes to daycare to leave interest community. I would be at home I'll do that coaches at school I don't really see breaking them much well. But it's it's really cool do not work Brady tackle him in the country but it's just like vicious circle that I did not really like. Really take it only takes me and. So you you rank your top schools in no specific order you just things down to a top eight. I'm their read your top aides why don't ask you to do it off the top your head because I've got it right here. Cal Washington. Or again Colorado. Illinois Purdue. Ole miss and Florida are now locally. Obviously the big one on that list is the third one I read the organ docks that's that's a lot of our audience here. What do you like about the ducks what stands out about organ. So. It's been one of a child it. Schools it is. Back in the early 2000 late late 2000 and they're out there urges unstoppable late. All my friends talked about or in light. Can't think Communist. Or. Yacht is clearly that and I just always. Late in college and play attack on the organ ducks and I do our level aren't really late and I am I don't. Really care about that uniforms like eerie scene that's several organ highlight. The program of the football team cottage cheap recruiting over the a lot of Eric your character players there and that's why are so Lola org and dot program. Have you visited Eugene do you plan to. I have not been Eugene and I do I will probably won't work it out with the coaching staff they're probably see it much you make up to one other camps. They are happy it's Saturday Night Live camp sometime. In late July probably. Talk sports and the stated their court they are probably just probably go out there to Eugene to look at the camp. How familiar are you with or against kind of the recent I guess for surgeons the defense one of the worst defensive teams in the country just a couple of years ago. Now they're not only functional but probably going into this year expected to be one of the top three to five defense is in the pac twelve. How well do you know that coaching staff and what do you think they're schemes now. Well honestly bill all that goes that took tables scenes and they all find a way to get better. But really it's just how how much time much effort they put into it because really you don't have one of the worst. Usually has sort of the worst teams that people think. They they can become the underdogs and the become better like they can become better and as you work hard and can become check it let me start you know Lott had a lot of underdogs. Under under our teams come back in the news that dominate they get they dominated operative dominate the teens. Oh really. I know a lot about coach crystal balls. Coached and old people like those circle shot then. Date you have a lot of plans last Internet table tried to work and they aren't so they can become a dominant defensive. In on the tackle. And as the nation's number 3-D offensive tackle thank you very much for being on the show. And if you do visiting origin were movement to have you back on talk about tiger visit Lampard may be maybe sun life. I.