Houston Nutt Interview 9-22-17

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Friday, September 22nd

Former head coach at Boise St., Arkansas and Ole Miss, Houston Nutt joins the guys now analyst for CBS College Football giving his thoughts on what he's seen the first few weeks and which games will have his attention this weekend.


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What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Houston not former college football coach and now CBS sports network analyst. He's joining us now coach have you on in Portland now a star witness. Coach of the year in college football a ton of success and Americans. You stay idol news how many people ask you more about being on the movie blind side and having seen this venerable. You know there's always our conversations that comes up about that that was the that was a fun time. At wooly you gotta give his deeds what's it like to work with Sandra Bullock can be within five feet over. Well that's say what she was so good this really humble and very helpful and try to help all the coaches and coo. Take two couldn't that the licked and she was a great coach in she's really good that they we have to an hour they had probably eighty. Thirty minutes eagle rounder. But Suu Kyi was cut special villages beautiful women class act. You know anyone a year wanna disclose UNC went to Oklahoma State plates was forced their football and basketball and they got a big one this weekend hosting TCU and and I gotta say I'm a little surprised by the spread a nimble teams three NL. This Fred's thirteen and a half in favor of Oklahoma State does that seem a little big for him what are your thoughts on that match of the big twelve. You know what does. I'm mom. I'm course well watch Oklahoma State court granted there's so. Makes Rudolph. Page has been outstanding I mean boo boo the slow work in the pac received the way he's getting the ball. And yet but we're when that went to Pittsburgh. Ed pages from the first quarter homes went up them to have more receivers over a hundred your ports. You know you can't help but you know you wanna watch these cats and I'm I'm really anxious to see now how they're going to. This is really their their first set I really and truly believe it's of course that's where there actually. There are their role player he'd worked Gary Patterson will come out. Matt it's still war in try to take away their best place. And so I'm anxiously into this this this turns out but. It just looks like you to go back and look at it they're almost like. Matt did not the biggest opponents in the post or better ask our workers. And it makes screwed up respond to watch and then you start a war battle those receivers watched just as sealed until back he'll take out. Then you know we're talking with Houston not CBS sports network college football analyst you can catch him throughout the season. On inside college football CBS sports network Alabama takes on Vanderbilt tomorrow for the SEC game of the week on CBS coverage begins at 12 o'clock our time. And he's on Twitter at CBS coach tonight. You know something I wanted to address was that PM Vanderbilt game and a lot of people are pointing out to the SEC minus Alabama there seems to be. I don't something amiss with the SEC what would you pinpoint is a problem right now in the SEC conference. If you look at the last couple years it's it's it's about to me about quarterback play really been down. Can't release this animal in a while and and eat crow liked these younger quarterbacks will pick up another step out. Take a decent start out Jordan it's hurt in theaters to decked slump he comes in ended it does a good job even on the road it's over saint. But they're young you know Bentley. Was going strong but he loses a senior people one of his weapons that. You know that really gets these Cadillac epic really stretched field but when you look at orders the Tennessee Georgia. You know it is they're there seems like. You know use your messenger dismiss that out of it playmakers start at quarterback. But the one thing about the FCC is is that these aren't the quickness the F criticism has always been good. You know I wanted to ask you could certainly talked a lot and I guess it was the Nebraska situation where they fire their AD and a lot of people kind of connect him to Mike rather because that was the big hire that he made in in kind of put his flag in the ground. Open the rally was going to be the one that attempt that program to not to new heights but. You hate it now it feels like he's going to be on the out it feels like he's coaching for his job every single week what's that like amenable when your in that situation you know earlier on the hot seat you know every win is so important the administration's look at action is it how hard is that I guess to. Put all that out your money just trying coach a football team on Saturday. Yeah it's very our very typical because you know the world that oriented social media fallout radio today. If you look at how you gotta have tremendous focus and you know Richard Bayer. Two coats that he'd bet that your also responsibility and so you got to close that door get them in a room. You got to get about the outside analyst was in the woods is going get louder there's only one dose that is in the dose of medicine is winning he had to win. And so it's a tough situation very tough I see we discovered a landmark where you are you are not an athletic director in September. We we've seen coaches get fired the middle of the year but now I see you have in the BAT's and so at a I don't know I don't know where broke it is is gonna help Nebraska. I don't know but I know it does put a lot more pressure now Mike. We all know what a great many years but that's that's a that's a tough job. Now how does a Brett how is Nebraska viewed right now to you by other coaches like is it is it one of those top ten jobs. Know that this seems like there's been listen you know that these. Athleticism the athletes. Of course plain and Oklahoma State outplayed orders totaled almost eight sucker. It was. The grass because the rest of war us now you know there will forget that aliens. We were coming up until that he would draw they were clapping and we went into the end zone. Clap and force like you know bless your power in you know here's a class where you get a look at us but you don't even you don't see that. You don't seem to actually this is married more so most coaches do like it's much much different than in year's class has a way to go. And it's all about recruit you you've got to get actually in there and and you have to be able to recruit outside of your state of Nebraska. And a BA you know one of the teams they played in on comets and lost it was organ and an organ fans are pretty fired up at the start of their team and they were on your network. I hear last week it was a big win over Wyoming and Josh Allen really struggled three weeks Italy tiger's three and another go into. Conference play what's kind of the ceiling I mean if things aligned for the dogs how far can this team go this year. I'll let you go a long way you know it's very early in the order off to a good store there's nothing like winning you know when you start to believe you believe and also you're keen. We haven't felt like you know what we can achieved. And it's that attitude and that's what when he does and it is such a fine line between winning and losing their some teams are so right there and look at the year that could. Easily beat three you know another there or your wanna tune and so when you look at organ they're off to such a good start. Goes tigers got to be doing really good about it scenes just one game but apparently no question it I it's the next game and expect actual truth you gotta take one game at a time and take your business and the team that makes accused mistakes and when that hurdle more easily going to be the winner. You know we're talking with former college football coach and now college football analyst for CBS sports network Houston knocking judge him on inside college football on CBS sports networks bandied gamma going to be on CBS. At 12 o'clock. Kind of a two part question for you won how does Houston died. View the pac twelve from wherever you're at and two is the East Coast biased real. You all always and also respect for the pac twelve and Corzine at the it's unfortunate privilege of playing in the that you SE Keane went. Pete Carroll was run the show Matt Matt Leinart Reggie Bush squabbles. Unbelievable athletes may they ran us out of town met with that one day. Is that to do that yeah ten game coach number remembering. So we had to try to forget about like that but yeah if there was one there were met. Yeah. Let that I. Yeah. It would it would step up. I had to torch our is always been a 25 year. Anniversary of the all SEC the best SEC games of course they would put that you're seeking and there are a lot of word in there and did I don't look they have to placate some of those went it did we don't we have a couple of suppose placate you know so anyway it worked out but it would get back to question I haven't lost respect course when I look at Stanford in the last you know 6789 meters away date recruited how hard they played physical up. Organ. You know you go from uniforms to speed. All the big candies they want in years past. USC. Same thing you know he's such tradition. And it looks like you see he's really coming back belts and so I didn't have a netbook a lot of respect. The thing about it EC is you know in the years says there was about a were there was about seven national change each one mayor in a row. You know that's where you know it's horde. You know not to say a SEC's best I don't think the FCC constrain it up and I think we're more missed now so when you look at it would you. Remember coaching against Jim Donald call but it worked real overhaul but it will hold hope at least are all they were. That's about to hope they were not in the Indian Mark Richt even though he was now a member of outstanding coach is not against her obese more will much chance. Jim Markel wind they're good young coaches. Buddies force laps around the track in just. You know experience. You know there's that's not a big that's a big east you know step compared to what what we have now. And doubt they'll eventually get their cars up and there are great programs. But you were just got there yet. You know you're good early on here in the season coach couple of things at the minorities surprised me some wins and in losses and I didn't see kind of what. Three weeks into the season what what I guess storyline or outcome has surprised you the most so far. Number one was that mr. state elegy. I was really surprised about that won't because really misty state. We're out physical LSU and always photo issues would be the most physical team to go up to want the salon that was Crosby. You know he stay. They graduated back press guidance in you know couple years back here comes the next yet. There's mixed pitched here in the heat looks outstanding debt rose resident the other ones described in Oklahoma. Oklahoma ghost to Ohio State. And it would just a year ago were Ohio State up and out to ignore. That the one year later baker made so coaxed into Columbus, Ohio in and out he puts on a show. That really that surprised me in Doug the lack of offense. Ohio State. So. Just bat and of course try to watch all these eastern east west and and again it's surprising when you look at Korda in Tennessee just the other day last week and it it. What happened almost want to or course record and also that she got in the war. Oh yeah. Now you don't what are what is the last three months kind of been like for you personally at the glossy thing and in the Hugh freeze kind of timeless have been like for you personally. Yeah yeah net statement you don't wanna go back and in down. Start beginning you know August wanted money clearly kept. He used in Miami. Were at the majority of violations can ease the majority the most almost playing them in around in that I didn't have one knows of our age and so. That wasn't true that really hurt me when it's almost one. And and it remains popular and thousands and thousands of Oracle's tweaked re tweet should. Blog pecos it just goes that is so Ali's got tired have been great lord and Tom marsh. And really you know these troops under and and the truth came out outspoken about that now what we. You know had no intentions of ever hurt an old it is or trying to bring trees down that would vodka and at all and we won't look at Matt. Kuwait things happen is there's issues it's amazing how that happened but they that your question. After a little bit vindicated when you look at all the facts now I feel much better. You know galaxy anybody loser job come down. But. I just want the truth that's what the truth out there. You know Houston a former college football coach current college football analyst for CBS. Sports network catch him throughout the season inside college football on CBS sports network. And their game ban of Vanderbilt on CBS kicking off at new ending catch coach none on Twitter at CBS coach Knight. Hey coach we've enjoyed the conversation we'd love to catch of the eat on the run of the season. Our leader.