Hot Corner 9.20.17 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, September 20th

Hella home runs have been hit this year, why? Wild Card race, Hot & Cold, and hijinks.


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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. The American pastime. Wallet and being real time. Baseball stories scores. Terrorism where it should be done. Hottest topics in. Patrick Harrison Michael. Sean Kennedy you know. Well I mentioned the content corner. Ford's must be Owens day is every day is Wednesday. Populate a while that we've sadness from the other I don't know why I feel the same way Michael. I don't know it's only been two weeks because last week I was. In over a map room was last week when extra molded together and me and I think so. Yeah I'm back feel like I feel like we have it's just been a weird summer of this ship we've been all over the plays some of us have been out. Various for all three of us have been out of various times spent it's uninteresting but. We are back to you being here regularly and we are coming into halftime and it's pretty much the best time of the season in it's gotten better over the last like a couple of days to wait more intriguing than it was before hand and nothing is a lock anymore. Yet at the 8 o'clock hour or in any o'clock Errol gonna give you guys are like a real time update the playoff situation the real quick and I'll get into it when we get there but I just wanna say like. If you really bad for. Like Baltimore. If you bad for the angels I feel bad for the twins. All these teams like vying for that last. Last playoff spot. Are all playing really good teams and now in a conflict its winds got swept today that that really sonics. The angels lost a tough one last night to the Indians they're gonna play you know and all that. The thing is is like all those teams could quote unquote give Barry. While the schedule is is happening where those teams are playing like that division army the Orioles just played the Yankees prior to playing the Red Sox and it's like well. They've got the top two teams in division back to back him loss what light. It's six of seven or whatever laws you later. A nice to see guys and thanks for talking how the orioles' woes and the first segment here my god we don't normally talk about the Euro so we do you should be happy even if it's not a lot of good things lead away I mean it was real I do we. I kind of deserve this though because I'm pretty sure when I hosted I was on one mariners. Just got swept by the Orioles. You know I I was feeling real good they're one in my hot can bad one like seven and around and then. So what you're saying Joseph is the Orioles sucked because you hosted a show car yes. May be just for the benefit of my team I'll never post again. Love and the Indians are going to be dale west right now so their play in the angels in the by the Mariners next the other team vine but I saw. Smacked so it's like every single team that's trying to get in is facing a tough situation at the moment. I was I was gonna go to the mariner Indian game on Sunday. You know because I was planning on this the whole season on the schedule came out of my mother is getting married on Saturday. Which is kind of a crazy. Thing to think about to end. So she is married Saturday night and I was gonna get doping go to the game on Sunday it's of 110 pitch a sound Clinton often waited. After Sunday morning especially considering. Excuse me especially considering that Saturday night it there there'll be copious amounts of indulge of course you understand when I mean. So I think I'm bailing on that because the other day I was a moment. We're kind of going through some last minute winning perhaps and she did you know there's a lull in the conversation is she gonna switch to insurers it. 22 in a row that's so awesome you know they Las -- seems like they keep windows in my own little World Series go again Malone looks a means to us. Muscles that bring up the checkbook or we go back to Cleveland this year knows it rule. And he property. The extent you did that last year yeah I can't I can't make that choice for you mob but if you wanna make that actually sent a team. Here's muscles security number might prevent this interview about complaint against. So I'm not going on Sunday because I guess I'm holding out for the chance of me and going and going back in October would you go. In the ALCS and now the World Series to try to match if they make about art to make sure you got to see them. I don't think so no I think it's too much road series or bus again yeah I think it's too much money. There's part of me that if the Dodgers go it's like hey we go to LA did. You know at least travel expenditures would be easier to get to LA. You know the tickets are going to be more expensive but. People flying to LA every single day to be real people don't just have this Max mass travel plan to Cleveland. In some random day of August over it when an awful place right or actually get to him. But I know it's mean. To where LA would be cheaper to travel their tickets will be a little more expensive but I don't know easier gonna root for either Arizona or Elway if he ended. To give the Indians Vegas of those two places we've fairly affordable like I think the cheapest places to go would be if the Rockies made. Yeah I think Arizona primary addiction their tickets will be achieved them and I know Arizona in general is fairly cheaply in terms of White House prices and stuff so adaptable to more affordable. I think the Rockies would be the ultimate storm because I may be able to find somebody to stay with. Right Arrigo is an OC US embodies. I can find people to stay with. In LA but you know LA doesn't love sports unless you're the Dodgers the lakers. What if the Indians lose to boot. In keys is that where would we as he as I say we as the enemy he spent. With the Yankees you claim the Indians and him is have the best record right now Indians have the best record in the American League the American premiums are and who sell their. The Yankees Indians worth what the Yankees pitcher. It's odd how do you feel after this run in September of the Yankees win a series over the Indians. Oh what is it about the streak is an aiming at things you ain't got that rang and it still believe that. However. Is the Indians lose in the World Series and be OK with it wouldn't be happy. And be okay with it. You could learn to accept it and move that the Indians did not get to the World Series and be pretty. Particularly hard this year and we'll talk about this more than us weaker too but. The American League's top teams. They might not be as good as the Indians are released out not as good as they're playing. Good teams. It's not it's going to be an easy road. They're cute little news. They gets them against some quality stuff everybody's got somebody cool I just watch Chris Sale not just 300 strike out the season. Think only four dudes have done that the last 1520 years yeah some dudes named Randy Johnson. Curt Schilling. Clayton Kershaw. There's edit just those three interest sale I thought I saw. Measurement of time but I care. Mean. Is Peja Pietrus sail becomes first detailed picture with 300 kids in a season. Since Pedro and 99 and give me trying to give Curt Schilling some love for no reason no solace that you said nobody ever. You said it I think he's a hall of Famer. I do. Nobody wants a vote forum is kind of an a hole but this catch a problem and not kind of mean like a big time you know and he likes pop AT and all that stuff but he is a lot of people do. He's just he's very outspoken. Outspoken such kind words well I'm trying to be kind. He's a very outspoken with his beliefs and many people don't like his beliefs such a nice guy Mike. A locally de Oakley what we got a good show coming up for yesterday let's see will do what do we do we're due mariners and 45 minutes ahead says some 45 lead in their mechanic checked in on their playoff chances. No we're gonna do that at 8 o'clock correct it's 745. Rob Manfred was on Seattle radio from not mistaken I had to do some research in the break. And send and maybe some little town that shell might be living in listening to this cute little show may one day have a Major League Baseball team will do that in 45 minutes. Will do hot and cold at 730. No more fantasies soaring duty as a real time update. On the wild card the division races which are mostly wrapped up but just kind of looking at some slam matches see where we stand and then next we will get into some predictions. You were listening to the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test. And sons tend to be. 717 here. And sports leaders attending either android is bad boy arsenal Wednesday you can follow us on her. Mike said Mike Lynch 27 you can find me APD zero played five fantastic producer mr. Joseph Fisher. Joseph fishery if I ask you each. Prospects Bruce orbiters Tex. On 55 through five that badly that she interacts with the us throughout the entire show. Some phone things error people call Mike haters. Catch up on the bullies. Me out so I missed. I'm sorry I'm on my phone because I forgot the computers were down here if I don't have my laptop today's I'm I'm slowly catching up. Like this one right as the show started the question was is Melo coming to PDX you know I don't know if Melo ball is coming to PX. I think we got a few years before it figure that out hope now particulates and avert a planner I thought we have to guard position wrapped up but I mean if to make a stroke get them into stroke yeah. But the general and acting in his past auction. The seven foot kid that strokes it with the acne on has backed that kid I had gone bankrupt I hope that it is going to be good for Chicago I don't think you I don't think he is either Arnold I was super high on him. Coming out of college and then you went into the coma and those like dang. Use what's his name lorry Harkin and or whatever shirt for your remarkable and are leaving already gotten injured in like he the players and he's going to be one of those guys that plays for the Charlotte Bobcats in four years we're going to be sitting here watching the game of the NBA you're not playing not even a Charlotte Bobcats anymore is it indictments out there the hornet's love that that's a much of what they did that's a bad years and and we're gonna play that game and I'm a look at him and embassies smack you know has McNamee like. He went to Arizona. C. That's a good number to win that game he ordered when that game I we Austin, Texas said. Is Melo coming to DX OMB EU mission with no ball but I think this story is going Varian noticed today right it was in the they're doing Regis too obsessive football. No it's just yes well no I think were the perfect amount obsessed with football but. President I'm a senior Darlington Sunday as I read this article. Idol and I am people's. And it was on CBS it's sports website. And it was reference in the near daily news and elect comes up in the comments all the walls was rockets rockets rockets rockets rockets. And I'm over here gallon. They don't have anybody to trade might be treated everybody for Chris Paul like nine players for Chris Paul. If they're expecting to trade. I've been Monday and there you know you don't know it could happen it could happen. The blazers could very well seek during the instance and I know it's baseball sized wind is not being looked at because there always are chiseled their hopes up a chill up. I would check your hopes up because you never know cash and I love all this talk about. The team that's gonna lose in the spectrum so let's talk about the rockets in this team that's gonna you know win fifty games sixty games. They won't win sixty games. But I will but bill also low is because there's wars. Yeah that's the lame thing. It enough Cilic in the area now as I like the NBA elect watch in the NBA. I don't like he MBA when I know what to teens are gonna make the finals forestry yours yeah lakers looked pretty good this year. You know almost on seeking to say that your probably camera and never. The last seven years you have been right and kid I kid I know what's going on I know they're gonna sock. Janet. No law at all Xavier the savior. Now. Rubio some baseball. Sir I know I started that I don't know you're fine you're fine you started it nominee go that it can work and answer this real quick in the lead in a baseball. If you're building a statue outside of the stable senator Kobe Bryant he put eight or 24. Tony for a I go eight discriminatory starter and Alec young kid with the Afro okay. I thought the whole reason he changed his numbers because he wanted to clean slate because of all the rape allegations that happen and when using Colorado and slash Shaquille O'Neal carrying the three titles and that's when he was wearing Emery and that's why he changed numbers that he had like a fresh you know like look in any shaved his Afro went bald Coby. So okay will the cool was called beat the best highlights of Columbia outside of scoring it's gonna points a game in front of fifty shots in your last game are all memory and allegedly raping her house. Allegedly. Allegedly they like admit that it happened. Well didn't Nady wasn't there the press conference for him and his wife and she was sitting their taking it like a champ with like a forty million dollar rock honor in going to look. He cheated on me I know he raped this girl I'm now that we know how much money he makes that's why I'm here Kobe's like you remember them titles. Have you seen pictures of them together. Since that though will not together anymore they've split oh they were community split like 23 years ago OK when I saw them they looked. She looked miserable like she was just doing it because she knew she had the gravy train she's image she's alive completely. Went screw it I'm in particular money and fortune in its high school sweetheart. Who thought they you're like to marry my school sweetheart and ten years later it's like saying dude. No he's you know better peace and Madam Alex and high schools are sure she wasn't a model and she murdered her schools since we've ever happen. Or at least becomes which promises to baseball. All right well the record was broke last night wore the most home runs hit this season and I love that it's like. All highlights of Alex Gordon everywhere and I like Alec scored I think he's great player he's as stable on magazine just regular guys. Yeah yeah but he didn't set the record they're like Alex Gordon sets record most home runs and a Major League season unlike. Huge 62 home runs last night and who does not go to gain in my body only had like four. Any just added you know fifty plate appearances and hit and he hears all night. But but the bigger thing is is that everyone's gonna talk about what what's the deal with the rise in home runs in baseball cause this year we have seen this this record is being said. Since 2000. Yeah 2000 I believe was when the record was percent. I didn't that is right. Rudy much in the heart of steroid era mean Sosa McGwire is 98. I believe his home run Jason. And bonds since 73 in 08001. To one or maybe it was a four I don't know that any of that kind of stuff. And dad's got a lot of people gonna talk and that was a reason for it. Mike do you have a reason are you a conspiracy. Theorists. As baseball's superstitious kind of group of my our rule. I was not conspiracy theorist. Until. Wallace on it until it's it's a watching this season as a whole. Seeing like little or no power guys hit ten home runs this year. It just doesn't make very much sense to me that there wouldn't be something different now Macias mean that is going on what I don't think there's this mask steroid problem again right. But the finish new drugs that can't be tested the thing that keeps coming up. Is. That they juice the ball's session really big change in the excuse me they changed the the way the inside the ball is they change the pressure and whatever was wounded when they made the mall they changed to slightly is given a little bit more pop. So. That's that's the conspiracy here right I don't know I believe I fully but it seems to me. It seems hard to believe to me that those that these guys who don't hit homers were all hitting ten to fifteen homers that's the big difference this year right. Sure Stanton has 56 now. Insurer judge has 45 but we've seen those numbers before of the bowling every years ago we saw Chris Davis had like 52 Jose Batista not to long ago had like fifty or so right like that so that's not unheard of but it's all of the other guys hitting 101015201515. A again I've seen this has me keep him indeed eager glorious is the first Yankee shortstop ever to hit more than 24 home runs. And Derek Jeter did not wants. And it's TD or gore is right when you don't think he's a home run hitter yet now two years in a row received twenty plus home runs. And its muscle grows by Yankee shortstop right as weird. And that is the that's just an example of a guy who's not a power hitter he has some pop but he's not a power hitters hitting over point home runs. When we've seen guys who were power hitters had 25 and it pretty good year Riley and Noble's thirty homer did yeah so that's the difference is those guys were hitting it. And I I don't think I can believe the fact that players are just striking out more swinging for the fences more back thing is happening with those. Smaller hitting guys those guys are trying to get hit it's the a he's a singles hitter who steals bases. So. There's something going on. I hate you know I I guess I'm kind of on the opposite of this IA. I do buy in to the strike out thing. And I hear you in the sense you know thinking of somebody like Brian toasters you know smaller. Not power hater for the twins all of a sudden last year it's 43 gainers something like that there was blood flow way where that come from. I guess I do believe. In the Saber metrics in the new wave of what everyone does say that strikeouts don't really matter and I'll say this in in for this. This point so and 2014. The Cleveland Indians held the record for most strikeouts. In a season pitching and pitching. Like their pitchers struck out more batters okay. Then in when he sixteen. The Dodgers set the record was sixty morsel every year we're getting incrementally more strikeouts in the record is 1510. From a team and currently there are all our. Five teams within a hundred strikeouts that so I truly believe that a lot of people. Have devalued. The strike out Georgia theater in the sense of if nobody's on base you might as well swing muzzle swing away because. And even if somebody's on base I would rather you strike out the ground into a double play. I think. It's hard because I and in some ways I see that point right. Like just swing for the fences are sharply strikeout is just another out right who cares how you get out if you're getting out or getting out of the strike got aground on a fly out whatever. But the way I look at it is if you put the ball in play. You increase the chance of an error you increase the chance of the single which could lead to grade double toll to around. And it's over you're just going strikeout home run that sit or walk. Commissioner judge. Then sure you might be helping the team but you're also not getting on base was the thing. That. This fall and Saber metrics and analytics and baseball. On base percentage right as a Billy Beane in the Hayes found a money ball. That was the which eventually eager to OP has so I Warren but that was the they called the inefficiency. In baseball. In the market was a stat that was being overlooked players who were actually helpful were knocking signed because normal looking at a BP they're looking an average right. Are based crisper percentage is still important. That hasn't changed. You still want players on base all the time so. I will I've always been coddling terrorists to say it's located do all the strikeouts but in the case of hitting more home runs. I do think big guys are just looking to swing for the fences or even though I might not agree with that idea. I do think that is something that is how relevant to. Just prevent this happening as she does present a good idea. A couple Tex coming across the bridge for Beers Tex and a five factor of five like this when pitching is awful look at the rotations a lot of teams don't even have one or number two starters. They're only three or four global trends in the league another tax the strike zone is strong and pictures. Pitchers are throwing harder their for the ball jumps up the back harder I think I think. At some point I do both of those guys you argue that the other day we're talking was this on exit velocity which is like the new cool stat when I was talking about on primetime news today I said look at every pitcher's throwing like 99 miles an hour. So even if you make some contact guess how far up all deal and if you get in the sweet spot. Probably a home run. Our idea being back can also be. Attributed to him as well for sure when we come back we'll do hot and cold this is where we like to give love to guys that are playing well and make fun ideas and make way aid to most Monday. This is the hot corner the first here's Joseph sports. There's a reason baseball players almost superstitious creatures on the planet this seasonal obviously didn't look very eat bugs and she's deep into the again from amazing. Mendoza line I think BC twelve pitches and struck out four times yeah. This is not a hard cold look at baseball's hottest and coldest performers I don't. I'm afraid you're right part of our hot corner of the Arizona lynch on Channing need. Hello sailor. 736. Aired. As hot corner and Mike Lynch Joseph Fisher of the heiress. To. Hot and cold but do it in excited for baseball. But there have been except for baseball but we're incidents we've spar and now who slapped a table in the computer turned on. Well it's his Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on. Emotionally diminish. I arrival stopped talking and start to show iris if he noted is you know the problem is that this virus stuff man. And I was about to send out anemic and all email to tell everybody what the problem is in this virus spreading. Is that they send out too many GD all staff emails. But to do that I would have sentinel staff team do thus defeating the pull us defeating the point. A sort of this man I know both you guys do. 98%. Of the emails I receive. In my inbox. Are all staff emails about stuff that I just don't care. I mean of exaggeration. How many emails do you think I get a date that is stuff I actually care about Iran. Your pundit like parrots strategists and we produce a number once the number one those sports talk radio show in Portland and old shoe for Denny. So yet you probably do an important things below me over here well me you know. Are you an email from Sacramento once a week on Wednesday's. That's where the whole city. And and I get an email from swagger once awhile that is not directly to me. I don't think I've received a direct email. Noon maybe three months. And it and then all of a sudden everybody got a virus and then again emailed edited that was like having those you got this email make sure you delete it knows I gotta get that addition to get money yet so maybe you should stop clicking all male. All staff ranked all reply. OK I mean you know how to do that I've done so if you're sending a virus to the whole staff when he called a staph infection. Hi. I'm Dave Fisher. My clearly gets up out of the sharing the view him first. Might just about left the place. All right this is not uncle Missouri give love you guys play well make some ideas that kind of are terrible Mike as always you do the owners if you would like to go first. I will go first I'd like to give a little love to a guy who had never heard of until about a week you know his ideas I know about it until you set in the break his name is Matt Olson now. He's not particularly hitting very well average lives receive an average is 267. But over the last seven games he is six for 24. With all six of those hits being home runs now. And he has fifteen homers in his last when he won games. He's opened an idol because that's why you haven't heard that's why we don't know but. Yet what you'll look to him for hitting fifteen homers and 21 games you can mean. According to Yahoo! he was the pre season 1191. Best player employees. Al-Qaeda and rendered by record. I'm gonna give love to a mistrust Donaldson. Will too little too late. However over the last seven days he has gone twelve of his last when he 55 dangers. Eight runs seven rabies. Three walks a 480 average of 536. On base percentage. Now is these kind gonna be a sleeper MVP pick next year. No. What does he is traded now now I think he's done well done no confuse. You still hit for power but. Sometimes felt not demean her last year some things don't come off since the injury will he was even elect laid the gruesome injury but then he missed most of this season. Well right with Hillary was a wrist injury or something like yeah I. I just don't know I feel lake he had his time. He had his couple years. He was never touted as this amazing player right he was a solid guy to DA's been traded he'd kind of blew up a little bit in Toronto a lot of hitters in that time. Wonder why and it was in the MVP consideration and I'd I'd. I don't know that's gonna go again I don't think we'll. And he's in the VA. Good power hitting 260. Cater for the rest of his career. And I could be wrong I also like Lieberman's millions buys them some but he does have a mock up my second hot is. A minute I'm gonna go against. Homer ism here I wanna give Aaron judge some love because is actually figured out again he's he's adjusted to the adjustments if you don't mean. I'm gonna go AJ Pollock who. For the Diamondbacks tempers last when he. Four doubles three singles three homers twelve RBIs three walks I use an all around duty here for a team is about to make the playoffs is only hitting 27 to this year. But idea. I like the government's laws and I think they're gonna give. The Dodgers I assume fits in the first round if they want to blame all of us and he's such a big match and I I. I'm really sad to watch them play in Colorado he's elected I like the did Imus rocket what was most people mostly year old Matt and. On the little scared it's gonna it's really tarnishing that no winner not a friend VP eco terrorists. I will give love to one of your yankees Jacoby Ellsbury yes this is not 2010. Jacoby Ellsbury. Over the last seven days twelve of his last when he 58. Runs. Three stolen base is a 480 average of 594. On base percentage. This guy left for dead amongst all the young Yankee haters and if you are an American League team that's already clinched your playoff berth. The Yankees should scare you especially when you see some relate Jacoby Ellsbury playing well. The Yankees are getting hot at the right time and hopefully that's of this in the break hopefully they'd don't stop getting hot. Too soon has been about a week of them heading national which woods and. And being cool. Being cool for loan Princeton yes that's cool would that mean or ice cold as now on treated thousands and yet there's only seventh in aces what's cooler than being cool I high school. And community because it was who I. I didn't. I miss a reference would. My first cold is I'm sorry Joseph guy who was hot for like two straight weeks is now crashing back to earth it's Tim Beckham. He's four for his last 311. Of those is a homer. And to those are doubles Gil has four RBIs and four walks so he was insane when she got traded from Tampa Baltimore now enough some. All jump on this during. Mainly shot a three in his last 45 and it's on Jesus he has no and minerals have an employer and on down. And and and realistically. There's some other guys here that haven't been playing well either which is really funny. Considering their teams have kind of spiral lately Charlie black and hasn't played well Corey seeger hasn't played well. Carlos Correia hasn't played very well. Turn still stumbling earlier Robbie couldn't old Joseph one. I probably can those numbers belong shall gluten. I'm gonna go do this on because it's hilarious team that's Mets. One would RS two for his last when he. And that is so are indeed you quick updates pirates just walk off the brewers so as of now the Iraqis to stay one game lead over the Bruins sort of tied if members of one. The air out of for MVP air not a friendly. All right we come back in the is shining. Reigning flooding. Wild fire. City we live in with a lot of bikers and runners and add traffic him. At an air and all that jazz they get a baseball team. I feel like we do this every soon you will be that we give back this not corner on 1080 defense. This is God's corner where terrorism and and an eighty goes. It's. Still can't my ticket here. The. Yes NFL. NFL Tony seventeen. Fans NFL Tony seventeen challenge that we do here even logon to any of fan dot com. Sign up Ian competing against. And hosts. An Albany and people. Are you doing Mikey doing all right and then. Must have you checked I'd make the picks and I kind of forget that it did them an idea in her and we find out who's like. Who do the jam amongst us well. If you've noticed but not many people have actually signed up until loser isn't so. Who would not crack in his heart is normal around here but I think I got. Ten and twelve the first two weeks it says you're you that thirteen last week I got twelve. Many can also look we want to. Expose you do that that's week to work. But this is also gonna help me try to figure out to what to do and they don't think him and go browns over your survivors and in. Browns and colts seem to reassure Brett the colts looked awful. Mean almost sort of the browns will not so sure bets offense it's either that or the rams over the niners. Panthers it's. Just. A week of 6:30 AM Baltimore at Jacksonville. At Wembley. What was happening Ernie is 6:30 AM game I can only imagine that means it's oh god can only imagine that that means it's. Across the pwn to rule might you have sports Sunday football Sundays so you'll be up early enough prep and for the show and you know prune my wants and jags game all by news and do football game might you know watching ravens jags will tell you this I'm going to wake up at my usual time. Seven or 730 sounds like quarter to mean I'm gonna go shower I'm really get to work at about Erie fifteen minute prep for the show we'll put the game on here. And then I won't watch any more of the rest of the comprise abuse and it really games on opening on the TV in Staten fast mobile it out that smug kind of guy read that today serve -- in scrum that sent these London gains you think by scrubbed its team incumbents navy. What is described it I don't know that's a date it is super tasty trumpet Joseph you're ignorant white boy from America. It's all right we cheeseburgers here alike cheeseburgers record for much better than scrum that's you know it's not a food needs of food item. I'll look at you. I'm sorry because skilled guy over here up up up and you never said it's my favorite food. As well as by all of them are not these Jersey they the end jumped the gun and then a genius. And you never see her ever heard someone say you know pieces my favorite food item. No in so I'm Jim I've I've. You were to the restaurant industry too long. The it is those who is my favorite food is like Italian excuse. Chinese Vietnamese if your favorite type of fruit Vietnamese prime. I'll. That's rare like that. In. Four. Burke as a delegate could founded danger isn't it. OK so Mike you saw that rob Manfred was on ACL talk show. Probably slightly wrong he was doing a press conference at Safeco. In a Seattle talk radio host was they are asking question call was rob Manfred dude it's Safeco I don't know eat. He's speaking of sift I don't know why. But he was there. And this had to put Edgar in the hall of fame this was the tweet follow the press conference is rated program. Members pressure over World Baseball Classic doesn't equal injuries pace of play important balls are not used Portland on shortlist for possible expansion. Oh well life. Well anyway when he lately when he when he was slow. Way way way way way in life. Oh and then somebody asked him okay went to Portland get its expansion talk again because you remember there was a list that he released. Of expansion city candidates Portland was not on and it was electric Charlotte Mexico City Quebec city a couple of others on the Portland was not one of them. And pocket tweets they want a team and it will be just thinking about expansion after Oakland Tampa Bay get their stadiums taking care so. I don't know if this was a case of him going I'm in the northwest only give some love to another northwest city. But apparently millions operative for the voters. Apparently Medford also says if they do expansion one of the teams would have to be on the West Coast. Think about it to expand the west school swallow. Almost every West Coast city. As a team. If you wanna go inland a little bit major city London you can include Phoenix you can include Denver. You've got Seattle sever Cisco Oakland's LA LA San Diego. Skin city count in his west of the Mississippi know. But I think the thought here would be in my mind. What are the other options you've got Portland. Right and you've got Vancouver BC love it you've got Salt Lake City also love it. And I guess if you wanna count no tears as the stadium is Mexico City West Coast. I don't I don't I think they're like the seen. Of him. The scene dividing Perez like Chicago and well things. I domesticity would be more. Under New Mexico slash Arizona area hasek there entertain us either but that still might be considerable western right so maybe Mississippi maybe you can count but. Either way if that's the case and if they're going to expand in of one of the the things as a West Coast city. And he just said Portland's on the shortlist then. I know we've heard this a lot in the city right I know we've heard baseball Portland might happen you know there's all these ideas for stadiums and it was you mentioned for teams that are moving there would have issues like Oakland Tampa. He would never happens. It's something at least to me the ideas if they keep mentioning the city at some point in the future. It will probably happen. Yes old when that will be maybe it will be when they do expansion I don't know how long list and today we don't know how long you open a Tampa based in game situations and we have no idea. But if that's the case that maybe just maybe Portland to be an option. Though you know it's a you know and it's coming across the bridge for Beers texts and a 55 through five about a you know people really excited about getting. You know the chance of having a Major League Baseball team in. And as this texture says you know I'm right there with his season takes for sure. I would be there as well. My thing is is at least MBA's warning as is goes away from being important because you never gonna hear me say no no no baseball on Portland I'm never going to be that guy. But I don't want expansion. Did the rays out of Tampa nobody caters. You know I've got a buddy whose big Tampa Bay Rays and he's from Tampa he loves the rays and that's rad dude but nobody else in Tampa does. And I don't actually know if baseball be great in Portland but I don't think baseball needs expansion. Privileges I wanna team in Portland I do nothing to expansion is the answer I heard of it needs expansion but I don't think expansion hurts him LB. He maybe not as much as say in like the NBA elect of the MBA expanded right now they'd be absolute fools. But in baseball. Mina I don't know I think there's a lot of markets that have teams that don't do well I just don't think baseball is in the habit of moving teams. Well they're not I mean what have we seen the only team moved says. The Expos go to the nationals and before that. I use of this poser in the bedroom Panama wall of the history of every team like in what they were name wise. I mean that there's been moved in baseball all tie but recently there hasn't. Recently the only move was a right Montreal Washington. In an expense is worked out fairly well only customers for our great and that expansion right. Yet the Marlins in the Rockies in the raise Madonna and guy's. Of those last four teams in 97 in 2000 watered 94 total revenues up when you're the rockets but. They expand there's been nothing there's been no movement except for the nationals. It is since since that happened so. I don't see why not. Expand again if they've got plenty good players. Clinton got plenty of cities that would love baseball and and I for one thing pistol were great here. It's a great place to have summer right I know the you have to ever tackled from bright to be rainy in April and what are. I'm kinda with you on this because you know despite Portland being a smaller market and I would say outside of Portland people wouldn't really consider this town sports town. But in my opinion the best two hours you can spend in this town is at a timbers game. And the blazers constantly sell out even when they're not good I have thousands of friends that brilliantly for friends that. Most of my friends they're like hey you've got the night out for a lazy game. We paid 1415 bucks to see in the 300 level Mike does a crabby digs elect who cares rural Boise game. So I think there's one thing that you forget there that you know we may not be big market and looking in the mean nothing big sports down the star loves their sport yet boo mean what are hawk struck the ground. Let's be honest the Portland is a pretty big market if you look at some of the alluded to can look at some of the other city. Batter and have baseball teams are way smaller some well somewhat more so. I think it's a good sized night I get it right I get that this is always been a pipe dream it's never happened and it's over is a lie and whatever but. When the commissioner says it and it's not Bud Selig it was rob Manfred who I've I've grown to trust a lot actually he's doing. Basically everything right for the game. I I really think that. There might pupils some connections out of it's gonna happen being on the shortlist just means you're gonna be considered. But at least got something right it's something in a delegates from someone you can. Well if they bring a Major League Baseball team you can expect Mike and I in the Booth. Right we just locked that up right now. Would be instantly Major League Baseball announcer instantly Major League Baseball announces it be like you know what though the residue on Wednesdays at eagle on the road will pay like. 250 geez a year when the World Series yelled it rings. Per deal comes. Callers women in money. Cocaine. All that crazy stuff. And handed to us all of that play about clay afternoon on a recorder in my put out a classic politics religion and compare and he'd Jackson and liked thing que me years to these. I only come back we'll check in on the Mariners as there economy in a bush kind of numbing approach. And then we'll get into some more playoffs and areas in the 8 o'clock hour for this is Mike Lynch rush cares Joseph Fisher this article that any different.