Hot Corner 6.20.18 (HR 2)

Plenty of World Cup talk for the second hour, Landon Donovan rooting for Mexico, ForF, and the most underrated players in the MLB.

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They solicited the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My bet that. This is our podcast that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're up. Do the right things since 1950 to the school is against it that your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball's spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is yeah. Plus they. This is the hard corner where terrorism lynch how deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports. It's routed to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my I. I saw that man with the tall head is bloody game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure. You are right on Jenny you can. And in time. Help us please somebody help us both men yeah. I remember sir I'm somewhat. Listen I'm hooked into the second hour of the hot corners he was the first hour you jet set unless twelve tires on jazz. Jump on 1080 the fan dot com you can find it there you can also find it on TV 1080 the fan Twitter. I'll keep an eye on this or in state North Carolina game one out bases shot 63 North Carolina. It's tilting the playing metal bats and a lost interest. Cool and join talks on World Cup. The one figure actually passionate about this week as the World Cup and well leaves you sitting on land law that I mentioned the ball went. Walter and or table games again. That there didn't screw it up for him today. Stop. Right you talk some football. Look. I know you came to do baseball showed today. But you have been so high to talk World Cup I'm I'm just goal sit back and let you know because you a lot of stuff on your mind meal on the in this discussion and I want slow the world go to your site can I can contribute but. As I have set on the year and have been exposed as soccer might soccer Mike doesn't a lot of international soccer so apologies for any incorrect things I've said. I know a lot about. Like the teams in the leagues and kind of wash one bit but in terms of the international teams. I know not not as much of its use this as a teaching is there anything about the World Cup you would like to know not that I'm an expert political watch a lot I understand. How the World Cup works. I understand. Who generally is a good team right I just don't know a lot about the history of these teams I know. Italy Germany and Spain and Brazil herb historically really good. But I don't know about like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yes because they are kingdom yeah that's what it has there. I don't limit I don't know anything about that I mean I got. Asked the question Biden Brandon may be is Mexico USA a robbery and I said Nell and that I got little part. Because I was wrong. Because I'd you are wrong I didn't think they or how to spot it related to a rivalry of convenience confused the two teams next to each other in a really good ones in CONCACAF. But. Apparently I'm very wrong about that the other room. Yes I mean I really have any questions it's just as I'm watching the World Cup I'm expanding my knowledge base of the international team is like why did. Did the explanation I have Ford is I've got sucked into soccer. In 2014. Of them during the last World Cup. Uncle relive the world about was my introduction. To being a soccer fan. So I didn't really pay attention to. Due to signal came to me he's the only baca stuff allows him him our legend but hero. I was sort of trying to learn about soccer. Lesson to watch in the Premier League the following year mostly in the world I have not watched more than. Maybe one or two years of international soccer since then lost a little US qualifying and I watched maybe a little bit of the Euro is about is that so I. It's just us and it's been on our radar site feel like I'm just kind of soak in at all and this year. Well I think a lot of his stuff when it comes international football because. I'm outside of the World Cup. And the euros I mean even win like North America South America get together into a tournament. Sure everyone's playing but it doesn't mean as much as the World Cup or the euros due for that matter. As well I think the euros or has big just because we waksal leagues and a lot of people know as players yet we know all the players. But it's different because you never get to see these guys. Read you he really trying so it's like when you watch a friendly. Okay USA plays the kids against France as a tune up for the World Cup for France France plays all their guys but it was really trying nobody was get hurt. C.'s hard to really like know what these teams induce it takes about 23 weeks to really know these teams look like. You have to see them basically played their group stages Newton no you know is. Is Russia this good. I don't know they've played Egypt and Saudi Arabia Russia got the users how they scored seven goals yes they have there's no denying exported or sorry eight goals there's no denying that. But they did it against Egypt would know Mosul law. And Saudi Arabia which might be one of the worst teams ever in the history of the World Cup. Balls interest in those so here's my question to. Is Russia. Is actually the lowest ranked team in the World Cup yet then I gave her ranking believe it's damn and Saudi Arabia the two lowest. So spirits. And then Egypt did have most solid match game you just barely played news news out their resume play while. In the through a loss against Russia. But. From. Oh yes sorry you people labeled him as at 3 AM game fighting. Programs those on normal time. The but. Dalia why are they still ranks so poorly yet beta is dominated the first two games. And Saudi Arabia and Egypt and especially either parental lot higher Saudi Arabia is closer though they were like 68 or something or 67 America's twenty. SX. But. Plague Egypt was like in the forties or something right yeah so. How did they dominated that game I think you get a lot by being at home and why are they rank so low pressure playing as well I've I think you've you've. You get a lot of emotion from playing at home not to mention. Most if not all the Russian players plea in the Russian league. Soul I mean I did notice they all know each other it's like Spain like Spain plays so well together because they all play in La league. The Germans are the same way they all plea from Byron Munich closely Dow's ski and Tony Cruz is the one guy that plays in in Madrid. I did see a funny stat or heard it on the broadcast that there's only two teams who don't have a player from their home league. It's Senegal in Sweden neither has a player who plays in their home country. In their own country I heard inching stat Morocco has nine players on the team born in France. Yeah. Oh but they're just they're actually they chose Broncos the country to play more than 'cause that's what their family's from there there's also some other crazy things so this has been. I don't seek free easy it's been higher octane I mean World Cup's always big but. There's been a lot of really uninteresting stuff that's gone on that I think is strange did you know. The top eight teams in the world defeat ringing eighteens in the world six of the top eight did not win their first game. Either tied or lost. That makes sense because there's there are a lot of surprising. Results and the first first game. Per backstage. The only two teams are one in the top eight. Were Belgium dipped look. Realized it was related and the other is. Difference. On some I've got two different on him on a PK that the policies are still really pissed off about and that's your idea privacy of transplant so. Just a second your pride tomorrow when tomorrow. Hopefully if they're to blame Peru that's gonna be really fun games as Peru plays really beautiful soccer they play kind of like Spain does is instantly. Kind of flew it a lot of passing to keep talking pretty it's really pretty. But there's some phone things amino highly recommend there's some things. To keep an eye on numbing group H is an absolute natural disaster right now which is really fun when Japan and Senegal leading Poland the eighth team in the nation. And and sorry to eighteen in the world. Looks like garbage against Senegal. Who looked amazing and Clinton a little reluctant and Colombia you can write them off they're done their second best player got a red card for doing. When meal acts in the box and touching balls that was weird I didn't see the group Picard was in a hand ball she what Ganassi and missed his arms were out like ET. For some reason and someone took a shot did you see him right on the forum is like Perot. Like you didn't mean to do that apple what are you doing. Are correct attitude I commuted area. So using each and adios to that group. I mean there's some adjusting things and if you think about it this way the games that went on today's Spain. Played I ran which was. One of the most entertaining games. I have seen it was a ones are game and to anybody small things these games are boring because they're one soccer I think had ever watched in one match especially because that immediate really shows why. He might be the best player meeting of all time yeah. I'd I think human people with that think about this so Spain for Shannon and on the bottom Spain and Portugal both have four points came in group B. They tie each other 33. In the same goals for goals against goal differential points. I don't know the next tiebreaker is would be head and but the type. So I don't know what they would give it to teams they got a vinegar right but there's still a one day in a one B. Oh for ours that's the bees played a.s and a's play the bees advisors but here's the thing I ran as one of the Portugal. If I ran beats Portugal and Spain beats Morocco for schools out there. Argentina is playing a game tomorrow. Against Croatia. If it was pretty getter if they look Croatia is awesome and they hate Russia so they love playing in Russia. Cause they just wanna I didn't see occur the first Croatian amended plan they've played Nigeria that one depth to zip. But if Argentina loses crow wish tomorrow bye bye because Iceland will smoke managers. For a Iceland I Iceland's cool story for me to us there they were at the euros to auto blip. Miracles are heroes in the qualify. And did they draw the first game they won that major right. Say that again. To Iceland draw the first camera when they drew the correct that drew it was a really good game they proved why so bit so. It is real quick is gonna we gonna go this is kind of the difference between the World Cup and watching leagues OK everybody's always like why is missing no good in the World Cup. How come he doesn't show to the World Cup does not have pride for his country is no war cart blah blah blah here's the thing missing boys in Spain. And especially lalique the most finessed. Smooth. Easy going on physical league in the world. When you get it's beautiful I love watching the Spanish style of soccer rip it boils down to their national team the lead and everything. The problem is when you get to the World Cup. There's so much on the line there's so much passion so much energy so much. Attention to detail that people get physical. Like people push people around because there's you or your putting everything into this game not just trying to make money when club trophies. So what happens is Argentina plays team like Iceland was eight guys on their squad over 63. And they start coming didn't physical with messy and painless. Is too small everybody wants to see Leo in the EPO will never go to the EPO cause gets thrown around. Well we just got a text asking if we've trained them pull such. Triple sec post looks to us to a six will make the USA top fifteen. Country in the world. He plays for Bruce in Dortmund in Germany. And we talk about the snacks but he's just a small messy you really small so a World Cup stage. Maybe he gets pushed around a little bit. And doesn't have as much and I'm. Packed yet may be I think the thing with him and one of the compliments to give to United States team is. They don't mind playing physical. They don't mutt I think. Not not to compare him to messy. But I think the difference between them was a small fast swinger who can write so they're very similar in that sense but the differences is. Pure sake is already taking physicality. Like Macy's. Never had anyone be physical. He's been at Barcelona's entire career. And every Tommy is the World Cup can't play. We're to a sick is actually taking. Some pressure some physical malady and he will learn to build off that. But if you do you can't just be 33 years old and the best player in the world and that all the some someone pushes union is get up it just doesn't work that way. Well my two cents but I mean I. Jill sic is the best player of the US may have maybe has ever had. Our terms of his raw talent we don't know yet because he's so young yet but if she. I'd love it and keeping if they did get one star player to kind of be a focal point because. US is always has been this collection of parts of good are really good players but none no one's been great. Yeah he might be the best since Clint Dempsey year Brian McBride right. I mean Tim Howard was probably great to Mauer might be the greatest American ever Dempsey has been at times Donovan was good at times but the other not great you know right. Speaking of the USA team we come back I wanna talk about why this Landon Donovan statement more importantly why you should not. Be hurting for Rex go do that next inning that fan. I. This is the hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy Beltran. The. Aids or were here to our little World Cup wanna miss this around get things wild. If you haven't watched any of the World Cup the teams you should watch. That are must see TV is Belgium I'll show. I guess you watch Iceland lyrical story there were called the euros. And it may now Spain blizzard of British soccer Spain plays a really beautiful brand. Adam thanks I think Senegal plays relief fund I guess all board decide Altria wanna watch that game plus they gets ideal mountain. They have a lot of they have a lot of players Erica has at a cool volley is when there's their backs me. They've got a cult a minute no I find and him indicted but I reckon as one or two of them from the clearly it that the let's see you should watch France for Greece man. Part of Giroux Pablo. Queuing in him bop they inspire my favorite player in the world not named most so. It's a lot of crap. This last content. Yes he was secure on Egypt that guy's not going to be there he was here he was trying to do too much of his life as he's only guided do anything ever like. Do you view should be the recipient of the build up so you can start it meant to make Iran. He's Egypt hasn't scored a goal in a World Cup not PGA. Since like 1938. Really and the goal is scored against wow was Russia was a peca has a surplus McGinn after two or three no palm England are much any change and a burden for them I'd just. I'm out I lost it really sounds like I know every single one every student and a bench. Yes so what's that this group app is going to be really interesting because Mexico's got three Sweden's got three in Germany since there was zero. That'll be interest and I'm really sad to Los team goes look like garbage. Costa Rica and is it David group W Guzman they Guzman that's my boy. And bread is and last thing I say before we get into this America Mexico thing I want to give liked the most props whatsoever to Iran today. That team is good Spain is better and that's why they won but he Ron had Valdez game played in the world for Spain. And it was excuse almost brilliantly. Until a defender accidentally kicked the ball into Diego Costa who celebrated late keys that a schools or the world because that's the most you cost. But they're they're gold cheaper for Iran was absolutely phenomenal today. They basically ran a six man back line and they scored a goal they got called back for off sides it was the correct call that your hearts just wanted it to be right now. Be the wrong call. So mad processor on today that was a really really. Really fun game to watch some on the streets all the time people kind of like a camera into Mexico they're neighbors want to. And I got big problems it is I don't Caroline and Donovan sent party know he's an idiot are urging know that I dislike him and he's prime I was in America player of all time. That's saying a lot because Dempsey plays for the Sanders. But. Here's where I sit on this if you don't know when she room to race go land on it comes out he's lived in Mexico for years their neighbors in this great rivalry washing their for them. Here's my problem this would try to say to you might. If you're New York Yankee fan. In the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series. Do you root for the Boston Red Sox because there in your division now. Absolutely not okay. If you are Michigan and Ohio State's the national championship. Are you rooting for Ohio State because they represented big twelve. Big ten's are now. I would assume not. If you are duke and north Carolina's the national championship or your for them because they're in the same state problem so why on earth what I read from exco. Problem because that is our number one rival probably knows us Sandra. That means to zero in Spanish. Probably because. Like me. People who are casual American soccer fans don't know that there are a top huge crazy rival. Right you don't Irish foreign you know the only team that is relatively close to me at all. Is Mexico. That's cool I like Mexico caller for Mexico they don't notice or calorie. That's disgusting. That's some facts but that's ignorance or basically saying it's okay because people are ignorant. But that Devlin doesn't excuse. Landon Donovan from. Doing the notion that your governor he knew it was cited this doesn't shock me thirty degrees for the national team that's like. You know I'm I don't do it makes a conference rooting like impact wild like oh I want pac twelve teams win bowl games so looks good but I'm still never rooting for the husky I can't play for like the or induction I'm not rooting for the beavers to winnable game like that like if I played for the team. Not brooding for any other team besides my own even if they are my idol so the fact that he. Was for the national team. And Bruce for completely different national team that's where I am a problem with that if there's a rat regular guy on the street he's like the I'm I'm from you answer for them. Clearly they suck and are in the World Cup's and gone for Mexico. Not a big deal plainly and Donovan yeah add little bit of a prom there. Landon Donovan might be the most hated player by Mexico fans when he plays in Mexico and aren't we did he did and yet I don't like this season you play and retired again okay. So I think that's trial is doing it too he played down there are so he has a connection to the country now in a deeper connection disposed. And you know Wells Fargo says it will pay you some money entered from Mexico into that okay. Well let's just a thing like oh what a lot of people don't remember is like Landon Donovan the Mexico fans hate Landon Donovan is years ago they rent a studio Azteca. And he. Was on the field they are doing warm ups and had to peace so bad. That he went like behind this liked. Banners saying went to a knee and to compete in meant no disrespect. But he had to he had to go. They couldn't run off the pitch so we had to go. And every Mexico fanned took that as the most. Offensive thing anyone could've ever don't how dare you. Urinate on this hollowed ground that is Mexico then and now we say in series like average from exco. It's like a one Emery I think I hate us and he did that intentionally out of hatred why nobody I mean that's the rivalry ago. That's the primary America's never won in Mexico City. And Mexico can't beat us in USA anymore like that's the rivalry anymore. Anymore. They used to dominate all the time these dummies and you but that's the rivalry and is this like. Be as slate let's root for them just grinds my gears with him not root for England either. Not even though that's. 1776. Baby for a berated him for ever won the war a stomach checked. Earlier in bombed in the forties against will come bail you. I'll. Hot world war takes Jews in the now faces serious. That is so your World Cup history is no sporting event in the world. Or is that what you're going to smaller. I think actually and we have to break but I think actually and this is probably the most light event of a sport that people don't like aperture like curling is number two give people who don't like soccer. Still lost the World Cup because it's on and weird times and it's fun. Yes it's like countries plan for there are guys play for their country is annoyed I can get behind the do we need to go back to my rant on how much I hate the Olympics and then. Flash forward a week later talk about how much Olympics I'm watching. It's like bad radio he does watch. Are we come back we have force and here's Joseph was sports. Who are. We know. Some wind so its navy program. Take 35 this is fair or foul this when we turn it over to our fantastic producer Joseph Fisher author. It's time. Foursome four. In the past hour or fourth floor and because Patrick asked me earlier I will give you won the World Cup. Hair found guess Erin proof her. So. Christiane are not pretty good positive. Days are I Gallagher four goals on the pro team at that hat trick against Spain. And the other best player in the world of imam Leonel messy. While allegedly final his final Lionel Messi we definitely don't I don't ratio. These names lines anyways messy. Hasn't been neck and had spectacular in the World Cup he missed his. Again likes ice I easily and it as stereo. The sound fair or foul. Renaldo has cemented himself as the best player in the world. I think it's fair and I think what he's done on the international stage the last couple of tournaments has been incredible. I camera which one was put these single handedly led Portugal. Was the euro's. Basically to win heroes for him to base a single and I heard in the final but he took them. Completely by himself and Portugal's. Fine but not great and it's it's it's we're all of that stuff. And Messi has never been able to leave Argentina very foreign and international play as far as I know as far as I've seen at least so. Again I'm an international novice to do some degree assault for me. That combined with how good use and Alia. And 200 Real Madrid is a blow is gonna say yeah he's. That's. There's only one player in the history of the World Cup to have four goals three or more goals over the age of 33 and that Christmas crush on and although. He just on champions league first fifth time in his career believe he has four bound orders. When he comes out onto the field today. The pitch excuse me with the light six hairs growing from his chin and Twitter explodes. And he scores a goal. Almost immediately the size that he is the Atlantis is a man he has some. The fact that Portugal is kind of meant good that meant. I am concerned. He's in this room. All right. Merry go now on the baseball. We earlier watched some of you heard if you're listening to our show Giancarlo. It was a walk off home run for the Yankees and OC flow so Carlos Guillen Mike proclaiming that he earned his stripes and a game against the Mariners in June. Sees a future moment to say about that come October if they you know they're in the air right. But to fair or foul. Young Carlos first walk off home run in over four years. Pool. First and often over four years. Does it count if he had gone home or on the town of Seattle walk off home run when his name was Mike. Yes I believe so he could inning going by Mike at this time you know zero or. First I walk off day here in. Glory. Years I think it's a fair use. Ministry fair and misses somewhat due to some and I think guys on Twitter. That's basically said that he. Has only had like three total while crossing his career something before so I also fair. I'll save vowed to be picture in fond of him get that much money then MVPs you haven't done it at some point Tulsa felt. Wolf Patrick IA I appreciate you making the game entertaining being contrary that you are wrong to just bear. And like the setup how excited and like good job Mike's crash you son. Yeah last walk off home run April 18 and 24 Tina. Oh so I missed it by like the months. Looks like support bisexual or more years and I said over four years four years. Any could've mango I'm Mike at that point possibly yeah definitely going in my mind all right on that you are next line today I believe we saw back to back home back to back to back home runs from the Astros and I believe it was either. I think on Monday that the Iraqis. It back to back to back home runs that way is up there toward Jason Vargas is our net Payer NATO they're not a story Hillary and Desmond as Wednesday was springer. Bregman LT right so referencing those Rockies. They're not too bad they got some good that's Trevor story I felt like that was the first a matter of him since his -- first couple weeks and ammo being leaked it. For all of us together and that there is a he's so good that fair or foul. Trevor story leads the league in RBIs. Low now that team is offensive that's pressure. Yes. Told look at me like that. No I was in my head doing yes the sky is blue offensive or offensive I feel like you just talked to me like I was tendon. From the office a setback at at. Their voice users. I'm going to say. Foul. But because Joseph likes try to trick because I think he's probably in the top five bonus if found. Trip restoring. Yeah leading the league in our. I was Saif Al Islam. Mike I appreciate your theory and thinking I'm trying to trick you. That's how was he is leading the league in RBIs but it is fair Trevor story with 56 RBIs. One do Leo Martinez was 55 Brent behind him. Stand that's an amateur god one do Leo and Mitch hamburger a coworker of mine have both said is the most underrated player in the MLB. Go under or does this come on us that he's pull off a heat watch is nothing but mariners baseball time that I got back into 46 who had three home runs and four days most underrated well that guy is third in the league in RBIs with fifty format she and her settle certain stories warning struck out 200 times. 82. Two already like ought to be goodness. That's like that's almost as many as Chris Davis had tied for eleventh in the league are. Are in the last quick one here and that's really depressed again for a patent Obama last quick one I saw this is pretty entertaining mascots in baseball like the mass of players like to mess with fans. Philly fanatic. One of the more famous ones at that antagonize seen. Players fans alike. But fair or foul the Philly fanatic fired hot dog into a fan's face today. And why it. I didn't see this but I'll say affair because of somebody Philly fanatic kind of thing to do it I did see it is. But show fan who did Brad isn't there a stink I believe the quote was sustained injuries. And sustained injuries from the. Article that memory and although she the woman did suffered concussion she ended up with a small human Tola. In her eyes in a bruised face isn't planning any legal action against the Phillies. But it she is gonna receive some free tickets for another game when healthy. It just came out of nowhere and a hard. And they said of hot dog. Don't see it it's a series. Just it has enjoyed it is that the next thing I know he shot at an art direction and banned it be like a ton of bricks and gives you that I thought my glasses flew to. Edition of some sort of fashion this. Episodes though it is like pulling it back engines like what is it. And so I just coating of could put a I can only through Washington office but he deserted three straight officer for the 26. Or any. The organization also said Nolan has been injured by the Wiener firing cannon in the past. Like. They'll tell us that's fair or foul now. I do you have this for you. So you said he had 85 K is right. Eighty threes on like that would be pulled back. Wolf and I do. He zoos and he's just off the baseball reference awesome looking out. Do you wanna guess how many K is is the most kids Emily does are now. You can probably guess to Packers got gassed some manner and he can probably guess who if he's got 83. The most is going to. Air. Bucked and her close one on nine. Missed and he gets to me should be able to him I mean I might first guess would be. Please please please please would be Chris Davis I. That's cool but he's six cookies and I do how old that's what it's 123. Less than a scare people. This guy has nine more than second place. Whoa whoa hey I'm like freaking out right now. Because I think him and get this wrong. Looking streaks joke though he is third where it's at thirteen us. Error warmer warmer. Think about seriously think about it and truly is literally. Home run or strike out he's Adam Dunn. But lightweight Marcia accounts and angled is. JD Martins know. He would designated hitter you have a unit we go to Madras February's who's gonna be bad this year use that he's not you know. In Iraq and get an area I don't think is at this point if he hasn't and I'm kind of surprised. Jodi. Howell. Did you not see any point in Joey back in the comptroller general who you know a year Yang. She's been wrong with you now second place you'll Angelina Jolie Dallas starts every day does 109 k.'s second place she audible com about a hundred strikeouts Mets not the way to start your career Paul Goldschmidt fifth with ninety. William pretty bad couple months in the area please play wanna use plural. Mitch Kahne most underrated it's. Probably you know you know an iron on super put it back. The majority of my view it on who might Trout it is well but he out of there and a baseball fan. That would still caused students the most hundreds of player may as well. I never heard of them yet underrated question from attacks on does the winner gets fired with the bonds. 846 this is the odd corner attention and Arizona when John ten AV OK. We'll sit here rabbi of the show. They had just told Joseph that I can. Field to Major League Baseball teams more underrated. The mission here. Two full teams well not like a bullpen that is one through nine starters lineups yet one through nine and an ace. So DH and a starting pitcher this is nationally yet DH and asserting that this is American legion yeah American League show forgive me. Literally in American action Dexia Miller auto the third for a show. I was actually thinking about that study was underrated player his own team laws are amassing you guys during fourth besides the Indians and yankees his niche and anchor the most underrated player in baseball. No what no I don't name met named the most underrated player besides an Indian or Yankee Nolan aired on the other. Paul (%expletive) all of those there's first and third OK a mind nick cussing on us. Who at some passer really on a third baseman he's pretty good he's really underrated he's really did yeah Nick Markakis. Yeah actually yeah probably announce this means that ideological know who you are maybe not but I guess the question is is under. Underrated. In the terms of like a casual baseball fan or like guys that actually watched the game casual baseball fan does not know who Mitch Anders. Nor Goldschmidt Hernan they're not they don't know anybody. So right I'm talking about like they don't nothing big amount I pay him. I'm just talking about this trial actually know baseball watch baseball once a week twice a week. Follow went understand what's going on in the league you know who is really the most underrated to more than just the casual fan. Then I it's tough question because underrated is different. For everybody ran like even some casual fans probably don't know or an auto owners. But maybe they don't think he's one of the best hitters in baseball you know well that and to say this again I don't think he's the most I mean he's the most underrated players on team. I think gene secure is more underrated and he has. Yeah I rob talk about shortstop sort talk about regular indoor Carl's Correia Corey cedars inner Bogart's like nobody talks about sugar is good he's had like three is celebrity really good and outside of the Pacific northwest. And like Brian Kenny on MLB tonight. James Paxton anyone. Afternoon on tis is Eddy Diaz that not maybe the best closer in baseball. So I mean like any irony is that under under read political prisoners own teammates yeah probably true of deployment. He I mean. He is underrated for sure I love him I I think he's great I'm not sidetracked I think you're right there are more players on the Mariners that are underrated and have multiple. Jolie about politics great on the yup there's your first potential hall of Famer. While he is welfare ears. Yeah numbers from what we've Larry Ellison spent all right Jeff that wasn't hall yep bottles Altria could pick it. Tim Brock rains all yeah I'll put on what about your island and has been hurt this year brought about a guy like Kevin cure Meyer. Fantastic he's like temple Lawler. In Toronto fantastic out feelers don't really have a bat I do think he's a better hitter an important wall has to 46 is better than 236. I don't know from him out there on your barrels to 300 hitter for awhile that's why I say that maybe like a year. There's a reason need as a league All Star Games are mad Duffy he's had over 300 this year Dylan Bundy I love Baghdad. Catherine Jones met Duffy is he he's the guy he's in Tampa now Wright is a giant's prospects in the trade for Matt more. You know I thought. A lot of seem a more page to go lose you don't. Here's a problem. You might now be able to fill two full teams because there's so many at the same position Freddie Freeman. You have all the favors he uses a bottle of Freeman he can't play them both the first. I'd take freedom Freeman over auto right now. Yeah but in terms of overrated I think bottom is auto yet is lesser known I think on a realist to know he's batter. Over his career for the amount of people that know him. Interest if innuendo and I'm trying to treat him. I'm trying to take emperor has no option but the hoop. Belt positioning thought it was funny. There's there's plunder is looking at the standard and malignant named JJ get people to anything you like to try to fill up the infield at second base. Secured short term. Freeman her motto of one parent they're not though it third maybe toward the most minute first reflectors. Move on to be DH could be. Short stuff. You should oh yes or third base was generated cigarettes. And could be out jet Larry. Critically short I hate chipped in over 300 man everyone and Oakland hates Geoff Lowery. He's like Geoff kemba does never Barry Bonds to punch in the face. Under second. It's not that many great second baseman on track I'm I'm going down the team's. I would I would of said Johnson scope until this year started slopes if it had a site it was a free AG one of my fantasy leagues and I was like. Really ominous load no no not doing that if it at a if that it. Low man well that's got to got it Whitner feel OKC. Guy you know he's good on Casey if SE trader error this. And who stuck his socks as wise he's still a miracle if all right that is the hot Konami has all the approved we do this show I do likes opera's. We do this show every single Wednesday from seven and ninety in next week is that they would do little world go both Dave commanders and his role of the room to enable us welcome new little less welcome more orbit or is it we are based we'll show. From my glanced Joseph Fisher I'm Patrick chairs go do something I would do. 5 AM can come quickly.