Hot Corner 4.25.18 Hour 2

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, April 25th
Great young players continue to come up, RBI leaders are weird this year, and more!

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You know the beauty of baseball as you can sit next to your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball's spoke here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is a good. Plus they. This is the hard corner which terrorism lynch a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports it's routed to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my I. I saw that man with the at all bad it's quite a game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure it's a dream right now on Jenny you can. India has. Help us please somebody help us both men yeah. Welcome to the second hour of the hot corner on the I'm Michelle when. Coming of an 830 we have fair or foul we are looking for questions suggestions. And she's Britney yeah. My ears are innocent and go to baseball. She just X 505. Prison weigh in will. Will call it to a tour falls where that thing is if you wanna include your own fair or foul. Text amend it out oldest prize cupid this because Joe's out but. OK Joseph Fisher up to you techsters if you like you'd like to do it you are involved you. Can use our stat and or opinion based questions a sentence on 55305. Or only EU. And prevail and why go for her products. As the count deep Sam Elliott's voices out of you know by your mind. 104 hours now the county regional summit to whispering and and he's got a so we'll we'll do that at 830 to go has come was something also and in. Ten minutes from now herself will some strange things going on terms RBIs leaders which will be fun to get into mental illness are here with this. There are a couple big time prospects finally get their college and majors we've seen one for troubled days one made his debut today. Big leagues and we don't need to get into a contract stuff obviously we don't know that that's garbage and the hold on a players for a while but but I'm interested more in the impact of these players. On their team. Accrued Acuna. Yes from the Atlanta Braves Arnold Acuna junior who batted like 6000. In the spring training this year. And they did to Chris Bryant treatment on damning kept him in the minors so they can hold onto for a couple more years. I heat comes up and also go Hebert or is the the big big big prospect for the Yankees comes up as well. Filling out. An infield. For the Yankees that's like. Old man DD to grow glorious it short at 27 or reverend Ogilvy is here. If Greg bird was in their first they'd be like an average age of when he fool or something like that any credit and him not this side tracked him grow government job. Well yeah I mean I am again not sidetracked from those two I think Greg Truman beat. Done. My pink and unfortunately like again a lot. So I guess the reality is is what what do we expect from these two guys what can they give. I think to start off personally I would. I'm a little more interested in talk or is to be honest with you aka then Acuna. Because is the Braves her a couple years away. And I wanna see what Torres can do for this Yankee team. That is definitely trying to position themselves to win the some little more intrigued by that even though I think Acuna is the better player. The better prospect might be the more flashy. But I mean sad to see what or is brings to the Yankees well so far it's been. Good it's been great fielding related fielding and he's him. 313. In his first four games. He is firing. Five a sixteen with a double and RBI what do we went like all for four in his first game that also started hitting in Korea they're getting Leo for for his first tee with a strikeout in the pop out a double play like all the bad things all the bad things. And then he was open three in the second game and got a single. He could tell the monkey was off his back in the yesterday two for four today to perform the double and two runs. He's hidden they said he had at all levels and that's the thing as a singular I don't know how much of a power guy he is he hit homers in the minors to button. He is a five tool kind of players use. He's not my Trout but that's the kind of idea I have great fielder good hitter he's really fast. So he could do everything. And the Yankees had a hole. They try to fill the Bill Walker. He's awful right now out in the called a Torres seeming get on the field now he's he's playing every other game the first phase and it's just not good in. Now that Torres is up and is it means to this day and Matt just adds another bat again I don't know a lot of power but another bad to a lineup that has already terrifying. Im. Not even healthy. But that I even fully healthy and they're terrified and I'll end the fact that. Brain injury went on the deal with migraines and blurry vision. And the yelling do mark came up images raking cheese that cute and he was there. Next third baseman he's available and Tennessee as Coca. MM Torres comes up your infield right now is. And do hard. DD. Torres. In Tyler Austin who were all young. And Gary Sanchez if you wanna include him young I'll include Sanchez yeah and your outfield is judge in hicks and Gardiner and stay him. I mean it's terrifying line. It really is all ma'am Brett Gardner over there and help to Coby on the bench can't get ink as these Webber's averaged out because he's hurt 900 times any sucks and no we're not afraid it's 20 we suck it does now but. That's the thing it's your right. Barry contender right now on the decided a potential 300 hitter at second in front of her life and I think that's the aura to hold they had. I think that's part of why image because. As much as as much as I do like this Yankee. Team from top to bottom but not crazy about the manager. Obama I I king live with the starting rotation of Sonny gray can turnaround. I'm also not really crazy about the bull pen right now. And and it's it's early I don't mean to overreact but I on the little. You know the chances look kind of bad. Mean Chapman you're gonna do what Chapman in Robert as well yeah Iverson's got personal Robertson's been great. You know but there are some little things here and there that that we raise and home mini mini. I'll let us like. They're not a perfect team obviously they're bitter back into the rotation is really struggling right now especially Sonny Graham but they might be one of those teams that actually can hit their way out of any problem. I'm adding Torres. Reinforces that I think that's true and I also would not be surprised if they decided to try to make a trade deadline move of their winning a lot but their their pitching staff struggling like it has been. Two acquire somebody. Available to trade deadline I can certainly see that I know indeed though those same Clint Frazier. For in my Cole Hamels you know I know I know but that's that's the tunnel trade they'll do know about top which revealed that epithet that's that's the positive thing is Brian Cashman no longer has. Steinbrenner over him. Brian no room. Seek gotta do what you want I guess what I'm saying is nothing but good trades reason I guess what I'm saying is that they have auctions it while it comes to the bull when it comes to the jury trade deadline. The yanks are going to be big. Big time players they're not gonna go get it is selling your training for her shot that's not what anyway it's a big players. As a big players I mean they have the assets and they have this specific needs. That they might actually be able to just pieced together some stuff and all of a sudden dominated its true house payment that'd as Indians fan I don't want to see the Yankees do anything but I like just the way they are. The late in the hold stat right there good problem to have is. They've got still one of the best farm systems in baseball. And auto guys are blocked. Abdullah you mentioned Fraser's finally coming back from his concussion or they have arrested on Florio was a really highly regarded center fielder who they got some good pitchers down there. That are all blocked right now yeah because I mean wasn't Torres a shortstop. Yes yeah indeed he's playing too well but you can't. Sorry I can't imagine. The GQ what DD you know photo that's what I mean I'm just saying like. Torres oh yet I Torres now that your AAA. You know in your healthy again okay vehicle plea second second thirty yards second and third yet we we've Logitech does positions and a cautious about them but we got that covered it's good. Yeah it's like John Carlo it's like you just DH I think we average of government. Maternal. It's. Looking legislators is baseball porn from here make me very excited by. It's a did it it's a good spot to be they have it's what I've been calling for Ford a decade for the Yankees who am I I hated. There go out and get every good freeagent and lawful farm system to do I hated it or trade for people edges if it bothered me because. I knew it was shortsighted I knew was gonna try to win now every year. But when that ends when you mess up once all the sudden you winning now turns into being bad for ten years wanna building at the right way is doing at the farm system. I also think that weren't in new age in baseball in the sense where like the old guys that sign it treated to a big time team. Art is and that's sexy anymore. No it's it's really not what's sexy as the young guys coming up for what's sexy is Alex Bregman like that's sexy okay Corey seeger. Chris Taylor Cody Ballinger on the Dodgers like that sexy it's not adding Yu Darvish. There is the outlying exception I think Astros benefited. The rate lead by adding Justin Verlander last year but the days of all my teams and Justin Verlander that's kinda over. I asked us some official page for show today if there's about counsels senator defend a says it is this the best era of young players you can remember. And we've talked about this in every single season of this that this radio shows existed we've talked about this and said that before seasons were still living in them if I bet. Every year it's at while look at all these these great young players coming up in the or just are all hitting. The reason I ask that is. Who is the last. Highly touted prospect. Minute most ago hitters here you can include pitchers like. Who got called up and completely flamed out and didn't succeed. Whose last one. And don't I'm not calling a injuries and tuchman back bracket. I have one that I can think of and it was like five years ago it's funny I'm watching Corey see on TV and he panned out he panned out. Mean I remember I think when initial asserted we are like there's about to be issued wave of short stops there's these kids no one's ever heard of called Carlos Correia prince's school and oracle receiver and they're going to be really good. And now they're just like the best yet. For me unity answers John Singleton on the fair Astros I'm worried I'm worried a little bit about. Byron Buxton. Yeah that's a good one and he's an amazing fielder though so yeah they kind of got that he's an amazing fielder he's really fast employee can have crap. But singled him is like exposed for the next sixty home run guy he just couldn't we was close object George springer's show Hartman springer just one name World Series MVP certificate at. Yeah I can't think a whole lot of top prospects that flamed out I mean I don't I'm talking about. But elders solid players and mockery I mean flamed out major leg is done done done. Needed again injuries part of illegally Aureus on the Dodgers got hurt dry it you would do when he got called up initially but. Mean I guess Severino did look it was otherwise could think of all the pitchers get called them or not doable and as those that. It's a tough one. There's that's why is this the best Arab young players you can remember has to be it's just every year has more top prospect and all break. Well when what was blogger urging that it although I'm sure he'll hit probably days. I eat I mean Acuna. Who we're gonna get to which we get into next the mean he's gonna hit look at these Phillies kids have you seen these Phillies kids about it barricading. A man let's talk about young kids will do that next will come back what that with a young kids in baseball if you see anybody that you like or he got any questions for citi's up 55305. This is Portland sports leader to an eighty the fan. Didn't. You're a security guard you have to know not necessarily how the hell not necessarily to. Take Tony to here org diplomacy and cord. It went great characters are older anchor president. All of them and I appreciated the person that Texans we are talking muscled and bred by the producer here at. I do appreciate the personal attacks and profane tanks and five to have verify that we can do a show on TV shows that makes it again the code you know what I was doing hunt for the post. The first year when I lost terribly flamed out was was the club Billy club re creation. That's where it flamed out. 'cause it was like oh what he knows that's cool that's no sports and those like nothing to lose. At. It was like is like I think the question they asked me in the years that I lost the news. What happened in the eighties. That should have happened now something like that and I was like her. Daughter as odd. It will be lousy Edna is and do. Attempt to add that I got amused at brandy. And it is shared dare. And I saw this this is our crossword to step again because I'm very excited about things are now. Their jobs is discussing after the game with the Yankees it's Tuesday hot quote the biggest thing is just get some runners on Wendy's having facility ready to come. That's another reason why I love baseball players of which were Arab weigh more on his than anybody else likely. Judge isn't taking a shot anybody lets not blow this up on the back page of the post or anything like that. He's just like well you know I don't what to do let's get on base before DD it's not because that guy is it and you know I'd say it's like egos get more set aside in. You know when when you think of guys like like Dez Bryant or you know things like that and other sports the Russell Westbrook you know I know there's these. Polarizing they come across as selfish athletes. There's not that much in baseball. There really isn't and I think that's one thing that makes our sports so great. Is that it takes a guy here and judges and like Gatorade commercials and I don't know underwear commercials for all I know. A dude who is the most marketable guy owned the most marketable team in all of America. And he's like oh how do we win. Mixture back guy keeps hitting kick it up does that mean I needed bombs divide 250 this year and he gives him 350 this year rural World Series and now. I like that maybe we get that database. All portal and at a map I know stop it judges him for a 45 DD after today. My guess. 7672. Home Mabel have a VPs of 481 in 470. And judges really hit them any day here's what's he got three. Married just six and oh yeah. Seven so I think. It's not watch highlights. Reading box scores but not watching enough pilots north of is that every box scores every day you know in Tennessee thirty bucks hours every day. But it's something about lets you know how good a player is when you CU especially home run hitters we see the home runs they hit every single. Today you know before applying Unicode judge when force and and yeah it is judgment any a lot of opera tacos and accused unit. Just of this job I don't you know understand upload taco but you do you. He's been a lot of those because it's easier wasted in the right field which is opposite pilgrim Korea which is kind of silly because he logistics is out it's like over eight. It's. I think you know the estimate because he didn't pitch well. Or didn't hit well the first two weeks of the season right and then all of a sudden it's like. Hear the bullets Yahoo! kids welcome by looking in the scored on their their weight and they were like guys on the radio is that us. So I needed totaled toes I think that's the worst part about this and I need hot corner afterward. But anyway. That's result you'll walk combined. Yet. Pressure Isaac problems. Being sarcastic humor and now in. New view water mark what about the war ma. There could call. The seem likes excuse they look like they were just too young injuring put probably drink legally. But nobody's got a stake in an empty house tonight. UN Jesse Jackson and just imagine it's nineteen at a ballpark right now. A man. I would quit the show. If they explode into Portland I would quit issue if it at. The chest X and a bowl pour cream. Seriously I love you Jesse and I loved I'd let also really hates you right now because now I don't England do anything how far left anything here's Mike was born some. Wanted to as far as time and I don't care now I have lost all will do so far I can register at the bottom right there there's violence towards and if minute minute minute. I I did enjoy that exercise last week where did he close horizon. Picture yourself at the ballpark. Allied to him about it it was fun I I've I enjoyed that too if I guide transport myself tired to doing it sounds like. Oh please oh please also has happened please dear god please I'd drive by the GPS building every game does that work out lucky so. To get to Milwaukee at the north Portland so eligible angrily which puts an I five in. A dramatic spy everyday and since. The lake beat report came out and slipped them. OK to make a predictors peace. If that seems. Endless live humans and you'll behind home. To upper deck upper deck by play also don't have a lot of money. It but. Albrecht a high apparently is not super expensive spread to devastated of course about those are generally affordable and they are the best seats in the house. For being affordable because you can see the entire field. It's perfect. Do you like this show from the bleachers of the game. I'd be really interesting what do we can just set up in like the deep right field bleachers. And dinner show live from there. Every day it be really awesome in the wasn't it gained. It's just us. It's like 830 at night. Freezing outside they don't have the rove over because nobody's in there and they don't care and just hey look this is that how that's code editor. And fees and morally difficult if it if it if it. We are we are coal. And this is going oh here's Mike was. This is the hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy program. Full disclosure this might be my favorite doctors in the that are. Are obvious example but just like to get so hard. Voted him. I don't know how takes dropped out so I will agree. Him. So back and metal day that'll crime that that'll crime kind of stuff. Mike you were talking to me throughout the day we're gonna talk about what will we wanted view for the evening. And emotional Westbrook to knock them isn't that denied knowing though we too we to enter in their and I know a lot of you really want is to get on the lost engine again. But. Just at a don't find that. Captivating radio because edges its salty curmudgeon and if you really wanted to know. If you blow laws you engine. Terrorists put it on the board yeah that he can put it on. The board. And. I also feel that way of Biden's old seat quote still problem. Is that the bad call that the don't understand is that as the Xeon that these young Carlo lynch. The Mike Stanton elected John Carlo lynch is a good nickname in my extends like actually is named its own it doesn't work as well but there at the anyway so my brother to me he was like oh you know I always talk about. RBI leaders so far it's kind of weird thing and I was like might be nice having all the time when Eden we need to or greater. You know the league leaders and RBIs this year so I pulled it up and I'm looking at them like old. Maybe this is we're talking William that's that's the thing. If ever now there's a couple of big names all the way in this when I first saw this yesterday it was topic is actually. If not the case here your top. Five RBIs leaders in the major leagues and ready oranges name all the guys have over when he. OK. That the top six. DD glorious leads 29. General Lowery. Mitch hamburger. And hobby Baez had 24 I love. Chris Davis of decay has 23 that's 22 is up there about. And the UN assessment assist when he one. That's that's your leaders right there that is a shortstop. A shortstop. A shortstop. If power hitting outfielder and a young power hitting outfielder. That's it. Legged out. I know it's gonna change I but just looking at a it popped up on a game all's left me today in what was in his like Bernardo later. And I was like one. Yeah Jeb Lowry. I mean I know duties playing well but he is leading the league in RBIs well and then the other instinct in Italy and it occurs 24. Leo I think that's in single look at these two is like. Look do we home runs these guys have hobby bias has seven home runs yet and have a greater we have last year. Seventeen. A little short but I mean but in that that's what I mean. You know coming after he had 2323. To present he's a third of the way there yet. DD glorious miso paste here what forty bombs didn't go at this rate. What is the Evans got nine Kennedys are renowned into the city hit one today yeah yeah is it won four straight games yes he's gotten nine. Last year he hit 25. So last year he had 87 RBIs in his career high earliest one in line. By the way I don't wanna get meaner Boehner and opinions or anything like that but. Mitch and anger really did. Easy. Yeah I'm not I'm not I'm questioning I'm just. The Roland that out there I me. Think he's really good because remember before he got her last year he was pretty well yeah and he was the he was deep prospect in the walker deal yes by the way he's got Tony and so mayors would trade is again urging her balance there and really even they didn't literature and and I can't treated at all though no link in three years all our prospects for Shelby Miller. EU. There's just thousands of its interests are for the Bruins news and world we have rankings 34 and it is good that it. But that usually have their they're pretty battering Cuba or JD looks generous it's beautiful. I told you don't slip that past me as if you're more importantly he was a bad and Saturday mr. has also been another goal there. Mom relayed on to a lot Mitch anger I think is really good I think he. His injury kind of changed him last year may be made him not in the same way or maybe it wasn't fully healthy but. He's a good hitter and he has automotive three or four home run in a row streak they're just this week's he's dead. I guess when it comes to these RBI leaders you know like whether it's Didi mean Chad Larry really jumps off the page. To me obviously hobbies played well. And tigers played well I think I think what really jumps out at me with a lot of these guys is really the long ball for. The setting which is the number of RBIs did you look at like DD glorious and if you were to tell me that. You know where the 25 of April were 34 weeks in his season indeed he's legally with 27 RBIs. Baton 347 to be like well. That's pretty good start for him 378 in the day in a area among them are looking at yesterday's stats. I'm not I'm not real time over here anyway three for three with two walks as well today. All five times because he's a pre rental. But I you know I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked OK he's hitting well he's on a stacked offensive team hobby by as is the same way 124 RBIs as of yesterday bad about 300. On a stacked office of dean. That doesn't really shock me but Lowery. Lowry shocks me refit defused six homers when he for abuse but I think the biggest thing and all these guys that you don't expect to be appear the Hannah is the by as the Larry's glorious. It's coming home runs. I mean the fact that hobby bias is seven and her as eight home runs Lowrie has six Lowey has signed that Larry probably eight feet slew last year. Chris Davis has seven dollars a Harmon he's already hearings assessment as he's up by but I mean. Bryce Harper is out of the when he RBI club and he has eight home runs. You know so he's up there in home runs doesn't have the RBIs got nine team that that's that's a little more. What you would expect from from deeds but to see Mitch hamburger. I've got I'm pumped when he five of 78 with 24 RBIs and eight stingers that's ridiculous it is. There really is. The home run is what jumps out to me and none of these teams our offensive juggernaut I mean even the Yankees are put up tons of runs every game. They've had games it's huge bursts out of the cubs have had games of huge bursts but they're not you know they're not averaging eight runs game. So the fact that pie isn't glorious are doing this just goes to show you how well they've started. Patrick had to bring a tear with the Yankees lead the majors in runs scored. Eat bylaw. There a 142. The next size of their outside of 131. Will the Red Sox socks oh dude it's their fault auto is little bit lost three analysts sport but it. Yeah they believe the main reason. I was hoping and use something the Yankees don't prove true there are its commitment and it's scary. I know I'm a group pulling your yankees I was trying to sound Smart and make a stat that I didn't know if it was true or not. In his bank on the fact that wasn't and I was wrong did you bank on the fact that it wouldn't check. No I just go all agreeable no ideas and that air again hypocrite hypocrite if I feel like I'm more of a Bryce Harper today that a Manny Machado. I'm a lot more arrogant and cocky and AM flashy an entertaining. Dummy runs the Indians have six. Guff port a day six on the season somehow or 500. 7777. You'll love 66 I just I just wanna know how many days on the Indians are baton over let's say 220. And go with Michael Brantley. And you have 12345. Hitters batting over 230. We must set office juggernaut us what it calls fleeing. To November every day players and the rest are more. OK okay it's only two everyday players bring at least one. I'm iconic image every day because he has. It was games played in the top guy boat days. Then. Let's see well gosh it's this is really tough young Gomes no. Jose Ramirez own eyes is him to 65 terror baby you like 190 a week ago in Bradley Zimmer is hitting 271. The others were more rotational. Our Michael Brantley 315. Tony Quinn to 79. In moderation all to 35. Which are rotating outfielders. In the united dumped before it. A mineral and also Bluetooth there everybody else platoon it's below 230 that's how would you think yes a lot of sort of two. Yeah yet somehow they know matter and Austria and warm 73. I think they're violent Davis won 62 reducing shipments 150 and I put him in dire one for some he would exiting each year incident Frankie. I think they're the only team that's like a team batting average of under 230 yet is over 500. Yeah it's the only team from its books we get hit but we win gained some degree pitch room and oracle overs when another site note and a are we come back we'll finish his bat Boyle will make it up as we always do that's next as Mike Lynch finally glass tonight I'm Patrick Harris is the hot corner 1080 the fan. And the. This is a hot corner what do terrorism wins and 1080 Beltran. Let's little bit of the show will be back next week Wednesday. At 72 denying them. Yeah. Hopefully the fish three you'll feel better and wishing the best my friend. Mike did you know that DB grew glorious is the first shortstop in yankees history hit four home runs in four straight games but it. Hit a home run of forestry and ended its present. They had a few short stops in their days of the whole Yankee Stadium dear remember rule only going man. Unedited your very trying to take over for her tutor how many short stops can you name currencies. In Yates to move and I don't know that dude I'm looking over use of friend. I'm that I disagree it is my my don't I want to tell them that I just. I just love them only a council of how many short stops in Yankee history can you name I think I've three. Jeter. Phil resume don't. OK a four. Bucky Dent. He's shorts are ending so. Forest it was a third or short he is an infielder was an infield liberal member of the insured. My forgetting. We'll DD well OK I wasn't counting beauty that is these shortstop for the Yankees like I wasn't counting him though like. Because you said in the past. That you should I guess that's certainly a couple of Selig and pop a man anymore I only got Phil or is Derek Jeter. T glorious and you William played out of surgery so. That users are stopping just like third in a bizarre. The a's shortstop. Alex will always and forever be issuers remiss if anybody Creighton. Gnome and they've never had big short stops the only big shortstop the ever had in their life. Was then cash. It'll plays short. It is scrolling. Billy Martin played second I belief. Going. Roland. Did I solved there's Dennis was Tony Koubek is a guy in the top five were somewhat public who then I don't know if yet Bucky Dent semi 72. It didn't was shortstop. It's a small guys so obviously I thought he was in field you know. In peace council for. Just a it is out here it is not a hit is my position with a lot of history. Known I mean I would same I mean are. Outsider. Line courtesy outside but. Outside of roofing Garrett they're all outfielders usually right in Jeter. I mean Berra if you catch catchers months and yeah era posada. A month and doesn't get the respect mallet this and he gets respect that you and I died but he never got a chance to truly be like agree catcher necessary I I view I these tournaments is catcher Jeff. Yeah but to me it's your eBay or everyone else. That's fine posada was created. Right but not outstanding Zaza hall of Famer Leno but posada is legend. Thurman Munson was good catcher if it was a very good touch on the plane crash for him unfortunately. That are Brooke went. Great gray mustache right now it mustache and hand. Me. We're those homes you know thinking about. Vehement. Reminds me of that rotation with the Phillies though Mehmet patents and Cliff Lee Cole Hamels. Roy Halladay Roy Halladay goes all the military yeah yeah royals all their clothes were as Brad Lidge. I believe what happened is as they lost to you guys. And then the next year what they beats are they beat. They beat the rays. And then the next year I think they got Cliff Lee. And lost you guys yes because Cliff Lee never won a title yet. Was there is going to be mentally yet okay worst worst World Series others. Worse than Rockies Red Sox. And. Prevent there were no rain delays and that slow and it's true rain delays in the World Series worried that postpone games amendment and that's what I mean like that's like wait. And watch a World Series game or on the seventh inning. Point. Let's do this can't socks and I hear. Yeah a better reminds me of records remember. How many times have we had words in this is the greatest pitching staff ever. And never pans out. Phillies Marlins. Marlins' Josh Beckett you know Carl Pavano AJ burden that the next great thing. Mean you've got the nationals when they had an axle kind of have a mall. Scherzer in Strasburg Ngo and ten or reward. And there was one more than not nor does one more meant. Petition that was current annual oil. And salt Jordan Zimmermann. We get torrents and you're brilliant boys he sucks how windows sucks really bad and I'm so glad he's the tigers it makes me so happy that he's tiger. And wells what were some of the good stats I mean if you think about it what were the greatest that's ever Maddux Glavine smoltz the only 11 title. Mean the roll hall of famers amount dog and of that mr. Newman won one title. Yeah. I did see. I did see a replay of David Wells throwing his last pitch in the perfect game. That would have that head. Over so wedding alcohol I think explorers. Black gumbo. Somebody asked us on this on prime time today throughout the least pitches. Well. He and a perfect game. I went and researched this. Order and you ideally yes probably not there's there's one in recent memory in the there's one like ninety no way of perfect aren't known for. For the perfect wilders only 28. Users find it easier to figure out I mean I've only seen Hollywood five in my day. You've seen how it submitting your if not all yes I've seen highlights of all I don't know he asks is for the recent memory David Cone. 88 pitches I was gonna let David Cone is a guy that makes sense because so meticulous with how he pitched. GAAP 88. Eighty heat is a guy ninety million US seventies that side and Yahoo!. The guy named Christy Mathewson and milk at the he's the only guy notably an ideal way. Jimmy fox. Got a pitcher but go to I don't know. Jolt. Left to lay your runs and that's a the Iran arrived from migrated jump fashion cares soared back next week and we'll do is spent well over again. Go to some that I would do.