Hot Corner 2.21.18 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, February 21st
MLB Rule Changes! Pace of play talk, but Patrick is taking suggestions to call it something else. Robots in baseball?! Get off our lawn!!!!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. The American pastime. Wallet and. Being real time. Baseball stories scores. Terrorism where it should be done. Hottest topics in score. Patrick terrorism Michael. Sean Kennedy though. Well dimension. Accord must be a Wednesday as badly you know when it to you welcome them to some drinks. Duo flew low pass stunt. It's always a Wednesday what on earth. Is happening while I looked at Louisville on the board and I thought I'd get sex. Louisville could use a little sex laws on earth are you watch where's the global connection to sexy and imposter. Why well because Louisville you know Bailey I wedding what has occurred I know exactly what he's referring to Louisville at a brothel man has its exceeding airmen are hostage who because Boston sexy now because pitino likes is Italian restaurants and then I know you're talking about you know it was essentially your room and it was after 9/11 and technically activist hill likes is Italian restaurants. Bathrooms. Certain if you know what I mean. Purdue. As for everyone has gone he had his whole little presser today you know he's in the senate which is such BS. That's not so crazy and mean I grew up loving Rick Pitino which is weird in itself because. He's a sleaze ball scumbag crew chiefs says a man on the Syracuse. Cricket cup up to share splits his throat then that's you Mike I know a lot of guys I would not consider doing a lot of time in the exact seem. That that love college basketball that being Jimmy day time. As another guy that I immensely love that I think Jimmy bail out I should is a fantastic coach I like the Syracuse zone. I think he's a cool dude but a lot of people do not like big time while they don't like him because his cantankerous is an old man. Cantankerous. Could work I don't awards I mean Michael. Rick pitino's actually league greased up sleaze ball mafia oh man today I'm just old. People like him does of that is a curmudgeon. And tankers curmudgeon how about the effort good word liberation inch. Skating. You know. Investigate Emanuel and Seattle did we did and guess what that's over now how does it feel to be investigated. By an organization. That is the most corrupt organizations looking into if you are corrupt it feels pretty bad considering other schools who are way more crept in Syracuse. What was in that situation gone I'll put literally no punishment coordinator and Carolina commitment to grow and Miami. And the Memphis. And you know. So Syracuse wrote some papers for some students. He had wrote papers and didn't create a program they get scholarship reductions in May get find him get wins vacated and I have an orchestra looks as. Major what's available to everybody everybody and students purifying. If you think about you know the NCAA is like a straight mafia. You know it's an absolute mafia especially in college basketball and when you try to run a program as a mafia and the mafia starts looking into you and telling New York. Actions are moral lead. Unsustainable. And are you handled it you had led by saying I agree sir Yasser rival. I will certainly pay you the money that I know you're every single mom goes on executing McCarver sort of thank you get it. As you say to market isn't that crazy leg marked emirate has to be the most dirty viewed in all of sports right is there was told about the Michigan State stuff. Like seven years and you're right ray who is more dirty who is the most dirty person in college. Sports it's got to be Marc Emery Joe Cocker. Always get a statement Gallup are. Was that because he's gonna take down three programs and his way. I actually find that more impressive than anything but the fact that you can take down three programs and still get jobs. I give Kentucky goes down duties is going to be a coach of the knicks is rumored to be UCLA next. And securities dealer heading in the unifier Al offered no higher Calipari does they don't care and they used to as terrorists are winning gimme wanna get back to winning right. And and LT Tony ciller. So for college programs and he can be the first man to take down three and then be the first minutes ago for the men at that point. You have to settle for going to DePaul. They build the Paula. Many are taken out again he should go back to UMass. You messes like you know will let bygones be buy guns. It's like if Mike Leach were fired at while Ozzie you I'd go higher my price. Personally. I would YE cornerback to go hire Tony Bennett instead. Your football it's shadowed Iran defense wins championships Tony Bennett comes and you're does give up like ten points a game and everybody's like press Virginia on the huge go watches you view. Cool those guys played for us the whole time other tired at the end of the game. The VA guys paid tired though. It's just 46 to 25 a if you. As my got a gem Michael. Want to how Loria and I'm good I'd joke I'm ready to talk some baseball you know Israel loop removed tonight I don't know what happened to me. Did you drink before the show. They were the delayed response there mr. commissioner Annan seems like you wanna answer something from him like well. What you do but Barack finger up or his competitors like Patrick did you drink for the show. Is looking past signal Noelle remember escalate hops. I do any homework today. I won't rob doesn't say that I come in it robs like to suit. 67. Beers how many you had today in them like it had any impact on oboe cool do six or seven and later maybe you like elbow blows me like tally one beaten from Britain. It. I like this is Calipari have you seen his hair from sacks in Portland observes that's a matter uptick pitino slicked back. But that's not anything about his slimy personality I'm talking literally about his slicked back here. How can you trust anybody with Ehrlich had an old man 'cause they're all college dude everybody's cheating. Everybody. And Washington State cheating Patrick. No hole. Not at all you know because if word cheating on view the reconsidering where money is being spent although you job was probably shooting him in 199 games last year's settle in full bowl Maryland basketball Alia Lorenzo rumors crook. Correct yeah the greatest recruiter in the world that can't win games like telling about the is like. How do you have like the six best recruiting class in the nation. And you win ten games you can't even winning team in the pac twelve tournament and you played or gains state. It's called the Ben Simmons syndrome. He got paid a lot of money tonight not gonna try very hard because you're still gonna go to the ambient. And remark just couldn't roll mar. It's like I hate the Huskies more than anything. Leaked more than anything. Hazy IP is I hate those a lot too and let it now and I hate you guys have like three of them there's absolutely you know. Just absolutely despise him. But the number one thing I hate more in the world is is the Huskies. And I'm so glad there are and so Omar has gone from U dub because I hate him so much. But it's like when you see in my copy that came in and now I can he's coached is a good carriers recruiters to guy. Grade zone they're Doherty got down from our I did in my go to the tournament this year. Mention a figure to determine her she's doesn't notoriety and live and feel. Are you waiting leaves for you Doug who's. Behind to get off to push for three more years and oh right. Okay cool about. A go to this week conference. We in the reds a lab it was kind of like when it's our keys Sheehan left from you done. It was kind of like ha ha. Good take I USC job saarc. You dogs never gonna gonna coach better than that. In walks crispy in blocs Chris Peterson in law as the ones you killer yet. In you know Lorenzo remark. Okay deuce is they're never gonna find a better recruiter than that guy in Hopkins once a year ago. Ernie Kent still my coach pat at epic at a I need the ducks to a deducts alive and and I thought you don't I'm I'm willing to admit that it's you do number one it's you vote number two. And in walks uncle Ernie. The last thing now on. An uncle Ernie was at a lower and we loved it Kazmir who liked your terrible coach and so glad you coach organ. And now. Is when in twelve games every year laws do as circus and a year ago. Imus midfielders in restaurants and afterwards give the restaurant nose like coach and almost you column dealing say they love the ducks. But this heart bleeds crimson. Initiatives and you're trying to rule desires and I know he was demeaning it was like go to eggs and I was like you'd. Producers. I agent is a waterway and narrative because he spent in late 200 books that are players Americans and ugly ugly what we're gonna get into baseball tonight there's. Let's see Eric customers got a new team Judy Martinez has a new team Mike and or an engine and a little bit of fantasy baseball tonight but now. The way you expect not in the way you expect. I always talk to you guys about this keeper league and I'm and Michael lynch has joined said keeper league in boy. Things are getting testy. ST on that front. So we'll get into that you can also find us on Twitter myself Michael and squeeze seven he can finally PDT 085. Are fantastic producer mr. Joseph Fisher he's Agile finished three that's a pious CH. Three you can harass us and do all that kind of stuff he can Rouse takes the frantic signed 55305. That babble lets you interact with the us throughout the entire show below we come back. Pace of play. Is the new topic of conversation and bullet. US and Corey do Zia ideas will do that nexus the hot corner on 1080 the fan. We'll have to be the guy. I remember 2008 it was great. Oh I just realized why are we watching this crappy college best ball game which we watch Olympics. And as you know on Campbell's circle Mike. Know last week we talked about it. Yeah I decided that I like the Olympics. I. If you don't care because you were here in the week aroused by myself. Was mean anngelle. Yes that makes me not by myself but it was me in jail. And a one on a rant for the had 45 minutes. About lying to the Olympics and everybody freaked out and now I level. I was. Drunk. At two shoots when you're scriptwriter and that rant at the very little if you should sign about please get drunk at that is not as does me good beer. They've. Been making good beer for like. 27 years. And there employee owned. I did not Miller and their employee owned. They take care of their employees and yeah apparently apparently people don't quit that job. You know I'd leave for better jobs no I don't know. Apparently people just weren't there. When you're attorney hired at shoots the luck. There are no openings and interest and M. I'm always are issues is replaced V maker of beer so makes us when pat could you also lake OG OG trilogy. My my favorite beer ever is from issues. The black Butte the current correct implant reporter a million of my they're part of what we call the OG four. To issue Hilton Bridgeport you Widmer yen you close the fourth of throw you off broke open. Nope. Faced I was Joseph and Patrick your Bible and he responded I was I senate I think think like I've got a lot of them. That's right every people I guess rogue boat there and view a low. Oh. And measurements and Leo yeah yeah doesn't eulogies. Does the 40 geez interest and yep they're good clear knowledge beer bear bear we Loeb are gonna have some wanna get home. I'm gonna have some in ten minutes. A dollar it. So we're gonna see some weird things in Major League Baseball is your guests are not that weird I don't wanna like blow these up too much put it do you think it's were talking about. There are some new things are coming into Major League Baseball. To address. The I almost wanna call like that dirty statement now. Of the words pace of play and I'm starting to think the words pace of play should just be like thrown into the Willamette. So we don't have dear member again. Well. As we have spoken about on the show before many times in fact over the last few years. I am pro. Pace of play changes. Guy and I MA. Classic. Baseball fan I classically trained as often. And you learn Tchaikovsky when you're a kid and yet also noticed in musical. Exactly. But. As much as I don't want to game to change. Personally. In fact I hate the idea of the game changing personally. I. Really really want. The game to survive. Forever. And all wins and who. Them the averages or baseball fan is 54 years old is Taylor must drop today I learned that from Isaac crop who learned from during spring 54 average or average baseball vantage. That's crazy might cut time 32 how old are you I'm twenty seconds when he. You're when he eight I'm 32 that means there's a lot of like seventy year olds out there are averaging out to mean that's. I think if Japan. Arts. So. I would like the game to keep going and succeeding in not having any issues in the future and a lot of money in baseball Romero not. Hitting a wall of losing money any time soon and I'd three billion dollar industry I'd assume all of sports I just wanna make sure that it's hopefully. And I know. Out with my generation in which especially the younger generations. Baseball is not as interest thing as stadium BI as basketball right. Eyewitnesses of the pace of I always say this what what basketball. Was really Smart with. And I think we talked about this maybe two weeks ago. When you when you were gone. What basketball did the NFL in the NBA were at a crossroads. Both of them you decide re gonna go which direction arena ago. Are we gonna go. Entertainment. Or integrity of the game. In basketball the NBA decided. Weren't alone entertainment there are no hand checking allowed going and checking lake. If you're gonna sell out to sell out and this is where we're going this is what we want we want Ari is growing rapidly and rapidly any any news. I would say the MBA EU is as strong as it's been since Michael left and I would say the MBAs currently the young person's sport agreed. The NFL on the other hand V. I think Bay's. Shows oral Lee now because of the choice they made the because how they acted on it they were like we were gonna keep the integrity of the game but secretly. They were trying to do the entertainment they wanted both. And they should've just stuck with the integrity of the game. To Wear baseball because of the way baseball NFL is different though because NFL. Reached literally everybody. Right there's not in America red red as I mean there's not an age range of people who don't like right. I mean I'm 32 bodily. Right there are select people who don't care fell but got you know army can be neutral. What did you more about a point oh that the NFL's a whole different beasts were yep those are successful right. Yet get a token kind of do whatever the hell they want a deal. And at least right now. It's not going to matter but so but I honestly think that's why they're in the problem that they area and whether it's. Cabernet or domestic violence or concussions or things like that I think there in that position because. They wanted to date shows at the at the crossroads. They each show's integrity of the game while secretly. He really wanted the entertainment aspect instead of just going all in on. The integrity game or they should've just gone all in on entertainment presently should've done there to a baseball has been one of those that is. Always going. Integrity of the game it has been behind almost. Everyone of Herman's exactly supper like adding the DH now want the polls say is may be bespoke learn something from the NFL in this aspect is stay all lean on the integrity game. What kind of secretly trying to be more about entertainment. And that's what I see a lot of these. Peso plays peaceably ideas. And solutions and new rules that are coming in which will be in two and ten minutes or so and that's kinda where I think the game should go 'cause I EE you know me man I'm I'm I've got a shock and in my hand. I'm in a rocking chair on my front porch and drink and a cold one. And keep it off my lawn. Do not change my game. That's kind of where I write and I that's out that's what I was saying to you just before that's a mean. Personally. But. I would not be opposed. To certain. Changes that don't fundamentally change the way the game is played right. Pitch clock for example that doesn't fundamentally change anything it just makes pitchers work faster right. The idea of shortening the season as as brash is there may be as some baseball fans. That doesn't fundamentally change the game it just changes the length of the season or. We talked about all sorts of different rules before mound visit rules traction going in this year. That doesn't fundamentally change anything it just helps the pace of the play pick up so we can keep the game the same in terms of the skill required in the line of strategy at all like kind of stumbling keep all the same. But we can tweak little things here in the air again. To be anything major party been tweaking little things here and there are worse. Week and LB has been tweaking little things here and there and seeing positive changes in terms of playing the game. And hell even choosing the ball potentially going to be denied it they'll. Gained and changed the ball scroll for a complete commitment. So a little more dinners if those if those things are happening in Macon against Morris gaining slightly faster. Over time enough of those changes I think level positive. That's always been my take on this discipline thing. Just do not fundamentally change the game because that would really pissed. I I 100% agree and as and when we come back I wanna get into their are some new rules that will be instilled in the upcoming baseball season. And even one that was kind of tossed around that we could get into for a minute bully might slap fat and say that's stupidest thing you've ever heard. And will will do that next more baseball is some play XV the eight this term pace of play. I would like caller I I I wanna call it. Nothing I just wanna get rid of an old traditionalist. Yet. Bubbled to the next but first here's Joseph was sports. 735 years. Orleans sports leader dose. This this share or. Feel like shares should be doing in this zone. Players shared that the symbol and it she was like covered. Well. We weren't really. They're I missed about a third woods' apology so in theory could be any right. Camille little Joseph for all we know. The. Yeah boy just pace of play you some get some. We'll cordial on. Of course would. Why not come out of the dark ages and embrace tank and go aluminum bats and helmets for pitchers that's Joseph and saint helens. I don't know sarcasm real. I hope it's sarcasm does that sounds atrocious. And busted up laughing so I'm brain and it's kind of I hold your sarcasm. Because aluminum bats somebody asked me that today they were like hey you follow baseball all right you that ms. bush rumored Yemen. Like organs states can begin this year what you think about a might go do this to use aluminum bats. And they were like yeah but I mean their moral like. Titanium and they relate tell me that specs and bats and I was like are they would in any owes no on the nose like I don't care who picked up and I don't care at all. When continuation perform our discourage you yet ligament dire Wasim kid and if laws he was in the College Baseball playoff. What is it calls baseball World Series memorabilia I do like to. Goat that watched like an inning of the game be like McCain analysts. And turn it off. If counterstrike and soccer are gonna take over baseball they're gonna take over baseball it's all built on a false premise. Feel like that's sky's falling. I baseball's good dogs go to Dalai men who tends dog to death bro. I don't. Well first of all it's as much as I am pro he's towards let's let's relax in the congress I don't know that's gonna pass baseball. League and I got to like maybe Dalembert I don't know it's not not any time soon at least although I will not lie and I do you think that the and of soccer and will will will see in the substantial slow it's a slow build its slow burn for soccer solely by the most it's only the most. Popular game in the world and I did watched two games simultaneously. From. Today and I predict we'll build. Events via a settlement are you make teams sucked. At it just sucked super. But to to you BGU and a whatever he wants but. I don't disagree with that thought process or did you enjoy baseball and it's slurred slowly die you don't care if you still enjoy baseball right. Or items are slowly dying it starts losing fans view it's ball you touch ball. Right yeah it's are losing fans and media popularity you don't care is the same for you. I'm sure I agree with that but I also don't want the sport to lose fans picnic. So we get I think we can have it both ways can't wait I think we NM I don't think we can have it both ways we still enjoy the baseball that we love and it's not large ball from Q drama. And we still enjoy the game but. It also helps other people stick around just from small and I think we can humble I think we get how murky commuted to I think it's possible. Religion a do you like do you reference that future Ronald bowlers ball you that is a multiple grade episodes from the other new rules that are coming in it to help quote pace of play we should. Takes an event thanks I'm five after a five I'm looking for a new name for pace of play. I'm tired of the phrase pace of play singing poems some better please please just destroy us. So we're the things going down. They are now limit teen mound visits. In games six per team per nine innings now what I heard is that these do not. These are not pitching changes correct. Red nineteen on segment. No sane again I'm pretty sure so each team is limited six. Mound visits yeah per nine innings yeah I think that that's. They are no early next coaching visit yeah would Aron on the catcher visits there are no line. Was sort of they're on pitcher change. Uh oh it's manager is what's interchange pitching coach coming out to say something or to catcher going out there. You only had six. And yield one extra fuel an extra I have not read I've not read otherwise. So I'm gonna assume that is the case yes although I did read that will sketch Irsay is going to ignore the ground as well wasn't contreras is an able. We are now goes Malaga reports straight up. Full lawn if Wilson insurers were sitting in this studio right now I would say hey man where he's such an a hole. Oh am might treat for you McCain is definitely and keep you but why are you an able. So that's that there will be no pitch clock. Kept this season and guys are excellent Europe I mean I would like to pitch clock as well. I think they need to fine tune it a little bit before lying what are you are or what you want to be fine tune its twice second right it's been in the minor leagues it's worked. Pitchers could move quicker yet has not walking around touching the resin bag just because somebody like gene varieties. Like just some airliners any real man in mark parolees going to be like gig as a bunch a losers. In to pitch faster as close as sure okay you come this. Number two our commercial breaks basically. I feel like pace of play it was liked to try to find ways to speed up the game and about a commercial breaks early two minutes and fifteen seconds sort of fourth. And lower and then we'll have umpires make sure that pitchers are pitching after two minutes and fifteen seconds and it's like what coach just tell like ESPN to quit running for a minute commercials in between innings. So it's like to be its fifth. Teen yeah but if you just obvious in the quit running commercials then. And nothing else changes figured is back on the field with warm up pitches. It's got to be an actual game that because ESPN ambled out Ron Foreman a commercials because they'll be missing again this is why Michael is close. That was great. That's excellent I would like that to be the case Seattle's make it two minutes fifteen seconds or whatever I totally thought it was just shot a commercials no I hate advertisers into. Big TV and all that stuff I guess who's going to be forced him their commercials here then any so it's actually in my favor in. So it's more of. Like hey. This guy's gonna pitch so you know you idiots. As fox and TBS and WGN. And ESPN. GLU commercials are over there gonna miss this. You know mrs. first pitch because you know mad people are going to be when the first pages a day Inger in the sixth inning. All of them in a World Series game some room. One seeds are of a desserts a soap are these are all positive things right so they're not changing the way the game play is from heavy they are just changing. The speed. Of the things that are happening. And lastly the rule is. Is in the ninth inning if you're losing you'd choose any three batters they show up I'm just joking eligible voters roll ever treated his service. Eric our travel on primetime ensued trident two Roloson to fighting with him any any succeeded in he's succeed and crews are stupid a stupid rule that would begin in that I apparently. Apparently were allowing anything that happened Jeff apparently there was some talk about potentially saying if you're trailing in the ninth inning. That Lee new coat the back you can just pull whatever three batters were. And there. That sounds like. The worst thing I've ever heard of sounds like cheating. That sounds like cheating. I don't have sounds like it's against the spirit of the game. That's like Shaquille O'Neal just kids hack A Shaq and instead put Kobe Bryant at the line because he makes better free throws. That's all right. I saw the best example attacks on today that's like saying LeBron James fouls out the game goes to overtime in the NBA goes. It's just. Is bring him back did you go eight miles O'Brien got two more to give your day you come bag currently gives more entertaining when you're in. Sort of bring you back and know look there's argument against it right in. I'm Anita I mean it sounds to rent an apartment so very simple. If you want to Carlos standing in the ninth inning. And may have an impact. Have him hit in the eighth inning when he should've been not strike outs of a batter 67 nadir coming up after correct had him. Beatle wanna hit a home run his guess what that's just exciting isn't it as it happens and I did because it's still a game winning home run. Took months. Stop us stupidity I renew. Find somebody that's on the opposite side of us want to find somebody that thinks. Choosing. Choose your own adventure in the bottom of the ninth is a good idea of one of find that person if you heard hampers our Friday's audience. Oh we come back budget is guy al-Qaeda. To play baseball and I'm wondering if they even know how to play baseball will do that nexus the hot courtroom Portland sports leader and aids and. Your mistakes and back right now. This is pretty great. I'm very much enjoying the new. Early thousands techno version of our music if it. All the tough thing about it is like I know all these songs by ear by title and stuff like the song name that's the hardest and yeah I saw the rock and hip hop you didn't. You remember him. From their names but yet because those were not songs at least in my experience. Past and with friends. Personally words but doesn't make sense I never had these are my MP3 players right that they can be played on the radio on the plated parties. I had rap and rock of MP3 player and had to download them so I knew the name of the song I wanna listen to juvenile. And deep blues some mystical and men who. Shot eight. So that's how does it right where we go for dessert yell and yeah. Well for so it's York went Ferraro's comments ultimately nobody knew that row was everybody's like this guy for -- he's so great guy from the pin was I guess I've from a shaky AA from a mystical. As I usually limits first through this that golf. At that CD with the album literally just flames on the cover of the fifth at risk of fire. Yeah but yet we never had those on our we didn't make burn CD's of the songs are I didn't references to know that seems so. I only know them from parties on the radio so I don't know market pricing along to the whole song but if there's like five words by what was the name of that last song Joseph. Better off alone probably. They're a sound that's exactly right by Abu. Again I don't know and I was literally just looking ninety seconds ago cell I'd have to jump back on my list here now. I do you have they request but I mark going to say the request from the year love night this is paved roads. Popular. Overplay it in meetings about song from that era in our life had to be our next Eiffel 65 blue. I don't allow mullah but. In my console grandson. And my attitude about it is it's about playing PlayStation issues is whether catchy songs com. If Joseph knows I think you might know but. He media player now now I think energy talking about now Erica yet and you'll have to get it in that two breaks lull again and other entities but. The most popular over played in mean devout song for manner. Oh now I hit two breaks because you get the update at the top. So he had to brace and think about it then which I think it is a pleasure to know the artist and the song name. But as the only wanna know that artist and the song name because I don't know anything else but that boy slim Rockefeller shank no noted could could guess the milk. -- well. We have now though. In fifteen seconds two minutes to make fun of Eric Hosmer for signing with parliament's term. Can it kill you get through tax report chair. But other highlights from last I mean we really only need thirty seconds to make fun of air caused her for signing with the Padres thoughts are electronic strike zone turning strikes ball. Up. Seriously stop this is something that will see his eyes tell Michael and actually not true it's our show this system that's going to be talked about in the future got here in Teter talked about early or. So thoughts all walk away from baseball. As bright. But I just I just we were talking about this in the break electronic strike zone. Mike you're totally on point was saying that you want things to be right we all want things he writes it's breaker so it's it's like the instant replay I mean in football. You know we've seen is guiding guy get his give his toes in and ensure the NFL history plays broke in with detached rule and all that it's absurd yes. But baseball I don't think creates themselves to be in such a convoluted form as the NFL his. But my problem is what I love about baseball. Is human element it's always had a human element. And in the strike zone. Sure there might be superstar treatment. I view this if you want to strike zone to be automated then at fouls in the NBA should be automated. Why does James Harding get a call. That it's honorable Rodney hood does not get. I don't believe it is as easy to have robots call fouls in the NBA based on the depth and of words happening where's the strike zone is a finite area. I can be tracked its its already tracked right if you watch MLB dot comes game day. They've got a little 3-D strike zone in the show exactly the curve the ball word hit the strike zone and that'll say ball into some zone because it was followed the umpires and now. I I actually happen to agree with you I don't want economists are some one might have to bring us into during the break his. I do you have a they want for things to be right. When it comes to calls and sports. But what I want more is the human element so that outweighs it. I love the human element sports I love the arguments of bad calls were contested calls the next day in all sports. I love. Sitting Marion and looking at the strike zone and going worse as some call the ball right now. Can we expect our pitcher to try to work the outside part of the zone is getting calls there as the strategy of it because it's not a robot so I'd love back. And I don't want that to go away. I've that's where I sit on it but I I'd. Obviously it would be correct you would always have the right call do you have a line where you said the strike zone is a finite area. Yes since when. Well exactly that's why people argue against it that's why is it's not. Strike zone has never. They might show you some cool fancy box. On ESPN or fox during the World Series shows you where that ball landed in the strike zone but that strike zone has never. Ever. Ever in the history of baseball. Since before they let. Minorities places before there was television. Since before there were actual leagues in the civil war that was never. Eight finite. Area I agree and for that but the MLB tries to make it a finite area he wanted to be chest to knees or or numbers to means. And of course you can move that because the height of the player would change the strikes and even though umpires or noise follow that. So yeah I think it would be fine in terms in the call right but I would hate personally. Spencer will mean. Thoughts on their cost moral cook. Hey go take out money man. You that you deserve it and because you. What a World Series amber a big impact player for the team but. Holy crap bloggers overpay for a guy who is way overrated. That's that's my hot Eric house Arctic snow all the royals are about to overpay the same things so. And Indians fan. It's like nice to see you leave. It's also messes he's somebody that's extremely over it get over paid by teaming never gonna worry about you know Scott Boras seems to think they're gonna be really good meanwhile Erica approximately 330 this year with 37 home runs sufficient. Bit share customer it's 302 with 26 home runs end. In 96 RBIs are preventable season especially mark that did you by chance here with Scott Morrison had to say about the Padres. That they had. A molten lava of alive lava talent something like that some jeopardy no sense you have like a volcano of hot. Talent Lama well he had a lot of time to think about it considering all considering all of his client is not here. Considering all of his clients have not. Signed with teams in speaking of is Gabor is skid. JD Martinez is finally found himself the team does aim car dragged that was asked him. Two months ago. Ullman absolutely. Blow up JD Martinez for the second time on this program. It'll do that next is an odd cork bats Mike Lynch on fashion cares Joseph Fisher by on the glass 1080 the fan.