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The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, December 6th
Aaron Boone to the Yankees, and the CFP is set!

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The one constant through overuse injuries. Have been baseball. It. It's time for the second game of our radioed. Double headers at her. But John I'll inside story on baseball and more so winning. Nonsense seems to would you wanna for the jazz age but it's been imagine you are projecting as it comes to the last game more than six mandate that. I've wanted to get dog this is the hot corner where terrorism lynch it's perfectly crystal pulled it displayed fifty. True. Today he got integrated with the kid while France sixty don't get along and eagle at seven under batting average. So. Yeah it was so yeah. Yeah. Sales five here's Portland sports leader 1080 the fan this is the hot coral which is as bad boy every single Wednesday night Michael lynch crashed Paris. You can find us on Twitter Mike Lynch 27 PDD 085. Takes his four Beers takes time by a factor of by the lets you interact with us. Throughout the entire show just a friendly reminder. We are in Special Olympics radio with on right now so arising as soon be on tomorrow from 7 AM to 7 PM reason that Dalai. To benefit Special Olympics or he takes him five factor of five with the words at with the letters as school are. To donate you can also. Excuse me get online at as people are dot org slash donate. To donate some stuff a quick little tease I'll be on tomorrow 130. To offer if you listen to the show you know that I do work and beer. Outside the station I've got something really cool. That we have been kind of building and growing and creating to donate for Special Olympics or in. Should be somewhere around like a 500 dollar value. Is a little teases a lot of appears there's tours there's food there's history. If you like beer and you're excited up Portland beard. This is something you're not gonna wanna miss out on plus I guess will do the peel back the curtain and all actually who you will work. Only do. You know I've had somebody come to my job. Mean like K year you know like who writes why not you don't wanna be recommends new president were to do with the critical of all right I don't mind that it's like it's like a man let's see things are listening and by the way I have a restaurant around right now I don't have time for this era now. No member of like. The tabs are up 9795. Wood 27 slept. Want to give the ball go abroad it's like I don't know man I need to know while my kitchen and Indian food out in fifteen minutes. I don't care. It's our as a slogan of the TV and Mickens the vocal brown made the shot and they one does the highlight it and so. Yeah that's as whenever the New York Yankees have found themselves a manager. And I think we're all little surprise that we heard a little rumbling I didn't expect to it. It to actually come to fruition the Mike put a little whisper in my ears. During the break which kind of makes a lot of things says makes a whole lot of sense and why they make this move of Brian Cashman hires Aaron Boone that. The former 2003 Ailes CES hero and legend. Which by the way for the record is one of my favorite. Like baseball folklore stories of all time which would cheater whispered into his ears like. I get goosebumps when I think about that's double. It turned into Aaron bleeping Boone yep works on ago peace hear him or PG urgency errant free can Boone yeah was is that David Boston still as a David Boston so. In terms of that. I still hope that the Yankees do turn into like a really good team again like for. Think you may might. And the Red Sox is like give finish second ever seen here with an air Afrique Boone turns into the seat if at the same thing you know there's there in freedom and again to hang and I need to add to who pay no attention of the sanctity of many which celebrates our operator judging gears engines. It. Club that I can't Angela but. Air Boone has hired as the manager for the New York Yankees and we've seen this trend so let let's talk about the trend grow quick before we talk about the fit. We've seen Brad Ausmus get hired we've seen. I mean. Even Joseph Girardi getting hired these four players. That have banned in baseball for a long time they're not necessarily superstars. You've seen a lot with catchers but aging inches long aging hinge but it got guys stand. War. Big time players necessarily but were steeper than baseball for a long time missing that great minds become managers ordered earlier than we would then we'd think. So I'm not necessarily shocked that Aaron Boone is the next guy in this. I just wonder. If there was any deal the anyone else Al. Fiske as we talked about this and and you don't be on the huge Girardi fans that I like Joseph Girardi a lot. And there were you know there were reports or. Rumors are whispers at the end of the season that he you know he's not super friendly with the young players and and stuff like that but. I always thought Girardi was doing a great job in New York better than anyone else would have done given the circumstance. I agree use. He was always in consideration. And improbably sort of one of a couple of times manager of the year what he did obviously won a World Series their 2009 I'm that was more hey here's an amazing team of its silent Jillian dollars. You better win or signals an amazing but it is different departments. But. Just a woman wrote articles on the levels wells Miami and I was like 2004 and sellers. So one World Series many brought a team that was frankly not very good couple leaders in a row either to the playoffs. And I in the wild card game or knocking on the door for the last week so the season. For teams are really shouldn't have any any. The reason at all being there so he was a great manager he was a little bit. Overly tactical he relied so heavily on his notebook that's nice he wasn't very flexible. He was which in today's game that notebook is just a translation of your gut on paper plus more analytics and case from the publisher. And then. You know I was really kind of over did with the ball penalized audible and it changes too quickly and stuff so there are things that when that his doctorate of course men. I didn't notice but we found out he wasn't great players right he was. He's kind of a very alike. I am one way or a person I I'm very serious or not talked to droppings are lifer and he became his proxy old man overnight. I guess yes sort of so yeah I mean I was sad that he that he's gone. But it's over I mean it. Solid they want anything with the outside of the 2009 which wasn't really his team himself. Again I guess the question is is when it comes to iron Boone like who. Wells was out here. Well I mean there's tons of retreads. Well it was a little the yanks are about like hiring a Dusty Baker origins leave Linda no fog or Showalter. If he saw the list of people they interviewed. A lot of guys could be getting their first chance for the managerial job you've interviewed Carlos Beltran oppose her interest I think that I think any I think you'll get a job all its author. You was supposedly he's regular players who was on the Yankees and a lot of them. Blaster are two years ago now. They interviewed a guy named a trio obviously DV Murton or something uses cirrus is a giants assistant coaches like very highly thought of but I I don't. Think out of the Eric Wedge who made it's like a final three I was like oh god don't don't hire wedge. Mayer's fans Indians fans cringe you know exactly. There was are obliged to announce from world Simon's end. And I saw. Aaron Boone's imam analysts and went. OK I mean he spent like two months of the Yankees amendment. Like Taurus achilles' in and play basketball out or erupt came from thanks Aaron but down in the human Indian there's not so bad for the Indians he does he was solid player but. I love him as an analyst and he's really Smart and Healy says things so much that makes you think Michael was six and buses and take. And I was kind of in I was intrigued but I was like yeah okay are grew older and harder than violent. Moon okay the I wasn't overly excited I was disappointed. I mean none of the potential candidates really excited me they be interviewed David Cone that was interest and I would love difficult being a manager but. And maybe he's not mr. with the players is Arab and as I've no idea David Cone's more Yankee inner impressionist. Sighed or I was I was very kind of neutral about the Arab and higher laws and excited I wasn't sad I was just okay. There was a report out of the the new managers going to be kind of really heavily involved with the front office anywhere they're gonna be involved with the team. So the new managers have to gonna be a puppet who has to be good a player relations and the biggest shrugs it of Aaron Boone even as he's been an analyst has been he's kept relationships players. And if that's what they wanted and that's the perfect fit for a great deal. I'm not thrilled the front office in the metal lobbed a pass their plan men okay the master plan. Yeah I mean state and will continue this conversation we come back corona C. What does Aaron Boone bringing this Yankee team to push them over the edge. For next season that Girardi couldn't have done we'll do that next on the hot corner with Harrison lynched on 1080 that it. It is true that sister's 818 here Portland sports leader today the fan this is the hot corner is that whatever single Wednesday night. Was the day right now I gotta look at this. You will not happening next week Mike. The martial artists and what's that about next to perfect. The perfect and I've to fill in for a for a were shift next Wednesday night so I won't be here because I have opening show. Opening night at the Lloyd center said in PM. To get some last Jenna and I will get in line at about noon. Sat there all day and eat food and drink Beers. Probably pass out and it'll last ten I've had some ideas to. Well actually gotten taken. From my last vacation days so I lumping him on Wednesday either so I missed earnings of dissent means Russia Biggio flies solo on the board. I teach and teach in the rose Mike earlier you said you've done it before I did it once it was verbal spat it was a really awful. I've I've done the show by myself maybe three times something like yeah maybe three times. I even think I did Justine tailed by myself once with Crawford behind the board. And I feel like every time I do a show by myself looks have a great relation would show and I'm getting a pretty decent relation with Alex and and their life and I'm like hey. Another really confident in this price of the year here with me right you'll chat with me you'll help me make this and they're like to add totally and then each time we get into that their light. Working on something else and I'm like yeah I don't stinks a joke he site. So Iowa amount paid attention and you like a hole like it. I had this twelve minutes segment that I totally planned out and I just finished talking and a six minutes left. Can you please save me yes tell they're like sorry what are you talking about a nearly two Alina. Or I were talking about Aaron Boone being the manager the new manager of the New York Yankees and I guess I guess were I wanna get to now on this is just. What does this mean for the Yankees like is this. I guess we can start with is this an upgrade or what does Arum Boone by being a player friendly coach. Do for this team to push them further because I would was sent a three year deal. I'd Nazis in the remaining as the reason for three year deal with an option for a fourth year and that is what I saw I remembered being low. And that kind of was like Rome maybe they aren't super pumped about this hire but remember seeing three years with with the with the option for a fourth. And my question is is wide. What does Aaron Boone bring to the table to how to pull this young squad who I imagine the next four years. Ownership GM fans. Assume the yanks should get a title the next four years or sooner there were available in that one at least. He's yankees history yet fans and expect in 96 like Ron Cummings yeah or at least in the next three years law at least an appearance right at the bare bare minimum rent at least it appears some. You know. Having what they expected is at least of what I expect that's all I could I really don't know what they expect is I expect. Hopefully. They. Maybe it in eighteen better apps to deal to really stressful situation. If there and if they're more comfortable in the clubhouse. If it's more of a fun atmosphere. Assume that's her broom brings. Me be the stressful times don't get to them as much and we solid the Astros. They seem like they had the most fun clubhouse the weeks in a long time baseball. And yeah look like the awful Red Sox they had that one period in the ALCS for the went down and they were tried Al up it really frustrated. And it was like a three game span an enemy collect Ian. And the Yankees had a couple of sprees in the in the playoffs the first two games against the Indians. And in the end of that Astros series and be an international series. Where outside of like getting some home runs it there was an inch and a lot of life. A lot of the time and I wonder. And I know some of the campus like Todd Frazier. Not Joseph Girardi Eleanor can be inner grooming him editor can help. But you're from 1 central source and the spread throughout the whole team Tony want him and I would hope for is maybe just a more positive attitude more fun maybe just are understood. You look at stressful situation better Malone season the other thing out hope for is he's never been a manager before. But he's been in baseball since he left he's been analyzing games he's been talking to coaches and players. Maybe he has some new ideas. Maybe he has things that he wants to try that he's big he's in his head or even in a broadcast said the ballot work but managers are currently in the gamer not trying it. Just a new approach. To something that we may be that we haven't seen or at least. With a specific players on the Yankees. Some that we haven't seen with them even read under different position or different spots in the lineup or helping. Pushed on a certain direction and went with the way they're practicing or training or whatever just some village valley that's a change because. We have manager for so many years I gets very ceemea after awhile as the same kind of routine at all like a supplement could be good for baseball players but. Maybe maybe some and it'll be better yet let's go to auto. Jeremy will come across on the bridge Barber's tech solidified factor of five or do you believe this little satirical but what does players' coach mean. Comes through and and and I and I agree because I I think there's an aspect I think like you touched on this that. Boom comes in. And assume is as you've got to mention I don't know of the members he said on the air but she said it's me off the year. He almost might seem like a puppet. For Cashman via tape to get this but if Cashman does. Get the right pieces in place. Buddha is just there to make sure everyone's happy to be there. Just excited to play and let them do their thing he'll be you know he's gonna be surrounded by great mines. I don't know if he's gonna use all Rothschild is saying I don't know you I don't know what what old what's what previous managers are gonna stay when new guys can bring and I don't we don't know anything about that necessarily outside a Rothschild and Robby Thompson who was the bench coach is leaving to be the bench coach. Wanna separate the angels are some random number but is like Tony Pena gonna still be there. You know and an old guard like that but either way whether the do or don't you have to managing guys like. Air and boomer comes round himself by. Great minds you totals mirrored our cultural bar and now late exactly like Justin Wilcox a cal. Goes is a first time ever head coach is removed cricket as a coordinator for many years but he does he gets head coach ball ball went from eastern Washington B is opposite corner. He goes he gets former head coast intruder. Hughes defense of coordinator. And he gets Steve gray would become Morgan down to cal has no line coach because the only boos south open abroad and tiger. Who's now gone and produce. You know he built a great staff I guess cal supposed to be terrible. And they weren't anywhere good but durable about a 500 team which is amazing for what the talent cal has to be my sorry as global team. So building a good staff and helps when he's Taggart he urged. To let the defense much better they had been running great recruiters like Leavitt crystal ball etc. solid Beebe had guys who came in. Who helped around a head coach who had to do other things so that's just is important in baseball but just not talked about because it's always the manager. There's really important to have a good pitching hitting and that's coaching that's up. Yeah Bhutto make the call but he's gonna look to his Mel Stottlemyre and say. And I think we should pull this guy woody thing in his view yet know yet now Koran there may be not out of guys all the time yet. So if you want. It almost feels like the yanks are gearing themselves up to pull a guy who plays that's a great face. And I mean a positive way and awards take away from Boone I mean we don't know what he's gonna be like it managers are great talk he's a good rate face like. I think seemed like we said he knows baseball well. He's kind of more new age he's still been in the game since he's left. But I think he's gonna show good face like I think that was the biggest problem with arsonists in Detroit. Is he was a catcher for a long time in baseball clearly knows the game but he wasn't likable. You know he was the scene. Cherie on the sidelines you know in in the dugout he didn't seem like this kind of guy that. That was yeah I mean I'm sharp I'm just arms around a while these great guys does is Detroit's staff was amazing. Full of a bunch of great baseball people well it's actually because I wonder how much of that intentional though I. When you think about it like the astros' roster right. Mean to him sort like the most depressed person ever regain he was just staring straight. Thinking we have Terry Francona who is built to culture in attributable cultures and times. But a good culture. You'd be serious all the time he goes and takes that tobacco wraps in the gum sticks in his craw and he just stares ahead I mean. No I guess conjures company can't just be like. Happy go lucky who's. You can't run around like college football you can't be Willie tank can and you. Because the other World Series manager is that Dave Roberts he is super raw raw. For the Dodgers he's always clap he's always cheering and obviously work into the out of the world's but that's also great point that Dodgers team is loaded. OK it was that beat the Astros team is loaded quote unquote so were the Yankees quote unquote. But there's not a whole lot of proven to it's almost Tina Syria. And so but I believe it's an effort to prevent it well now they're proven but I would say going into the playoffs we wouldn't say that surely watching their run the way they did in the playoffs. Mean we sat here and we were still like maybe the Indians maybe the Astros in the yanks on an outside edge you know early Astros off because they've kind of because they aren't a team and our office yeah yeah yeah and then they showed of him prove their worth. To where I think the Dodgers already had guys employees are coming from and so it's a little easier I'd in my team for Roberts. To be more of a raw raw manager to our Boone's gonna have to get those guys up. The Boone's gonna have to do what AG Inge did what Alex Cora did. For that she's an Astros team and say look you know you're good you know you can do this. You have to believe in yourself. And I guess that's what. Were worried about what Girardi yeah. That he couldn't do that it look at feet if it chairman can do that. Then I think he's a perfect fit if he can be a good voice for the Yankees. If he can be executed. Voice for the players both in and outside of the clubhouse but I think it's it's a gold higher mean. We have no idea is gonna be. In terms of tactically. Right it in the during game if I don't think EG hinges good tactical manager wrestled and the World Series team Roberts is the same I thought they were the two worst managers to ever managed a World Series team true the hill a lot of it's based on the analysts now it's kind of Marsden need to be Smart of him in the moment kind of guy could just follow the numbers yeah. Frankly and skewed maybe in a bit of a scare the Yankees have they wanna be even more analytical may have been sold back could be a trim their gonna follow as well but. Blessed you is this hire is very meant to me yeah Nevada and some of that negative things on a bad thing it's just okay. So he can you. Not excited by but shown we can and I if it works or scraped. All of her group being he's a grocers Ingraham but. Is it really gonna be him or is it gonna be the combination of him joining a team that's ready to go with the GM who's really spark a. I think this Cashman game right now I mean and then Michael was sane and we'll get out on this is I just don't know wells that are. You know and if you're gonna if you're gonna. Ticket taking a risk on some no name in an avid turned over to your GM and hopefully put a manager with good faces a bright smile and not screw it up. Then maybe Aaron Boone is your best hire but again they're not alone after a Dusty Baker you know there's no like. The Yankees at this point are gonna go get the Tony Dungy Jon Gruden a bill Howard at a two to reach red light that. At least I don't think so all right when we come back maybe a touch a little college football playoff. See your initial reactions might get too little later on the for the games actually admirable start their first years Mike was sports. Odd corner. Terrorism when John Kennedy Beltran. Sometimes you do things and room. I can click buttons I was talking. I was conversing sometimes. I like to Catholic buttons those classic kicked buttons. Picked up kick rocks that but victims. Kick butt take names kick Bush's Olympic fiasco with the and it is its announcement. This isn't. Like crap. Yeah loop is Greg who's open if you ask does this mean. UPS and hearing and then again and who is you don't like him it's not red. Wings pop whatever. What would you call it fiasco which is Lupe Fiasco is a baseball played like 260. Disposal rapper but yet solo rapper and record the really great I love I love lupus and I'll disagree with your adrenaline. On the coast football playoff was announced the other day and. Shot. Sorry that's just my opinion and there's four teams in the air and it couldn't be more regional lists as epic five states that we like really a whole lot that are accountable connected to each other and make those teams play each other. And while this is kind of the way I feel a little salty about the pac twelve to americanize it's even that it it's it. At Carolina and have an opinion on whether they got a writer got a wrong I just think the whole thing is is such garbage. And they've found a way to create. Probably the most and on existing games I can ever think of when it really yet. I mean I watched a what's college football also understand Clemson Alabama I'm gonna watch that at and but I didn't know did Shawn Watson. I get Knoll. Stellar. Running back from Alabama or a quarterback that I know I mean sure I know the Katie played last year blah blah blah. But like that's not exciting and our. Arts and and then you get Oklahoma Georgia. Okay like cool baker army field is not super exciting to me he's like and so. I'm really it's about this I am totally with you about the Clemson Alabama thing like. I like Oklahoma I think Oklahoma's gonna win it. Their relief fund I think they're fun to watch I think they're gonna win the whole thing I like Hussein I like close Alabama as a theory right. My love Libya to see you again. We've seen in a couple of times is kind of like the grudge match even though some of the final we call that a rubber match dramatic shift. But. I've said this before. I. I want variety. I want parity and it's sounds crazy we're being fair who doesn't wanna with a zone team of course I'd let me just when it every year but if it's not my team winning. I want parity right so. I am a 192%. Sick of seeing Clemson play Alabama however. Even though I'm sick of that I'm also not. Gonna say I don't wanna watch it because they're two of the best teams cultural. So I know it's the same uniforms but it is Kelly Bryant at the constitutional Watson has also removed from. I was of the coaches are the same record critical of the storyline so much and I don't wanna see it. Kind of you wanna see it at nine and I like it it's not the final. I like that why do you have something there I think you have something they're one of the two teams will make it again but they're gonna go up against. He emit ultra ball playoffs lifespan a new team right either Oklahoma or in Georgia and especially in Georgia and Oklahoma made it for the playoff but. What why why do you like about it is I love the system because. And at least at least gives you three. Meaningful games sort of one. Because before I mean like would you say the rose bowls meaningful all that but it doesn't mean anything outside of bragging rights that they that the facts will time out. That's coming from an East Coast kids no but I'm gonna say this about every bowled him. I think bowl games are fun for the idea of them. But what you get a trophy for winning the Rose Bowl against the team and in the other conference. Stop men Rose Bowl was tradition of Rose Bowl is history noted another. Old tradition no stop there's no there's no rose Orange Bowl is not tradition it's a teen from the south. Hopefully a team from Florida playing some other great team since the dawn of man. Rose Bowl has been Big Ten pac ten which when I was sure she is so we went on I was a kid. When you when you whatever team you rooted for I was a wall zoo kid. You know. Whatever team he rooted for. You don't care about highs means you care about national championships. Evening care about rankings and nobody gave a bleeping believe about any of that. Unless he won a Rose Bowl okay if you won a Rose Bowl. That was it I lol don't care about titles how will accept your argument I beat Michigan I beat Wisconsin we'd beat Ohio State we've beep. Purdue in the rose got. The Huskies lost to Purdue in the rose boy halfway Drew Brees was quarterback I will accept your argument and I'll say that. To me it doesn't mean anything but people grow up harsher might be from a more or were big October packed and multiple offense out but to OK so maybe the Rose Bowl the wrong argument but the bowl system in general I know what you mean there's enough attention though it's fun. You can defender plants Toluca. The wrote the bowl system to me is meaningless is just here's a bunch of games it'll make money for for the good conferences and for the sponsor of the bulls. And they're they're meaningless to me right. Cultural ball and the only meaningful game was the national title game to me. So now there's three meaning podiums the semi finals and the national title game. I like cultural play out because of that because. Frankly I'll I'll I'll again ala the idea of bulls I get hyped up for the first week commitment to whine a lot to these these sock. And I'll watch the big games only this team doesn't consider. This she didn't employer show up for the missing for the NF well. Like one of the two pac twelve games. The USC Ohio State team or the Washington. Penn State Keyon. I guarantee one of those is going to be like a blow out of one team is like half showing up like. Price India Huskies it's like some weird bowl game right yeah I mean they're I I heard injured dammit this morning a dusting champ. And he was talking about you know the fallout from Taggart and recruits and where this goes from here a model wall blocked and then jam asked the question news like. Houses affect the bowl game and even and it was like oh. All right kind of scared that. It affects the ball game because there's like a recording schedules and the right rhetoric. Emilia organ making lots of useful mean no teachers sure organ after winning four games made a podium again. But in the end you remember a Las Vegas Bowl is Wednesday. You're not expected to talk trash like I would. Of a bad way and I were just stated but that I guess we give back to this Alabama Clemson thing and I guess. For this being the rubber match it's the least exciting game of the three Dave played. And I cannot because the others were for national championships is now when I mean because of all it's for star power. It's for excitement. It's like. The only two people a lot of guys are gonna know on the field for the bam Clemson game our dabble in nick. That is very true and I think that an an as much as I love college for the team on big name guys. I think that's just not that exciting and Georgia is the same way. Mean the only reason Oklahoma is exciting is because the Heisman Trophy winner on their team be assumed as entrepreneurs don't give me this assumes he's winning it well usually it's when they said Lamar Jackson I was like. Wow they're really given its baker made field bullet. Here's the thing about Omar Jackson his stats or even better than his stats last year when he won behind him yet they lost five games this year in their trash from. So much my whole thing about this is and this might be missed might be just a this year that they haven't thought about it about as popular now. If Gilchrist also balls like Melissa our power in general this year light. Baker mayfield is the star of cultural publisher right right because he's. Really electorate on offense he was immediate and me and funny in millet the crotch grab things against Kansas and he was in the news for both good and bad. Sam Arnold certainly horror or. Josh Rosen would be star power but Rosen got hurt. Arnold struggled at USC just battle and outside of that I mean Agassi had price love but. A running back at Stanford. Is it really star power. I'm right but I but I would argues it Issaquah Barkley impotency to get it right back at posted on his every star power I am very between the tackles guys. I would argue say on Barkley. Sam Arnold Josh Rosen. An infield GT Barrett. China thing I would name a particular honor of at least for your star. And stay even kind of sucked this year for hundreds of foreigners starter at Ohio State. I would say those four guys or as. Known as bigamy field. A combined combined will nominal does all of them on the Earl OK RR as biggest star Paris bigamy field. Yet bigamy feels the only player on any of those teams. And so I guess for me the toughest thing about this is going to go to somebody who likes college football. Andy and gets excited once once the playoff goal asked them you know naming one player from Georgia. Any one player from Clemson is nick Tubbs who entered and see you just asked that. That you follow college football might. You know what I mean yes he is still on Georgia he's a senior on Georgia. They've got some other kid who's a great running back as well who's got to carry the load with him. But I mean we're talking in the four best teams in the nation and the three people people can name are Nick Saban. Davos Sweeney in big army field. Yet they know who Sam Arnold is and Jai and singles team should be in that's what I need. Just think this is just so lack luster and it's so regional and it's sold the south the south the south. For people on the West Coast people are Big Ten country he think would really give a bleep about this. I don't. I mean are we gonna watch it for good game sure it would really care who wins not in the slightest. I'm not gonna look back on my days and be like while the 2017 national champion. That bigger may feel that Oklahoma Lincoln Riley man that team was so great that due to wide receiver and outline maggert no stop well that might change if they have two great games. If they put two great games that you might remember Blake Mitchell in 2017 sooners. I mean did you care more when. Washington was there last year. In terms a look at here in Washington kind of thing well yeah but I think that stuff because that's that's regional but I know who dish on Watson it's OK I know. I know who Jake Browning is there there's and who was a fourteen. Or realistic RC let's take GT bear I know who views with steep the year before that. OK I know who easy Q elitists. I know who. Those kind of guys and who was a quarterback. It art Karen AJ McCarron who are dale Jones like I know who these people are and I'm excited about this instead of just Paul find bombs funnel for. Like I don't give a rip. But an exciting to me but you also admitted to disabuse fourteen to try to pick wrecked. I mean yeah you're doing it based on I tests and all accounts up mr. football how stayed impaled it whatever. The new fourteen did you project I've tried picked these four I think would be mortem the whole part of the system is correct yeah I want I think what would be more exciting is hit the final four were five to eight. If it were Penn State USC Ohio State and I don't know Auburn. I doubt will be filed for. I'll watch those games I'll watch those games out of love those game closely which regularly eighteen playoff that would. We all do yeah sure sure sure but like I'm at Central Florida I'm more excited about the cot Campbell. I'm more excited about the Fiesta Bowl. But actual time sure but I think they're also better match ups USC Ohio State. I don't know who can and I came. You don't Penn State probably leaning towards and state but. Chris Peterson's better coached and James Franklin but again this of the regional and write your very. West Coast based college football fan fare you love the pact while I'm trying to look at an unbiased sleek but. The bias is showing through you want to tackle involved. You've got to SEC teams you've got an ACC team new got a big twelve team a cultural playoff Anderson there Dolan. The closest team to me is Oklahoma. Grows Mel. So look appear and I'm sure audible a single word like you. And they they like college football but they love the pac twelve beloved West Coast football even. Even the mountain west if you wanna if you like a really hard core football fan you receive this early though parity. This to me doesn't look like tired but it's two teams up. It's Georgia and Oklahoma who. Haven't had many chances that way and I just don't act that is I also don't like the ESPN factor in this I don't like that. If Auburn wins the SEC title they can get him with two losses but of Wisconsin loses their toast. You know it's is that is just. We too much garbage we'll talk about that nexus laden cornered 1080%. This is an odd corner where terrorism and show on T and AB both program. We're gonna I was gonna go on and attention I guess the my regional bias in hopes might pitcher. East Coast. Put me in check some times. Well the funny thing too is that I didn't grow up cultural warfare there it's like you can. It's different out there alleys ride I grew up in the northeast it's very different from the southeast. College football it doesn't matter how their when I grow up you know if the closest team to me was rockers. And Rucker stinks. Met close next closest team is Penn State or. Boston College or Syracuse and three before those are bad. The cult bass or regions so. Cultural policy yet possible for me as a fan started. When I went to college. Because I had a teetered for all the sudden it was like well there's a whole new world it was just kind of fun but you discover a whole new sport in the first time I ever discover the properly. And I know I really sunk into him soccer is so fun tentatively you know alert all these things I was a multiple of me tonight I'm not kidding you. I did not watch called football growing up. Also wild wasn't even a phone. Not only friends cared Annette and I was trained that you know in the Big Ten. It wasn't like. We root for Ohio State Michigan in nineteen reroute forts like we didn't watch the game screw those guys. If we watch the game it was to scalp for large teams in the rental and like my parents both went to re. The State University of New York schools that have football owner I mean. Unless I honestly for me growing up. Unless that a friend of mine's parents went to Penn State. Which was possible. None of my friends heard about calls for Paul. Because you become a fan of the team that your parents report. Or were you grow up if you grow up and leave you grow up here your parents ought to go to orient for you to be organ from the could've went to Lewis and Clark whatever point Krugman who exactly. Twins. But. United for me edged was the that I cared about so I sort of carrying. In 2007. I went to college them so I've been a ten year calls football fan pulled at a performing at all and I guess I guess my biggest problem is. You know cause as your right leg of the top four teams okay sure you might switch out Ohio State Alabama or whoever that. I think for me is as I've just. The way this college football playoff has gone and has the chance to go. Is it just creates so much more opportunity. To isolate people that it does to bring us all together. You know I think I think you get lucky in years where your final four or Ohio State Alabama Florida State. Org you know that's insane that's all four quarters that's two teams from the south midwest and West Coast you not get that all the time and I understand that that's up to those corners to have good seasons right right in and I understand that I guess. This season. Sure I'm jumping on the wagon I I really hate how much ESPN has a say in this. And that's I think what drives me crazy and that points me to why don't really wanna watch these games. It's OK year. You know why you think he has been necessary or not on the the committee because the of an agenda. Right but now they've promoted burn on the balls because it's on their tail buzz you have that they promote you don't think those guys make phone calls. They came in Haiti. I'd like to believe they don't because I'd like to keep the thought that it's a very pure. You don't letting people take themselves off the committee who have teams were considered there're people were on the committee to relate. Tied to certain programs and they said we cannot help you right now because of our biases and remove themselves what if it's if it's. If it's a debate between. Auburn and Ohio State. ESPN or Alabama and Ohio State. You're gonna tell me ESPN isn't like yield an SEC network deal with you know we get that Alabama and instead of stadium but he didn't read it this way was actually bigger rant I'll stay. Alabama has been better lately I agree but he is in does that Ohio State games if Alabama. As they have the SEC network. I don't agree that conspiracy. All right that's only got today were running over just a reminder these Special Olympics of orient radio Thon is still going on you can log on to the Internet as OR dot org slash donate to donate some money. I think is super beyond tomorrow from 7 AM. To 7 PM to do this bad boy can raise over a 175000. Dollars as beat the record from last year albeit on a 130 with the colts. Who'll offer from the brewery that I worked for for Michael lynch. I'll patch chairs we won't see you next week. Maybe we'll see is sometime this year. Who knows.