Hot Corner 12.6.17 Hour 1

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, December 6th
Talking the Ohtani news, plus Patrick's Chargers theory. 

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The American pastime. And it. Being real time. Baseball stories scores. Terrorism wins a big bill. Hottest topics and Patrick terrorism Michael. Sean Kennedy you know. Want to mention. I'm corn hurt. As we do it is bad waivers Wednesday for its modest. It's always. Always and forever and always central plan. A Wednesday do you say Wednesday unity different Wednesday in the normal it is it ever was in the normal. It's even a different Wednesday that would would normally be say a year to this date. A Wednesday flats kind of what I was leading towards there is normally. At least since the show has started the radio fund these specialists organ radio Thon has ended on a Wednesday. And we have done our first segment and an after the first segment we give we back away. We let Isaac and sue Kim and everybody take the mics and they would announce the total and we got shops and all sorts of fun stuff. This year it's the first day of the special there's organ radio on today so we are in the myths we are in the middle there all back there in the room take in the phone calls get the donation there's food back there. And tomorrow's the big act I'm really worried that they looked at and said you know the last years were grain of militias in this author's. But Billy the guys are great they released Wednesday guys. And they really understand it they're really with us and we backed them and they back because and everything's great but you know what. Listen let's oh sorry to schedule a meeting is and of Indians you guys widgets he's got to get it we just had wanted you know slowed it happened. We're gonna do what he meant to say what's happened to us by going to kick in case is joining us. This is special Olympic soaring in week quarreled few days when every one a college this is the radio found that I as insecure men do it for years and years. It's a number one thing they look forward to every year's and number one thing we look forward to every year at the station it's kinda. Our chance to give back to everything that is so great about you guys as listeners. You guys as sponsors us as employees in the buildings in the harbor and people at Special Olympics organ you can keep hidden the British orbiters to excellent five factor of five. Text in SO OR that's gonna let you don't aid. If you want to new you can also get online it S ul are dot org slash donate we got so many. Like. Packages. And memorable Ceglia an experience. Isn't all of this kind of stuff. Like a cross the board you don't even have to be a sports fan there's there's wind there's beard there's food there's golf players. Everything right. Plumbing bears yeah yeah services there's literally everything in the end if you're if you are someone populist thing and you want to donate. Your time essentially or if you wanna donate a package to be auctioned off. You have to email radio at SLR dot org it with what you'd be willing to do. In this way they don't get that in the metal be on the board for a guest tonight or tomorrow for the twelve hour. Marathon day 7 AM to 7 PM so that's the way to do that and if you are sports video a lot of sports stuff here to you've got the signed in Yemen the Jersey were so up for bid right now. You've got to Sino go back to junior Jersey got assigned did you watch Jersey he got the sign dame forest. Which is time bolt sneakers not just one sneaker. They're marks our New Jersey is there there's so much more plus I've been hearing to the revive some other signs of might be. Coming tomorrow as well forget authenticated so all sorts is just going to be available is great for your holiday shopping in your holiday gifts is great if you just won't want some of these things. For ourselves wanna be a little bit selfish for that. But if you're gonna be selfish about might as well not be selfish and give your body to a great cause in Special Olympics or. And we be doing this for years I remember the first year I was here. So what what is this my eggs are third fourth year do murdered her here doing this I remember the first year I was here. I didn't even know what was going on. And these guys showed me what was going on and on him. I'm so proud to say that for the first time if you tune in tomorrow afternoon at 130. You know I don't weren't just for this company I am I I do work for robbery with in Portland if you tune in tomorrow 130. I will be here on they're donating something for this cause that you can bid on that will be absolutely phenomenal you hit scorers food Beers. For any thinking if you ever wanted to know how brew works how in the world class Peru works Albie here offering something 42 bit on it's going to be pretty cool. I'm pretty excited it's it's a lot of work on my am but I like I like the juices are flowing through me I'm so excited to help out depending on India. The cost of that may be my I mean yeah yeah it's not going to be around what a great kind of situation it's not going to be super expensive we just we just won a show you kind of you know and if you listen to this show every Wednesday as we do this bad boy from seven to nine on Wednesdays. You know that I work in in the beer industry and I China to. Indulge into what I do. On the air because I don't want that conflict of interest but tune in tomorrow and I promise you that I do work for a world class Marreese somebody that is mass of the respect within the community. And we have something to offer you that I think if you like beer is going to be something. One of the kind we've never done anything like it before I pitched it two marketing guys. They looked at me or like why haven't we done anything like this before and I'm so excited to present it to fight and doing our job for us yet you produce and I doubt for us and and that that makes that kind of stuff easy you write how you do in my you do all right. Undergrad this is a great day as I loved being a part of the radio upon every year it's just kind of like happy by becomes. With the show and everyone's got to run and arousal to crazy there's been going on. I will saying credit to chat users running of this year I mean it's all I just met Chad what do cool dude it is they know organize and this year it's it's so much easier for us. There there has been years were like the first. The first year I did this I mean it was the first show I did and so there's a lot that goes on. I was like or Brack I was a train wreck in here I'd papers everywhere I had complete miles I had open that I hadn't saved in yet they had to figure out world premiere opens and so. And this year it's just like it went so smoothly. And everything is great how are we going to be here tomorrow. You do iron on our ownership and almost normal shift Crawford began his morning shift and struggled amid days I'll be afternoons but eyes and a suit will be here. 7% and always keeping Cowherd tomorrow. Yes I case. C organizing in soup for twelve hours yeah. Yes so he's off four ours was too much we TD well actually wait until you get to like 5 PM. When they're drunk on exhaustion. And the money and money coming in the mid and the items and stuff. It gets a little Lucy Lucy is pretty fun the last few hours are pretty fun I've been around here for the last few hours they've been great year up today up to up to the clock year try again and everything you can't. And they linger and have also been at this station at six and 7 in the morning and when you're in nighttime guys like guys Aiken and Jason you can. You king things don't comb as clear as possible so. I may even wake up in the morning just to listen to those guys at 7 in the morning just to see what it sounds like yeah I mean I think I think is probably started drinking to go to bed early maybe. Thirty minutes ago it's going to get to bed in the next hour and a half. Let's go to sleep the outer well I mean you're never on his grip on now because the separately yeah I does so sometimes you gotta you get a gig gun get it done and you're going to and then. 9 o'clock rolls around Gaza. I do we have a goal for this year the goal was to be last year so close so I hours every five that's was a hip and we do Carl's junior on board against a 25% of all their sales and organ south of Washington source moral code 22 this caused. So that number will be kind of totaled little bit later Ross who find out Carl's junior ads and put a 175000. Plus there's the goal this year there's no reason we don't need to. No way those guys don't get to go look at you yet no way no way. Because our Mary was like proclamation was like war and 76535. Was like the number last year and come on 200000 for special advisory that's a Glock. These boys got it I hope you're doing it for years. We we also want to take December it has thank people like Chad and everyone especially disoriented. For common in working their booties off to make this happen when I think taller sponsors whether it's a radio Special Olympics. Everyone that comes together do this kind of thing that's we can't say thank you enough. A locally to Oakley what we do have a sport show here that we do got to do something with. And we'll. We'll chat about you know there's some old Taiwanese stuff going on. The Yankees got a new manager. Maybe we'll get to Ji-Young Carlo update maybe nine because there's really nothing to update about but I think we're talking manes and college football playoff today William outside a baseball illnesses we talked on the show and gonna be our first show of the year and we. The slasher for the first time as we. Shed the baseball. Only rule once the season ends and we talked crystal talk but it is bolt or a couple segments and wants it to the doldrums in the winter it's like because a lot of talk about. But also to become a baseball segments but. There's top topics elsewhere then elsewhere ball play out the set we got our four teams I got I got strong opinions on the perception of the pac twelve made Lehman did to me we get to that next we come in our. I don't know I'm going to disagree if you considering I think it was really down and bad. Yang Yang you probably disagree with me and in fact you don't probably you massively disagree completely and we might get into that you can always follow us on Twitter Mike semi clinched when he seven you can find me a PDD 085. You can always takes a bridge for Beers to Iceland a 55305. That bad boy lets you interact with the us throughout the entire show. And if he's his uncle we married on the air who knows hey take a shot. When we come back some dude name motel money. As. Narrowed some things down and I feel like were on a clock right now though we could find out what's going on at any minute. This is the hot corner that's Mike Lynch I'm. 1080 the fan. 717 here for the sports leader to an idiot fan this is the hot corner. Special Olympics organ is still going on if you wanna donate you can always sticks of his four Beers to Iceland 55 through five just text in as 00. Our if you wanted to donate you can also jump on line. On as a little hard dot org slash donate. This is the how many years are we doing this Babylon. Maria I believe this is your three year three weight. This not our show special or 77. This is the seventh year is a seventy year we've been doing Special Olympics or in if you're just tuning in it's it's a great cause that guys can see expend. So much time in not a not just them but. The entire radio station ends we were was Special Olympics or in in our sponsors and everybody comes together to try to do absolutely anything we can raise money for this. Amazing cause it's so cool 'cause it's like humanitarian. But also let's just bring a little sports and its yeah I'm an out of one of its so great and everything comes together and ahead. And it allows Google things you catch as suit tomorrow will be on the air from 7 AM to 7 PMR. Cole. Is to be last year's record of a 175000. Dollars donated and I believe you guys is listeners and us ourselves here at the station can beat. That goal all right. Well. We'll talk some sports some all right. Sounds good to me is on the sports today out of the update is not without some sort every year my guess like sports sports sports sports sports sports and sports to it's about markets Peter sewing. During flag stands no I love to talk about it for thirty minutes just anything criminal but please don't do that and just chipped in just if well we are based on shows we feel we start with a little baseball we will get into some things that aren't baseball for. You know for s's and geez if you're if you're out there note those mean. Other first I want to start with. The Babe Ruth of Asia time. Oh honey our home buoyant honey. Has met with the teams that he chose today he would meet with so that is over. As an update to that and now he is close to making a decision. Based cities finalize all the meetings his decision will come soon soon. I really hope it happens within the next six minutes. It's gonna happen pride the end of the week and I would imagine but the six minutes would be cool there would be cool all of a billion of our segments. Breaking news by. When we were talking out of apartments and duplicate it it thank you for ruining everything so Tommy things and really interesting hasn't it I thought they knew. Because everybody's been talking about all. We talked about this and nobody was talking about how. In all of the usual suspects the Yankees the Red Sox of Albion divorcee and the Yankees were the sure fire favorite. Minute you said it on this show with a sure fire fable I mean I was I just from what I was reading it made sense to me right make sense to me to and it comes out late. To say Friday or something and the reports are that a Tommy told the Yankees he didn't want to play there. And it was like well okay. And other so grew that the Red Sox know the Red Sox also were told no in the report came out that he wanted a smaller market. West Coast team so we did talk about the West Coast the West Coast is a very good place to. Be acclimated to living in America while still keeping soldier culture from living in eastern Asia agreed you're basically saying that the West Coast is and a bunch of white people he's close right I mean well. Sure but. I fishy there a lot of east Asians immigrated to the West Coast. A lot of relief a lot of Asian immigrant to the West Coast is closer to two their continent and he said he wanted to smaller market team is he currently lives in a smaller city in Japan. And Nik it's your noodle thinking right. Who are the small market. West Coast teams are only too often there's only two. Allman and go with the San Diego Padres. Correct. And him go with the two coal motoring years also correct yes. Gonna go play for the two careers now the Mariners. Oakland's ever Cisco big market LA Anaheim big market. Is all the big market Alia the but I mean even with their baseball team that is being in bad paper billion on the ground up monthly living in a very big city there Oakland is just I mean as high as. Populated actually might be as a public service has got a whole areas is not liberal rock across the baying get to one of the biggest cities in America exactly so. These markets to he said that him and his finalists were. Mariners. Giants. He did not Whoopi is because well by the depiction toilet at the literally Dodgers. Angels Padres. And in the cubs and Rangers were it's not a West Coast or sell wreck especially that cubs like that's not a small market no I don't get it but it. Maybe you like watching the Rangers route to where Darvish uses idle time some maybe maybe that's the connection there but. I mean to me everything seems to lead to me to believe the Mariners might be the team he would pick because honestly. As much as it as the Padres are small market West Coast team it's a great city to live but also sock. They suck really bad and and NATO is they don't show signs of getting better you know. And he's like oh it did not finish last in the division this year thanks to come. But he. I could see him go I'm currently he'd be the star right and he billion nice place by. I mean Seattle really seems perfect man. If you want a smaller now Seattle's a very big market but in terms of the West Coast baseball market is small market baseball wise football wise it's great market yes I'm talking even the size of the city. It's not bigger than LA or Cyrus is don't know nobody even even market wise and you have smaller cities that are still big markets. But Seattle is. In in terms of baseball. A smaller academy remember nationally yet nationally we remember when Robby can Knoll. Signed with the mayor's. Everyone said up money grab. Why would anybody go to that small market team yep and it's not a small market but in the national perception it stopped. The closest team to Seattle is what. Colorado Rockies Sams is giants may be technically Oakland a little further North Korea and scampered Cisco. But you're Tug and you know a thousand miles indifference. And the only team that you play out of those regularly is exactly. Once once jumped in and out there I didn't like bought at about click OK that's an interesting idea. I know is that I was like he's telling the members. Like in Las Vegas is gonna Yankee sought to be wrong again and watch him pick the pondered all teams. Wouldn't that the enemies abuse really strange but. Pay whatever more power to you show a guarded dodging money relieving early so whatever you wanna do fairly money no matter. But what what will move the Mariners that would be for the Mariners you know Tommy. In a year that we talked about this is John. It seems like they gotta do something now because can knows about to hit that mark in his contract reader and ago is gonna decline right in Nelson Cruz is getting any younger. So he's he's got power of the Jews. Well maybe but and then in Adrian Bryan Healey which is not really a splashy name but it is a better first base situation and you had. And you know Tommy who I guess could play first he can be your DH one attribute it obviously be a starting pitcher him. What's funny about this is John and his little conspiracy theory couple weeks ago said. Darvish first then autonomy able Todd is gonna be first is making decisions soon. Is that enough to get Darvish also join or does Darvish not giver about a top. Yet that's a tough thing because we hear these stories that oh Tony's zero his idol the guy he looks up to. Is Yu Darvish. But that doesn't necessarily translate the other way around like LeBron James wears number 23. Because Michael Jordan wore 23. But that doesn't mean Michael's like. Charlotte. Yeah that we should go after that LeBron James guy he's my guy you know doesn't always translate that way however I mean just getting to this mayor thing on a hole. I think I think your completely spot on my sixteen strike now. Because. Of total came in and they've done so much work to try to build this team into contender and then they were ravaged by injuries last year. And outside of diehard baseball fans that really follow things they look like deemed a danger doing the same old mayors La La La La esteem spends money but they're really terrible. While the law law. Oh Tony you bring that in and I think that not only benefits your ball club. But sends a message to the rest of baseball that says hey. I know you wanna laugh at us I know we had massive injuries last year we still think we can win now cause you said it is said he yourself Mike like the Robby can no window is closing quickly. And we all know that Nelson Cruz is old which mayor fans are lucky to get what they give that Nelson Cruz right now so you gotta strike or sign cows seniors. I'm getting any better. No Kelsey your seems to have hit his ceiling a little bit yes but and I think did a thing to think about his goal is eager ruling could for the ball club. It's good for the marketability of the Mariners without a doubt and I think what's it's zero PO Tommy billions. Wherever he goes is going to become a big baseball market in the national media. At least for the beginning of the season if not for the entire time of his career there because he's back in testing of a story a UC's Japan's favorite. Want. There's another Babe Ruth coming units of the MLB that's insanity right. So you're easily going to be on the map seamlessly in the spot market yet he's gonna get all the media attention a mile circuit fully understand was gonna get absorbed into. Susan with the US media but. I look I want him here if if you like on the Yankees which is not. I'm assuming you can the same ways not go to the Indians I want and mariners I want to see him pitch in hit. On Bruce or it's and watch it I wanna see it here every day every. May be so lucky we're going to be awesome. It would be awesome and when we come back I wanna kind of chat about this a little bit more in Tennessee what kind of impact on again this media aspect as well. In terms of the small market. Using some ladies and experiences from pass guys and things like that and we'll do that nexus is the hot corner on 1080 the fan the first years Mike was sports. Owner when Arizona wins Sean Hannity program. We were just talking about. It was Johnny. Who makes Babe Ruth. Trying to come to America rank things were treading awhile. Speed corrected reckon things you'd doves of 5352. Young kids on field house here but they were just up like. I feel separate incidents not. On to mean but it still only in Kansas senator has some guys on the T logo in the Saturn those I those if you those. They might policy and it might be back at all that it has entered this immigrant center and it's. Early partners of bill auction was just up like 101000 chances to come back completely. Kansas has been search news. Last week our Saturday or badly. Yeah pretty depressing start six and oh Israel cool until you've played junior it will ups. Actually they played OK for awhile somewhat better off freshman that's fine my tubes are six and oh. Knowing Los alike cal state Fullerton. They keep beat Saint Mary's beat San Diego State like man and his team is pretty good in the eighties. As the 100%. By the early season on commerce federal last year. Insurgency make the tournament yeah the first like two weeks who sees us just really cool yeah it's great did that proves one of free seizing Burgundy yeah. Sure their plane nobody. But hey you're like ball. Day. William playful blog anymore about that. Well for the spouse wanting a grave for the first time as long as I can remember sir he's actually playing good teams in the nonconference here they've played Maryland they should be. They played Kansas and they played UConn loss last night they beat. So direction playing good schedule which mr. happ because that's what's been forced amount of instruments. Last couple times admissible or not our hospital Sox. By the way I do wanna get to a Tony but I do wanna mention this is retiring cause as well have you noticed that a lot of that peak heavy hitters in college bass well this year are playing a lot of it she eight games nonconference. Politically Katie helped out for sure right and he's like what was it sixteen teams to play each other for a weekend and he's seen the team's gone Sega is playing before they get into the WCC and got smacked a little over yesterday he had that got smacked by Villanova but I mean they played Villanova they played Florida they like their nonconference schedule is -- legit. And that is something that we can respect and those basketball enough football but. Paging Alabama paging Georgia paging anybody. I'll remember sir I did in the schedule now than. Mean I guess Troy is not a game game to schedule either know if you think about it and thorough we're talking about and Tony in his quest to make Major League Baseball. And all signs point to Mike believes this arm right there with him I think. I I think I would bees at this point surprised. If the Mariners didn't land him I think. It is clearly their race to lose right now. Armed. Small market as it is some limits of the Padres might even be your favorite there was a John. Ivins on payments on them okay and I was like swallow the powders may even be the favorite. I also saw today that the angels and mariners did some sort of deal with the Minnesota Twins to increase their international spending pool. Yet the international slot money which now on him. This the Rangers soul of the most the Rangers have overly three and a half mil. But in the mariners' and angels' public two point seven and six from him in the NL teams that are in it all have like 300000 yet so calm pace have a cheap TI don't know exactly what we have money goes I don't fully understand Matt. But I'm I'm assuming the more you have the more likely you can land a top. And an I don't get to this media aspect which I think is such a huge factor in to what's going to be his decision in where he goes. And if you look at it. Okay the Dodgers the LLA has huge media whether you're the Dodgers the angels this huge media down okay San Francisco also the huge media. Okay Seattle pretty good sized media of all those teams I haven't seen any of them more recently. Had a better. Asian media presence in Seattle. Okay there's a there there is a huge Asian population in San Francisco is huge Asian population and LA like we said West Coast. Tends to mean it. But. In Seattle we've already seen this before and I don't just mean with Ichiro I mean width. The population. In Seattle is I think more into baseball. Then the same Siskel population more so than the LA population whichever team you root for down there. That if your oats honey in medium means something to you which it sounds like you'd done this. That's what makes me lean more towards yeah. Is nodding because of the team. Or the size of the market. But the fact that the media. Will Gulu on to him not only will we have great representation in America from the media but he will have phenomenal. Representation in Japan from the media in Seattle. I do wonder how much about his role I remember. Hideki Matsui brought a lot of Japanese reporters the X games all the time wooden. I'm I'm sure a bevy of reporters reverence our schemes for Daisuke and in a minute Dan noble with the doctors go down Melissa welcome. But I do river Seattle specifically to these are having that. I think any person comes over from the from Japan or Korea or ever is going to bring a large contingent of reporters with them just because. Those are the best players. In Japan. That are coming to play in the MLB. So those are the players were most covered most talked about of course are following more like if LeBron if there was a better. Basketball league in the world somewhere and LeBron less the MBA to go play in the Cathay Sheen or I make no law coming on for Catholics are so I don't know if jazz ecstatic. We'll sink hasn't yet he goes and plays to the decay BA because extent basketball association from. Ice I guarantee we got reporters out there following LeBron in the in the best league in the world right because you're so proud that. He made the jump to go go to vastly. Yeah and I think in anything. You know you're talking about with the dice k.'s and Hideki is and the Nomo is in the and the people like that. I don't. And I and I could you could be a little suede because I am in northwest didn't always have been but I hate. Don't think I've ever seen more of an international media following for any player. That came into America from outside of America and the Japanese media that showed up for Ichiro. That was insane there was I know Matsui was God's zillow that was his nickname. And easy you know one that would the most revered home run hitters in the history of of Japanese Baseball and he went to the Yankees any. Goes on to win the World Series MVP and all that kind of stuff but the media that showed up in 2001 for Ichiro on the mayor's was. On the real. I do wonder though Sorgi he's a small town person from small town guy. Is that a negative. Like I'm assuming in in Japan he's getting all sorts covered all the time and I don't know what difference between the media they are for for baseball is between the MLB media but. Is that a negative to him to have like reporters shoving mics in his face all the time if that's the case maybe San Diego is the destination because they've got me. They like famously tame media market for sports athletes in other don't go hard after the of their. They're athletes there it's a very it's you know it's small medium market for small a couple of teams now one team because the chargers left. Sorry to open that'll about. But by the way you should hear my charger theory I'll tell you later okay. Have you stuck remembered for them as stomach team that. I'm glad that's Amman some people a little as usual and it got because you know advanced journalists. Aren't I guess on the will share an exec okay. I do wonder though if that's the case that the media may be saying it was the best option for him because it'll be. Easy. Yeah I U which CNET team totally spot on that it's like a wanna be part of a small media because they don't want a thousand microphones in my face. But I think there might be an aspect of this. That we don't realize a little more eager to his to cool a little more arrogant aspect to this in this sense. May be I wanna go to a small market team because then I will be. Doug dip maybe I do want all those microphones in my face. Maybe I do want everyone scrutinizing everything ideal he is getting any I'm gonna be amazing two years prior to when he would get the big payday. Right because it helps to prevent which tells me arrogance is a park which makes me saying. I'm not going to San Diego I'm going to Seattle. Because I will be the eighteen of the town the only occurs in vote Tawny signs with the Seattle mayor's. There'll only be two people more famous in Seattle. Then autonomy. And that will be Bill Gates. And Brussels. And then on Tony will be number three Ken Griffey who. Here's Leonard Warren at the end I guess I guess in terms of my current state occurred people that hit yet Bill Gates will always be because of you know because of Microsoft because of philanthropy all that kind of jazz will always be the Seattle guy. Number two is Russell Wilson he won a Super Bowl you're not gonna unseat that NFL's number one it's king what he'll like it or not. And Russell Wilson's a good guy he's great with the media blah blah law. Tony will be number three. And I think if you're a Tony you're number two in the sports world. That's about as good as he can be. Now that's pretty that's true I mean that's better than going to new York and trying to compete against Eli Manning in the back pages you know or. Going to Chicago. And it. I don't know Chicago is kind of a dumpster fires sports are there risks weird town for sports yeah yeah or it was a brisk yet reality. It's Chris Bryant if you wanna keep promising oh Chris bright they're eagle yet he's he's not going to the cubs. Make I was shocked to see the cubs were on this list is built so when he's going to becomes a no way he's going to the cubs yeah. I'll ought to be due to lost in the mass of Brazil yet that's what I want plus you know. You are near an ocean near completely landlocked tree concealing Michigan good. Is accountable ocean near. I was there this this summer well because the Great Lakes funnel into another great lake which funnels into a river which eventually gets the noted how they negotiate so large. You can't see the other side surges looks like an ocean all right right this. Or you can look at the Puget Sound which is the ocean exactly if it. Our question that you would get into something on baseball and shall we talk about. What a tiny would mean for the Mariners. Should we wait and do that Willis has signed for the Mariners. It's not once not jinx this too hard core. Priority saying we think he's gonna go to less popular so when he signs out of the barriers to be because then you certainly not certainly not yet we will genus which could wrap our interior charges they're numbered curious of those who don't know Patrick was charter stand. Analysts at Manila San Diego and he went I don't know what to do I think gonna drop the team. He dropped the team I don't root for LA teams in the northwest kid and teams and so that's the back story quickly and I would like to hear his theory on the chargers. Right when we come back we'll talk about maybe one of the hottest teams in the NFL and that would be yours not mind. Los Angeles chargers is the hot corner on 1080 the face of terrorism and Johns and navy both program. December oh dear this is the hot corner 1080 the fan we are number one don't you forget it. The Special Olympics orient radio Thon is going on as kids who will be on the air tomorrow 7 AM to 7 PM. Doing it the seventh annual which is a whole lot of sevens here. Your son Daniel seven S&P. 175000. Who liked that which gives. 700000. Willow which worries that. And I so these Special Olympics orient radio Thon is going on it started today they're gonna be on the air all day tomorrow. You can text in the British or appears takes time five after a five antics as 00 are that will be don't you can also do it on the website as OR dot org slash donate. How about to this cause it's. The biggest event of the year here attending the fan is the thing we put the most effort into the in thing you dollar sponsors no matter who you are where you already come from where you been who you are. We love you thank you. We are talking about to my theory here on the NFL what does the game. How do you have a theory on a team that left through the city well it's more of a projection. It's more of what I team is going to help prepare came so I'm looking that I was looking at the schedule. For you or Los Angeles chargers. And the LA CA not buy it by the than a minute. Who could the charges are six and six right now he played the Redskins. Excuse me they play Washington. On Sunday. Forgot that's the thing I don't toggle a lot of NFL on the here is forget that stuff and it's like in giant pulled my computer screen. Anyway so they play Washington on Sunday. The afternoon game charters six and six Redskins five and seven I its own game amended charges are favored. I expect jurors to win. They've employed there than at Kansas City and hot dumpster. Ira has been losing and losing and losing which does not. There's not much more than gives me more joy in the NFL in the chiefs' losing a lot. Isaac says a bronco fan boy I know that my team is also a worst of a fire at the moment but he's been excellent at those little things somebody else who division to Meyer and his well that's totally fine. The week after that the oh today. Next week is Saturday night at the chiefs. Little Saturday and sent us that I covered in nearly endless I forget that on the NFL network and then the week after that is at the jets I imagine we're gonna pick the chargers to win that. And then they finish of the year hold against the raiders who were also kind of hot mess ripe old division kind of socks. So for the charger except for the chargers group also comes sucked but willingly write a so I think this team. Has the opportunity and in my opinion should win their next four games. Which finishes them at ten in six chip which I think drops will drop them you know and all depends on how it shakes out to the UC is not world beater. I think the chargers can either finish out. As. Seeking NC does kind of figured out and they when the division's charge to be the five seed were they when the division and become the foresee. However this plays have this idea. And I think the patriots are a one seed or the TC doesn't matter Steelers or the water that you whichever falls into place. I imagine the charges when their first round game 'cause I think this team is really good Philip Rivers has been. Playing better Philip Rivers football so then I've ever seen who also be an offensive would be their bid titans went in the south for another operative at the rim itself. Right. Maybe the jaguar into the jags are the other wild card team here or duplicative to directly from yet orca if you say the bottom for the two wild card in the two other division winners that don't differs from buy our. Tennessee. San Diego. Jacksonville. And ones in the achieves an LA and I said yeah sorry what do app that's gonna be hard to break for many many years. It's like pac ten I still say pac ten. Of those four teams who's the better team. Probably the chargers. I in my. It's hard for me to say this but their defense aside and asked him I didn't have it worse fair enough. But sure the chargers could certainly make commitment to threat so I think the chargers find themselves in the past that meets with the Steelers in the second round. And I think the chargers find some stupid sneaky way to beat the chargers. Are to be the Steelers and then they going to Foxboro in the AFC championship and get destroyed and beat the pants off the patriots. But miss the field goal as time expires in the patriot screws. As my senior year earlier first is like truly. Truly a charger fashion he finds some way to sneak in the America and the AFC championship series. Clay the patriots. All are the better team on the road to line up for a field goal to win a big game and go to the Super Bowl shank right. You know feature is gonna sowerby hilarious on so many levels. But wouldn't it be more chargers for them to lose their last four games a completely flame out of the playoff resemblance and have been the best team is to us yes however they would've done it last week and lost the browns. Well none and you see they already have their lost the browns out of the way it last year. When the browns were always fifteen. And they beat the chargers in the final week of the season to win there'll medium here charges only 11910. Yeah disrobe and up so the game was that look parity again is that home let's start this let's start this. A year while osh is pretty get a memo would be surprised they are pretty good deal watched. Did you watch that Thanksgiving game with Washington in the giants' psyche was awful brits were the worst football games and ever seen in my alaskans have a pretty good off and so out must profits. They had no offensive line they've got no running back. Other tidings chance stay healthy. And all the receivers play for other teams how was that offense good as her purse because of co workers gross. Turco and made them look pretty good cars gross. I would love to see them like kept their playoff hopes squash for the jets. All because then the jets would win more. And the jets or trying detained. Are gonna finish like seven wins and then all of a sudden have a middle for a draft pick and popularly in the better that would be super jets could be super Jesse and supercharged at the same time and that's been one. The moral of the story is is I think this team is really good. And I think this team this projection that I have will happen because I'm no longer a fan. Because I am no longer a charger fan they're gonna knock on the door of the Super Bowl. Mobile and Melissa good. I was that it was Thanksgiving dinner him. SP you know losing the Huskies are up well and chances with 36 seconds to go out aligned earlier this game and they're gonna win this game unless they husky and up. I was sitting at the Thanksgiving table. And to act press god threw an interception. That got picked sixth against the chargers. And I looked at the screen and go home goodness. Did we just pick six that breast. And my sister's boyfriend noted don't know it was my mother's husband turns to me any says. Did you just say we eat. And went all of Satan in you as you can see you Andy game. It was shot up your drunk names I know you or if it. So we'll say this that is now my team and root for them Holler there in the AFC championship and watch. A virtual persona under different course of rooting for. But of course you don't know what it's like to root for Philip Rivers. Every. Single day. For if teen years Michael you don't get it. You don't know how noted fee yeah man you don't. Get it. And me me me and the year highs stop rooting for Philip Rivers and he looks like a hall of Famer. Everybody's like you over us like a hall of fame caliber as one of the best seasons I've ever seen him. Sure fire hall of Famer iron tower the other morning was like silver's play the best have played his life proven he should be all of him and them dislike. Vomiting in my mouth my phantom just wants to die to souls crawl into a hole and never watch and and a fell again. Any teams cash your fears edition that you've watched I mean you're free agent to receive fuel to latch on anybody yet. The Los Angeles chargers. There are a team that might you know get behind that team. Enjoy both said guy he's a get over your acts and find somebody new. And go find a bounce back do you like when juju like blows up some dude parents are Steelers and even it's a really do should there mr. for the Steelers home. Seahawk fans and friends. Even more fun she's just root for the patriots and only watched James Drew Bledsoe jerseys all right when we come back I want to talk about the new manager in New York. Not the giants' cause they suck and nobody jitters but the Yankees. Have hired a new manager and I find this quite interest in will do that nexus Michael is by and glass peers here this is the hot corner on 1080 different.