Hot Corner 10.18.17 Hour 1

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, October 18th
Yankees/Astros deep dive!

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The American pastime. At all have a. Ended up. Being real time. Baseball stories scores. We'll terrorism wins a big no. Hottest topics and score. Patrick Harrison Michael. Sean Kennedy though. Well the man to another. Or additional the hot corner. A bigger today we dug a little soccer. And college basketball's about to star. Leno still wanna talk about DOS. Stoppage stuff the stuff and. Romney the jags defense. Pursue our corners are two of the best and influenced Jim Ramsey was good and college degree has been great for the yeah I figured that's so we'd focus a show on today because nothing Elson the baseball world is going on. Against office why things are happening we meet there had many good things are happening I gave up on baseball last week. We did wind up playing the clip when Gardner hit the single on prime time the next day. It was even funny you're hearing it back. And your line was I believe and I'm going to kill myself. It is very matter of factly. Do you know the last hour of our show last week. If if you're just tuning in this week you don't realize is last week the it was yankees Indians game five DO DS Michael and I were here. As we always or every Wednesday. Doing a show alive as a game is going on live view it was actually one of the hardest moments. Of sports talk radio I've done in my three years four years of doing this I remember it's. It's been long enough that I can remember it's one of the hardest if not the hardest moments of their had to be. A behind a Mike. Simply because you're trying to dictator and run a show that. Things are happening and he'd rather be sitting at a bar with your friends drinking beer you have been I mean. Luckily. There are commercial breaks. But the amount of times I want to just stop listening to you in just stare at the TV said laundry list here ever right and just show. No I'm gonna stop talking now PM was basically the entire show we've fought through it. We did play the game for about ten minutes at one point it was just a nice reprieve it was like Erika really assist Marie Kelly just was watching him for second listen to him. And then. Yeah the actual game winning hit the delete extending hit a guest was. Live during a segment and we tried to time announce that we didn't have that happen in Gardner belong to step out of all time. That would eleven foul balls and it looks as we never thought Brett Gardner would be. Well you'd coroner didn't Guyton and former dictator consular but. I was it was really tough to do that show only tell you because. If one of us had a team climb the other one can carry the show and Libya should be fine but when both of us ever teams playing against each other against each other. It was it was an interest in it is certainly. You know firing into a lot of was how I don't know focus on this I ran into a lot of people. Whether it be radio people Twitter T able. Co workers. Gas clients way whatever you wanna say you know everybody wants to talk to me about this. And I you know as you can each year. You go back to listen less Schwab tire podcasting you can hear that I am quite. Defeated. Quite defeated and then of course T wanna talk to you by how defeated you're in your life thinks this is making me feel better I appreciate it. Like I think people want to like help. But it may also just wanna see how bad it low you've got after a loss like that people want to know. 'cause every fan has had that feeling at some point strike at different levels last year mayor thing because you never know. Wells and say don't take shots and everyone's different levels mariners. I have had that in the regular seasonal. Be happy you have that feeling right you know that feeling of pure dismay after your team loses. Any people wanna kind of figure out what other people's reactions are a sea of their reaction was more to me when that happened to their team. And that's kind of having to work interest of the Seattle loses cyber after the when he said reacts to an obvious way renters to disable. Who believe yeah IA we here we go the where the greatest UP IEA. What what is said everybody and you and I hope everybody out they're listening and maybe my team I understand this as well. To beat in this studio. In front of a microphone. Doing the show which which I love so much it means so much to me. You know maybe maybe actually more soul than my allegiance to any of my sports teams outside of my alma mater. It would mean element should he pitch we're not gonna talk about right now. This is that was the hardest moment. I've ever been behind this Mike. Simply because how how I explain it to people it's like okay. You are with this you've partner came weather shall wife your girlfriend your boyfriend whatever it is. You have a partner and you are absolutely dedicated to him not only do you believe in them achieve above them and you're by their side. At every moment whether they win or lose. Succeed or fail however you want to describe it. Being behind this microphone. While that went down the only way I can describe it is if Justin Timberlake. Walked into your house. Stole your partner from you and you had to watch them have sex. At island commented on and commentator on that's how it felt I noticed and that was hard what was the weirdest thing about it to me. Was I was celebrating. As it happens. Right and the weirdest thing about it was that all emotion left your voice when you went straight robot and you know me I'm not robot you announced what happened. You said amber Carter it's in the right field. And yankees extend particularly in. And curriculum or makes an error than I've ever seen in my life before in the score another run and I want to kill myself. And he urged Joe's sports and maybe maybe maybe a little bit more in their right there's no life in your voice but it was very like professionally matter of fact what is happening you went. I don't want field us something to say what's happening with no emotion and then Negroponte had the quarter which you did. Push ahead into the corner of the wall and discussed at their for the whole break. And it was a very it was very strange reaction. I was not expecting. I felt like I couldn't be happy that it happened because you were in the room and I feel bad for you for that I was like I'm really excited but I can't be that excited because I've buddy over here is really in pain and I've felt bad because it took away from the or join. Not to mention two days later my alma mater loses. In a very or fashion three days later my alma mater duke to number two team America I should two days later. I'll moderate intimately says oh yeah you guys played before us now come sold that went down. And on. Two days later mile motors athletic director leaves who is a friend of mine Mike I can sit here on this. And not because of radio ties and because of was he ties bill loses. I consider him a friend of mine. For him to leave was another punch in the gut I'm really glad I went to the timbers game on Sunday and I'm so. Glad that I did I was walking into the stadium as the game was starting. And I'm thinking to myself no one should let me in this building DC united the worst team in the Eastern Conference. And you're gone well the results clinch a play operative they win. Image dead and I'm thinking to myself. If anyone knew who I was right now they would say get out. You can not come in this statement because I had the worst week of sports in my life. The timbers 140. And it brought me back to life. Probably back to life and been able to watch the baseball playoffs. The first baseball player a fine tuned into was. Game three of the yield success. The care that's the first game I watched. And since I knew him back onboard for the most part I mean I followed I knew what was happening I I saw clips and things like that the game three. The ALCS was the first time I was able to back days. The time against OPEC and it is I've been in this I've got some listings things to say about. ER yankees' all right Oakley don't play well coming up we are a lot of things get into today. Dodgers cubs playing right now game four Dodgers on the brink of a sweep however they are down. 21 right now. Off of all home runs in this game hobby by as Wilson contreras go deep for the cubs and then the young kid Cody Ballinger hello hi I'm still here. Goes deep for the Dodgers it's 21 will keep an eye on that blazers are also tonight juvenile mag team with my A get a little mantra never baseball's pretty full right now. Will breakdown the LC as we breakdown the annals CS and then also. I mean it's not even a tees anymore about. Is their chance of baseball come to this down there might be some actual legitimate lace that will get to that in the top of the 8 o'clock hour. Outside of that you can always fighters on Twitter he can find Mike Lynch at Mike Lynch 27. He can find me at key DD 085. You can also takes a bridge for others to sign a 55305. That lets you in Iraq without being without the show throughout the entire two hours that we are here harass us we love when we come back. I figure why not game to game five ended today yanks up 32 will dive into the American League. Championship series is the hot corner from Portland sports leader 1080 that your. 719 here on 1080 the fan. Cubs still have to one top of the fifth two outs areas still on the mound. Alfred I mean I am Brit to three. Leniency and if he told me to shop and I've probably through the Brad should. Going to Asia it's only five tease them all well to be fair let's come back on Aminu too much this is the NBA where it is king. Of the rope as many bad shots as possible. And some of them go in and you'll be a superstar yes this is where. Mediating on the NBA begins home for treatment starts of course you're gonna him MBA you'd like to him NBA I don't like to hear on the MBA like to call it as they see it in the NBA sucks when you love college basketball so does a little bit of that and you don't know. Of Roswell rules individuals. Yeah well college mask and excellent defense rotation can't had a shot the same lines won't hear. That's what makes it exciting. And direct the break well there tend to take quality shots. It. It they do not take more call and look I love god mouse ball you notice I love it it's easy for you to love college basketball mr. Jim behind me for those of buzz it's brutal lot some times it's all have figured. Michael is behind the glass tonight on the producer's side note Joseph Fisher tonight's show is an earlier today here for like seven hours so. I'd give him why lefties in the building. Well until prime time so well you know it's double header sometimes you know. Because I don't know edited on it during spring another loan is prism buttons and do and updates on the hour. Science. What if my car. Dang it I'm trying to give Joseph Fisher's some flak here and you're like well and because I'm behind the glass today ailment in producers' shares on the stick up for another producer viewer and here you be blasting Joseph. OK for the record that this chaired changes my emotions yes I do Eric as a all right well the yanks come up with a big win today to extend to break up the tie in the American League Championship Series yanks go 32 against the Houston Astros. Coming back from 20 deficit. And by goodness do we have series here this is grim such an exciting series from game. One through tonight. Less so for Astros fans games three and five but. It's been really intense. There have been in a lot of important players there's been a lot of close calls and at at the plate patient wildly from umpires. There's been a lot of clutch hits. There's been a walk off in game two with thanks Carlos Korea there's been some dominant pitching performances from both sides. It's been everything you want in a baseball series. In general and air especially now that the Yankees are for me but it if you're neutral view work. This is like the best series you could -- right now I think so too I think your mom excuse me kind of spot on on that simply because. The apps or games wanting to okay after after Indians yankees go five. Any use sting kind of takes care business for the most part I don't think anybody thought at any moment the Red Sox. We're going to overcome come back report tonight from on the accuracy of rise four runs in the first inning of game one whatever or your panel like you later adios. Obama I think after the asks after the Astros came out games wanting to now they were closely contested games it's and remember which one got away from home a little bit at the end of the U was game one. No spoke to one OK okay so so both games are really good but you kind of thinking OK maybe the yanks are a little spent little tired coming back from 20 in the previous series. Maybe maybe this is she's sincere. Dias as being if this has been such a great series because after game two I was like OK yanks swing game three. Astros win game four. Yanks may put together game five Astros went six nothings really challenged I think that's when you look at 'cause that Yankee bats look cold. The Astros pitching looked really good he didn't have to rely on their bullpen too much especially game two with Verlander throwing a jam. I would argue that after game two things looked bleak for the Yankees well. I look at a little bit differently. Well year homer nobody totally it's totally unbiased military piloted a little differently. AA was the Yankees had just come back from 20 down against the Indians so wasn't like it was a ski. Re deficit right if it would have been if the the series is the unions is different but they've just proven they can do it the other thing was this the Astros scored. Like with all your hundred runs a game against the Red Sox right there were amazing constantly onslaught during the regular season. And despite the fact they won both those games is scored two runs and two rounds. And their offense did not look very good cultural bill looked amazing Correia looked really good in general nobody else would kind of fat right. So I'm going paging George springer I'm going down 20 but the Astros aren't hitting okay. Michael Verlander now going to be. Out for the next two games he got Charlie Morton Brad peacock colors wherever you wanna throw right. I said I could see the Yankees conducted to at least get back into the series just because of that alone the Astros just didn't. In the first two games. At a yankees it went worse and I want to give all the credit to try going to Verlander they pitched amazing games and you're going to especially broke and he took a 140 pitches before he was out there forever because that's what he does he went on nine inning he was unstoppable is because the astros' bullpen is awful absolutely atrocious we talked about this going to the playoffs that was the one thing I didn't think the Astros at was that bullpen. And the so the fact they got tackled ago seven. And they got related to go 90 OK you know they're they're managing the bullpen have a couple arms they trust them to get him in there that's fine. But Charlie Morton pitching and when I thought Brad peacock but it was my callers on the starting with the starting. I was assuming they'd get knocked a little bit early in the bullpen comes in and all bets are off and it kind of worked out like that release in the first came Charlie Morton did not pitch well. I'd give up. What what four runs in three innings and the kind of turn him into a blow up pretty quickly. But through the same storyline from the Astros stayed they weren't hitting again. And then this was against CC in game three in four comes around. It's kind of similar to game three of Indians yankees 00 for very long time callers is pitching very very well. But if tiger is pitching well in the group you would go real hits the Big Three run double. Officer on the gray after a walk catcher's interference and a walk but believe it was. You laid out that for Sonny gray gets pulled after five plus innings gives up one ahead right two walks or runs in seven k.s and he gets hung out to dry and you know okay that's you know they win this game they're down 321 title goes tomorrow series is over right I that's how I Felton. And then the magic started. In the weird decision to pull the colors after one home run started I was little I could judge AJ had a little bit after that I went really. He's pitching a gem ensure hung a curveball to judge but. He's got like 75 pitches right now why you Paula. Well let's get into this we've seen it there's two things a wanna get into 18 in all revolves around managing but don't use one as example as I get into the second point. The example I have is Max Scherzer is throwing a no hitter he gives up hit. Doesn't have a hundred pitches and sees like a Verlander of active role once when he. And you're not worried about it that you feel OK if he throws one when he Dusty Baker did scared pulls the trigger. In a terrible terrible move and who's in the playoffs right now the Dodgers. Who is not the nationals. I thought that was a terrible move from him. Land smoke colors. Gives up a solo home run right. And aging change comes out and Paul's overall browser essentially rally killers Billie called runs are kind of like rally killers could what you want is runners on base to keep the picture nervous. It hit a home run it could be huge. But say your Dallas for nothing and it's a two run shot well that's in the rally right get in eight because nobody on base and more the pitcher can settle back down an account and so for me. Despite one of these guys having a very blatantly. Obvious. The loan managerial decision in this series a lot of what boils down to me outside a player I'm player is. AJ hinge is getting out managed. Tenfold. By Joseph Girardi. Who you have heard these same on this show many many many times. That Joseph Girardi is a top four top five maybe even top three manager in this game. And he is showing you in this series as hobby by as goes deep for the second time in the game for the Dodgers up 31. In the NLCS games or cubs sorry cubs up 31. In aid. Winner go home kind of situation what is it that the purpose they're in the fifth bottom of the fifth as hobby goes deep I think Joseph Girardi is. Come whom. The Al managed him in this so that's a little lock the pitching staff has looked phenomenal for the Yankees and we'll get into that have after we come back from break. But I think AJ inch is in the league that he doesn't know how to be. Because if you look at this okay Dave Roberts sure. Never really been here before he has little experience their beer for. Joseph Maddon knows what he's doing Terry Francona knows recently John Ferrell. Won the World Series Joseph Girardi won a World Series there's a lot of guys in the playoffs and know what they're doing hinge looks. Lost as a manager to me and I it's interesting you say that. And it really think about it that way right and and they accuse getting out manage and edit really think about that way but I did kind of have got bought today. When. I wanna say it was Brad peacock came inning gave up to Gary Sanchez home run. And I may be cut to hinge in the dugout. In his interest is college walking around. And then like went up to the railing and then stepped back and was well walking around again. Any kind of seemed like he was like I don't know what to do yet our bullpen is not good what do I supposed to do. That I kind of did get a little bit of the feelings I wonder I mean out of season over his head but. Maybe he's just. He's get let the nerves get to a little bit but the question if if he's in over his head and why's he pulled the string on starters so early. Think that that's what that's the overwhelming thing to me that's like. What are you doing if you know your bullpen sucks why are you pull when to do just gave up all run. I think I saw a stat that my callers after he hit a certain number pitches which is what he was that. The batting average against the most like almost 400. So the fact that that was the page number and it is first pitch to be any give up a home run he let up we know what's gonna happen now callers in the Sox maybe that's what the reasoning was. I think him Joseph Girardi has has been victim of this a lot in the playoffs is Girardi. Has a plan. Going into the game and he doesn't like to us way catcher from the plan. He doesn't want to read the game. And kind of get the feel he goes this person has X-Men at pitches that missed pictures coming in the miss pictures coming in and that's the end of the story. He's famous for his binder is a binder but it references. That is in this kind of situation I think some and you got to manage reviewer got a little bit too and I don't know if tensions do American. I would agree Jake area did you singles to put a man on first with two outs in the bottom of the fifth. When we come back we'll keep Dimon implicit answer a one to talk about Yankee hitting for a manic tag just doesn't have some things like gotta get off my chest. I don't want to go by Yankee hitting you and keep hit the bridge for Beers takes on a 55305. With your thoughts but first here's Mike was sports. Playing the Yankees forever. It comes from our people and RJ. He's been a mobile oil filter and he's been hate the last like three or four years of doing the show I mean blockades and oddly Ahmad a mullah. Mad about it machine. For her into people like I hate genius I hate to colleagues I would I would hate them. But that's what happens when you win 27. Trees and can. Osama artists union in literally everybody hates the Yankees I don't. Your rare breed was because literally. Shouldn't it literally if you don't. Almost literally. Every baseball fan who is not a Yankee fan it's I explained that I'd stern and I think most of the secrets box yeah but what happens to me is gonna spend 700 million dollars and harper and whoever else Cha Ben Ben they're gonna get hated. Or thinks. No we don't view attachment. Game six of the World Series how many details and a sales are down as mine and I'm not jinx gearing games seeks an email CS which money do you believe he despite. Do you really need Bryce Harper chase had little bit off the books shared the agency might all of them are bring him back to become local achieved. And got money to spend that Torres coming out tickled with third in. Birds finally healthy Ian. Al filled his plethora of teens X has a real career now he was awful Minnesota and how much money do you really need is. So you gotta soil and that's. Did sign in as early as well as I go by Yankee hit zero point I I am what I like this team of 3COM. I want to talk about Yankee general click com and who knows may be meeting next Samuel. Still talks yankees 'cause I got some more stuff I want to say about these guys and I want to dominate hitters real quick and and it's it's been amazing because this is very much but it is your series as you've seen it's kind of like the team that gets to the starter first. Scenes for the most part to kind of have the edge that is being almost entirely true separate game four. Astros scored first in both games one and two. Yankees scored first games three and five Astros scored first game for about blue which which I think is a testament to the starting pitching. And just kind of rallying that. Have been really impressed this Yankee team whether it's great burden. Whether it's DD whether it's you know Sanchez or judge or a you know Todd Frazier or anything like that. I think these guys have created a situation. In which at least from a fan perspective. Whoever's at the plate if there's somebody on base there in scoring position. It almost to me he feels like it doesn't matter who's coming to the plea. You believe they're gonna knock somebody and especially. Fifth inning on 'cause that's really where the Yankee bats have done some damage and that to me is what's most impressive about this team. It has kind of turned into an everybody's pitching in kind of series. I guess I would say the worst hitters in the series have been Brett Gardner. In sterling Castro. In terms of getting big hits as let's say Castro yeah Castro the bestsellers are made a couple of errors is on the best but he he had pretty well on the Indians series you don't getting hit in the beginning of answers in his organs shut down a couple of times. But yet Todd Frazier who was to throw in on the Robertson came Lee deal has been a huge influence in the clubhouse and now has been huge on the field. In the Big Three run home run one handed in game three of up. And that was like a pop up. And it just kept carrying news and it was a trading stadium home run but you an idea that maybe they need to 67 dude in right field to cash out or maybe. He's been to Headley has gotten chased reconnect at least gotten big hits and one it's swearing there's so bad. Judge obviously has had some big hits which has been really nice after struck out twenty vigil in times. Sanchez didn't have any hits until two games ago and he's gotten some close ones deed he's been clutch of course he's. Luckily he's always going to be clutched. It's been everybody and it's been it's been a true team effort. To kind of come back from the. To a series deficit and I think that's been huge for the Yankees because and that teach so much pressure off everybody else. You know if your if you or Gary Sanchez in the four hole. You don't have to. Wordy. You know about whether it's you know whether it's judging from the view or garner in front of that or whoever else is in front of you you don't have to be nervous. That those guys are gonna leave you and a terrible position its its like it doesn't matter where you are on the line to be feel like somebody had and he was going to do something to push you would agree position. And ease the pain a few too where's she used in tend to not spend so much time on the yanks but to get to Houston for a second. I feel like outside of Guerrero and perera. N Perino drew real sorry Dario Carreira and Al to be it's like stammer bust well it's interesting is. Games one and two out two banker there were amazing. Right they got of all the hits Correia had the walk off in game two out two there was on base they're filling every time. And something happened. They stopped throwing out two very fast button Arnold anyway others watching is noticed it. They I think I've seen them throw him three fastballs. In the last three games. They're throwing him curve balls change ups cutters nothing straight fastball even Chapman's been throwing sliders. And guess what a two day stop getting hits. Because out here today jumps on first pitch fastball gets on base all the African time it's amazing right he's always on base. They've just stop throwing into a mini camp just you know that comes from that comes from a former catcher. Being the manager your team. Correia has looked lost at the plate this series after the first and and I would I I would actually argue stats aside that Correia is the better better hater. That LT. Mean I saw you for up to I would argue because I think Korea tutorial looks like a better hitter but I. Our division is tiny he's just the stallion on their plate. I think Correia is more apt to hit. All while all ranges of pitches to Wear like you said you stop throwing fastballs little two day. And he's done well since I'm not done troopers say I didn't I don't mean his weakness right now for now it is I don't they got to be is a bad curveball early he gets everything. But for whatever reason right now is not hitting those pitches. But Correia stopped hitting right so those two get. Basically any time in the first two games of those two guys came up you expected them to get on base right induce amid veterans and the rest a lot of balls early hitting springer's been. MIA this entire series. Josh strikes been MIA this entire series our new policy has been kind of MIA is entire series but can't hasn't hit Gaddis Hambrecht and did you mention break though in Redmond hasn't right. It was great in yields yes and and so it it's really been the trio. About two bickering anger yell have been great in the series but your total last three games. And all the sudden the only one who's doing anything right now Israel he's the only hitter on the team is getting hits and I almost sense to kind of got to their heads at some point because the the Astros do not strike out right that was like their biggest strong point was the Astros don't okay. And I don't think they shark out in the first two games like at all. Maybe once or twice the second game this additional step I think you're the first humid and have a cat and in my had a care to the second game. All of a sudden. There came all over the place there's an in a bad pitches outside of the zone they're chasing sliders that are up but out. It does not they've lost their patients. And I don't know if that's a credit to the Yankees or discredit to the Astros more. Of change in the game plan. Four in in New York's favor in terms of them just operate them strikes that much in the Astros are very aggressive hitters they like to swinging at the first pitch get on base. I don't know what the what who to give more or less credit too for that. But. That's been kind of the whole series right and that's why sale last last segment. The Astros are not hitting even and that's why the Yankees have been able to come back because Houston is just not hitting a lot of times they've had runners on base. With nobody out and they can't drive people home. It must be infuriating for Astros fans right now because like today and nothing nothing in the second inning leadoff double by who else material. They got strike out ground out ground. Inning ended that was that net. Policies are I think it was yet ground Estrada got whatever was quick end the inning and they didn't score runs. And paging George springer. Hi where you. You're the lead off hitter. You've got to get things going you are energy of this team like this age should aging Inge put hose sailed to me. In the leadoff spot the springer has done squad Lucia. I don't think you do much change your line of of this I don't know I know but do you understand what I'm saying they're like you have a lead off hitter that can not get on base. And you're one job as a leadoff hitter whether it's walk. Whether it's out running out a ground ball whether it's a single to left it a year job was to. In short springer I feel like if you were following baseball. You wouldn't even know that George springer was in this series was a good player and right exactly and and that is alarming you can double down on to Josh Redick and I guess Gonzales is at second a couple of times there aren't hitting either yet but Josh ready is an acquisition that's like a nice pick whatever you know kind of just what she should Rainer is a cornerstone but he's a two owners of the top two guys are not getting on base. For the Astros. At all yeah and then ultimately comes up in Oregon Hillary to single. And they Craig is up in lately it's been him striking out all the time but. If you like talking maybe a walk and then valued at guerrilla strike earth that's kind of been. The thought because nobody is on base in the beginning of the inning and looked to be fair. Carter's and heading for the Yankees either he's not getting on base and judge is not getting on base until yesterday. So it's kind of in the same for the Yankees to the top of lineups early produce. Speaking of hair judge or when he did air and judge next we'll do that this is the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Welcome back into the hot corner. Some of the hourly and a little NL NLCS stock as the cubs lead 31. Bottom of the sixth. And rentable pins for the Dodgers and see what comes to the top of the seventh. Mama before we do that I wanna get into little air in the judge Ruth talk if that's all right. A mom I was all right with me I theme. He he is I would not be shocked apparent judged the MVP I Prague to remember who I voted for. And we voted her to do we both of fronting that I still think it'll be ultimately yet we which doesn't matter now Hollywood to reverse split hairs your retirement. The two best players in the American League. Easy we're judge or LT day. Com. But awards Uggla iron judge and I've got beef with their judgement actually is nothing to do with an iron judge. My issue. Is. Something that is so cool last say this time of year in a sport that is not as heavily covered. As say the NB year the NFL. In which. They are just looking and looking to find anything they can hang onto the Porsche. And that is clearly here and touch. You hit fifty plus home runs size he is here's humble as he is you play for the Yankees you're young. Ear you're ready ready to break on. After game three. Game four. All I heard was aired judge iron judge iron judge much and that drives me insane. Simply because Erin judged in my opinion is not the reason the Yankees are up 32. Has helped if their pitcher as he helped yes. From from just the batting side. Is he the best guy you know. Not at all is he the reason they're there at the hour they are in my opinion go. Because in game three you're not their shirt and he is so he can he what he hit heated double and RBI double in game three pretty heated hearing gentry. A team of Maria pinkie headed double OK so he it's an RBI double in game three we can't hello. A camera ready human eye care either way a lot of things in in game three game four he had a home run. I think you know home running game three any heated RBI double in game four okay. Neuheisel homer game for neither one of those none of his hits have been the most important hit. So why are we building him up to be the most important hitter in the game. Because Todd Frazier hated it a three run homer. That put the yanks up. In game four Gary Sanchez. Was the guy who put the yanks up. So now I'm OK would you like give Knox and get RBIs and things like that. But let's pump the brakes that error that Erin judge is the real reason the yanks are right here. Because as far as I'm concerned outside a pitching. I'm looking at guys like Todd Frazier. I'm looking at guys like DD hasn't played well in the ALCS that they would even be in the Yale's cius will out TD group glorious. Like any zawahiri Sanchez in game streak for a five has had clutch hit after clutch hit after clutch at so this energizing I John's won out. Pump the breaks well. Like I guess unless it has been a whole team effort right not one person is playing. Way better than anybody else Greg bird also another guy asks three plus 34 home runs in the series so far. Yep he. He's been awesome to. You often forgotten because he's the last of the baby bombers if any was out here but. The thing about this time of the year. That I do you agree with you that I hate is everyone so desperate for the ones storyline. And I remember watching the beginning of the series. And every time they are judged him up to the plate Joe Buck would say. 52 home runs in the season he could put out with one swing of the bat got to watch out of the Astros. And I'm like Joseph. Did you see him in the last series he was horrific horrific outside of the one double in. Game four for ya think it was game four of the news came already on our. He did nothing right nothing. And all you wanna talk about is how much of a power hitter is great you can mention it but even back into game four they were like yanks win behind judges back. And you're like. Disposal the judge rules that. He had to nobody gets in the game and Allen and I'm splitting hairs here for you but. They're looking for story lines anywhere they can find them and this whole season. Judge has been involved story line in baseball right right yes. No other team has gotten more notice notoriety of the map player that's judge. Part of the Yankees stuff part of it was the else Doss target and home run derby show part of it was a hostile to the season. I mean so I get it but I also agree I like because as my team but it wasn't my team in my play I give them all on the same board review I'd be like ours is I'm getting sickness right. It's almost it's a negative because. Eric judges likable. There's not really anything you can dislike about a extremely I'm not heeding an iron will when I'm saying is I think he'll start to be unlikable if not everyone doesn't shut up about him every five seconds. If all any baseball being here is is there a judge or judge the next. Ten years the murders are hitting them right for me a couple of dared Jeter of evil respected Derek Jeter to people got sick of Derek Jeter I remember. In this town. In his retirement year it was people were nauseated by the Jerry tutor coverage right. Sure people like him he's a nice nice guy and people like him as a person but you get sick of him if that's not your guy. I don't but I I beat my team is my guy so there was any other player like that Oleg. If there was Griffey. Getting Matt in his retirement year and it's just like nauseating covers the entire year non groupie fans are going to be like Gallagher a few but god can you shut up already. Seasonal and sucks. And I would what I like in this do what do reminds me of is now again for the record I love iron touch I think he's great. With the exception of it being more old guys and a few young guys back in the day in this being more young guys in all and a few old guys. This team reminds me 96 I've said this before I think this team is here for a while. And this Yankee team scares me and right now watching this team I think they're gonna win the World Series. However well. However. If they keep talking about iron judge like this. It's going to turning to the Bryce Harper first Mike Trout debate. Okay none of us that really follow baseball that truly know baseball are gonna sit here and tell you the Bryce Harper is better than my track. However the casual fan. That doesn't watch the game. At listens to whether it's. Albert or Mike and Mike or or whoever is going to say oh I like Bryce Harper more cool you liked him more. But he's not better than my trial though and I'm afraid. That area judge despite being a nice guy and complete opposite of a Bryce Harper. I don't want to see iron judge become Bryce Harper. Where there's somebody else in the game whether it be Carlos Correia or or frank you indoor or just controller for that matter geez. I don't wanna see one of those guys. Get passed up in the calm and I because the media is punching iron judged on her throat. Also don't Wyatt TU. Turn into a thing. Where people view him as the better player than my Trout until he proves it like early in the year you were like whoa both in the same average via a lot more like they've maybe they're similar. And then it fell off from there. Like I try to still the better player Mike Trout is the best player in baseball and frankly it's still not close it's not close you start a team right now uncertain the team right now you got number one draft pick of any player in baseball and taken Mike Trout of course not taken their judgment agent Mike Trout of course York maybe you OK moments he crucial because starting pitching matters OK I'm fine. You have that. Omen to take my truck. My tribe is the best player in baseball aside even close. And maybe you'll get close in the future is that everyone gets older people improve over urged her to age or whatever move teams for that matter right foot. That's what I don't like it like. I know the the angels haven't made the playoffs at all. Which cost 2000. Three Clinton well thanks in 2010. Maybe. But. He still does play baseball and I don't want people is that in the hype of judge or harper or. Whoever may Chris Bryant or whoever maybe these guys are great players but. I mean. Let's let's let's follow the breaks that's Richard projection when we come back will wolf on the jewishness Yankee Astros series as the cubs are up 31. Thomas seven area and it's still on the mound and 92 pitch count we combat we'll talk a little bit about the series is a Mikey could get close out tonight. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I don't river of the series right now on my brain is a loopy this hot corner on 1080 the fan.