Hot Corner 10.11.17 (HR 2)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, October 11th

Patrick & Mike have a heart attack on air watching the game. Must listen to final hour.


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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm batch of terrorists you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening this is brought to you by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. One constant old news. Oh. A. It's time for the second game more radio double headers and tour. But child inside story on baseball and more so winning. Conscious teens who would you want a more than Johnny to and it's been imagine you are projecting as it comes into the last game with a six mandate that. I wanted to get dog this is the hot corner where terrorism lynch it's I think it was still pulled it displayed fifty. Triple. Today he got integrated with the kid while France sixty I don't get on and eagle with a seven under batting average do you ever show up on 1080 mushroom. Yeah. In the second on the hot corner it's 802 high telling us era now. This is her stress. Test to that spot in the aides traveling on the mound cuteness of the dish Salinas stupid stuff. Wanted to kill for him right now. It's. We've reached peaks trust levels in this room at a did you enter this room you didn't know what was going on like in the in the world. Let's just say he woke up from an app. For the last ten years. He walked into this room there's an energy in here real well something's happening. What is hot and I don't know it overcoat and I've this is. Far and this is self funded or. This on the opposite side is glass hearing nothing no words exchanged just seen expressions and movements. Well what's what's funny is are actually being for very symbol as the game is going on rather like very baseball conversations right now. Work this umpire has been awful for both teams oh yeah AA yet it's been very even. We bad for both teams evenly terrible he's calling the war strikes and they're usually breaking ball that we're talking about because that chapter persecute us that was clearly a strike. But it was a fastball and it was just off the corner and even calling it all Miami didn't call it isn't nice appear bad. Or is it better if you're consistently. Bad I think it's better to consistently bad because then because he's been through over both teams will be team knows what to expect. Don't know OK that's a sharp tonight I guess instead of just never knowing that. Was Lisa good news is in the bottom of the night the Indians have Jose Ramirez. Edwin Encarnacion and Carlos Santana coming up the dish who have done squad to push. In this whole series so I'm so Jack's right now for the bottom of the ninth. You can tell and his voice. I am very I'm over here very nervously hoping for one extra run is Chapman's not hit no hundred consistently in a few supposed to go another inning. I don't know if he's gonna make it out of it so it's a little insurance run and we'll see what happens that's on the open for right now. Let talk cubs and tough nationals only have a commercial break their pet. Sure yes okay so internationals like to tease you and say we're gonna grow tanner Roark who is sucked all year and not throw Strasburg because he's 603 errors were the game we're gonna throw Strasburg Strasburg pitches really well the cubs lose tomorrow is. Hendrix birds scherzer me and I got Hendrix meetings scherzer and the cubs are moving on case closed adios I'm back to the TV. The worst part. I don't care and I like Alexis. It is interest in the Strasburg Renault because. Did you follow story at all key was our kinda did I saw a little bit response to start he then decided to. He served notice that hey Strauss against argument. Meth I don't fielded Nan I'm awash in national we like to choke a lot of layoffs are there not be part of that is solid this is a must win cameras come to some outfield and well amid. He took a load of crap from everybody. You would you prime Sonnen went OK all start interest rate today it was fantastic in the Michael Taylor hit me Grand Slam in the eighth off Wade Davis was huge. I thought or you know there's really well today to unify blocks. Who as important that even in nabbed the best command beep that's fine yeah only give up the one. I wanna say unearned run Jonny Lester one of the best post season pitchers we've seen the last five years some. And comes out really good weeks I saw naming game seven last year name who McCain's a solemn what's interesting is we kinda. And the whole big probably do. Pick a really big one lately ants were sacked him. Doesn't have a huge load either that's an ounce and you've got gazelle Mike you did show well not anymore unless focused and when you were talking about the Indians yankees in the the thing with the series as we were still utterly wrong were like dollars a look at sweet and you are like nationals and three I was like cubs in three had notified its owner of mine but it was funny demeanor and send me is I still feel like this has been a very strange series. Where like the cubs have a new coach usually shown up. How many times as have been 00 only the fifth inning the series. I agree and in in adults and apple and I think it's it's been really hard to see what Steen. And is the bench. Like there are times where I've seen your own price harbor hit that huge bombing game two I was like whoa. Nationals. They got it if they got him and Zimmerman followed up I was sad of course totally forgot about Ryan Zimmerman again you know it's not like he had a game. Winning author and a runner everything chill you know I'm not trying to give Bryce Harper love. Could just trying not to just write it on Ryan Zimmerman because he's brutally for fifty years yeah and an amazing this year and I had like six people trying to unload him on me in fantasy and try to rob my team and I said no. But the thing is is. So okay so there's clutch home runs in game two okay and then in game three Anthony Rizzo shows of the year like old guy. So forget about a guy he's really. And then so what I'm saying is is there's been there's never been a moment in this series where I said to myself. That's the better team. Well the team with an advantage. It's been quite eat even and tonight they're not sure the nationals 150. That was up one swing of the bat. As a ones are game the whole day the whole day I mean that guy's swings and doesn't hit that ball he's out as the ones Arafat also about this where. Game 13 nothing there was 00 until like seventh inning right. Game 22. Big home runs from the nationals given the 63 lead gained three. Two to one there was a no hitter going I Max Scherzer and Dusty Baker makes the stupidest decision. Even maybe got injured authorities the I think it's the worst decision I've seen in the whole post season. Without a doubt my Buck Showalter company's corporate in the no I think it's worse than that I think is worse than that and just because I had a brother got a guy who's under hundreds or is that nanny nine you Max Scherzer figure harder and 130. If you need him to hear pulled because he gave up one hit and that's brewer's decision ends and you have and their bullpen Sox dole you have Kinsler. Madson and Doolittle and you bring in some guy with a six by the RA who instantly gives up game it was a terrible the worst decision I've seen in the post season and then today in years actually you say it's one nothing game until the big hit so it's really low scoring. It's just been nobody's really. Impressed me nobody is really showed up in impressed me in this game. Good to. Ball under his arms. Double for Nick's okay good character Patrick some account. But you know our executive decision joke with dual I've gotten here now. Let's go to the ESPN radio broadcast which is currently airing over on 910 missed him. Really aggressive turn around first base eyes on the ball inside spin really just paid out. Austin Jackson. And has a FaceBook and gets in scoring position. I'd like different. Along with the Celtics point. 37000. The paid crowd here tonight. Weigh yourself. History of baseball. It is in the the big bad yankees. Today more. Pressure on the the American League. That is the next game at all for the giants in the division series after going. Know what that's like comes with the Oakland a.'s 2000. Red Sox fan. Film from feeling for the Indians right now in this game days. Komen to a clone itself for Iran makes. It's fifty to win. It's been fifteen years. Look at our way right now. The field. It's me. The male Diaz winner plays the the bill. 2003 season with the openings. Why don't they. The Greek. Swing at a ball players. Betsy played. Please come back. Yeah it's. Now all for the you don't run by. It's. The. All finished game. Are gone along. With a fan. Please do three rounds school board. All right we'll come back. On the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Paris somewhere in John 1080. Take Tony wanna hear 1080 the fan. Runners on first and second game five revealed Diaz yankees leading the Indians three to. Top of the ninth to oust Britain Gardner had a dish to YouTube who swings fouls a ball off he's still alive. We tried to time the south sore this inning wood and Ramirez in the commercial break it did not so. We're gonna we're gonna ride this out here live on the air men will probably go back to cut into the game for the bound and I'm Pemex is probably a pretty big. Three outs there at least for part of that. But. This is. This is so attempts turned up this prize the worst day in my life right now. If if you were a fly on the wall in this room. There's there's been very little talking during the commercial break there is there was a lot of piecing. I know I myself went like punched the wall little bit of what is releasing some are that showed that it was. Full count now Patrick Garcia walked towards the wall and back to the chair a couple of times Ivins sent this entire show it's been I can't choose whether or wanna sit or stand. I have to go to the bathroom but I don't wanna leave the room so really is that kind of sitting instead you know on Isaac words I quit smoking cigarettes two weeks ago. I'll really except for today congratulations on his cigarettes all dated. Sort of congratulation guys quit for two weeks and today has been the exception and yet and that's main guy. Hi mom if it had a giant in the Indians at game five to play. And I hate Brett Gardner. Brett Gardner you've done so well from my parents teams our last few years. Nobody thought you were good everyone I was stupid for starting your every game. But you batted 286. Stole bases which should be like forty home runs for me and do we like this. Yes he hasn't reached base in just aren't. This what's to me to her a good hitter is decent decent. A decent hitter. Now I stretch and fantasy. The payment makes you nervous here is I'd actually rather have garnered in Georgia which is a terrible thing to say but if Gardner walks and as judge with the bases loaded which to me scream strikeouts as the presidency might as a lot. Brett Gardner and Carter's battling his fouling off every fish known to man and frankly my heart can't take it you know it looks really terrible right now is a that you Brett Gardner gets on base and Cody Allen throws his 38. 39 pitch. There and judge that. Lands in the Bronx somewhere. That's what you think Jim Kessler I'm scared to ask you about what exactly happened what he's been very negative Nancy I feel like you shrine to trick himself into not being as a set if they do lose this game. Since last inning he said. It was a missed him you know and pessimistic Patrick. And it works exploration team Tom got a little. I don't know exactly how. How it's gonna work if this depending on how the scheme I don't know how upset I would be if the Yankees lost. In house or pat is going to be of Indians lose we'll find out what. Americans are in the bounce up and unless it goes to extra innings and you'll find out on the air. I like baseball. We. Rick are you just looking at things telling you that bring healing and as you love them love limp. Prick do you actually lovely emperor. Nero or you're just looking at it and you see in Salem and I love unemployment at the table off. This is true disappointed devolved to gentlemen we have until this wasn't going to be good show Michael Bozeman a great show business I don't think that's a quality radio I think that people wanted to listen to Freddie and fits okay. Okay Michael and even people wanted to listen to this because this is glorious still at. Here OK. At the dish only pitched 35. Against Tony Allen 36 now sort of all of this hour. Stupidest thing I've ever seen and a shared joke book is somewhere gone. In all these dengue is that does salary is out there right now fairways and around army and is manages I just. I'll log all eyes they run you know but does not call these Indians got no match and I never been good ever did I have masters of Mittal hasn't Cleveland Indians done lately nothing compared to the Yankees the Yankees won the World Series and lies ten years land grant. All of a sudden his fifties gangster gap in that restlessness and it. It is a box right now is like how do we give great gardeners score another wheel drive Oscars and and Johnson so. Somewhere Joe Buck is planning for a football game until World Series I feel like. I feel like peeing. This feels like being a cougar fan okay houses that now for Gardner went 60 all of this is the line is this a lot I mean eleven pitchers and Sabbah like if if anybody wants anything about Brett Gardner she is pulled Cody Allen from the game you scrap yet like call reality is he's a grinder like if he gets on out what ever. Cody Allen is done he's about it forty pages. I feel like till this series has been a lot like watching laws you football games clearly. They're all our all interior motives. OK in my room. You send me a partnership and a slice eskimo. I you know fox wants the Yankees to win of course they have the World Series and there's a hit from Brett Gardner that scores the run. And cold reality it's gold. And I want to kill myself and that's the second Ryan it is 52 yankees. As frank you indoor has an error which I've never seen before in my life. This is the hot corner on 1080 the fan but first here's Joseph with sports team is being ravaged so hard. I. Yeah yeah. This is hot corner terrorism and Jon G and eighty program. Save 33 here and I am lose being mime end. I am Lou. Losing my mind as we go to the bottom of the ninth score is. Five to two. Yanks over the Indian river commercial break. Well as we have a little bit of a reprieve let's face it Patrick you guys him in the situation and Biscayne decision have been ended at least two game you know if that sounds like in four World Series. Thanks. I was right. In five. And 60. In game seven believe and. Oh look there's still one happening left and asked if I've seen anything from this Indians team thus far. It's that I'm nervous that they can come back in any moment or his hope that there's a moment that Joseph Girardi has the option to challenge is hope that that happened though he'll challenge. They'll be no I don't think for the rest of his courage you'll never not challenge I don't know I mean it. In Dina captured just a lot of water has had green out of his rhythm come on now. Has to be honest and don't treat it I now I'm sorry and back and look at them. You should be because it's still happening I am actually not fully jubilant because there's still happening. In the Indians have done crazy things before. Yeah disposal. So there's still always a chance and you've got like you said three of your best hitters coming wrecked so didn't. One thing I noticed the other day on Sunday morning. Some things came out on the goal associated press and that would brick listed the Washington State Cougars as the number eight team in the United States of America in playing college football let's go to pretty exciting right. It is pretty excited yeah northwest I've figured I'd be be one person on this entire channel on this entire network. As we do mobile broadcasting including Colin Cowherd. From 6 AM until 7 PM until 9 PM on Wednesdays at 8 PM on Thursdays. That I'd figure will be the one people. That warning say that the Washington State Cougars are legit. And resorted to the organ being Terrell I think prime times mentioned not once mentioned it. Mentioned it will let's dive into this team okay because what I thought Luke welcome all this coming out in his Travolta whose fault is a Heisman Trophy candidate. Not a finalist candidates. Right now and let's talk about this Washington State defense that is a top five defense in the country. How about out scripture guy that nobody had heard of except for two fans all the sudden becoming an only defensive coordinator now. Who have been played yet aside USC. Organ on the road and yeah like cal on the road this organ on the road against. Racks of Burma's I also think there's a huge situation that needs to be addressed that the pac twelve was not that good am this year correct. And now hi in the pac twelve lover I'm a guy that when the pactel was down I will say that the pac twelve is fantastic. There will always be good recruits well and has higher academic standards will always be that guy however this year Stamford sucks. Organs sucks you feel as bad UCLA has always bed USC is they're good but they just can't separate themselves yet cleared USC is weird I don't know if US sees it as that I think their offense struggles I think they lost too many guys the same thing USC basically since Reggie Bush and all those guys have laughed great talent. Inconsistent not mentally there for some games and then they dislike have let up there Arizona schools are trash. Colorado looks to have really taken a step back always tough. He joins me. Utah's good but Colorado taking a step back really disappointed hey easing the beavers lie rally win this weekend madness a americorps whole interview on prime time today and he basically is very nervous and tired you have very nice guys saying word terrible and never gonna win again. The best team in the pac twelve. Right now and probably for the rest of the year or Washington Washington State. Which is gonna make the apple cup and a very interesting game I read on his laws or doesn't play and they like it did last year I read instinct thing on Bleacher Report today and it was like. The last remaining teams win do they lose. Bloomberg is total click bait but I wanted to I clicked in Harlem a book than you got a beta you know we had abated mama two we we'd like to. You know we like to build ourselves up and die just like irony and indeed it. And it said that the hoops. First loss this season will be against. USC. In the pac twelve title and and you know intensive demean that said on gowns in the clean them I'm Goosen could. Goes. We'll see what's interesting too is we haven't fully seen Washington yet and haven't played anybody great agree though. I think when BC washes are points of the better tactical teams learn more about them but right now. People are has taken a while there in that situation because I mean the better pac twelve school. Like what better actual school living in a plane. Who's that. That's all worries me who your plate they're only Stanford Stanford that good. They're gonna play organ is organized and missing and how they are playing Arizona State are they that good in mid got anything and you play UCLA. ASU win OK so and a new. Real quick game break Indians with a man on now game time Iran not on the on deck circle always see you. Chad millionaire has seen enough a walker or around a walk with no room. You don't wanna know what's crazy okay this is an insight to me out their radio in about where I live in where my fan demeans. I had no idea what was going on in this baseball game is retired and was affable and you felt defeated. Because if you slip my veins right now I bleed crimson. Coca exclusive. So does everybody else that's good Michael effect if you slip a husky they bleed crimson. You kind of ducks throat it'll bleed crimson yes crimson that's kind of violent project took it Sadr is a state UCLA. Our Jim loss loss. I mean those guys are cameras are true win win win. At Stanford win. Utah win in the wasn't win loss. When Muslim Muslim Muslim Muslim. Well I don't know they can lose to Utah we'd what you saw on the road as well who knows. While ousted terrible call strike it's what I've seen it all night our zone of Baghdad so par for the course. Edwin Encarnacion list OK I'm done grooves rule OK moral of the story. It is the bottom of the ninth zero outs runner on first 11 count Chapman against and Ganassi owned. And yeah. Yeah and he wanted to live their game. It's it seemed like your field malware hiding how I did nothing else to say. So you know what I would say I would say let's just finish this out so do you think Mike so let's say you dub so what's really cool about the the Kooks and the Huskies being. The best teams in the north Augustine for a little bit of credit but I don't think they're bright they're now I think will be better next year Purdue is also a little strange and amazing run about second best in the country impressed love they also don't have a quarterback but I would say next year's Stanford will be more like to stand for we see moment haven't had a quarterback for a little while to last year they use Christian McCaffrey to lead them to Goodyear are so heavily miss Hogan Hogan was surprised he suffice he's a starter for the browns and and who says that he's the he's the only starting quarterback in the NFL from Stanford right now if my day. Injury reporter injury report mr. let's and so what I think is really cool about. Do you what I think is really cool about the pac twelve north right now with you job and wants to. Is that either of them can lose a game. Lose one game from here on now and the apple couples still determine the north. Yeah I think that's probably that's really cool because I think those two if we look at a known by Eisley I think you dubbed it was new. But the best two teams in the north in the conference in the conference and I think that two of them each of them each of them could lose a game. And it will come down to who wins the apple cup which will be the day after Thanksgiving in Seattle I will be there. I think that is really cool and I think that is why. The divisions are made I think that's what you may divisions for do you like do you walk Auburn and Alabama. To be undefeated. To play the Iron Bowl for the SEC west like that is what you war. In just like in the pac twelve the pac twelve north is gonna come down to watching Utah do you think that if lawsuit does finish undefeated. There'll be a conversation there not to deserve to be in the college football playoff because there Washington State. Packet they've just now cracked the top ten this week. Not after they beat USC is a little bit of a it's like showing you how people view them as a team. You know it's a crazy thing as as a die hard blue blood whatever you wanna say as you know -- was he was he means the most to me more than anything in this entire planet. If was you were to go undefeated when the pac twelve and not make the pack and not make the cultural playoff. I wouldn't freaked out the hard. I'd be upset but I wouldn't freak out a ton because. Don't try to put the rose for the kind of what's good for me personally. Growing up what I was always Todd is the goal is to win a Rose Bowl. And at the crews went rose more I don't care about the national team one of the Rose Bowl as the national title game and an election play in the rose. I I'm sorry would you ask redeemable said the better. Is the road I I don't go a step is durable part of it possible playoff this year Kazmir won't play in the rose I don't know we'll figure that when we come back this is the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Hot corner with a terrorism when John 1080. Saved 47 here my fantastic producer Joseph Fisher who is now the worst producer on radio is tempting him baiting me and I don't like him right now. 522 outs 12 count to Austin Jackson rubs Chapman on the board with a runner on second. And Diana got a strange feeling this game is about to be over which would be right now. And yankees advance to the ALCS to face the Houston Astros. As Austin Jackson. Strikes out looking. In the ink news. I have all. All of the men and the emotions of. This wasn't supposed to happen. They were down 20 in the series. Girardi royally believed. And yet this distill came to pass and I don't know I'm I'm very relieved and happy and it's a weird mix are out of the hole or the stress is now dissipating. That would as I'm sure it is for Patrick to even though the anger is now building I'm assuming but. Once the stress leaves there's this weird feeling you get after watching a really important game whether you win or lose. It's this very strange. Yet revivals like your chest is like whoa or beauty is doing to me is not a heart attack or. I just don't. It's weird these these games are are very strange 22 really big diehard fans they they affect you in ways that you don't understand what's happening. And then. When it ends you realize just how uptight you were when that was happening. I think they coolest thing is is Wendy's. When these games and would you come out in front or come up behind. I think I think what it does is it it just lets you know where your fanned images. You know I think that lets you truly noble. Like how much do you really like this team. How much do you use the amateur you you've been tested like what. What do you put in two was squad. Where is that. Totality comes into you you really get to know you really understand. Right now almost said OK I'm not gonna lie to you are really pissed off I'm really upset I'm really mad. Coming into this season as a fan of the team that very high expectations. IA this is that this is a heartbreaking years this is one of the hardest. Years. Being a fan of this team that I've ever gone through however it'll tell you this Michael. Is this has nothing. Compared to what I felt at the end of games. O will of course you know so so so what you say is. At the end of today has still know that I love this team. You know you still know your fan is still though you believe and you say next year OK good luck to you guys all people for you're yankees. Over the Astros I will get saying that right now Amare appreciated. I don't people who don't pull for my team as the Yankees like people been. Against him primetime. Ourselves that is correct. I'll pull over here yankees I'd I'd love to see yankees cubs I'd love to see that I think those are two really fun teams with a ton of story lines to go away if I mean Houston is great to end. Maybe Sports Illustrated would would get a right one's safety Astros did go and win a World Series instead of cursing people. But for me you know it's just. You keep your friend and in checked. In your friend of ms. offend them. And you've got to remember that. You know it's it's not like. Let's eat as we are talking about last song and segment you know as I'm starting to ramble and started breakdown. As. And we toggle the tubes OK we talk about the two just trying to get to. The pac twelve supremacy and the Huskies. Okay. If the tubes were to. Win out and you've blown out in the apple cup. That hurts. That hurts. And Lybrand dollars. And you just. All issues here's my question for you you are rambling that's fine I get my question for use very simple. How Long Will it take you to get over this loss. And the answer to that will prove just how serious he thought her chances weren't going further this year. In terms because while it was an apple cup blaster Sox but Washington State wouldn't have made to Pacman calls football playoffs if they want outlook right. Such that there was a little bit of a different thing. You've set on the show you thought the Indians were gonna win the World Series this year relations. When grocers this year back and make it harder to to get over or do you have like a general rhythm where you takes your day or two in the that's gone this for me I feel like I've general rhythm. When my my team will lose its about a day or two in my doable no aid might be sad whatever but then after that day or two it's like. It's sports my next team is opt in like you'll have Washington State again this weekend you know so. Would be how quickly are you gonna recover. You know I think I think it all clones. I think it's case by case basis. I think I think a lot of it depends on how realistic of which means you. Okay that's sort of study US about the tubes that Joseph asked me about the kings are I don't remember who was should they be in the college football playoff. And to meet. The college football playoff. For a while zoo is not something that really wanna talk about because it wasn't plays Clemson. Wasn't plays Alabama. Link you'd hear a total watch my team gets smoked. By in my budget 350 pound. 440s. You know I don't wanna see that. I don't know I don't want I've seemed to fall dive multiple times I don't want to really see him die so I think it's case by case basis now. I still talk about 07. Win at the Indians were two outs away from going to the World Series. And the Red Sox came back and beat them and then swept the Colorado Rockies and I truly believe that year CC sabathia. We shall begin tonight. Was the Cy Young award winner that year and I always said if we had Cliff Lee we would have dominated everybody but he had Tommy John who on the site of the next year. Different story for an everyday. And I still kind of hold on event. And you know we still hold on to the fact that there's three seconds still on the clocked in the 98 Rose Bowl. This is one event you know I don't know. I don't know I don't know how long it'll take me you know it's weird you're reacting very differently than I thought you're on stuff this was hard and I feel each. It almost felt like after game four. You weren't exactly sure if you're going to win the series. Does that in my in my reading that right where you more nervous than you expected going into this game. Our name was more has clue was on the mound you think in. Dominant performance easy when opt out of just how I was thinking come like clippers gonna it's gonna go seven innings. Chemists Koran and that's kind of how I was looking at a side and I'm curious Roger thank him. After the fifth inning of game four. I thought we lost. It. The momentum at its end to be honest review. It was when Greg bird touched home plate in injury. Really when he touched gain entry has said and I'm worried but it was only two games through tears want but eyes solve. The crowding Yankee Stadium. Saw the crowd Yankee Stadium. I saw the bench saw that Todd Frazier is of the world. I saw the Dave Robertson of the world in. To be honest with you I was worried. I was really worried and then go into game four I was extremely worried. Played like garbage I've only played like garbage tonight. Up and go yankees. In his monthly the aster is a discreet little gentlemen's bet with officer potter on the text line he is a big Astros fan as you say which Michael you're if you do. And yankees when I get a little. Alcohol. Astros when I have to announce on the air during primetime rhyme potters dominance over me. So male dominance of the me yes. So I doubt that will be our little side gentleman's precedent is at stake spokesman are still listening and stuff and that'll be coming up next a yesterday's MLB game one and answers I imagine right empire comes nationals tomorrow to. Yeah go go over your team is enjoy it it's the playoffs. Have fun playing baseball no matter what your team is in or not is worth watching and always is. Always is this is why sports is great if you and your moments like this for Patrick. You also moments of making rosters last year which was equally as possible. For Mike Lynch Joseph fishermen and glass MP mayors. We'll be back next week we'll keep breaking down. Playoffs because you'll have yankees Astros were chugging we'll just be an absolute phenomenal series. I think that'll be fireworks more so we'll we'll have a winner of Washington in the cubs winner that will play the Dodgers and I think. Final four for baseball right now is set a real nice little break all that down next week is the hot corner though does something and I would do like drink myself into. Oblivion. It's hard to get down for a.