Hot Corner 10.11.17 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, October 11th

Enjoy as Patrick & Mike have on-air heart attacks watching the Indians and Yankees


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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. The American pastime. You real time. Baseball stories scores and more. We've terrorism wins a team now. Hottest topics and Patrick terrorism Michael. Sean Kennedy drove. Welcome end to the hospital and have. 704 here on Wednesday night and it's not just any old Wednesday but today he is a Wednesday because it must be right. Right it's a Wednesday. That the game five Wednesday. It's a game five Wednesday of two teams who would like to advance for the Astros. The two gave time Wednesday of two teams who we happen in this room to root for in the Yankees in the indians'. Please get down thank you. I would just like to point out that last week after singles last week on this show we did announce that if Indians. Yankees meet in game five that would be Wednesday during this show. And because of that we would walk away that we would say no no show I'm busy at a bar. In drunk. Yellen on a TV but instead we decided to be professionals. I would I was a lot this year anyway I was commence by Michael lynch and the great Joseph Fisher are fantastic producer to show up today so we are here. In the studio lights in this game 32 top of the sinks while I was asking Lex who arena to shuttle error Joseph asked me and I was like yeah I mean. Joseph you Jolie there was going to be a show and I say yes I'm. All ago it was a group text with no previous text editors said were in that what what does that mean. What this is we have a show and I assume we have risen I didn't know what's happening but yes we have a show. Patrick is decked out already he is literally standing right now. So our legal or Jersey earlier today at some point nobody going in the trash. To get off when he useful I at some point I might be standing as well as I can do that in big situations so this might be an awkward standing edition of the hardcore as well as an awkward. Yankees Indians edition of the hot talker but clearly a lot of sort of mean it's gonna be goofy and fun and I can't what. This game is being broadcast on our sister station 910. ESPN ninety NC you can if you wanna and actually listen to they gave me to switch over that will be cut and then in some big situations. If if they come will switchover will will put take you live and fox sports one is that we're do. No you're gonna get the 909 as PN radio so wolf will if there's a giant situation was slight over the 910 feed. And keep these guys of data as you listen into this as we likes it here and try to do. Something similar to that there's a lot of baseball to talk about opted this game it's going to be challenging but we already have two teams in the next round we have another game five tomorrow. Really these class of an awesome god they've been so great and I A I really do you. Think this is like the perfect playoffs that we could yet. Are we talked about this before we were like I imagine all these teams together is the best teams by far they're the best teams by far there's no old. There there's no weakling in there like the Diamondbacks won. In the wild card game the Yankees won in the wild card game week. They were the first place team in the wild card they were the best teams there so we got all of the best teams in it's been. Truly fascinating really series have been kind of bored by it was Dodgers Diamondbacks but ours is 'cause it was an easy sweep and. I think there's a lot to talk about in Dodgers Diamondbacks because I think that's series wing completely different that we thought it would. And I think there's something to be said about that I think you and I both sat here multiple times and thought. That the Diamondbacks would give the Dodgers a big run in that series and they didn't know I didn't and so wanted to bat a little bit later on tonight because I think the Dodgers. Excuse me I think the Dodgers showed helping kind of said he ate those Dodgers we saw in July. That's a Dodgers you're seeing in October and I think that is something we're talking Russell will get to that a little bit as well. Hubs nationals goes to game five coming in today you know spoiler alert I thought the cubs would close about today I think this series has gone on its head right now scherzer game five Hendrix game five I think that series has become more gripping. We can talk about John Ferrell was let go by the Red Sox today. What's the future of that teen. And they're young prospects and how that happens going forward and will she be updated with Indians and he thinks he's in my moments of together. Well we will try our best and it. There's so what's visible to talk about that at least will be able to focus on that in commercial breaks that there is right now which is very thankful and very nice and I'm glad they're in a commercial breaks my two I can look at you unfocused at this. But please text in and make fun of us all you want to businesses. I Billy this is just going to be a truly unique fun to show that this hasn't happened on his earliest before work. To diehard fans have been in the same studio innate winner take all game. Late inning authority in the sex I don't think it's happened we've heard rock meltdown in Kansas basketball. We've seen him cheer on the royals but suit didn't have anything in that I guess the Mets ran it right now one year yeah. I mean so we haven't really. Seen it to be true that way but well you know. Simpson really environment and anyway select candidates cap on the psyche likes them yeah I like some kids are cute. So I think it'll be fun so stick with us and I and I think you'll. Bridge were Beers to sign a five factor of five you can always Texas and that lets you interact without the show throughout the entire night will be on the air till 9 o'clock we'll keep you updated on this game going on right now you can also find us on Twitter. Mike Lynch is that Mike Lynch 27 you can find her fantastic producer Joseph Fisher Agile fishery that's F I as CH. Three. You can find me at GG 085 although I'm not a Twitter guys so you'll find nothing on that except for random beards things. Event that happened last night and had him very hard I do wanna get into some USA's stuff I it hit me hard but not as hard as other soccer fans. But it sucks but are and I will say this. I'm OK with soccer is this US men's national talkback kills me in this illegal only night until the next World Cup that you guys can talk about them and that'll be fine because tonight effort there there are things about the US men's national teams I know everybody's heard about it all day and a dirt Sprague talked about it and Oakland Howard talked about it in time and that's 122 World Cup this next time I I don't I don't know primetime got into order not a little bit. But they made fun of the more than anything I have some things that is not making fun of that is it and take that is different than everyone else we might get into later also. A wanna talk about the number eight college football team in the nation. We might get to that later but more importantly we have baseball on the docket. We have playoffs going on like Michael said there are things happening right now that have never happened. In the history of this. Little tiny show we do. US has never happened all the I mean that's a Bayer hurt area's three position for you to be in because yeah you got your team number eight in the nation. You got your team plane Mike's team right now. So it's a stressful sports I'm Korea. Never in my life have I had the teachings that mean the most to me in the sports world actually playing well be really didn't get it doesn't happen it does that you go to the Washington State University the mighty cougars. And you don't expect things being newly anointed my editors it's been awhile. Them differently and it has always always in the mighty Washington State already a star baseball was none. I don't know which probably start with the series against wrapped up last night which what was the last two minutes go. Two nights ago Dodgers take the Diamondbacks will do that makes this is Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. This is the terrorists a windshield and 1080 both prayer. 716. Here Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Mike Lynch Joseph Fisher. This is a hot corner. Where in the sixth inning year in the AL DS game five winner goes home yankees up 32. You can always find us on the British forebears takes on a five through five as we get into that. We'll keep you updated throughout the show. As Jose Ramirez stepped Zimbabwe want our bottom of the sixth. Some things are wanna chat about keep you updated smother base most of the big thing happened the other day and that would be the Dodgers sweep being. The Arizona Diamondbacks. And I think if here's somebody who kind of follows baseball but doesn't really. Deep into a lot of stuff I think you kind of like oh OK we and then the Dodgers are good you know could be this weekend or next. I think to us that really looked into it that was kind of a surprising. Situation that. It happened. Ball I think we both picked the Diamondbacks if you never backed her prediction one I didn't I think I know I didn't I think protected on the backs I said in five but. Because we saw the end the regular season Arizona really kind of owned LA and leave the two of us have been generally pretty. Uncertain about the Dodgers we don't really get. I mean we get it but it's still weird just after this kid we always ask that question wire the dodgers' current NN we've had this discussion throughout the year and we found and we figured it out. All their starters are pitching well. All of later. All all of the relievers are pitching well in their lineup is doing enough in most cases to hit. Our guys like Justin Turner having great years once again and etc. so there's different reasons why and then they had the big collapse late near you kind of questioning whether or not they can hold on even to the division which lead was shrinking pretty rapidly about pointless. They came in and said hey look. I know we sucked at the end of the year we know we did but guess what we're still the best team in the NL whistled the best record in the National League and frankly the best team in baseball image is what they're saying so. They went out improved and it. Really got to give credit so and a lot of these games to their bullpen because. Their bullpen came in and was just absolutely. Lights out. In these games Kershaw gave up four runs. Including back to back homers in the seventh inning of his first art cable four home runs four solos and amassing a Mac team though that the game was out of hand soil and bask too much on Melbourne he continues a little if you know what else. Walked three but to strike out seven but the bullpen came game inning give them only one owner and run a Mac team. Ritual I believe after four innings or thrown 78 pitches the ball and give up three runs. But there 1000008 to five and up all three of those rounds I believe came in the same inning yes from the seventh inning and then Yu Darvish has started to scream in the bullpen give up no runs. And the Diamondbacks is couldn't did they just couldn't get them. And in the final well. It was gulch there right he's liable for peace on the bad pitch and almost kind of gotten terrorism is headed into the series they just weren't hitting. Like they need to because frankly they're pitching was never good enough to win the series if they didn't just bombs away the Dodgers staff. Well that's what I wanna cutting it into is is I I have two things one and I think the Dodgers didn't play super while. Which has to be a confidence boost for them going into the next round to know that. We haven't played our best weather year Kershaw or quarry seeger who hasn't really been a big catalyst for them. Or other guys to say hey we haven't played our best and we still survive and advance. The other thing is is I wonder and we sat here last Wednesday. And watched Arizona Colorado on the TV. And saw a bag game which was an amazing game religion why. Which you know what do you love it or hate it we won't get into that with you like or hate the wild card game that was an excellent wild card game to watch. And and my question is I wonder if Arizona put too. Much and acted emotional well they had to because the Russians the Rockies came back late. And the Arizona had a game in hand if you remember right and archer Bradley hit that double the pitcher or the triple triple. And then came in the next thing you have two bombs made one run game and Arizona scored again but all energy late match game you might be right. That's what I wonder I just wonder if they gave sole function of that team. That by the time Robby ray came to pitch by the time Greinke came to its that it was just. You're so loose and eat your sold rained emotionally. That. And you really cheapest mobile lets be honest Zack Greinke Robbie rapists like crap. Robbie right give up four walks in foreign thirds innings four runs four hits but I Larry he give up five walks in five innings and four hits and three earned runs but I would also argue would GD Martinez deal. Not an him what you won't Goldschmidt to JD had 364. Goldschmidt hit over 91 in the series what would lamb hit 250 AJ Pollock Kim won eleven deaths were alternates who 77 that's what I'm saying like nobody came to show and I wonder if that. The one team that meant everything to their season winning angle hole. Not Ceres. A one game. You know you lose you know the Indians and yanks are playing right now you lose this game. You go home knowing at least we lost a series went to drive yet losing one team ease machine. And I wonder if errors harassment so much on that time that they couldn't. Owners they couldn't come back from it MIP van was like this is everything I have on the table the kitchen sink blah blah blah and now I can't. Frankly in my dispute affected the Dodgers were sick of hearing about how the government's going to be him and it became kind of a story across the country that. Arizona owns you Arizona's going to be you and that's it's just that simple. And maybe they went. I know the last month of the season when a certain way but I don't think that I don't think that's gonna happen again. Todd Frazier tenor and spy hesitation excuse me. And it is kind of woke up and said look rock Colombia's right. We are the best team in the sleek and we need to go ahead and move forward and after the did it was I mean looked games over close ish right. Nine to 58 to 5321 so it wasn't like they were all blowouts but watching the series never file close idle Arizona the whole time felt light. The the little engine that could you but in a bad way but like. There is ultimately come on guys guys do that string some it together. And and you lose. And you're three up three down and your best in show up. And the interesting thing is what are they go from here because I have seen. I have seen what amateur and is here I've seen reports. Saying that they would like to keep this nucleus together which they showed of course comebacks yet. But they would like to re sign GD Martinez slows the nucleus reclaiming the nucleus is old and lamb Pollack. You know as money Tomas. Greinke Robby ray acrylic that whole thing they wanna keep that together but GD Martina is is in that Blanton and here's a free agent and he is a free agent because he was a rental for them which turned out to be pretty nice rental. Because he. Showed up indeed great things to give them into the playoffs so I wonder. I think they have the money do but if you're in the question is what it would he do your JD march. While. Arguably you've had the best three months of your career in Arizona. Yes you kind of see your career quote unquote in Detroit because you're kind of you're bad and in Houston they kinda let let give up on you much ago. Bureau's Detroit SARS hit bombs but he's become a key cog in a very offensive lineup and if this is going to be their core frankly I think that he should stay. I don't know there's going to be better situations outperform at the wrong to pay them. And yeah obviously. You have to look out for him number one right right so someone's gonna pay more than sure gonna take out money but I don't see did Dodgers looking than him I don't see the Yankees looking and democracy the Red Sox look NN and you know any team that's in the playoffs are now Houston's not command chiding grabbing him the cubs are gonna try Ingram but a lot of us. Aren't these guys aren't in it for the money I mean kind of for the playoffs are for the money yourself right if what are the Oakland a's say hey we'll pay Judy Martinez crazy contract. In Arizona goes there were not match him up and he has original estimate and I I guarantee. 95% of players given that choice will go to Oakland take the money. Let me you only have 11 career if you wanna make the most you can Sony some people are wired differently but I don't know I think budget Martinez personally it's like I can certainly see him. Taken the money but I don't know I think Arizona is a great fit primarily due and he did so perfectly that. I think years and he's been a little bit of money and JD Martinez and then you fix that bullpen you know just anything and Fernando Rodney cannot be your closer because because okay cranky Robby ray okay T want walker okay maybe the war. And walker did not show oh maybe they wore the kind of pictures you won in the post season but there's still better than ain't gonna find on the market. So get long relief can't situation old guys and give banning him make that happen. Right now we're toppled a 71 out. Oh with a 21 channel on airing judge with a runner on first. Looking for is golden sombrero Aziz oh for three unite with three strike out anyway. So for for a four strikeouts a game or to go to Italy catalog. I mean it is not does not look good but in his defense. He's had a clutch hit in the twins game. He's had a clutch hit in game four. In your clutch catch in game three so he still made an impact even if you strike and so at least that's something the most polarizing cared rule. I don't create he's gonna come and acting the go back to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And not think too much away from the Dodgers is we'll see them in the next series. I wonder. What do you expect from them next year. Because it's been found Rex yet because for me I feel like. The Dodgers are going to be fairly intact for the next year if not fully intact correct I think he Colorado Rockies are going to be pretty much the same. So and and who knows with the giants who will who knows that I guess we assume no bounce back and somewhere right right we have to assume they're not going to be tied for the worst team in baseball. So. I wonder. Where do we expect here's what does this hang on to what they do in the off season. Or is their team the way it is now bill to do something next year. I don't really know batters in the because me two years ago were supposed to be good and guess what they were mounted. M strike out thrown out double play he's played for the for the Indians there is set. Affordable. The the Dow backs we don't really get hit by a two years ago they were supposed to be good this year we weren't really sure they were going to be good and yet they were in in the playoffs were certainly threatening at times. I just don't. I don't know what to expect I feel like they're a true anomaly of a team that hasn't released set a. An identity for themselves they'd. I would think it hoppers what are they. Yeah that may be necessary I think that's great I think that's a great point I think that team needs identity. And maybe they find net in the offseason maybe. You because because that's sort I think is the biggest thing is you find identity. And that's how you propel yourself to greatness. And we see that in so many teams in the past few years are when we come back out of a hole is about we were not about my. You wanna do the other series cubs and nationals most of the other series of over Astros Red Sox Astros Red Sox whom remember that ended like five days you don't have to do it forever and forgot those guys actually played each other one team was really good one team is hot garbage. And aside dumpster literally on fire. We'll do. Yeah I guess we'll do Astros Red Sox we come back but first here's Joseph was sports. Terrorism when John check maybe it's. 734 here as we try to hold it together here on the hot corner is done and the nerves are generally that is the bottom of the seventh there's one out Austin Jackson completely Dave Robertson on the mound things are getting tight. I've been remarkably calm throughout the scheme. This this change in innings when the judge strike out fraud happens to this one's my nerves went from like six to twenty team. Well I had just like freaking nuts right now and as somebody who likes DC go glory is hit two home runs right often aids. You kinda start to. Peeled down on yourself. Well whenever you have been very ops since the two rounds of scored on refused to sit well on saying. You came into the studio when primetime was finishing in the inning they scored their two runs. You tell me just go back in the studio no light I was in my head a Mike instead was going to do this and tell me and pushed buttons cause I'll do that and you're excited but inside voice spells like when you're also excited you were like screaming like you're at the stadium in a tiny room with padded walls and a one. This hurts me but it. Love me very let me do that Jay Bruce is a bad. We were we've been talked about the MLB playoffs and just kind of what's going on and on that kind of stuff is Jay Bruce who is a probable thank you. Think lever on Conan. Coleman well both. People agree and and oh we we wanted to get into we covered Dodgers Arizona which we both were quite surprised at how that went to and switch over to use the she's an Astros in the Boston Red Sox I actually thought this series. Was a little different than we expected with the Astros winning. In four games. I still was why I think the biggest thing you take away to backtrack for segmenting the biggest thing you take away from the series. Its main. At Houston offense. Good guy. They do look good now I think Boston and been given to that in a minute. Did not bring their a game when he came to starting pitching but goodness gracious at Houston offense came to play. Team to play early in games and when you get up early inning game by three runs two runs four runs. It's hard for a team to come back from well it was good to Fulbright. One of the things we talked about all reference to preach the pre playoff show that we did a couple of artists with classic right now are referenced that will be discussed the series. We mentioned two things we said the astros' offense is really stinking good. And we don't. Really know how the Red Sox pitchers are gonna do in the post season are starting pitchers right. This was Chris sales first overtime in the playoffs. David Price is coming out of the bullpen. You had Palmer hands and were so low in whatever other slums or wanted to throw out there. And frankly both things that we talked about happen the Astros hit and hit in spades. And Red Sox starters collectively it's awful. The best pitcher on the team was David Price and he was out of the bullpen right how easy it was that Odyssey and he pitched like multiple times for four innings and just blanked the Astros. So who thought that was Colin and I didn't but it worked. But the problem was is that Chris they'll give up seven runs in his first start the playoffs. If he did not advocate. What we see a lot of this playoffs is starting pitchers looking way to jest. Who's throwing balls up in out of the zone Chris Hill was just that his fastball was up and slider was away in 240 I think he really just wasn't getting anyone Biden on it. NO I wanna take that in and focus it more on the Houston Astros but I do wanna touch on some others your original quake will we see. Starters. OK big time starters coming in. Verlander looked good. Dallas Michael good. Okay Trevor Bauer in game one of the Indians Yankee series Tanaka and harassed him not a thing caress Scoble who couldn't game three ever know yesterday Severino yesterday but I mean I just I'm I'm counting. That's five that's four games. In which is starting pitcher actually showed up Yu Darvish. Okay Yu Darvish OK so that's five games of the youth of the forresters Strasburg today as though it really is an idea yet but I mean I would I would say the biggest talking point. Early on in the post season. Was that the starting pitchers the aces. Did not show I mean look at Corey Cooper. Okay court clover had two games is not good either of them. What I will give Houston credit for easing game one Dallas couple good. In game or game one Verlander looked good team to Dallas couple good and I think it if you can have a starting pitcher in in a series look good. To begin with you're in really good shape and I think that help them. I mean not to mention those failed to me it's three home runs and gain an aspiring Maryland stood at a rail looks good. But if that's how you're gonna start Houston looks really scary right now. I mean the one thing if you wanna pick and edited out from Houston and this is not much of a negative but to me it's outside of Berlin during title. You've got nobody you pitched Brad peacock in Charlie Morton ensure Morton pitched fine actually pitched really well but he pulled her early to broaden berliners couldn't trust him so. Once you get to the middle of a series. Server Lander pitches well maybe Tyco does all the tackles company is consistent this year we we've seen since the injuries have started. For you trusting to pitch in no matter which team it is out of these two. The middle of the rotation for ball the Indians and yankees as much better in the middle of rotation for the Astros so they're offense might win them the series for sure. But it's the middle that rotation we've seen pictures. Dominate in big series like be really important. I think that's going to be key for Houston is if those guys if it's going to be peacock and Morton if they can hold around against. The likes of Roscoe Bauer or Tanaka and separated you know. I would agreed to what is their offense keeps going like they are. Don't mean it was going to be impossible to beat yet she's in top and keeps going like they are at that shrink each Roland Howell. Use your you can throw started that gives up three runs because your office put six on the board in the first five yet but I think again if you're if you're talking about this series and in a capsule. It's that. In the works are fully distracted. It's that when David Price came in. The Astros completely. Stopped hitting so view of somebody is pitching well. Then. You might be able to hold the line of debate right. I mean Chris Hill didn't pitch well. Purcell and pitched well. Doug Fister tomato second inning started to assist her doctor's urging me about the first started to our officers as they started for solo they started Palmer hands of one of the incident was game too. Neither of the none of those guys made it out of the mean Palmer is in May get a third inning he left in the second so. If the if there's a picture who is gonna be on his game. Maybe the Astros on doesn't do quite as much. And like with like I said earlier in the segment the Red Sox starting rotation. Was the biggest concern of this team and it came back to bite them. Maybe a better pitching staff keeps this series close with the Astros but. I will be honest after watching this series the Yankees Indians we have on right now the Astros are going to be the favored against whoever they play because they look better than these two team. Agreed. I wonder as you say. With the Red Sox we saw their weakness and reared its ugly head and now there now an Astros look amazing probably because a they're good. I don't wanna take away from them to be. The Red Sox pitching staff in general. Looks terrible and today we learned the news that John Ferrell gets fired. OK so my question is. There's actually a lot of money sunk into about Boston Red Sox starting rotation or with Chris Sale David Price. And Rick or sell. John Ferrell gets fired today. Is there a manager. That can come in thinks that. Or are they looking at some bad contracts on the books well what's been interesting is it's been a very you know BA yanks were good for a couple years. And I think they had a lot of really bad contracts are. They had some young players come and that look good as we started to see the transition from like 2012 Tim now. Yeah binges bad contract heavy so I wonder are the Red Sox in that because they got Hanley Ramirez on the books for a lot of money. They've got David Price Chris Sale rape or cell that's a lot of money in for a guy pulls personnel is. A Motley worried about him when obviously he hasn't pushed the playoffs in pitched great in the scheme. But he's still young it's a great. I to have in your team and really worry about that. Of course old contract looks bad now because he pitched bad this year. The price contracts. It looks bad because he was jerked year broadcaster and didn't show tapped the seas is a weird situation. In the hammock while. I don't know I view it as a I've read a lot of positive things about the job today I've been reading about it and see who are looking at replacing him initially one. For me was the first in my solace Brad Ausmus who did an awful job in Detroit which to make any sense may but may be. With older players are a different kind of team he does better I've seen Alex Cora. Mentioned a lot to be decent iron I believe fuels are a sock a one time in his career. I kinda the way I kind of view it is. They need somebody in Boston. Who fits that city's personality and the team's personality which is very unique to all baseball. Tito Francona did it. Very well. But he also kind of lost it at the end John Ferrell did it very well he lost it at some point has clearly Dave Dombrowski said he was not gonna backed about a one. So there's got to be somebody who can do it well consistently. And keep up with the up ebbs and flows of the city in the team. And may be. I don't know I don't know who it is in the clubhouse or or what. The situation actually is but one of those people or these coaches of higher manager is gonna have to be a guy who can just completely control. I have two ideas for you one comes from rob insurer would that would be Chip Kelly men yes. Two from New England. To what I saw who is any current Red Sox employee as a special assistant Jason Varitek I saw that name mentioned as well. Now that would be a good one now he has almost no experience coaching none from. Outside of being an assistant well one would argue as a catcher you're like an on field manager and who screams Boston Red Sox TU. More than Jason Varitek and she can answer a couple but Varitek is like I don't think anybody to be honest I mean if you wanna say Dustin Pedroia David Ortiz Manny Ramirez Derek well. Curt Schilling no notice them. And he's protectors at the heart soul no none of us are Jason Varitek that is a Boston red so you're okay that's years. June capital are it was a good answer and Kevin more law are that's your. That's your who possibly think you know gosh I just wanna say Jason Varitek. Every minute yeah yeah yeah. So that'll be as saying we come back as the Yankees are still leading 32 top of the eighth one now we really haven't had a situation do a cut in yet but. I would like to doing at least maybe in the bombing ninth inning by to be fun. We come back will let us start yankees Indians for a little bit aren't for a prominent does not corner on 1080 the fan. 715 here this is an odd corner we do is bad boy every single Wednesday night from seven and nine. This is a show like no other. Or I have a favorite baseball team Michael lynch. I don't know what to do joining me as a David Abel Cain I'm moving my hands in ways that don't make sense. I feel like I'm Ricky Bobby right now I don't know what to do with my webcam reaching number ones that the eleven. As we roll into the bottom of the eighth notes on the top of bottom of the eighth top of the aid to ups as Cody Allen comes in a role does Chatman warming up in the bullpen yankees up 32. Greg bird who I want to murder. And just punishment phase 'cause he's got one of those kind of faces. Also because he hit a home run that one game for one and I think you just 'cause I look at them like you deserve to get punched in the face. Well anonymous guy. But that's how things go and that's how things. You that you guys missed him ever curse words he would have missed it matter what but we. Writers are running to break Sanchez was up and Sanchez struck out on me terrible curve ball. In island believed punch a wall and Hatcher reflects agreement would lead you out kind of stuff and bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep some organs. We're getting into the hot and heavy here in fact it's a wonder arguments of this much worse by the. I think this is the most horrible thing and I'm actually use this opportunity Michael to call you out right now on this shell. Last week as Greg bird takes sister has swings at a strike Eliot no business sewing and now reserve. Loser. You said to me that if this game happens in game five will not do this radio show you said. Use said that to me. Well check the tape you said he says I won't be coming. How I won't be coming in we said so why are my hero right now if you agree to do this still it it's pretty though it's not it's terrible. I should be in a dark hole somewhere. Similar to the lighting of this studio that orient. And being one less person and wins with a whole lot less and no I don't mind you being here I would totally watch this game. When I just need this is less FCC guidelines. That's what I want. A lot less guidelines. From the SEC. It's like. You know I saw this mean the other day and not gonna get into it now into the later it's like who would've thought that the two worst things going on in America right now. Our political system and the US men's national team. And I think the US men's national team is worse than her political situation Rivera and that's pretty awful. OK and so and they control the SEC. And if I controlled the SEC I will let them say to Mike Lynch and passion cares to watch Indians yankees and got to be on the air at the same time. Let him do what they want. Where adults to put a disclaimer in front of a show no kids and as long as every. Five minutes we say well I don't cover your interest as long as every five minutes we say don't let your children listen I should be able to drop what ever I want to drop. Man we do get attacks are tweaked to me this is a can't stand Greg bird so if someone is with you exactly punch him in the face a DB I don't mind yet deed is pretty lovable. I don't know I think the ripping for me about the series I said this multiple times and up until this way even if they lose this game might take me today but I'll feel this way. If Baylor with the Yankees lose this game. It's almost as if we were on the gravy train at this point number I talked about this from the one against the twins. Like it's all gravy from here they weren't supposed to be here they were restless in the playoffs. But the problem is is that they're playing well against the best team in the American League in battle subs are essentially missed this thought your head reared on wait a minute. You sure you welcome your okay have to lose you shirt because well. If everything stayed the same they would won the series two games two days ago because George or he would challenge the play if he was not an idiot which I don't talk about on the air because I will curse of Kennedy saw my tweets and or were near me which you weren't ghost and has a football that night I was completely beside myself with rage after that game but. It's also put our it's like after a day also prize say okay. You know that's oxman would remain at this far and how will say and we even though they are supposed to I think for you it's different because the Indians are supposed to be in the World Series this year. They almost won the World Series and you might argue they should of won the World Series last year if not for rain delay and Mayweather. Mother nature you know very different where the Indians are supposed to be yankees this year so it that if fat doesn't happen. I think it's going to be a rougher time for you need to correct me if I'm wrong the meat maybe taking it day to be annoyed in the Billick okay. I assume you'll be much more enraged them. Well he on this is as we're about to go to break 127. Titles also feels really nice okay and I believe you have like. Two when he of them since the last Armenians soul that you slide on that we come back maybe we get into. May be what is surprisingly. Deep mess series. Outside of maybe Cleveland point where we always boy were we wrong and that is washing in Chicago go to game five moral to that next. This is the hot corner that's Mike Lynch. I'm bashing cares Joseph Fisher by on the glass is 1080 the fan.